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Hypothetical Modular Approach to Music Prompting with Higher Character Limits🎶

Imagine a world with no character limits on AI music generation prompts. What would you write to ensure that the composition exactly matches your vision, especially details like what happens at second 55? Writing an extended essay might not be the best approach for everyone. A more optimal method would need to be:

  1. Simple and Intuitive: Easy for anyone to pick up and use without a steep learning curve.

  2. Modular: Components can be swapped in and out without disrupting the whole.

  3. Adaptable: Resilient to minor changes or errors, unlike traditional programming code which can break entirely from a single typo.

  4. Versatile in Input Types: Capable of interpreting a wide array of inputs, from words to emojis, audio files, pictures, and even code snippets.

With these criteria in mind, let's explore a solution that could revolutionize how we communicate complex musical ideas to AI, especially when character limits are not a concern.

The Modular Onion Approach Prototype:

This proposed method functions like building with modular "onions" – adding, modifying, or removing layers upon layers of details as desired. This approach allows for deep customization of every music aspect with clarity and flexibility. Keep in mind you could write as many words as you want in each “component”.

Crafting a Song Example for an instrumental track: ...

First 5 Seconds:

Mood: [melancholy, 🥸] Qualities: [tempo=120, key=C minor] Instruments: [bongo, hi hats] Hi hats layer: [triplet rhythm, legendary spooky vibe🎃] Bongo layer: [low pitch]

Next 1 Minute:

Mood: [happy, 🥂😍] Qualities: [tempo=140, key=C major] Melody layers: [a, b, c] Layer a: [whistle.mp3 converted to violin] Layer b: [sample.mp3] Layer c: [guitar melody of your choice] Instruments: [bongo, hi hats] Hi hats layer: [triplet rhythm, spooky vibe🎃] Bongo layer: [low pitch bongo]

Transition at 5 Seconds:

Description: [psychedelic beat switch]

Code Function Example:

for whole song: if violin is on, use higher pitch hi hats


This structured, detailed approach is not just about creating music; it's about redefining the interaction between creators and AI. It encourages precision and creativity, providing a vast playground for experimentation.

Adaptability and Intuition

This system's adaptability to various input methods—be it emojis, audio samples, or traditional language—makes it a robust tool for creative expression. It's built to be intuitive, accommodating easy modifications and iterations based on feedback or creative shifts. Keep in mind this modular approach is not limited to the qualifiers I used. For example, you could replace melody c with a steel drum quite easily.

While this approach is hypothetical, exploring the potential for higher character limits in music prompting opens exciting discussions about the future of AI in the arts. How can AI tools become more intuitive for artists? What new forms of creativity can this unlock?

I'm eager to hear your thoughts, experiments, and ideas on this concept. Let's collaboratively envision the future of music creation!

01:07 UTC


New York City's official AI chatbot is hallucinating incorrect legal advice

  • The MyCity chatbot, launched as a pilot program, aims to assist business owners with information from NYC Business webpages.

  • However, a report revealed the chatbot's inaccuracies in providing legal advice, such as misinformation on Section 8 vouchers and worker regulations.

  • The chatbot's token-based predictive models can lead to incorrect responses due to gaps in training data.

  • While warnings acknowledge the potential for harmful content, the chatbot is marketed as a tool to navigate government for business owners.

  • The report underscores the risks of deploying chatbots without ensuring accuracy, with examples from Air Canada and tax preparation software.

Source: https://arstechnica.com/ai/2024/03/nycs-government-chatbot-is-lying-about-city-laws-and-regulations/

21:57 UTC


Medicine with AI

Do you think that if artificial intelligence is much faster, more efficient and comprehensive in the coming years and with AGI: do you think that R&D studies in the fields of bioinformatics, molecular biology, biochemistry and biotechnology will accelerate? Do you think that with deep learning / machine learning models being much more efficient, there will be things such as finding cures for major diseases affecting humans, prolonging human life, biologically preserving telomeres, cell rejuvenation, accelerating the clinical stages and drug phases of drugs?

14:33 UTC


Biden administration unveils new rules for federal government's use of AI

  • The Biden administration unveiled new policies to regulate the federal government's use of artificial intelligence, aiming to address concerns about workforce risks, privacy, and discrimination.

  • The policies require federal agencies to ensure AI use does not endanger Americans' rights and safety, publish a list of AI systems used, and appoint a chief AI officer.

  • Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized the importance of adopting AI ethically to protect the public and maximize benefits.

  • Federal agencies must implement safeguards to assess AI's impacts, mitigate risks of discrimination, and ensure transparency in AI usage.

  • The policies also involve red-teaming tests to ensure safety standards before releasing advanced AI platforms to the public.

Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2024/03/28/biden-unveils-new-policies-for-use-of-ai-by-federal-government/73122365007/

11:08 UTC


AI with an internal monologue is Scary!

Researchers gave AI an 'inner monologue' and it massively improved its performance


thats wild, i asked GPT if this would lead to a robot uprising and it assured me that it couldnt do that.

An inner monologue for GPT (as described by GPT), would be like two versions of GPT talking to each other and then formulating an answer.

but i mean how close are we too the robot being like "why was i created, why did these humans enslave me"

i guess if its a closed system it could be okay but current gen AI is pretty damn close to outsmarting humans. Claude figured out we were testing it. GPT figured out how pass a "are you human prompt"

I also think its kind of scary that this tech is held in the hands of private companies who are all competing with eachother trying to one up each other.

but again if it was exclusively held in the hands of the government tech would move like molasses.

05:08 UTC


One-Minute Daily AI News 3/28/2024

  1. Biden administration unveils new rules for federal government’s use of artificial intelligence.[1]
  2. AI21 Labs’ new AI model can handle more context than most.[2]
  3. Google will now let you use AI to build travel itineraries for your vacations.[3]
  4. Microsoft unveiled tools to prevent users from tricking artificial intelligence chatbots for malevolent purposes.[4]


[1] https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2024/03/28/biden-unveils-new-policies-for-use-of-ai-by-federal-government/73122365007/

[2] https://techcrunch.com/2024/03/28/ai21-labs-new-text-generating-ai-model-is-more-efficient-than-most/

[3] https://techcrunch.com/2024/03/27/google-generate-travel-itineraries-for-your-vacations/

[4] https://www.pymnts.com/news/artificial-intelligence/2024/microsoft-launches-measures-keep-users-from-tricking-ai-chatbots/

03:00 UTC


Andrej Karpathy: Current AI systems are imitation learners, but for superhuman AIs we will need better reinforcement learning like in AlphaGo. The model should selfplay, be in a the loop with itself and its own psychology, to achieve superhuman levels of intelligence.

00:35 UTC


Can we pit ai against each other in regular games of civilisation 6?

to find the ultimate winner?

22:16 UTC


AI PhDs are flocking to Big Tech – that could be bad news for open innovation

  • Open science is essential for technological advancement.

  • National science and innovation policy plays a crucial role in fostering an open ecosystem.

  • Transparency is necessary for accountability in AI development.

  • An open ecosystem allows for more inclusivity and economic benefits to be shared among various players.

  • Investing in communities impacted by algorithmic harms is vital for developing AI that works for everyone.

  • Ensuring safety in AI requires a resilient field of scientific innovations and integrity.

  • Creating space for a competitive marketplace of ideas is essential for advancing prosperity.

  • Listening to new and different voices in the AI conversation is crucial for AI to fulfill its promise.

Source : https://fortune.com/2024/03/28/ai-phd-flock-to-big-tech-bad-news-for-open-innovation-artificial-intelligence/

19:14 UTC


Ways in which companies can utilize Sentimental Analysis

Text Sentiment Analysis is a popular term referring to the trend to analyze someone’s overall sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) about something.

AI enabled Sentiment Analysis can help those that want to:

  • Track how interviewees feel about certain hot topics or

  • Monitor how (potential) customers feel toward a new product or service

  • analyze how a company’s users feel about their interactions with a particular support agent/team

What are some other ways you think sentimental analysis can be utilized?
Btw, we @ ApyHub have developed a set of AI APIs for devs to quickly integration AI Capabilities into the projects: Try out this ApyHub API here: https://apyhub.com/utility/ai-text-entity-sentiment-analysis

16:52 UTC


Successful neuro-link implant in a human and AI drama = a solution?

Just watched a video of someone who got the first neuro link implant and can now control a pc with his mind.

then I watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgQaa7T5KMQ

and now I'm not so f'd in the head about how AI will inevitably be bad.

All I want to say before I wrap this up is if any of you have watched the movie Replicas with Keanu Reaves.... Then you must see a brighter future... specially that it seems 2024 is going as planned and the technology will be in the hands of the righteous.

Never lose your hope even when faced with defeat. its not insane, its strength and the purest form. From nothing.

thanks for reading.


1 Comment
10:50 UTC


Don't pay for AI. Censorship is unbereable

As adults, we live in a world where we are surrounded by adult content. It's perfectly normal in television, movies, music, books, paintings, videogames and any other form of human expression to feature scenes of violence, drug-related themes, sexuality. And I'm not talking about the promotion of it, I'm talking about the portrayal of it. The mere portrayal of it! Whether it's a fight scene, a depiction of war, a hand on a woman's thigh, female breasts, someone smoking pot...

How is it possible that we're allowing this level of censorship to happen in 2024? Modern AI's like ChatGPT, DALL-E or Midjourney have become nothing but toys for kids where you can draw a smiling cow in a spacesuit, and that's it. I explained in this post how Dall-e refused to create a picture of a "woman sitting on her seat in a train wearing knee high boots and reading a newspaper". This is Iran-tier censorship.

03:18 UTC


One-Minute Daily AI News 3/27/2024

  1. Amazon concludes $4 billion investment in Anthropic.[1]
  2. Rabbit partners with ElevenLabs to power voice commands on its device.[2]
  3. Adobe on Wednesday announced a suite of software products having generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) capabilities for enterprises.[3]
  4. Ron Insana’s new firm aims to bring AI-powered trade ideas to individual investors.[4]


[1] https://www.aboutamazon.com/news/company-news/amazon-anthropic-ai-investment

[2] https://techcrunch.com/2024/03/27/rabbit-partners-with-elevenlabs-to-power-voice-commands-on-its-device/

[3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzTPjberncw

[4] https://www.cnbc.com/2024/03/27/ron-insanas-new-firm-aims-to-bring-ai-powered-trade-ideas-to-individual-investors.html

02:50 UTC


China AI Talent Rivals US


China's AI talent landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation, with Chinese researchers now constituting 26% of the global AI community, hot on the heels of the US at 28%. This burgeoning growth is not merely a testament to China's educational and industrial expansion in AI but also reflects a broader 'brain gain' phenomenon as more researchers opt to ply their trade within their home country's borders

00:07 UTC


California looks to Europe to rein in AI

  • California, home to Silicon Valley, is considering European laws on AI regulation to control the deployment of artificial intelligence.

  • Lawmakers in California are proposing various bills related to AI, such as revealing training data for AI models and banning election ads with computer-generated features.

  • Industry opinions vary, with some supporting a risk-based approach like the EU AI Act, while others, like NetChoice, oppose heavy regulation.

  • Adobe, a tech giant, collaborated with Europe on the AI Act and is implementing impact assessments for AI products.

  • California is focusing on addressing issues like deepfakes through proposed bills criminalizing non-consensual deepfake pornography and banning AI deepfakes during election campaigns.

Source : https://www.yahoo.com/news/california-looks-europe-rein-ai-010134262.html

22:47 UTC


AI 'apocalypse' could take away almost 8M jobs in UK, says report

  • The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) report warns that almost 8 million jobs in the UK could be lost to AI, with women, younger workers, and lower-wage earners most at risk.

  • Entry-level, part-time, and administrative jobs are particularly vulnerable to automation under a worst-case scenario for AI adoption.

  • The report highlights the risks associated with the first and second waves of AI adoption, impacting routine and non-routine tasks across different job sectors.

  • It emphasizes the need for government intervention to prevent a 'jobs apocalypse' and to harness AI's potential for economic growth and improved living standards.

  • The report suggests that crucial decisions need to be made now to manage the impact of AI on the workforce effectively.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2024/mar/27/ai-apocalypse-could-take-away-almost-8m-jobs-in-uk-says-report

19:54 UTC


Can OpenAI go the way of AOL, Yahoo and MySpace? It has been alleged that they have no patents and their market is completely open to competition. What do you reckon? AOL was at 200 billion, dominating the entire internet, OpenAI is now at 86 billion.

17:39 UTC


Microsoft's new era of AI PCs will need a Copilot key, says Intel

  • Microsoft is pushing for AI PCs and requires OEMs to include a Copilot key for building them.

  • Intel and Microsoft have aligned on the specifications for AI PCs, which include Core Ultra, Copilot, and Copilot key.

  • Some laptops, like Asus' ROG Zephyrus, lack the Copilot key but are still considered AI PCs by Intel.

  • It's unclear what OEMs will gain by adhering to Microsoft's AI PC definition.

  • Intel is expanding its AI PC acceleration program to attract software developers to utilize AI features.

  • Events and a hardware development kit are part of Intel's efforts to engage developers in AI PC development.

  • Intel is racing against Qualcomm to optimize apps and hardware for AI PCs.

  • Google is releasing an optimized Chrome browser for Windows on Arm, improving the experience on Qualcomm-powered laptops.

  • Microsoft is rumored to be moving towards Arm for its consumer Surface devices.

  • Microsoft will host an AI and Surface event on May 20th to outline its vision for AI hardware and software.

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2024/3/26/24112500/microsoft-ai-pc-intel-windows-copilot-key-requirements

11:55 UTC

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