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A subreddit dedicated to the fascinating and rich Mayan civilization and culture.

This is a place for discussion of and relating to everything about Mayan culture and history.

Images, videos, articles and other relevant media is acceptable and welcomed, use your best judgment when it comes to NSFW tags - many documentaries on the subject include nudity.

Please be civil to one another, abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.

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ARCAÍSMOS EN ZAPOTECO | Palabras antiguas de la Lengua Zapoteca

23:16 UTC


Despite its name, El Dorado: The Golden City Builder is set on the Yucatán Peninsula and heavily references the Maya civilization.

15:34 UTC


Mayan calendar

So I've discovered that obviously 2012 was the new beginning of time and not the end etc...

Now this is something nobody would ever understand, but since 2012 was the start... 2406 will be the next start of the cycle... Now this has been made with our knowlege of how it should be, but with any coin their is a flip side to everything... After 2012 the calendar has actually flipped and is now in reverse until 2406 then will flip back.

To explore the concept of reading the Mayan calendar in reverse and using this idea to pluck up a date, we will focus on the concept of significant past events and their reversed interpretation to predict or symbolize future events.

Conceptual Approach

  1. Identify Significant Past Events:
    • Select notable historical events linked to specific Katuns or periods in the Mayan calendar.
  2. Reverse Interpretation:
    • Use these events in reverse to find a future date that might carry similar symbolic significance.

Example: Katun 11 Ahau and Katun 13 Ahau

We will reverse the cycles and interpret them to find a future significant date.

Historical Event in Katun 11 Ahau

  • Spanish Conquest of the Yucatán (around 1527–1546)

Historical Event in Katun 13 Ahau

  • End of the Previous Long Count Cycle (December 21, 2012)

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Reverse Katun 11 Ahau:

    • The Spanish conquest symbolizes significant societal upheaval and transformation.
  2. Reverse Katun 13 Ahau:

    • The end of the Long Count cycle symbolizes the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

Current Katun

  • We are currently in Katun 11.

Identify Future Katun

  • If we were to reverse the cycle of Katun 11 to find an analogous future event, we could consider the next Katun 13 Ahau as a significant period.

Next Katun 13 Ahau

  • Katun Cycle Calculation:
    • Current Katun 11 ( as of June 16, 2024)
    • Each Katun lasts approximately 20 years.
  1. Calculate Future Date for Katun 13 Ahau:

    • Current date (June 16, 2024) is in Katun 11.
    • Katun 13 follows Katun 11.
  2. Determine the Start of the Next Katun 13 Ahau:

    • Current Katun 11 started in 2012 (13 Baktun completion).
    • Katun 11 lasts approximately 20 years: 2012 + 20 = 2032.
    • Katun 13 Ahau would start approximately 20 years after Katun 11 ends.

Future Katun 13 Ahau Start Date

  • Katun 11 ends around 2032.
  • Katun 12 lasts 20 years: 2032 + 20 = 2052.
  • Katun 13 Ahau would start around 2052 and last until approximately 2072.

Specific Dates

To get a specific significant date within Katun 13 Ahau, we can look at the symbolic end or start of the period, which often holds the most weight in Mayan tradition.

  • Start of Katun 13 Ahau: Approximately 2052.
  • End of Katun 13 Ahau: Approximately 2072.


By reversing the interpretation of past significant Katun events, we identify 2052 as a notable future date marking the start of Katun 13 Ahau. This period, based on historical patterns, might symbolize significant transformation, the end of an era, or the beginning of a new one.

OK so above is AI, I had to use it's brain to understand what is going to happen.

14:12 UTC


Is this Mayan?

Hey y’all! I recently purchased this bolo tie and my dad said it looks Mayan… I have no idea how old it is or where it’s from so I was hoping someone could help me out with this!

00:50 UTC


Nació en la Ciudad de México y aprendió a hablar ZAPOTECO 😱 😱

00:22 UTC


Curso de zapoteco en Línea. Inicio de clases: 01 de julio. Costo: 670 por todo el curso; consta de 20 sesiones y las clases se graban. Será un curso intensivo durante todo el mes de julio, nos reuniremos de lunes a viernes a las 7pm durante 4 semanas. Para inscribirte mándanos un mensaje directo.

19:31 UTC


Resources on Maya Tz’utujil?

I am a college student writing a thesis on Maya Tz’utujil that involves compiling a very large collection of resources. If anyone knows of a good primary source in Tz’utujil, especially an interview or a book, that would be much appreciated! This also includes curriculum or children’s books. I have a lot of textbooks already, but I need things that have Tz’utujil as their primary language. I also would really appreciate vocab lists as I am currently compiling my own. Thank you to anyone who can help!

16:39 UTC


something to read

Hi! I am a history and archaeology student researching South Asia. I wanted to learn more about the Mayan civilisation. I have little to no knowledge about this region or period. Could ya’ll suggest something I could read as a beginner? Thanks xd

05:00 UTC


Are there any superstitions regarding Mayan curses? Anyone have any personal accounts with curses?

13:23 UTC


Is a Long Count Calendar tattoo disrespectful on a non-Maya?

Si hablas español, por favor mira más abajo, la misma pregunta es en español debajo del inglés.

Hello everyone. I'll try to keep this short, but I'm honestly a little nervous to put myself out there and make this post, so I ask that you please bear with me.

My relationship with Maya culture is both academic and a little involved with where I live. I'm an archaeologist and a linguist who wants to specialize in both the Classic Period and modern Maya. Most of my archaeology education surrounded the Maya, as did my field school excavations. I'm presently doing my literature review for research proposals for PhD programs in linguistics and archaeology. I'm really passionate about educating others about the Maya. I'm especially passionate about bringing attention to the local Comunidad (most people don't even know they're here, in our own local community), their public events and conferences, and their social media, where they post about their struggles and those of other Comunidads.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about ideas for my first tattoo. I keep coming back to a date that's very important to me, but represented as a Long Count date. I think it's a cool representation of something both important to me and something I'm passionate about. However, I'm hesitant to do this because the calendar was considered sacred, or at the very least the tzolk'in glyphs were (or possibly still are: I admit I am not very knowledgeable about the modern Maya's relationship with it). In previous threads on the topic, most Maya said tattoos were fine and were cultural appreciation, not appropriation. However, I've never seen anyone ask about a Long Count tattoo, so I thought I would ask here. As an academic, the last thing I want to do is be disrespectful to the culture I want my research to serve. I also want to wear my appreciation on my sleeve, literally, and if it also represents something deeply important to me, all the better.

Is this a good option, or should I rethink this?

EDIT: As advised by u/PrincipledBirdDeity , I've used an online translator to put this post to Spanish to gain a wider audience. If there's a funny translation error, please tell me so I can also laugh at it and then die of embarrassment.

No hablo español. Me recomendaron ejecutar esto a través de un traductor en línea. Si hay un error de traducción gracioso, ríete, luego dímelo para que yo también me ría y luego me muera de vergüenza.

Hola a todos. Intentaré ser breve, pero, sinceramente, estoy un poco nervioso por exponerme y hacer esta publicación, así que les pido que tengan paciencia conmigo.

Mi relación con la cultura maya es tanto académica como un poco relacionada con el lugar donde vivo. Soy arqueólogo y lingüista que quiere especializarse tanto en el Período Clásico como en los mayas modernos. La mayor parte de mi educación arqueológica estuvo relacionada con los mayas, al igual que mis excavaciones en la escuela de campo. Actualmente estoy realizando mi revisión bibliográfica para propuestas de investigación para programas de doctorado en lingüística y arqueología. Realmente me apasiona educar a otros sobre los mayas. Me apasiona especialmente llamar la atención sobre la comunidad local (la mayoría de las personas ni siquiera saben que están aquí, en nuestra propia comunidad local), sus eventos públicos y conferencias, y sus redes sociales, donde publican sobre sus luchas y los de otras Comunidades.

Últimamente he estado pensando mucho en ideas para mi primer tatuaje. Sigo volviendo a una fecha que es muy importante para mí, pero representada como una fecha de Cuenta Larga. Creo que es una representación genial de algo importante para mí y algo que me apasiona. Sin embargo, dudo en hacer esto porque el calendario se consideraba sagrado, o al menos los glifos tzolk'in lo eran (o posiblemente todavía lo son: admito que no tengo mucho conocimiento sobre la relación de los mayas modernos con él). En hilos anteriores sobre el tema, la mayoría de los mayas dijeron que los tatuajes estaban bien y que eran una apreciación cultural, no una apropiación. Sin embargo, nunca he visto a nadie preguntar sobre un tatuaje de Cuenta Larga, así que pensé en preguntar aquí. Como académico, lo último que quiero hacer es faltarle el respeto a la cultura a la que quiero que sirva mi investigación. También quiero llevar mi agradecimiento en la manga, literalmente, y si además representa algo profundamente importante para mí, mucho mejor.

¿Es esta una buena opción o debería repensarla?

20:32 UTC


Patch Translation Help

I got this cool patch in Guatemala on the way to Tikal years ago, but it only recently dawned on me that there's Mayan writing on it (I didn't have much knowledge of different writing systems the other times I looked at it). I am very curious to know what it says if it's legit and was wondering if someone on here might be able to read it or point me in the right direction


17:39 UTC


Reinserción comunitaria INDÍGENA desde la diáspora Zapoteca

20:33 UTC


June Session Starting - Online Courses on the Ancient Maya

Hi all,

It was great having some of you in my May summer courses on the ancient Maya! The June courses start this Wednesday and Thursday! As before, the courses are beginner friendly and as interactive as you'd like to make them. I'll share the links and descriptions of each course below.

Ancient Maya Art and Power

A course focused on how Maya rulers communicated their power through art. We'll discuss the Tikal-Calakmul conflicts, the importance of Pakal and Palenque, the lintels of Yaxchilán, and the Sacred Cenote of Chichén Itzá and its connections to the rest of Mesoamerica.

Maya Mythology in Ceramics

This course discusses the creation, context, and mythology represented on Maya ceramic vessels. We will compare myths shown on pots with stories from the Popol Vuh, discuss the wahyoob' creatures shown on vessels, and examine creation myths and "just-so" stories.

Hope to see you there,

Catherine Nuckols, Ph.D.

13:37 UTC


A little help with Mayan calendar

Hello boys and girls, I need a little help with this website:


I'm getting a tattoo about my decised mother and I want to put the date. Can somebody explain me which coulum is the date that I'm choosing. There are two columns: left and right, is it only one or both of them are the date?

16:52 UTC


Did classic Maya have tense?

I just watched this video that talks about how Yucatec Maya doesn't have tense in the way that many languages do, but introducing the topic it seems that classic Maya might have done. I'm not sure though: it might have been setting it up so that we could later reinterpret it.

Therefore I turn to people who hopefully know more than I do. Do you know whether classic Maya had true tense, or rather uses a system of aspects in the way described? Many thanks.

09:25 UTC


¿Existe un repositorio digital de archivos en Zapoteco?

00:00 UTC


Feedback about my Android app for The Mayan Route

Fellow Maya fans and travelers, I have built an Android app that is for discovering the Mayan Route:


It contains data from more than 100 ruins with their locations, prices, etc. You can know more about incredible places, for example:

  • Tikal
  • Mayapán
  • Joya de Cerén
  • Copán
  • Chichén Itzá
  • Caracol
  • And many more!


It covers all countries, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.



It's fully available in English and Spanish. I'd glad to know your thoughts about it. Thank you!

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Can anyone help me understand my deceased friend's mayan zodiac reading?

Hi, my friend passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago and it's been rough on our group of friends so we wanted to get a memorial tattoo to celebrate her. Our friend had just been on holiday in mexico and south america, absolutely loved it there and got a mayan zodiac reading and she'd mentioned wanting to get it as a tattoo so we thought that would be perfect, but on the little sheet there are two different named symbols (acatl and pop) and a picture of the god tezcatlipoca
As far as I gather from research, acatl is the day, pop is the month and the god is one of the 9 gods of the underworld that was ruling on her birthday. But none of these seem to be one of the zodiac signs, unless I'm missing something. Her birthday was July 17th and the year was either 1995 or 1996 I can't quite remember off the top of my head (but can find this out if needed). Can anyone help me figure out what her zodiac sign is and what it means? According to her it meant something like good luck, which is ironic in hindsight :(

19:18 UTC


Translation of a phrase please!

My girlfriend works with several Guatemalans, some who are Mayan and some who are not Mayan. One of the Mayan staff speaks K'iche, and he is teaching her. Some of the non Mayan Guatemalans were trying to get her to say a phrase to the Mayan, and she wanted to know what it meant. She didn't say it because the Mayans looked uncomfortable so she thought it might have been derogatory. She said the phrase sounded like "chichen bashut", but she probably heard it incorrectly. She was curious as to what it meant.

Traduje esto del inglés con Google, ¡lo siento si las palabras no son correctas!

Mi novia trabaja con varios guatemaltecos, algunos que son mayas y otros que no son mayas. Uno de los miembros del personal maya habla k'iche y le está enseñando. Algunos de los guatemaltecos no mayas intentaban que ella le dijera una frase al maya y ella quería saber qué significaba. No lo dijo porque los mayas parecían incómodos y pensó que podría haber sido despectivo. Dijo que la frase sonaba como "chichén bashut", pero probablemente la escuchó incorrectamente. Tenía curiosidad por saber qué significaba.

06:44 UTC


Does the lightning deity Yopaat appear on any Classic or Late Classic vases?

12:45 UTC


What was the real name or meaning behind 18 Rabbit?

Hello, so apparently the name of the famous Copan king Waxaklajun Ub'aah K'awiil means 18 Rabbit, but I was reading somewhere that the transliteration of the name is wrong because the glyph that stands for Ub'aah was interpreted as a rabbit (when it's actually a small mammal) , now the other theory is that the name means 18 images or manifestations of the god K'awiil. Can anyone share a light on this?

Guess the 18 rabbit name is the one that stands the most nowadays

06:48 UTC


¿Cómo documentar una Lengua Originaria que no tiene escritura?

01:11 UTC


Do we know who this god from the Vase of the Seven Gods (K2796) is yet?

15:27 UTC


Can anyone help me identify this?

Found in a thrift shop in Scotland. Size approx 10cm, 1cm thick pottery/ceramic. Thank you

18:37 UTC

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