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how do i help my tortoise hibernate

i have a tortoise he wont eat and he’s sleeping 90% of the time. however i don’t have a heat lamp (and i know if i can’t take good care of an animal then i shouldn’t have it) i’m planning on getting a lamp as soon as i can but right now i really can’t afford one, is there anything i can do to help him hibernate without a lamp? also he’s around 4-5 months old and he is very small and i heard that it’s not recommended for baby tortoises to hibernate, is that true? thank you for your attention 💗

22:20 UTC


Uv advice

Hi, I've been told by local supplier ( UK ) that this lamp is suitable for Hermann tortoise but have read online that they don't give out UVB really. Any information is greatly appreciated.

16:34 UTC


red foot tortoise help

hello i am about to get 2 baby red foot tortoise any advice or tips? And what kind of enclosure should i get, it would be wonderful if u could link it!

18:24 UTC


My handsome boy Bowser.

04:16 UTC


Is my baby tortoise okay? It keeps wheezing and rubbing its face

03:00 UTC


Advice on how to change substrate?

Hello everyone,

I have a five year old marginated tortoise. His name is Gerald. I’m looking into changing his substrate, but I’m a bit worried about it because the last time I did he got really sick from it.

I got him when he was only about a month old and used a special blend of soil substrate from a local reptile store. When he was about a year old, I wanted to change it to a mixture of his normal soil and some coco coir because basically everything I read said it was good and would be safe. It ended up giving him a respiratory infection soon after. I had to give him shots (which was not easy) for quite a while after that and I immediately changed his substrate back to what it was before.

He’s been doing great since, but near the end of this year I am moving out of state for school and I intend on bringing him with me. The local store offers shipping, but it’s incredibly expensive, especially for out of state.

Could anyone suggest a safe substrate option? He’s used to soil and digs frequently, so a soil based substrate would be ideal. Also, is there a better way to introduce new soil that won’t endanger his respiratory system? I don’t want to risk getting him sick again.

08:55 UTC


Picky Tortoise Advice

Hi all, hoping I can get some advice here. 2 years ago I bought a pair of 2 year old male Russian torts (I keep them separate) from petsmart. I know I know, I really shouldn’t support that place because they treat the animals terribly, and believe me, these guys were no exception. Sluggish, clearly malnourished and covered in old scars, with chipped undergrown shells and one missing a claw. I just couldn’t leave them there, and over these past few years have got them back to health and they’ve really come along well, growing to their correct size and even maturing into their personalities lately. But recently I’ve noticed at times one or both going out of their way to eat dirt when let outside, and it’s not ideal since it must mean they’re looking for more nutrients, and I also fear in trying they may ingest a pebble and become impacted. I’ve dusted food with calcium powder but they reject it, added a bit of water with it and they still reject it, pay no attention to cuttlebone, and go out of their way to eat around turtle mash, pellets, and supplements mixed with food. I even planted plenty of tort friendly plants and grasses in their outdoor pens to graze on but they don’t care for any of it. Their current diet is a mix of dandelion greens, romaine, red leaf lettuce, green and red oak lettuce, mizuna, a bit of arugula, and occasionally a small amount of red chard, all mixed together. Once or twice a month I let them have a bit of carrot as a treat. Every now and then I’m successful in getting them to eat some really calcium rich foods like kale, collards, or mustard for a while, but they tire of it within a week or less. Luckily the dirt eating is not a super common issue, happening every few months for a few days before stopping, but I’d like to make sure it doesn’t become one. If they’re really aching for better nutrition what can I do? Anything I should limit, eliminate, or try to introduce? Is it possible to add supplements to soaks? I really wanna do everything I can for my boys, especially considering their past neglect, but their pickiness hasn’t made it easy.

22:00 UTC


Can anyone tell me what breed this is?

18:02 UTC


This is Eloise!

First time tortoise owner, excited Mom.

09:09 UTC


Our Tortoise Needs a New Home (British Isles)

12:17 UTC


My new girl Peach.

12:08 UTC


What Breed of Tortoise is this?

Hello I’m rescuing this tortoise from a person but they don’t know the breed of it. I want to make sure I’m giving it the proper care and feeding it needs along with temp. Please help!

01:04 UTC


won’t sleep

i have a horsefield tortoise age 2, the past 2 nights ive been having issues with his sleeping, he wakes up at 3am and bangs on the walls till 5am,ive but him back into bed multiple times but he won’t, he also does this durn the day but not as much, he is very well looked after can someone tell me why he is doing this

18:55 UTC


Cuttlebone Addict- Is it Possible to Overdo It?

Is anyone else’s small tortoise absolutely obsessed with cuttlebone?? My hermann’s tortoise (5.5 yrs old, female) will always go crazy for her 3inch cuttlebones but usually takes a few chomps and then over the course of a few weeks finishes it. Recently though she’s been CRAZY voracious and when I’ve put them in has devoured them to bits within 24 hours. Usually when she’s done I throw a new one in there for her, but is it possible for her to overdo it with calcium?

01:29 UTC


Automated tortoise enclosure water moistening solution question

I have this vision of an automated water pumping setup for my tortoise enclosure.

In my vision I would have a plastic water jug filled with water and what I need is to be able to pump that water from inside the jug through plastic tubing attached to the jug and to travel through the tubing all the way to the other end which would be attached to the plastic tub tortoise enclosure to keep their substrate moist (so the tubing would go like halfway deep and run underneath the substrate with little holes in the tubes where the water would come out of and wet the substrate)

I would also need a way to keep the water inside the plastic jug warm so the tortoises dont get sick from the water making their dirt too cold and moist.

I included a picture below for you to more easily envision what I am talking about

What products would I need to accomplish my goals? Is there a better way to do it?


19:24 UTC


Light wattage (uk)

Light wattage recommendation

I need to find the perfect light and heat wattage for a 1 year old sulcuta , that will be living in a 4 ft vivarium. I’ve already asked on the tortoise forum, I didn’t get any help there

01:18 UTC


Should I wait till my tortoise is asleep to hibernate?

Basically the above^ do I wait until he’s asleep to put him in the fridge to hibernate? I’m worried that if he’s awake it might stress him out and do more harm than good! Any advice would be greatly appreciated

18:29 UTC


Need help identifying my Tortoise, please!

17:08 UTC


*Reminder* US Tortoise Owners!

Thank you so much to everyone who has already participated in my survey! I greatly appreciate your time and feedback!

As a reminder, I am a Ph.D. student in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at The University of Georgia and an exotic pet owner. I am conducting research on exotic pet owners’ opinions about how the exotic pet trade is currently being regulated or should be regulated in the future.

If you haven’t done so already, please fill out my survey as I would value your opinion. The online survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

To proceed to the survey, please click the link below. If you have any questions or concerns about your participation in this study, please contact Libby Pratt (elizabeth.pratt26@uga.edu) or Dr. Elizabeth Pienaar (elizabeth.pienaar@uga.edu).

Thank you for your consideration!


Elizabeth (Libby) Pratt


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When to put tortoise in fridge to hibernate

Next week I’ll be putting my tortoise in for his second hibernation, but I was wondering if I should wait to put him in his box when he’s asleep, or does it matter if he’s awake? I honestly don’t remember what we did last year, but it feels like it would make sense to wait until he’s asleep before putting him away

Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome! I’ve posted on here before and you were all super helpful so I was hoping you may be able to help me again!

20:27 UTC


Double storey tortoise house ideas needed

Hi there. Can anyone who has a double storey tortoise house for indoor torts share their ideas with me please? I need some inspiration to either build one from scratch or buy one. Thank you.

11:18 UTC


PASSION TORTOISE, Tustin, California

Can anyone tell me about their dealings with this company? They asked me for money through a cash app which was rejected by my bank for my protection. Now they want me to send a personal check not made out to a company but a person as well as sending it to that person's house rather than any company. Finally I asked for a picture of the animal requested which was never sent. Put together it sounds very suspect. Can anyone share something about this company?

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02:30 UTC


Help! Tortoise laying surprise eggs

My horsefield tortoise is laying surprise eggs and shes been trying to get the egg out since i woke up (12 and its now 9pm) is this normal? This was completely unexpected and i havent been able to find any information on what i can do to help

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21:02 UTC



I get soo irritated when you find a post looking to rehome a tortoise or sometimes a pair. Ya message and try to find out info and it turns out to be a breeder. That's not rehoming, thats just selling tortoises! Messaged someone tonight...5 year old sulcata, has 2. $400.....Each. They had a large collection of many species of creatures they were getting rid of. Anyone else get bothered by that stuff?

07:46 UTC


Male vs Female Tortoise

Hi there! I'm getting a temp-sexed Hermann's tortoise in the spring, and can't decide between a male or female. I know it's not a certainty which gender I will get, but still increases the likelihood.

I really love the smaller size of the males, but am a bit worried about the "flashing" tendencies. If you have a male, does your male flash you constantly? Any info on this would be appreciated.

I would love to hear about the personalities of your tortoises as well. Thanks!

18:07 UTC

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