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News, articles and discussion about Glass, the wearable augmented reality computer from Google.


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No titanium band, alternative?

As the title says, I don't have a titanium band for mine, nor am I in the position to get one rn. Any alternatives? Can I just zip tie em to anormal pair of glasses?

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16:24 UTC


Speculative fiction about Google Glass becoming central to society - ARC readers needed


I have written a satire called ALEX THROUGH THE G-WHOLE GLASS. Its about a guy who gets sent to another dimension where Google Glass derivatives have become the basis of a way of life. It is though primarily a satire of the world order.

I am ideally looking for ARC readers who if they like it might give me a review (and I guess if they don't too). Message me if you want me to send you a copy.






Alex Paine: Underappreciated at work, a total disaster at everything else.

Watched constantly, weighed down by his past, he longs for a fresh start, but its not that simple.


Now Alex has got his escape, there's just one thing.

Everyone watches everyone else here in fact that's how this world works.

In a reality where he knows no one, where he doesn't exist and yet he's still somehow important to the shadowy UGG...





Pratchett meets the multiverse meets minority report and lays waste to the world you thought you knew in this near future dystopian satire.



15:23 UTC


My glass app

Just picked up a pair of explorer google glasses.. I just noticed the app is gone from the app store Any one know how I can make these things work and connect to my phone? APK file or something

14:43 UTC


How would rayneo x2 compare against google glasses?

I was going through comparisons but do we have an owner of both the glasses here? Can anyone tell me if one would be better than another? Granted, finding either one of these models would be difficult at the moment. I only have air 2 from rayneo and so no experience with AR glasses.

19:26 UTC


Should I buy Google Glass?

So I've been looking at Google Glass recently. It has always interested me but now the prices have gone down a bit. Should I get one?

I absolutely adore the idea and the design of it and I always have. I just want to know what any of you think about it, what it can do nowadays and if I should buy it.

If you could help me decide, find any good items or can tell me what it can do now and what I would do with it that would be great!

Thank you for your help!!

10:55 UTC


Help ee2

So I just got a pair of google glasses ee2 and I see all the threads and comments but I still have no idea where to even start please help. I am using a iPhone and I wanted to use it for work. So maps mostly and being able to connect to my phone so I can record and have it go to my phone. Also being able to watch YouTube would be nice. But I genuinely am clueless on where to begin

09:04 UTC


Google Glass and Apple watch

Can I take Glass and use it as a data over bluetooth device with an Apple watch? So... could I use Glass to make phone calls, send/receive text messages, and listen to music through the apple watch? Also would the version of Glass matter? Enterprise 1 / 2 ? I know natively this may not work and am open to more complex workarounds if it is an option.

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20:14 UTC


Cannot update Glass Explorer Edition - Please help

Hey guys, I would really appreciate some help with updating my Google Glass Explorer Edition.

I just purchased it a few days ago. When I first charged and used the device, it worked really well. I could ask it to take photos, videos, and presumably other functions that required use of the internet. From there, I wanted to update it to the latest software update. I tried all methods listed online to get the device into fastboot mode (holding the camera button down, pressing the power button, and holding down the camera button for 10 seconds), but nothing actually worked to get the device into fastboot. I figured that might be solved by a factory reset, so I backed up the photos from the device, and did a factory reset. This brought me to the useless setup screen, but did not help with getting the device into fastboot mode. I kept fiddling around with combinations of holding down certain buttons at different intervals, until it seemed that I had broken the device. It now seems to boot several times at once, or something weird like that. It constantly shows the 'glass' logo, flickers to the initial swipe menu screen for a second, and then goes back to showing the 'glass' logo for several minutes. After a couple minutes, the device grows hot, presumably stuck in some sort of loop. I cannot get my computer to recognize the device as a google glass anymore. Now, when I connect it, it's only listed as an 'MTP USB Device.' No matter what buttons I press, I cannot get the device out of this loop. To try and solve this issue, I read on a different post that you could force the device into fastboot mode with a recovery cable. So, I made a recovery cable with an old micro usb i had laying around by soldering the id pin (4) to ground (5). When I tried to boot the device using this cable, nothing changed. I'm really out of ideas on how to proceed with the device. I would really appreciate any help.

Side note- the device's first recorded photo was taken on Mar 20, 2014. The last photo before I received it was taken on Mar 10, 2015. I doubt the device was ever updated from 2014. Not sure if that would matter or not.

03:26 UTC


GPS anв Navigation on Google Glass Enterprise 2

Long time I been looking for solution to get working solution with maps on Glass. As we know, Glass doesn't have built-in GPS chip.

Finally, I found solution. Who invested please follow my instruction. It checked with Google Maps and OffMaps applications.

Any your updates and further improvements are wellcome.

Main Idea is to SHARE location data from Android phone to Google Glass with stable connection and without additional equipment.


  1. Download and Install "Bluetooth GPS Output" app on Phone (source - https://meowsbox.com).
  2. Download and Install "Bluetooth GPS Provider"app on Glass EE2. Any source (Aptoid, Apkmirror, etc.). I used 4pda link 4PDA.ru but it can be beyond firewall for you. Open app, you'll be asked to turn on "Select mock location app"in Developer Settings. Do it and and choose "Bluetooth GPS Provider" there.
  3. Connect Glass to phone via bluetooth in glass android settings.
  4. open "Bluetooth GPS Output" on phone. Swipe right two sliders on the top of bluetooth Service Control app page

You have to get he following services on like here, it means that connect is successful and can close apps and open maps apps.

On phone:


And on Glass


IF NO Connection please try to:

  1. Unpair glass and phone is android settings and pair again

  2. Go to Bluetooth GPS Provider on Glass --> three dots in upper right corner --> Preferences. Choose your phone in "Choose GPS receiver". Change "GPS Connect Method"to "Insecure"

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15:36 UTC


Enterprise Edition 2 Companion App .APK

I've just got an EE2 and I want to put the companion app on my Pixel 7 Pro. It's been removed from the Play Store, and the EE2 still FastConnects over Bluetooth but instantly disconnects again...

I can't find the .APK for the enterprise 2 companion app. Anyone know of any app archives that have it?

23:13 UTC


Q&A with RayNeo — ask all of your questions about the TCL RayNeo glasses in r/AugmentedReality

11:55 UTC


Google Glass Calorie Tracking App Idea Questions

I was thinking about creating a new app for the google glass and had a few questions about it. Would appreciate it if you could fill out the survey.


21:22 UTC


New to me

I was following Glass a lot when it first came out. I just bought a pair from someone in here and just received them. I am working on setting them up but it seems like the app to set up no longer exists. Is there a workaround?

22:24 UTC


Google Glass Wiki in the works!

It’s happening! I have the basics down, just looking to collect guides and working APKs. Check it out http://googleglasswiki.wikidot.com/apks if you have anything to add please let me know!

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13:23 UTC


GoogleGlass alternatives?

Do they exist? I just want something with a similar form factor. I've been looking at some "smart glasses" I've seen on the market that look like dorky bricked up sunglasses (incredibly lame). I'd love to just find something that can do text notifications, pictures, google maps and possibly chatGPT. Why would Google discontinue these bad boys? I literally never even new they brought them back after the first time they shelfed them. Literally never seen one add EVER after the first batch.

08:20 UTC


Aosp for glass

Hey everyone I could only find android 5 aosp files and they do not work could someone find working android 6 and 5 aosp files TY in advance

01:42 UTC


Need a little help

Ok so I bought a pair of google glass ee2 with hopes that there would be a method of using the Envision software - but I guess even thou they use gg ee2 they won’t allow it to be installed or install it for you .

I’ve been trying to make the most of it though and I’d like to get it functioning- I’m on a older firmware (not the final). I’ve been searching and following the info I see here but no luck . I installed android studio , but still can’t seem to get my computer to recognize the device properly .

Does someone have a tutorial I can use that would start me from the very beginning with what software to install on my windows pc . I have the newest android dev studio but I’m wondering if I need an older version.

Please be understanding I did try searching and finding my solution and I’m sure it’s a basic question that has been asked but I can’t seem to make things match up like I’m missing a step somewhere

18:51 UTC


A Google Glass wiki

I’m tired of this great community of developers, users, and people who just think Glass is cool(it is) being so spread out and uninformed. The information is there, the people are there too but the full picture is spread across aging articles and posts and amazing discords and Reddit community’s and GitHubs and Google drives. I envision a place where archives and guides and files are not alone, spread out, or forgotten. And I want to build this place, now this would be no good if I did this alone, I need the support of all of you if we want this to come alive. I envision the (drumroll) Google Glass Wiki. So if we want to stop this info being lost to time, let’s build something not just an archive, guide, of drive but a community. If you’re interested in this let me know and maybe we can make this happen!

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00:20 UTC


If I got a Google Glass in 2024, (1) could I use it for very basic things (Maps navigation, viewing phone notifications), and if so (2) which should I get?

I understand a few people in this community have made cool apps and there are basic apps that supposedly still work?

There questions:

  1. can I still use it for Maps navigation and viewing and responding to phone notifications (messages)?

  2. if so, which model should I get? There seem to be two versions of the Explorer Edition, and then there's the Enterprise edition.

  3. is it easy to attach the smart part of the device to an existing pair of glasses?

00:08 UTC


Selling Google glasses

I have had a pair in storage for several years, they are running XE18.3. I don’t know what model they are but I have the serial number.

Not wanting to deal with selling them on Facebook market place. Not sure what they even go for but I’d rather sell them to someone who will get some good use out of them. Dm with an offer, thanks!

21:13 UTC



r/GoogleGlass family,

I am filled with gratitude for this vibrant community that has thrived on passion and innovation for over a decade. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and unwavering support have been the backbone of our journey with Google Glass.

Reflecting on our experiences, it’s evident that our technology was indeed far ahead of its time. Yet, it is this very quality that has united us.

In the spirit of our collective exploration and as a token of appreciation, I’m sharing a link to the APK folder we’ve nurtured together. This collection stands as a testament to Glass' ability!

Goodbye Glass 25' (Google Drive)

This link is designed to remain active indefinitely. However, I encourage you to download the contents in their entirety and share them wherever innovation calls. It’s through these actions that our legacy will continue to inspire and evolve, even as we part ways. If you see any repeat files, the more the merrier. There will be additions over time. Any app that doesn't work isn't a mistake or an upload error, every file has been included. You never know the user's skill, desire to debug/modify, and so on. There are more files, but here is a general overview of what you have now:

  • Google Glass APKs Zipped
  • Glass Music Player
  • Speedometer
  • Voice Enabled Timer
  • Settings
  • Widgets For Glass
  • Glass
  • Glass Movies
  • Glass Launcher
  • Launchy
  • Launcher 2
  • My Glass 3.5.8 (defunct)
  • Joe Glass
  • Glass Cast
  • Glass Tech
  • Google Glass Companion
  • Google Glass Controller
  • Glass Music Player Mod
  • Glass Maps Modded
  • Google Glass Backup
  • And way more

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have been a part of this journey with you. Every question asked, every solution proposed, and every milestone celebrated has been a building block in the remarkable edifice that is r/GoogleGlass.

Let us take this moment to acknowledge not just the end of an era but the beginning of a legacy that will outlive us all. Your contributions, enthusiasm, and spirit have etched an indelible mark on the fabric of technological innovation.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making r/GoogleGlass a community that will forever resonate with the spirit of discovery and the courage to dream big.

See you guys around the forum. If you have trouble, feel free to shoot me a message. Depending on the year, I may no longer be active. Maybe Reddit will be irrelevant, who knows! For those who made it down here solely to comment that it isn't 2025, already said I preferred mid-decade and don't care.


01:27 UTC


I have gg enterprise edition 2. I want to mod them

As the title says I have enterprise edition 2 but I want to mod them to attach to my real glasses. Has anyone done anything like this?

20:53 UTC


What is the latest version of Android that can be run on Glass

I still have my Glass, and I was wondering what the maximum capabilities are regarding the version of android that it can support? I’ve noticed there’s tons of candidates for the next generation of AR glasses but this is the OG the Original Glass hehe.

23:35 UTC


Thinking about buying Glass. Here are some questions.

I am thinking of buying Glass to use it as a heads up display for notifications and lightweight browsing of calendar events and email maybe. Have plans to develop some apps for it if possible. However, I have some concerns.

First of all I would like to know what are the limitations of the various editions of Google Glass. I only have a couple of explorer editions (generation not mentioned, one says model number is XE-C) at about $150 and an Enterprise 2 at $700 on my country's used items marketplace.

Second of all, I am concerned about the battery life. From reviews I watched, I guess an explorer edition was able to survive for 6-8 hours of moderate use. However those used units probably have their battery capacity greatly decreased. Has anyone tried to replace a battery in them? Disassembling an explorer edition seems to be easy and just a bit messy because of the glue. And the battery seems somewhat standard, even though the connector will be a pain to solder, probably.

Third question. What is the current situation with software support. Google's original OS is partially useless as far as I understand, but there was a custom lollipop ROM for explorer edition, as far as I remember (recall the "what edition to choose" section). Did anyone tried installing it?

Fourth question. I already have glasses with a steady plastic frame and prescription lenses. Since I will probably disassemble my Glass unit to replace its battery, how viable in your opinion it is to make (3D print, probably) a different shell for it so it replaces a hand of my present frame?

Just in case. Since Glass is generally viewed as an unmaintained product, are there any alternatives like it? I am talking about glasses that are AR, and not pass-through with cameras, and that have a design wearable as an accessory, not a tool. Possibly, with an ability of being attached to existing glasses and a way to develop custom apps for it.

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08:36 UTC


Looking for Enterprise frames

I recently got a hold of a Enterprise 2 glass and wanted to screw around with it. Only thing I'm missing is a frame for them or a away to attach to my current glasses.

00:53 UTC


Using Google Glass with LLMs

I was a user of Google Glass Explorer edition back in the day, going as far as spending 6 months using it in my clinical practice and setting up a pilot project on using it for telecast at nursing homes (2016). I have a dead XE in my study, and wonder if it might be possible to revive it to use as a platform to run LLM integrations (see Brilliant.xyz). It looks like a pipe dream, but does anyone out there have thoughts on how to do this?

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09:03 UTC


Enterprise or explorer for personal use?

I'm looking into getting a glass, knowing that they are not officially supported anymore. I'm seeing a lot more enterprise editions than explorers for sale, and am wondering if I would be able to do things with the explorer editions like:

  • Notifications from phone
  • Camera (pictures and video)

I doubt these work, but if they do that would be great

  • reply to texts
  • maps

I know a little bit of coding, but not enough to make my own app. I could probably figure out sideloading custom apps onto the glass though. If any of you have answers to my questions it will be very appreciated!

00:27 UTC


How To Update To Firmware XE24 - Step by step instructions

Googles official step by step instructions can be found here : https://support.google.com/glass/answer/9649198?hl=en

My instructions are stated below. You need to download the proper drivers and platform-tools folder from the above stated link first :


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20:54 UTC


Google Glass All APK Project

Hey guys so about a year ago I bought 3 pairs of the super old consumer Google Glass, not Enterprise. This was because I remembered this from when I was 13 and thinking this is ahead of our time, they should've waited. Many said the same, and that was the problem. If this was released tomorrow, the public would go mental.

Now I've observed a spike in interest and exchange on the subreddit here and across the internet. Even some articles and newer YouTube videos. Hoping there would be more interest at least on the reddit, I created and maintained an APK folder on Google Drive I'm more than happy to share, but I'd also like some help before rolling out the first batch so it's at the fullest possible.

I'll find a way to share link that preserves my privacy but won't go down. Don't want people years off to find this only to end at an error or expiration message, always hated when that happened to me.

Around February 14th, I'll make a new post and comment that "master folder" link so old and new users can benefit and build from this mini-library. I've had them for a minute and solved 2 bricks. I'm colorblind and would up finding serious use in a enthusiast-developed color identification APK. It's a humble, but decent, collection. It will be called Goodbye Glass 2025, rounding up a year for arsthetic purposes.

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