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Anarchy after Leftism

1) The Left

  • critiquing the Left as nebulous, anachronistic, distracting, a failure & at key points a counterproductive force historically ("the left wing of capital")
  • critiquing Leftist activists for political careerism, celebrity culture, self-righteousness, privileged vanguardism & martyrdom
  • critiquing the tendency of Leftists to insulate themselves in academia, scenes & cliques while also attempting to opportunistically manage struggles

2) Ideology

  • a Stirner-esque critique of dogma & ideological thinking as a distinct phenomenon in favor of "critical self-theory" at individual & communal levels

3) Morality

  • a moral nihilist critique of morality/reified values/moralism

4) Organizationalism

  • critiquing permanent, formal, mass, mediated, rigid, growth-focused modes of organization in favor of temporary, informal, direct, spontaneous, intimate forms of relation
  • critiquing Leftist organizational patterns' tendencies toward managerialism, reductionism, professionalism, substitutionism & ideology
  • critiquing the tendencies of unions & Leftist organizations to mimic political parties, acting as racketeers/mediators, with cadre-based hierarchies of theoretician & militant or intellectual & grunt, defailting toward institutionalization & ritualizing a meeting-voting-recruiting-marching pattern

5) Identity Politics

  • critiquing identity politics insofar as it preserves victimization-enabled identities & social roles (i.e. affirming rather than negating gender, class, etc.) & inflicts guilt-induced paralysis, amongst others
  • critiquing single-issue campaigns or orientations

6) Values

  • moving beyond anarchISM as a static historical praxis into anarchY as a living praxis
  • focusing on daily life & the intersectionality thereof rather than dialectics / totalizing narratives (except anarcho-primitivists tend toward epistemology)
  • emphasizing personal autonomy & a rejection of work (as forced labor, alienated labor, workplace-centricity)
  • critiquing Enlightenment notions of Cartesian dualities, rationalism, humanism, democracy, utopia, etc.
  • critiquing industrial notions of mass society, production, productivity, efficiency, "Progress", technophilia, civilization (esp. in anti-civilization tendencies)

Some useful writings:

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What do you guys think of Direct Democracy? and What do you offer in return?

I heard that Bob Black and other post-leftists hate Democracy as they think it is another system of leviathan and control, and this is fine; but what do you contrarians offer in return? What other system?

18:42 UTC


No Shelter from the Bastards!

14:51 UTC


Why do post-leftists hate Marx so much?

Title really

12:11 UTC


What do the post-left anarchists think of Council-Communism?

21:21 UTC


What do you think of transhumanism? Do you consider yourself transhumanist?

Some little background of me: I live in Russia (hence I am not really integrated in modern western political discussion, despite trying to understand what's happening both in the U.S. and Europe politics). I was always impressed by left anarchism ideas, I read Kropotkin, however I think that the way old and new left movements organize themselves is inefficient and seems to always end in some sort of authoritarian way or cooperating with the state. I disagree with some ideas of modern western popular left-wing movements, i.e. gender problem, while I support LGBTQ+ movement, I think the concept of gender itself should be eliminated long term, as well as a concepts of race and nation. I like core concepts of Anarcho-communism and anarcho-syndicalism such as elimination of central goverment, elimination of market economy and money in general, federalized horizontal society structure without hierarchy, however being a 19th century ideas their proposed real life implementation seems underdeveloped and outdated to me, that's where transhumanism and technology development comes in. I believe that the further technology goes the more there are possibilities both for extremely totalitarian states and anarchist societies. I don't believe that humanity with their current technological progress nor humans with their current biological capabilities are able to establish any form decentralized horizontal society, however it doesn't mean we can't change human body and brain to fulfill our needs. I believe that capitalism at some point of its technological progress will destroy itself and hence establish a more effective federalized horizontal society without hierarchy. And in all of that being said, while not considering myself right wing, but both disagreeing with most popular left wing ideologies I began looking towards post left anarchism and whether these ideas are adjacent to my worldview or not. Any help in figuring my views out is appreciated.

17:28 UTC


Was anarchism/anarchy effected by the antifa bubble?

I can remember various antifa critics talking about antifa being a bubble and that so many anarchists membraning themselves with it was going to have negative downstream effects.

It seems like this is exactly what has happened to @ discourse now that the bubble has burst.

16:58 UTC


Radical imaginations of the future

So I watched the bulk of Cuck Philosophy's video on urban guerrillas that he just put out that was a pretty good synopsis of the last 2 major post-18th century radical ages and it got my neuro noodles noodling.


I very much think that revolution as a prime moving idea is something to be jettisoned by future @ s. I see it as an outgrowth of mechanical solidarity more-so then organic(I'm reversing Durkheim's idea of organic vs mechanical solidarity as he gets scale wrong and had no idea about Dunbar's number). For me I think that anarchists/anarchs should look at things like emergent imaginaries and egregores as sources for anarchy and not revolution, the latter which arises more from inflamed contexts that quite often do not transform into anarchic contexts. I'm not saying there should not be a tertiary place for revolution(social only) but insurrection and imagination is better.

Essentially circle@s should look more into mythology then revolution. Revolution will always be a process of society revolving into yet another society.

03:16 UTC


r/Anarchy101 blows

I've finally reached my limit with all the fucking Marxist seepage over there. All these clowns insisting that Marx was a pivotal figure in... what, exactly? Sociology of capitalism, according to some. Plenty of anarcho-leftists think anarchism without a Marxist analysis of capitalism is unthinkable, even useless. I imagine they measure this by the number of self-described adherents to Marxism as opposed to anarchism. Then why not quit pretending to be anarchists? Most of their organizations and projects eerily resemble Leninist outfits anyway. I'm tired of pointing out the flaws in the LTV, and explaining that you don't need the metaphysics of "value" to understand how exploitation works. I'm tired of pointing out that plenty of famous and influential anarchist theorists borrowed virtually nothing from Marx or Marxists, and their ideas and projects never suffered from such a supposed lack. I'm tired of pointing out the lived history of Marxists going out of their way to attack and murder anarchists. They can keep their fucked up playpen.

00:33 UTC



i know this is not popular among post leftists, but as a post leftist myself i am NOT anti-civ. i like technology, i like tall buildings, i like my phone. maybe i'm going on wrong definitions, i don't know. please tell me about your definition of civilization and why you support or don't support it.

16:54 UTC


So I logged back in to anews after nearly a month

Holy shit has that placed hollowed out when it comes to posts and posters. This place doesn't seem that much better. Have all the online anarchists fucked off to discord and telegram or is the big @ going through a major drought period right now?

07:44 UTC


I discover myself as an individualist (I think?) and discovering post leftism for myself but I’m in an anarcho-syndicalist organization, help me.

This is my first post here, I’m an anarcho syndicalist in the CNT in France for a while now but I am starting to get tired of the rapprochement of my union with the Marxist or Trotkyst parties in my city. I don't idealize massification, and when I suggest to my comrades that we could work only between anarchists and evolve together... they answer me that there are too few of us here in our city. By dint of campaigning with parties and watching them on the networks or in demonstrations/strike (constantly speaking out, highlighting organizations) my comrades are starting to say to themselves that we are not doing enough like them and that they should we are more serious about our way of fighting. And this mimicry scares me.

I love my friends in CNT, except that I feel less and less in tune and I am afraid of being judged if I reveal what I think. Idk what to do except leaving… Hopefully I have queer and anarchafem friendz and we want to create an affinity group and work together !

Sorry about my bad english

22:27 UTC


David Graeber and the noble civilized

So after reading the 'What Happened to David Graeber' piece on anews and I can't help but notice that what Graeber wanted to do is invert the noble savage into the good civilized historical subject contra to the Western model.

There's all kinds of problems with Rousseau and what he proposed, but what Graeber wants to do is worse. He plays it very loose with the state and what it is for instance. This is juxtaposed to Bob Black's later work that is anthropology focused and far better on the whole.

14:46 UTC


Survey about your political worldview (18+; 12-14 mins to complete)

Hello, we are a group of psychology researchers from the University of Kent, UK. It would be a huge help if anyone from any background who is interested would fill out our quick survey (18+ years old only) about your views of politics, society, and more.

Fill out the survey here: https://universityofkent.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8ICkX7mBre5IGpM

We are posting here because we hope to collect responses from a wide range of political perspectives and backgrounds. Please let us know if you would like a summary of your responses in comparison to others once the data collection is complete.

The survey takes 12-14 minutes to complete, and we are happy to respond to any queries or questions. Please private message us to avoid giving away the point of the study to others.

Thanks for your time.

Edit: The survey is now closed! Thank you very much for your time, we will be sure to post the results up here when they're ready.

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what are your opinions on ego-communism?

as a post-situationist i find it extremely based.

09:47 UTC


Name of an article about Anti hero worshiping

Really long time ago I read a really good paper on why there should be no heroes. Why the idea of a hero is delusional and incentivises hierarchies and power moves by the so called hero. Remember it being only one article, but maybe I'm misremembering parts of many others, either way if anyone knows the name of an article relating to that topic I'd be grateful.

13:43 UTC


Reading Group on Blumenfeld's "All Things are Nothing to Me"

Hello, we are a group of philosophy enthusiasts. Among other reading groups, we have a small casual non-academic read-together of Blumenfeld's 2018 secondary resource "All Things are Nothing to Me: The Unique Philosophy of Max Stirner" run by a passionate community volunteer with a background in Hegelian philosophy.

We meet every Wednesday at 5pm EST. Our first meeting will be on Wednesday, January 24th.

To join, here's the permanent link: https://discord.gg/xDj2WM75Vd

Reading in a group can be incredibly beneficial thanks to various shared insights. So, we look forward to hearing your perspectives!

20:01 UTC


Do anarchists still subscribe to materialism

Materialism was always a dead end worldview from the very beginning imo. I consider myself more of the pan/cosmopsychism continuum. I consider myself more sympathetic to idealism then materialism though ultimately a psychist disposition is my happy medium.

Among many reasons to reject it is the fact that materialism does not really help anarchy as far as I'm concerned.

06:43 UTC

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