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Underwire shows through any top I wear

Hi, I haven't seen anyone with this problem and I'm not sure how to fix it. With any bra that I get, the underwire at the bottom kind of juts out from my ribcage and becomes visible through my top, especially if I'm wearing a tighter shirt. I'm not sure if this is a sizing problem, if I just happened to bend the underwire, or if I should just buy a wireless bra. Thank you!

1 Comment
17:44 UTC


BraShopDirectory audit is progressing, slowly, but still progressing. Life keeps getting in the way.

I've made it through all the stores on my list that begin with the letters A through R.

There seems to be just as many stores opening as there were closing so the numbers are holding steady around 500 stores open across the U.S.

My web designer is working on some formatting changes for me so that there is less empty space and , therefore, less scroll along with a few other tweaks.

More to come.

As always, if there is a store near you or that you know of, that isn't on my site, please let me know.



16:53 UTC


[Fit Check] Freya Fancies and Panache Tango 30F. I have a bit of wrinkling at the top I think


This is my first time buying a bra in the size that ABTF calculator gave me. I tried the bras on with the cups down and they fit perfectly. They aren’t tight and I don’t feel like I’m struggling to breathe. I did swoop and scoop, but I did notice some wrinkling at the top. My right boob is smaller than the left so I did expect that on that side, however the left side also has little wrinkling on both bras but mostly on the Freya Fancies bra.

Just wondering if this is the correct size or if I should look for a sister size or something. The pics are a bit blurry but I hope they’re not too bad :/

Measurements: Loose- 75cm Snug - 71.5cm Tight - 73cm Standing - 90cm Leaning - 93cm Lying - 88 cm

14:13 UTC


Looking for built-in-bra tops - not camisoles

I brought this bra-sized swimsuit on vacation and my friends can’t stop talking about how great it makes my boobs look and how I need to wear tops like this all the time. So, anyone know of bra-sized tops that aren’t camisoles meant to hide your boobs, but rather cute built-in-bra tops meant to accentuate them? I’m hoping there’s a search term I’m just not using that will bring them up. I’m a 38I UK.

12:35 UTC


Does taping breasts work when doing sports?

I have 45 HH and I had some problems with sports bras. Some just didn't work and one I have recently squeezes me really tight that I sometimes have problems breathing when I'm jogging. Recently I've been doing yoga and the sport bra I had on was kinda uncomfortable for me, especially when we had to do breathing excersies. I think the squishiness and restrictive movemend is a price to pay for holding my breasts secure but for yoga, where you have to have a wilde range of movements, it's just not practical of comfortable. When I'm jogging or when I'm in the gym the bra doesn't bother me that much, though I had some trouble breathing when I'm running really long distance (like max 10 km, im a begginer :P)

I've been thinking to replace my sport bra with boob tape or sport tape since yoga doesn't recuire that much of bouncines as running but I couldn' find any info about how taping breasts behave while doing sports. Would it slide off when I would sweat? Does it hold tightly to the skin and does the tape hold tightly the breasts? Has anyone done begginers yoga while taping? Which tape is better for sport, boob or sport tape?

For long time I didn't do any sport because I felt really uncomfortable of my breasts but now I found joy in doing sports and moving my body. I just don't want my boobs to go into the way of finding my new hobby and new joys in life. I would gladly take any advice :D

edit: if there's a reddit page where the post fits better, you can repost it, i only know about this reddit page where i could go with my problem so i posted it here.

11:57 UTC


Second opinion on fit of this Panache Allure bra 32G

Finding this bra really comfy and a great fit for me, after being recommended to try it on here. Would like a second opinion on fit please


10:41 UTC


if i bought a bra in the lower sister size would it make my boobs look better?

i’ve been on the search for a new bra, my suggested size is 32G. i’m just afraid after looking at pictures of other women with similar bra size, that my boobs will disappear into the bra and they’ll be separated like divorced parents. i like the look of being able to see my boobs, like cleavage or when they pop out the top in that cute way (not in a quad-boob way) does this make sense to anyone? anyways, would buying a size down give that look? i tend to enjoy my bras on the tighter side anyways, so would a 34FF or a 32FF give me that look? i do not want to wear a bra that makes my boobs disappear completely, even if it’s the comfiest thing i’ve worn. like i dont want my boobs to look as though they are super far apart, or to not be able to see any cleavage if i wore a scoop or v neck shirt

09:46 UTC


Knowing what you know, what’s ur opinion on this bikini top?

link here:

ignore the fake tan on the model, but i really really love this pattern and top, and i really want to buy it, but im worried about the lack of support. it says they have my size, but my boobs are a little big and saggy.

no underwire, which i know is bad but i can’t stand it. i think it has removable cups, which im prob gonna take out since they never fit anyway lol

any comments or advice?? maybe i should just bite the bullet and buy it lol

05:53 UTC


What's the difference between UK and US sizing?

Apologies if this is a simple question, but I'm wondering if there's a difference between UK and US sizing.

I've been wearing a 36B in US sizing but feel that it doesn't fully fit the top of my breast. But sizing up to a 36C leaves me with massive space in the bottom.

I found this forum and measured myself.







34D/DD UK was recommended with a sister size of 36C/D. I'm wondering what this would look like in US sizing.

02:48 UTC


CD Looking for a Push UP Bra - Does What I Want Exist? (Details in Thread)

Is there such a thing as a Pocket Padded Push Up Bra? From what I've read online there are 'pocket' bras that hold a 'cutlet' underneath your breast / chest and push the rest up. But I've also read that Padded Push Up Bras are great for CD's.

Is there a combination of both? I have a flat chest. My idea is that the pocket aspect of the bra with the cutlets pushing the rest up, combined with the padded aspect making everything look bigger and the push up aspect creating fake cleavage.

Here's a video that kind of shows the idea, but I can't tell what the actual product is:


Any thoughts / ideas / recommendations you have would be much appreciated.

Thanks Guys!

02:42 UTC


[Fit Check] 30G Freya Fancies Plunge + 30G EM Nibynic

Hello! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve returned to this subreddit. I recently decided to try to refit myself with the ABTF calculator, and I found I am still a 30G UK. However, with closer observation, I noticed there is slight gaping and space near very slight center gore with the Freya Fancies. Is this anything else I should worry about? Does the fit look okay? Freya: https://imgur.com/a/30g-freya-fancies-plunge-bra-ENolu9D

I also attached a fit in comparison to Ewa Michalak’s Nibynic in case that helps. I felt much more comfier and better in this fit: https://imgur.com/a/2MOLy6r

Loose UB: 31
Snug UB: 30
Tight UB: 28
Standing Bust: 37
Leaning Bust: 40
Lying Bust: 41


02:19 UTC


Where can i buy bras for big boobs?

(First post so please let me know if the tags are wrong or something)

Im in desperate need for a bra that actually fits cause for the last two years ive either had to wear to small sportbras that gives no support or too small regular bras that hurt to wear 😭😭

My mesurments (cm) Loose underbust 80 Snug ubderbust 77 Tight underbust 75 Standing bust 104 Leaning bust 106 Lying bust 107

Calculated size (EU) 70L/M

My current largest bra (from change) is 70L and it feels to small in the cup size and to big in the band size but im not able to find anny larger cup size's

I prefer a band size of 65 as its the only one that i can reasonably wear for a whole day and feels like it gives real support

Im able to purchese internationally but prefer not to cause of all the added taxes. If annyone knows scandanavian bra stores with larger sizes please lmk 🙏

00:00 UTC


Size seems to be kind of crazy?!

I just did the measurements, I currently buy a 36 or 38 DDD/E depending. The results I got said 36K in US sizing…. That just seems like it’s a very large jump! Has anyone else experienced this result/did it end up being right? I would say my boobs are kind of bell shape, definitely more full on the bottom.

00:00 UTC


Large cup size bras with pretty straps?

Does anyone have recommendations for bras with straps that are pretty enough to show under a spaghetti strap top? Maybe something lacy or colorful? I need underwires so lacy bralettes are out.

I wear a 34GG or 36G depending on the bra. Very projected but willing to sacrifice a perfect fit for a good outfit.

22:25 UTC


Which brands don’t run tight on the bands?

I just found out Wacoal runs tight and while I measured 34G, their 34 definitely felt too tight for me. I’m already sensitive to tightness and discomfort from bras (to the point I used to size up to 40 band)

Does anyone know what good quality brands don’t run tight and is true to size, so I don’t have to play more guess games for sizes? Really desperate for the right bras. Bonus if they carry 34G in store so I could try it on quickly.

22:12 UTC


OBSESSED with B.Tempt'd wirefree bras

Basically the title. Hope this helps someone!

Long time lurker, first time poster.
I've been through like 97 different bras in the last couple years to find one that meets all my criteria and I have found it. Praise be.

If you're a small band size/large cup size person, I can highly recommend Wacoal's "little sister" brand, B.Tempt'd. It can be found at Macy's, Amazon, and Wacoal's own website.

My criteria (in case you're struggling similarly to me)

  • Available in small band/large cup (32DD for me)
  • Soft stitching and materials (ie NO lace, which I find a lot of the European brands are pretty heavy on)
  • NOT a minimizer bra
  • Wire free
  • Wide enough straps
  • Not a push-up
  • Has some separation between cups, does not create a uni-boob
  • Is not over $60 US
  • Bonus points for having a wider or longline band, and/or convertible straps

Both the "Opening Act" and "Future Foundation" meet all of my must-haves, the Opening Act has a wider band and the Future Foundation is convertible. Most size/color combos are around $40 US on Amazon. I could honestly cry lol I've suffered through crappy bras for soooo long!

ETA they range from 28 to 40 band size, and A to DDD/F cup size

21:53 UTC


Looking for a Bra with Thinner Straps for Summer!

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any recommendations for a day to day bra with thinner straps? (By thinner I mean width wise!) and good strapless bras that are actually comfortable and supportive?

My go to bra is the Fantasie Illusion side support bra which I buy in a 30FF. I absolutely love this bra but the straps are fairly wide but when I wear pretty dresses and tops in the summer with thin spaghetti straps I want a bra that is minimally visible.

I have tried a number of strapless bras but they all seem to either fall down as they are too loose or are painfully tight. I do like the skims bandeaus but they don’t provide any lift.

If anyone could recommend any thin strap bras and/or strapless bras that I can purchase in the UK I would be forever grateful! :)

Thank you in advance!

21:40 UTC


I misjudged and stuck with an expensive Chantelle and Natori / A molded bra that was really close and /finally, a keeper?

Hey all, this 1st bra is pretty cringeworthy to share, but I’ve been on the hunt for the right bra and picked one I thought was really right. I think I’ve got short, wide roots with some projection. I don’t stick out much in front at all in front of me, but there’s about 2” difference standing to leaning, where I can actually see shape. My tissue is pretty soft and maybe why I’m not just short, but lower down, too.

I thought the Chantelle Champs Elysees Demi Bra 34DD would be the perfect solution to the overly firm wires of the Skarlett Blue Minx that fit really well, otherwise. I was wrong! What the heck is going on here? https://imgur.com/a/pmR1rsC

Did I apply what I thought I learned incorrectly? I'm 15 bras in and i want to feel confident of what to look for. Or might it be that I bought it on Poshmark: it’s in great shape, by appearance, but the previous owner must’ve been bigger on the right side and it’s unsupported, unlike the left. The gore stabs in the middle and under my arms is a puddle I didn’t think existed. Can I bend the wires out?

2nd “can’t return” buy was a black Natori Heavenly Plunge 34DDD new from eBa (new,) as its spendy(like the Chantelle) It’s more wearable, but likely un-alterable as well. It seems pretty clear it’s too tall and too wide, causing underarm issues. https://imgur.com/a/RY4sYBn

B temptd Future Foundations Molded bra was ALMOST it: super soft and I like the cross strap option. But there’s enough gapping on the inner top of the cup to be noticeable if I bend down. I don’t think the cookies I have would fit right in that gap, but I really really like how it looks under my clothes otherwise. Would really appreciate a similar suggestion and/or consensus that this is a typical issue with molded bras. https://ibb.co/pKcmpwq

Finally, I think a found a keeper! In April I would’ve laughed if someone suggested an unlined bra, but the b’tempted “Cotton to a T” 34DD fits better than any other. The middle gore is a little crinkled, but could’ve happened in shipment. Does anyone know of any other styles like this cut out there? Thanks to @galaxymoonstars for recommending it! And to this community that’s helped me face my fears and learn. https://ibb.co/JypKTsS

21:30 UTC


Are underwire bras just not for me?

Okay so I've pretty much exclusively worn wire free bras thus far. Every underwire bra I've tried does this weird thing that I'm not quite sure how to describe but I will try. It feels very uncomfortable on my ribs in the area under my boobs. It's not really like stabbing anywhere the way I hear people complain about underwire but it feels like it's sitting to low on my ribs and I want the underwire to be more like up under my boob.

Please let me know if what I am describing makes sense and if this is just how the wire normally fits and I just don't like it or if I can do something about it.

My favorite underwire bra (eventhough it still has this issue but just less) is the Salma Bra from understance. I have it in a 32DDD ( I know it's probably the wrong size, that is what I thought my size was a little while ago.)

These are my measurements from the calculator:

Loose Underbust: 30.5

Snug Underbust: 29

Tight Underbust: 27.5

Standing Bust: 38

Leaning Bust: 39.5

Lying Bust: 39

It says I'm a 30 I/J in US sizing or a 30 G/GG in UK sizing. I believe I have full on top/ even fullness. ( one boob is one and one boob is the other)


20:52 UTC


[Measurement Check] Measured as 28A/B, a 28B feels a little tight in the cup- will 30A fit?

I'm in Canada. I used the calculator in the sidebar and got 28A/B from these measurements:

loose underbust 69.5cm (27.4in)

snug underbust 68.5cm (26.9in)

tight underbust 67cm (26.4in)

standing bust 73.5cm (28.9in)

leaning bust 74cm (29.1in)

lying bust 76cm (29.9in)

I've worn a 30C before, and the band feels fine, but there's definitely a gap in the cup. After this measurement, I bought a 28B from Boux Avenue, and after adjusting it, the band feels fine still, but it sort of feels like it's squishing my boobs a bit. It might be an issue with the style, I don't know.

28Bs seem almost impossible to find at a less-than-$100CAD price, but 30As are pretty much everywhere. There are no physical stores that sell 28B in my city, so I can't go try them on, I'm stuck ordering online. Boux Avenue uses a shitty local delivery service that almost got my package stolen, so I'm not going to use them again, that's one less option available. I just don't want to waste time buying stuff that doesn't fit online; the waiting and returns are such a hassle.

I just want to check if 30A would actually fit me the same? I've seen the cup volume is the same, but I've also seen that I shouldn't wear a 30 band because my bust is less than 30in.

20:41 UTC


Measurement check (32E UK and 70G/H EU) with a bonus of polish bra questions.

I used to wear wired bras for most of my 20s, stopped due to nerve pain issues, nerve pain is under control so I want to wear bras that actually make my chest look good again. Boobs also grew a couple cups recently and the bralettes aren't cutting it for support anymore.

Used to be a 28F/30E-F Re did my measurements yesterday.

I have a narrow root, like comexim narrow and there will be questions about polish bras at the end.

Measurements as follows:

Loose UB: 32 inches.

Snug UB: 30.5 inches.

BTT UB: 28.5 inches.

Standing OB: 36 inches.

Leaning OB: 38 inches.

Laying OB: 35.5

Calculater says 32E UK and 70G/H for eu sizing and i'm fine with that.

Shape information:

FOB, but they act almost even in bras. 2/6


Shorter root. Ends like 2 inches below the arm-armpit-chest junction. About 5 inches in height.

Narrow root.

Soft and squishy tissue.

I have also gained and lost weight multiple times over the past 15 years, so theyre a bit deflated.

Most bras I've tried over the years have had too wide of wires, too high of a gore and too high wings and too high of a strap/cup apex.

Historically i've tended to go for lower balconettes, half cups and demis suited for FOB.

Now that you gotten this far dear reader I have polish bras questions and seek reccomdations on what to try this go around.

I know the bands run tight so i'm going to go with the 32/70 band. Might go 34/75 if the bra is known for running small.

I'm wondering if I should get a G or and H considering the above.

I don't have a lot of money to play around with (yes I know about r/braswap) and I want to be more sure about what i'm buying.

I also need to deciper the size conversion that breakoutbras does because I'm likely going to be oredering from there and they sell them with uk size tags.

I do better when the contruction of the cup is 3 peices.

My unicorn bra is the gossard ooh la la longline. (https://www.bratabase.com/browse/gossard/ooh-la-la-long-line-strapless-5738/) for reference. i bought like 8 of them over the years.

Last comexim bras i had were the 3hc half cup and a few padded plunges. They worked pretty well but I gaped and overflowed a bit at the same time due to the cup material.

Are there there better options for me besides those?

Slightly padded prefered because I get cold easy, but non padded is fine too.

20:37 UTC


too wide ribcage for too small boobs, and do all padded bras make boobs look a lot bigger?

i have small boobs in comparison to my ribcage. i’m technically a euro size 80aa, but i can’t find any stores that actually sells that size, even the ones with it in their size carts.

i normally wear unpadded sports bras/ bralettes because i normally wear baggy t-shirts and hoodies and i just need something to hold them i tiny bit in place/avoid nip slips, but i want to be able to wear tighter tops and spaghetti strap tops without my nipple showing.

i hate the removable pads, if i take them out to wash i’m never able to get them back in correctly, and if i leave them in when i wash them they fold/fall out/move, so i have taken them out of all the ones i have.

in the stores i tried it was impossible to tell if the bras actually fit well, cause the types of bras they had in my size that was something i could see myself wearing was all in pairs of two connected with alarms through or just with the plastic things, so it was hard to see if something actually fit or not.

i ordered a set of wired bras with a 75 band and band extensions, but the space between the cups was way to small, and i can’t tell if the cup size actually fit or not. i tried a tank top over, and it looks like i’ve doubled in boob size from my regular bralette. i do not like the look, it looks unatural on me, i don’t want bigger boobs.

i might just have to just get nipple covers and keep wearing my usual bralettes? i don’t want a bra that gives me more boobs, i just want to keep them in place and cover my nipple.

20:20 UTC


Fit Check for Panache Jasmine Bra

Hi! I ordered and tried on the panache jasmine in six different sizes in and around the size the calculator gave me, a 34FF. However, none of them seemed to fit right. I made a fit check post asking for advice and a user recommended I try the bra in a 34E. I think the cups fit great on this one, but the band is a little tight which the user also correctly predicted would be the case.

I’m going to be getting a band extender to wear with this one, but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t being delusional and the cups actually do fit well. Here are photos.

20:11 UTC


Help, please! I need a new bra to fit after weight loss and I feel so lost...

I've recently lost weight and am in desperate need of a new bra. The current bra I am wearing is a wireless Pink bra that I loved when I bought it in size 38DD. Currently, the band fits when one the tightest hook but the cups are too big and are rubbing into my armpits (don't know if this info is relevant, but there you go). I went back to VS today where they told me the bra was changed and I was not in love with it. They also attempted to size me and came up with 34DD, which was fine in the wired bra they had me try first, but way to small in their current wireless. The 36DD was better, but I still did not love it and left.

I found this sub and did the fit calculator. I think I measured everything correctly. Those measurements are: loose under = 30.5", snug under = 30", tight under = 29", standing = 35", leaning = 37", laying down = 36". The calculator put me at 30F UK and 30G US.

I would love to order something online (Amazon if possible) if anyone can make a recommendation on where to start. I am looking for a wireless bra and I also want something that I can wear with a t-shirt or a tank top.

20:05 UTC


Going from a 36C to a 30G? Measurement help!

Hey all! I’m coming here after someone else recommended this sub and would really appreciate everyone’s advice. I used the A Bra That Fits calculator and got 30G/30DDD. I’m wearing 36C now. Does this seem right? My measurements are (in the order given on the website): 31, 29.5, 28.5, 36, 37, 37.5. Thanks!

19:56 UTC


What are the shallowest of shallow bras out there?

Hi everyone! I've lurked around on here for a bit, used the calculator to evaluate my size, and purchased what seems to be thought of as the MOST shallow bra around - Natori Feathers. Unfortunately, I still have empty space at the top of the cups, but going down a cup size is not going to help the situation, as the wire shape would then become too narrow for the shape of my breasts. I guess I'm extremely plate-shaped, with a large breast circumference but very little projection.

Loose Underbust: 29"

Snug Underbust: 28"

Tight Underbust: 28.5"

Standing Bust: 32"

Leaning Bust: 32.5"

Lying Bust: 32"

Calculated size: 30C

Natori Feathers size: 32D. I guess it runs a bit small? I tried a few sizes. The gore tacks, the underwire follows the shape of my breasts perfectly and sits right in the creases. I just have space at the top of the cup, even after scooping.

I'd love to hear any suggestions for the shallowest bras imaginable. LOL... I guess part of my situation is that I've lost volume after breastfeeding 2 kids.

Thank you :)

19:39 UTC


Measurement Check - calculator gave me a 40F, have traditionally worn 38D

Hello! New to this community and seriously trying to find a properly fitting bra. I put my measurements (in inches) into the calculator and this is what I received. Does this seem correct? I typically have worn a 38D, but have never been happy with the size, and especially recently I feel like I am coming out of the cup. Thank you!

Loose Underbust: 41 Snug Underbust: 40 Tight Underbust: 38 Standing Bust: 45.5 Leaning Bust: 49 Lying Bust: 47.5

Recommended size: 40F in UK sizing.

Thank you for your help!

18:54 UTC


Good tankinis with support for saggy boobs?

Hi guys!! swimsuit shopping is the bane of my existence, i’ve almost completely given up. I’ve always wanted to get a cute tankini (one that’s kinda tighter on the waist and isn’t so flowy) but my boobs are horribly saggy. the calculation says i’m a 36 J/K in us size, which is a 36 GG in uk.

i’ve seen a lot online but i’m always so worried that they have no support.

does anyone know a brand or swim top that has good support for the sagging? at this point it doesn’t have to be a tankini, literally anything will do

18:13 UTC

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