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Welcome to the Legacies subreddit. This subreddit is dedicated to the CW TV show "Legacies" that debuted on October 25th, 2018. Feel free to discuss anything Legacies related.

Welcome to the Legacies subreddit.

This subreddit is dedicated to the CW TV show "Legacies" that debuted on October 25th, 2018. Feel free to discuss anything TVD/TO/ Legacies related.



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Maybe unpopular opinion, but did anyone else get annoyed by Landon and Hope’s relationship? I feel like Hope should’ve been able to experience another relationship Would’ve much rather had Hope and Josie together 💕

23:41 UTC


Did Hope really destroy Malivore? why is he not even in fact a tribrid with the blood of the three malivore breeders.

Hope does not have the blood of any member of the Triad and the TVD rules are clear to destroy or break a spell or curse the witch must use the same ingredients to undo the evil, Hope does not have the blood of any of the original members of the Triad creators by Malivore she is not a witch from the St.Claire lineage, she is not a wolf from Gregg's pack, and much less a vampire from Rebekah's lineage. Malivore's situation was still out of context because he was possessing Landon was not in his real body, how in fact could Hope have destroyed it if she is completely a random tribrid? They would need a tribrid from the lineage of the three creators to be able to truly destroy Malivore.


11:27 UTC


The werewolf wedding ceremony

I have a question, if Hope were to marry Jed or Finch, and they did the Werewolf ceremony would every werewolf at the school gain Hopes ability to turn at will? (This is assuming the pack stayed together after everyone graduated)

11:06 UTC


I’m writing a post tvd pre legacies fic about the early days of the school who would you pick as teachers?

For magic especially the younger primary school students I would have Valarie come in as a teacher

General studies/normal classes Dorian of course

Vampirism classes Caroline and she would also handle some administrative stuff

I would keep Emma as school guidance counselor

Who would teach lycanthropy 101 and gym classes I think Jeremy would be a good fit cause his overall supernatural experience and relationship with Tyler Lockwood but I’m open to suggestions!

07:35 UTC


What do y’all think Landon and Rafael would do for fun?

Just list all the things and even some things you think they would do for fun or on their own as a good way to enjoy themselves, im just curious because we didn’t get too many brotherly moments 😭

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03:55 UTC



Season 3, episode 8. I love hope. She's my favorite character in the entire tvdu. I defended her on everyone and rallied behind all of her red flags. But what she did with the twins this time is out of line. When they were trying to go in the prison world where they would attempt to save or find landon, she's literally seeing the twins dying right in front of her. The black magic was killing her too but she knows that she would just comeback again so she really doesn't care. She knows that the twins would die right there and then but she couldn't care less as long as she would get what she wanted💀😭 I love her but all of this landon obsession is cringey and getting out of hand. I kinda want her character to explore more people to date. I badly wanted to see her with Josie, rafael or even cleo. But, I digress. I'm very disappointed and mad about what she did to the twins. Her saying the line "I'm sorry" literally indicates that she knows they're gonna die because of what she's doing but she'll do what she wants regardless💀 Many people hated legacies and which I don't get because it's my favorite out of all tvdu and to. I think the reason is, it's just easy to watch. No characters that would make your blood boil every episode that would make you wanna teleport on the set and just whip everybodies asses💀 with legacies, it's just easy and fun watch. So i'm shocked because this is the first time legacies made me feel that rage again💀 I usually feel it in every freaking episode in tvd and to💀🙄

16:27 UTC


How would u do it

If you were to rewrite legacies from where would you start? I want to rewrite it and honestly can’t decide where I want to start

23:25 UTC


The Merge

Ok so I started watching the show a few years ago and then stopped at season 4 due to personal stuff. But why were they so worried about the merge when one could just become a heretic? I heard Lizzie became it later in the seasons, thus stopping the merge, but it was such an easy way out instead of dying. And this goes all the way back to tvd where they were also freaking out about the Kai/Jo and Liv/Luke merge when this was the safest option. Idk i just feel like they were all being so extra with this whole thing. Just become a goddamn vamp🧛‍♀️

21:28 UTC


Convince Me That Season 4 Wasn't The Worst Season

Okay, an unpopular opinion, I know, but hear me out.

I was so excited for this season with season 3's ending and was hyped for Hope to go full tribrid with no humanity. The most powerful being in existence with no humanity at all. This should be ruthless. Then we get into the season and suddenly she actually isn't he most powerful thing in the world. There are Gods now. She was so built up since the Originals to be the greatest creature to ever walk Earth, and then as so as we get her in tribrid mode, we learn that there's someone that can actually beat her and it made it anticlimactic and made her feel weak.

I also feel that they didn't create enough conflict or drama with the no humanity Hope. There was barely any conflict between her and her friends which would have made it more interesting. For example, in episode 2 of season 4 on Netflix, it starts with all of her friends against her in the therapy box and she wins. I would have loved to have seen more of direct an ongoing conflict with them. I would have loved to have seen some sort of build up to what happened in therapy box. What I mean is that I wanted what happened in the therapy box to come true and small pieces. Like we see the Super Squad go hunt down Hope in New Orleans, then see hope order the beignet she was eating before she killed them, and like lead up to the event in the therapy box actually happening and us being like, "Oh crap, she killed them all in the therapy box, what's gonna actually happen?" And basically use the therapy box event as a future vision.

I also feel that no humanity Hope was too weak. I don't think she did any more damage than no humanity Stefan or Elena or anyone like that, but she is supposed to be the tribrid. And she kinda just messed around instead of went evil. I would have appreciated if they created a plot where Landon's death was kind of the Super Squad's fault and Hope had a reason to fight them. Similar to when he was in a prison world and MG kept the ascendant hidden from everyone. Like something like that actually resulting in Landon's death somehow. Her getting her humanity back was anticlimactic and would have wanted a hug final battle between like everyone in the TVDU against her. Like Bonnie, Elena, Damon, Caroline, The Mikaelsons against her to take her down. It would have also been a good way to get old TVDU characters in before the series finale.

Finally, the final reason for me not liking this season is that I feel like the magic of the show was lost. Episodes like the 80s episode, Star Wars episode, Musical episode, and the truly heartwarming and fun episodes that made me love the show were missing. It was really just a long-season arc that focused on the Gods as the conflict, instead of the dynamic and interesting episodes each season before.

Thanks to anyone who read through, and I am genuinely curious on your opinions on this season, and I want to be convinced to the positive side to enjoy this season more maybe on rewatches.

06:50 UTC


They really could’ve explored their romantic relationship for a little bit longer

Love Handon tho but they was cute to watch What are y’all thoughts on jandon 🫣

20:11 UTC


I am disappointed vampire plotline about Lizzie and Hope.

Don't take me wrong, i have positive senstiment to this show but i expected sth more. :( I wish to see more struggle Hope and Lizzie about becoming new creature. I thought that Lizzie and Hope can have problem with their emotions, hunger etc. I thought that they just need to learn control their new instincts. But they seems to deal fine with it. Even Aurora who take control over Hope's body seems that she didn't have problem with controling tribrid body. I was kind of disapointed this. I just thought that we see more struggle of girls, maybe they thoughts about accepting new situation? Thoughts?

15:16 UTC



I just rewatched the show over the past couple of days/weeks and it rlly reminded me just how much potential the whole show had. I remembered the first time watching and not liking Landon but like I kinda get him now he and he was done sooooo wrong. Like so much of the show was draged on or repeated to me. Honestly the whole rewatching made me want to rewrite it. Before that I’ve literally nvr been interested in fanfiction but like at this point it’s like I need to, to have some peace of mind with this show cus omg. Maybe I will idk would be the first time I try ao3 for this fr

09:39 UTC


Just finished season 2, I have a question

It’s funny cause I was here 4 days ago after I finished season 1 with a question too😭

Anyways I actually liked season 2 up until episode 13 when Kai’s head was chopped after that episode 14,15,16 sucked. My first question is how did Professor Vardemus turned to be Clarke when Alaric mentioned that he was picked by caroline Second what the hell does the necromancer want and how is he controlling the malivore also I don’t understand why the monsters were going after landon I don’t understand who is the antagonist in this season and what the hell was happening in the first couple of episodes I ignored the part of monsters cause I liked hope coming back and Kai but towards the end the story narrows up to the necromancer

19:17 UTC


Watched for the first time…the writers did Landon dirty at the end

So after almost an entire season of Landon sitting on the sidelines, literally, in limbo, his fate is that, first he’s essentially coerced into taking the Ferryman job bc he’s sooo empathetic and kind, and then he gives up this exact thing to save his friends and ends up emotionless. Wtf. The amount of ppl that came back from the dead but no, god forbid Hope have one less tragedy to deal with…

Like I get it, these shows are all about sacrificing for ppl you love. But taking his emotions on top of it feels like a perversion of really the only thing I liked about Landon’s character. Also I’m over these shows giving their main characters bitter/sweet endings. Hope and Landon deserved better.


Overall though, as an “ancient” OG TVD fan, watching TO/Legacies now was extremely nostalgic and overall very fun. Predictably I’m a sucker for badass FMC so Hope is an immediate fav, but goddam I’d love a happy ending every once and a while lol

03:31 UTC


Josie hate confuses me

The hate Josie gets (from this fandom specifically) has always confused me.

For one, whenever I see anyone say they hate Josie it’s usually because of the bad things she’s done. People call her a liar, manipulator, bad person, etc. and I don’t disagree, but I also don’t see why anybody cares. Fan favorites in the TVDU are generally bad people - Klaus, Kai, Damon, Katherine, and so on. No one gets fussed about them or expects them to apologize, even when they do stuff far worse than Josie.

I think it’s odd because out of all 3 shows, people seemed to liked Legacies the least. Many complained things were too light, and they wanted the show to be darker. Then, when Josie did stuff that was darker, people flipped out. So, fans wanted Legacies to be like TVD/TO (where most of the main characters are mass murderers) but will also hate a character for burning down a room or being a bad sister? Never made sense to me. I was actually disappointed Josie didn’t go darker. She only killed two people, and they both came back to life. I wanted to see some actual, permanent death.

People also point out that Josie wasn’t held accountable for her actions. Again, can’t argue with that, but she’s far from the only person on this show to not be held accountable. Aside from Lizzie, pretty much no one is. Some examples off the top of my head: Landon used Hope’s private letter from her dead father for the funeral episode, and it was framed as romantic. Hope was ended up apologizing to him. In another instance (3x08), Hope tried to kill the twins. Josie wasn’t angry at all. Lizzie was only mad for an episode and made out to be unreasonable. I could probably find more examples, as the writing generally sucked.

Other complains I’ve seen just seem plain contradictory. For example, people were annoyed Josie got so much focus in S2, but a common complaint was that the show should be more about the legacies… so Hope, Lizzie, and Josie. I understand being angry Hope/Lizzie didn’t get a focus - but I don’t understand being angry Josie did. She fully deserved a storyline where she was front and center (as did Lizzie and Hope).

Edit: I don’t mean to be rude but please, if you’re going to comment, read the post first. I’m already aware of the reasons for not liking Josie (stuff like her lack of accountability or her ableism doesn’t need to be explained to me.) I’m asking why Josie’s lack of accountability is a standout issue, when most of the characters have that same problem. And why Josie’s bad actions (like ableism or just general negativity towards Lizzie) are seen as egregious in the TVDU, where most characters are mass murderers. Caroline, for example, is generally portrayed as a good person in TVD, >!but she killed at least 8 people at Josie’s age.!< Yet, no one makes hate posts for her, while people flame Josie for doing far less.

23:39 UTC


Why did Hope keep making Landon stay on the sidelines not wanting him to get Hurt when he can be REBORN!!

It’s it’s irritating looking back how they did Landon character, it’s like why was Hope trying so hard to protect him when they found out he could be reborn and fly.. I wish they made him stronger and team up with the team He literally SMART and can be REBORN he had so SO MUCH POTENTIAL He could’ve been the one to protect Hope if they really wanted as he can be reborn all they gotta do for Hope stab her with a dagger if they really wanted her down for a bit.. but like COME ON!!!! They really could’ve been a POWERFUL IMMORTAL COUPLE and if he would’ve stayed longer he definitely would’ve had some connections with the GODS!!!!

I also wish Landon met his older brother fr and actually made some bonding time💔

11:17 UTC


It’s so crazy to me everyone started calling Josie ableist as soon as she gained some self respect and stopped letting Lizzie treat her like dirt.

Like have we all forgotten season 1, literally that entire season Lizzie walked all over Josie and Josie just went along with it to keep Lizzie happy and keep her from having a meltdown because we all know that’s what happens when Lizzie doesn’t get what she wants.

02:05 UTC


Josie and Lizzie Twin Merge

Why was this ever a concern for Josie and Lizzie? I don't get why they needed to merge at all because the entirety of the Gemini Coven died when Kai killed himself except for the Josie and Lizzie so what is the purpose of them merging?

05:20 UTC


Just finished season 1, I have a question

I watched the first 5 episodes like a month ago then I lost interest but I got back and finished the season now so probably I forgot if It was mentioned earlier

But now that I finished the season I want to know why the monsters started showing at the first place , I know the monsters were all send by the malivore to get the 3 locks to free him but my question is why now he wants to be free if he has been locked up all these years? Did something happen that activated it I really don’t know.

23:12 UTC


Penelope Park had potential

She's one of the few interesting characters in Legacies honestly despite the fact she was only in season one. I would have liked to see more of her and her relationships with Josie, Lizzie and Mg. Plus Lulu isn't a terrible actress to begin with.

It's still pretty annoying that Penelope got written off and was never brought back.

Lulu returning occasionally as a guest star wouldn't be that bad either. It actually would be fine as they did with Claire.

14:59 UTC


The cure

If hope took the cure I don’t think anything would happen to her because the cure reverts you back to your state before becoming a vampire but she was born a vampire so there’s nothing to cure it’s her natural state. That’s just my theory let me know what y’all think!

03:35 UTC


Why didn’t Hope just keep her ashes/urn instead of throwing them into the lake

I kinda wish she kept him ⚱️❤️‍🩹

19:47 UTC


Chris Lee on becoming part dragon

i’m so happy the show is over and they can finally speak their truth😭😭btw i met both of them in an improv class and they’re the sweetest ppl ever however me chris and quincy have beef due to zip zap zop now so (jokes)

01:54 UTC


I wish they made Landon stay in the prison world with Rafael knowing Rafael he would be absolutely pissed knowing Landon is stuck in limbo 💔

it’s so sad remembering them sticking together just for Landon to be alone while Ralf at some form of peace with the family in the prison world with the family he knows while Landon always wanted a family but his mom dipped on him but he just wanted a place to call home while being sounded with the ppl that love him and he can call family

It hurts to think about that, like they really could’ve gave him better if not with hope He could’ve had a “ hello brother.” Moment with Rafael😖💔

21:18 UTC



Can hybrids have children are there children out there aside from hope who are naturally born from vampire werewolf hybrid genes and is hybrid as well or a supernatural creature

Because hope is a special case of she’s the chosen one I assume normal hybrids can’t have children I mean nature was involved in hope birth to kill malivor so? Can they have children?

Before any other person comment on this

You need to see the big picture hope and nature and malivor is connected hope is created to kill malivor that’s a fact the same way why she’s poisonous to Landon and his brother.

Now if you take away malivor and nature wasn’t involved in her birth what’s the chances that she would be naturally born with out any outside intervention no loophole no prophecy no chosen one none of that what’s the chances?

00:59 UTC


(Almost) Every Character in The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies, Ranked!

21:37 UTC


So I was thinking about lizzie and god magic

So why didn't Lizzie use the god magic she siphoned to enchant a sword with that magic to give hope since only god magic can kill a god this should work because Lizzie is using god magic and as klaus siphoners purpose is to siphon magic from one thing and put it in another

02:18 UTC

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