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The Water Jug Puzzle (taken from Die Hard 3) you can use as a challenge in your D&D game. See if you can solve it!

You find a bomb ready to explode 💣

To disarm the bomb you must place the exact correct amount of water on a scale. You have two jugs. A 3 gallon and a 5 gallon jug.

You must place a jug with exactly 4 gallons on the scale. You may pour out or refill jugs in a fountain.

Solution 1:

!Pour the 5 jug into the 3 jug leaving 2 gallons.!<

!Pour those 2 gallons into the 3 jug and leaving 1 gallon of space.!<

!Pour the 5 jug into that gallon of space and and you have exactly 4 gallons!<

Solution 2: (by redditor slvstk)

!Pour the 3 liter jug into the 5 liter jug twice, leaving 1 liter in the 3 liter jug.!<

!Then pour the 1 liter into the emptied 5 liter jug.!<

!Fill the 3 liter jug and pour it into the 5 liter jug containing 1 liter, 4 liters.!<

More water puzzles:

Check out more water puzzles on my site Dungeon Snacks!

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Is giving a level 10 sorcerer a staff of fire op?

The question basically.

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Martial caster gap at YOUR table and do you fix them?

Is the problem overblown? How does it actually look in your game?

View Poll

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World building sub?

Are there any good world building subs for homebrew games? I searched a bit but reddit isn't exactly known for its intuitive search feature. Any sub with a decent user count is appreciated!

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Rate my character backstory

Honestly this is a character idea iam planning to use in a far off future when I find a new occasion to play. Tell me what you all think. Sorry the long post

Aasimar zealot barb

Pike is an outlander. A "member" in the Dawn tribe, a tribe of NG true werewolves he befriended after saving one of them from certain death and be saved by the tribe in return when he was a simple toddler with a heavy loss of memory he didn't recover even to this day. He was raised as one of their own and learned their traditions and rituals, showing great promise to become one of their shamans since he had a great connection to the moon thanks to his lingering divinity as an aasimar. Although in the end the tribal chieftain denied him that option.

Despite participating in most of their rituals and contributing to the tribe well-being as a hunter, he never felt as a full fledged member, since he wasn't a werewolf like the rest of the tribe, and often Dreamed of becoming one. But the tribe denied him that condition, since those humanoids bitten became cursed monstrosities who went insane over time. There used to be a ritual to transform a normal person into a true lycanthrope but that ritual was lost with time and strife.

He had a small and lingering feeling that he didn't belonged. A small feeling that only got bigger, and bigger. Eventually transforming in a desire to leave the tribe and meet other places and peoples. That desire was nothing more than a small itch. Until one day Pike had his first contact with the civilized world by meeting a small caravan trekking through the edge of the woods he called home. That day he heard all kinds of tales. Of places of ancient magic and places of infinite lore and knowledge.

Pike was excited, he could leave the woods to see a diferent world and maybe gather information about that forgotten ritual to be a "true boy". But one of the stories resonated strongly in his head. The one of a golden tower in the divine city of the continent. It resonated in his head as if it was something he always knew but ended up forgetting at some time.

That small itch to leave ended up as a great desire to leave his home and "family" in hopes of seeing what the world had to offer, to discover a way to become a true lycanthrope and investigating that story about a golden tower. A tower that would Show up in his every dream. As a reminder that something is off.

22:01 UTC


Trying to get into dnd

Never played dnd before but I'm currently loving baldurs gate 3, been listening to podcasts like tales from the stinky dragon, and watching critcrab on YouTube and I really wanna try it out. I don't know much but id love to learn

21:26 UTC


Another Question About Hexblood Appearance

I have a question about the appearance of hexbloods in DND 5E. In their description it reads "Some who enter into bargains with hags gain their deepest wishes but eventually find themselves transformed. These changes evidence a hag's influence: ears that split in forked points, skin in lurid shades, long hair that regrows if cut, and an irremovable living crown."
In here it says that crown a.k.a. elder crest cannot be removeable... but can it be cut or destroyed like a horn of a tiefling?

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21:15 UTC


Tyrannosaurus Totem (Barbarian Option)


A new totem beast has risen from the ashes! Hail to the king. Of all the dinosaurs that roamed the world, the Tyrannosaurus reigned supreme.

Towering, destructive, terrifying. Take that power, dear Barbarian, and let your enemies know who truly rules the battlefield.

Simple and effective. The T-Rex totem and it's abilities were meant to be an "all-rounder" totem option. It does exactly what you think T-Rex inspired powers would do, and does not overstep its boundaries into other subclasses.

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21:02 UTC


Multi Adv/Dis Balance Concept

I know that "Rules as Written" multi advantage and disadvantage just drops down to a normal advantage and disadvantage respectively. But it still feels unfair to those who stack their chances only to get the basic advantage roll. So here is my thought, add a d4 for each addental advantage/disadvantage and have it change the die roll before any modifiers are applied, if the new number is a crit then it counts as a crit. The thinking is that it improves the die rolls without making it too overpowered, of course it can cut both ways with disadvantage rolls.

• Each additional Advantage results in an added d4 that changes the resulting die roll BEFORE any modifiers, if the changed die roll adds equal to or greater than 20 it counts as a natural-20 for the purposes of crit success.

• Each additional Dis-Advantage results in an added d4 that changes the resulting die roll BEFORE any modifiers, if the changed die roll subtracts equal to or less than 1 it counts as a natural-1 for the purposes of crit fails.

What do you guys think?

20:54 UTC


Question About Hexblood Appearance

I have a question about the appearance of hexbloods in DND 5E. In their description it reads "Some who enter into bargains with hags gain their deepest wishes but eventually find themselves transformed. These changes evidence a hag's influence: ears that split in forked points, skin in lurid shades, long hair that regrows if cut, and an irremovable living crown."

Does that mean all hexbloods get all of the physical properties or can choose just one of them?

20:10 UTC


GM as a complete noob

So, Im trying to convince my friends to try dnd none of us has any previous experience (besides me watching CR and other related content), so it seems if i success It will be my responsability to run as GM. What would be your recommendations to make an enjoyable experience for them and what tips can you give me? I'll really appreciate it

20:05 UTC


Control Caster: Chill Touch vs Firebolt

Lvl 5 eloquence bard with a 1 level sorcerer dip for extra utility cantrips and lvl 1 spells... mainly casting suggestion/crown of madness in battle, and I have one extra cantrip choice and I can't decide on what to get: firebolt for plain jane damage, or chill touch for rarer damage and stopping enemy healing (although i expect that's a pretty rare use case.)

What do yall think?

19:35 UTC


Dropping vs. sheathing and other weapon interaction rule discussions. How are these things handled at your tables?

Today, I was thinking about the rules for two-weapon fighting and drawing/sheathing weapons. Depending on where you look, there are different interpretations. Some people say you can drop a weapon for free and draw another as part of your attack, but that seems ridiculous. the most recent UA seems intended to clarify that particular nonsense: https://imgur.com/UxuMpDN.

Neither the two-weapon fighting feature nor the fighting style mentions drawing weapons: https://imgur.com/a/ovqDmo8.

the dual wielder feat seems to be the only place outside of the PHB combat rules that discusses this: https://imgur.com/a/wylMiHT. (here is the other place: https://imgur.com/ImnKDiK)

so is drawing a weapon a once-per-turn thing?

is it an object interaction?

part of an attack?

a free action?

Should it be treated differently than sheathing a weapon?

how do the DMs out there handle this at their tables?

what are the rulings and thoughts on the UA update and how it impacts this aspect of the game?

I am inclined to interpret this aspect of gameplay as generously as possible, but this seems to make the third clause of the dual wielder feat superfluous.

19:11 UTC


Non magical loot with cool features?

I designed this hammer for a third level barbarian who keeps missing his attacks:

"Unreasonably large hammer

Reach 10ft, Damage 1d8+1d4 bludgeoning, two handed, heavy.

This hammer is so unwieldy that the bearer has a -1 penalty to their AC whilst using it, unless their size is large or larger.

The size and momentum of the hammer mean that special consideration should be taken as to how you swing it. There are two special types of attack:

- Overhead swing: You swing the hammer overhead and onto your target. If you miss your attack, the target still takes your strength modifier in bludgeoning  damage, unless you roll a natural one, in which case you take your strength modifier in bludgeoning damage. 
- Sweeping attack: You swing your hammer in arc in front of you. If you miss your target, the momentum can carry the blow through to another target. You may pick another creature within 5ft of the original target, and make an attack roll against them instead. 

Wielding this weapon will eventually make the bearer stronger. After 10 critical hits against targets of CR1 or higher, you gain +1 to your strength score. After 30 critical hits, you gain +2 to your strength score. This does not increase your maximum strength score above 20."

It's not supposed to be magical, just a weapon that's dumb big. What do you think? Would you be excited to get this item?

18:55 UTC


New DM and new to DnD. Just realized 5e is about to be replaced, what will happen with my DnD Beyond 5e purchases (sources & adventures)?

I've only purchased the PHD and Dragons of Stormwreck Isle so far via DnDBeyond, but I was thinking about getting Curse of Strahd and some other source books. Is this a bad idea since there's another edition coming soon? I'm not sure how this all works when new editions come out.

18:44 UTC


Let's theory-craft the ultimate multiclass!

Alright, everyone, let's theory-craft a 5th-edition level 20 13-dip multiclass! It doesn't necessarily have to be min-maxed for power; I just want to hear what build you think would be the most interesting, gimmicky, fun, or flat-out broken. Only requirement is that it's a level 20 character with at least one level in all 13 classes (including Tasha's Artificer). Any published material is valid for this amalgamation of a character!

  • What base class are you choosing, e.g., what did the character start as at level 1?
  • What classes get more than a one-level dip? Are seven of the classes going to level 2? Is a single class going to level 8?
  • For the classes that go far enough to choose a subclass, which subclasses are you choosing?
  • Are there any iconic spells, fighting styles, invocations, or other class-specific choices that become iconic for this build?

Order of the level-ups doesn't matter past the choice of starting class, and we can obviously ignore multiclassing requirements for this to work. Feel free to skip over anything that's ultimately irrelevant for The Ultimate Multiclass (TM)'s identity (like a full spell list, languages, abilities and proficiencies, even race or background if they're not important factors for you, etc.). Main focus is how you'd split up the dips into each of the 13 classes!

Bonus question, though:

  • What three canon/published magic items (not Artifacts) would you give this character? Bonus points if only one of the items is Legendary.
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18:27 UTC


Would this be a good way to utilize a Revenant in my campaign?

So, my overarching storyline is a high-powered evil wizard preparing for his transformation into a Lich. Early on, I plan to have my party encounter one of his henchmen, a mid-level (~5th) necromancer.

After the party slays the necromancer, would it fit the theme to have this necromancer's spirit turn into a Revenant that can be a recurring mid-level villain who is always hunting down the party? Or does this not fit the theme of a Revenant since the necromancer was already evil to begin with and arguably deserved the death that he'll get from the party?

18:07 UTC


A Character build Builder

Hi! I'm still kinda new to DnD, and I found a lot of character builder, but never a character build Builder, and searching for it is kind of a pain, since the name doesn't make it clear, so I'm searching either for it or for what it is named ^^

Basically, I wanted a tool where you can check what has been taken at each level, so that you can understand better the path that has been taken ^^ I've seen a lot of build guide on YouTube, but I've yet to see a tools that can show that, it's always a max level character sheet :X

That would make it easier to remember what I wanted to do Ith my own character, and maybe adjust if I find new info or better way to do stuff ^^

Do you know a tool that does that already ? If not, then it's just gonna be notepad, but it would 've been fun to have a tool where I can shove every idea I get :3

Anyway, have a nice day!

17:46 UTC


Looking for a good Superhero ttrpg for a one shot.

Hey guys my group was discussing an interest in trying out a superhero ttrpg game but I haven't been able to really see which one I should try running for them. Thought I might ask you fine folks who may have experience with different titles. Ideally there would be a robust character creation/ customizable aspect to it as that's one of our favorite aspects of these games. Something that we could pick up fairly quickly not to crunchy but still engaging.

17:29 UTC


My party of 5 has 1 caster, any advice?

So I'm a first time DM and I'm super excited to play with this group and they have all made excellent characters. But the composition is: 2 rogues, a barbarian, a fighter, and a knowledge cleric. I love each of these characters so I'm more than happy to work around this (plus we're already on the 3rd session so no going back now). Any advice on ways to balance the encounters and/or loot to make sure this doesn't impact them too much?

17:26 UTC


Innate Sorcery should be used by Sorcerous Origins

I really like the idea of Innate Sorcery. It is uniquely Sorcerer, and really supports the narrative that these casters can sink deeper into the weave because of their innate connection.

One thing I think is missing, however, is subclass interactions. Barbarian subclasses all modify Rage in some way or another. IMO Innate Sorcery should do the same. This would help tie the subclass more closely to the class, and help it really feel like the sorcerous origin defines the sorcerer's power.

For example the Draconic Sorcerer's Draconic Resilience might be revised to something like this^(1):

When you use Innate Sorcery you temporarily assume a more draconic appearance. You decide what this looks like. It could include growing small horns or scales, slitted pupils, or frosted breath. When you activate Innate Sorcery you gain temporary HP equal to twice your sorcerer level + your Charisma modifier, and +2 AC. You lose these benefits when Innate Sorcery ends.

Each Sorcerous origin could grant different effects while Innate Sorcery is activated.

^(1: "But this is a nerf!" Don't worry. We can make up the difference by adding in Draconic Origin spells)

16:55 UTC


Been playing DnD for a year and BG3 for the last two months. I want to start run a few one-shots or a short campaign for friends and family. What materials are worth buying to start?

Hey all! Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I'd be happy if anyone could help.

This month marks the one-year anniversary of playing DnD. Last summer, a friend of ours wanted to run a campaign amongst his friends and so we made some characters made our way through the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign (which he admits shouldn't have taken a year but we were still learning). I got sucked into the DnD world and its been a great time. Even after a year, I thought I had a decent grasp on the rules reading over everything in DnD beyond but it wasn't until I fired up Baldur's Gate 3 and reaaaally got a sense of some of the things I was capable of and developed a good flow for combat.

I'm now at a point that I'd like to DM a few one shots for a different set of friends and some family members probably around the holidays, possibly on Zoom. What supplemental material should I start with in case this takes off? My DM shared a bunch of materials with our group in DnD beyond and gave us a ton of options for character creation. I'm of the understanding that if I wanted to create a new campaign and provide these same options to my friends in DnD beyond, I'd have to buy it myself too, correct?

I was thinking of starting with this bundle. I'm mainly going to be using DnD Beyond since I found it very intuitive as a player.


I was possibly thinking of even getting some of these book bundles, because I notice our DM mostly flipping through the books and referencing things during our campaign. Also, they do look kind of nice.



On the other hand, I don't want to go too crazy if the one shots don't turn into anything major (in which case I probably could've borrowed the books instead of sinking hundreds of dollars into it). What do you guys recommend for the most cost-effective way to start?

16:26 UTC


Magic Sword Feedback

Hey guys!

Was hoping to get some feedback on a magic item I cooked up. This is intended for a fighter/cleric multiclass thing (2e style multiclass, long story), who paid 4,700g, a greatsword +1, and some parts scavenged from a slain behir for it. Party is level 8ish.

Cutlass of the Storm Weapon (greatsword), rare (requires attunement by a cleric)

This great curved blade was infused with lightning power. You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon. It also has the following capabilities:

  • When you hit a creature with this weapon, you can use a reaction to add 1d10 lightning damage to that attack.

  • You can use your Channel Divinity to launch a lightning bolt. It functions as the spell, except that it deals 1d6 damage per cleric level, to a maximum of 10d6.

  • While outdoors, you can use an action to thrust the blade upward, calling a small bolt of lightning which diffuses around you. Each creature within 5 feet of you, apart from yourself, must make a Dexterity save vs. your spell save DC, taking 2d8 lightning damage on a failure.

if y'all think this is either too strong or too weak for the price and level, let me know. Only 2,000 has been paid so far (the wizard making it left the final price as an unknown) so I can still make it cheaper (or more expensive!)

16:26 UTC


Final Feedback on Martial Masteries

I've been playing an EK this playtest, and we're going to have our final session before I turn in my feedback (saturday), and I wanted to just put this out there.

The weapon mastery system presented in the UA playtests up to this point, is a good start. However, if what has been presented is the only thing that goes into 1dnd, martials are still going to fall behind in the end and are still going to leave the players that play them wanting more when they compare themselves to their full caster counterparts.

In particular, martial characters who benefit from weapon masteries are going to have problems at higher levels. Having, most likely, built their character around combining a specific mastery with specific feats and/or magic items, they will find that they have been doing exactly the same thing, every single round of combat, for 15 levels and they're simply getting bored.

This is important because this is also when full casters will be getting access to the most powerful, and therefore most interesting spells in the game.

Masteries should, likewise, expand into tiers three and four in a similar manner, and I strongly urge the dev team to continue to iterate upon weapon masteries specifically at higher levels.

That's it. That's my direct feedback.

The rest of my feedback...

I want to see something like "magic weapon masteries" where magic weapons define individual masteries related to their enchantments. I would allow martials to use another one of their available masteries to further master a single weapon by allowing the simultaneous use of both the base weapon-type mastery (ex: longsword's sap mastery) and, for example, a mastery baked into the magic item description of the Flametongue: "if mastered, this weapon will light enemies on fire if an attack hits and a natural 18, 19, or 20 is rolled."

Even better would be giving some or even all magic weapons two or more masteries related to their enchantments, and only allowing one to be used at a time but allowing the mastering character to pick and choose which one to use (maybe the enchantment masteries can only be used once per turn). This would give martials a possibly interesting choice to use every round.

16:03 UTC


Thoughts on this homebrew Ranger fighting style?

I’ve always been a fan of the idea of Rangers being in melee, but their class options fight them on it a bit - TWF is pretty bad, Dueling is fine, but their lack of heavy armor strongly MADdens them unless they go Rapier, which is still a fairly restrictive choice, and Defense is technically optimal for Two-Handed builds, but then they’re definitely MAD for Dex in medium armor. And on top of it all, their class-specific damage bonuses are always concentration.

So with that in mind, what do you think of this: Insert Fighting Style Name: You gain proficiency with heavy armor. You automatically succeed on Constitution saving throws that you make to maintain your concentration on your Favored Foe ability.

I figured that the Cleric and Warlock show it’s not inappropriate to offer different armor proficiencies to a given class, and the damage increase from never dropping Favored Foe is attractive but mild enough to not be as strong as the purely offensive Dueling/TWF/Archery, and the defense bonus of wearing heavy armor is mild (it’s not even better than Half Plate + Defense style), but allows the character to focus Strength if they choose.

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15:54 UTC


How bad of an idea would it be to multiclass Barbarian and Artificer?

The only caster Barbarian I've seen has been a Moon Druid, and that was really more of a Wild Shape build than it was a true caster.

My idea is to make a character based off of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He would start as an Artificer with dreams of creating a potion that unlocks humanity's full potential. After taking three levels in Artificer and becoming an Alchemist, he finally develops the first version of his wonder drug. This is represented by his first level of Barbarian. His rages are flavored as doses of the potion, and his other Barbarian features, like Unarmored Defense, are flavored as side effects. I'd take at least 2 more levels of Barbarian to get the Beast subclass, but after that, I'm unsure.

Does this sound like it would be a hinderance? I like the concept narratively, but I'm not going to do it if it seems like something that will drag other players down. How would you feel about having this character in your party?

15:48 UTC


Smite Bite: Should I prioritize Constitution or Charisma?

So I wanted to make a High Constitution & Charisma Dhampir Oathbreaker. Stupid high HP, Saves, & self healing. Only issue is, I'm not sure which I should max out first.

And yes, I know about GWM + Polearm Master = Winning D&D. That's not what this build is about and not at all what I am aiming for.

View Poll

15:20 UTC


2d9 Ability Scores to embrace the chaos

I like the fun of rolling random ability scores, especially for one-shots and silly shenanigans-heavy games, but I find that results tend too heavily towards the mean and you always end up with a bunch of 11s and 12s. Boring.

I've worked out an alternate rolling method where you roll 3d9 and drop the lowest. It's about the same as the normal 4d6 drop lowest method, but with a higher deviation. The problem is that the lowest result is now 2, which lowers the mean result and would probably break character design, so to fix this I would rule that if you roll a 2 it becomes a 20.

Here is what I cooked up on AnyDice. https://anydice.com/program/32047

I've spoken to a few friends and it seems like people would take the risk for a bit of fun, especially for the chance at a 20 at level 1. What do you guys think?

tldr: homebrew chaotic ability score rolling. roll 3d9, drop lowest, twos become 20s.

15:00 UTC


Favorite character?

I need some inspiration for a new character. What are some of your favorite player characters? Whether it’s been from a homebrewed class or an official one. Whether it was basic human or custom lineage. Whether it’s been an overpowered class or underpowered. What player characters were the most fun you’ve had while playing in DND 5e? I’d also like to know how you played them in either RP moments or combat

14:45 UTC


Give your 'monsters' class levels.

I'm DMing a game for a party of 5 lvl 17 players, and I've actually had an okay time balancing combat encounters for them. Something I've adopted that has helped a lot has been giving their enemies class levels (when appropriate, I suppose you wouldn't normally give something like a Kraken levels in ranger for no reason).

As an example, I had them fight a pair of adult red dragons, one with 15 levels in paladin and one with 15 levels in Druid. Context aside (it made sense with the narrative of our game), the boost in power this gave the dragon enemies was exactly what they needed to give my high level PCs a run for their money. Divine smites, healing, CC, bigger health pool, ASIs and feats. -All the things that 'monsters' don't usually have access to.

The players loved it, i enjoyed it. It made our barbarian actually use his relentless endurance for once, and the casters used almost all their spell slots... it was great.

If you're looking to challenge high level PCs, or just want a curveball to throw at your party at any level, give this a shot!

14:41 UTC

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