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A question about reading Graphic novels

I just thought I"d pose this question as to whether others do it , is it common or am I just a complete weirdo 😞

I am always reading 4-5 at the same time . But I will often put one away( and it's usually half way through or just a little less) And will then come back to it weeks later ,and end up with numerous ones I haven't finish and then the cycle continues .

I will always finish them and I don't know why I do it . It's not that I'm bored with any of them , I just put them aside ( maybe because I don't want to finish them and drag them out to savour them)

The thought only came to me the other day.. maybe this is not normal and I'm a complete oddball.i wouldn't do it with films or books...that would be crazy

01:04 UTC


The best Hulks to get

I've just only recently got into the Hulk. So far I've got planet hulk, worldwar hulk and scorched earth and they are brilliant . I'm in love with the big green man,done know how I didn't delve Into him before .

Any other recommendation to someone new to the lovable beast?

23:22 UTC


Just read Locke & Key and loved it. What’s next?

I didn’t have any expectations going into it, but I was amazed by it all: the plot, the art, they way things tied up together along the way, and how hooked I was during the entire reading time. What a ride!

Do you guys have other recommendations for horror/suspense/mystery novels? Thanks!

23:16 UTC


Having a really rough week

Recommend me some feel good graphic novels. Please.

22:54 UTC


Today's thrift store pick ups all for just $10

17:27 UTC


Need to buy books for a 12 year old

Now the person I am talking about is someone who wants to get into star wars,marvel,dc,manga and comics in general.he told me that other than comics he would love fantasy,action,spy related stuff and a bunch of other things(bro has too many intrests)so what are the best books for him that are age appropriate for a boy like him(idk if telling about his personality would add to this so for his privacy not gonna describe his personality).

17:17 UTC


Authors who are capable of writing an adult story for children (of all sizes)?

This takes a truly masterful writer. Jeff Lemire and Skottie Young and Pau (frenchie, look him up!) can pull it off. Need to discover more. Dont say Paper Girls. Thats a purposefully adult marketed story featuring kids. Not what I mean. In fact it will be best if you name me authors themselves over specific titles. Either they have the gift or they do not.

14:59 UTC


Any artbook recommendations?

I was recently doing some reshuffle of my collection (and conclusion is: I need a new shelf, need to read a lot of stuff + need to sell some stuff) and then realized that artbooks is something that is a topic that I didnt explore much.

I have some general art books, some books about painters (e.g. Hopper), some ukiyoe books (imports from japan are so incredibly expensive, so mostly cheaper stuff), some "how to draw a comic" things (but those probably not count as manga), some series like Anubis.

So I wonder, what are some artbook recommendations?

The problem with them is that usually they are incredibly expensive..

14:53 UTC


DAREDEVIL by Saladin Ahmed (2024) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

To the all Daredevil fans who haven't read this yet, please do!

Boy, this is really jolly good! Lots of action & fight. Beautifully drawn especially by Farid Karami. Shoutout to Mr. Farid : Please Draw More! 👏

Might be my unpopular opinion but this feels much lighter than the previous Chip Dzarsky's heavy run (which i enjoyed too). It is my 1st time on reading Saladin Ahmed's writing. Will continue this. Hope it stays good.

Rating : 9/10

1 Comment
12:45 UTC


Usually not a superheroes guy, but I just had to get these!!

08:37 UTC


I'm sure this has been asked more than once here, but what is your hot take?

Here's mine:

Doomsday Clock is pretty good. I think people hate on it simply because it's a sequel to Watchmen.

07:14 UTC


Popular runs you did not like.

Folks, without judging your fellow humans, I want to know which popular runs you did not like or atleast not as much as the hype surrounding it.

I'll start :

Geoff johns' green lantern

Grant Morrison's Batman

04:14 UTC


What chunky 1000+ pager should I buy? No supes.

It can be fewer pages like 800. Not gonna split hairs. I'm mostly into crime, a little horror, a little sci-fi. Not madly in love with fantasy but I don't write it off. And as the title says - no supes.

Anyone got any suggestions? Thank you!

01:38 UTC


Fantasy graphic novel recommendations

Hi, I mostly read novels but I’m looking for some good graphic novels (open to webcomics asw). I would especially like one that is set in a vivid and dark fantasy world, sort of like Arcane or Perdido Street Station. I’m open to non fantasy recs as well, just as long as it’s got cool art, a good story, and isn’t slice of life or overly fluffy.

20:00 UTC


Check the Collection! What's Next?

I am looking for my next great read... Of the comics in my collection, Saga and East of West are tied for 1st, and Low and Invincible are in second. What should be my next read? (Outside of Sandman..I tried the novel version and was not a fan.) Also, I am desperate to find East of West Year 3 if there are any leads!


19:44 UTC


Opinions on Descender/Ascended?

I personally can't understand why people liked it so much. It felt like a collection of sci fi tropes strung together by chat gpt where the pacing was like "and then this happened and after that this happened" Characters were not compelling at all. Why was the only thing Dr Quon could ever say to Telsa was "your daddy!"??? Characters did things that made no sense. And so much more..

19:30 UTC


Need YA(?) graphic novel recommendations

I’m a big graphic novel fan and I go through binges. I sometimes feel like i’ve already read everything worth reading because I go through top 100 lists and they’re all books i’ve tried. I don’t necessarily just like YA graphic novels, I liked Buddha and fun home etc. I like some manga a lot, anything by Rumiko Takahashi, Junji Ito, Murakami. I liked This One Summer and Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me and Blacksad. I mostly just like books that are fun and easy to read and tell a story, not with a lot of shooting and stabbing being the main point. I can read complex books, but not marvel-type comic books. Any suggestions help because even though this request is kind of limited I have read MANY MANY graphic novels and enjoyed them all.

15:38 UTC


Should I become my own graphic novelist? How do I practice if so?

Please forgive me if this question makes me come off as stupid, foolish, childish, immature, insensitive, egotistical, self-absorbed, self-centered, dull-witted, rude, inconsiderate, or any other applicable flaw I may have missed.

To ensure people don't think little of me, I want to make it clear that I am actually working towards a degree in Computer Engineering and doing writing on my free time.

I am 20 years old and trying to create my own webcomic due to realizing prose writing wasn't something I'd ever be good at doing after this one workshop class. I have some experience doing art, but I need to refresh myself after not doing it for a while (I used to think I'd be forever terrible at that, too). I'd rather not hire anyone for anything for the sake of not putting anyone through heaps of work. Is it too late for me to become skilled, especially when I have so much to learn and research about different stories, successful stories, combat styles, weaponry, clothing, color theory, history, psychology, cultures, myths, religions, paneling, body language, gesture, posture, proportions, and much more. I've always wanted to write since I was younger. Should I give up on those dreams and do something else?

Where should I start? My school doesn't really have any classes specific to this kind of storytelling other than Screenplay, I guess. What is a good way to practice writing this type of medium alongside doing my art at the same time? Again, my sincerest apologies. Please forgive me for this.

10:34 UTC


21 Down (Wildstorm, 2002) complete collection on Kickstarter

Any fans of this short series by Wildstorm? It’s on Kickstarter now (only time it will be available), and includes multiple tiers for the never published 13th issue including a cover by Amanda Conner.


06:06 UTC


Looking for more weird surreal comics


Krazy Kat by George Herriman

Andy Barron's Om

Jim Woodring comics

Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay


Some of Taiyo Matsumoto's stuff fits too.

Brian Blomerth


I want fun and trippy reads that have unique cartooning

05:30 UTC


Trying to find a graphic novel I saw once

I remember it's title was the same as the band that made it, it was about the band getting stuck in outer space, and it had a lot of inappropriate jokes. That's about all I can remember. I would recognize the cover if I saw it.

01:01 UTC


EC Artists’ Library question

Master Race and Other Stories: https://www.fantagraphics.com/products/master-race-and-other-stories

I have never seen this volume IRL. Has anyone? 0 eBay listings, no sold listings that I can find…

Just trying to fill some gaps in my library. I know EC isn’t super popular or anything but damn.

00:25 UTC


What next after Hellblazer?

I have been reading Hellblazer for almost a year now, getting close to the end, now on the penultimate volume.

What next should I read after this? I have already completee Sandman and The White Knight. I like such one person focused comica, not like JLA...although I read DCeased and liked it.

17:58 UTC


Looking for a specific Italian detective comic

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to find a specific Italian detective comic, possibly published sometime between the 60s and the 90s. I can’t remember much about it other than the one story I read was probably less than 15 pages, had a photo realistic art style, and was set in a city (possibly Milan?). I can’t remember if the main character was a police detective or a private one. The comic was realistic, not supernatural, definitely not Dylan Dog. It was published in black and white and drawn with ink.

Any help appreciated.


17:40 UTC


Graphic novels with large print (kid-friendly)

I am looking for graphic novels appropriate for kids where the writing is not tiny. My son in kindergarten loves graphic novels but is very discouraged from reading them on his own due to the often tiny text.

He likes fairly sophisticated content (like George O Connor Olympians and the Eric Shanower/Skottie Young Oz stories), but just can’t process small text in all caps. At least font size 12 would be ideal, but the bigger the better.

For reference, he can read Harry Potter level books, but for that I got him the large print edition.

Thanks in advance!

15:24 UTC


Request for recommendations: Hellboy and Godzilla

’m a huge fan of both! Been looking to get more into some hellboy stuff. if you guys got any recommendations for stories you liked! I’ve been into comics for a while now I’m not too picky, I don’t think I’ve read much of any hellboy stories so anything will be helpful.

11:37 UTC


Any book that deals with anger issues??

I think brilliant stories can be told on this topic.

09:24 UTC

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