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We're Not Porn, We're Just Drawn that Way | Arguments Bosom er...Blossom in r/comics When One Frequent Contributor takes Double-Barreled Aim at Redditors Who Seemingly See Smut Around Every Corner

Things are getting steamy in more ways than one after The Newest Post by /r/comics regular Dr.Loops accusing redditors of sexualizing women who are just kinda hanging around.

But if you're expecting the usual group of comments demanding their right to gawk, you'll be sorely disappointed. Because the real bee in everyone's bonnet is that this particular comic artist might not be the best spokesperson for women's bodies. Seeing as:

Literally the last comic I saw from this dude (one day ago) was about a chick shoving a cell phone up her ass after jiggling her tits lmao

And to back up that redditor's claim we can look to another helper commenter sharing this NSFW. Noting it's clearly:

Well-endoved women literally just existing

But maybe that could be called:

Describing the comic like someone who read it with only one eye half open and blurry.

And while one comment chain devolves into downvotes and definitions, the artist themself arrives on the scene to defend their work:

I'm just gonna leave this here:

They mean 4 cherrypicked comics out of the 100+ that I've drawn? I highly doubt that, considering even my safest comics get "porn" comments.

I’m not trying to be rude (love your comics) but many of your punchlines literally are just sex stuff.

Why is "sex stuff" automatically considered porn by you?

It doesn't go as well as they might hope.

And anyway, what's the big deal? I mean:

[Honestly all these people saying “oh the joke is porn”, “this isn’t even funny, blah blah blah…”

And? What if I want to see the big titty nurses? What if I want to see the sexy sleep paralysis demon?! WHAT IF I WANT TO SEE WEIRD GHOST RAPEY COMICS?!?! I’M HAVING FUN GODDAMMIT.](https://www.reddit.com/r/comics/comments/1cvxr5t/the_porn_at_the_end_of_this_comic/l4sldwv/)

Regardless, I think we all know who to blame:

You can tell this is a comic from professional /r/comics artist. The comic isn't just a not-so-subtle advertisement for their porn patreon, it is also acknowledging the reddit META and calling out the haters! Throw in a cat and mention depression and you'll have the ultimate reddit comic!

Because at least according to one redditor it's that damnable /r/comics meta culture.

13:45 UTC


“Are you the lion? Can you breed me, alpha daddy?” A user has their rent increased and posts their landlord’s contact information to /r/Renters. Reddit lurches into action.

The Context:

Our drama takes place across two threads in /r/Renters, beginning with OOP posting a screenshot of a letter from their property manager informing them of a 100% rent increase.

OOP includes the property manager’s contact information in the screenshot and says they “felt comfortable enough to share this man [sic] information because he's a scumbag piece of shit.”

The sub quickly moves into action.

#The Drama:

Some question OOP’s story:

I love how we are just taking the OP's word as truth, it's just as likely they did do $10k worth of damage Edit: when someone responds to you and then immediately blocks you it kind of illustrates that they know their point is weak at best.

Regardless, most landlords are scum.

Because they make you pay for the things you use?

Way too much, yes.

Just how much do you think the average landlord makes on a rental? I'm curious as to your thoughts, because I have actual numbers and I guarantee they are not nearly what you think.

Is this all Biden’s fault?

Welcome to Biden America 🤣

You advocating for socialist housing policies? More renters protections? More tenants rights? Congrats man you’re more a socialist than I am.

Guaranteed he doesn't get it. XD

Nah. Obviously you morons don't get it. Probably don't own real estate either🤣. That's what happens when the country is becoming a third world country due to the far left policies of America today. I'm not saying how the guy went about raising rents went, but it's happening everywhere. But, come back and try again tomorrow. Maybe you'll be a little smarter when you wake up.

Wake up to what? The fact that presidents don’t dictate rent prices? Why does a studio apartment in Kalamazoo cost 1/5 what it does in Manhattan? Why did Biden decide that?


I didn't once mention the word president. I said the far left policies brought us to this point. So I see all you want to do is run your mouth, because you're blaming a president which I didn't do. Nice try though.

“Far left policies?” What specifically policies did the dems pass, that are considered “far left”, that cause landlords to raise rent prices more than inflation rates?

And you said “Biden America” so don’t play dumb now about not using the word President.

Hahaha, your low IQ is showing. I'm guessing 80 since you can spell, but that might just be a smartphone doing the heavy lifting.

Awe, did I trigger a snowflake? I see aim dealing with a keyboard warrior here, but would never say that to my face🤣. Get lost worm!

OOP is condemned:

Doxing is wrong. OP this is shameful.

Greed is wrong. Dox pieces of crap like this landlord more often any maybe then won't do shit like this.

Nah. It’s not only generally wrong it’s against reddits rules. It doesn’t matter what you think.

And no one CARES what YOU think about it. Go cry elsewhere

Others defend the property manager:

Doxxing isn't cool no matter the context bruh

Yes it is

You’re lame

No it's not but that isn't doxxing.


You know this guy is just working a job to pay his bills too? A property manager isn't going to fully control rent prices and if he does price it they have a responsibility to their client (the owner) to charge the market rate.

While it's a shame that rent is increasing for OP, this company sent a fair warning advanced notice to either expect to pay up or find another living arrangement.

This guy did nothing wrong, didn't deserve for the Internet to white knight attack him, and you are an asshole.

ehhh,...bullshit!, the problem here is this Asshole is jacking up the rent %100, like everyone is made of money you complainer-motherfucker, greed= you get what you get, and the rents are way the fuck out of control just like everything else.

Sorry to break it to you that owners of investment properties aren't developing projects to shelter people out of the goodness of their hearts.

I'm not saying the system doesn't have flawed or isn't tough on people, but as a renter you need to face the reality that your rights to the property do not go further than the lease contract you signed.

Oh, they're doing it for profit? Real profound statement, dipshit.

Hey man go buy some homes and give people deals. Or keep crying online your whole life.

Yes, that’s how people make money. Stay broke lil bro


Yeah that was established by the OP genius. Most literate redditor right here, good lord lol

Looks like I hit a nerve broke boy



as a human being with morals intact, maybe your responsibility is to the owner. You still owe it to the people who rely on you and your client (the owner) for housing to not raise rent 100x. Maybe it's legal, but it is absolute scumbag behavior. Maybe you aren't a scumbag, but you picked a career where they flourish

not raise rent 100x

100x and 100% are completely different.

For all we know OP could have been locked into an extremely low rate on rent for the last ten years and this could be the first adjustment catching up to market rate. In a contract your only locked in for the length of the contract, and when that contract ends friendly reminder that you don't own the property nor have rights to it or in the future. Laws on rent increases vary based on area and there may not be anything illegal here.

While I wouldn't be happy if I was OP either due to the 100% increase being pretty significant, it's totally unreasonable to think you rent will never increase in the future.

Attacking a guy who had his personal info leaked on the Internet because you don't like the rental system is pretty pathetic behavior.

Simply put if you don't like renting go buy your own property where you don't have to deal with this.

Who the fuck is signing a 10 year lease for residential property?

Probably no one. Regardless your rights end with the lease expiration date in any circumstance.


There's something incredibly basic that goes over your head, along with people who argue like you.

Your entire strategy here is to enumerate descriptive truths (e.g your rights end at X point, property managers have a fiduciary responsibility to serve landlords, etc.) to imply normative ones (e.g therefore the behavior of the property manager or landlord is justified).

This isn't how ethics works. If it was, then the Holocaust would be justified. What the Jews did was illegal, they existed during the Nazi regime, which meant they had no right to life. That's a descriptively true fact, they literally lacked the right to life, and Nazis could engage in the exact same game you are playing, enumerating descriptive truths about the political reality of Germany in 1942 to justify rounding up Jewish people.

Descriptive and normative truths are built up the same way (through axioms and logic). However, the legality of something does not universally indicate how ethical something is.

If you want to continue playing the game of listing descriptive facts about the world, I have a fun one for you. The commodification of housing materially harms the working class, and has done so to such an extent that peasant revolutions within the past 100 years have literally rounded up landlords and shot them dead because of how much harm they were causing. This didn't require decades or centuries of anti-landlord rhetoric to dehumanize landlords, because the harm landlords cause is real and can be felt by people. Sometimes, when a large group of people are harmed enough, they get frustrated and revolt against said harm. That's a real risk landlords should realize they're engaging in, they tend to feel safe because the State backs the interests of the bourgeoisie, but that's not always necessarily going to be the case.

Thanks man I'm obviously going to rethink my stance that people shouldn't be doxxing this guy

You said a lot more than just an anti-doxxing stance. If all you said was "damn I wish this dude wanted doxxed", I wouldn't have bothered to comment. You mentioned a property manager's responsibility to serve the interests of the landlord. You mentioned your rights to the property ending with the expiration of the lease. These descriptively true facts were done to imply the landlord/property manager were behaving justly and didn't deserve to get doxxed.

Whether they deserve it or not, when one group consistently engages in harming another group, sometimes the other group fights back. The working class has very few avenues for actually fighting back against this sort of thing, and most of the tactics in this thread generally boil down to moderately annoying the landlord. They'll still evict the tenant, the tenant will still potentially become homeless because of housing commodification. The harm is still being done, and the landlord is benefitting from it.

Worse things have happened to landlords for engaging in this behavior, and they can happen again. It's not a game worth playing for anyone. It'd be best for everyone if landlords just fucked off and stopped scalping houses, but they won't. And peasants don't generally put up with this shit indefinitely.

Well damn man I wish that dude wasn't doxxed.

I appreciate the six paragraphs you wrote me and apologize if the economic model we have (that neither of us can change) has somehow hurt you today.

Yes, nobody can change economic models, yet they somehow change anyway, weird. It's almost as though the base-structure informs the super-structure, and as the contradictions of capitalism intensify, material harm skyrockets, people "radicalize" (see what used to be externalized costs actually internalized). Conversations are part of this change, the introduction of language and ideas allows people to navigate and reason about the harm they're feeling, and correctly place the blame, which is incredibly important.

If you look at the fascist movement in the U.S, you'll commonly see they actually agree on what's harming them (this is easy to tell). Rising prices (rent, groceries, etc.), shit pay, no control in decision making. However, they misunderstand the system.

People like you have baked capitalist realism into their heads (the system is immutable, this is the true way of the world, there's no reason to think or discuss an alternative because it's unreasonable), so they don't even consider that capitalism is the problem.

Instead they blame the Mexicans "not sending their best", or how LGBT communities are "attacking traditional values". They look for ways the world is changing, and assume that change is what's causing the harm they're feeling. You're an important part of the fascist pipeline, and even if you're not a fascist yourself, I'd suggest you get your head out of your ass before we literally live in a fascist dictatorship and this shit is illegal to discuss. Liberalism has many times devolved into fascism to prevent socialism. Bourgeoisie interests operate fine in fascist environments, so they'd prefer to move in that direction instead of something that actually fixes class contradictions.


Your right we should totally be cool with OP getting hundreds of redditors to harass this property managers personal life about an issue we all literally don't even know the full story of, because fascism.

Dude I'm going to stay out of this subreddit and genuinely wish you all well please try not to go postal next time rent increases.

At no point did I greenlight anyone's actions, and you responded to none of my points. Stop fabricating a strawman to justify your own position.

Hey man if you actually have the capacity to talk about what I'v been talking about the entire time I'll chat.

Please don't respond with anything about Hitler, bourgeoisie, fascism, economic disparity, or assumptions you have about me.

What do you think about OP getting hundreds of people to harass the personal life of this guy over something we all have limited info on a single side of the story. Justified or unjustified?

You discussed tenant rights, property manager responsibility, and even directly alluded to capitalist realism. It's an incredibly unfair tactic to mention all of these things, then the moment you get a rational response dismantling every one of your points, move the goalposts and back down from every point you've made in this entire thread except one.

Like everyone can scroll up and read, you're not fooling anyone into thinking your only point has been anti-doxxing. You just lack the capacity to have a genuine conversation, so you'll simply retreat from every point you've made instead of considering that maybe you were wrong.

I think what the OP is doing is harmful, but not as harmful as what the landlord did. I don't have enough information to say if it was justified or not, and neither do you. Sometimes harmful things can be done and they can be justified, especially in retaliation. I can list off a ton of extreme examples that are potentially justified but far more harmful than what either of these people are doing.

Well at least we agree what OP is doing is harmful.

Now I guess we need to ask should we or should we not harass real life people based on unverifiable stories from anonymous people online?

Sorry if you didn't like how I laid it all out. But i think not liking the realities of the rental systems isn't good enough justification to get hundreds of people to harass someone over what could potentially be a fabricated story, but that's just me.


Most reasonable diamond hands joker

You said you were leaving.

Is a rent increase ever justified?

Fuck apartment complexes! They raise it for zero reason and have no idea what they’re doing.

No reason, like higher taxes, higher demand, higher insurance rates, higher trash fees, higher utilities, on and on.

Tell me you don't pay your own bills, without telling me you don't pay your own bills.

Maybe these cooperate assholes should pay their own bills

They do.

Hahaha you’re trying to sell airbnb management and consultation, dude go read the book of matthew and become a better human.


Ah yes, doxxing. Classy 👌

found the wannabe landlord

like ahh, yes, let’s be offended that the exploiter might face consequences for their actions


Yea what do you expect from a rentoid sub lmao

tf is a rentoid what 😭

A term for renters used by toxic landlords and homeowners that believe themselves superior to people who rent.

they've got bootlicking down to a science i tell ya


No not really. Everyone in this sub admitting they are calling and texting him and harassing him online need to be more careful. And grow tf up

This guy deepthroats the whole boot

Child response. I'm sorry you willfully signed your lease and no one forced you too. Grow up

Haha 🤣 if I cared what you thought I’d ask how the shoe polish tastes. It’s honestly not even doxxing. That’s a letter they sent, with facts they provided, and a public number to be contacted at. Op is under no obligation to protect the management company from their own stupidity.

##Our drama now shifts to a second thread where another user posts a screenshot of their texts to the property manager.

Some people question OOP’s story:

So we’re just taking OP’s word that this actually happened? And the phone number on that letter is really his landlord? The low IQ Reddit mob mentality at its finest.

Google is your friend

I too can write a bullshit letter, stick a business’s phone number, screencap it and karma farm on Reddit. Unlike OP I’m not an idiot.

Sounds like you wrote the letter, mate.

You are making me rather confident in the assumption


I can tell you blindly accept whatever OP posts on Reddit. Easily manipulated. 

What are you talking about lol. Why are you so angry at a box of lights. Go to bed, or at least take a nap.

Same to you buddy. I’m baffled why you’re getting active over me calling out the truth.


Bro chill

The lack of critical thinking on this sub is mind blowing.

It’s not about critical thinking, it’s about sending a message.

Sending a message on the premise that OP is being honest? If OP put your phone number there I bet you’d be singing a different tune.


Google the number. It belongs to that business

So we’re assuming the landlord wrote that letter? If you look at their properties nothing even comes close to the rents OP is claiming.

I think OP has successfully trolled you and a hundred other people.

Subreddits get shut down for this tho.

Is this all doxxing?

Oh man so you sent the landlord specific information about the person who posted it… so now he can go after them legally for “doxxing” him? 😬🫠🤔 who’s side are you on lol

Sharing a document you are a party to online that isn’t under NDA isn’t doxxing. OP didn’t ask Reddit to harass the landlord in the original thread. There’s nothing here to worry about since he’s not renewing his lease there.

Unless the landlord is in the….mob

OP said (in the text): "I felt comfortable enough to share this man(s) information because he's a scumbag piece of shit"

As any lawyer would tell you, intent matters, esp. in civil cases. -or- more pragmatically as any competent lawyer would tell you, if you're sweating $1k/month in rent, don't bank on legal technicalities to save the day when intentionally picking fights with entities with the capital to buy buildings.

The number is publicly available, you could literally say "please say nasty things to this number" and it would still be completely legal and any claim against it would be immediately laughed out of court.

I don’t know why you keep posting stuff similar to this. The behavior that you’re stating is completely legal is 100% not legal in Pennsylvania, where the area code for the number comes back to.

Harrassment is not legal behavior. And (3) engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which serve no legitimate purpose, is language that could be used to define what’s going on here. It could also qualify under 4, 5, and 6.


The behavior that you’re stating is completely legal is 100% not legal in Pennsylvania, where the area code for the number comes back to.

No lol.

Harrassment is not legal behavior. And (3) engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which serve no legitimate purpose, is language that could be used to define what’s going on here. It could also qualify under 4, 5, and 6.

Read the definition you just posted lol, OP did not do anything remotely quantifiable as harassment, he just posted the publicly available number, if OP is spamming offensive messages or something to the landlord sure but that is categorically not what is visible here. Further a customer complaint and warning is a legitimate purpose and is well established as protected speech thousands of times over. Unless you knowingly lie in a review you are protected completely. "This company sucks don't rent from them and here is their publicly available contact info" is completely indisputably first amendment protected speech everywhere in the US.

It is extremely funny that you would post evidence of yourself being wrong.

People have been calling and texting the number and some even stated that their calls and texts have been answered. The person who is answering is apparently the owner/landlord. That person is being harassed. Look at the comments describing what people are sending him. Pictures of their asses and random shit talk. That does not count as a customer review or a complaint.

All of that communication has been facilitated through the OP, who also stated that they intentionally left the contact information because they believe the landlord is an asshole.

Maybe stick to legal issues in Australia instead of trying to incorrectly educate Americans about our first amendment. Freedom of speech is not freedom to blow up someone’s phone because you don’t agree with their business practices. Even if they are unethical and shitty.

Others upbraid people for ruining OOP’s life:

Congrats on fucking up OPs life even worse. Hope you step on a lego and learn to not text random numbers and step into a situation you were never a part of.

hands you a box of tissue

What do you mean?

By texting the number, it could be considered outing the OOP for Doxxing which is illegal.

OOP could potentially be in legal trouble now because they forgot to edit out the contact information and posted it and people decided to text the number.

Attacks become misogynistic:

As a woman, I’d never be ok with you doing this unsolicited to anyone. But I’m having a really hard time having an issue with this landlord asshole looking at your asshole. 🤷🏻‍♀️

As a woman, you should be in the kitchen.

Aww, bless your heart. I know it’s hard, but just know, that with an attitude like that, you’ll die alone because no woman will want you. But, you already know that 💕💕 here’s hoping you learn to have a personality beyond misogyny before it’s too late!

He hasn’t had pussy since it had him. No worries there.

God you're limp.

#The Flairs:

09:49 UTC


Are V-Tubers actually funny, or are they artificially supported by overzealous weebs? The members of r/perfectlycutscreams discuss how well their comedy fits in their meme sub.

CONTEXT: r/perfectlycutscreams is a meme sub about... videos of perfectly cut screams, usually to comedic effect. V-tuber clips have been appearing regularly, and often times, they fit right in for the sub's content, although their appearance has been met with much contention. Why? Well, it's anime adjacent content on reddit, and you know what that means. One clip is posted of a V-tuber interacting with her chat, where the avatar's breasts are laughed at for being small, and the comments get spicy. Observe:

Is it simping or is it just funny?

Yeah, this subreddits taken over by vtuber simps.

what's wrong with vtubers?

Cringe overacting disguised by even cringier characters.

Also chomo vibes with the sexualizing of what appears to be child characters

And the thread continues

VTubers are the new Fortnite. Which was the new Dab or Floss or something IDK. Before that it was League. Once VTubers become a mainstay for a little longer and keep growing in popularity people will just find the next new thing to feel superior over for not liking it. Basically this person is a beer snob but for streamers instead.

I agree with the sentiment, but I'm not sure if the hate will go away. Furries have been around for a really long time and people still hold a lot of irrational hated for them. Same goes for anime and anime fans, it's just more mainstream now. They might move on, but I wouldn't exactly be surprised if they didn't.

As does the mockery of vtubers and their fans

derisive MS paint image of vtuber saying sex; cmon man this is the third time ive had to comment this in the past day

On a whim, I told myself I would join a bao stream until she said something sexual or suggestive. Not even 10 seconds into watching, she was heavily hinting that an anime from like 10 years ago gave her some kind of sexual awakening.

to be fair, bao is bao, and she is... special... so to speak

That doesn't make her any less unbearable.

Yup the bikini bottoms are so fuckign annoying, i can get behind a sexual or inappropriate joke ocasionally but holy shit bao and the cohort of her friends are insufferable(numi/shylily and the like) all they do is coomer bait 0 actual content.

And one user responds back to the image, stating that "sex" isn't a common topic

this one aint even "sex", its "vtuber being disappointed bc chat was right"

“sex” in big text is an oversimplified stand-in for content that is usually associated with v-tubers (loud, something sexual or about a reproductive organ, etc.) In this context, she is screaming about her breasts.

to be fair, much of the clips posted here have been "just chatting" streams. where the content is, as i would hope you had guessed, just chatting. not much to yell about aside from insults from chat, moreso if theyre true. there are plenty of clips from gaming streams of equal, if not more, entertainment value, its just easier to get yells, and therefore perfectly cut ones, via pointing out things about the streamer they may not like, which is often sexually oriented, hence the plethora of "sex" related clips on this subreddit. more follows

A case of the pot calling the kettle black occurs!

Vtuber fans brigading comments lmao

Jesus this comment section is vtubers vs people who spend too much time on reddit.

you mean people who watch vtubers all day v people who spend time on reddit all day

Basement dwellers vs Basement dwellers

Grassophobics vs Grassophobics 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yet the bickering still marches on

When did this entire sub become Vtubers screaming for no reason at all.

Whaaaaat? People are posting cut screams, in r/perfectlycutscreams? How fucking dare they do the exact thing this sub was designed for! It's a good thing there isn't a group of people who have an irrational grudge against it, cause then things would get pissy.

And of course, the casual mention of pedophilia met with a mass of downvotes

What kinda pedo shit

Be it simps, astroturfing, or genuine fans, V-tuber clips are quickly becoming a mainstay of r/perfectlycutscreams, and it seems the slapfights will continue as well. Unfortunately, some of the spicier threads had comments deleted, yet some decent flair are "Grassophobics vs Grassophobics 2", "people who watch vtubers v people who reddit all day", "this person is a beer snob but for streamers", and "good thing there isn't a group of people with an irrational grudge". I trust you enjoyed the weekly anime-related drama.

08:09 UTC


r/Christianity discusses homosexuality

Full comments:

Homophobia is a cancer and it’s an uphill battle to rid ourselves of it

I read that as homosexuality is a... Was going to give you an updoot for being based. Not so much tho.

Good. I don’t want approval for hateful shit like that

User fights with mod over what constitutes a personal attack.

Well you are supposed to hate sin because God hates sin. But you are correct when you say we should love the person as well. I find it quite hypocritical when people who live their life in sin call themselves Christian and hate gay people but do everything else under the sun. But don’t worry Jesus will judge them accordingly because as he said how you try to take the speck out your brothers eye yet fail to see the log in your own eye? The same measure these people use will be used against. Just remember hate the sin but love the person.

Homosexuality isnt a sin, so all of this is irrelevant.

Find the true God you son of the devil, you obviously haven’t read the Bible.

Removed for 1.4 personal attacks. If you continue breaking this rule, you will be banned.

Did I mention how glad I am to have unddit back?

Homosexuals hate Jesus and take advantage of this love & grace… God bless!

How would gay people hate Jesus exactly? The protector of everyone who is persecuted ?

They hate Jesus bc they don’t deny their flesh & pick up their cross. The righteous path is narrow.

In 1 John 4 Love for each other and love in general is the holiest of things. How would two people of the same gender loving each other be hate to Jesus ? What does picking up the cross even mean??? Do you have any actual bible excerpts to justify gay people hating Jesus ?

Hasty reading leads to small friendly fire incident.

Is homophobia even real?

I can’t stand people who use the word homophobia as if it’s a real thing.

Nice troll account buddy

it’s not trolling to disagree with people. Unless your post is meant to be a troll. Which maybe it is.

Was Jesus gay? Is it ok to even ask that? The answer might surprise you.(Again, a big welcome back to unddit.)

Edit: Finally, it slipped under the radar, but is it fair to accuse someone of being a nazi, just for selecting the username... GoyCrusader88?
EditEdit: Oh hey, a mod noticed the nazi guy... and rushed to his defense.

21:40 UTC


"The woman wanted to fuck the bee." A meme post about the Bee Movie (2007) in /r/memes gets abuzz when a redditor is downvoted for going against the meme hive mind.

The Bee Movie was released in 2007, with the main character, Barry (who is a bee), being voiced by Jerry Seinfeld. The plot is about Barry discovering that humans have been stealing and eating bee's honey for centuries, so he pairs up with a human florist named Vanessa to sue the human race for mistreatment and exploitation of bees.

During the week of the trial, Barry has dinner with Vanessa, when her boyfriend, Ken, shows up and basically accuses her of cheating on him with Barry, the bee. This scene has Ken infamously yelling, "Are there other bugs in your life???" when Vanessa explains its not like that. She also breaks up with Ken here and spends more time with Barry throughout the film, essentially making Ken the bad guy.

This brings us to the meme posted in r/memes, titled: "The older you get, the more you understand he was rightfully angry."

[The meme says, "When you were dumped for a literal insect but you were still viewed as a villain:", and shows Ken making an incredulous face]

Let's start with the main comment that spawns lots of memey replies: (commenters will be appreviated C1, C2, C3, etc.)

Main: Nah, bro should have left all of that shit behind. The woman wanted to fuck the bee. That's not someone you would want to associate with.

C1: These hoes ain't loyal
C2: He should have joined, then they could have a beesome.
C3: bzzz bzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz
"What's that buzzing? Do you have a vibrator on?"
"Nah, I am being fucked by a bee" o face
C4: is r/honeyfuckers still around
Edit: yup sure is. Also very nsfw in case you really needed the warning for a subreddit called honeyfuckers.

Among the memes is one user who seems to get massively downvoted for their take: (this user will be nicknamed 'Mega' for clarity)

Mega: at what part of the movie did she ever show feelings for Barry?

C1: When she started ignoring her human BF for a fucking bee.
Mega: no she was busy with a big lawsuit, thats why she was a bit distant to him, and she broke up with him because he tried to light a sentient being on fire
C2: cope + ratio
Mega: i mean im not wrong, at no point did she ever show romantic feelings for Barry
C3: They co-own the flower shop at the end, they went on picnics in the park together, she’s flirty with him, I just think you’re really bad at social cu- oh yeah, this is Reddit, my bad
Mega: yk that was a dream sequence right...
C3: 1. Yeah my bad, small detail but the picnic is a dream sequence
2. Why do you have such ready knowledge of small details about a shitpost of a movie yet don’t see the clear romantic relationship of the characters
C4: some people call it autism.
Mega: ablest
C5: don't worry; we're two peas in a pot
Mega [to C3]: i fully admit that Barry has a crush on her, im just saying its a 1 sided crush, a crush that Ken doesn't even know about and from what we've seen of the movie doesn't have enough evidence to come to that conclusion (at most maybe just a suspicion)
edit: also i have this information since we actually studied the bee movie in my philosophy class since you can draw parallels between the Bee's situation and capitalism and you can draw the outcome of the lawsuit to if we just switched to communism (basically a critism on both sides) and during me watching it i realized how wrong the internet was about Ken since before then it was a while since i seen that movie
C6: Ok now you're just intentionally trying to be a caricature of the reddit meme, and it's clear you've been putting on a show this whole time
C3: snort while you were out studying at school snorts again I WAS STUDYING THE BEE

A user points out to Mega that a certain scene in the movie was removed for some countries:

C1: Fun fact, [the scene where Ken tries to light Barry on fire] is absent in certain releases.

Mega: huh, that helps explain why people overwhelmingly side with him
C2: So what if he did, its a fucking bee. Would you break up with ur partner if they stood on an ant??
Mega: if the ant had the same intelligence and sentience as a human and overall is just a human in an ant's body and i know this very well then yes i would break up with them since they willingly tried to commit murder
C2: It is not murder to squish an ant
Mega: thats if it was a normal ant, sure there isnt any laws saying "dont kill bees" but morally with how bees are portrayed in the film killing Barry is still a really bad thing
C2: But at the time he was trying to kill the bee, nobody knew that it was so intelligent and able to communicate. The bees golden rule was not to interact with humans so the man had no idea. All he saw was a regular bee flying around his home, and considering he was allergic to them and a sting could kill him, him trying to kill the bee wasn't actually that outrageous.
Mega: your talking about the 1st time he tried to kill Barry, im talking about the bathroom scene where he was aware of Barry's intelligence and even had a conversation with him

One redditor suggests Mega is projecting due to a similar life experience they had:

C1: I am taking this out of the air here… But it seem to me very clearly that there might have been some similar situation (hopefully not with a bee) in your life, and admitting she was indeed wrong would make it relate to your situation and admitting you might have been indeed wrong in flirting with that person or allowing them to do so … but yk, just making a lore here in my head… only way that it makes sense that you are so affected by a joke about a kids movie

Mega: yeah your defo taking this out of the air, and im just saying that OP's joke doesnt work since thats just not what happened in the film, he might have an argument if that one picnic dream sequence wasnt a dream but it was and otherwise it was just a 1 sided crush on Barry's end
C2: It's fucking BEE MOVIE it's not that deep my guy. You were definitely cucked at some point and this clearly hits to close to home.
Mega: lot of assumptions here
C3: You're way to invested in the relationship of an animated bee and his equally fictional woman girlfriend.

Lastly, a redditor links the picnic sequence in the movie:

C1: https://youtu.be/3LWSfasjuAs?si=WrwynQY1DgeYfHth

She fucked that bee

Reminder the thread is still ongoing, so there is plenty for you to go through yourself!

Edit: formatting

18:51 UTC


Soccer drama in r/MLS over the recent match between the Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps.

Link to the post in question.

This Saturday, the Seattle Sounders played the Vancouver Whitecaps in a game that ended in a 1-1 draw. The Sounders scored early, with a goal from Jordan Morris. A second shot on goal by the Sounders is deflected by a Vancouver defender, who extends his arm only to pull it back to his body, deflecting the shot off of his elbow. The ref and VAR officials stay silent, and play continues.

In the 94th minute of the game, Vancouver player Sebastian Berhalter makes a shot on goal, deflected by Sounders defender Nouhou, who also extends his arm out only to pull it back, with the shot deflecting off of his arm as well. This time, the VAR officials call for a closer review, and after several minutes of thorough examination the referee (Victor Rivas) declares Nouhou's block a handball, giving Nouhou a second yellow card, which sends him off the field, and more importantly, gives Vancouver a penalty kick. Vancouver scores on the penalty, tying up the game, and the match ends 1-1.

You can view both handballs here. Nouhou on the left, Vancouver defender on the right. You can decide for yourself whether Nouhou's handball was worse than Vancouver's.

Sounders fans are quick to take to r/MLS to protest the unfair decision. If you look at the comments section, you'll see a lot of Sounders FC flairs. The fact that Sounders fans have been subject to a disproportionately large number of questionable rulings has only exacerbated the frustration felt by fans. (A recent highlight being Stefan Frei's red card, later rescinded upon further review by the MLS. While the card was rescinded, the game score stayed the same. With how strong the Sounders had played that game with a man down, there's a good argument to be made that they could have won with Frei on the field.)


Several fans aren't happy with Victor Rivas, the ref:

Others instead blame the VAR officials:

From a Sounders fan: Who have we not paid that Vancouver has?

Someone takes the chance to rag on Frei for terrible goalkeeping

Sounders fan names and shames ref and VAR officials

It wouldn't be r/MLS without someone complaining about sports betting.

One Sounders fan says gg Vancouver, gets downvoted and told to screw off

My personal favorite: For the love of soccer someone please fuck Manchester City like this tomorrow

07:14 UTC


“Do you comment on Reddit to be an annoying middle child?” Slapfights rage and insults fly as /r/BoomersBeingFools debates if boomers don’t eat enough food

#The Context:

A user posts to /r/BoomersBeingFools wondering if boomers don’t eat enough and are “starving” themselves, and by extension pushing their expectations unfairly onto others.

Many users quickly take issue with OOP’s premise. The discussion quickly devolves into multiple slapfights, insults over weight, and the war in Gaza.

#The Drama:

Does metabolism change as people age?

People commenting it’s cause they’re older and don’t need to eat as much. Yes, I know that could be a part of it, but let’s be honest, it’s mostly them just being judgy/brainwashed by diet culture/think it’s absurd to spend money on eating out…

"Brainwashed by diet culture" ah so in other words you are obese and need to eat a lot and probably deeply into healthy at any size/fat acceptance.

No they just know they don't need 5000 calori3s a day to exist.

I’m obese for wanting to eat some lunch and dinner? 🤯

No I say that because of "brainwashed by diet culture" there's exactly one group that talks like that.

You must not get out much


I do actually it's how I maintain not being fat. Limiting calories to under 2500 and being outside moving a lot.

I lost 140 pounds by eating more. 🤷 starving myself led to weight gain.

I'm sure you eat more but less calories in total. No one increases their calories and losses sorry.

You're wrong. Instunted my metabolism and my body was holding on to the weight to protect me.

I was eating skinless baked chicken and plain broccoli for 2 years and could not lose weight. I was sick and exhausted but worked out all the time.

Started eating carbs and the weight came melting off.

Sorry :)


For sure. Thats why all the body builders are morbidly obese. They eat chicken and broccoli and their body just goes into starvation mode and holds all the fat. Same with like the concentration camps. All those poor morbidly obese starving people. Once we saved them and fed them the weight just shed off. It's the craziest thing.

It's almost like bodies are different, user name doesn't check out, a nerd would know that 🤔

Whatever you need to tell yourself.


i guess the law of thermodymanics doesnt apply to you.

You should get studied. Defying the laws of thermodynamics is pretty impressive!


Tell me you see someone fat in the store and cringe inside/judge them for no reason without ever speaking to them without telling me 😂

You dislike/hate fat people for the horrid crime of being fat when they don't think about you at all and haven't ever wronged you in any way at all.

Also, I can tell you have never struggled with your weight in the past due to not giving a shit how hating random people for looking a certain way effects them. That, or you did struggle once, and bought into the haters telling you you were worth less based on the number on the scale, in which case I am sorry you believe that.

Dude I was 350lbs at my heaviest. People love saying "oh he says weightloss is eat less move more? Clearly he wants to genocide fat people" but no that's not it at all. I lost tons and most of the people around me went from morbid obesity to overweight or a normal weight. We changed our lifestyles and got in shape. The people that didn't lose weight claim all kinds of medical issues but none of them changed their diet and not of them want to work out. It's pretty clear how to lose weight. That's all.

No more no less no hate.

Wanna know how I know you're a liar or incredibly ignorant of how you come off?

You say you don't dislike them but make fun of their physical disabilities like it's funny. It's not funny. You're making fun of them. It's not funny to make fun of people for having disabilities or for how they look. You perpetuate hate against them that makes them feel like crap for being alive. I don't care about your spiel about medical issues or dieting in general or the fat acceptance movement. When you make fun of disabled people who have trouble walking i'm going to call you out on it. That's exactly what you did. Whether they're fat or not I refuse to make fun of people for that.

I have never made fun of a single person. Only a movement that claims you can be healthy at any size. You can't be vastly under or over weight and be healthy.

Whatever you say buddy. Keep on making fun of people because they can't walk or cope some more that it wasn't directed at a specific person. Have fun with that.


Shut the fuck up fatty

Insults are made, ending with accusations of sockpuppeting:

I don't think you realize how pathetic you sound. When my jaw was broken I went 6 weeks without solid food and I'm sitting here rolling my eyes at your propensity for letting your stomach color your opinions of other people. I'd bet dollars to dimes that your body mass index is over 30.


You should know:

It costs $0 to not be a dick.

I'll pay that cover charge any day of the week. Especially when I'm dealing with a major league dipshit like [Candy_cane999]

Radagast was brown, nerd.

Wow, you’re disgusting. It’s not that deep

Says the person here gossiping about their relative's metabolism. "Not that deep" lol you made a judgment about an entire generation of people because your family member wasn't hungry..lol fuck off

I bet you are high as a kite right now from all the users here agreeing with you, even if they haven't a fucking clue what they are talking about.

Seriously, though, how fat are you? I'm guessing fat enough that you can't hide that stomach roll when you sit down.

High as a kite? Huh? Relax weirdo, it’s just Reddit

You still haven't told us how fat you are.

Damn this guy hates fat people !

I used to be one.


So now you just hate fat people for fun?

People with no self control, ESPECIALLY when that self control would benefit their health, are people who are functionally useless as human beings. They are the pieces of shit who would hoard food while everyone else is starving.

It ain't for fun.

Do you comment on Reddit to be an annoying middle child?

Ahhh yes. The fat people are useless excuse. Okay bud have fun out there!

It seems you have to self control over your feelings little guy. Go out there and practice some self control!

Bitter, party of one.


Get a life, chill

Get a life, chill

Ah yes, the mating call of people who "have lives"...ohhhhhh the irony.

😂sounds like you’re projecting. What’s it like still living in your boomer mom’s basement?

lol "projecting", I see you have your masters in Reddit psychology.

What’s it like still living in your boomer mom’s basement?

Oooooof, sounds like someone is...................................................................................projecting.

You do realize calling someone fat is the easiest most insecure insult to throw out there. Classic textbook. Hypocrite

I used to be fat as fuck, 270lbs at 5'10. I'll judge you fatties all I damn well please.

You keep avoiding answering the question. You're a landwhale, aren't you?

Ahha! There it is. It’s because you hate yourself. Hope you’re in therapy


The more you avoid this the more we know what kind of person we are dealing with.

You talk shit about people who have self control to excuse how fat and disgusting you are.


Dude why admit that, all you are showing is that you had become really fat, and rather than learn a healthy relationship with food even at that extreme point, you just chose to hate food in general. You took the easy way out because nobody ever taught you portion control. Your loss I guess.

I admit it because I was raised in a home where I couldn't get up until my plate was clean and my mother made sure there were never leftovers that way. I admit it because it is the truth and I don't lie or omit details to make myself sound better. I admit it to show I can relate to being a fatfuck. I admit it because being fat is a choice.

”why would you say something true about yourself!?" - if that isn't Reddit-in-a-nutshell I don't know what is.

I'm just saying it makes you look like you just hated yourself and were pushing that onto another person that may or may not have a healthier relationship with food than you, that's all.


They didn't answer did they?

After several attempts they've avoided even talking about their fat stores and are now trying the victim angle.

No doubt. Fatty McFat Fat can't comprehend people not being addicted to constant feedings.

Reddit in a nutshell.

Bro's talking to himself on an alt ​

Then, there’s this:

OP is a fat fuck

As a former fatass this was my immediate thought

I knew as soon as he said road trip to Florida

For wanting lunch and dinner? You’re sick

They’re someone whos whole identity is shoving food in their mouth.  Look at their username 

Eat shit.

One user thinks they’re speaking uncomfortable truths:

If StandardSafe isn’t willing to say it again, I will: grow up and get over it.  99% of the people who say they “aren’t heavy” actually are, your dad was probably just being a concerned parent. “unhealthy relationship with food”, LMAO. A first-world problem for sure

No, he was just a bully and abusive. But thanks for playing.

That’s a really weird thing to say to a stranger, dude

You ok bro? Did that make you feel good about yourself? To insult a stranger because you personally didn’t have to deal with abuse? Or let me guess, you did, but it made you a “strong man” who knows what’s best for everyone.

You don’t know me. You have no idea what my childhood and young adulthood was like and maybe it sounds like a “first world problem” (which by the way, is so fucking dismissive and gross to say to people when they an issue) to you, but for me it became an eating disorder that I still struggle with in my 40s.

I’m going to try to say this as politely as I can, please fuck off into the sun with your bullshit and go troll somewhere else. You’re an asshole who seems to get off on insulting people to get your pathetic dick hard. I hope you don’t have kids because I worry if you do how fucked up they are and if you’re married I feel terrible for your wife. But let’s be honest, you’re a sad, lonely, angry man who has nothing better to do.

Dumbass takes like this are part of the reason people develop eating disorders on both ends of the spectrum.

You're gonna tell me someone who is suffering from Anorexia/Bulimia just needs to "grow up and get over it"?

You need to grow up and take a biology class.

When did the commenter say she had anorexia/bulimia?  Those are actual eating disorders…she just said she eats very little and blames her dad.

A biology class, really?  Psychology sounds more like it. Or are you telling me you learned about eating disorders in a bio class?  Where was that, at some sort of school that gives out certificates in self-actualization or holistic-healing?

Sorry -- from what school did you get a psychology degree that allows you to label Anoerixa/Bulimia as "actual" eating disorders but not what OP described? 

The school of hard knocks 😂 he’s so superior to us that he can diagnose a stranger through the internet on Reddit based on a paragraph that seemed to make him bigly angry.

He’s just a sad man who needs to get off by insulting people. He can go live that life and we’ll be over on this said being human to each other.

Finally, the war in Gaza is brought up for some reason:

You know that on the other side of the apartheid wall Israel set up there are thousands of people who had access to the Dead Sea (and their homes), that was changed by the establishment of Israel. Millions of people around the world are coming to the decision to boycott any company that supports the Israeli Apartheid Occupation. Millions are urging their universities and employers to divest any money and programs with the genocidal force that is Israel. I urge you and your family to take a hard look at yourselves and learn what Israel really is made of. Then the logical decision will be to never visit or spend a dime in Israel until their genocide and apartheid ends. Ty

Take a walk off a short pier.

This response is unhinged.

“Learn about an ongoing genocide, with bombs falling through the air as we speak, that you knowingly or unknowingly support, that we can do something about”

“Your response”

Please just look someone in the eyes today and remember what it means to be a human. Each of us is a library of life, and we’re constantly diminishing the value of each other as “enemies”.

I’d rather that than share air with someone who supports the ongoing genocide. Not for me, not for you, but for the kids and our collective humanity: please learn something new today.

You’re supporting the death of my family in Israel. Seriously, you’re a PoS

Before Israel was, there was Palestine. Palestine was for all. Muslims, Christians, and Jewish families all lived together. We all visited Jerusalem.

When Israel decided that only Jewish people would now be allowed in to these random borders drawn over Palestine, well, that should come off as racist. Now the Christian and Muslim Palestinians had their villages raided and their women raped by a well funded militia, before it became the IDF. This terrorised the Palestinians that lived in their homes, so they ran.

Then these homes were empty.

The land without people for the People without a land. Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. The people that were born there were displaced by a terrorist militia, and now it was a land magically without a people.

And your family came in, and settled in “Israel”. A family out there has the keys to the very home your family lives in in Israel, although you’ve probably changed the locks by now.

But for generations this land fed them and protected them from the elements. All of a sudden it’s yours?

And the people Israel oppresses, the thousands of Palestinians that are in prison with no trial. Children and women Palestinians have been taken captive for over 70 years!! Where’s the outrage?

Are we not human?

When we say free Palestine from the river to the sea. It’s for everybody. Come by and buy my home. But please don’t show up with an armed force ready to exterminate me for refusing you the home my forefathers have called their own.

TLDR Israel is the fire nation in avatar the last airbender.

The best way I can put it is.. if a bunch of armed chickens showed up and kicked you and your family out of their homes, one day you might want to fight those armed chickens back instead of being homeless. Israel are the armed chickens

#The Flairs:

23:06 UTC


"Over 100 million views, 4.2 million likes guess how much I make?" a Tik Tok star posts on r/wordchewing expecting fanfare, and is met with drama!

CONTEXT: Have you ever seen a 3D animated film, particularly like Hotel Transylvania? Well, there is a whole ass genre of people trying to imitate such characters in real life all over Tik Tok. Of course, reddit isn't very fond of Tik Tok and those who make, or try to make, a living off it, so r/wordchewing was created to mock those who pantomime the expressions found in your standard Pixar film. Ironically, Tik Tok creators who make videos in that context stumbled upon the subreddit and attempt to leverage it to broaden their fanbase and get that sweet, sweet internet cash. One particular creator has been on a posting spree, with the users of r/wordchewing bluntly telling him just how much they appreciate his work.

The gauntlet is thrown

"Golden Child" you are a grown ass man. You look like you live with your parents still. If that's your room dude you need to grow up. Looks like your shooting videos in your padded room. To think this is good and you are getting genuine views blows my mind.

blow your mind on this. screenshot of profile over 100 million views, 4.2 million likes guess how much I make? All i do is entertain and educate myself and others come along for the ride and i make top dollar. Everyone is an N.P.C to me.

this is the most literal r/iamthemaincharacter comment i’ve ever seen

There are no "Characters". You live in an "illusionary simulation". All You. Go study quantum stuff.

In all the books on quantum and classical physics in my book collection, nowhere do they say anything about living in a simulation. That's just unarguably and literally not what the field of quantum physics is, by the farthest stretch of the imagination. – someone who has

And the OOP continues to fight back

You have some serious delusions of grandeur dude you obviously don't make that much. I remember working for pennies on the dollar 🤣🤣🤣

I am God if you think that is delusional? but then again so are you and everyone but most choose to forget. I am God, this is a dream and you are all the imagination of yourselves.

This is exactly the definition of Delusions of Grandeur SMH lol Lmao Lmfao Rofl subscriber for more #HurtfulFacts 😉

Has no one ever told you that "You are God dreaming your life". You are everything and everyone in balance. You timeline hope when you "remember it is all you". You will jump to a timeline where people reflect your relationship with yourself (That's reality).

Yeah trying to act crazy now isn't gonna convince anyone.

Yet the insults keep coming

offbrand jim carrey

That is what i am doing!! ... this "reality" is "Off Brand" ... "it is all bullS7it".

but why lmao

Cause it beats being depressed ... I run on my own self love and laugh all day cause i am free from looking for people to approve while avoiding disaproval. My 261 thousand follows can feel that .. they get a "permission to be true to yourself first" free pass.

I feel like making these videos must only push your depression down deeper. No one ever found true happiness in internet points

not looking for points ... looking to hijack reality. Here is a free insight, next time i will charge double https://www.tiktok.com/@garth217/video/7361371360385387781

OOP doesn't know when to quit, much to the sub's chagrin

The most upvoted comment is how you all feel about your selves. Lets all say it together slowly ... "Karmically constipated".

You sound bitter

Exactly how people feel about their "lives". So they project. #Sad

Have you ever considered that these negative reactions to your shitty content might come from a genuine place?

One user evens offers some sympathy to OOP

Man, just scrolled Garth’s Reddit account and pretty much all his posts are 0 likes everywhere he posts. One of the few videos that didn’t get bombed was a podcast reaction video that just tore him apart. username seriously bro, are you ok?

My tiktok channel goes viral all the time (100 million views). I make very good money on tiktok and between not caring about being cringe and being a nice guy I have built a name for myself (peaked at 91 paying subscribers). Tiktok has multiple cash streams. I have viraled here and insta and youtube too. I can hear when people are critical about "others" its cause the don't have self belief. My message is if i can thrive being an idiot ... so can you. Stop caring what people think and get to know yourself.

It's not about people wanting to thrive while being an idiot. Believe it or not some people have self respect and dollar signs aren't enough for them to throw their dignity away and produce the video equivalent of shit online.

Oh you talk of ....... "EGO" ..... "Pathetic" at best. The world will herde your ego around like a farm animal.

My god. It's actually you. Your content is appauling. But I'm happy to know it's working out for you. Best of luck, dude.

This is one of the most petty, unhinged, strange, terminally-online slapfights I have ever bore witness to. Yet here I am reading it. And some flair to go with it are "All i do is entertain and educate myself, Everyone is an NPC to me", "There are no Characters. You live in an illusionary simulation", "I am God, this is a dream and you are all imaginations", "Yeah trying to act crazy now isn't gonna convince anyone", "not looking for points, looking to hijack reality", and "My god. It's actually you. Your content is appauling". I hope you enjoyed the niche drama from one very niche subreddit.

22:52 UTC

21:08 UTC


A user of r/writers is highly invested in defending the honor of acclaimed Hollywood script doctor John Truby

11:31 UTC


"We messed up – sorry" - Reddit reintroduces Awards. Users react

Post with comments sorted by 'old'.

Reddit is re-introducing the old award system. However users' old coin balances will not be restored, and old awards are not compatible with new ones. Reddit also reminded everyone of their initially US-based 'Contributor Program' which has allowed some users to earn cash for the Gold and Karma they receive. It has now since expanded to being in 35 countries.

Moderators can not turn of awards or specific awards, but awards are turned off for certain subreddits

New safety guardrails. Awards are not available in NSFW subreddits, trauma and addiction support subreddits, and subreddits with mature content

  • The top comment sacrastically summarises Reddit's post, sceptical they will turn off awards for all the mental health subreddits and about other things in the post.

  • No top comments are happy

"Weird that you added awards back, but didn't add gold, the most iconic element in Reddit history ("thanks for the gold kind stranger")"

(Note Reddit is saying you can now earn Gold through awards)

  • A moderator of r/science:

"We told you so"

(with a link to a prominent mod that did in fact do that 7 months ago).

  • The same moderator asks why they can't opt out of specific awards or even awards at all. The response, by Reddit Productions gets -34 votes.

Preventing misuse of this Awards system is a high priority for this team. We’ll be monitoring the use of this feature very closely, as we do with the Contributor Program, and act accordingly if we see issues arise.

  • The Reddit Productions account discusses compensation"for users not getting their old coins back. They are on -68 votes

People who lost a coins balance in this transition do have access to a number of exclusive awards to give for free, though we recognize this is not the same as a coins balance.

This iteration of the feature is still in very early days. We’ve noted that some mod teams are interested in custom awards in certain subreddits, but it is too early to say whether these or other features will become available.

I don't have anything against the person behind this account but this """"new"""" system is fucking stupid

  • Another Redditor [warns other] (https://www.reddit.com/r/reddit/comments/1css0ws/we_heard_you_awards_are_back/l4f3bmy/) that the Contributor Program will not be worth it's susposed value to users. One concern is that potential award givers are not able to know if the receiver has opted in/or is eligible for the Contributor Program.

  • Another issue, is that to be eligible, you need to earn (through awards) 1000 Gold. Old Gold does not count. Throughout the comments the new system for Gold and Awards, plus the Contributor Program works is another source of anger.

- "Can I opt out fully?"

Edit: Missed some important context!

Will the new awards be compatible with old Reddit? Your demo makes it looks like it is only part of the new UI.

(-111 votes) No, this experience won't be available on old reddit.

10:50 UTC


"I'M MAD AT WHAT WE LOST FOR THE SAKE OF DIVERSITY EQUITY AND INCLUSION!" r/japanesepeopletwitter shares their hot takes with baka gaijin on the latest Assassin's Creed game

CONTEXT Alright, I think you get the context since this has been some juicy drama as of late; new AC game, but in Japan! But gasp there is a kuso kurojin as a main character?! This time, the residents of r/japanesepeopletwitter, a meme sub revolving around the hilarious, horny, and unhinged twitter posts of Japanese people, discuss how even ethnic Japanese are allegedly upset at Ubisoft for putting a footnote historical figure in a mainline game based around Sengoku-era Japan. Insults are hurled, and post histories are dug up. It begins with a screenshot:


A screenshot of Japanese speakers lambasting the trailer in youtube comments

Surely these random YouTube comments are more representative than Twitter posts with thousands of likes and manga/games made in Japan featuring Yasuke

Look at this man, the dislike ratio proves otherwise, it's not only the comments hating it, more japenis hate it too

Apparently you didn't look at the actual op showing way higher numbers than this. Also just want to note you've posted like 40 times in 5 minutes about this, maybe chill out man it's just a shitty game neither of us was going to play anyways.

Appeal to triviality, also my autistic drive requires me to correct people + WE COULD HAVE HAD SOMETHING SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!! I'M MAD AT WHAT WE LOST FOR THE SAKE OF DIVERSITY EQUITY AND INCLUSION!!!!!!!

The debate continues, with the master debater calling out another for being a self-loathing Japanese

Compare the number of likes on the comments you guys are showing. Japan as a whole does not care if Yasuke is the main character. The friggin nationalist nerds are called "netouyos" and they hate blacks and Koreans.

???????? You're a japanese dude who Hates japan, or you're larping as japenis

Yes, I love Japan, which is why I hate the shitty Japan we have now.

a screenshot featuring his anti-Japanese post cough cough

You should understand how suffocating it is in Japan to complain about your own country only on reddit, whereas a sane person would use English and try to have an objective discussion without nationalism.

You agreed with someone advocating for genocide of your own nationality, seek help

I didn't notice that because I didn't read English properly.

Google translate exists, i think you're lying

More users join in to support the Yasuke hate

the paid shills have invaded the sub! he wasn't a samurai, and no the Japanese are not fine with this retarded take.

If you're saying that Sasuke isn't a samurai, then are you also saying that William Adams isn't a samurai? I think they just like white people and hate black samurai. This is an unconscious manifestation of class consciousness and racism. Perhaps white people are unconsciously trying to divide Asians and black people further paragraphs follow

who the fuck said anything about william? I am talking about Yasuke you dumb motherfucker. Who's even gonna read that wall of text, he ain't, end of the discussion you revisionist cuck.

From retainer (to my knowledge the japenis equivalent of a scribe) to a full fledged samurai

dude was in japan for 3 years and these dumbasses claiming he was a samurai.

You are an Asian who thinks he is white.

says the shill? you could have made it a little less on the nose with that name, you NPC.

And the OOP gets fucking dunked on!

I hope Japan and Africa united against racism 🥹

It's not racism O.P., it's the fact that it's clearly forced, clearly for ESG points, man i would be buying this NOW if the game wasn't a shitty mess that requires retconning a retainer into being an actual samurai to even sell SOMETHING, like seriously even ignoring this "THE MESSAGE" bullshit it's still a shitty game which is OVERPRICED

As opposed to people declaring that the story should be forced to be "representative" instead of being based on an actual real person.

Bro, based on a real person? The peakest AC games had fictional people made to represent the culture of the place and history they are based upon, think of connor kenway for example, he's a native american OC who represents native americans during the american revolutionary war, why not the same for japan?

And Leonardo DaVinci was real. They've always mixed fact with fiction

And does SEA hate black people?

Why do Southeast Asians hate black people? I thought the Philippines loved black people because they love basketball so much.

Don’t want to play as black man in a japanese setting. Now hates black people apparently.

And a classic of r/japanesepeopletwitter; a person making an unhinged comment with a plethora of emojis


... YOUR MEMES END HERE 😤😤😤](https://www.reddit.com/r/japanesepeopletwitter/comments/1ctwc97/comment/l4f6bp2/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web3x&utm_name=web3xcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button)

Some particularly juicy flair includes "It's not racism, it's the fact that it's clearly forced", "I'M MAD AT WHAT WE LOST FOR THE SAKE OF DIVERSITY!", "You're a japanese dude who Hates japan", "my autistic drive requires me to correct people" and, a personal favorite of mine, "COME HERE YOU DAMN BRAT😭😭😭". I hope you enjoyed what will soon be some well-worn drama.

08:10 UTC


r/AsianAmerican is outraged at Yasuke being the star of the new Assassin's Creed game, but for a different reason

Original post: I am not okay with the new Assassin's Creed game as an Asian-American

Context: The new Assassin's Creed game from Ubisoft is going to be set in 16th-century Japan, commonly known as the Sengoku Era. The main character is based on Yasuke. There's already many people who are upset at this for bigoted reasons, but the Asian American/diaspora community is upset for reasons of representation. They bring up other examples such as Nioh or Shogun, where they argue that choosing a white male lead (black in AC's case) instead of an Asian character in an Asian setting is contributing to the erasure of Asian male leads in media.

Nioh 1 stars a white guy so I'm not sure why you're okay with that but not AC.

A little different situation, it was published by Sony and developed by Koei Tecmo Japan so it was probably Asians making these creative decisions

Just because it’s Japanese made doesn’t give it a pass. Japanese developers also have a problem of putting white/non-Asian leads in their games

Is it really hard to expect Japanese developers to make Japanese games set in Japan with Japanese characters like they are? It’s not even representation, just for them to make what they know. That’s what white men do all the time.

This is the kind of shit only some Asians would say. You never ever fucking hear other minorities in America(Black, Mexicans, Natives etc) nor other people from non-white nations say shit like this. This is embarassing.

So the issue of Asian male erasure is only okay if Asians are the ones perpetuating it?

People have a boner for calling out “anti-blackness in the asian community”

There is so much gaslighting and "just play another Samurai game" to ignore the obvious. Every AC series has had their own male representation except East Asians. it's the erasure of Asian male representation.

Making the lead of another samurai game asian isn't going to help with asian american representation. I just don't think this one is worth fighting for.

Already said it somewhere else but I'll repeat it: any asian that's comfortable with anti-blackness as a transaction for perceived allyship is being the real fool here.

Honestly, I get what you are saying, but at the same time, due to how most of the non-Asians who have an issue with it is cause they are low-key racists and hate seeing a black main character in their Japanese escapism game, I want it to succeed.

So, you'll throw our community under the bus because white gamers are racist towards Black and Asian people?

Nioh? Crickets. Shogun? Crickets. But NOW you suddenly care so damn much about asian representation the moment said representation is 'taken' away by a black man?

Fuck nioh, and fuck shogun, fuck the last samurai and fuck ghost in the shell too whole we're at it. If you think people didn't complain, you just didn't see it.

19:45 UTC


Is "cisgender" a slur? /r/FreeSpeech discusses Twitter policy

15:53 UTC


Since we haven't had one in a while, lets turn our attention once again to an age old classic: Anime and Pedophilia!

link to the thread, I will provide further below


The Setting and explaining the title

It all starts with meme about a horrible main character in a anime called Moshuku Tensei. The OC compares the main character, called Rudeus or Rudy, with another one from an anime called a silent voice. The latter, a silent voice, is a beautiful and amazing movie about bullying, self worth, growth as a person and overcoming oneself. It deals with suicide, depression, social exclusion and overall is a very sad but touching movie. It is honestly a great watch and a recommendation for everyone. Its main character was a horrible child, but shows genuine growth and seeks redemption to the deaf girl that he bullied.

The other anime, from the before mentioned series called Moshuku Tensei, deals with an anime centered around a 35-ish year old loser (overweight shut in who plays video games all day and was caught watching kiddie porn on the day of his parents funeral) that dies in our world and is reborn as a baby in a fantasy world. Now, it is a very overdone genre, called isekai, but I am a lover for this genre, so I too gave it a go, and BOY does it hit you early on with how exactly this anime is going to roll.

Our main character, who starts out as a BABY and then grows up first to a young boy (later on he will fully grow up to a grown up), exhibits continuous perverted behaviour. For example he has a fascination with underwear of the maid or those of his loli (loil =character with a clear child-esque body physique, even if said character is 100 years old) magician teacher. Later when he is 9 he meets his cousin who he tries to teach magic too.. and maybe also try to fuck on the side. Along the way he meets various young female characters to whom he has overall perverted thoughts and even acts on some of these like literally groping the girls (remember, our main character has the mind of a 35 year old grown up, in the body of a child. He is fully aware of what he is doing). While the anime is bad (I stopped at the first half of season 1 but from what I heardit continues in the same vein), the manga is even worse. Which is where we roll back to our original post, where our meme creator is mad that people hate on his beloved main character, a guy that later in the manga will fuck his before mentioned cousin (at the tender age of 13 if what I was told is correct).

Comments from the thead

I recommend going through the thread, but I will post some highlights here:

Luckily, not all users are complete degenerates and point out that the comparison to a flawed young adult who hates himself for how he treated other children when he was young, and a character who gets ACTIVELY rewarded for being a pedo are the same. And this is were I will begin sharing some of the drama:

First we have a very sane take of a user pointing out the horrible comparison, however, not everyone agrees. One person especially is adamant, that Rudy is not a groomer.

Another use is mad, because all our MC did was protect those that he loved... Ignoring the little fact that is posted right afterwards by another user (the fact being that he has a love interest with a girl HE FUCKING BABY SAT)

Another person basically saying "keep watching/reading, it makes sense later why he has multiple wives that are definitely not child like

Another user is upset that no one appreciates the character growth of said pedo

The End

I will end it here with a gentle reminder to not piss in the popcorn. Again, while anime like Moshuku Tensei are just shitty pedo fantasy stories, there are genuine good ones too. As I stated above, I really do recommend everyone to watch a Silent Voice to also see that the medium has a lot of good things to offer. Anyways, have a nice day!

14:23 UTC


r/TikTokCringe enters the pitbull debate

08:34 UTC


r/udub argues about graphic imagery, post-22-week abortion feasibility, and (sigh) dead baby jokes

I know you're all probably sick of the Israel-Palestine drama. While the University of Washington (r/udub is UW) is currently going through some wicked drama over their encampment (*note this is different than the Western Washington University encampment I wrote about a little bit ago), a well-known anti-abortion activism group... conveniently... decides to show up, sparking some subreddit drama.

There's a very, very infamous Christian anti-abortion organization that shows up yearly to pretty much every major US university campus on the west coast. Probably the east coast, too, as far as I'm aware. They are known for using body cameras, having minors hold the signs, and having the signs contain graphic imagery of deceased children. I'm not joking, I've seen it, it's pretty scary stuff. All of this is to provoke a response, hence the body cameras. Footage of their encounters are usually posted to facebook, often highly edited to make the counter-activists seem evil. This is why ignoring them is usually the best practice, and I have known people with abortion-related trauma who have refused to go to class due to the sheer presence of the activists.

If you've also seen them then you know what I'm talking about.


Not much left for this smaller one I'm afraid, although it is developing drama so maybe some more popcorn will show up in the future.

02:14 UTC


“Feel free to normalize illegal drug use. Not the path my family or I will be taking.” One user in r/Ottawa has strong feelings about Ottawa high schools teaching students how to administer Naloxone.

22:10 UTC


"THE LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING!! THE LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING!!" A post in /r/Ohio about highway driving etiquette veers into controversy when commenters argue about the 'correct' way to utilize the left lane.

For those of you who don't live in the US, the typical driving etiquette on highways is generally to drive in the right lane when driving the speed limit (or to match traffic), and to drive in the left lane when accelerating and passing cars.

So OOP makes a PSA thread in r/Ohio to address driving grievances they've noticed while living in Ohio:

It’s been 15 years since I moved to Ohio and I’ve held my tongue long enough. Far too many of you need to hear this.


God damn. I have never driven in a state with more left lane campers !it’s unreal how many are oblivious to this.

If you are not consistently passing someone on the right of you. Move out of the left lane

If someone is on ur ass you aren’t driving fast enough. Move out of the left lane.

It doesn’t matter if you are driving the speed limit move out of the left lane.

It’s not hard. And if everyone abides by this principle it actually increases the flow of traffic and saves everybody time.

Check your mirrors regularly and Move the fuck over.

You now have the tools to not be that dumb asshole holding everyone up.

Thanks in advance.

Although the OOP is rather succinct, Ohioians have plenty to say. Commenters will be abbreviated as C1, C2, C3, etc.

C1: All I’m saying is it’s not worth getting that angry about it. I don’t camp out in the high speed lane. You don’t have to do 90 all the time on the highway. Just calm down and enjoy the ride. There is no reason to be an ass. You’ll get to your destination just fine and in a better mood if you just give up that fight.

C2: Nah people have places to be and they don't shouldn't have to deal with grandma who doesn't care about anyone else's time but her own, get out of the way and let people who are going faster than you pass you
C1: Leave earlier then, allow yourself time to deal with every day frustrations.
C2: You must be the grandma who can't understand that not everyone has the same time she does
C1: Tell yourself whatever you need to so you can feel better about yourself.
C2: People have places to be granny
C3: Eat a dick, and while you're doing that, move the fuck out of the way. You have no right to impede others travels.

This redditor gets peeved when people ride his ass:

C1: My only issue with this (because I agree) is that if I am passing someone slower than the person riding my ass would prefer I will take issue with them riding my ass and then go out of my way to not accommodate their desires. Stay back and I will move over once I have passed. Ride my ass and you will be stuck for much longer than you like.

C2: If there is someone riding your ass and you're in the passing lane, you're the asshole, not them. It shouldn't take long to pass a car and move out of the lane.
C1: Nope. If I'm going 70 and passing someone and someone comes up on my ass going 90 they are going to have to wait until I finish passing. If they wait without riding my ass, no problem. If they do not, they can get stuffed.
C2: So creating a dangerous situation for other drivers on the highway is OK when you feel the pathetically petty need to try to get back at another driver because they got a little too close to you?

Again, it shouldn't take long to pass someone, and you should be watching your rear view mirrors for faster moving traffic before you even get into the passing lane. If you can't get out of the lane before another car is on your ass, again, you're the one in the wrong. People who suck at driving are the ones who make your argument.

C1: Nah, I just can’t stand tailgaters so I’m not going to reward their aggressive behavior. Give me 10 seconds to pass and stay off my ass. You aren’t entitled to never hit your brakes
C2: Then you're a shitty driver for two reasons (at least, there are probably more)

1.) You can't conceptionally understand the concept that you are the one creating the situation causing the tailgating. If you're not in the passing lane and someone is tailgating you, then you have reason to be upset. But if you're in the passing lane you're the one in the wrong spot.

2.) You take things that happen on the highway personally. Just get the fuck out of the way and go on with your day. Trying to get petty revenge moving at high rates of speed in vehicles weighing over a ton is just stupid.

C1: Nah, tailgating is a choice, and it’s against the law. Slow down, let me pass the slower moving driver and safety get over into the right lane when I’ve completed passing. If I’m legally passing in the left lane, you have no business tailgating me. Slow down
C3: Turn in your license. You’re a dog shit driver
C4: Wait so the person who is passing someone at 70 mph and then getting over is creating the dangerous situation while the 90mph ass rider who can't wait the few seconds it takes for the slower car to pass someone is not? You have it backwards my friend.

This redditor explains their genius strategy of passing left lane slow drivers by taking the right lane:

C1: Don't get upset. Just get in the right lane and burn past everyone. Sometimes you will have to slow down because people only enter the highway at about 40 MPH, but they will get in the left lane in a few seconds, leaving the right lane clear for your cruising pleasure.

C2: You joke, but this is exactly how the Ohio Turnpike is. Three lanes and the right lane is always empty. It has, by necessity, become the real passing lane.

And it never fails, merging on you'll be behind somebody who seems perfectly content that they got to the end of the ramp at 45 MPH while the one vehicle actually using the right lane -- always a semi -- is barreling down the road and approaching at 75+. So you either have to come to a complete stop at the end of the ramp to yield because the jackass going 45 will barely make it in front of the semi and you won't, or floor it at the last second and get into the middle lane ASAP.

Another redditor says you can't complain about driving etiquette if you're speeding:

C1: I'll add one, if you're egregiously speeding you don't get to complain about anyone else on the road.

C2: Agree. If anyone flies up and tailgates me while I'm going 15 over, we're now going to go the speed limit until they back off.
C3: Nice work Deputy. Thanks for keeping the roads safe by being roadblock to other drivers
C2: No problem. I really hope you don't get in a horrific car accident because you decide to speed instead of leave earlier!
C4: Ummm, yeah. So why are you going 15 miles over? Are you late for something?
C2: If I'm passing someone in the left lane, as is being discussed in the original post, I try to keep moving a bit faster. Would you rather people go the speed limit in the left lane? Something tells me you'd complain about that too.
C4: No, I’m solidly in the camp of following the Rules of the Road. Efficiency and predictability. Purposefully blocking traffic causes frustration, which causes people to do stupid things, which causes accidents. Swallow your pride and move over for any traffic faster than you no matter how fast you are going.
C5 [to C3's roadblock comment]: You're being a danger to everyone. You can't complain when you're already being that stupid.
C1: The danger wouldn't be there had the person not been egregiously speeding, ergo the blame falls on them.
C6: You are exactly the reason drivers in this state have this reputation. Your poor decisions are yours and yours alone. Two wrongs don't make a right, and your attitude is part of the problem.
C1: I'm not defending blocking traffic. Never once did I say that. Your inability to comprehend what you've read is the only problem here atm.

Yet another redditor declares the OOP's rant to be moot:

C1: You worry about stupid shit.

OOP: Its been proven to reduce accidents and save time. Just because ur too stupid to understand that doesn’t make it stupid.
C1: Find more important things to worry about.
C2: Found the asshole who doesn't know how to drive🖕
C1: Found the dipshit with nothing better to do than whine about traffic.
C2: Nothing better to do because I'm stuck behind a Sunday driver. Seriously though it's a hazard, stay out of the left lane!

OOP did comment on a few other things, but at some point, they edited the post with this:

Edit: Lots of hurt butts in the comments. If You are in anything but agreement with me then, well, ur dumb. But for the sake of civilize discussion and higher learning let’s let the dumb dumbs, and dummy dumb nincompoops answer for themselves. Please tell us why it’s ok for you to be able to camp your two brain cells in the left lane and make me late for my cats soccer game?

For those of you that think my anger is silly and unjustified, my friend just nearly had her life taken from her in an accident with someone trying to get around a lane camper that as backing up traffic.

Yes this exists everywhere but Ohio particularly bad. Am I wrong for wanting Ohio to suck a little less?

This thread is still getting new comments, so feel free to browse it for more speedy takes!

02:38 UTC


“Sit on ice for a bit, because your are clearly butt hurt” The culture wars come to /r/AppleWatch as Redditors work themselves into a lather over a rainbow-colored icon

#The Context:

A user posts a screenshot of the rainbow-colored icon for the latest watchOS update to /r/AppleWatch with the title “Why is there never a cool watch face, always pride”.

Accusations of homophobia and virtue signaling quickly fly as Redditors debate the meaning, intent, and ramifications of this multicolored tempest.

#The Drama:

What’s the utility here?

We need less political/agenda driven watch faces, and more neutral, actually useful watch faces.

Lol what is political about who someone is attracted to?

I’m attracted to women. Where is my WW2 pinup poster option? If you don’t think that would sell then you’ve paid no attention to things like zippo lighters, playing cards, man cave decorations, bar decorations, and a whole lot of other stuff.

Where’s my silhouettes of bikini models?

Heck go right for the gusto with the cookies over the breasts lady from the Times Square ad that got taken down.

You want a prize for not having to deal with all the bullshit of being a non-straight/cisgendered person?

I’m glad Apple puts out these pride faces, just because it annoys people like you.

It’s ironic how you weirdos always cry about people calling you names, but then insist on calling normal people “cis” after being told repeatedly by the vast majority of the world population that we don’t want to be called “cis” and that it’s insulting.


Cisgender isn’t an insulting term in the same way that transgender isn’t an insulting term.

Also, I’m not a weirdo.

A very small subset of the population has problems with the term cis, and it’s basically entirely transphobes. Do you have problems with the term heterosexual? Because it’s literally the same thing.


See, you're already proud of being straight cause it's normalized, nobody gives you sh*t for it. Lots of gays depending on where they're from may feel ashamed or wonder why they get so much backlash for their preferences. Yes, even today that's still frowned upon on certain parts of the world or even here in the States. As a straight person myself, it's really not that hard to understand as long as you have empathy or have seen first hand what some gay people go through.

That said, I think we have too many Pride faces, and Apple needs to make unique faces that actually do something like the "Count Up", "Chronograph", or "Solar" faces.

Nobody gives me shit for it? Go check out my negative down doots.


It’s badge of honor to be down-dooted in pursuit of more inclusive marketing by Apple!

You’re not getting downvoted for being straight and you know it dude. This is pathetic.


Them throwing themselves into it saying they don’t have rights and a ton of other nonsense.

This very post proves that they are not treated the same as the rest of the population.

oh? where are all the straight celebrating watch faces?


Can you name a political watch face currently available?


Are people making a mountain out of a molehill?

New watch faces are being added with release of a new watchOS each year New Pride watch faces are being added a month before the Pride Month each year I don’t understand what your are moaning about Wanna “cool watch faces” go buy Samsung, they have piles of that crap

Just make a normal watch face instead of pandering lol

Sit on ice for a bit, because your are clearly butt hurt

Yup that’s me!

Is this virtue signaling?

Because virtue signaling is corporation's greatest achievement and must be nurtured over anything else

Right, so we're going to ignore all the money Apple has donated to LGBT orgs including directly from rainbow band purchases? Or should I move the goal post of what virtue signaling means.

Bro, this is marketing expenses that you can write off your taxes. It’s nothing for them. And they make even more money in return.

When they withdraw from countries where they kill gay people for being gay then we can talk about their values

You're ignoring the impact on the LGBT community it makes. I doubt there is any amount they could donate that would satisfy you since you don't see the impact, you just see the act of giving and criticize it because it doesn't conform to your values.

Apple is a company, not a person. Apple operating in the US doesn't mean it supported the war in Iraq. Apple products being on sale in Hong Kong doesn't mean it supports a free Hong Kong either. Companies don't have values, they are only an amalgamation of actions. Personifying corporations is buying marketing hook, line, and sinker.

Ironically you're virtue signaling pretty hard here yourself.

Exactly, companies have no values. Yes. They exist to make profit.

That’s why I don’t like when they act like they have values. Even more so when they have strong values, they promote those „values” and are very proud of themselves.

Just shut up and sell your iPhones


It's like you're trying to play bigotry on hard mode.

Are u people capable of fighting an argument instead of a person? You are the second or third person that insult me for no reason smh. How tf am I a bigot? What did I say that triggered you so much?

Who is "u people"? I didn't insult you, I said you trying to play bigotry on hard mode. When did you playing a game become a insult? You didn't trigger me, but you appear to be pretty triggered yourself.

What did u even mean by that - "playing bigotry on hard mode"? Is this some idiom or saying I don't get?


I’m surprised that you’re not embarrassed to display yourself in public as being whiny and self-centered. The new face is a positive thing, but because it doesn’t affect you, it’s something to complain about. Not too self-centered is it?

Bigots are going to bigot.

Yes, because you are not self-centered for thinking that Apple gives a shit about you or LGBTQ community rights xD. They are doing it for you, for your values! They value you so much.

In Saudi Arabia they value Islam more tho, so they won’t celebrate pride month there, but they are totally supporting gay community, trust me bro. Genuinely.

Now pay more for the company that shares your values

Thanks for confirming just what an awful person you are.

Jesus, man, got to hell with your judgements and crying, really

Using Reddit’s “this user needs help “ feature is a dick move that moves their resources away from people who actually needed it. I’m not surprised that you made such a dick move


I don’t know what you are talking about. I didn’t use any feature, didn’t even know such thing existed.

I don’t think you need help, you are just dumb

The good old “who me?” response.

Go away kid, you bother me.

XD you might need help after all.


Is this pandering?

The pandering to any specific group by corporations is insufferable.

Watching adults cry over a pride watch face is insufferable.

lol - you've made 11 comments on this post alone.

You are the problem with PRIDE and why everything is so extreme.

Maybe disagree, and move on to the next topic - holy shit you are obsessed with spreading hate.

Are you brain damaged? You have to be

Whatever brain damage I may suffer from, you have it 10x worse.

Have a great day continuing to be miserable :)


Have a good day crying over a pride watch face and being a braindead bigot.

#The Flairs:

19:17 UTC


The new Assassin's Creed game features a black Samurai in Feudal Japan. Need I say more?

17:37 UTC


Western Washington University follows suit and joins many universities across the country with a pro-palestine encampment. Some members of r/wwu are NOT happy

Western Washington University (WWU) is an accredited 4-year university in Bellingham, Washington, USA. As somebody who has lived in the area, I should emphasize that WWU in particular is known for protests. There are protests on every aspect almost weekly.

The encampment comes a few weeks after organizers met with the University President to discuss ending the university's divestment in various corporations that are fueling the conflict, particularly Boeing (which manufactures weapons). There are a number of other demands, but this particular demand is the most important. After two meetings, the university president refused to even discuss it further, which is the reason for the encampment.

Here's a link to their list of demands if anybody's interested in reading it


From r/wwu: "Pro-Palestinian encampment on campus on Tuesday morning"

Remember when I said WWU is in Bellingham? r/Bellingham has some takes too:


edit: if you brigade this thread from somewhere else you're a loser with no friends :)

15:19 UTC


r/Games discusses the ethics of generative AI

link to post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/s/a2k5J5rQBs

The videogame Stellaris, developed by Paradox, has gotten a DLC about AI, wich has used AI generated voices for some characters. r\Games discusses the implications of this:

The main discussion happens in this comment, wich is too long to copy-paste

some noteworthy replies:

Fair, but let's be honest, just because it's human-made, doesn't make it not-slop automatically. There's plenty of trash human artists that produce slop, and/or rip off each other. They're just really upset right now because AI is about to rip them all off, and it will do it with the brutal efficiency that they can barely even conceive of.

AI doesn't steal any more than human artists do.

Other interesting comments:

This is a whole nothing burger, actors are paid for every single line generated by AI. This isn't about cutting costs, but rather to make their development easier.

At the end of the day, AI is here to stay and there's really no stopping it now. At least in this case, the developer is being transparent about it and compensating/crediting those involved. I'm sure we're going to see a lot more games by less ethical developers that won't even disclose it.

Are games with procedural generation taking money away from level designers?

Definitely not touching anything that uses AI voice performances. Hard line. There are more than enough great games that don't replace artistic performance with cheap slop.

Please use AI voice as much as you can. Don't let them tell you it's unethical lol. Every studio is fighting for survival today because of the exploding costs and crunch times, so if modern technology allows you to save costs on something else then developers, please do so. I want good studios to survive.

The post is very controversial so act quickly and grab some popcorn before the comments get locked.

Edit: some more controversial comments.

Lmao, the people freaking out about AI need to chill. There's going to be a lot more of this. Some of these easy jobs are going away.

I’m a voice actor. AI replacing actors would be horrible, but what I think is a lot more likely is just that actors license out an AI copy of their voice on a per-project basis. It’s already happening now.

I would love for someone to tell me what's wrong with this other than just "AI bad"

05:08 UTC


"I'm pretty sure the majority of Christians would agree that slavery is worse than homosexuality despite the Bible making it clear that the opposite is the case." "That is to their discredit." /r/Christianity debates if slavery is a positive, moral social institution

Another installment in the eternal gay crusades of /r/Christianity, now complete with more Daughters of the Confederacy level discourse about slavery.

Because it is worse than slavery.

Why do people try to force God to agree with them and accept their ideas rather than trying to learn God's will and align themselves to it?

so god has a poor morality

No. You do, if you disagree with him.

common you can also use your critical mind and say something is bad if it is obviously bad

Obvious to whom?

And based on what standard of badness?

mmm... empathy, compassion,

make a person as your property is baaad

Suffering under massive debt? Choose to sell yourself into slavery to pay the debt and remove the burden. While a slave you will have to do whatever work your owner requires, but you are guaranteed room and board and have no financial obligations. When the term of your slavery is over, if you are happy in your current situation, you can choose to make it permanent. If you are unhappy you go free with no debt and a small amount of money to help you establish yourself in your restored liberty.

The problem is that people today only think of slavery as it existed in the transatlantic slave trade, but that was not the only form in history. I think if slavery as set out in the Law of Moses was practiced today we would have much less of a debt based economy.

it doesn't work that way if you're a woman. if you're a woman and are sold by your father, you are enslaved for life.


There's also another child thread where someone pointed out that the parent commenter is an insane bigot but the mods nuked their responses for incivility.

Slavery doesn't cause less people to exist. The YouTube apologists have approached the slavery topic a lot recently. I used to wonder the same thing. The matter is God has these people and he wants them to be a certain way but they are stubborn.. think of it like you have a cow that ran away and home is north and this dumb ass cow doesn't want to go north but he will go north west..

Slavery torments the already living...

Not always historically. This is what people are taught in a modern lens. Sometimes in the past people would purposely become slaves in Jacob's case to get a wife. And something interesting in Bible slave laws is that these people could run away.. so if your gig is such a bad deal that you want to leave, you can. Additionally in the case of Israel after a certain number of years they go free.. and some of them loved their masters so much they decided to stay.. which is likely the case with Eliezer.

.... leave it to r/Christianity to see people speak so positively on the concept of salvery


A digression on Hebrew translation

For one thing, "abomination" is not really a great translation of the word "ṯō·w·‘ă·ḇaṯ" / ṯō·w·‘ê·ḇāh, which is used in a variety of "do not" contexts, not necessarily conveying the sort of disgust and rage that "abomination" suggests.

Let me rephrase the post to your liking: Why does the Bible condone enslaving people but demand two men be killed if they have sex with each other?

Because one is a commandment and one is not.

Doesn’t seem fair to most ears, but when someone is circumcised of ear and heart, they “see” things differently.


That's a very good question. Slavery is a horrible thing, it's detestable. The idea of something like that coming from a loving god would be a huge contradiction. It's up to you how you choose to rectify that

Slavery back then is not the same as what we went through recently. Where it’s just whips on plantations.

And you guys cherry picking homosexuality over all other sins is ridiculous. If homosexuality is ok, then why can’t all adultery be ok?

What's wrong with two people of the same sex in a loving, consensual, mutual relationship?

If they’re celibate then nothing…

What’s wrong with Covet and adultey as a whole? Let’s just abolish it. Is that ok?

Well both of those things harm people

If you covet something that doesn't belong to you, that eats a hole in you and might inspire you to do something to get what you covet.

Adultery damages trust between romantic partners and breaks hearts.

Two mutually loving people having sex who have the same genitalia harms no one.

Two same sex couple having sex also eats a hole in them. Spiritually. If you don’t like it then it’s ok, just don’t call yourself a Christian and expect God to favor your desires in the end. The point is to trust God. You’re literally going against him by committing adultey having same sex in the dark… Why not just be celibate? Why do you need to have same sex relations and blame the Bible for not being fair. It makes no sense. If you’re a homosexual who chooses sex over God. Cool. But don’t drag him down because he can’t see you in the dark.


Are you saying slavery isn’t detestable or that it coming from a loving god isn’t a contradiction?

a loving God and slavery isn’t a contradiction. You need objective morality in the first place for it to be a contradiction, and you atheists do not.

a loving God and slavery isn’t a contradiction. You need objective morality in the first place for it to be a contradiction, and you atheists do not.

I think you're misunderstanding "objective morality" there are several ethical schools that don't require an authority figure.


I think saying homosexuality is not harmful is naive. You are free to do it but it does have consequences that preclude you from any semblance of traditional living. Also, if everyone was homosexual there would be no people bc it does not produce children.

The only downsides are from the hate bigots create. Let’s not victim blame now

Haters gotta hate 🤷🏾‍♂️... is Taylor swift a victim too? She has haters after all.


I believe it has to do with the nature of their slavery. The standards for slavery were different than today’s- I don’t believe they had prisons; if you owed someone something, you became their slave. It was a temporary status.

The only more permanent slave status I’ve read in the Bible involved pagan people that were being punished.

No, god explicitly permits people to own other people as their property for life. It was not always temporary, and didn't always have anything to do with debt repayment.

Exodus 21: 2-6

“When you buy a Hebrew slave, he is to serve for six years; then in the seventh he is to leave as a free man without paying anything.”

Right. Now read Leviticus 25:44-46 about buying and owning foreign slaves.

Yeah, that’s what I meant about “punishment for pagan nations” Everyone around the Israelites were pagans.


According to your own morality, the concepts of slavery and that of a loving God are contradictory. Just about anyone should be able to see that regardless of religious beliefs.

Nope. Slavery and a loving God are compatible, as we don’t decide morality you might as well tell that opinion to a brick wall.

So again, how is slavery and a loving God contradictory?

Because slaves are not the recipient of God’s love. You can’t love someone and also allow them to be enslaved.

Why not? Who are you to decide what love is and what love isn’t?

I’m sorry you feel that way. It’s mind-boggling to me that you think enslavement of humans is OK.


Slavery isn’t necessarily the worst thing to happen to anybody ever, we just fetishise it today because America puts so much importance on it. Fact is that in ancient pre-mechanised times if you needed something doing you with did it yourself or got your captured enemies to do it. Slavery has been present in every society in history and has many forms, it’s damn nearly a natural state of humanity. Sometimes slaves were abused, murdered, tortured, raped; sometimes they were given gifts and made part of the family. “The ottomans took Christian children as slaves and made them into elite warriors who eventually got their own kingdom, meanwhile their trans-Saharan slave traders routinely castrated all the males they got from Africa and sent the women into harems, making European slavery relatively benign.

“B-But akshually guys slavery wasn’t that bad and it’s natural!!!”

You go out of your way to defend slavery, but don’t do the same with homosexuality which is objectively less harmful, please stop talking.


The Lord doesn't need to call salvery an abomination. There is a correct way to handle slavery through debt. However, that does not mean they are property. The Lord's children, ARE NOT FOR SALE. All debt should be and needs to be released freely every 7 years. Then you bless them as they leave freely, regardless of the amount of debt returned back.

Homosexuality IS A CHOICE. It's a much of a choice to choose who you sleep with, as it is to lust in the first place. He calls it an abomination because it's your choice, and it almost always leads to a chaotic state. Not directly, rather, indirectly. It leads culture into a mindset of "I should be able to anything I want to". Sadly, that's just not how a stable society functions, and you see it's ripple effect today.

Homosexuality is NOT a choice, plain and simple, no buts or ifs. If it was, you could choose to be homosexual for just 5 minutes to prove your point which you obviously can’t, no matter how hard you try you can’t control who or what you’re attracted to. It is also not inherently lustful just as heterosexuality isn’t inherently lustful, couples of any gender or sexuality can have a loving and healthy relationship. It doesn’t lead to any “chaotic state”, as I mentioned before it can be perfectly healthy, what truly leads to a chaotic state is the constant backlash of mindless homophobes who don’t want to accept the fact that their worldview is wrong. Also, multiple societies in the past had no problem with homosexuality and turned out very prosperous. Read a book, bigot.


What an insightful response.

There is no response you will accept or even listen to. I gave the only one worth giving.

That’s blatant projection right there, you did not accept or listen to my response, so it’s more like you were proven wrong and didn’t know what to reply with.



The mod team capped off the entire drama by deleting the entire post

Removed for 2.1 - Belittling Christianity.

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02:42 UTC


Within the comments of a Volume 1 cover art thread for a manga in /r/manga, a power mod won't stop trying to get the last word in.

The original thread in r/manga is a post titled "Tsumiki Ogami & the Strange Everyday Life. - Volume 1 Cover", and it's an image of the cover art for the new series' volume 1 edition (Japanese manga chapters get compiled into physical volumes so you can read 7-8 chapters at a time in one book).

Now, I wrote in the title that the drama involves a power mod, and personally, I don't know how many subs someone can mod for before they're considered a power mod, but the redditors in this conversation mod 150+ subreddits for reference, so I consider that power mod status. One of these power mods in particular will create a new subreddit for every new Weekly Shonen Jump manga series, precisely so they can be the top mod for the subreddit and dictate how the rules go there. It should also be noted that this power mod creates a discord server for these series as well, and advertises it in the series' subreddits.

With that out of the way, the drama spawns shortly after a regular comment about the art for the volume: (regular redditors will be abbrev. as C1, C2, while power mod accounts will be Pmod1, Pmod2)


Pmod1:  r/OgamiTsumiki gonna have a field trip with this today
Pmod2[OP]: go away [links to a comment in another thread which states: "Don't listen to [Pmod1]. It's the same guy who'll shill his new subreddit for any new manga that appears."]
Pmod1: Why do you hate me punpun, I thought we were besties :(
C2: Spiderman pointing at Spiderman
C3: battle of the power mods: who can be mods for more manga subreddits

Even though the spiderman comment was in reply to Pmod2, Pmod1 reads it and decides to respond to C2:

C2: Spiderman pointing at Spiderman

Pmod1: Lol why don't u go and mald over some [Weekly Shonen Jump] series sales and [Table of Contents] shit what are you doing here xd.
C2: Get help
Pmod1: Say the same thing again but infront of a mirror now.
C2: You're so god damn weird jfc
Pmod1: Yeah sure you come and comment under my thread and I'm the weird one. Get a life bro lol reddit isn't everything.
C2: Yes, you're the weird one. Maybe take your own advice to heart
Pmod1: Bro lives on reddit and discord and likes to hate everywhere lol. No wonder they always clown on you, you should look deeper into yourself where it all went wrong.
C2: Please get help
Pmod1: I'm pleading the same for you too! Please go get help, being obsessed with others isn't good for you.
C2: Yes, surely it's me being obsessed and not you. Get help, please.
Pmod1: Just stop replying to me brother it's looking mad embarrassing for you [at this point].
C2: It's looking embarrassing for me when you're the one who replied to a comment that wasn't even a direct reply to you within a minute?
Pmod1: Maybe stop sharing it to ur secret wicket discord server 😉
C2: This just makes you look even worse 😭 What would you have done if I hadn't made that comment here? Don't want your alt to get exposed and that's why you replied here instead of the discord even though the comment was made minutes later?
Pmod1: What is bro yapping about 😭 go play with some charts or something don't disturb me now

(The way Pmod1 is talking to C2 makes it seems like C2 is a power mod, but I checked the account and they only mod 3 subreddits, so probably not? Anyways, the conversation, continued:)

C2: You are the one who started this convo man lmaoooo

Pmod1: Yeah sure that's why it shows u being the one who said "Spiderman pointing at spiderman" first lol and what does that makes you? Don't say Batman u cringe af 🤧
C2: But that reply wasn't made to you? 😭
Pmod1: Indirectly it was?? 😭 Out of the two spidermans u referenced me as one too.
C2: Are you really this dense? I didn't reply to you, you chose to engage in this convo so why are you now telling me to stop bothering you? Just stop replying lmao
Pmod1: That's what I have been telling you too, stop being obsessed with me and this weird thing where you want to have the last reply for some reason. Just stop responding back.
C2: Why would I? This is entertaining to me. Since you're apparently bothered by it, just stop replying and that's it?
Pmod1: Lol bro thinks he's the main character
C2: No, I just think you're a loser and clowning on you and other powermods is funny as fuck.
Pmod1: Lol says the social loser who has been sitting on reddit all day.
C2: You can't be this dense man. Not only have you been more active than me today specifically, you also immediately replied to a comment that wasn't even a reply to you and you are a god damn powermod. Like, the longer you keep replying the more you're embarrassing yourself.
Pmod1: I just returned from office so I got more time now buddy. I can do this all day. Keep responding back and you'll keep getting a reply back. So just stop being a clown and stop now.
C2: Again, why would I? You started this, not me and you also wanted this to stop and now you're changing your tune again. You keep making an ass out of yourself because you got so fucking triggered by a reply that wasn't even directed at you, that you can't help yourself but to continue this with more and more nonsense arguments digging yourself deeper and deeper into this hole.

I think that last comment by C2 really irritated Pmod1, because their replies get longer and the drama really duplicates:

Pmod1: Brother the only one who keeps falling deeper into this hole is you. It's like you're almost begging to be clowned atp. I can understand you have a lot of free time in your hand like most unemployed people, but that doesn't mean you should waste it all on reddit. If you want I can help you look for job applications. We can help you get through this, together.

C2: It's incredible how dumb you are, jfc. Let me repeat: You started this. Not me. You. You immediately replied to a comment that wasn't even a reply to you. Not me. You. You're so insanely triggered by a single comment that you can't simply let it go and keep getting your ass trolled by me who's laughing his ass off at how desperate you're trying to somehow own me. It's so funny how pressed you are by a single comment, but I guess if the shoe fits...
Pmod1: You literally came to the thread to start this shit and now trying to turn it on me...is this your new hobby now? From rolling in downvotes for your shit manga takes to arguing with random redditors? I'm honestly getting a kick out of it though so please continue...
C2: Omfg, it has been a full weekend and you still can't let go. That's so fucking sad. You really spent the weekend doing fun stuff and then came back here just to be angry again. Please get help.
Pmod1: Buddy I just forgot. But it's genuinely sad that you're still going on this after so long. Either get a life or some help. I'm feeling pity for you now.
C2: Sure, you "forgot" even though you clearly have notifications on since you replied to a comment that wasn't a reply to you within a minute because it triggered you so much. Look, even if you forgot it's still incredibly sad that you can't just let go and keep coming here just to be wound up by me again. I also don't know why you keep trying to spin this when the whole conversation is publicly readable and it's clear you're incredibly mad while I've already stated that I won't stop because it's fucking funny. It takes me a few minutes at worst to respond and get you to bite while you insist on pretending like you're not actually angry even though everyone knows you are because why else would you even react to my comment like that lmao. Honestly, since you're only replying sporadically with the same "no u" garbage atp, it takes the fun out of it, so I'm just gonna block your ass and hope I'll never come across you again

So C2 in fact does block Pmod1, essentially allowing them to have the last word, right? But in a twist, Pmod1 responds to C2 with another account that is a power mod for 90+ subs:

Pmod-Alt1: Did you really think you can just have the final say and then block me and think this all ends? Well guess not. If it annoys you that much then just stop replying, it's not that deep. But ofcourse it's gonna hurt your male fragile ego because deep inside you're just a scared little boy 🥺 and that's alright. We won't judge you for being so sad, it's not your fault at all buddy.

C2: I'm just gonna block that account too, lol. Wonder how many alts you have you pathetic loser
Edit: Shit, you can only block once every 24 hours... Well, time to turn off notifs. Stay mad clown
Pmod-Alt1: Keep malding. And stop replying back, u just clown on yourself more and make it super embarrassing for yourself.
C2: No u

It appears C2 blocks that account, and through Undelete, I can see there were 2 more replies from 2 other accounts, but they were deleted too fast, so this is all you see:

C2: No u

Pmod-Alt2: [deleted]
Pmod-Alt3: [removed too quickly to be archived]

The content must have been similar to some of the comments in the conversation above, because C2 edits their 'No u' comment twice to call Pmod1 out:

C2: Edit: I'm literally just gonna block all of your accounts you obsessed freak. At least it seems like you've done me a favor by blocking me with your 5th alt since I can't see your reply. No one is buying your "no u" bullshit, which is why I'm making fun of it. I'm just gonna turn off notifs again and block any account of yours I see on sight. Stay mad, loser

Edit 2: What the fuck are you talking about you fucking weirdo?? You chose to engage in this convo. You always could've just stepped away, but you were too mad to do that. It's also crazy how you try to claim that I'm mad when you're the one who replied to a comment that wasn't a reply to you because it got you so triggered and are now scrambling to find your millionth alt just to get another reply in. You're an obsessed freak, basically proving me right just by how you're reacting to all this and all you can come up with is "no u" because you have no rebuttal. Back to blocking and hoping the notif suppression actually works now...

Pmod-Alt4: Atleast ur doing both of us a favor and I can finally get rid of your obsession with me. Keep malding while I keep laughing!

Please note that this drama is a few months old, and as far as I can tell, the power mods are still doing their modding thing.

01:33 UTC


A month ago, a video from Nerd City was posted in r/youtubedrama. Today, the youtuber himself shows up in the month old thread to defend himself. It goes as well as expected

To quickly introduce Nerd City, he is a youtube with nearly 1 million subs, who gets over a million views on nearly every video, and he can be classified as a "drama youtuber". He makes long videos on youtubers he does not like and the internet also generally not like. Most of the time. He was quite well respected in the youtube community, but lately he has become more of a background character due to his efforts focusing on other things, like right-wing politics and NFTs.

Anyways, a month ago, Nerd City made a video about SSSniperwolf, which got posted on r/youtubedrama. The comments in general were pretty negative of Nerd City, talking about his views and NFTs and such.

Then today, a month after the post was made on r/youtubedrama, the man Nerd City himself shows up and immediately starts attacking.

"Do you struggle with nuance in every subject, it’s just all binary to you? What about genders, I bet you understand that spectrum, no?".

Naturally, a fellow popcorn enjoyer posts this bizarre appearance of Nerd City on r/youtubedrama. And would you look at that? Nerd City appears in this thread too!

Some highlights of Nerd City's comments:

In fact, while I am writing this he is still busy posting comments, even if they don't show up on the subreddit yet

11:51 UTC


Water under the bridge is now apparently no longer under the bridge, as YouTuber Nerd City rampages through a one month old post over on r/ youtubedrama. Somebody brings this to the attention of the subreddit, consequently summoning Nerd City and his desire to respond to *every* comment he can.

Here is the original post. Rather innocuous, it details a video Nerd City had made regarding the recent SSSniperwolf drama.

The OP OP started this chain of events by asking about the lore behind Nerd City, and why there is some animosity towards his channel.

Commentor 1: "I'm a bit out of the loop on Nerd City, what exactly did he do?"

Commentor 2: "All I'm familiar with is he got really into NFTs. He made a whole video talking about this huge NFT scam and how these guys were manipulating gullible people into buying low quality worthless crap, and then he ended it with, "And that's why you should all buy my NFT's, which are actually good because I'm definitely not scamming you."

Little did we know, this comment here had started a ticking time bomb. As if a Humvee driving through the deserts of the Arabian peninsula, unaware of what lurks beneath the sand, Nerd City stumbles upon this landmine of a comment 36 days later, and chaos ensues.

Nerd City: "Do you struggle with nuance in every subject, it's all just binary to you? What about genders, I bet you understand this spectrum, no?"

Completely incredulous to the fact that someone would reply to a pot 35 days stale, commentor 2 shares this embarrassing ordeal with r/ youtubedrama. Now, everyone, grab your popcorn.

Some people can't even believe the entire ordeal is real

Link the post. Please. If this is real, genuinely sad to see. If you're reading this define Marxism genuinely wanna know what you're gonna say lmao

Its him. Doctor Downvote is an alias of his according to a Youtuber wiki. Link is here. Probably best not to poke the bear.

Oh, never. I'm more an observer type. But if he replied to a post that old, there's a non-zero chance he's searching for posts about himself specifically.

To say the bear had been poked would be an understatement. It seemed as if this bear had been stabbed. As if his name had been repeated three times in the dark, in front of a mirror, Nerd City is summoned to this comment section where he begins arguing with a subreddit of individuals seemingly genetically predisposed to suffer from a disliking of Nerd City.

While managing to call the entirety of the subreddit's inhabitants coordinating liars while simultaneously rejecting the claim that he is actively looking for content about him to complain about, Nerd City enters the playing field with this comment.

searched for a tweet about GoT I made and found this club of coordinating liars. I treat people how they treat me. If you’re respectful, I’m respectful back.

Some can't even believe what's happening and even concerned, and others are quite entertained

It genuinely is unhealthy behavior to respond to so many Reddit comments that are this old. Like, it suggests a deep seated issue when you lash out so aggressively at criticism like this. It lowkey makes me worried for your mental health if you’re this upset that ppl in a community disagree with you on something. I’d hate to see what happens if someone irl disagrees with you

Damn I just lost respect for you

Imagine being the guy who systematically destroyed Paul’s nft scam, and then just making your own. Gotta edge out the market, eh?

What kind of weird type of masochism is this? Too kinky for me bro

OP and friends speculate that Nerd City's erratic behavior may be due to unfortunate circumstances in his life.

I kinda don’t want people to argue with him, he might be going through a rough spot and I don’t want to poke the bear more than I already have. Now if he comes to this post and bitches, that’s just his fault, it’s fair game.

Yeah I can’t imagine this person is doing too hot in the other areas of their life if this is how they’re spending their time. Happy fulfilled people don’t do that. At least I’ve been told lol. Edit: oh I just realized that’s actually nerd city and not just some guy. I’d say my point stands even more in that case, I don’t know much about nerd city but no big YouTuber would be doing this shit if they weren’t like actively losing their mind.

He’s got a hot wife who helps him clown on instagram girls, you’d think he’d be living the dream life.

Does she come braless to give him sandwiches (not asked for) with chips as he gets a double kill bot lane tho?

The Bear responds to these accusations not with denial, but with a valiant effort to stand up for himself.

That’s true, but can’t I also defend myself against a mob of fibbers and jerks? I always punched back, this is normal for me when I’m active online.

OP responds by proposing an unheard of solution

Have you considered logging off?

One user speculates that Nerd City might delete his account following these recent events, to which he replies:

I’m not saying anything I would need to hide or delete. I’m on main and reading Reddit notifs while simmering at about 3/10 Annoyed. I’m not happy to read lies, and clapping back when people lie has become underrated IMO

Insane behavior is thinking you can lie in a public forum with other cowardly people tittering word salad exaggerations and not be held accountable. These threads are big enough now that I’ll keep coming and kicking your asses like my enemies until one of your mods starts censoring me.

In what appears to be one of the only comments featuring meaningful insight, there is to nobody's surprise no response from Nerd City

You put all your eggs in a hollow basket. You wanted the profits that came with branding/merchandising without any of the products for consumers; which sucks cause you clearly are someone who cares about their art and presentation with your upload frequency and quality of content. Sucks that it came at the cost of your sanity and creativity. You spent a year on some discount pop-art fit for 3.5g bags, on a quick bag that was late to the party.

When one commentor asks why Nerd City is in the comment section, he promptly responds with an answer.

I’m letting the liars know I found their little liar’s club. Holding it accountable, one might say\

One lone person attempts to stand up for Nerd City, upon which he immediately expresses gratitude

Why do people give nerd so much flack for the nft stuff, on the tbh podcast he seemed really genuine about the whole thing and said that it wasn’t a scam or anything they even had coffezila one an episode which would seem really stupid if nerd was actually scamming people

Thank you. Finally, a single brave person stands up and spits some facts.

The rest of the comment section legitimately just consists of back and forth discourse between Nerd City and other commentors that is basically just identical to what has already been displayed.

Potential flairs !!

If you're reading this define Marxism

He’s got a hot wife who helps him clown on instagram girls

Does she come braless to give him sandwiches (not asked for) with chips as he gets a double kill bot lane tho?

can’t I also defend myself against a mob of fibbers and jerks?\

I’ll keep coming and kicking your asses like my enemies until one of your mods starts censoring me.

I’m letting the liars know I found their little liar’s club

Having a zyn induced meltdown

07:12 UTC

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