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You can pretty much post anything here that pertains to Landscape Architecture. I am a landscape architect and i just enjoy reading about the field and anything that relates to it, urban planning, architecture, storm water management, community development, etc. Hope y'all enjoy.

All things Landscape Architecture:

You can pretty much post anything here that pertains to Landscape Architecture. I am a landscape architect and i just enjoy reading about the field and anything that relates to it, urban planning, architecture, storm wwater management, community development, etc. Hope y'all enjoy.


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    Advice while I consider going back to school for a MLA.

    I have no experience or education related to the field but am increasingly obsessed with things related to the field like urbanism and parks especially. I have always loved appreciating architecture of all kinds as well as other forms of art. During college where I got a BA in business (only chose that major because it felt safe) I took many personality quizzes to try to gauge what sort of career I might like and the most common answers I would see were writer and landscape architect. For the last year or so I have started to off and on consider going back to school for something in the realm of urban planning/community development as that has monopolized my thoughts even though I know little of it beyond youtube videos and daydreams. I finally decided to get serious about the possibility of going back to school for a MLA and have a goal of applying to schools for their 2025 fall semester.

    I worry that I may enter this behind fellow students and I want to catch-up. What resources would help me either dip my toes into the field in a way that would give me a better idea if it is the right fit, or give me the basic knowledge that everyone should know as a prerequisite for getting a MLA?

    Books, podcasts, short classes (cheap or free), seminars, youtube channels, literally anything.

    Additionally, any advice would also be great. I love the thought of designing parks, trails, gardens, cemeteries, orchards, campuses (school, college, church, work, long-term care facility), but I know little of the computer softwares, mundane projects, workload, work/life balance and any of the things in this field that one with not daydream about.

    02:24 UTC


    Architect vs. Design/build startup?

    I've been a landscape designer for 3 years now, I recently turned 24. I initially was going to school to become a LA but thought i would just work my way up in the industry as a designer. I want to go to the next level and bring more income in. I'm weighing the pros and cons between going back to school for LA or using that tuition money to start a design/build company. I know the design/build would be much more difficult but rewarding in comparison. Any thoughts or advice?

    19:14 UTC


    If you could study LA anywhere where would you study?

    Also for older students going back at 25 thanks

    18:59 UTC


    Examples of Autocad Site Plans?

    I'm learning Autocad and kicking myself for not taking a photo of any site plan I've ever seen. I'm trying to remember the typical line weights, how measurements are usually incorporated, how plant names are displayed, etc. Does anyone have any resources for site plan inspiration?

    03:09 UTC


    Working moms in landscape architecture?

    Hi everyone,

    I am thinking of taking a couple years off work to stay home with my infant. I don't have family to help with childcare, and paying for full day infant care isn't making a lot of sense to me given my salary. My partner makes a comprable salary.

    I've only been in the field 3 years, have an MLA, and am not licensed. I feel like I'm still so new in the field and still learning and am worried that taking this time will set me back in a big way, especially with all the technical skills, computer software, and general knowledge we need. Are there any other moms or parents out there that took time off to stay home with kids? How has this impacted your progression? Was it hard to come back? Alternatively, did you decide to keep working and shell out for childcare?

    Thanks for sharing!

    00:11 UTC


    Would anyone be will to chat with me about working as an LA

    I am considering a career shift and landscape architect show up as a top choice on quite a few aptitude tests. It has zero practical similarity to my current career, but when I read about the job more, I see the intellectual overlap.

    This professional pivot would be a huge decision for me, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to chat, either via text or video, with me about what it is like working in the field.

    19:26 UTC


    Advice for developing drawings - contractor/design-build

    I'm lost on how to move forward with our designs and drawings. Do I learn a program; if so would you do CAD or Sketchup or both? Or, hire a draftsperson? Or, just get better with hand drawings?

    My husband and I have been running a small business since 2008, something between a design-build firm and a landscaper. He's been a general contractor and stone mason for 15 years.

    I'm a plantsperson; (horticulturist w/ a BA in enviro studies). I do residential garden design and some larger meadows.

    We do a handful of residential projects together every year, these are typically patios/fireplaces/walkeays with gardens in the $15k - $65K range. Over the years, I taught myself to hand draw plans--to both show clients and so we knew the details would work.

    But as our portfolio grows, more and more clients are asking for full plans. I hate to refer these to LAs and lose the job entirely. And, because we've been doing this for a decade+, and with our two skillsets, we're good at listening to clients and working out a layout together.

    (We use an engineering firm when needed.)

    I'm worried about:

    1.) The clients will be turned off by very basic drawings for a $50K project. We haven't gotten that feedback yet, but I can't help but feel like it's really disappointing when we present the drawings. We focus on inspiration images, but that also feels cheap.

    2.) Project size. We've only done a few larger projects on our own and I think we could do more. A lot of the work in our town is just bad---giant paver patios with a pool stuck in the middle and 3 crape myrtles. We focus on the existing landscape, natural materials, lush native plantings. We have a great following but it feels like we can't fully embrace it.

    3.) Accuracy. As the projects get bigger, I'm worried that we won't be accurate enough or we'll miss something since it's all by hand. We can typically adjust on site but especially elevation can get tricky. We can shoot grade, but now we're getting projects with multiple levels and that's hard on paper.

    I started teaching myself Sketchup and realized I dont enjoy it and it's going to take a big investment of my time away from my nursery & other plans (I want to start doing ecological restoration work on the Chesapeake Bay).

    WWYD--Suck it up and learn CAD? Stick with Sketchup? Or, some sort of hyrid where we pay for a base plan and then I can hand-draw over it or use procreate?

    13:56 UTC


    Increase of design request post

    Hey mods, is it possible to create a auto bot (apologies if that’s a clumsy request I’m not sure of the ins and outs of moderation / auto-moderation) to filter the design request post? I’ve noticed that we have had a real increase of late.

    03:01 UTC


    Ebbs and Flows

    I do mostly new build residential, with the occasional design build project, usually a model home.

    Ive been stagnating the last few months do to small chippy projects, making me want to find a new employer. I think its the repetitivness.

    But im rejuvenated. One big project with a cool client that quickly changed my mind.

    Is this pretty standard for our industry? How is it in larger firms doing consistently large projects? Do you stil stagnate?

    21:47 UTC


    Software advice

    Hey everyone :)

    Heading into my second year in LA and wanted some advice from anyone willing to help!

    What software on the Ipad, specifically plan view sketches, stencils and over all simple to understand apps are you guys using? I've been suffering with notability since I've had it since high school, but it's not meant for designs only notes.

    I really am hoping for a one-time purchase rather than subscription since apps are pricey, but can't find one with all the things I want.

    Also, needed some advice on rhino! Wasn't really taught it well in first year and figured it's best to learn on my own before the semester starts. Any good channels, especially for learning the basics like extracting images?

    I've been in a mental slump these past 2 months of break wondering if this degree is even worth it lmao but I want to learn as much as I can! Any advice would help!

    Thanks in advance!

    1 Comment
    20:17 UTC


    Laptop for LA school?

    Hi all,

    In anticipation of starting a Landscape Architecture program in the Fall, I’ve browsed this sub for information regarding laptops. I’ve also spoken to some people who are presently in the program I am starting. All of the advice I’ve read either is very general (“get a Lenovo with high RAM”) or presumes a level of knowledge about computers that I don’t have. I’m wondering what I should prioritize when searching for a computer, RAM, CPU, GPU, and what would be good baselines for each?

    I’d also happily take laptop model recommendations as well. Thanks :)

    19:06 UTC


    Landscape Design for All, With RhinoLands BIM Software

    16:52 UTC


    Weekly Friday Follies - Avoid working and tell us what interesting LARCH related things happened at your work or school this week

    Please use this thread to discuss whats going on at your school or place of work this week. Run into an interesting problem with a site design and need to hash it out with other LAs? This is the spot. Any content is welcome as long as it Landscape Architecture related. School, work, personal garden? Its all good, lets talk.

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    13:00 UTC


    What have been y’all’s bonuses in the past?

    I am working at a small firm currently and last year my bonus was $600 after a year of work. The bonus was to reflect “cost of living increases”……….

    I’m wondering what the usual range is for smaller firms? My friends at bigger firms are making $10-20K in bonuses alone.

    15:41 UTC


    Should I go to college for LA in my situation (24M)?

    I'm looking into going to school for LA, I have some college experience but I haven't been in school since I was 19 y/o and it was community college (I don't have any degree). I was always interested in LA but I'm scared to take the leap at this age and go to college and get into debt and I'm just not sure it will be worth it in the long run. The best school near my area that I would love to go to would be University of Penn, but I HIGHLY doubt there's any chance of me affording it or getting in at all. Does the school you graduate from matter much in anyone experience? Anyways, I would love to shadow people in my area and see what its really like which I will do but I do have a question for anyone willing to answer. Does LA give you a good work life balance? (I assume this would depend on the company one works for) but in your own experience please answer if you can.

    p.s sorry if this is hard to read/all over the place

    01:36 UTC


    Anyone have advice for how to best print a portfolio on short notice (~12hrs)?

    21:46 UTC


    Suggestions for making the transition from Ecologist to Landscape Architect?

    I have a BS in environmental science and a MS in ecology and I am currently working as a wildlife researcher.

    However, I’ve always been drawn to art and design and I’m finding myself missing those creative pursuits as a hard scientist. I’m considering pursuing Landscape Architecture and I’m not exactly sure how to do it, since I’m not starting from scratch fresh out of high school.

    I have a few questions:

    1. Are there any non-architect positions within LA firms that would be a good match for my background? I’d love to be able to work in the field for a bit before committing to going into debt for a LA degree.

    2. If not, what are other ways I might gain a better understanding of the field and the day-to-day of being a landscape architect?

    3. I’ve read that you typically need a portfolio to apply for LA masters programs. How does one develop a portfolio if they aren’t in school and producing assignments for classes? Do you have any recommendations for resources or experiences that may help with that?

    Thank you all so much, I appreciate any insight you may have🫡

    18:58 UTC


    Working today?

    Anyone working today? More importantly anyone not working today? Just seeing how many firms out there acknowledging today, vs which ones might not.

    17:42 UTC


    Any jobs that can give me a rough idea about Landscape Architecture?

    I've been thinking about going back to school to get a masters in Landscape Architecture (my bachelors is in Marketing) but I want to be EXTRA sure that it's something that I can see myself doing before I plunge myself into debt for it.

    Are there any jobs, or anything really, that can give me some kind of an idea about what this career (and/or some of it's responsibilities) is like? I started reading "Landscape Architecture: An Introduction" by Robert Holden and watching a fair bit of YouTube videos but I'm wondering if there's a way to get IRL experience of any kind. Maybe I should try landscaping for people's homes? I dunno.

    17:38 UTC


    Master of Urban Design

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has done a Master of Urban Design after completing their BLA? Is there any benefit to this, would it give me a better job outlook if I want to work for a municipality? And also I'm wondering how the role of an urban designer and the role of a landscape architect differ let's say if they are both working at a municipality. Thanks!

    1 Comment
    16:38 UTC


    Sketchpad software

    Iam India based horticulturist looking to learn sketchup but unable to afford for the same. Please suggest me a proper website to learn and use sketchpad for free

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    05:21 UTC


    Printer for Landscape/irrigation plans

    I work for a Landscape Contracting company and we always go to fedex to print out our 24”x36” plans. We’re going to have an influx of work requiring multiple sets of plans having to be printed and are considering purchasing a printer to facilitate this rather than spending hundreds of dollar at fedex. I’m looking for any recommendations on printers for this large scale printing. Most of the research i’ve done has resulted in HP printers (HP DesignJet T650,Color Large Format 24-inch Plotter Printer specifically) being the most popular.

    18:25 UTC


    why is there so much hate for landscape fabric on reddit?

    sure it doesn't prevent weeds 100% but imo it makes it way easier to pull off weeds off the top of the fabric than the ones growing all the way from the ground.

    Yes, there are sometimes tricky weeds -- the very aggressive ones that grow through the fabric but I don't find them so bad.

    Personally I see Fabric as something that slows down weeds popping up and giving you more time in case you're out of town for a while or something.

    So what's with this hate?

    14:09 UTC


    Student In Landscape Architecture

    Hi I'm going to be starting my first year in a university and my major is landscape architecture. Are there any tips you can share? Or any tools that can be helpful to make my experience better? Thank you!

    01:41 UTC


    Tell me your favorite professional conference that is not ASLA

    Are there any good industry-related conferences this year, besides ASLA? Would love some recommendations. I know there's a storm water one called StormCon, and there's a green design one in Seattle this weekend (missed out on tickets).

    02:28 UTC


    changing to windows?

    Hello !

    I'm really thinking about whether I should switch the system to Windows, because I think scan essentials is already awesome and just don't know how it works with a mesh on apple

    I also find it a pity that Lumion is not compatible with the apple system, because the choice of plants at Enscape is a joke for lanscape design

    what are you thinking ?

    and if i change which laptop would you recommend?( i dont want a pc, cause of studying)

    i need :

    • sketch up ( with drone scans)
    • Lumion
    • Vectorworks

    i dont like the windows system, but every cool good feature doesn‘t work on these stupid apple products…


    07:54 UTC


    Do any Landscape Architects here have bipolar?

    I’m medicated and stable, but damn some days are harder than others. I’ll be easy going and getting out of bed in time and other times I’m groggy and can’t get up and I’m late to work.

    It doesn’t help I’m currently in a different state where I have no friends or family and all I want to do is move back home, but need to find a job first before I do that. 🏡😕

    I just want to know I’m not alone here and the only one struggling in the field. 😭

    22:46 UTC

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