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Redditors helping redditors ranging from financial assistance and wishlist fulfillment to advice, support, contest votes, and surveys. This is a subreddit of regular people who can help with short term support.

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Redditors helping redditors ranging from financial assistance and wishlist fulfillment to advice, support, contest votes, and surveys. This is a subreddit of regular people who can help with short term support.

For assistance with general reddit issues, you're looking for r/help.

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5$ help needed

Can help pay for my internet. We weren't able to pay for the internet this month. It would mean a lot thank you.

10:45 UTC


My brothers and I are rasing money for my mom's burial.


I've posted many times, but no luck. We want to bury our mom. Any help is appreciated.

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09:46 UTC


Dad passed away — need to travel home but no funds, any advice?

I am an international student in Canada whose father passed away. I really need help with some money to go back home and see my family.

I have been saving a lot of money but I am still short $750 ish, as my tuition is really high and life is just tough. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

DMs and replies open for advice and help!

08:02 UTC


Keith Lee

Hi all, odd request… but Keith Lee is coming to Arizona and is requesting recommendations and we desperately need the media presence. (If you don’t know who he is… look him and the “Keith Lee Effect” up. It’s insane.)

If you have a moment, please comment on his socials to try “Mugsy Dogs” in Gilbert, AZ!

My brother owns the restaurant and I try and run the social media when I can (I am not paid). Economy sucks and they really need the business to pick up. I’m asking for your assistance in getting his attention - it would help out my brother so so much if Keith Lee came to his restaurant.

Thank you!

05:16 UTC


Anything is appreciated

I was wondering if anyone had 20-40 dollars I could use to get some food. It could even be 5-10 I thought I had a whole box of ramen left over but it ended up being an empty box I for some reason put back in cupboard and I'm broke until the 2nd due to me paying all my bills and paying back my sister for helping me with my vet bills. I didn't get food because I thought I had some and I figured I get paid the 2nd and I have a full tank of gas and i should be fine on a box of ramen until then. But I should've checked the box. Ik I'm dumb. And I appreciate anyone who can help. Figured I'd ask tho just incase there is anyone willing to help.

04:13 UTC

03:36 UTC


$15 PayPal

Hi! I try to give back as much as I can, and I’m happy that I found this subreddit.

I am going to be sending $15 (American dollars worth) to 5 different Reddit users.

To enter, please type “Apple Jacks” in your comment.

I will be choosing 5 people in the morning (7am Central/USA time).

You must follow all rules of this subreddit. You must 18 or older to enter.

Please don’t private message me. I am going to choose 5 people and I will message you if you win.

I will also comment the winners in this post when they are chosen.

Please let me know if I need to add any more information in this post.

Edit to add: if there are not more than 5 people commented by 7am I will simply send to the 5 or less approved commenters.

01:16 UTC


Landlord refusing to returned security deposit

I posted not to long ago about my horrible roommate and what I thought was a good landlord. I gave my 30 day notice on March 31st after finding a nice apartment with a nice roommate who’s overly generous to take me and my dog in. While I’m over the moon to move out it’s caused a lot of tension. My landlords wife is or rather was my friend for 10 years. While I appreciate them putting a roof (that I paid for) over my head, I feel like the past 3 months of living here have been a mental battle. I’ve been looking for an update on if they will be returning my deposit after I move and they said they will be keeping it due to me breaking the lease 3 months early. After speaking to a close friend whose family owns rental properties, and sharing my lease with her. Going over details and sharing texts, she said that they violated the lease first. And in my lease clearly states nothing about keeping the money due to lease termination. I know landlords here have 20 days after vacancy of the property. I don’t have the money to get a lawyer and go through the courts over this. It’s clear my friendship with his wife is over which I feel okay with. I just don’t want to get screwed over twice by them. So if anyone has any advise how to proceed with this that will be greatly appreciated

23:58 UTC


In need of some financial help

Hello. I'm a 23 and not very great at asking for this. This month has been tough, I live with my father and brother but my brother sometimes helps me financially when he can but not much as he have is own expenses. My relationship with my father is complicated because I used o live with my mother and feels like he holds a grudge ever since but my mother is not here anymore, so I had to move here. For a awhile I worked but got fired and lived in other places but ended up going back here because job employment is very rough right now and I don't have a college degree or a license to drive (Which is something they ask for as a necessity in job applications in here). As I don't like to ask for much, as I feel other people might need it and don't like to abuse a person's good will, I wanted to grab a few frozen veggies and some meat and water for the last few days of this month because I now only have 3 euros (I'm from Portugal and that is other thing, I saw that users prefer Amazon lists but our Amazon is the Spain one and doesn't have a lot of products or groceries). I'm asking for 15 euros tops (17 dollars more or less) but any help is always accepted. For apps I only have paypalz has a I think Venmo others similar are not available here. Sorry for the request or any trouble and I wish everyone to be well, thank you for reading this. Hope one day to be the one helping!

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23:54 UTC


Karaoke Knockout Competition Votes Needed!

Hi guys! I'm currently entered in a competition where if I win, I get flown out to Los Angeles and get to sing in a competition that can win me $10k! This competition works through votes though, so any votes will be greatly appreciated! heres the link to vote: https://karaokeko.org/2024/aliana-leonte

Thanks everyone!

22:50 UTC


Anonymous helper!!

Thank you so much to this anonymous Reddit user (they requested their name not be out public). I had lost hope in this community kinda of because I really needed help and I couldn’t figure out the Amazon list someone was suggesting. After my third repost of asking for help with food so I could make my family something to eat and get some groceries (cannot buy fast food my mom is required to loose weight by the doctor). Because we are short on money due to several reasons (check my profile😭) and I asked here. The person dmed me and helped me out!! So now I’m about to go buy some groceries and cook! Thank you again 💖💖. And to anyone still waiting for help don’t give up like I did lol, and I really really hope you get the help you need. Once I find a job I will be back!!!! I hope I get to help some people aswell. I am here for emotional support until there because there’s not much else I can really help with :(

22:29 UTC


Advice needed for homeless individual in the US

Hello, I'm in a difficult situation and need help. I recently lost my social security card and birth certificate which I was going to use to try to get a job. I've looked in multiple locations multiple times and I can't find them st at all. I would ask my case manager at my shelter to help me get a new set of documents, but I don't trust her or the people running the shelter. I'm not sure how I can get out of this situation

21:30 UTC


$25 Cashapp

Hi all. It gave me such a a great feeling of well-being when I did this last week, that I decided to come back and do it again. $25 Cashapp to someone in need.
Please don't DM me, I work in a restaurant and am definitely not a rich person. Last year was a rough time for me. Had to find a place to live, a job, etc. I had help from family and different community services. Eight months later, I am doing well with a great job I love, food, and a decent roof over my head. I know what it's like to be down, rock bottom even.
Respond to the post with "Everin Awflin". If you feel like it, tell me why you need the money. The Mods have certain conditions as far as minimum karma goes. I'll will pick someone at 3 pm EST. Friday, Feb. 23. Love to you all! 💜 🌈 ❤️ 😊

21:24 UTC


Help with electric

I’m a newly single mom with a 7 year old and we are struggling bad! We got our electric bill and it’s almost $400! Which is insane! I was wondering if anyone could help out, will pay forward when I’m able, I have PayPal and cash app

Thank you so much in advance

21:24 UTC


Is anyone literally starving here? I will send you $10 towards some food. (I only have PayPal.)


Is anyone literally starving here? I will send you $10 towards some food. (I only have PayPal.)

I don’t see many offers in here at all.

I’m not rich and I’m not blessed, but I want to help someone out.

19:44 UTC


My water got shut off and my kids will be home from school soon.

Hi, I don’t know what to say. My husband and I are having a hard time keeping it together right now. I just tried to cut back on all of our bills, and we’re still trying to keep afloat since my mother left. (She ran away after I asked her to chose between sending all of her money to her scammer overseas or to help us here.) I’ve already flattened all the bills I could, cancelled all subscriptions, talked to our mortgage company for help, asked for a payment plan on our electricity, cut our internet to bare minimum and let go of all but one credit card. I’m still trying to find a job, but my husband and I only have one car, so I have to find something remote. Can’t afford babysitters, daycare, and no one else here can help watch the kids, but so far no one has called.

But I currently need help with getting our water turned back on. It’s behind 226$ and that’s how much we have to pay to get it restored. I don’t know if I should link a screenshot or what. But anything helps. We’re trying to get back on track here, but it’s been so hard. We fall behind on one bill to keep up with another and I am just so tired of food being a mortgage payment, and the rest piling up because they don’t care if you’re struggling or not.

We used to have it all figured out, and then my husband lost his job, and then I did too shortly after he did. He was able to find another and pick up where he left off but I’m still struggling. And then the problems with my mother happened…and it’s just more problems everyday and I’m just so tired.

I can answer any other questions needed, and any advice on remote jobs is also appreciated.

18:24 UTC


My brother passed away

Hi.. yesterday I got the news that my only brother passed away, 29 years old. I live in a different country and today I got my weekly salary and bought a plane ticket so I can go there today to support my mother and I have nothing left over from my salary. There was only 3 of us in the family. I need help to get the bus tickets to the airport and then when I arrive home, I need to take another bus.. I don't want to worry about funeral expenses right now and I will find a solution for that in the next few days, just today I can't find a solution.. I don't have a venmo or paypal because I live in Europe. Only idea I can think is Revolut or paysafecard. Sorry for my bad english, it's hard to process everything right now.

12:41 UTC


Flowers & a card

Heya, my boyfriends Pop (basically father) passed away yesterday, I was just looking for $25 to be able to grab some flowers and a card for his Mom & Nan!! Thank you!

Edit: We don’t have cashapp in Canada, I can do paypal or etransfer! Thanks again!

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11:59 UTC


(Survey) Internet-related Issues: 3 minutes, close-ended questions, Open to everyone (18+)

09:30 UTC


One of my cats is dying and I feel horrible for not having enough to have him euthanized.

He's not even really my cat. He's a neighborhood cat who I have been feeding for about a year now. Sweet big guy. He disappeared for a a few days and came back with a head wound. I brought him in and he's been living in my bathroom for the last two days but he's definitely dying and he's dying slowly. He's covered in body fluids, isn't eating or drinking and is now too weak to stand up. He's just laying on the towel, wide-eyed. I'd love it if someone would correct me and tell me that no, that doesn't mean he's definitely dying but I'm not an idiot. I doubt he's going to make it to morning but if he does it would be really nice to be able to let him go with dignity. I've already accepted I don't have it in me to do it myself. Need a few dollars to send him off. I'm not sure how much the vet in town charges for this sort of thing but I don't imagine it's more than $40.

07:59 UTC


Research about chellenges teachers face with kids who speak a different native language

Hello everyone, I'm conducting research for my final project, focusing on understanding education and child development. The research aims to draw comparative insights into the unique challenges preschool teachers in the Czech Republic and the United States face, particularly in scenarios where children speak a language different from the primary language of instruction. This study is critical in understanding the dynamics of multilingual classroom environments and the support needed for teachers in such settings.

if anyone one (specifically preschool teachers) want to help I assure you that the survey will be conducted with the utmost respect for confidentiality. All information gathered will be used strictly for academic purposes, and the identities of your institution and its teachers will be kept anonymous in any resulting publications or presentations.

Here is a link to Google forms: Survey link
ETA for the survey: 1-2 minutes

Thank you

03:14 UTC


Was hoping for $45 to cover the last of my rent

Hey everyone

Started a new job that should take care of me but unfortunately the first paycheck comes 2 weeks from now. After looking at my budget for the month, it looks like I’ll be $45 short for my rent coming up soon. And my Landlord has already made clear they don’t want to wait the extra time until I can pay them fully.

This is really stressing me out as I spent much more than expected last month with a pet emergency. Anything would help and I’ll make every effort to pass on any generosity. Thank you for taking the time to read this. ❤️

02:37 UTC


Need help paying for vet bills for my pup.

My dog has been having eye issues and a reoccurring UTI. They told me last time that if she gets one again they’re going to have to sedate her and do blood work and maybe X-rays. They didn’t give me an exact quote but told me it’s in the ballpark of 700-900 for everything. I just do not have it. I won’t qualify for care credit or any of those. I’ve tried for smaller stuff before for her. I know it’s a big ask but she’s the only thing that keeps me going most days and I don’t know what else to do.


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23:42 UTC


My dentures broke, I can’t afford to replace them, please help

I had an accident this afternoon which left me with my top dentures broken. I am terminally ill and lost my teeth as a result of treatment and sepsis. I am without healthcare so I have nothing but medical bills. My tax refund went to paying a past due medical bill and medication.

I called around and the cheapest price I could find for a replacement denture is about 400 bucks. I have no insurance. I asked about a payment plan but my credit is terrible so they said no. I looked for dental clinics but the closest one is almost 3 hours away and my disabled father can’t drive for that long plus most of them don’t do denture work. I need to be able to eat correctly so I can even remotely get through treatment and I can’t do that with my top dentures out of commission.

If anyone would be willing to help please private message me/DM to help I would greatly appreciate it . I really don’t have anywhere else to turn to. Bless y’all!

23:22 UTC


Help with water bill

My water is about to be shut off. I just got my electricity caught up, and have nothing left. I have to come up with $250 asap.

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21:58 UTC



First off, thank you Amber for the pedialyte. It goes fast in this house with a child who has both an eating disorder and POTS. I also wanted to say thanks again to anyone who purchased Diamond painting for my daughter. She’s learning ways to cope with her ED and this is one way that she really enjoys. I wanted to share some of her work that she’s done so anyone can see the final product especially those who purchased but I see that I can’t share pics. I did share them in my cross post in Amazon Wishlist. Again, thanks to anyone who helped, we’ll forever be grateful♥️

21:06 UTC


Website Builders

Does anyone know any good website builders?

I've used Weebly but my only issue is that the mobile version looks terrible and there's no way to disable the mobile version and force users to use the desktop one.

Webflow, Squarespace, and WordPress are all good but expensive. Also with WordPress and Squarespace you cannot have a free domain / trial like Weebly and then decide to upgrade if you like it.

And Wix (which I would definitely use as it's what I would want out of a website builder) was founded in Israel and I don't personally want to go into that whole thing.

Would love some help!

20:14 UTC


Vet bills for sick cat


Anything will help! If you can’t donate, if you’d be willing to share the gofundme on your socials we’d appreciate it!!! TIA

Hi. My kitty is Shippo. I found him abandoned by my neighbor when they were evicted. They left him in the apartment hallway. When I got home from work my roommate told me he had been crying in the hallway for 8 hours before I brought him inside. He has severe separation anxiety. It has been a really long process getting him comfortable and confident but he is the sweetest little boy.

Recently he started coughing. At first I thought it was a hairball but after a week there hasn’t been a hairball. Now he is starting to sound like he’s losing his voice. I need to take him to the vet but I don’t have the money for all the tests. I’m afraid he has asthma or something worse, like a respiratory infection or heart issues. He is having more and more coughing fits everyday and I’m getting scared. I don’t want to lose my baby.

I am requesting funds to take him to the vet. He will need testing. X-rays and bloodwork. I don’t know how much those are going to cost. My vet quoted me at $400 minimum for the basic tests. I can show receipts after for verification of where your funds went. Please help me. Please help Shippo. His breathing is getting worse by the day and I’m so scared for him.

21:30 UTC


Help my dog win a contest!

Hey guys, trying to win my dog a contest! Please vote for Archie!!!


16:57 UTC


Would anyone be willing to get me some food and in exchange I'll draw you a few pictures?

https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/20V1XPSE9856S?ref_=wl_share link for my wishlist. any and all help is deeply appreciated

I've never used this sub before.

I enjoy drawing in my free time, Several of my drawings are viewable on my account page. I use a black sharpie pen on white paper, no color. They usually end up looking like some kind of animal. See a lot of fish, but I try to challenge myself and attempt to draw whatever comes to mind.

I've never given any thought towards using my artwork to make money and stuff. For me it's a release. However I'm trying to think about what I have to 'offer'.

The money I have right now is for my commutes to and from work and I don't anticipate having the means to feed myself for the next few days.

It would mean a lot to me, thx for taking the time.

Edit: update for 2/22 at around 2 PM EST I've made the wishlist and a very gracious person is in the process of helping me out with a few items.

18:33 UTC

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