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Non PHB subclass in a PHB-strict campaign?

Hi DNDNext, I, along with some friends, are going to run what is for most of us our first DND campaign. Really excited! We are in the planning process as of right now, where we are individually choosing our races and classes. For simplicity's sake, we are sticking to races and classes included in the 5E PHB. One of the players has found a particular liking to Hexblade Warlocks, as they fit their vision of their character and the playstyle and lore they wanted to fulfill. However, this does not seem to be included in the PHB, and is therefore disallowed. And there arises my question, how game-breaking would it be to allow for this one subclass to be included in our campaign? Everything else would be strictly PHB, but would allowing Hexblade Warlock be a bad move?

This is my first post here and I couldn't find a sufficient answer after some searching. I hope this type of question is allowed.

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08:37 UTC


Need help with rogue

I’ve dmed, and only played full casters, for a campaign starting in August and due to the setting of the home brew campaign I figured a soulknife rogue would fit well in the campaign, however I keep having struggle with how combat will be. Do I just attack? Two martials means I could sneak attack with a front-liner so I could bonus action attack, what else can martial classes do in combat?

07:51 UTC


Night Domain Cleric

Hiii!! wanted to ask which god would you suggest for a Night Domain Cleric (humblewood), played in Forgotten Realms.

Note: I would prefer a netrual or good aligned god. Not evil basically.


07:34 UTC


Not every nights sleep needs to be a long rest.

So many people have issues with properly challenging your casters to manage their spell slots. This is the main issue causing the caster/martial imbalance. Not every session needs to be a full adventuring day, they can be split up. This is good advice and very much true, but it can be taken further.

Every time your party sleeps for the night, they don't need to long rest. This contributes to the issue almost as much as not splitting an adventuring day across multiple sessions. An adventuring day and a day are not the same thing. Whether they can't long rest due to being outside of a comfortable inn, their characters are too mentally stressed, or you just can't have them for balance reasons. As long as you explain this to them early on it makes games much more enjoyable and managable. With this system, if you run 1-2 short rests, and enough combat encounters and situations which use resources, you'll start to see the issue fade away.

Then again this is just what i do for my table, this may not work for you at all, but I figured I'd share this advice with the world.

06:57 UTC


What traits/quirks might a dragonborn raised by halflings have?

A few I've come up with for my character:

  • frequently crawls on all fours, used to the cramped corridors of halflings homes
  • has a liking for hobbit-y things, such as smoking pipeweed and eating good food
06:40 UTC


Horn of Valhalla question

So one of the characters in my party has the horn of Valhalla and ran into a yochlol with some other monsters. He was dominated via dominate person. The yochlol used it's action to take full control of the action. Now I know it would've been a tpk had it used his horn. But it made me question. When he summons the berserkers they are loyal to him and attack his foes. If he used it while dominated would the remainder of the time they are summoned after he is broken of the charm be hostile to the party still? Or would they swap back to normal? The wording is "they are friendly to you and your companions and follow your commands" so if he blew it under control and ordered to attack the party could he reissue orders when the charm is broken?

02:15 UTC


D&D Next Gift Set

Hello! I'm a fan of the 5e gift set with the player handbook, dm book and monster guide that comes together with the dm screen.

Have they announced a similar set for dnd next? If not, do you think they will release something similar anytime soon after the release?

00:24 UTC


Which 4 Cantrips and 4 Spells are you choosing here?

I'm a Hexblade with the Magic Initiate feat, and as for choosing what to fill my many spell/cantrip spaces with, I am very conflicted. I am relatively new, but I'm catching on, and the campaign I am in is not new. Some background information to help you choose; I am a Shadar-Kai Hexblade/Fighter class and want to have a high damage, high durability build that can carry my team through sticky combat. My AC sits at an amazing 20 right now. Anyway, if you were in my situation, which 4 cantrips and 4 spells are you choosing out of these?

Eldritch Blast
Booming Blade
Minor Illusion
Mage Hand
Mind Sliver
Toll of Dead
Other recommendation

Find Familiar
Silvery Barbs
Hellish Rebuke
Guiding Bolt
Charm Person
Absorb Elements
Other recommendation

Thanks for your time, guys! I really appreciate it.

23:41 UTC


Help making a eloquence bard with paladin/warlock levels

Hey people!

So I'm playing my first DnD campaign as a eloquence bard and after some events involving demons, warlocks, ancient wizards and literal eldrich being spawns.

My character just goes "I'm done with this, I just wanted to have some cool tales and have a nice life. No one told me that I would be running from gods children or what not!" And decides to deal with the problem instead of running by becoming a paladin/warlock pledged to a fairy he knows.

Does anyone have a cool build that I could use? I'm level 4 in bard

23:08 UTC


D&D Beyond Content Sharing Thread - June 27, 2024

Whether you're requesting or offering content please feel free to post here.

If you're requesting content remember that no one is required to provide you access to their content and to be polite to those that do.

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23:01 UTC


Help fair friends! A traveler needs your aid!

Dear adventurers,

Does anybody know who I would contact at Wizards of the Coast (D&D division) if I want to talk to someone about a business proposal? I want to collaborate on an event that I think would be extremely interesting to the team at Wizards and I'm unsure exactly who to email!


22:17 UTC


Hey! I want to make my speech better for my game, do you have any recommendations

I know it's a lil bit unrelated, and i also would love to hear some suggestions about lovecraft

22:13 UTC


Why Random Encounters Deserve a Place in Your D&D Campaign

Hey fellow adventurers,

I've been seeing a trend lately where a lot of DMs are cutting out random encounters from their campaigns. Whether it's because they feel it disrupts the narrative or they're following the lead of popular D&D streams, it seems like random encounters are getting sidelined more and more. I wanted to share my perspective on why we should embrace them again in our home games.

Random Encounters Add Realism and Challenge

One of the core aspects of D&D is that the world feels alive and unpredictable. Traveling from one town to another shouldn't be a walk in the park. Random encounters remind players that the world is dangerous and that not every threat is neatly scripted. This unpredictability adds a layer of excitement and realism to the game. You don't want your game to just be scene by scene set piece encounters. It doesn't feel like a real world. It can feel like a movie that your just following along with.

Not Just Filler—They Can Be Meaningful

Random encounters don't have to be meaningless battles. They can set the tone for the region, introduce new plot hooks, or provide valuable resources. As a DM, you have the freedom to tailor these encounters to fit your campaign's theme. Maybe a random encounter with bandits reveals a clue about the main villain, or a wandering merchant offers a unique item.

Enhancing Player Engagement

When players know that anything can happen, they stay more engaged. The possibility of a random encounter keeps them on their toes and encourages them to think strategically about their actions and travel plans. It also offers opportunities for role-playing—how does the party react to unexpected dangers? How do they handle resource management when faced with unforeseen threats?y

Learning from Streams but Not Mimicking Them

Many popular D&D streams minimize random encounters because they're producing a show with a specific narrative arc. This works great for entertainment, but home games don't have to follow the same format. Our games can afford to be less predictable and more spontaneous. Embracing random encounters allows for moments of surprise and spontaneity that scripted encounters can't always provide.

In Conclusion

Random encounters are a vital part of what makes D&D unique. They add depth, challenge, and a sense of a living world that reacts to the players. While it's important to balance them and ensure they serve the story, completely removing them can make the game feel too controlled and less immersive. Let's bring back the excitement and unpredictability of random encounters in our campaigns!

What are your thoughts on random encounters? Have you found creative ways to integrate them into your story?

Happy adventurining!

22:08 UTC


What college should I pick for my fairy bard?

I'm honestly overwhelmed by the options available. For flavor, she's small and beautiful and resents it. She's very mean so don't call her cute. Deep down she's actually very kind but wants to be tough and intimidating. I'd like her to be able to do a good amount of damage sometimes, ideally in a surprising way. What would be the best fit? TIA!

21:29 UTC


Can Plasmoids and Ooze creatures get permanent injuries?

I was talking with my friends, about cutting wizards tongues so they could not cast spells, and someone mentioned plasmoids we talked about how technically they cannot loose a limb or something, and I got really interested in this, how could it happened? was it mentioned in 3.5e? or some other edition? For context I or any of my friends, are not planning to make any ooze or plasmoid loose tongue or have any other permanent injury

Sorry for my poor English it's not my first language so please correct me if I made any mistakes I will do my best to correct them<3

21:16 UTC


Inspo for low constitution character?

Hi everyone! I'm building my character for a dnd campaign with friends. She's a tiefling paladin with a cleric background. To tell you shortly: Right after she was born she was left at a temple (of the goddes selune) Where she was brought up by one of the older clerics. She grew up in the temple and has a peaceful life. Until one day evil attacked the temple (not sure what evil yet, will figure that out with the dm) this led to the murder of nearly all clerics including her 'adoptive' mother. The 'evil army' didn't kill her because being a tiefling they believed she would join their side soon enough. (she did not) Right now she has a low constitution because I just diced all the amounts. Also I'm not that advanced with all the dnd knowledge yet. So my dad told me that I could give a reasoning behind her low constitution.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some fun ideas how to include that into her story. Like maybe sickness or a limp. I'm honestly not sure so all ideas are welcome!

21:10 UTC


Is this an actual song or just a few random notes?

In the players handbook on Page 161 number 71 theres an illustration of the notes but i cant remenber a theme like that

21:01 UTC


How do you handle a clever villain and a player in captivity?

To set you the scene; I am running an altered Phandelver where Halia Thornton secretly runs the town behind scenes, and Harbin Wester (current townmaster) is actually a doppelganger that works for her. Secretly a member of Zentharim, she is beloved by everyone and soon will become the townmaster officially. She is cold and calculated, truly wishes to see Phandalin thrive as it would increase her own influence as well.

Then the party arrives with Sildar, a knight of the Lord's Alliance (an organisation that opposes Zentharim) establishing himself in the townmasters hall. One of my players is an ex-member of the Zentharim and Halia notices this. She kidnaps the player and a doppelganger replaces the player's character.

From Halia's perspective, she is on a top secret mission to gather influence in the northern sword coast, when suddenly another "member" of the organisation arrives with a rival faction to screw her over. Right now Halia is very restricted and under constant surveilance with Sildar meddling in her affairs. She has a kidnapped person in a basement somewhere and she needs to act fast.

I'm having a hard time coming up with a course of action that doesn't feel like a middle finger to the player, while staying true to Halia. I see only these options so far :

  • Halia can try to make a deal with the player, accepting the blow taken and acknowledging it was unintentional. She needs to have a leverage over the player to ensure they don't rat her out immediately, and even then it is still very risky to let a fish swim freely.
  • Halia can straight up kill the player, it is a liability. She can recall her doppelganger and make it seem like a missing person case, but this is a huge middle finger to the player and I want to avoid this.
  • The player can attempt to escape with successfull ability checks

What would you do in this situation?

19:49 UTC


Can I use the polearm master reaction attack before rolling initiative?

So I'm playing a fighter with alert and polearm master. Alert states that I can't be surprised while I'm conscious and polearm master states that I can make an opportunity attack whenever a hostile creature moves into the reach of the weapon I'm wielding. So say I'm exploring a dungeon, glaive in hand, and a monster jumps out at me from the shadows. Assuming he was out of my range when he first moved at me, would I be able to make an opportunity attack?

19:10 UTC


How Strong is Each CR from a narrative standpoint?

Hi guys, I wanted to plan a few DnD NPC's and Monsters with stat blocks, I saw this for each level and was wondering if there was something similar for CR ratings for monsters/creatures.

0th: Most able-bodied humans

1st: 1 in 12 - The best in an extended family

2nd: 1 in 40 - The best in an estate or hamlet

3rd: 1 in 100 - The best in a tiny barony or village

4th: 1 in 200 - The best in a small barony or large village

5th: 1 in 500 - The best in a barony or large village

6th: 1 in 2,000 - The best in a march or town

7th: 1 in 6,000 - The best in a county

8th: 1 in 10,000 - The best in a city

9th: 1 in 30,000- The best in a small duchy or big city

10th: 1 in 100,000 - The best in a duchy

11th: 1 in 500,000 - The best in a principality

12th: 1 in 1 million - The best in a small kingdom or large principality

13th: 1 in 2.5 million - The best in a kingdom

14th: 1 in 7.75 million - The best in an empire

15th: 1 in 15 million - The best in a large empire

16th: 1 in 30 million - The best across multiple empires

17th: 1 in 60 million - The best on a small continent

18th: 1 in 125 million - The best on a large continent

19th: 1 in 250 million - The best in an average medieval world

20th: 1 in 500 million - The best in a large medieval world

18:50 UTC


How would this work for a redux of the 5e save system?

5e saving throw system sucks, it's probably the least balanced save system since 1st edition dnd, it creates massive gaps in chances to suceed on the save between classes which is bad since certain effects on a failed save make you lose a turn in a game where combat is over fairly quickly is really bad.

Part of the problem was making types 6 (technically 7 but death saves are they're own thing) saving throws for each stat in a game where half you're abilites scores are going to be dumped because you don't have enough points in point buy for them and also in a game where abilties score increases are at they're most scarce since the Adnd days.

it's not as much of an issue at lower levels but the further your level increases the higher the save DCs get but most of you're saves don't increase to keep up, you end up in situations where you only have a 5-15% chance to make a save vs a debiltating effect.

it also appears with recent books designed with the new 5e books in mind that this isn't being addressed, appearently they're was a fire giant who made 4 attacks per round which on a hit force you to make wisdom save or be stunned.

anyways you've probably heard this before but here's my probably not very good idead to somewhat address it.

Change 1: we go back to the 3 save system from 3rd-4th edition (Reflex, Fortitude and Will), all Dex saves become Reflex, Str and Con become Fortitude and all 3 mental scores all become Will saves.

each class get proficency in one save now. here's the list:

  • Barbarains: Fortitude Adtionally they get Will at level 6.

  • Bards: Will

  • Clerics: Will

  • Druids: Will

  • Fighter: Fortitude, Adtionally they get Reflex at level 6

  • Monks: Pick one, Adtionally they pick a second save proficency at level 6 and get they're third at level 10

  • Paladin: Will, see changes to Aura of protection to compensate

  • Ranger: Fortitude, Adtionally hunter ranger get Reflex saves at level 7 and rangers who don't get an addtional save Prf as part of they're subclass can pick on at level 7

  • Rogue: Reflex, adtionally they get advantage on all Reflex saves at level 7 nd all Will saves with slipery mind

  • Sorcerer: Foritude

  • Warlock: Foritude or WIll

  • Wizard: Reflex

  • artficer: Will and they get Fortitude at level 6

Change two, how saves are calcutlated

each save has two ability scores assocaited with it, you can use one or the other when determining you're modifier for it similar to 4th edition

these are

Charisma or Wisdom for Will

Strenght or Consitution for Fortitude

and Dexerity or Intilgence for Reflex

adtionally you may add Half your Prf bonus rounded down to all saving throws you are not proficenct in. this means instead of having a +0-1 to make a DC19 save you have a +3-4 by end game increasing you odds of sucess from 10-15% to 25-30%.

Change three Aura of protection

Aura of protection now has two effects, while in range of you're Aura freindly creatures gaina +1 bonus to AC and all saving throws, addtionally whenever you see a creature hit by an attack or fail a saving throw in you're aura you can use you're reaction to grant a bonus to their AC or the type saving throw they we're effected by equal to you're charisma modifier until the start of you're next turn.

adtionally Paladins can know use Chrisma in place of strenght and dexerity for they're unamred strikes and their melee or thrown weapon attacks.

Change four nerfing the DCs Themselves for monsters and buffing them for the players to compensate for monster having half prf too.

Monster save DCs are now calculated as 6+prf(max7)+modifier, this is so they're accuracy is below the bounded attack accuracy curve because saving throws have much stronger effects and thus should have lower accuracy.

there's probably more changes that have to be made and this would be really time consuming to do but anyone making they're own 5e but improved have free reign to steal this if they want to or just come up with something else.

18:49 UTC


How many of you would actually use your spellbook as a focus?

Personally as a wizard...... you guard that thing with your life, that is more important then your life. Having it out in the open like that? At least for me, HELLL NAA

18:26 UTC


New Abjurer subclass may have a RAW infinite health exploit

With the new level 10 feature Spellbreaker, Abjurer wizards get Dispel Magic and Counterspell prepared for free, and Dispel Magic only costs a minor action. Additionally, a failed casting refunds the spell slot. The problem is that you can now cast Dispel Magic every turn without using an action, target a creature/object without any magical effect, and when the spell fails get the spell slot back plus the arcane ward charges at no cost. While (I hope) no DM would allow this I do think it’s interesting and worth mentioning it’s a banned playstyle to a player looking to run an Abjurer.

18:10 UTC


What Character are You Currently Playing?

As the title says. What are you currently playing?

I'm in three campaigns at the moment. I'm playing a Mark of Passage Horizon Walker (level 17), a Vuman Armorer (level 4), and an Aasimar Star Druid (level 4).

17:43 UTC


Bulletpoints from the Official 2024 PHB stream on the Wizard

17:31 UTC


DMs & players, what are your currently table pet peeves?

This is not meant to be a “complain or rant about your DM/players and how they suck” post. But really just asking what little things bother you, and maybe someone else here might share the peeve or have a solution.

For me; I get annoyed when players drop character when things get dicey. As an example the character who never shares their potions before a fight, and focuses on enemies in battle, suddenly will rush to another character when they drop to 0 HP. Acting a certain way in-combat but doing a 180 when a party member is at risk. Bonus points when they fall to 0 and said character shouldn’t even know or be able to see it happen.

16:12 UTC


New Wizard | 2024 Player's Handbook | D&D

15:43 UTC


Help with ideas for a Horde Invasion Campaing...

Hello, could anyone help me with some ideas?

I will run a homebrew campaing where DnD Lore mixes with Warcraft Lore, the characters are part of the "alliance", they're defending their continent from the invasion of the Great horde (Orcs, Taurens, Trolls, some ogres and goblins). The horde has already conquered some territory in the continent, but not many. My idea is to make things not easy, cause the players wanted some kind of 1st eddition feel (that feeling where everything is very dangerous and deadly).

I have some dungeons and events ready, and other ideas to roll with, but what is being really hard to me is the beginning... They'll be 3 Halfling (2 of them are fighters and 1 did not decided yet) and i don't know how to introduce them to the war...

They'll be refcruited to fight, but could be their first missions? to get them from level 3 to 5? without setting the idea that the enemies from the horde can be easily dealt with.

I want them to have the idea that orcs are the kind of enemies they need to fear.

I was thinking of using the dungeons from "Tales from the Yawining portal" but adapting it to fit the Campaing theme.

Can anyone help me?

15:36 UTC


Help me decide the aligment of this character

He is a member of an organization that has a strict set of rules. He is willing to follow these rules to the letter because he thinks that would lead to a better world. Following these rules often imply breaking the rules of most of civilized society, as well as commiting acts that would be seen as evil by most people. He doesn't particularly enjoy commiting evil acts, he just does them as part of his duty.

I'm torn between considering him LN (how his organization would view him) and CE (how the rest of the world would view him), but I'm willing to consider any other possibilities in-between (hence the poll).

Argued responses would be most appreciated. Thank you.

View Poll

15:32 UTC


Is it just me, or is the art from the new 2024 book kinda...bad?

First and foremost - this isn't purely about the pure quality of the work, although there are some pieces that are really not that great, but the vibe is just...off. The poses are weird, the general feel is really akin to AI-generated art, and some pieces are really odd or misplaced given what they're meant to represent - the Warlock one being the most egregious example. Like, why would that be the piece that you use for Warlock? Jeez.

15:29 UTC

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