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Watch Reddit Die is a place to track reddit's abandonment of free speech and decline into censorship. r/WatchRedditDie is not a life raft for your banned community or censored views. It is a fire alarm for the rest of Reddit.

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Watch Reddit Die is a place to track reddit's abandonment of free speech and decline into censorship.

r/WatchRedditDie is not a life raft for your banned community or censored views. It is a fire alarm for the rest of Reddit.

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Weekly /r/WatchRedditDie General Discussion

This thread is for general discussion of reddit censorship/policy not specific to any other thread

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Weekly /r/WatchRedditDie General Discussion

This thread is for general discussion of reddit censorship/policy not specific to any other thread

All site-wide and subreddit rules still apply. Top level comments that are not on-topic may be removed.

09:00 UTC


Banned for “excessive male fragility,” whatever that means. I’m not even a male

05:38 UTC


I was permabanned by the admins for harassment after telling a mod who banned me for no reason, that they are what's wrong with Reddit. YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT! :O

There is a Subreddit that is supposed to let you state opinions that are not very popular so to speak. The tagline of said subreddit says, that you are supposed to be able to "speak your mind". On Reddit? Don't make me laugh, son.

Anyway I posted on said subreddit, that "Marvel movies are shallow and so are the people who watch them". Pretty controversaial for Reddit, is it not, my bretheren and sisteren and anything inbetween?

Long story short, my post got deleted and I was permabanned on the sub with the reason given "Teenager/Teenage rant" whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean. I'm old btw, not that it should matter.

I send a message to the mods through the link provided in the ban message and just said "you are what's wrong with Reddit". Now let me tell you what, I was angry and not in control of my temper otherwise I would have never said such heinous thing to the good Reddit officer I promise!

For my transgressions I was quickly permabanned sitewide by the admins for harassment. Ah yes, "harassment", code for "You will do as I say, when I say it and if you don't, just see what'll happen you controversial little rascal!"

The banmessage by the admins stated something like "this is why you were banned:" and then it was just blank which is just so God damn delicious I want to sit in it for hours and later force them to eat it.

I have met a lot of people but rarely have I felt hatred for anyone as much as I do for these bottomfeeding low life festering ulcers who get to decide who sees what and who gets to have a voice and who doesn't. They are not only evidence for what is wrong with Reddit but with society as a whole.

There aren't people left who are less worthy of any little bit of power than these people. People like them are a big part why western society gets divided further and further and their true motives aren't even to spread their cultish dogma but to rake in as much cash as possible by pandering to advertisers and those who the advertisers deem worthy of being milked. They are filth and should be treated accordingly.

These people have ruined the internet. Sanitized it, forced everyone to conform to their personal beliefs and the beliefs of the allmighty advertisers and silenced whoever didn't conform.

You can try but you will never be able to satirize what in itself has long since become satire. This is not normal and it terrifies me to see that people have accepted it as the norm at this point.

There is no place to go for outcasts that use bad words and think bad thoughts so what do we do? We come here and wait for this sub to be banned as well and then? We go to some other shithole that does the exact same thing as Reddit but maybe with a different poltical agenda so it's all good, right? Sorely mistaken you are, my homeboy!

What we need is discourse, controversial things like people disagreeing with one another, maybe some sort of cage where two man go in, one man comes out. Anything to break these dystopian developments where they want to keep us quiet so they can feed us more ads, more products you need to click this link and buy this shit. Buy it! Download the App! Subscribe! Bend over! Get some clout so we can use you as a living billboard! it's fun! It's lucrative! Come on! Do it for the shareholders will ya?

There's your fucking teenage rant or maybe I'm a thisandthatphobe, a Trump voter, boomer a marxist or an illuminati, something that'll discredit me and what I say. Think hard. Make something up if you have to, just get rid of this man before someone gets upset.

12:07 UTC


Got banned from a Meme Sub for posting a Meme that was posted on Tic Tok - Then got Permanently Banned for asking Why

02:57 UTC


Weekly /r/WatchRedditDie General Discussion

This thread is for general discussion of reddit censorship/policy not specific to any other thread

All site-wide and subreddit rules still apply. Top level comments that are not on-topic may be removed.

09:00 UTC


lack of moderation

Ever see a subreddit literally have 0 moderation in it? it's insane. Angering...

15:49 UTC


Hmmm.... wonder why so many comments are removed here 🤔🤔🤔

15:42 UTC


Reddit users don't like it when you call them out

Always expect downvotes and people camping your profile to downvote anything you say or do. All because you accurately call them out based on your experience on dealing with their collective stupidity and hiveminded antics.

16:58 UTC


They actually managed to post footage of Tiananmen Black Night

08:25 UTC


Someone’s comment was removed for using the word “bitch”…?

07:28 UTC


Does it seem like EVERY single sub has an unreasonable power tripping mod?

17:52 UTC


Wrote reddit admins a letter after the ban of CLTV, though probably no one would look at it; but just felt the need to spill these words out otherwise I'd be throwing up

Someone suggested I can post it here too, so anyone interested can take a read:)

(CLTV was a Chinese sub formed by dissidents of that country)

Dear reddit admins,

I'm just one of the million users of reddit, and you probably won't even have the patience to read through this letter. But if in a one in a million chance you do, I have something to say regarding the recently banned subreddit r/ CLTV and the previously banned subreddit r/ chonglangTV, which was said to be where CLTV reconstituted from. This's not an appeal of the ban because my interest does not lie there, what bothers me the most is the urge that something needs to be said and heard, even if no one wants to hear it, someone at least needs to make these thoughts, carried like a cross by a group of people who throughout most of their lives never get to express them, available somewhere so that those who care enough to bat an eye are able to hear it one day. I'll try to keep this short. (after I'm done typing I think I failed terribly at that, for it I apologize)

As a Chinese, it's almost a cliche to everyone that you're not allowed to talk any politics that goes against the views of the sole ruling party on our land, on any platform. Before 2012, there's still a small window within the space of the Chinese internet where you can express mild dissents, and after Xi stepped on everything just went downhill from there. Today, after 10 years of way tougher censorship across all media and continuous incitement of close-to-madness nationalist sentiment from the authority, places for honest political discussion within the Great Chinese Firewall have become non-existent, any space left for such discussion or for people that're forced to speak out because their livelihood's been affected has degraded to almost nothing but lies and hateful remarks towards both foreign ethnic groups and its own people, inflamed by the party's mouthpieces, as long as your voice doesn't fit their narrative. If you're interested in getting an actual taste of what our current online environment is like for public discourse, you can take a look at @ TGTM_Official at twitter, which stands for The Great Translation Movement, initiated by those of us who can no longer stomach the appalling ultra-nationalistic rhetoric that's aggressive to the point of inhumanity, the sheer volume of such speech frightened us, and most gut-wrenchingly, they are made by our own people, fueled by the party.

We used to have our own community similar to subreddits to share our thoughts and feelings obscurely, using every acronym and homophone we can think of to express all the pain and disgust the system has brought to our lives, we know we can change nothing, all that we long for is the little bit of warmth knowing that you're not alone, even if all your friends and family either don't care or see you as a traitor for expressing those thoughts, you know that somewhere on this land that's so vast that you see no way out, there's still someone who gets it and feels you, and that in some way keeps us going. And unsurprisingly, those spaces we had got shut down time and again as censorship for online speech tightens, and eventually we had nowhere else to go but to turn to foreign platforms like reddit. Just a FYI, it's also why we jokingly call ourselves internet ronins (浪人lang ren in Chinese), in a space that's supposedly vast and boundless like the high seas in Kanagawa, there's no boat for us.

r/ chonglangTV could be considered the first life boat we built on foreign waters. Many, including those who truly despises it and actual wu-mao, have reported the sub for hate speech, etc. For that I'm not trying to point fingers and say it's wrong for them to do so, but I do want to give my two cents on where the mentality behind those "hate speech" come from, and why that might make it different from the familiar concept of hate speech under western context.

It's fairly simple, because instead of hate, anger imo would be a much better term to describe this feeling. When you see your people, those who have the resources to see and think for themselves, still refuse to do so because they're too lazy/tired/arrogant or simply aim to make a buck from being a propagator of whatever the party has to say, and proceed to feed on and revel in such distorted and inflammatory content produced by the state media to justify their blind support for whatever atrocities the party's committed and is currently committing; When you see the vast majority of them choose to turn a blind eye to the suffering and injustice their own people’re experiencing, and so many even actively try to silence those who dare to speak out and look for help (e.g., people in need of medical attention but don't have access to it during Covid lockdown) by name-calling and giving them ridiculous labels such as foreign spies with the intention of destroying the reputation of the nation's great Covid policy; When you see them frantically venting their state-induced hatred towards groups of people they've probably never interacted with in their whole life (e.g., waves of cheers online whenever there's news of earthquake in Japan, shootings in the US; calling Ukrainians Nazis while antisemitism is getting rampant amongst themselves), but never for once stop and ponder what does it mean for a human everytime he exults over the blood and tears of his kind.

Not every Chinese is like this, but nonetheless they're the ones getting encouraged the most, and that's the direction we're heading. Their voices, granted special permission, are the loudest, and I meant it when I said majority. This means you will hear them all day everyday everywhere, because it's not just online, they could be your friends or your family, once you reach a certain topic during a seemingly normal conversation. And this does things to a person, when you can't get those voices out of your head because there's no way to escape from it, what are we suppose to feel? Hatred? That's too simple and frivolous of a word.

What are we hating exactly? When we look at those comments and the things that’re happening around us, and say shit like "those people are pigs they don't deserve to live". We hate the system that turns people into cold-blooded monsters, we hate the monsters that so many have turned into, and we hate ourselves for not being able to change any of it. We called them pigs and ourselves rats, and we know better than anyone that the two kinds we always try to distinguish aren't that different after all. We are all powerless and we are cowards. We are not able to save anyone from anything.

The best we can do is to constantly warn ourselves not to be blinded by the colossal machine which we happen to reside in, not to draw violent delights from all the fanaticism it produces and have our conscience unwittingly devoured somewhere in the midst of it all. And it costs nothing more than giving up a false sense of pride that builds on a twisted patriotism, that tells you the party is the greatest thing that ever happened to this land and you are nothing without it; to admit that our country is not the best in the world and all of us who now live here, are responsible for the restless bloodshed that never seems to end on this land. Be it Xinjiang, Xuzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, in fact every city can make it to the list. They happened because we've chosen silence and we've chosen to be part of the cause. Compares to all the lives lost and the agony suffered, a simple acknowledgement of the fact costs nothing, but most of our people aren't even willing to make an effort to do that. And that's what angers us the most.

The anger has to go somewhere in some form. I guess that's the logic behind those extremely sharp comments. Sharp like a double-edged sword that cuts both ways. Everytime I cannot help but think of this saying in Chinese that basically means "deeper you loved, stronger you'd hate". Those who've lost every faith in this country and care absolutely fuck all about it would not be here. We are in pain, we are so angry that we wanna throw every curse word we know at its absurdity, cause we still care, even though we don't want to. Many ronins wouldn't admit this but then again, these're just my thoughts.

It's funny how this sub was labelled as a "hate group" (though understandable) while in reality the people I've interacted with here were some of the most compassionate I've met online. An example could be when the Russian-Ukraine conflict first broke out, when all I saw in Chinese social media platforms was cheers and hoorays for their no.2 president Putin and nasty mockeries towards a country of people who chose to stand up and fight. But in r/ chonglangTV, I'd never seen a place before with this many posts displaying their donations to Ukraine and encouraging others to do so. Some donated thousands and what touched me the most were students who sighed that they didn't have much, could only skip lunch once hoping they'd contribute half a bullet. In the middle someone did some counting off the posts he collected and it already added up to more than 10k. It's not much, but it gave me hope in ways I can't explain.

r/ chonglangTV if I remembered correctly, in the end was banned due to posting personal information. The context was that some lady, supposedly a bank employee in shanghai, made a post on a Chinese SNS bragging that "I've rejected all recent swift money transfer requests from Shanghai to Ukraine. Fucking American dogs, the hell you're thinking donating money to America's dog? No fucking way". Though the truth of her statement had yet to be confirmed, it enraged many people on this sub and some dug out her personal info and posted it here. I'm not trying to justify the behavior, just giving a context to say that it's not a sub with a bunch of crazies who had nothing better to do than posting people's info all day with no reason.

I had this urge to write a letter like this ever since r/ chonglangTV was banned, but at the time I thought well, policy is policy, just don't do it next time. r/ CLTV was first created by a bunch of guys who got banned from r/ chonglangTV for various reasons, many ronins turned to there afterwards. r/ CLTV was banned due to ban evasion. And I cannot suppress the urge this time, some thoughts need to be conveyed, regardless of whether an understanding can be gained or not.

People of r/ CLTV are not of high morals, many suffered from the suffocating environment they live in that led to their own mental issues, we are not fighters for democracy of any sort, nor does our intention lie at instigating some kind of crystal night for the Chinese. I can't speak for all people but this place for many, including myself, is to give warmth and heal; heal from a place that has seldom given us any warmth but has left cuts from all aspects of life.

It's true there're tons of posts that do nothing but to vent/to be radical, but they're more that have brought tears to my eyes and I will be forever grateful for the strength those stories have given me. I suppose you guys don't read Chinese, here's a post I saved and translated using mostly google translate (did proofread though), if you're interested you can take a look (approx 7min reading time):

【Just spent 40 minutes on the phone with grandma】

Grandma just called and asked me how I was doing in Shanghai. She saw on TV that the pandemic in Shanghai was very serious, so she’s very worried about me. My grandmother has brought me up since I was a child so we have a very close relationship. I’ve been in a very poor state of mind for a while, so I’ve been perfunctory when she called. But I’ve been taking medication and am in a much better state now, plus the school issued a good citizen card, the school lockdown was over, you’re allowed to go out during designated time, so I talked to my grandmother a lot. This experience was very interesting, so I’m posting it here for everyone’s pleasure.

She first asked me about the situation in Shanghai, so I told her about my own experience of the lockdown that lasted over a month, and then told her about the various news I’d seen online over the past month that have now been censored: elderly people living alone eating shit; 98-year-old couple tested positive having to write an apology letter to the whole community before being sent to the quarantine camp, the letter said that the couple had been complying with every covid policy, did not violate any covid guideline, did all the covid tests on time, but still tested positive at last, and they’re sorry for the trouble caused for everyone; as well as the protest event in Jiuting, and people kneeling because of the expropriation of their houses in Beicai and they’re being evicted.

I told her the news about Shanghai in CCTV News Broadcast was false, the dozens of deaths might be true, but the numbers were doubtful, and they were all due to covid complications. But the people who really died in this pandemic were those who’re locked up, couldn’t work, and had to bear the high price of group-purchased food, rent, store rent, mortgage, car loan, etc. The pandemic has shattered this fragile but stable normality, and many people committed suicide by jumping off a building because of it. The officials are lying, just as you experienced the satellite-releasing at the time of the Great Leap Forward, and now those white-clothed guards on the street are no different from the guards standing in front of the village when you were hungry and had to eat Guanyin soil, you were allowed to starve to death at home, but you would not be allowed to go out and beg for food.

I jokingly told her, if you were in Shanghai, you probably had to look for help from volunteers or neighborhood well-wishers, because you wouldn’t know how to use cell phone to buy food.

My grandmother has suffered more than she can count in her life. Her grandfather and father were both “denounced and struggled”, and she was also “struggled” and discriminated against due to her “rich peasant” background since she was a child, and later experienced the Great Chinese Famine and the Cultural Revolution. She wanted to study but dropped out of school early because of family reasons, and got married and had children at a young age in order not to burden the family. Her husband was pulled to build bridges and dams, leaving every morning and returning at night, in order to pay for the two children to study, she was home alone to take care of the children. My grandfather built bridges and dams for ten years, and then went to the city to do the most tough and tiring work, digging toilets, masonry renovation work, when he finally got into a factory through connections, he was fired because his brother committed theft and he didn’t report it, and they were caught. She also went through Family Planning, with a very long and thick needle (her description), filled with potion, stuck into her body to abort the child that had already taken shape, and at last she was given a birth control ring.

These are the things she once told me, and I love to ask her about her and her grandfather's past. Last summer, I started researching the history of Chongqing's Cultural Revolution and visited many places on the ground, chatting with the elderly and looking through the memoirs written by those who lived through that era.

Back on topic, I told her that there was no difference between us now under Xi Jinping's rule and her under Mao's. I paraphrased Cui Jian's words, as long as the portrait of Mao still hangs high in Tiananmen Square, we are all of the same generation, no matter how big the age gap is between us.

I said, "You've been through natural disasters, the Great Leap Forward, the People's Commune, the Cultural Revolution, and our generation will experience them too. Many people are optimistic about this, thinking that history will not repeat itself, and naively believe in the virtue of the leaders, I never did, and what I experienced in Shanghai was, to put it bluntly, just that."

"I wouldn't even feel any emotion of shock at what happened here, if you’ve been through the pandemic in Wuhan, the earthquake in Wenchuan, at the end of every post-disaster reconstruction, warehouses were stuffed with thrown-away supplies that’re rotting, and donations remitted from all over the world ended up in whose hands?”

In China, donating money is like tax deduction, and realizing this early will do good for your wallet. With every natural disaster or man-made secondary disaster, there’re definitely enough donations of supplies and money from all over the world, and your money will most likely go into governors’ wallets, or the supplies will be sold for money, or by the time someone else's supply is sold out and the market’s been fed, the supplies you donated will have rotted and stunk, and been thrown in the trash.

I said to my grandmother, "We have more to go through, maybe a war, maybe an economic depression, maybe just the most mundane, but already desperate enough reality of being thrown down to the talent market where millions of people sell their conscience, their ideals, their learned skills cheaply for an exploited position to feed themselves and their families. "

She was worried about me and asked if I wanted to go back to Chongqing, at least I wouldn't have to worry about a house, I’d be close to home and can be taken care of. Her subliminal message was that even if I can’t pop the gold coins, gnawing (living off the elderly) wouldn’t be a problem.

I just playfully brushed her off. I don't usually talk to people too seriously, even when I'm talking about something serious. For example, I used to go out with my friends in high school and come home late, and my mom asked me if I had gone out with a girl, and I said I had gone out with my boyfriend. She then rolled her eyes at me, emphasising that she knew the friend I'm talking about means male-friend. That's about it, I’d intersperse my conversations with grandmother with these playful, gaggy remarks too.

I said, "I still want to hang out for a few more years, roam around a few more places, and then go back to Chongqing when I'm 30 or 40."

When she heard me say roaming, she was shocked and said, "Don't become a gangster, don't roam, don't be caught for anything."

Me: "No matter how bad this era is, at least we don't need a temporary residence permit anymore, and we won't be shot and sentenced for hooliganism, so don't be nervous. I don't have much hope for the future, if things doesn't work out, I'll go home. I don't need a house, I'll earn enough to feed myself. It’s good to live more of a joyful life and to play mindlessly for a few more years, the road of life is constantly downhill, if you don't play when you're young, you won't have a chance when you're old, you might even get randomly hit by the iron fist of the Communist Party. You experienced, anti-right movement, struggle sessions, the Great Leap Forward, natural disasters, the Cultural Revolution, the child killed by a needle and the stuffed birth control ring in Family Planning, our generation will experience it again. Your grandfather was screwed by the Communist Party, your father was screwed by the Communist Party, you also did not get to live a good life. My father was lucky, Mao died, reform and opening-up, and it’s Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao for him. Now it’s Xi Jinping for me, this is us back to normal. It's fate, there's nothing to say, if you can withstand it, you do so; if you can't, another story."

Then we talked about vaccines, I told her that I had friends around me whose relatives had really gotten acute leukemia from the vaccine, and I told her you were old now, don’t do it, and she hadn't had a single shot yet. I went on to say that the town’s officials are doing it for their KPI, if something happens to you, they wouldn’t take responsibility, neither would the Communist Party. If something happens to you because of the vaccine, I will for real grab a knife and stab the fucker who forced you to do it, no joke, so just don’t do whatever they say, make it clear to them that you are an elder and have chronic disease, and it’s state policy that elders aren’t required to get it, and he’d be the one responsible if he forces you to and something happens.

Near the end of our natter, the conversation’s coming to a close. My grandmother is a very gentle, kind, and empathetic person. I used to tell her about what happened in Weng'An, Guizhou in 2008, about the town of Shalan, the fire in Karamay, about the farmers in Hebei who were frozen to death because of the ban on low-priced coal, every time she would show her sad and tearful face. She kept listening to me, occasionally saying a few words in between, telling me about what was happening to her at the time, using her experience of the movements to understand what I was saying about Shanghai. She didn’t believe the Communist Party either, she knew they’re lying, and the way she expressed her love for me in words was by telling me not to get arrested, not to go to jail, to learn to put up with things, she had been through it all so she knew that it was important to stay alive. She wouldn’t be able take the news that I was gone or suffering, it would be more painful to her than what she had experienced.

I could feel her affection for me, we then went back to the songs that my grandfather loved to sing when I was a child: back to my mother's house, strolling in the new town, learning from our role model Lei Feng, socialism is good. My grandfather was basically a talkative live radio, he would sing when he was bored after doing his work, and read the slogans of that era or messages that came out of the loudspeaker. "Down with Liu Shaoqi, Defend Mao Zedong, Down with Deng Xiaoping, Defend the Party Central Committee" , "Long live Chairman Mao, Forever healthy Vice Chairman Lin". My grandfather didn’t take part in the Cultural Revolution, many of his co-workers who built bridges and dams with him did. He got married and had children early, had to take care of his family instead of hopping on a train headed to the city. He recited these slogans mostly because they rhyme and for fun.

In the end, I once again playfully expressed my concern for them, I said to my grandmother, "Exercise more, “Think of danger in times of safety 居安思危” but also “Think of present happiness in recollection of past sufferings 忆苦思甜”, in case there’s another Cultural Revolution, your bodies can’t take it. You wouldn’t be able to start a revolution either, if you happen to be revolutionized and you can’t beat them, you can still run if you do more exercise now. No matter what, your body is the capital of revolution."

We are of the same generation. It's exactly that. After hanging up the phone, I kept thinking of Cui Jian's quote. As long as Tiananmen gate still hangs the portrait of Mao, we are all of the same generation, regardless of the age gap between us.


There're many more posts like this. People sharing their experiences when they finally moved to a new country, how to get involved and make friends; their experiences and tips for learning a certain new language; their experiences in Shanghai, their experiences in Xinjiang, their experiences of growing up in this place; or just their everyday life: the movie they just saw, their dinner menu today, their "brief comment" on a historical/political issue that ends up being a whole-ass essay; or some annoying teacher in her class started to talk bullshit again, why bullshit you say? pls view the aforementioned essay. Many are talented that they popped out some arts or some newly written novelettes every once in a while, even ideas for movie scripts (though just an outline), and were very well-written too. The list goes on.

Yes, you can say they can make these posts elsewhere, but I guess what attracts people to here is that they see it as the only place where they get to be angry freely (at least more free than elsewhere, though they thought wrong), and deep down that's important to them because they've been told to shut up and keep it in their whole lives. Again, I'm not asking for a ban revoke. I just want to put it out there that what exactly does this community means to many of us, and what exactly has been erased and gone, like dust in the wind. but I'm not savage enough to say frankly my dear I don't give a damn, hence I'm writing all this instead.

It's June 4th again. We originally had some events planned to collect and exhibit artworks from our members in memory of the incident, it would've been our first ever self-initiated event of this kind too if successfully held. Though we don't have the blessings to complete it now, I take the liberty to encourage those of you who happen to be reading these words now to commemorate with us those who have given their lives for their ideal of freedom. And to always have in mind that freedom is not free, cherish what you have now, it's what most of us cannot obtain even if we have longed for it all our lives.

Love, peace and candles,

ronin u/takemebacksummer96

Jun 4, 2022

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06:16 UTC


I only just discovered you can block the automoderator

Why haven't I done this sooner?

02:52 UTC


Censored for pointing out a possible conflict of interest amongst a group of powermods

23:11 UTC


Weekly /r/WatchRedditDie General Discussion

This thread is for general discussion of reddit censorship/policy not specific to any other thread

All site-wide and subreddit rules still apply. Top level comments that are not on-topic may be removed.

09:00 UTC


Permabanned + Rule Violation for questioning a specific alphabet ideology from LGBTQ

13:44 UTC


Massive illegal automatic censorship here by google ?

Wanted to post by /youtube and /google subreddit this and got instantly blocked! What's this for a corrupt nazi site here with companies allowed fraudly moderating their own products -> 'Why do we allow Youtube to be ‏‏‎ an a**hole? i hate google more and more everyday because they are banning, censoring fascists just like twitter and facebook! But also they are unbearable control freaks, so they dont let me choose 1080p video with 30fps, the best resolution for my laptop! We should be able to choose resolution separated from framerate!'

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I was banned from one of those subreddits which solicits for non-standard opinions, as in opinions from the right and left, for my username

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How dare I!!??

I literally posted a comment about how I didn’t believe another posters “life story” of horrific abuse. One comment, now banned from the “community”…… LOL

01:29 UTC


Honest Question: Do the mods of the popular default subs just have a list of users they deem acceptable, and delete all submissions by anyone else regardless of content?

Every time I've posted to a default sub, it's been deleted.

I've been on Reddit for over 8 years under different accounts and attempted to ask questions or post things in the "big subs" many, many times. And every single time it's been deleted. Usually for some rule like "posted too often" which is completely up to mod discretion, but frequently with no explanation at all.

I just hate it. It's boring. It makes this site boring.

21:07 UTC


banned for noticing a correlation...

19:20 UTC


Blocking Google ad accounts on Reddit, you can’t!

So I typically block big organization accounts that repeatedly spam paid promotions such as:

Age of Z Apple .. MadebyGoogle

I’ve noticed an interesting pattern with all google advertisement accounts, you aren’t able to block them. The ads will still be displayed to you. Why is google receiving preferred treatment over other advertisement accounts? No matter how many times I try to block them they keep showing up.

21:31 UTC

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