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For things too meirl for meirl

What does “too meirl for meirl” even mean? A lot of things! It can be existential memes, slightly surreal but relatable memes, content akin to r/distressing memes or mental health related memes.

What is not allowed? -Random shitposting/memes like you would see on r/okbuddyretard -Gore, NSFW material

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Have you ever created a meme so dark and depressing that it would simply not fit on /r/me_irl? Have you ever found a relatable image that made you feel like a worthless human being? Have you ever just felt that an image was too meirl for meirl?

This is the place to post it!

General Rules:

  1. All posts must be funny, and relateable.

  2. Bigotry is grounds for a ban and severity can vary.

  3. Depression and anxiety related content is encouraged. Also check out /r/2meirl4meirl instead for that extra edge.

  4. The title should be generally along the lines of 'too me irl for me irl', and images are preferred to be on imgur. Text posts are allowed, if about the subreddit, attach [meta] to the title.

  5. Posts asking for upvotes will be banned

  6. This is a place for self-deprecating humor about mental illness and personal struggles. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. We're here to laugh at ourselves, not put down others.

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