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"Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens is something of a 19th-century–style, Old West lawman living in modern times, whose unconventional enforcement of justice makes him a target of criminals as well as his U.S. Marshals Service bosses. As a result of his controversial but "justified" quick-draw shooting of mob hit-man Tommy Bucks in Miami, Givens is re-assigned from Miami to Kentucky. The Lexington, Kentucky Marshals office's jurisdiction includes Harlan County (a hopelessly impoverished, backwoods coal-mining community in southeastern Kentucky), in which Raylan grew up and thought he had escaped for good in his youth."


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Justified Boyd Crowder has a meeting with Katherine scene

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07:21 UTC


S6:E2 - Cash Game (New Pod)

We had a lot of fun with the introduction of Choo-Choo in this week’s episode! You can listen at the link or anywhere you get your podcasts!

19:56 UTC


Who has the best and worst southern accent in Justified?

The most authentic accent to Appalachian Kentucky or its opposite.

18:02 UTC


Season 5 was actually really good!

Just wrapped up season 5, and although it is consistently listed as the worst of the series, I really liked it! Can’t wait to start the final season.

14:54 UTC


You Get One Scene To Show People What This Show Is All About.

Outside of the Pilot of course because if you have the Pilot, you of course show them the Pilot, or the first three minutes of the Pilot. And anyway your friend is a very busy person so will only make time for something if they really dig it.

So outside of the pilot, and hopefully without spoiling something awesome for them, which scene do you choose to show them, and why? Remember the purpose is to introduce them to as much as possible in the briefest amount of time.

I would consider showing them the showdown in the motel room with Nix, but it's probably a Top 5 moment so way too spoilery.

Do you focus on a great gun battle or a battle of wits? Do you not bother answering at all because it's stupid and I'm dumb? These are the challenging questions.

04:55 UTC


Just started season 2 of justified. Without spoilers, do the other seasons flow into each other?

To explain further, season 2 began right where season 1 ended and I liked how fluid it felt, it didn't feel like a new storyline had to be created so a new season could begin.

18:00 UTC


Some Praise For Abby Miller (Ellen May)

Her portrayal of a femme fatale was incredible. On one hand empathetic/vulnerable in a way you can understand would draw some men to her and on the other very aware of her ability to manipulate those feelings. Really a great job of acting.

16:01 UTC


Walton Goggins: Top Tv Villain

After finishing Fallout, I immediately put on Justified to watch more Walton Goggins. I really believe Boyd is one of the best written television villains of all time. Who else ranks at the top of your list?

14:16 UTC


Boyd Crowders brutal execution style

21:36 UTC


Boyd Crowder is not a villain

I think Boyd is one of the best adversaries ever created. Not a villain, an adversary. The difference is the power dynamic. Usually, villains are always a few notches ahead of the hero. They have backup plans on top of backup plans. Because it has to be that way for the hero to have an underdog type win condition.

However, an adversary is different. The power dynamic is one of equality.

Raylan and Boyd are just that. Protagonist and adversary. There's never really a point where one is far enough ahead of the other to gain an absolute win condition, and I think that's why it works so well.

There's countless examples across the show. Raylan gains a few feet, Boyd gains a few feet.

Then there's the few times where they outright have to rely on each other to progress despite still being on opposite sides.

Regardless of the shows flaws, the dynamic between Raylan and Boyd is the one thing that never once loses its luster or becomes stale or annoying. Every single time their on screen together, it's fantastic.

Then if you throw in their personal history with each other, it amplifies everything.

Raylan does go against plenty of villains, characters that are just ahead of him constantly; Mags, Limehouse, especially Drew goddamn Thompson. These characters play the game at a higher level, and it makes sense, they're older, wiser, and have more experience. And in some way or another, they all beat Raylan. Mags drinking her own apple Pie, Limehouse knowing exactly who had the Benett fortune and also playing tf out of Raylan pretty much every time their together, and Drew for insanely obvious reasons.

Boyd however, stumbles, makes mistakes, has to recover, and winds up in cuffs multiple times.

Just like Raylan. He also makes mistakes. Even in the first season, the weed guy from the church says “It sounds like you messed up.”

And that's what keeps the show's steam. They're a perfect foil for each other in pretty much every way.

So yeah, just wanted to take a sec to gush about this shows fantastic and addictive writing when it comes to these two. Thank u for reading, and if u have anything to add or disagree with my points, feel free to start a convo. Cheers 👍

07:59 UTC


Does anyone know the episode where Robert Quarles scares the life out of a young man who’s got a gun in his face?

It’s a speech about killing a man when he was young and I think it takes place in the trailer.

Also if anyone could send/link me a clip of that I would appreciate it a lot

22:12 UTC


S6:E1 - Fate’s Right Hand (New pod!)

20:42 UTC


Does Raylan not using a revolver feel weird to you?

Just to preface this, I just started watching the show at the time of writing this. I'm on ep2 so this is just an initial thought, but does Raylan using a Glock to quick draw feel out of place, maybe kind of goofy? I just don't get the cool feeling that I get from other westerns and adjacent media. I don't know if it's the show or myself, lol. Have any of you had this feeling before?

09:38 UTC



I’m rewatching the original after too many years and I need to talk about how stupid Dewey is😭 he is too dumb. I also don’t like Danny in season 5 because he doesn’t need a reason to do something somebody else’ll regret !

07:55 UTC


Season 2, episode 11 - Gary/Raylan question

I'm randomly rewatching the episode right after the hit men attack Raylan and Winona. In the beginning of the episode, Gary rushes into the Marshal's office and puts on a big show about how this is Raylan's fault and how Winona could have gotten hurt. At this point, Raylan is annoyed but he thinks the hit men were after him and it doesn't seem like he really believes Gary is connected to the incident. Maybe a suspect but Gary also annoys the shit out of him, so there's some pent up anger that comes out.

But my question is: in the scene where Raylan is trying to get a reaction out of Gary and shoves him a little, do you think Raylan really does suspect Gary at this point? And if so, why would he let Gary go with Winona to their house and draft off of her protection?

01:33 UTC


S5 E6 why didn’t they arrest Danny for running Alison off the road?

Not Marshall work?

00:26 UTC


Wasn’t Tim just beautiful?

Ok, I made the .gif many years ago and I know it’s a little…..blurry. Some might say it’s a little…….sh*tty.

But wasn’t Jacob Pitts’ Tim Gutterson just amazingly perfect?

01:58 UTC


"No, not just money"

Watching through season 6 again, and I'm kind of curious about this line. "No, not just money" is the last thing Ty Walker says before he dies after Raylan shoots him.

I'm just wondering if there is anything in the show I missed that might point to what he meant by that. We see some level of loyalty between Ty and his men (though not really all that much) but surely a life of murderous crime isn't the only way to stay in touch with Army buddies.

Also, as an aside, Walker might come in second only to Boon in the "almost killed Raylan" club. Right before Raylan shoots him Walker fires two shots back at Raylan on the run and the second misses Raylan's head by about 6 inches (you can see it hit the house behind him).

02:14 UTC


Novel > Series

Currently rereading City Primeval while listening to the equally excellent audiobook. Elmore Leonard’s novel is so much better than the show/series, and it’s not even close, especially when it pertains to the Raymond/Raylan character substitute. While the Justified series captured so much of Leonard’s vibrant characters and his unique style, CP just plain doesn’t do justice to Elmore’s immersive story. Pun intended.

I love Timothy Olyphant’s gritty, wise, and well-traveled portrayal of Raylan Givens, but Givens in Detroit just doesn’t work as well for me. I’m sure this won’t sit well with some, but it feels like a clunky afterthought puzzled together to milk easy money out of Leonard’s work. Don’t get me wrong, City Primeval is better than nearly everything else out there, I just think it could be so much better.

02:12 UTC


One Less Sung Thing About Walton Goggins' Acting

He gives the best surprised looks I've seen on an actor - whether it's his witnessing violence he didn't expect or his rather realistic reactions to being beat up. I mean, the wide eyed "oh sh*t that hurts" look he puts on is both real and funny at the same time. To be able to be scary and funny is some high level of both writing and acting.

Honorable mention to Jere Burns who makes you notice him in every scene he's in.

10:55 UTC


Justified reference in Fallout The Show?

When Honcho (played by Mykelti Williamson aka Limehouse) first digs up Walton Goggins character The Ghoul, he mentions that he didn’t know him but “his pa worked with him once”. It might be a stretch but it sure sounded like a little Justified fan service to me

23:19 UTC


I want $100,000 and I ain't leaving here without it. How bout just 50? We'll call it a loan.

I love Dewey, he reminds me of Matt Bevilaqua. "You gotta hide me, I'm with you now!"

21:16 UTC


Fallout Episode 1 Spoilers

In episode 1 of Fallout, Walton Goggins’ character and Mykelti Williamson’s character interact in a Western inspired scene.

It was honestly a little like having Justified back for a moment, even though the aspects of the scene are more whimsical

02:46 UTC


Finally saw City Primeval

Pretty solid season/follow up but with some clear flaws.

Another perfect performance by Timothy Olyphant who is as awesome as ever. The new criminal characters were fantastic as well. Boyd Holbrook as Clement Mansell was very compelling as the main bad guy, and I really enjoyed the characters of Sweetie and Sandy as well. It was great to see Adelaide Clemens again. I did not recognise her at first as I hadn't seen her in anything new in years. I think these characters were all done dirty a little though, and could have used a little more development and backstory, like Sweetie was killed too early.

The lawyer character, Carolyn did not fully work for me. Early on I was wondering why she was getting so much screen time, and I felt that her relationship with Raylan seemed kind of forced, and didn't really understand why Raylan would try to start something with her if he's only meant to be in Detroit for a short while. But as the season progressed I warmed up to her more and started to realise she's actually the co-main character and that this is actually very much her show as well. I think the first episode should have maybe tried to make this more clear. If it did I think I might have appreciated her character more.

Including Raylan's daughter Willa was a surprise as I was not expecting it but it was very cool to see this new dynamic, but the big time jump at the start to make this possible did throw me a bit (it's set in the future?) but it makes sense why they did it.

I think the police characters were lacking a bit. We get a few cop characters who are involved throughout the season, yet we really don't get to know much about them, and I couldn't even tell you their names. I don't expect a Tim or Rachel as it's just Raylan with a bunch of strangers but when the police are so heavily involved in the story, I would expect them to be a bit more developed.

I think many of these issues are mainly due to a lack of time, as the show suffers from too short of a season. It should have been 13 episodes just like all the Justified seasons, which is pretty much the perfect amount for a drama series. I think a proper full length season could have helped alleviate some of the shows issues. This bad habit modern shows have of persisting with these tiny 6-8 episode runs is getting ridiculous.

The colour grading took a bit of getting used to as well, being more dark and blue, almost Ozarky. But I got used to it pretty quick and it makes sense as Raylan is in a new, cold and unfamiliar place, compared to the warm home town of the original series. I prefer the opening titles of this show as well, short and sweet with a cool theme.

I had very mixed feelings on the final episode, particularly because of the final 10 or so minutes of the show. While that final scene was cool, the main story had to be quickly rushed to conclusion first, resulting in it being a bit anticlimactic, and the change in tone from City Primeval style to classic Justified style was too jarring. I think it would have been so much better if they had this scene be a cheeky after credit scene instead, or just saved it altogether for the next season/iteration of the show. Like it was great to see Boyd again, it was just implemented so weirdly.

But that said, they still manage to end on a decent note and provide both a conclusion for Raylan of sorts, while also teasing potential new stuff for the future.

Overall it's a very good show but not quite as good as the original series.

19:36 UTC


So glad I finally gave this a shot

Been a few years now that Justified has been on my list of shows to check out. Gave it a try last year but I couldn't get through season 1, feeling like it was just a case-of-the-week procedural show like NCIS or something.

After seeing and loving Timothy Olyphant in Fargo season 4 (highly recommend Fargo btw) I figured it was time to try to really get into this.

Just finished episode 10 of season 4 and I've loved basically every second since the last few episodes of season 1. Very excited to see how this continues.

Tim is a damn good character, hoping he (and Rachel as well) becomes more prominent in the last couple of seasons

18:34 UTC


Robert Quarles Was Just A Top Notch Villain

I just finished Season 3 so you'll have to forgive me for being late to the game. From the odd quirks of personality/character to the revelations about his violent nature and its connection to his past, Neal McDonough brought to life quite an incredible villain. Disturbing in every possible way. One thing I found amusing was his sarcasm towards people he saw as beneath him by mocking his idea of their speech and the big smile on his face while doing it. Since Justified is a neo-western, his "city slicker" character was really quite perfect.

15:26 UTC

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