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A subreddit for the AMC series Hell on Wheels.(http://www.amctv.com/shows/hell-on-wheels)

"Set in the 1860s it centers on former confederate soldier Cullen Bohannan, whose quest for vengeance has led him to the Union Pacific Railroad's westward construction of the first Transcontinental Railroad."

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Just FYI, the sub is no longer restricted, so it is possible to post again!

Also, hi from a new mod!

19:58 UTC


Why did they NEVER pour alc on the many MANY wounds and surgical procedures on the show

I was thinking that maybe they didn't know about it. But naw Google says Alcohol has been used as an antiseptic since at least 1363. I know they were not that educated but as a field medic and the doctors, NOBODY poured booze on any wound!!

07:29 UTC


Name that Hymn (SPOILER)

I know there's an episode that contains an old hymn and it's bothering me I can't remember the hymn or episode its in. I am not looking for "In The Sweet By and By" sung at the beginning of the episode just before Ruth is hung.

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05:36 UTC


An edit, I guess? (spoilers to every season)

Tried out some editing software, decided to do something related to HoW. Because learning new stuff is way more fun when your favorite piece of media is involved lol.

23:47 UTC


Hell on Wheels OST

Hi I'm years late for this masterpiece, but I'm thankful that my fiancé asked me to watch it together with him after we finished Warrior and now we're slowly catching up (I'm on S4 now) and I'm enjoying it everyday.

though it's sad about what happened in S2 and I still can't move on yet from Lily Bell, I was wondering where to get list of their soundtrack? theme is easy to find, but for song with people singing in it I'm blunt, meanwhile this series have so many good songs in it.

I manage to find one, that Annabel song from The Duhks, and there are times where I feel emotional hearing it because its too beautiful, the lyrics too and the scene from S2 it just became one and makes me having this mixed feelings 😅 sadly they're not on spotify.

I would be so happy and appreciate any helps I can get for any of you to share songs from this series. thank you in advance and hope you don't mind with my English if there's grammar or mistakes spelling.

05:01 UTC


What if Elam had lived?

If Elam hadn't gone insane and then got killed, how would the series have progressed?

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02:41 UTC


Psalms hatred for the Irish.

Throughout the series, Psalms seems to harbor a very deep-seated hatred for anyone of Irish descent. From calling them micks to getting into fights with Irish, hell, even willing to kill them without hesitation. It makes you wonder, why does he hate the Irish so much?

I think I might have the answer as to why, it's two big reasons,

1.) During slavery, many of the harshest and toughest overseers on the plantations were Irish.

2.) The Draft riots of 1863 in New York when multiple black civilians were beaten and lynched by white mobs. Most of the rioters were Irish.

15:51 UTC


Why did they forget him?

During the last seasons and episodes, why is it that Elam would never once mentioned by any of the other characters? I'm not kidding, throughout seasons 4 and 5, none of the characters talk about, or even mention Elam, despite having left a huge impact on many of them, and the town as a whole. Cullen does mention him once in a conversation with Durant, but that's it. Not even Psalms and Eva mention him.

I would've liked to have had either Cullen, Psalms, or Eva sit down and reminisce about the good ole days, and then remember Elam and talk about how much they miss him.

21:04 UTC


This just popped in my head. Who was the father of the baby Louise was pregnant with?

Was it ever said? My thought was it was Campbell's kid. Obviously we never found out for sure due to the >!abortion!< she had.

But was it ever confirmed by the showwriters or did I miss it in the episode?

06:04 UTC


Elam and Psalm's relationship.

Although Elam and Psalms were good friends who cared for each other, they seemed to have resentment for each other that appeared to be a lot deeper when you think about it. And it think it might be due to them possibly being brothers.

They always refer to each other as "brother", something that neither of them calls any of the other black men on the railroad, and it's implied that they grew up on the same plantation. Hell, Psalms even seems to know that Elam's father was the master. Personally, I think that they're half-brothers, in that they had the same mother. Here's how I see their childhoods transpiring,

1.) Their mother was raped by the slave master, resulting in Elam's birth. This of course results in a lot of tension in their family.

2.) He is given special privileges by their master (living in the house, being taught to read and write, eating good food, being dressed in good clothes, and being made to believe that he was better than the other slaves, including his brother), which would lead to a lot of jealously, hatred and bitterness between Elam and Psalms.

3.) Even when slavery is abolished, Elam acts like he's Psalms boss, which makes the latter pissed off beyond all measure.

But what do ya'll think? Is it possible that Elam and Psalms are blood brothers, and that most of the tension between them in the early seasons was a result of their upbringing on the plantation during slavery?

02:59 UTC


Why don't Bohannon take Elam at his word

Elam wants to go off and do something and tells Bohannon to go back or not to worry about him, but Bohannon always shows up to help or save the day. It seems like Bohannon dont think that Elam is capable of doing what he says he will do. Is that Racism, Realism or Friendship

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23:25 UTC


Would Elam still consider Eva's baby as his if it was a male

The baby is clearly a white baby. It is from Mr. Toole. Not from Mr. Ferguson.

I doubt that he would love a white male baby from an Irish man as his own , but he views females as no threat

23:17 UTC



I'm watching the show for the first time and noticed something weird that is probably just bad writing but...

End of season 3 Naomi tells Cullen she let the elders know she wasn't forced to sleep with him and they both seemed to be making an effort to make it work despite Thor's attempts to keep them apart. The wedding dinner showed him being polite to Naomi's mother and she returned the niceities.

Season 4 opens with her father, while still pissed about Jeb (...your own fault asshole!), had no problem working side by side with Cullen and having conversations with him about both Thor and leaving. Her father even spoke up for Cullen when he was trying to leave.

When Naomi went into labour she was screaming for him. As someone who has never given birth, but has dealt with extreme pain, to me that says he's a comfort to her. She would know if it was common for men to not be present for a birth (assuming that's why they held him back), yet she called for him - so him being there was more important to her than tradition.

(Speaking of...between Cullen praying, which she asked for, the singing, and Thor babbling, that seems extra chaotic during a normal birth. That baby was breech. Poor Naomi!)

Suddenly the mother is being a bitch to him, Naomi is telling him he could leave without her, and at Chyenne she's mostly cold and bitchy to him.

I get she had a baby then sudden culture shock, but so far (S4E5) she's just stuck up and rude. Yeah, he's made a few mistakes, but it's clear he's trying but she's just reminding him how much better her father is, and how nothing is good enough. It's like from S4E2 onwards she can't stand him and the show gives no reason why.

16:16 UTC


Archiving interviews

I've taken interest in saving HoW interviews since most of them are pretty old and are at risk of getting deleted. (Happened with one i was looking for, luckily i was able to recover it via the Wayback Machine.)

Now I'm thinking about spending some time on archiving all the interviews I can find and store them in one place. Rn I only have interviews related to The Swede, but I want to put them all in a google doc or something. Or maybe there's a better way to archive them? I don't really know.

01:29 UTC


Lilly's character

Started watching this. Does anybody know why they killed her off? Was she fired, or did she leave to pursue another project?

Either way, I don't know why show creators don't recast anymore after a main character leaves suddenly.

23:25 UTC


I just finished my first watch through!

I know this sub is old as hell, but I need to talk to someone about how great it was. I just finished my first watch through, and my God was it awesome

03:05 UTC


First time watching

Just finished watching the show for the first time, and I have to say it was amazing. Enjoyed a lot of it a couple questions come to mind though, firstly, why did they never pick up the plot line where the guy reveals he was not the sergeant in the picture that strangled his wife? I find it odd they just dropped the plot line. Secondly, I wish we would’ve got to see more of Joseph Black Moon whether that’s him and his tribe or him coming back I really like his character overall really enjoyed the show.

02:02 UTC


Random fanart

Aw man get off the train track you broke it :(

23:04 UTC


Who would you say Bohannon had the most sexual chemistry/tension with?

  1. Lilly?

  2. Ruth?

  3. Naomi?

  4. Mei?

  5. Elam?

  6. The Swede?

03:37 UTC


Set still around

As a long time fan, and a now resident of Alberta, I’m curious; is the set still available to go visit?? I heard somewhere that even after filming stopped, you were able to go wander around the film set. Now, that was many years ago, but I’m wondering if you still can? Anyone get to go visit it in recent years?? Any Cowtown locals know any information about it??

01:02 UTC


Great moment of foreshadowing early in season 3

Elam is riding out with the chief of railroad police, to roust those Mormons, and the guy is just jabbering away. So Elam asks him if he ever stops talking, and the guy says "A quiet man is twice as likely as a talkative one to get his beard clung to by a bear."

This is clearly foreshadowing that moment in in the next season where Elam's beard is briefly shaved off. Brilliant storytelling...

!Okay, obviously there is another plot element referred to with the 'bear' thing.!<

!For those who don't know, 'bear' is a term meaning 'large, hairy, gay man.' And the guy who said it had this fruity little mustache...clearly the line is referring to the homoerotic undertones between Cullen and Elam.!<

!See also the word 'beard,' a term for the partner a closeted gay person uses to hide in plain sight. Bohannon's had a series of these, and it's not a coincidence the chick we see him getting the most down and dirty with started out dressed as a man. And he never cried over miss Lily Bell or Ruth the way he did for old Elam...!<

19:01 UTC


Ruth should have embraced polygamy tbh

She so clearly wanted that Bohannon-dick. She should have just been wife #2. Naomi would have been good with it, then they could all be one little Mormon family with Ezra and William 😭

15:50 UTC


Can't believe this goofy looking idiot did so much damage 😭

04:50 UTC


Durant's little scared straight speech to Ezra was hilarious

02:31 UTC


I'm gonna go ahead and say Cole did (almost) nothing wrong

07:20 UTC


Thor speaking Norwegian

There were a few moments in season 5 (if I remember correctly), where Thor was speaking Norwegian. Is there a translation of his words?

05:45 UTC

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