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Redditors helping redditors ranging from financial assistance and wishlist fulfillment to advice, support, contest votes, and surveys. This is a subreddit of regular people who can help with short term support.

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Redditors helping redditors ranging from financial assistance and wishlist fulfillment to advice, support, contest votes, and surveys. This is a subreddit of regular people who can help with short term support.

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I am about to be homeless and have to put everything into storage. Need a little help

Can anyone help me get a case for my keyboard?

Long story short: my life has kind of fallen apart due to COVID, family drama, an unfair firing (hopefully will be able to pursue legal action...) plus a slew of mental health issues as a result of everything.

Music has always kept me sane and I really really really don’t want to have to get rid of my keyboard and guitar. I have a decent case for my guitar but not the keyboard. I managed to find a cheap storage facility that I’m putting my few things that I’m trying to hold onto, but if I don’t get a case for the keyboard it’ll definitely get damaged.

I’m pinching pennies and I basically have to choose between necessities as it is.

If any music lovers out there have it in their heart to help, I found one for $42 on amazon.

Link to it on a wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1SVWA86TZHTM6?ref_=wl_share

I also put a donate link on my profile if anyone else wants to help.

Thanks everyone for your kindness on this sub. Praying things get better for everyone who needs it

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23:41 UTC


I've been mugged. I needed that money for health reasons.

It has been a hell of a week, but I don't want to bore you. Long story short, I've been mugged—it wasn't a lot of money, I only had about 42€ with me, but for me that's three weeks of savings that I needed for a CT scan. As I don't know how to recover that amount of money before my appointment, I'm asking here for help. If anyone can help me, I have info on my profile (or you can just DM me). Thank you.

23:17 UTC


24 y/o exhausted woman

Hey there, long story short I'm getting ready to start raising funds for my mothers cancer, i live in Venezuela and i only have a PayPal account, Wich doesn't work for most of the usual fund raising orgs like GoFundMe, Wich demand bank accounts in the us or the UK, I've been on this for over 6 months and just recently got her diagnosis, i don't have insurance since we only work to survive and I've exhausted all my saving trough the last 6 months, now that i know she needs surgery, and chemo treatment, palliative cares, food, transportation this is overwhelmingly impossible for me to go around, it's just the two of us, have checked local charities and churches have exhausted every local resource so I'm trying internationally, but i need help. I need information on how to get this done before it even starts she's the only thing i have in the world

Ps: also need Ong and orgs names that would be willing to help

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23:12 UTC


need help from an artist or a few

My son has an idea for a tattoo he wants to get but is having difficulties trying to articulate what he wants, they've asked him for an example but since its an original idea he is having some issues...

Im hoping someone (or a couple folks) can draw up some rough sketches to help with this. Obviously im not trying to get anyone to draw the exact tattoo, just some rough ideas to help the actual tattooist get a better idea of what he is going for.

Not sure if anyone can help but im hoping, thanks reddit!!

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22:58 UTC


Could I get some encouragement? I’ve been constantly applying for jobs and I’m feeling emotionally drained.

I’ve got 6 weeks until I graduate college, which has already got me stressed out. I’ve been applying for so many jobs which has added to that stress. I have an in-person interview tomorrow with a potential boss which would mean I would move out and live away from family instead of potentially having a decent commute to a local job I applied for and might have a second interview for. I’m hopeful, but it’s all so stressful, dealing with job applying on top of approaching finals and everything. I just want to do the right thing. I really hope that everything will work out. I feel overwhelmed from it all. Some encouragement would mean a lot right now.

21:46 UTC


ADHD associations with emotional regulation, self-control, and self-esteem

Hello! I am a Master's student investigating how ADHD affects emotion regulation, self-control, and self-esteem. Please help me increase the number of participants to ensure the study is statistically valid.

If you choose to contribute, you will first fill in your demographic information. After that, you will answer a series of questionnaires where you'll pick statements that best describe your beliefs and feelings.

You do not need to have ADHD to participate in this study.


I hope you enjoy and thanks in advance!

20:55 UTC


Please help my dog

GoFundMe (if you can't donate please consider sharing the link instead)

"My name is Echo Rochambeau and I'm the prettiest, sweetest dog my owners (and everyone!!!) could ever ask for. I've even been in a cutest pet calendar! Sadly I'm really sick right now, I have weird stool, and I can't stop throwing up and there's blood in my potty and my owners don't know why. I usually spend all day laying right on top of them, but now I'm laying in my kennel sleeping all the time.

The problem is my owners are in a very tight financial situation due to their own medical debt. They're both disabled and working on getting treatment, and all their emergency funds have been spent on them staying alive! Life has been hard enough for them with how horrible they feel but they're working really, really hard anyways to raise the funds on their own to get me to the doctor too... But it's hard to make ends meet with so little to go on. They just don't have enough money for it all, and have already had to miss out on very important stuff they needed to take care of me before. We just need some help so I can feel better again and continue supporting them through their illnesses! They only need $94 for the appointment, and the lab work is $150.

We aren't asking for the full amount needed we just need enough to help us get her in to see her vet. We're desperate and pursuing every avenue to figure out what's going on with her, so if you can spare even a dollar to help us do that, it would mean the entire world to us. She's our everything and we can't live without her.

We're only asking $150 out of probably thousands of dollars of debt coming for her, to get a start on figuring this out while we scrounge up all the money we can for this. We can't lose our baby girl."

20:14 UTC


can anyone help with gas

About a month ago my elderly mom was on a ventilator from emergency surgery on her kidney and tried to get up on her own after being released and fell and fractured her pelvis and one of her vertebrae. I'm absolutely exhausted and need my sister to come to Nevada from Utah to help me but I don't get paid until next week. I need her so much. I have the way to pick her up asap but not the fund's so I'm asking for 100 dollars to pay for gas for the trip and to get my spare fixed before I go. Any help is appreciated.

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20:44 UTC


Help Us Keep Our Home

Hi, my name is Vincent. My family is in dire straits. We are usually a 2-income household, but my wife was unable to work due to having a much-needed surgery last summer. Afterward, she could not work for a few months because she was healing. Shortly after my wife's surgery, our car's transmission blew, and we did not have the funds to fix it. Not having a reliable vehicle led to me being laid off from my full-time job. Because my wife and I were both unable to work, we fell into a debt hole. I started working full-time again, and we are crawling out of the hole, but we need help with the back debt. The primary concern is currently the back rent that we owe. We have tried making deals with our landlord, but they have been unreceptive. At this rate, we are looking at eviction because of our back-due rent. We would appreciate anything that you would be able to give. Thank you so much. https://gofund.me/3bc56f3e

20:15 UTC


Need something to eat

Hi all , good day.

It's been a couple of days barely eating .

So I have 2 requests.

If someone can order something for me and the kid to eat?


Can someone help buy some groceries?

I'm from Trinidad and Tobago so it wouldn't make sense to order from Amazon. The only close restaurant nearby that will take creditcard payment in KFC (there is an app. no other online type transaction readily available)

And an online grocery that takes PayPal/creditcard is Trinitrolley (https://m.trinitrolley.com)

I have been trying since November gone to get a job but nothing that helps put me ahead.

Any help that I can get at the moment will help us out greatly.

19:32 UTC


Start to live my life again.

Hi everyone. I recently was in a car accident that was caused due to a car malfunction. My car is my means of transport to school, church, my doctor appointments, and organizations I’m involved in. I’m unable to afford to get it fixed as all my money has gone towards schooling. Prayers are appreciated, and any dime would be cherished greatly. Thank you.

GoFundMe Link

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19:16 UTC


Looking for some money for groceries

Even 5 dollars helps I have no money until Friday. Thanks. DM me if your interested in giving me an e transfer.

17:31 UTC


Request for money due to end of the month Hardships.

Hi everyone. The end of the month is usually hard on us, but this month has been the worst. I dont have anything left to pawn and we dont have money to put into the gas tank to go to our local food bank.

I find myself unable to purchase food (mostly for myself/the house as my dad is diabetic and post-stroke, so whatever food I do have goes to him and the dog), dog food, and my father's medications (diabetes, blood pressure, and pain related).

We just need enough to survive until the 3rd when my fathers disability check comes in. I'm asking for anything between $60-$100 dollars. Food costs vary so I dont want to ask for more than I need but 60 will ensure my dads meds and the dog food.

I do have the various "money apps" -- paypal, cashapp, venmo.

Thank you for taking the time to read this :) ((Also, Im very new here so please inform me if I did something wrong. I must have read over the rules 5 times heh)).

17:24 UTC


Survey on Summer Jacket Preferences bought Online (Gen-Z, born 1997-2012)

Hey everyone,

I am currently working on my master thesis and have a short 5 Minute survey to share. It's on online shopping behaviour of Generation-Z concerning jackets, which is why only those born between 1997 and 2012 can participate.

Here's the survey: https://run.conjoint.ly/study/412737/wfymrejq1u

I appreciate every bit of help a lot whether it is by filling out the survey or also sharing it with others as in total we require over 250 answers.

Thanks a lot!

09:06 UTC


Is anyone able to help me?

I hate that I'm posting this. I feel incredible shame and embarrassment that I'm in this situation. I work full time but with all the price rises we've experienced this year I'm struggling to make ends meet. I'm behind on my bills and this months pay isn't even enough to cover rent, gas, electricity, water, fuel to get to work etc. so there's no way I can afford to do a food shop. Would anyone be willing to send me a food delivery? I would be eternally grateful and hopefully one day I'll be in a position to pay it forward x

06:40 UTC


50 to fill gas tank. Canada.

Looking for 50$ to fill my tank and keep going to work. Live in rural area and almost out of gas stuck at home almost. Have PayPal and emt. Anything helps. Thanks.

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06:05 UTC


Balance transferring.

Hello everyone, out of curiosity is it a good idea to make a big purchase then do a balance transfer? I recently did a balance transfer of 3k for a 21month 0% interest. Then I applied for another one and got it for 18months 0% interest and I wanna use it to the best as I can but I haven’t used that yet but plan on getting one last big purchase on another credit card. I do have the money to pay it off monthly and fully pay it off at the end of the term. If you need time to clarify please let me know because I’m not good at explaining at times.

05:43 UTC


Need help to go back to school and medical bills.

I live in a verbally and physically abusive household. I've finally gathered the courage to leave. I'm scared. It is so hard and I'm so tired. But I'm going to try. I don't want to give up on a better life. I'm working and also freelance as an artist. I hope to pursue higher education in media. I'm saving up for it. I can't start a gofundme as i don't have the necessary documents and my parents could find out about it. That would be very unpleasant. I need funds for tuition, accomodation, food, etc. I don't hope to raise all of it here but anything helps.

My mother keeps sick. She is 74, has diabetes, arthritis and other age related illnesses. I had to stay home for a couple of years after graduation to take care of her. She recently had surgery for retinopathy. Need some about $100 for her medicines as well.

I'm also taking art commissions starting 10th of April. If you could help that way, that'll also be great.

Edit: I'm from India.

04:37 UTC


Request: A little cash to get by or needed supplies

I was finally able to move my son and I into a 2 bedroom apartment so he could finally have his own room (and to get away from his father) but the initial moving costs set me back a lot more than I had anticipated and our old property manager scammed me out of my security deposit so now I've got $2 and am in need of pull ups and groceries.

I'll get paid on Friday but I've already taken out advances to cover the required first time pet fee so I won't have anything left after paying my bills this time around.

Just looking for something to get us by for the next two weeks wether that be cash or groceries, any help is appreciated

04:28 UTC


Conducting a survey analyzing pricing strategies for activewear companies including Fabletics, Gymshark, and Lululemon, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi everyone, I am a current college student in a Pricing course and was wondering if anyone that wears/actively purchases activewear especially leggings from stores such as Fabletics, Gymshark, or Lululemon was willing to take a survey relating to pricing strategies. This is for a class project, where our goal is to analyze pricing strategies for a specific product/industry with relation to consumer preferences. The survey is completely anonymous, and it would be greatly appreciated if anyone fills it out, thank you so much!


02:21 UTC


LIHEAP income eligiblity

My aunt is a few months behind with her electricity/gas bill due to some temporary financial issues. Her monthly gross income is around $2,750. But the income eligibility threshold is $2,700.17 for a one person household. Is she not eligible for LIHEAP even though her income is only slightly over the income threshold? She is in California.

Thank you in advance!

01:50 UTC


Please help me with a survey about the Android Brand!

Hi there - I am an MBA student looking for people to take my survey on mobile phones, particularly about the Android brand. Any insights would be much appreciated, thank you so much! :)


00:53 UTC



Hello, I am a social science AP Research student, and I am in need of participants for my research study. I am aiming to study the effects of civic engagement-related texts on adolescents' civic action likelihoods. The survey will only take about 5-10 minutes to complete, and if you do choose to participate, please read the FULL TEXT, and complete the survey to the very end. Thank you!

Link to survey: https://pobcsd.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bOrfMVCf8ES7mC2

01:21 UTC


Request: Food or $ for food please

Hi everyone ❤️ I hope you all are doing well. Today was the day the township had their meeting about tearing down the apartment building I live in. I know I legally have to get 3 months notice, but I'm still terrified. I live with a roommate, and we have a dude staying on our couch because he was in a bad spot, (he has a pretty severe mental illness, and just him coping day to day, semi happily, is considered a success right now) but we definitely are struggling with inflation on food costs.

And if I'm being honest, I would really love something other than alphaghetti and bread, to deal with my stressful thoughts.

We all have paychecks coming in at the end of this week, via the government and my roommate and I having jobs, but that doesn't help right now 🙁

I'm sorry for rambling, I'm honestly kind of lonely. Does anyone have any suggestions for like, chat room apps or something, please?

Anyways, if anyone read this far, thank you. I appreciate you and I hope you have the best luck.

I'm in Ontario Canada, if that's necessary

00:45 UTC


He refuses to pay child support

So angry. Things have been stressful with my ex, I left due to abuse sexual/financial/emotional/physical to me/physical to kids.

Unfortunately my son (one of our twins), he has ASD/FASD/ADHD/PDA, and he gets very violent. I tried to get support in my province from the Canadian version of CPS but was denied help as we did not have an ASD dx yet. Well it got to the point my son was assaulting me and his siblings and it was causing our youngest mental health issues so I had to give custody to my ex husband. I personally did not want him to go and even got legal aid and tried to get him in a foster home here instead but since Dad had rights he took him.

Well now he has been with his dad on the other side of Canada (BC to Ont), and it’s been 2 months, dad is not getting him in any programs, not taking care of his medical issues, not getting him help for his Autisim and FASD, and now he is refusing to pay child support and medical expenses for his two kids that live with me because he is mad he had to pay $5,000 to get kid set up. On top of this Dads new girlfriend/common law/fiancé won’t let my son call or txt me in the house. My 14 year old kiddo has to leave the house to talk to me…

Mind you I have been caring for the kids all on my own for 9 YEARS. Paying for all dental, and medical costs not covered provincially. Paying for all after school care costs, paying for all summer camps, swim camps, everything. Paying for the costs for getting back and forth to our children’s hospital, all school supplies, birthday parties, Christmas, Easter, everything.

I’m exhausted. All 3 kids are autistic, the twins are FASD due to us being told while married I could not ovulate and being refused birth control while we were saving for IVF.., the youngest is having issues with feet/autoimmune/vascular stuff. And we have clinic appointments at the BC children’s hospital that costs me over $100 round trip to get to… on top I have my own health issues.

I’m just so angry. Very very very angry. I’m at the point where I just want to screw him over as he is painting me as the evil ex wife. So if he is going to paint me as the evil ex wife I’m going to be that evil ex wife.., I just don’t know I’m so fucking angry. I’m just exhausted getting walked all over by him

23:50 UTC


Poverty is the biggest factor in how well kids do in school.

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22:15 UTC


Need help getting training for an autism service dog

I'm training my dog for service dog work and I'll be doing it with helping howls trainer. I need help with paying for training. Please note: I am able to afford his medical, food, and other expenses. This is just for training. His tasks will be deep pressure therapy, crowd blocking, panic attack alert, and interrupting behaviors. My autism has hindered me from being a functioning member of society, so any help would be much appreciated. Even a share would be fantastic. More info on my gofundme.

Note: my dms arent working for some reason. I see your chat, but can't reply or even see your profile. Super weird


21:16 UTC


Need help filing taxes

Hello, for the past two years I have been disabled and “self employed” and made just under $2,000 each year. In 2021 I did my taxes and owed $1. This year I went through it the same way, I thought, and I owe $187. (I use olt.com) My dad mentioned it to his CPA who said I shouldn’t owe anything. I have gone through it multiple times and can’t figure out what I’m doing differently from last year. The wording and process of filing with self employment is soooo much more confusing than entering W-2’s like I have for most of my life.

Please help. Thank you very much in advance.

21:05 UTC


It's my sons 16th birthday tomorrow and he has no presents, cake or anything.



I don't like asking for help but it's my sons birthday tomorrow and I've not been able to get him anything. I'm gutted and so is he. If anyone can help I would appreciate it so much and will be forever grateful. Thank you. I've added a few things to amazon that he wants. And if anyone could help so I can buy him food, cake or even a trip to the cinema that would be amazing. Thank you so much. I have cashapp but not allowed to put it on the post so would need to message me.

Edit** it’s his birthday. I feel awful that he has nothing. I would give him the world if I could. He’s got cards from me and his siblings and that’s it. I heard him crying in his room after I gave them him. 😭😭

19:58 UTC


Pretty Close To The End of My Rope...

It's the season of threes. First my bicycle tire goes flat, then I discovered that in FL they imposed a rule that you cannot get a loan if you already have one (to reduce something called loan stacking), and the last of my money went to getting to work minus my bike (bus and car fare home). My working hours have been every...single...day for over a week, so I cannot even get to a pawnshop. I had hoped that my $$ would last longer, but my local supermarket just raised the price of wet dog food to over $2. That's a total game changer. The dry food I have is old, perhaps stale. They just aren't eating it.

I could really use $30 to feed them (one dog and three cats) tonight and to last till my paycheck on Friday. Please help me retain my sanity. Thanks for helping. I have a Venmo acct.

19:52 UTC

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