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15:57 UTC


When a user in r/mildlyinfuriating admits to using ChatGPT for medical advice, another user feels the need to defend the honour of AI when this is called out as a bad idea.

Main thread

Context: OP posted on r/mildlyinfuriating about how their coworkers are complaining about their regular toilet breaks at work. In a text conversation with someone else, OP states that they plan on upping their water intake from half a gallon to a full gallon, or even two gallons... if ChatGPT says it's safe.

A commenter outlines the foolishness of trusting ChatGPT for medical advice, and another commenter extends this to trusting AI in general for medical advice:

Chat GPT is known to sometimes just make up some bullshit. To cite sources that do not exist.

Trusting it over a doctor might be even worse than trusting google.

Yep. All AI has this issue, I believe.

The actual term for them is AI hallucinations. They’re the reason you should always triple check other sources when you’re getting information from ai.

One user, however, won't stand for AI being picked on and singled out like this:

I'm not sure if you realize this, but human beings constantly spout bullshit as well. People lie constantly, and refer to made up facts on a daily basis.

I'm not defending going to ChatGPT for medical advice, but we're all full of shit when it comes down to it, and your comment could use a citation as well.

ChatGpt may be comparable to some random guy on Quora, it doesn’t compare in any way to a doctor

A couple of comments later, the AI defender politely expresses their grievances with their opponent:

I'm allowed to respond to only one thought on a multi-thought comment.

It didn't even involve you, but you wanted to be an asshole and move my intentions around. Honestly, fuck you. You admit that what I said is correct, yet felt the need to put words in my mouth and tell me I'm wrong. Suck a nut, pal. I work in medicine, I'd never besmirch a doctor, nor did I in the statements I made here. Yet you accused of of doing that. I had a benign commentary on the fact that "computers lie and so do humans."

Computers aren't assholes like you though.

10:31 UTC


r/ImTheMainCharacter debates whether or not it's okay to stand up, sing, and dance at the movie theater while watching the Taylor Swift concert movie.

I haven't seen the movie yet but if it's a literal concert, I would expect people doing this.

Moving wasn’t an option for us, unfortunately. I saw posts on r/TaylorSwift and lots of people are reporting that their theaters were friendly, polite, people very hype obviously, but most movie-goers were seated.

Could have left and got a refund.

Those people could have sat down. Why do we put this question to the ones not doing anything wrong?

No one was doing anything wrong. No one. Standing at a concert isn’t wrong.

It’s not a concert.

How is it not?

Are you serious right now?


you sound like you are fun at parties.

Yeh it’s bunch of girls having fun with some miserable Redditor behind asking them to sit down

And then the miserable redditor takes a creep shot and posts them without permission onto Reddit. Actual weirdo behavior let people enjoy themselves.

And then another miserable redditor continued to rant about online

They aren’t following the rules though, they are taking pictures with the flash and blocking other people’s view.

Don't go to a concert experience and then get mad when you get the concert experience lmao.

filming the screen, flash photography and blocking people’s view were explicitly forbidden

Then go get an usher instead of taking a creepy picture of people and posting it on reddit for updoots. This person is just miserable and looking for justification to be so.


Taylor swift wants the fans to act like your at the concert

Supreme Overlady T-Swift has spoken

Right? "Taylor said act like an asshole at the movie theater? You got it, Miss Swift!"

I’m definitely not a swift fan lol, it’s insane. Now she’s infiltrated the NFL

It’s a concert film. This dude is sitting down at the back of the theater like he’s analyzing the script or critiquing the cinematography. The girls standing up are doing what they’re supposed to!

It's insane the mental gymnastics you're employing to make OP the bad guy here and not the women blocking them and making a scene

The reddit-brained posters trying to villainize these women have no idea how actual, real people have fun.

It's not a fucking Scorsese film lol OP and you are acting like main characters

these women robbed OP of that due to their selfishness and there's no excuse you can muster that can change that fact.

Entitled af lmao

Yeah standing and taking pictures with flash on during a movie is hella entitled, that's for agreeing with me!


Get an usher involved. Regardless of the feature, standing is not proper theater etiquette

For this it was. Theaters encouraged dancing and acting like a real show.

Then the theaters should have had a designated area for that towards the rear

If you choose to sit down at a concert it’s either a health problem or a personal issue.

This is a MOVIE this is not a CONCERT. How do you people not understand that.

It’s a movie. Sit your asses down. It’s never been normal to stand up during any movie ever. This one doesn’t change that. People are weird. People in these comments trying to justify standing during a “concert” movie are more fucking weird.

But, it's not a movie. It's a concert. For people like my grandmother in-law, who has severe cancer and can't go to a concert, but wants to go dance and have the concert experience before she dies because she loves Taylor swift. If the movie theatre is encouraging people to treat it like a concert, who are you to tell people not to? A grumpy old fuck is who.


Bonus Taylor Swift hater drama:

Imagine caring this much about Taylor Swift.

Let people enjoy shit

Check my edit.

Your edit improved nothing

What do you care this much about?

Check my edit.

lol your edit did nothing to change my mind

Imagine thinking you are superior because you don’t like something that many other people like

Seriously.. I couldn’t name you a Taylor swift song besides shake it off, but I hate it when people try to make other people feel bad for liking things

Check my edit.

People I know rank her with The Beatles. I have to contain myself from bursting out in laughter.

She’s better. And I’m an over 50 year old man.

07:16 UTC


Photo sets off small skirmishes in r/Rhodesia

02:16 UTC


User on /r/motorcycles posts video of himself riding, gets mad when everyone calls him out for wearing a right-wing anti-government patch on his jacket


OP says in the video he cant get a date to save his life

Hard to get a date when you’re on probation for Jan 6th.

OP: I’m just here to post about motorcycles man

Well it’s time to learn that if you wear shitty patches, people will comment on them.

OP: I’m just trying to be slightly comical enjoying one of the last riding days of the season. Forgot everything comes Under the highest scrutiny in the Thunderdome 😂

You specifically added a patch to your jacket to advertise your views, my dude. Whinging about people commenting about it is absurd.

edit: some info on the Three Percenters for those who aren't aware: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Percenters

21:53 UTC


[NSFL] Small drama as r/specialed reminds us why nobody should ever go to reddit for advice on serious situations

20:02 UTC


r/Games cooks up conspiracy theories and nefarious plots when one game is not included in a "Best Games of 2023" list

17:16 UTC


Mathematical Genius creates new definition for infinity in r/HomeworkHelp

02:43 UTC


OP asks about pros & cons of labiaplasty in /r/NoStupidQuestions, but then won't stop arguing with redditors who answer the question.

For those who don't know what a labiaplasty is, google defines it as:

surgery performed to alter the appearance of the labia, typically the labia minora, or to construct labia.

In short, it's a surgery often used when someone thinks their labia is too long and wants it shorter, or more 'attractive' looking. Now that's out of the way...

OP asks /r/NoStupidQuestions whether getting a labiaplasty is worth it.

OP: Maybe tmi but labia minor is long in my opinion and I know it doesnt bother my bf but I can tell it gets in the way sometimes. Im thinking a non-surgical approach but limited in options.

Comments recommend against getting the procedure done, but OP seems set on it because they hate their labia. Here are a few things OP has stated:

OP: Like i said.. it gets in the way sometimes.. like if i want to be touched, you gotta open her up like a god damn tamale.

OP: That aging over time will make it worse and id rather fix the hanging problem now.

OP: Its not about my partner. Its about me. It pinches in my jeans and is in the way when i want to pleasure myself. I just look gross.

OP: Its literally for me.. like i cant play with myself right, it moves around with my hands and folds onto itself and i have to actually open her (labia) up so i can actually play with myself. And it can sometimes pinch in jeans…

Then we get to one commenter OP can't seem to stop responding to. Labially Literally.

C: Are you prepared to have potential lifelong nerve damage and loss of sensation in that region?

OP: Like i said, non surgical. Radiofrequency labiaplasty. And i dont believe that that part of my vagina gives off any sensation besides just skin.

C: Your labia minora contains erectile tissue and specialized nerve endings that impact sexual response.

OP: Well ill just kms. I cant live with this thing hanging from me, just causing me problems.

C: Perhaps just read The Vagina Bible by Dr. Jen Gunter.

OP: I dont really got time for a novel.

C: But you have time to “research” labiaplasty. SMH

OP: Yeah, took less than a day to read about.

C: LOL. You must have amazing research skills! Maybe if you actually learned about your body you’d appreciate it more.

OP: This is the first ive ever heard of this vagina bible. How would i know such thing even exists? If i dont know about it, i cant research what i dont know about.

C: I’d question the bias of your research skills if you didn’t come across Dr. Gunter as she’s spoken extensively on it for years.

OP: See, how about “have you checked out Dr. Gunter’s book on female anatomy? Its very informational and something to read before making big decisions.” Instead of judging and giving accusations.

C: I did simply suggest it. You said you don’t have the time sooo…..

Bonus drama not by OP, but between 2 different redditors (who will be named F and D, respectfully, also Edit: a few more lines here):

F: You do you, If you don't like like your labia then change it. Don't listen to the people here who preach the gospel like they live your life.

D: Yeah, because trying to get someone to understand the potential risks of a procedure is preaching.

F: You dont have any faith that the OP knows how to do research on their own?

D: Given she was recommended a book and then stated she “don’t got time to read a novel” before making a potentially life-altering decision, frankly I’m going to go with no.

F: Congratulations.

D: Ok. I dare you to cut off the tip of your penis then 👍

F: When you cut off your fingers 👉

D: Hey, you’re the one advocating for female genital mutilation, not me. Figured you’d be man enough to practice what you preach, but well…

To summarize the entire thread: do your own research but also make sure it includes The Vagina Bible by Dr. Jen Gunter.

00:36 UTC


"And here comes the rhetorical bullshit." - a Baldur's Gate 3 mod (that changes a gay relationship to a straight one) is removed from a popular mod repo, and we got some upset gamers

20:24 UTC


Self-proclaimed "ugly" commenter on r/virgin does not like the advice he receives.

15:12 UTC


Super-genius reddit user posts his (most likely AI-generated) review of the TV show "Psych", and gets sliced like a pineapple in the comments. Fans of delicious flavor, this one is for you.


I'm not going to copy paste the whole post, but lets take a look at the comments!

Top comment:

C: This is 100% ChatGPT

OP: Well you’re wrong sorry I’m more intelligent than you though

C: Chat jippitty confirmed. maybe you should use it for all your responses

OP: Again I’m awfully sorry that you’d need online chat AI to form an intelligent come back but we aren’t all knuckle dragging mouth breathers


C: It aired for 8 seasons and 3 movies, so far. It hardly “struggled.”

OP: While the longevity of a series, such as "Psych" spanning 8 seasons and spawning 3 movies, does demonstrate its endurance, it's important to note that the duration of a show doesn't necessarily correlate with its overall quality. The metric of "struggling" isn't solely determined by the number of seasons but involves a more nuanced assessment of critical acclaim, audience reception, and sustained creative excellence. In the realm of television, the longevity of a series can sometimes be attributed to factors beyond its narrative or acting prowess, including network decisions, fan loyalty, or market demand. Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation should consider not only the quantitative measure of seasons but also the qualitative aspects that contribute to the show's lasting impact.

C: Put down the thesaurus and back away slowly.

Critiquing a show is fine. The megafans on this sub do it all the time. What you’ve spewed out is a wordy but very shallow “criticism.” Theres nothing to discuss unless you make a real argument.

OP: Your thoughts are like a complex puzzle, and it seems some are struggling with the pieces. Let's simplify the conversation for broader engagement.

C: Just cause you put syrup on something don’t make it pancakes.

Eventually OP gets too annoyed by the commenters:

C: Come on, son

OP: Go watch your shit tv show in peace

OP gives up:

C: Can you please provide some examples where you thought the comedy felt "forced"? I've never thought that and I'm interested in which scenes in particular led you that opinion.

OP: I don’t want to talk about anymore

21:38 UTC


Drama in r/JapanesePeopleTwitter after the subreddit owner is found to be a child predator

TW: Pedophilia.


JapanesePeopleTwitter is a shitposting-style subreddit where users post translated tweets that showcase the funnier and more unhinged side of Japanese internet. It was originally created based on an absurd and pedophilic tweet by a popular freelancer artist "Dorontabi". It used irony and mockery of these tweets to gain popularity with other shitposting subreddits like OkBuddyBaka until it exploded in popularity starting from around the beginning of this year. However, chockful under layers upon layers of irony, it eventually reached an "irony-poisoning" state where a solid chunk of the user base were unironic lolicons and shotacons.

The subreddit has changed hands many times, with it's previous owner leaving due to him not being able to stand witnessing the decline of the subreddit due to it's ever-growing "pedophilia sympathizing" and ended up deleting his Reddit account and transferring ownership of the subreddit and the adjacent Discord server to a user called Neptune386, who is the star of the show in this particular scandal.

The Drama:

On November 24th, a head moderator of the subreddit pinned an announcement accusing Neptune386, the current owner, of being a child predator and groomer. He asked that Neptune386 be willing to accept her mistakes and not try to sweep this incident under the rug and that if he got demoted, you would know who to blame. He then proceeded to semi-vandalize the subreddit by writing by writing pedophile in the subreddit description, and removing every contribution he made to the subreddit, like custom banners.

Within the span of 20 minutes, he was demoted as moderator of the subreddit. In fact, every single moderator was demoted, leaving only Neptune and her alt account as those with any moderation power. The pinned message to join the official Discord Server for JapanesePeopleTwitter (where this controversy first started), which had been up for nearly three months, was removed. The AutoModerator responses, which also included an invite to the Discord server on post submission, were removed, and every post was set to manual approval, which still hasn't been removed. The background on these accusations is from the JapanesePeopleTwitter Discord server, and the latter half of this drama post will explain what occurred.

The Background (To The Drama):

On the 21st of November, 2023, an anonymous user published an exposé which accused Neptune386 of being a groomer with receipts to back it up. However, it gained minimal traction. Neptune386 had been inactive on the server for quite a while, a rather rare occurrence, as she was both the server owner and a common chatter with the other regulars. Over the course of her inactivity, the server had been in lockdown mode, with nobody being able to join due to Discord's anti-raid mechanisms and every single channel except for one speaking channel being set to read-only (the singular speaking channel had also been previously set to read-only for a while). This was also strange, as there was no obvious reason the moderation team gave for why such drastic measures were taken in the first place. On the 22nd of November, when anti-raid mechanisms had been removed, an anonymous user allegedly posted the exposé multiple times, causing Neptune's allegations to enter the public light. On the 23rd of November, the moderation team of JPT released an official statement that confirmed that Neptune386 did have sexual conversations with a minor (who was even half her age), and included screenshots of private group chat they had discussing this situation since the 18th, meaning they were actively involved in attempting to cover this up. The day after the moderation team in the JapanesePeopleTwitter server released a statement, the former head moderator for the subreddit "went rogue" and attempted to expose Neptune386 as a predator. This is how we now cycle back to the beginning of this post.

JapanesePeopleTwitter's Future:

As Neptune386 wanted, this entire situation is being swept under the rug. The subreddit she owns through proxy continues to grow in size, the Discord server where the majority of the people who care reside has since been abandoned by her and unlinked from the subreddit, and her accounts remain unscathed whilst she remains unbothered. A subreddit created by the former head moderator called r/JapanPeopleTwitter was created, but so long as the original r/JapanesePeopleTwitter subreddit exists, it's hardthat the subreddit will gain any real traction. A r/whenthe post was created calling out the r/JapanesePeopleTwitter owner and its moderators reached over 3000 upvotes, but other than that, discussions about this have stayed extremely quiet.

15:46 UTC


Did eBay send him Child Support papers? Is OP making a big deal out of this? When do you downvote?? Is this JUST as bad as Flat Earthers??? International drama shipped directly to you from r/WTF

Woops, reuploaded, reddit broke the links on the last one.

Original Post: https://reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/189ehji/so\_ebay\_sent\_me\_some\_child\_support\_documents\_with/
OP: "So eBay sent me some child support documents with my package."

User denies child support documents were sent
The seller just recycled paper for the shipping label. Jeeze.... no body sent you child support documents.


well they did... because they're right there.
isn't it odd to have used CHILD SUPPORT DOCUMENTS (with potentially confidential information) FROM 2010 for 'recycled paper' for an international shipping label..?]


Idk. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see any names or any other info. I see some numbers, but that gives you nothing

Debate over whether child support papers were sent by eBay, or the seller
Sent by ebay? It was sent by the seller.


It goes to eBay's shipping warehouse from the seller. Then to me.


I ship international and still ship it directly not to a warehouse.. Sellers can get ebay branded packaging and tape though.

some slap fighting later...

I only use the downvote if I don't like a person, if they are being an asshole or something like that. Genuine ignorance, especially if they learn from it in the same comment thread, doesn't deserve a downvote. Like I got issues man, you downvote a comment I make in good faith and it feels really bad. The system has its hooks planted deeply in my mind, I've got a couple of like +4.6k comments but that one -47 is a catastrophe, total calamity that I might never recover from. So I delete them and live in anxiety that someone might have a screenshot of that number they one day use against me when im at a job interview or something, I don't know. Shit isn't rational.


Damnit, his resume looks great but there was this one time back in 2019 that he lost 59 pretend internet points for having a differing opinion.

One user is particularly unhappy over OP's usage of "Ebay sent me child support papers"
Ebay doesn’t send you packages. The seller you bought the item from did. They used it as packaging. What the fuck oh my god oh wow unbelievable.


They do if it's international.


Everything, regardless of its origin, comes directly from the seller. Ebay is just a facilitator, it's not Amazon.

more slap fighting later...


Yeah, that's obviously bullshit. Why would ebay care what the international shipping cost is? They'd just get a quote on volume/weight, add their surcharge and send it on. I just cannot see them opening every package, determining whether it can be packed more tightly or not, then repackaging it up taking on a shit-ton of additional liability and staffing costs when you don't have to. Some fool who doesn't understand what a customs inspection is has come up with some utter brainlet theory on a company trying to save a buck or two without any understanding of the costs involved, shouting this nonsense everywhere until enough other fools believe them.


It's literally to allow people to sell things internationally without having to handle the export and shipping forms.


Mate, it's a stupid conspiracy theory. Like flat earth or something, it's perpetuated by mouth breathing dickheads who send out shit or skimp on packaging to save a buck. Repeating nonsense from 'Dank pods' (hell of a name for a serious business) and the other beanie wearer along with a forum full of crayon eaters are not going to convince anyone with any level of critical thinking ability.

OP is accused of making a big deal out of it
You’re getting roasted so hard for two reasons: As others have pointed out eBay didn’t pack the parcel, the seller did. So eBay didn’t send you “child support” documents. This document doesn’t contain any personal information. For all any of us know, this is an old print from someone studying and this was an example breakdown of how support is calculated. Even if it was printed with real people in mind, no one has notorized the document or stamped it in any way to mark that it’s been entered in any proceedings. It’s not a legal document. You made a big deal about reused paper.

"A big deal" lol he took a picture and posted it on the internet because it seemed unusual. Bro doesn't seem half as triggered as some of these commenters

Is this a low amount for child support?
$1,200/mo child support for 3 kids? That seams way too low

User defends OP
[You people are something else. eBay international shipping facilities are a thing: <link to ebay international shipping info

You send the item to them and they handle the rest. Yes, that includes eBay boxes, tape, and shipping lanes. The amount of people downvoting and arguing with OP over something you clearly have zero knowledge on is baffling to me. In the classic Reddit fashion, of course you all pile on and just believe the one or two morons who have no idea wtf they are talking about. You just look like a bunch of idiots.](https://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/189ehji/comment/kbqrqa6/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


thank you, they gaslit tf out of me lmfao


you've been here 4 years, you should know by now this site is trash.

u./floodster06, you ARE the father!

When it comes to this drama...you've been served!

04:55 UTC


Neopets pulled an expensive event reward to appease the in game rich gamers

The game started their advent calendar event yesterday and it had a chance of giving out an item worth 2bil neopoint, basically capped ingame money. They then pulled the item out of the reward list but only after all the richest people bought up all of the newly generated items from the market.

Chaos ensues, economy in shambles, a quick summary video here: https://youtu.be/S9OjUCIrbvo

Drama in a nutshell by text: https://www.reddit.com/r/neopets/comments/189h6tq/seasonal_attack_pea_drama_in_a_nutshell/

People getting silenced on the neopets board:



Calling for employees to get fired and boycotting the company:



Complaints about "Fairness":


Mega Rants:



04:37 UTC


Battle Mayo Royale

15:10 UTC


Minor drama in the South Dakota subreddit as one poster accuses the other of faking a hate crime story

06:56 UTC

15:58 UTC

15:44 UTC


Drama in r/malepolish as user calls for new moderation amidst accusations of fetish content

User u/ThatsSoRobby calls out the current mod u/ExpensiveBurn for inactivity and proposes himself as a new mod. ThatsSoRobby argues that the sub is veering towards foot fetish content, which goes unmoderated, and is against the subreddit's intended purpose; and that furthermore, despite reaching out through various channels, there apparently has has been no response from the current mod.

Mod u/ExpensiveBurn responds, asking for direct links to the allegedly objectionable content and how ThatsSoRobby would handle it. ExpensiveBurn expresses frustration over recurring complaints about feet pictures, stating they don't find them suggestive or against the sub's rules.

User u/ikyfse provides links to posts they find suggestive, but ExpensiveBurn dismisses these as non-sexual and questions ikyfse's perspective on feet.

Other users, like u/pauldrano, join in, providing more examples and expressing disappointment in the mod's handling of the situation. There's a back-and-forth about what constitutes suggestive content and how it should be moderated.

Various community members voice their concerns and desires for change. Many agree with ThatsSoRobby, calling for new mods or the creation of a new subreddit. They express frustration over the current moderation and the direction of the subreddit.

ExpensiveBurn stands firm on their stance, challenging users to justify their claims and provide a clear line between acceptable and objectionable content. They assert that they do regularly moderate based on reports.

Debate continues among users, with discussions on what constitutes fetish content, the role of moderation, and the subreddit's direction. Some users offer support for ThatsSoRobby's initiative, while others defend the current state of the subreddit.


16:32 UTC


A post in /r/scam warns others about QR code scams at gas stations. That's it. Well, except for one comment thread...

The OP itself is short and sweet, titled: "Gas pump card skimmer evolved?"

The corresponding image is of 3 QR code stickers at a gas pump, and the OP made sure to use instant photo editing (black marker tool) to cover up the codes for our viewing safety. Lastly, the OP writes this description:

Just saw this in Santa Barbara. QR/nfc stickers to pay for gas at a pump that only had an old school swipe card reader. Makes me very uncomfy but I don’t know if it’s a real thing or someone going around pasting them on the pumps

The drama begins when one witty redditor comments the following:

Redditor: Well someone knew they were bogus stickers because they used a marker to scratch the code.

Redditor 2 responds (and will be named Drama Dude, or DD for short):

DD: OP did that in the pic.

R: Yes that's the joke.

DD: The person I’m responding to isn’t joking.

R: Yes they are

DD: Prove it

R: You prove they werent

DD: A plain reading of their words is very clear.

R: [deleted by mods]

DD: Wouldn’t surprise me if I did

R: It's ok man, I get it. I miss cues too, but I'm real good at other shit. But he was absolutely being facetious.

You'd think the back and forth comments would stop here (makes sense right?), BUT ACTUALLY there are 26 more comments to read! What happened to the QR code scam in all of this?!

Extra page 1

Extra page 2

Extra page 3

03:02 UTC


OP shares in r/rpghorrorstories: OP's DnD character SA'd another player character while OP wasn't there. Users argue over whether OP shares the blame


Seriously! Lacking consent and depictions of rape in Dungeons and Dragons are discussed below

Original Thread: DM Makes My Character SA Another Player Character After I Missed a Session

r/rpghorrorstories is a subreddit dedicated to retelling horrible, worst-case-scenario situations that people have experienced in tabletop roleplaying games, such as Dungeons and Dragons. Stories about Dungeon Masters power-tripping, player characters hogging the limelight, punches being thrown (IRL, no dice roll required), and DnD characters getting sexually assaulted are all commonplace here. Think of it as a support group for people who have had to play unbelievably horrible DnD games.

In this thread, OP shares a story where a player's DM took control of their character, raped their IRL girlfriend's character, and gave the character an STD.

Original post

(It's long, so I'm going to bold some of the important details)

This incident really pisses me off whenever I think about it. Our campaign allowed for a wide variety of offensive content but in Session 0 we all agreed that player agency has to be respected barring some extreme event such as Mind Flayer possession. We were friends so I felt like we all could trust each other to act in good faith when it comes to boundaries. Well unfortunately, DM took this as an opportunity to be a jackass because of out of game drama.

The campaign was a “zombie apocalypse in the Forgotten Realms” homebrew. I was playing a drow druid, my friend (who was a woman) was a human sorcerer, and some other friends. Our campaign was tense and we were ok with that. We would have to flee from town to town as the necromancers would raise undead to attack us. And sometimes that intensity meant that DM would have to control our characters when we were gone.

The irl drama began boiling up because–well there was sort of a love triangle in real life between me, the DM, and my friend. And some of this would spill over in game as me and her would flirt with each other both in and out of game as the DM would attempt to flirt with her too. When we ended up getting together in real life, we had our characters get together too. Even to this day–despite the sick things this DM would do–this in game romance remains a cherished shared memory.

After our characters decided to have sex. We weren’t super graphic but we did describe the scene tastefully, DM randomly said “Enough with these graphic sex scenes. It makes me uncomfortable”. This was confusing to us because we hadn’t talked about this in session 0 and the DM was CONSTANTLY making lewd and graphic references in game. Nevertheless, we respected DM’s wishes and had all our sex scenes fade to black.

Important note: A session zero is a session before a Dungeon and Dragons campaign starts where players plan out details of their game, including what subject matter should be expected or what is off-limits. Sexual content and consent are usually considered very important to discuss in a session zero.

Original post continued:

DM was also in general a lot more combative towards our characters with his encounters and in general seemed kind of short with us. He would also make comments that in hindsight were pretty sexist towards my girlfriend. But all of his behavior was subtle enough for us to kind of think “Nah its just me being too sensitive”.

But then the last session we would ever play with him came along. We had just left Chessenta after helping a group of bandits ambush the zombies before they attacked Soonear. After this session, we both got sick so we stayed home. When we came back, DM told my girlfriend to roll a con save out of nowhere. She did so and rolled poorly. DM then said that she now has an STD after getting raped in her sleep by MY drow. She said “Cringe” assuming its a joke and he made it clear he was serious. The rest of the party was shocked too. He apparently mentioned this last session but everyone else also assumed he was joking. As I realize he is not joking, I start arguing with him and telling him what a sick bastard he is and he just laughs it off like we are being unreasonable and tries to make excuses like “Drow are naturally evil so they can’t help themselves” or “I am the DM so I can do it” or (and I’m not kidding) “Its what YOUR character would do”. DM then subtly (not so subtly) revealed the real reason he did this when he said “You two lovers wanna roleplay sex scenes in my face so here’s your sex scene” and begins graphically describing the sick rape fantasies he had planned for our characters.

I just threw my dice in DM’s face and we all left. None of us ever spoke to him again.

tldr My DM gets jealous because he was attracted to a girl that I ended up dating-proceeds to have her character get raped by my character when we were sick

Users Respond

USER: "Obviously the DM is an utter asshole, but not having your sex scenes fade to black is super fucking weird in the first place. Also, 'all of our sex scenes' - how many times were you trying to have sex scenes?? Why?? Gross!!"

OP: "You do realize not all campaigns have the same sexual standards as yours right? LOTS of campaigns have sex scenes and there is nothing wrong with that. If yours doesn’t that’s fine but don’t go finger wagging at those that do like some puritan."

USER: "I cant imagine being in any group as a player or DM where a pair keep going 'ok, now lets stop the game so we can have erotic roleplay in front of you all.' You describe it as 'tasteful' but what does that actually mean?"

OP: "It wasn’t erotic roleplay and nobody had a problem with sex scenes until the DM said something stop making assumptions."

OP: "Just because this sub is full of woke prudes doesn’t mean everyone else is. And the fact that y’all think the DM who graphically described a rape scene somehow was trying to protect the party from unwanted sexual content is rich. All of you judgmental pricks can literally go fuck yourselves."

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Minor roleplaying spat about the compatibility of an atheist character in the Warhammer fantasy world.

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Minor drama occurs in r/BokunoheroFanfiction as OP lambasts real world references in their fanfics.

Here is the main post: here

Commenters are...skeptical, to say the least:

"Me when Alien Queen."

Their world is our world.

User makes a bet with OP that they can't do the same.

And remember, the drama is a few days old! So we'll know if you piss the popcorn~

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Drama in r/3DPrinting after OP posts complaining that someone is selling his designs.

Drama in r/3DPrinting after OP posts complaining that someone is selling his designs. Users point out that he set the licence to the stl as commercial

Full thread https://reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/183tt6i/someone_is_selling_my_designs_on_ebay/

It’s just basic decency of saying hey you mind if I sell this? https://reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/183tt6i/_/kar6bs8/?context=1

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r/leagueoflegends is outraged by Riot Games blatantly using a bad AI voiceover for their mobile game's trailer. It turns out that it wasn't AI...

The post was deleted a few hours after since League of Legends the PC game is separate from the mobile game Wild Rift but it sparked a lot of discussion.

The trailer is an introduction to the newest character being ported from PC to the mobile game, Sivir. It is a tutorial showcasing her role and abilities. In it, the community mocks the monotone and souless AI voiceover. The most egregious mistake being the mispronunciation of the character's name ("severe" instead of the correct "siv-er").

In a now deleted twitter reply the original voice actor came out saying:

I am the original voice actor. They're not using an AI. I receive a script and deliver in a tone that can be edited to a video without me having seen it before. I'm sorry for the mispronunciation of the name. Balancing clear speech with a natural tone isn't always perfect. Sorry

Some highlights of community reaction:

I mean what is the alternative? Paying people to do a job? Pfffbt

It sounds so bad I had to stop halfway through the video. Good AI quality exists, the video howeever definetely isnt that.

AI voice is still in that uncanny teritory where you can definitely notice it's not real but you can't exactly pinpoint why, kind of like CGI humans. Something about it feels so weird but our brains can definitely make the connection that this isn't a human speaking.

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