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Lots of times we find out we're the wrong size, but many of us aren't privileged enough to drop $200 to find the right size or even $40 to get the right support for our boobs. Sometimes people just want a new bra! Here you can give the people what they want, similar to /r/RandomActsOfPizza and /r/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.

First step: Make sure you've got your measurements from /r/ABraThatFits! You will want all five from this diagram and possibly to think about your shape from this one. Be sure to ask and post in /r/ABraThatFits if you're not sure about the fit and size you are calculating, especially for the more special sizes.

Lots of times we find out we're the wrong size, but many of us aren't privileged enough to drop $200 to find the right size or even $40 to get the right support for our boobs. Sometimes people just want a new bra! Here you can give the people what they want, similar to /r/RandomActsOfPizza and /r/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.

Example post formats:

[Request-USA] 28E (UK) or [Request-AU] CK Tease Me [Offer-Anywhere] 38FF or [Offer-US or CA] Your pick! OR [Thanks!].

Please use your location in the title! This includes your state, and country.

Be sure to also strike out things that have been assigned, just like in /r/braswap. If everything offered or requested has been sent/received, do not delete your post. Make sure you add "rehomed" or "bra'd" flair to your post. If you do not know how to add flair to your post, follow the tutorial here


  • Provide photo verification of the bra (a piece of paper with your username and the bra and its tags is sufficient).

  • Specify the size and shape (if applicable) - don't forget to include what sizing it is - EU, AU, UK, etc.

  • Provide pictures of any wear and tear.

If you are looking to sell or trade a bra, please head over to /r/braswap.

If you as a recipient find that a bra doesn't work out, you should preferably pass it on here to find it a good home.


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[Offer] Adina Reay Lizzie in UK 28E/ US 28F

Selling this pink bra in UK size 28E. https://www.adinareay.com/products/lizzie-bra?variant=37562073219267 Fits true to size. Tags off, worn a couple of times, hand washed with eucalan. 35 euro

10:47 UTC


help. measured into 26F/FF UK

hey guys! I’m a student and I can’t really afford a 26 band bra T-T does anyone have this size that they grew out of or don’t want anymore? I’m kinda really projected so hopefully something for projected breasts. I think 28D/E/F also works but 26 would be the best

11:14 UTC


[Offer] Scantilly 30DD

I have a 30DD Scantilly Buckle Up Padded Half Cup bra in black that I bought about a year ago and wore once, because it fits small in both the band and the cups. Shipping from Canada, willing to send it basically anywhere.


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06:06 UTC


Panache Melody and Jasmine 30E for shipping

I'm a ding dong who ordered the wrong size on Poshmark. My blind ass saw 36 when it was def 30. My goof is your fortune! Just message me or tag me or whatever and they're yours for cost of shipping. Melody is nude, jasmine is blue floral and gray. Lightly used.

23:16 UTC


looking for 38h/38hh uk sizing

hello, i am in desperate need of new bras that don’t leave impressions on my skin and don’t dig into my underarms. if possible, something that fits a more narrow root, but i’ll honestly take what i can get (⋟﹏⋞)

01:10 UTC


[Offer] 32B Understance plunge grey

Free, just pay for shipping! I'm in Ontario. I wore this like 2-3 times before my size changed drastically because of bc. It's in great condition and super comfortable.

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19:09 UTC


Five underwire 32DD bras for shipping

Cleo by panache Harper, nude color

Natori Beyond Convertible Contour, rose beige/pink rose color

Auden Everyday lightly lined, nude color

Maidenform One Fab Fit Everyday Racerback w/front closure, nude color

Maidenform One Fab Fit Everyday Racerback w/front closure, black color

Good condition and worn on rotation. Always gently washed and air dried. I'll send them to whoever wants them in exchange for shipping costs.

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16:15 UTC


looking for US size 30G, 30H, 32DDD, 32G

not sure which of these sizes would fit me best. no places with inclusive sizing near me and i don’t have the money to buy a bunch of bras that might not fit online yk?

05:32 UTC


[offer] wired Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Fig Leaves in 30H, 32G, 34G, 34GG

Getting rid of some bras that don't fit anymore but still yet have life in them. Only asking for shipping cost (paypal, venmo, etc) and will ship to wherever from Texas. Please post in this thread with your interested item(s) and I will take it to DMs from there. I will not respond to anyone that initiates chat/DM with me.

Here's a gallery of the offered bras and the list below:

  • 1: Freya 34G (padded, convertible racerback)
  • 2: PENDING Freya 32G (padded)
  • 3: PENDING Fantasie 32G (padded, convertible racerback, BLUSH color)
  • 4: PENDING Fauve 32G
  • 5: PENDING Fauve 32G
  • 6: Freya 34GG (padded)
  • 7: Freya 30H
  • 8: PENDING Fig Leaves 32G (demi, very strappy)

Oddly enough, they're all brands that start with the letter F.

Edit: all in UK sizing

04:38 UTC


2 Chantelle 32E bras for shipping costs

2 bras Chantelle 32E need new home for shipping costs


00:37 UTC


Looking for a nursing bra in US 34G/ UK 34F

I have a package from Hotmilk Lingerie that’s currently held up in customs, hasn’t moved for 11 days and counting.

I’m two months postpartum and desperate for something other than a sleep/sports bra type to wear.

I can’t get anything above DD locally near me and I really don’t want to spend a ton of money to order yet another bra when I have $130+ tied up in this Hotmilk package

20:21 UTC


Camo bra

Looking for a camo bra any size but 18C(NZ) would be perfect but any camo bra really. As can't find any in New Zealand

19:39 UTC


Simone Perele 32F and Montelle Intimates 34D

Claimed!!! Happy to gift if you can give these a home! Both are a medium grey tone, lace, lightly used. Simone Pérèle has matching thong in size small, if interested. Just pay for shipping costs.

22:50 UTC


11 34ddd bras

Happy to send pics, all great quality barely used. $5 each bra plus shipping

If bought together $35 plus shipping

18:35 UTC


[Offer] HotMilk maternity bras - adjusted to 10JJ/32JJ (aust/UK) - Australia

Free to a good home in Australia.

Hot Milk maternity bras, two wireless and one wired t-shirt style bra.

Purchased 12J and then the shop adjusted them for me. In the smaller band size, the cups therefore should be a JJ sizing.

Fit band 10 / 32 or smaller.

Please comment here and then DM me (so I know to check the private messages).

12:03 UTC


To gift - Berlei 12G - Australia

Post pregnancy and baby, I'm never fitting these again and would like to rehome to anyone that wears them -

Berlei styles - YZKD (beige) YXCV (one navy and one beige)

Also two triumph bras (one wireless) and a bonds bra in 12G. If they fit in the postage box, they can go too.

Light wear on the Berlei, all have much more use.

If you wear this size and are interested, please comment and then DM (or I won't check the private messages).

Would prefer just to post domestically in Australia.

11:56 UTC


32D / 32C bras in good condition!

Free to whoever would like them. Priority will go to whoever would like all 3. Just pay for shipping. 🙂


1x Victoria's Secret black lightly lined bra 32D
1x Victoria's Secret maroon lace bra w/ slight push up 32D

1x Natori Feathers Underwire Plunge Strapless Bra, nude, 32C

19:15 UTC


36DDD/38DD lightly used, free

Lightly used CUUP bra. Pale cream, unlined/mesh underwire bra, extremely comfortable, natural shape, plunge neckline. A known issue with CUUP is that the band stretches quite a bit so even though it’s a lovely bra, it quickly became a bad fit for me. It is marked as a 34G, it fits much more like a 36DDD or even a 38DD. Slight pilling inside the underwire.

04:58 UTC


New! Parfait 38H Seamless Black Bra

I recently ordered a grab bag from Breakout Bras (not a promotion post but go check them out if you are willing to gamble $80 for four great bras!), and had my first mis-fit from them. I can't return it, and would love to pass this one on to someone else!

Bra is brand new, tried on once for about 2 minutes. It's sized at a 38H, but the band has a LOT of stretch, so that I can put it on the tightest hook and still get my fist under the band. If you're smaller than 38G/H, I imagine you'd run into the same problem as a caution :)

Link to style: https://www.barenecessities.com/product.aspx?pfid=ParfaitP58622

Happy to ship USPS to anyone in the US - if you're outside of the US, we can talk shipping; just want to pass on a new bra to someone who might not otherwise be able to get one!

18:54 UTC


10 - ThirdLove Bras Sizes 38F, 36F & 34G (just pay shipping)

Hi there - I have the following:

All in excellent condition. No longer able to wear due to weight loss. Just pay for shipping.

5 bras - 38F

Petal Lace Demo Bra (Navy) Artisan Lace Balconette Bra (Olive, Pink, Blue) 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra (with removable straps nude)

2 bras - 36F

24/7 Classic Strapless Bra (with removable straps nude) 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra (Black)

3 bras- 34G

Deco Lace Demi (black) 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra (Black) 24/7 Pima Cotton T-Shirt Bra (Black)

PayPal for shipping costs. Feel free to DM for pictures.

23:52 UTC


My wife is looking for a lightly lined, v neck, stretchy, adjustable bra without a clasp

We found one from calvin klein "Invisibles Lightly Lined Triangle Bralette". It's 45 dollars per bra which is more expensive than we'd like.


It needs to be bra that is lightly lined, v neck, stretchy, adjustable bra without a clasp.

Thanks for your time.

15:45 UTC


Looking for size 32D

Any size 32 D plz pm me I have no issue paying shipping(: I'm recovering from a stroke andedocally off work so funds are tight and I'm down to my last bra!

23:40 UTC


Had breast reduction - giving away lots of bras for cheap! 32-34 ddd + one 32g

I just got a breast reduction and I have all these bras that don't fit me now... I know bras for larger breasts tend to be really expensive so I'm willing to sell these for really cheap. I've barely worn them because they didn't even fit... dm for pics :)

32ddd $5 + shipping

32g bare necessities bra $20 + shipping

23:31 UTC


ittt bitty club?

anyone in the kitty bitty club (34b) have any extras laying around?

08:18 UTC


[Offer] Underoutfit and Evelyn & Bobbie

Underoutfit bra - Comfort Shaping Bra, wireless with adjustable straps in size small in color sand. New with tags. Website here

Evelyn & Bobbie bras - Beyond Bra, wireless with adjustable straps. Several in multiple colors (black x2, beige x2, brown x1, navy x2, slate blue/gray x4). Worn and washed several times but all in good shape. All are size small. Still plenty of life left. Website here

Free, just pay US shipping to US locations!

17:23 UTC


7 Bras, 32D Victoria's Secret, Free US Shipping

Black pull-over sports bra, soft molded cups, adjustable straps, lightweight

Hot pink VSX sport "The Ultimate," adjustable 2-hook band, convertible straps and soft molded cups

Nude Body by Victoria No-Wire, convertible straps

Lavender Incredible by Victoria's Secret, underwire,lined perfect coverage convertible straps

Light grey, lined no-wire, convertible straps

Navy & blue lace PINK Date Lightly Lined

White lace Very Sexy Unlined Demi

All 32D size, in good condition but have been worn and washed, hung to dry. My sister worked for Limited Brands and would always buy me tons of bras at a discount, so I had many in the rotation. 3 years after babies and still breastfeeding, they might as well go to a new home at this point. Nothing super high-end, and won't fit all shapes and sizes, but free including shipping in US to someone who can use them. Prefer the same person take them all!

02:39 UTC


My first 100% fitting bra!

I would never have afforded it with my minimal wage income. Thanks to a lovely soul in here I have a bra that fits now.

I also learned what bra style that best suits me. I have been way off and now I know what to look for and I'm just so thankful. ❤️🌷

00:52 UTC


[Offer] Glamorise, VS, Cacique, Lilyette, Playtex 40C 42C 44C 46C Just pay shipping

Lost weight so getting rid of these.

Beige Victorias Secret Biofit 40C wired, padded, lace
Strapless black Lilyette 42C
Cream Lilyette 44C, wired, no padding, lace, some elastic fraying
Cream Lilyette 44C, wired, no padding, lace
2 x Beige Playtex 44C wired, lightly padded
Black Playtex 44C wired, no padding
Beige Cacique 44C wired, padded
Black Cacique 44C, wired, padded
Black Playtex 44C, wired, padded
Black Glamorise 46C, wired, no padding, lace

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01:59 UTC


[Offer] - Fantasie 32F, Freya 32F-32G, Bare Necessities 32G,34H, and Birdsong 32G

I'm finally culling my wardrobe after a big move, and I would love to rehome some of these bras. The 32Fs are well-loved but in very good condition, since I stopped wearing them due to sizing up. The 32Gs have been worn a handful of times, and I just didn't like how they fit my body.

DM me and I'll send them your way for just the cost of shipping [US].

Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/vuuEqLN

Worn, Excellent Condition

  • [Claimed] Fantasie Fusion Side Support Bra 32F(UK)/32G(US) (white)
  • [Claimed] Freya Fancies Plunge Balcony Bra 32F(UK)/32G(US) (green)
  • [Claimed] Freya Idol Balcony T-Shirt Bra 32F(UK)/32G(US) (teal blue)

Worn only a handful of times:

  • [Claimed] Bare Necessities The Favorite T-Shirt Bra 32G (US) (slate color)
  • [Claimed] Birdsong Lily Comfort T-Shirt Bra 32G (US I think?) (purple)
    • I am so sad that this one didn't fit me - the fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable. I looked on BN and it seems like birdsong is going out of business and you can't find them in larger sizes anymore. Even at the time, they probably didn't have my 32I US equivalent, so that may be why I tried this 32G. Oh well.

Tried On Once:

  • [Claimed] Bare Necessities The Essential Lace Unlined Balconette + underwear set 34H (US) (orange)

    • Got this one as a freebie, and they didn't have my size so I just - tried for a close-ish band match? Didn't fit at all lol.

Did not try on (lol):

  • [Claimed] Mapale Lingerie Top Small/Medium
18:30 UTC


[Offer] Hotmilk nursing bra US-34H/UK 34FF. Just pay shipping, Located in USA, LA.

I have a black lace "Temptation" nursing bra by Hotmilk to give away. Worn only a couple of times, because it didn't not fit after I have birth.

Photos available upon request.

18:21 UTC

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