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definitely something cas would say

05:40 UTC


so relatable

05:00 UTC


I'mma gonna leave this here...

03:01 UTC


Can I skip the Scooby episode?

Literally.. I already hate it. Can I skip this one? Will I miss anything important?

02:32 UTC


What if there are no angels, everything past season 4 is just hallucinations as a result of Sam and Dean getting knocked out so much

I’m rewatching the show and I swear at least one of them gets knocked out cold every other episode. If you get knocked out that is a concussion. The boys have been concussed dozens of times. They have more CTE than an NFL player.

Somebody should do a tally on their next watch through of the show, and count how many times these guys get bonked on their head.

02:02 UTC


When does it get interesting?

The title is a little misleading, however I am wondering when the story goes beyond finding sam and deans dad. I used to watch Supernatural with my dad when i was younger and I remember small things like the demon (crowley i think was his name) who like made a deal or something, i remember dean going to hell, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse, but I am curious as to when the story gets more complicated. I really enjoy the show right now, especially since i can understand what is going on. I am on season 1 episode 10 if that helps.

01:02 UTC


Supernatural season 5 Brothers invincible?

Just re watching Sn right now and in season 5 Sam and Deans Bodies are meant for Lucifer and Michael So my Question is where they even in danger at all the whole season? Wouldnt the angles Interviene If one of them was about to die?

1 Comment
20:30 UTC


Are the Winchesters related to Nick?

Sorry if this has been asked before. First time on this page. In episode 13 of season 5, Michael possesses John, and mentions that it’s a bloodline going back to Adam and Cain. Off that logic, since Sam is his one true vessel, but not only vessel, that would mean that somewhere down the line they are related correct?

00:52 UTC


Best female recurring character bracket: Bela v. Lisa!

I’ve created a bracket to vote on the best female recurring character! This is only part of the bracket, for obvious reasons I can’t fit them all in one picture 😂

This installment:

Bela vs. Lisa!

22:23 UTC


Ghost and Demons? what's the exact difference?

Like supposedly Demons are just tortured and corrupted long "lived" suped up ghost right? So other than that whats the fundamental difference? Are Demons what vengeful spirits would eventually become if left long enough? Would spirits just steadily grow in power over time and become Demons?

Both Ghost and Demons have the same powers, Demons are just turned up to 11. Demons also apparently loose the weakness to iron and their spirits form is now different from when they were human or just a regular ghost. Also are Ghost hurt by holy water too?

Demons also apparently go to the empty?? How does Killimg a demon even work exactly if technically theyre just suped up vengeful spirits? Can you Kill regular ghost with the knife or the colt if they were possessing someone? Would a ghost go to the empty then? Would Sam's powers work on Ghost? Why isnt Sam immune to ghost powers if hes immune to demons when on the red sauce? Can a ghost possessing a host create special children like a demon? Do ghost possessed persons have ghost blood? Can Ghost be exorcised like demons? where wpuld they go?

21:43 UTC


Do they always buy new lighters?

Hi! i'm currently watching spn for the first time and i noticed that they always throw their lighter into the graves but do they wait till the fire stops to get it again or do they just always buy new fancy metal lighters? LOL.


21:34 UTC


Do you think, under any circumstances, Sam could forgive L.?

I really, really wonder, since the boys really forgave a lot of dangerous, evil people, if they helped and maybe changed, if there could be a potential situation in which Sam could forgive Lucifer for the cage treatment?

It's hard to imagine, but given the things Crowley, Ketch, Toni and even Rowena did to them...is it possible?

21:09 UTC


10-15th re-watch

Not even sure how many times I’ve watched all 15 seasons through but I’m starting again after being sure I would never a do it again. I always found the first season a hard watch due to the ‘monster of the week’ episodes but I’m finding the nuances of the brothers relationship enough to get me through, fuck, I love the dynamic between Sam and Dean. I’m watching wendigo now and it is like coming home. I’m 40 years old and for the first time in 10 years I don’t regret the anti-possession tattoo on my chest 😂😂

21:01 UTC


Colors you guys would associate with each season?

Ok, this is a super weird question, but hear me out. My boyfriend is obsessed with the show, but I know next to nothing about it. For his birthday, I'm going to give him a map with pins in every place the Winchesters had hunts in, and I'm going connect the path's order with embroidery floss. I wanted to do a different color for each season to differentiate them. Do you guys have any suggestions for what colors I should use for what seasons?

20:43 UTC


When did Mary meet Asa Fox?

She meets him when he’s a kid, and since he died around Sam/Dean’s age, she would have met him when dean (or even Sam) was already born. But she hated hunting?? huh??

14:41 UTC


The "one" for Dean

Everyone talks about Cassie or Lisa but my choice for Dean would be Jamie. She's beautiful but grounded, kind, and compassionate. Dean felt comfortable enough to open up to her about the hunting life and she handled it gracefully.

18:14 UTC


Looking for a clear shot of the convention logo for s5e9

Does anybody know if a clear shot of just the thing behind Chuck exists?

17:53 UTC


Season 6 ep 1

Wow, ive seen this episode like 5 or 6 times and this is first time i noticed that the waitress who gave dean her number was the jinn. Guess thats how he got infected. Cant believe i never noticed that.

16:53 UTC


Worst thing each character has said/done: Sam

The top voted result will be added to the image. Next week, we will move onto Death and so-on-and-so-forth.

16:51 UTC


Spoiler- Jack

Anyone else greatly prefer possessed Jack to living Jack? I dunno, maybe I just have a thing for sarcastic jerks 🤷🏼‍♀️

15:28 UTC


Just came across this comment (4x19)

I was watching a reaction video to the episode where Adam is first introduced, and I came across this comment that reminded me how much I fucking hate John Winchester

15:10 UTC


I wished they showed Sam in Gilmore girls

During the French Mistake we see Jensen in another show (or movie I don’t remember) I wish they showed Jared in Gilmore Girls or House of Wax. They’ve been referenced before but I think it would’ve been funny

14:38 UTC


Why did Bobby struggle to remember Jody?

It’s stated on 5x15 that Jody knows a lot about Bobby, even helps him with Rufus!! He owes her favors and viceversa. He’s lived there for a while and he’s a bit known, and he knows her. I never understood why he’s like “Jody? Jody who?” on the Leviathan episode. Is it a continuity error?

14:36 UTC


Sam and Dean’s trust towards Meg

I’m marking this as a spoiler and keeping the title vague in case you’re still working your way thru the show.

Anyways, why were they still indecisive about trusting Meg? I mean, yes she did kill Ellen and Jo

Okay never mind. I had such a strung opinion about this and I just remembered that she’s the reason why they’re dead lol. But still, I feel like they were harsh on her towards the end when she was always honest about her intentions and they still won’t tell her about the angel tablet and stuff

14:33 UTC


Can someone explain Anna and how graceless angels work?

Like when Anna fell and became human why was she reborn as a baby instead of whatever body she was already host in? or dod she fall in her true form? So did she become the "soul" of the human body her parents had? Did she birth her own true vessel? cause thats the only host we see her in after she becomes an Angel again.

Also after she removed her Grace what exactly was she ??? what was Castiel after he had his Grace taken??? I thought they didnt have souls exactly that they were the grace? did Anna and Cas as humans have souls? do the angels hsve souls or do they go to the empty? Why weren't any of the other angels reborn as babies like Anna when Metatron closed heaven?

14:28 UTC


Huge supernatural fan since 2011.

Hi everyone, i am pretty crazy about the show supernatural and it's still my number #1 show of all time.

I just love how sam and Dean handles all sorts of supernatural creatures(incl God hehe) and also the characters of the show such as:

  1. Bobby (if I met him real life I wouldn't mind calling him dad hehe)
  2. CROWLEY ( Most favourite character, i would publicly kiss him if I see him on the streets)
  3. CROWLEY and DEAN friendship 😍😍
  4. Men of Letters ( I really wish these people and their techniques got more screen time)

I didn't really like Sam because of the 1st episode itself.. Sam doesn't want to find the yellow eyed demon which took her mom all these years, but as soon as Jess is killed he wants to find the demon? Come on..

Overall I just love the show but to be honest, CROWLEY STOLE THE SHOW. If it wasn't for him, show wouldn't be as exciting post season 4.

1 Comment
13:25 UTC


Bobby S07 E10

This episode was so good. I've seen it before, I know how it ends but I kept hoping until the bitter end. The writers really outdid themselves with this episode.

1 Comment
13:14 UTC


Rank IMDB's Top 10 "SPN" Episodes

These are the Top 10 Highest Rated Episodes on IMDB:

  1. 5x22 - Swan Song
  2. 6x15 - The French Mistake
  3. 5x8 - Changing Channels
  4. 13x16 - ScoobyNatural
  5. 3x11 - Mystery Spot
  6. 10x5 - Fan Fiction
  7. 4x1 - Lazarus Rising
  8. 2x22 - All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2
  9. 11x4 - Baby
  10. 11x20 - Don't Call Me Shurley

How would you rank these episodes?

For me:

5x22 - Swan Song

4x1 - Lazarus Rising

11x20 - Don't Call Me Shurley

2x22 - All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2

11x4 - Baby

3x11 - Mystery Spot

13x16 - ScoobyNatural

10x5 - Fan Fiction

6x15 - The French Mistake

5x8 - Changing Channels

13:03 UTC


Which SPN Characters Never Got To Interact, But *Should* Have?

There's so many fantastic characters across all 15 seasons, but so many of them got killed to soon or introduced too late for them all to meet. What are some one-on-one character combos you would have liked to have seen share scenes together who never got to properly interact?

Off the top of my head, I really think an arc of Bobby showing Agent Henderson the hunting ropes had huge potential. He really was killed of too soon. And this did technically happen but I always wanted to see Mark Pellegrino's Lucifer interact with Chuck instead of Casifer.

12:38 UTC

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