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Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt that uses a GPS or phone app with GPS. There are over 3 million active caches around the world. Some are as small as a dime, others are big enough to walk into, all of them provide a unique adventure. We invite you to share your stories, photos, and experiences!

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I was sick of my area not having any caches.

Im being the change I want to see 🤣

00:01 UTC


Cache I just Placed

Not approved yet, but thought you guys would like.

22:24 UTC


How to know whether a spot is free to place a cache?

I live in a big German city and would love to hide my first cache. So I chose one of my favourite spots in the city, came up with what I think is a nice idea to hide a cache there, prepared a cool container, hid the cache, drafted a witty description and pressed the "Submit for review" button on geocaching.com. Of course I made sure I comply to all the rules beforehand - one of which is to keep enough distance (0,1 miles) to the nearest cache.

But little did I know, that some distant multicache has one of its stops right where my cache was waiting to go live - so it got rejected.

Tough luck, I thought and moved my cache to another spot - which required me to change the container and the description to fit the new place. Sadly it got rejected again, because a mystery cache seems to have its final close to this spot.

Is there any chance for me to actually know a spot is free to put a cache, before I invest time, money and brains? The complete map including all mystery and mutlicache finals is only available for the official reviewers. But there must be a more efficient way for me than just keep trial-and-erroring for a free spot, right? Right? It's very frustrating and so not smart, wasting the reviewers time and mine.

I know, I could pick some boring remote place to increase my chances of being the first to hide something there, but given that I'll also be responsible for cache maintenance the caches I own should be close to where I live.

21:30 UTC


Gumball machine cache?

A while back I saw a video of a gumball machine cache where one could “pay” for a FTF with a quarter or a pathtag. I’ve been wanting to do something similar, and happened across a gumball machine. I’d keep the log separate from the machine itself so you don’t HAVE to pay to log, but if you wanted the FTF you could. Is that something that would get through a reviewer?

21:08 UTC


Moss Cache

I stripped some moss off a fallen tree and glued to this 4 oz. plastic container. Pleased with the results. 🙂

19:27 UTC


Day 781 #geocaching #gbu

12:52 UTC


Cache has gone missing and the owner hasn't been active for about 3 years what do I do?

There's a Cache near that's only a 1.5 difficulty, but has been getting only dnfs in the past couple of months. I've made an owner attention request but the owner hasn't been active since early 2021. How do I take the cache off the map so nobody else gets their dreams crushed?

07:31 UTC


Question for anyone with some knowledge about it.

Okay, maybe a weird question but I'm trying to tell it as good as possible in my best English. I'm a skipper on a ferry in The Netherlands (yeah, Holland are just 2 provinces, north and south... tourists and expats still don't get it) and in between the road signs we had a geocache thingie. Some months ago we had a change of the road signs because of new information about our services. Since than the Geocache was gone and no one couldn't find it anymore. Every time we saw someone searching for it, me and my colleagues told them that it was gone because of this. After that we never saw someone again for this, and that's quite logical of course. Now, a few days ago we were cleaning our environment because we had the time and suddenly discovered a new geocache. It was always fun to see all those people searching and taking a fun little break on our ferry (free service, no costs.. most of our passengers are kids going to different schools, around 1500 to 2000 each day). How do we let them know that there is a new geocache? Because we almost never see them anymore 😅.

06:34 UTC


why do people just ditch trackables to be lost at the original stash site in oregon?

i see all these people drop off trackables at the location and it’s literally a tiny pull off in the middle of nowhere with nothing to store it in.

trackables with 1K-100K+ miles just get dropped here to die and disappear despite a cache being located 20 feet from it basically that you can store stuff in.

i stop by occasionally since i enjoy the hike around it and live 30 mins away, but there’s never any the trackables mentioned even if they were dropped days before i stopped by.

05:12 UTC


What is the upper limit on keeping a cache disabled?

For context, there is a tremendous cache near me that is basically an entire shack/shed you enter. It is themed all spooky and has gobs of favorite points. A few years ago, the owner moved and disabled the cache listing for 2.5 years. They provided updates consistently when prompted by our reviewer, and the cache is back up in shining glory now.

That makes me wonder-- if there an upper limit to keeping a cache disabled provided the CO responds to all reviewer inquiries? I'm inclined to believe that that spectacular cache survived the 2.5 year downtime because it has hundreds of FPs. Would a LPC be given this same lenience?

22:59 UTC


Found the perfect spot and made stashed my first cache. unfortunately it was too close to another one!

21:25 UTC


Proposing to my girlfriend using a geocache, either pre-made or make my own, any suggestions from you guys? Already have GC headquarters working with me!

Edit: I live in the Seattle area

20:52 UTC


Found out first!

It started with watching yt shorts with my daughter and here we are now!

20:04 UTC


Anyone else live somewhere with very few caches?

I'm pretty new to this, but my town has literally 3 caches (on the free version at least). I'd have to drive over half an hour to get to an area with more. I want to keep finding them, but it's hard to find the time to drive a ways away. Once you find all the caches in your area, what do you do?

18:15 UTC


Shop geocaching Canada

What has everyone’s experience been with how quickly shop geocaching ships to Canada? Can it take upwards of 10 business days? What point should I contact support that I haven’t received my order yet?

18:10 UTC


Geocache on a Stick!

Introducing a evolutionary new concept in geocache concealment:

GEOCACHE ON A STICK! Hide a geocache as quick as you can stick a stick with Geocache on a Stick™

Stick it under a log!

Stick it in a hole in a tree!

Stick it in an old stone wall!

Stick it in a tangle of thorns!

Stick it in the muck of a swamp!

Stick it where the sun don’t shine!

Stick it anywhere you can stick a stick!

15:37 UTC


I'm a beginner.

Can I ask hiw can I gemerate a code? How to hide a cache and set their coordinates?

Thank you in advance for the answers.

11:33 UTC


Opencaching link in Geocaching cache description

Hi, I’m planning on creating an open cache, and I’d like to promote it in a description of one of my geocaches, but can I get banned for that?

10:05 UTC


AITA for removing logs that give very very very slight spoilers?

I have a cache that is a 3d printed "top" to a yield sign that slides right into the top of pole and is pretty hard to notice. The yield sign is right next to a light pole, so a lot of people naturally check all the usual LPC spots until they have that "Aha!" moment.

Some people put in their logs "bring someone tall" or "high up", etc., and I feel like this spoils that "Aha!" moment. I usually message those cachers and ask them to edit the tiny spoiler out of their log, and then I delete their logs after a couple weeks of no response.

One person whose log I deleted was pretty upset at me, and I started wondering if I am being too micromanage-y. AITA for deleting their logs?

01:59 UTC


Subtle Hint in Some Cache Photos

I have noticed some subtle hints in photos on hard caches in my town. Once you get to know that certain geocachers give the hints in the log photos, it can be very helpful to steer you closer to the cache but not give it totally away.

! Some photos, especially of what looks like boring stuff, is actually taken by the poster while standing next to the cache. So if you line up where the photo was taken, you will know you are close to where the cache is hidden. !<

22:48 UTC


Geocaching archived 3 of my GCs without notice

Geocaching archived 3 of my caches claiming they have sent me an email for each and posted a Reviewer note for each when I never got an email from them or an email about the RVer note between when I disabled them and when they were archived. Before anyone asks I had a plan to replace each, already got the cache containers but started a job soon after placing them and had little time to replace them. I stopped working there and have been in a different town since February and I have made a few updates on that caches stating that I had a plan to replace just it has been difficult. Not attacking MP at all since they are a volunteer and just doing their job but just sharing my experience. I will replace these in the future but they just keep getting stolen.

16:23 UTC


New Adventure Lab design

Do you like it? I personally really like it.

17:14 UTC


Not sure what this is…

What are these and how do I use them. These are from 2 different mystery caches and I want to try to solve the puzzle but I don’t even know what these are or how to use them.

GCAD4K3 - Rail Meet Fence by RedsWife

GC7J9YX - The Magic Number by MMmm!!

08:45 UTC

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