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News, articles and discussion about Glass, the wearable augmented reality computer from Google.


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Google Glass in 2023 and beyond maybe a custom OS?

If I was smart enough to figure it out I would have done it already. I’ve heard of people running custom OS and 3rd party apps. Can this still be done? I just really want to be able to use my glass again I miss all the apps.

07:46 UTC


Interview of Glass User

I am writing a case study on Google Glass and would like to interview an everyday (or once an everyday) user of Glass. Let me know if anyone is interested.

14:14 UTC


Value of original Google Glass (Pre-explorer edition) with a dead battery? Or anyone have experience fixing one?

Recently acquired a development version of an Explorer edition, anyone have experience replacing the battery? Was thinking of using a dental scanner to have a 3d mold of the battery housing so if I rip it open to re-solder a new battery in I can 3d or resin-print a replacement shell.

If not, anyone know what they're worth with a dead battery?

01:53 UTC


Buying Google Glass in 2023

I have recently seen online a pair of Enterprise Edition Google Glass for 250€, Is It worth It? What can i do with them?

06:49 UTC


Google Glass Enterprise Edition II - Someone have the samples from GitHub as APK?


since Google Glass is now officially a "Retro Gadget" I bought it without knowing that it is acctually a blank device without any app except of Google Meet.

I found this repo https://github.com/googlesamples/glass-enterprise-samples with all the nice sample that can be run on the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

After a whole day of try & error with Android Studio to get the apk compiled (normal compile worked, but not building the assembly) I give up for the moment.

Does anyone of you have the complied apk files from these samples or maybe an advanced version of them?

22:34 UTC


First steps with GG

Hi all,

recently bought Google glass explorer, willing to start the app development journey.

My question is - is it possible to develop IOS application and connect glass with IOS phone? If I understand correctly Google glass uses Android and can be used to develop Android application using GDK? I found reddit post link where someone installs/configures open source OS on Google glass device itself. Is there maybe possibility to install IOS on it in similar way or it wouldn't work as it is Android device? Is there only android app to be developed and used? (or it could work after installing that open source OS and try to create IOS app and connect with it as would be more compatible)?

sorry for being such beginner :)

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21:18 UTC


Explorer and Enterprise Editions & Accessories For Sale

Hey guys,

Just throwing this out there in case anybody is looking for an Explorer, Enterprise 1, or Enterprise 2 edition or accessories. I have multiple listings on my ebay and am trying to unload for reasonable prices. Links below, feel free to make offers through ebay directly and hopefully we can work out a deal! Be sure to read all item descriptions before making offers to avoid any confusion. Thanks!

Explorer Editions :

Explorer (White) + Prescrip Frame : https://www.ebay.com/itm/175852795783

Explorer (White) + Original Box : https://www.ebay.com/itm/175923014608

Explorer (Black) + Original Box : https://www.ebay.com/itm/175923014678

(8) Explorer (White) + Prescrip Frame & Box (Foil Bubbles) : https://www.ebay.com/itm/175923029590

Enterprise Editions :

Enterprise 1 (Grey) + Titanium Frame : https://www.ebay.com/itm/175855137475

Enterprise 2 (Black) + Titanium Frame : https://www.ebay.com/itm/186033918116 and https://www.ebay.com/itm/175715872617

Accessories :

Explorer Headband (Black) : https://www.ebay.com/itm/185755807942

Explorer Headband (Grey) : https://www.ebay.com/itm/175592285273

Enterprise Lux Frames (Tortoise) : https://www.ebay.com/itm/186106047667

P.S. : I will not be replying to any messages on this post or entertaining any other purchase methods besides ebay.


17:24 UTC


How to transfer photos?

I've connected my original Google Glass to two different windows laptops, no luck. I have videos and photos of my children on there. Trying to take them off there before the device randomly dies. Thanks

05:04 UTC


Convoscope: Intelligence 2.0 on AR Smart Glasses

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00:32 UTC


Survey for Brain Fitness Wearable

Hello everyone, My name is Nicole and I am a product market researcher at AdHawk Microsystems. I am reaching out on behalf of the company. We are currently in the process of developing a fitness wearable for brain health, which is being created with people who are interested in biohacking in mind.

If you are interested in wearables, brain health, improving focus or just curious, we would love to hear from you!

We have created a short questionnaire to gauge interest in the product and to gain a better understanding of the communities the product will be serving. If you are interested, please complete the short 2 minute google form below.

Survey Link:


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13:24 UTC


Does Google Glass do live captioning?

Hey guys does Google Glass do live captioning of people you're talking to? That would be really useful for my near deaf cousin. I will buy a used Google Glass if it does.

03:10 UTC


Glass Explorer XE23

I've wanted to purchase a glass since its initial release, but the cost has been a deterrent. Would it be advisable to go ahead with the purchase? I'd greatly appreciate any guidance on the features and capabilities of this particular version.

02:55 UTC


Ended up with a google glass enterprise edition 1 but need frames

I ended up finding a google glass enterprise edition 1 someone sold me for basically nothing. It came with just the device but not the frames, does anyone have advice on where to find frames for it or a good hackey way to make my own?

03:47 UTC


cannto verify my acount and cannot setup glass

Hello everyone, I need help, I got glasses from my friend it is not connected to anything cannot go to settings and so on, is there any solutions, and how can I install any apps on it from github.

17:07 UTC


What does end of support mean? Should I buy one?

What does the end of support mean for Google glass? I see they're going for $200-300 on ebay. What functionality will break or remain enabled?

19:24 UTC


Google on the Google Glass with the Knowledge Graph.

After I brought over ChatGPT to the Google Glass, I worked on creating an App to ask Google for information. This way we have an app to check for more current information.
It is using the Knowledge graph so we get a description and also a picture alongside it.

Here is a short video. (Looks much cooler on Glass of course).

You can download it here for free.

21:08 UTC


ChatGPT on Google Glass

I built an application for the Google Glass Explorer Edition connecting our beloved Glass to the OpenAI Api.

I created this application that allows the user to interact with the Open AI Api using https and tls 1.2. Basically you can talk to chatgpt and you will get a response spoken to you and visible as a text on the display.

If you like the work, please star the project. I will add more features over time.

11:48 UTC


Whats up with Glass and Enterpirse?

Hello Folks! I just discovered that there is an actual community for Glass Related things and i have some Questions reagarding Google glass:

So first of all i was SO EXITED when i learned about glass in 2013 and i wanted them SO BAD, but i was 17 at the time and they only had their Beta program, the Glass was Expenisve AF for me at that time and still in it´s development. So i scraped the idea to get one instant and wanted to wait for it´s official release.. then The bad news came that it Got cancelled and VR Googles came out, other companies tried "AR" glasses and miserably failed (in my opinion) compoared to the Thing Google glass was already in 2013.

I recently got back into the bubble of AR Glasses and learned that google did that "Enterprise" thing with the glass, and you can actually get them from some websites NEW still, even if they seem to have stopped the selling of the Product.

I am now concidering if it would be a good idea to either Buy an Enterprise edition right now, or even get an Original Glass from like Ebay or something? WHat is The Difference between Enterprise and normal Glass? Is the normal Glass still usable if i get one of Ebay, i know there was a "last Software update" for them in like 2020, but could i still experience the "Glass" even nearly or Better than the Ads in 2013 stated?If i get the Enterprise edition, am i limited to "Enterprise things" or can i still watch youtube, maps, Wikipedia and stuff on it?

Or should i even scrap the idea completely because it´s a dead Product with no sign of Help?

WOuld love to hear from you guys about it and maybe get some tipps,before none of them exist anymore and nobody want´s to sell them..

Thanks in Advance

Edit: To make it clear, i´m just a normal person with a bit of computer knowledge, i cannot code my own apps, but i surely would be able (with a good tutorial) to "root" a device or get a new OS on it if that is a thing, but the End Goal would be using the Glass like it was Advertised in 2013,in an everyday use,for Maps, Maybe Youtube or to get the weather or News displayed for me, connected to my phone and NOT necessarily as a Standalone device.

20:52 UTC


What and how do I get a factory cable for a google glass explore edition?

I'm having problems with getting into recovery mode (I have tried many things), so last resort I was told to use a factory cable to force fastboot mode. Does anyone know where or how I can find one?

20:36 UTC


Google Glasses XE won't go to recovery mode.

I have a Google explore edition XE and was trying to install the XE24 firmware update on it. It shows up in device manager as Glass 1 under portable device. It currently factory reset so its on the intro screen (can't get passed that). I tried to go into recovery mode to enable fastboot but for some reason it's nothing appears on the display when I go into it. I have done the method of holding down the camera button then pressing the power button and continuing to hold the camera button for another 10secs. All it does is shows a blinking light similar to when its charging and that's it.

I would love it if I could get some help on this please. Thanks

06:02 UTC



I keep hearing a lot of good things about Glass echo and was wondering if someone could explain to me how to install it?

(I have zero knowledge of adb, android studio or running commands... The most I know is how to download an APK and sideload it)

Thank you in advance!

Also I never put the final glass software update on my Google glass. I am still running the last REAL version.

04:18 UTC


Can't get into fastboot on Google glass XE

I am unable to put the glasses I borrowed from the uni into fastboot. As soon as I plug in the USB cable it reboots and since it was reset by the last person who used it years ago, I cannot get past the initialization as it needs a QR code dependent on Google's now deprecated services. So I'm not able to turn on USB debugging or flash anything from recovery mode...

Since I've spent over a week crawling through various forums & videos but couldn't find a solution, I am making this post here.

Is there any way to bypass the device activation and update the firmware or maybe even a custom ROM?

21:02 UTC


Bricked EE1

Hi! I purchase a pair of Google Glasses from Facebook Marketplace and the listing stated the pair was the EE2 edition. When they came in the mail, I tried to flash an update, only to find out these are actually the EE1. So they are now bricked. I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to unbrick these.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

09:21 UTC


Bought a pair of explorer edition XE-C custom "OS"

Right now these glasses have glassecho on them and it works great for notifications. I'm trying to install more .APK apps do I do this via adb? If so could anyone help?

02:04 UTC


Onyx Classic - Final Onyx AR Glasses

19:38 UTC


Google Glass Enterprise

I'm having a bit of difficulty finding what colors the Enterprise versions come in. Can anyone help me out?

Also is upgrading from the Explorer to the Enterprise a big jump or just a small one?


22:21 UTC


Is there still away to use Glass Explorer Edition with Iphone

Hi i want to use Glass Explorer with my Iphone and have some kind of a map option for my upcoming trip. Any advice?

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09:32 UTC

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