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"Moral Orel is a Stop Motion animated show that first aired on Adult Swim from 2006–08 created by Dino Stamatopoulos. Originally conceived as a satire of sitcoms from The '50s and The '60s, and designed to resemble an Affectionate Parody of Leave It to Beaver (not Davey & Goliath, despite the art style), the show, despite copious amounts of Executive Meddling, ultimately evolved into one of the darkest pieces of Western animation." - TvTropes |

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Season three is amazing.

I get that I'm more than 15 years late to this conversation, so I'm sure it's been discussed to death, but I just finished the show, and fucking hell is season three great.

I thought the first two seasons were pretty good – it's been a few years since I was into South Park/Family Guy/Rick & Morty, etc. and Moral Orel scratched a similar itch in a more satisfying way. It's deeply irreverent, willing to go any distance, cross any boundaries for the darkest, most shocking punchline possible, with an extremely broad and worthy target in the American fundamentalist Christian right. The first two seasons were, for the most part, just a kinda silly, deeply cynical sitcom, that managed to make a meal of a single target.

Then in the season two two-part finale, the show disrupts its own premise in some pretty major ways, with Orel and Clay's hunting trip going dark in ways that the show hadn't quite taken seriously before. Between Clay's drunken rant, Orel getting shot and the quiet "I hate you", these two episodes felt stronger than almost any other, because they expanded out from the show's perspective of a cynical takedown of religious fanaticism – it actually took the characters created in those circumstances seriously.

I honestly felt like the end of season two was made without the certainty of a third season in mind – the writers wanting to go out on the darkest, most interesting note possible. And it would have been a fascinating ending – if we hadn't gotten season three.

I feel like it's pretty common to see TV shows (particularly subversive sitcoms) end a season with a big, emotionally devastating, status-quo-breaking finale, and then just bounce back to regular episodes when the next season rolls around. And based on the very self-contained structure of the proceeding episodes, it's easy to assume that this would be Moral Orel's approach. But there was a little hope in there – that the show could deliver on all the potential it had built up over thirty episodes. That it would do something different.

Holy shit, it delivered.

Season three is an emotional roller-coaster, deconstructing the show from the very first opening credits with a perfectly dark Mountain Goats song, over a decisive title screen reading "THE FINAL SEASON: EPISODE 1 OF 13". It sets the audience up for something very different from the word go, and that's exactly what it does.

The focus on sidelined characters (particularly female characters) in the repressive town of Moralton is fantastic, and leads to many of the show's most interesting, biting moments of critique. The use of indie rock fits perfectly with some of the more inspired directorial choices in the third season, with some really perfect little heart-tugging moments coming where I wouldn't have expected them.

Choosing to break from Orel's perspective in many episodes also lets the show shed a bit of the core of cynicism that had previously been its defining tone. That cynicism isn't a bad thing, it's what a lot of the show is built on. But getting more experimental with the structure of the show, what it's willing to seriously grapple with, makes the show more than the sum of its parts.

It's not all serious of course – the twist that Clay's actually been MAYOR OF MORALTON the entire show killed me, as did the Reverend's increasingly despondency. But the decision to take a more humanist view of what had previously been somewhat more two-dimensional characters (ha ha) is both surprising and welcome.

Season three goes deep on the complexities of romance, sexuality, cycles of abuse, alcoholism, self-destruction, Freudian instincts, and how children try to reconcile their conception of their parents with a brutally disappointing reality. And, perhaps most surprisingly, it ends on a hopeful note, suggesting that Orel remains kindhearted, breaking away from the cruelty and numbness of his parents and authority figures. It's not what I would have expected based on the start of this show, but it sticks the landing exceptionally well.

Like I said, I'm more than a decade late to the party, but I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed this series. It was a fun, cynical and clever take on a classic formula, that delivered something more potent during its final stretch. Happy to count myself as a new fan of Moral Orel.

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I love Clay

I honestly relate to him. The self destructive behaviors, the latent bisexuality, the pushing it all down, lying to everyone to keep appearances, hating oneself of course.

I also relate to the couple of Clay & Bloberta because they remind me of my parents. How dysfunctional they are.

I do think Clay loves Orel. He takes the time to lecture him and punish him, to teach him what he knows. When he's miserable he still cares enough to put on a fake smile for his son, to shelter him somewhat. I've been around my parents when they don't even care anymore to put on a façade on their miserableness, as a child it is horrific.

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Shane (Sdv) and Clay

I made a similar post maybe a month or so ago about this in the Stardew valley sub Reddit and it didn't get any attention so maybe I'll find some opinions here instead??? Idk, anyways, I've been playing Stardew valley and when I talk to Shane I read his dialogue in Clays voice, specifically in the first cutscene where we drink beer with shane.

I think that possibly shane and clay have some similarities, one of the most obvious being alcoholism and the low self esteem. I'm probably reading too much into this and once again this post may not get much attention either since I'm not sure if there's much of a cross section between the moral Orel and Stardew valley community but yk, I might as well try and see if anyone has any opinions or thoughts or even head cannons concerning the two characters.

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What are some songs that remind you of moral Orel?

There’s obviously No Children by the mountain goats, but I’m curious if there’s any songs you guys think would fit either the characters, situations or show itself? Some of mine personally would be Misery Meat by Sodikken for Orel, I Love you Like an Alcoholic by the Taxpayers for Clay and Bloberta and She by Dodie for Stephanie

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Loss of innocence

I haven’t seen a post really discussing this yet so I wanted to add one. I feel like the most tragic part (aka my most favorite part) is Moral’s loss of innocence. In the last episode we see how a blissfully unaware child blindly believes everything that’s told to him, so of course once God is introduced he is manipulated into believing all of Christianity without “proof”, as his grandpa taught him was important.

During the nature episodes and post that, we see how Orel loses respect for his father. He breaks multiple commandments in that episode, saying outright that he hates his Clay and lying about who shot the bear. I love this series because I grew up in a similar “kind of Christian” environment where we went to church on Sundays and although i wholeheartedly believed everything that was told to me, my parents didn’t lead a walk of faith. I think this series touches on many important aspects of childhood faith, and how our environment shapes who we become. Even though Orel believes in God (which I think is still questionable given his origins of discovering faith), his parents’ behavior still shapes him.

I wish we could’ve seen where this went. I want to know what happens to Orel. Would he keep his faith despite his shitty father? Or would he forsake it because his family taught him that life is literally shit and misery, with or without God?

I’ve seen a couple of posts that say that this show helped them to rediscover faith, but for me it did the opposite. It confirmed that our parents don’t know shit and like to think that they do by controlling and scaring us into believing in a greater presence, despite not knowing the details themselves. I don’t know, I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this.

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Why don’t people talk about Ms Censordall and Ms Sculpthams SA?

In Alone Nurse Bendy’s part of the episode is the only part I see talked about, and I get it, hers ultimately impacted the story most seeing as how it led to Joe’s episode and also her story is more relatable to people seeing as how child sa is more common than the other 2’s story but I still would like to see their stories more talked about so here I go!! Ms Sculptham was raped by Mr Creepler and the thing is that the news person reported was the fact that she let him in to rape her the next time that happened which is actually kinda common among these cases, whether acted upon or not, victims will often have these intrusive thoughts of the event happening once again, thinking that if maybe it happens again them knowing it’s coming or asking for it even gives them a sense of control which is the ultimate thing they lacked during the situation and is something they are constantly looking for again also not to mention this event caused her to develop OCD and there was even an implied abortion I believe based off the coat hanger but I’m not quite sure Next is Ms Censordall, which her story is smth very original imo if what I gathered about it is correct, for some clearing up tho this is js from what I gathered seeing as how hers was more vague than Nurse Bendy’s and Ms Sculptham’s stories but that she was born intersex and as a child her mother made her have her female parts removed in order to be raised a boy which does happen called “sexual mutilation” this is probably why Ms Censordall appears much older, despite only being in I think her 30s? (Don’t quite remember) because of her lack of estrogen and also her obsession for eggs being her lack there of it which I think is a huge piece of evidence seeing as how in the last scene she holds an egg where her eggs would be I also don’t agree with adult swim cancelling this episode, in the episode “God’s Chef” it was literally about Orel impregnating multiple woman throughout the town while they were sleeping and it didn’t seem like they really cared during that, and if it’s the implications of SA and rape theyre worried then what about shows like family guy that they still have on the air with MULTIPLE sa/rape scenes but what do u guys think?

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Orel is mentally ill.

Listen, we knew that Orel was autistic, but after the hunting trip I am starting to believe he has some form of PTSD, and a noticeable depression. And we can start to see some other potential disorders with the episode "Grounded" he starts hallucinating, and going insane, so he may have a form of schizophrenia or psychosis as well. You can also hear him say "You'll help me talk to god don't you? Tell god im here.. Won't you..? Thank you little guy.." and then he goes crazy by saying "CHURCH CHURCH CHURCHY CHURCH CHURCH" repetitively and hisses at people, then goes out and says "IM A CHURCH" and starts hallucinating people saying church instead of normal words. And after the hunting trip he starts hating his family, and realizes how terrible the world is, and gets emotionally detached by showing he has no emotion, no happiness, and he has implied flashbacks of the situation when at the end of part two he says after Bloberta goes off about Clay's drinking, "Sigh, nature." and you can see him visually empty and upset. Hence the PTSD.

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what do actual christians think of moral orel?

ive been thinking about how many moral orel fans are christians themselves,, since the show is a satire and sort of poking fun at christianity,, how do people of that religion interpret it? whether or not a fan of the show,, would you find it offensive or enlightening about the culture,, or a little of both maybe? would you agree this is what it's like to be in a suburban christian town? does it teach lessons? do you learn anything? do you relate to a character? i have lots of questions obviously but bottom line is i just want to know what any random (protestant or not) christian would think of moral orel.

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For a essay

What are examples in moral orel of religious pressures causing people to throw away their humanity

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takes that i don't know if are unpopular or not

i recently found this show out and am obssessed with it. so, as i regularly do, i will share some opinions i have about the show. i also know it was cancelled early, so i know the story should've been depeloved further.

so, here are my opinions, and in the honor of Jenny Nicholson, i have organized them into a numbered list.

  1. reverend putty kinda gets too much credit sometimes. i know its nice he accepts stephanie and they bond, but wasn't it his idea to not let anyone give orel advice? also, the advice he gave orel was terrible. (god's chef) for example. i know compared to some of moralton's other citizens he might seem like a nice guy but he is deeply flawed and hypocritical.

  2. elaborating on God's Chef, i tend to have a pretty high tolerance to edgy/gross out humour, but Orel impregnating women was actually really hard to watch and i just hoped the episode would be over. the way it's treated as a joke when in Alone they handle the subject matter in a much more serious way makes me wonder if episodes like god's chef were necessary. also i know about alone being one of the reasons they cancelled the show early and it enrages me.

3.the egg stuff. just like god's chef, all the scenes with the eggs made me viscerally uncomfortable, the long shots of the chickens about to lay their eggs on season 2 to the egg imagery on season 3, like clay rubbing eggs while making out with mrs censordoll and having that vision of him falling out of an egg (i still don't get what that's supposed to mean, but it felt pretty uncomfortable to watch. some people say it's about clay's oedipus complex but i don't quite get it.

4.I don't know if this counts as an opinion or a plot hole, but in the beginning of the series we see clay watching Danielle pee and then introduces himself to him, getting ignored by danielle. later in the show we find out danielle had an affair with bloberta to get closer to clay, which implies there was something between him and clay at least since shapey was born.

5.elaborating on Stopframe's affair with Bloberta, i just find it so weird that he would have a child with her to get closer to Clay. In the season 1 finale we see how mad Clay gets at the possibility of Shapey not being his biological son and Bloberta cheating, and he doesn't give an f about Shapey. If Clay found out about the affair between Bloberta and Danielle he would be really upset, and more upset at Danielle than at Bloberta, seeing as he cares much more about him than her.

  1. Bloberta is not to blame for Clay's alcoholism. I've done a post about this and i think Bloberta is a terrible person for many reasons, but not for introducing Clay to alcohol. Anyone else could have introduced it to him and the same thing would happen; Clay clearly has an addictive personality and it seems like his mother drank and smoked quite a bit as well. We should be mad at Bloberta for the psycho way she gaslit Clay into marrying her and her neglect for her children rather than for his drinking.

7.This is just a random question, but we see Orel running for Pope at one of the episodes in the future. That makes me wonder if he became catholic. But that's just a theory. insert matpat joke

This was kind of an unhinged rant so thx if you read it all. Opinions are also appreciated

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Ms. Censordoll's diet

This may be a kinda stupid question, but I was curious. Taking notice that the only thing that Ms. Censordoll seems to eat are eggs, how healthy would that be? I'm no nutritionist, but I'm pretty sure that eating eggs every day of the week and every day of the year can't be good for your body

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does anyone know where i can find the full season 1 transcript for Moral orel? i have season2, season3 and the lost episodes but i cant seem to find season1

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Does Moral Orel have an ending or does it just stop?

I’d like to watch this show but I heard it got cancelled and am not a very big fan of incomplete stories. Is it like BoJack Horseman and got cancelled but still has a complete ending? I’ve heard about how amazing it is but don’t want to set myself up for dissatisfaction.

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