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Interested in testing your dog but don't know what to expect? Want to show off Fido's heritage? Just curious about the whole deal? You've come to the right place!

Interested in testing your dog but don't know what to expect? Want to show off Fido's heritage? Just curious about the whole deal? You've come to the right place!

This is a subreddit devoted to the genetic evaluation of questionable mutts and purebreds alike. Post an album of your dog's DNA test results and please include pictures of him/her!

Relevant self-posts and questions regarding DNA testing are encouraged.

Dog Breed Guessing

Studies show that visual breed identification is inaccurate! Posts requesting breed ID are not accepted here unless you are planning to update your post later with DNA test results.

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"Analyzing the Analysis: Wisdom Panel DNA Tests & Mixed-Breed Dogs"

"Ancestry-inclusive dog genomics challenges popular breed stereotypes"

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Amusing but interesting article about pet DNA tests. Thoughts?


I came across this article just now and, while I found it hilarious that she got an actual result, I also started to wonder about the validity of these tests. There not being an actual 100% genetic standard for each breed to compare to makes a lot of sense, and does invalidate the accuracy of these tests quantitatively. But I do think they could at least tell you what breeds are mixed in qualitatively and that is still helpful information in regards to training, diet, general health trends, etc. I'm not sure how I would take it when one company lists one breed and another company doesn't list it at all though.

As a community of people who are invested in these tests, what are your thoughts or personal approaches to the results?

This has also got me thinking about if these tests could be construed as a personality test i.e. "What dog breed are you? Submit your sample for the dog DNA test!" 😂

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This Sub Desperately Needs More Mods

A certain conversation here was allowed to run on unchecked all day. It’s pretty clear that this sub needs more moderation.

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Embark says Shark but the shelter said gold fish mix. Are these tests reliable? Leaving a review later


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Arlo's Results from DNA My Dog!

Hey everyone!

I actually ended up getting the results for Arlo from DNA My Dog last night. I should have done more research beforehand and purchased an Embark test but figured I'd post the results in case anyone was curious. Thanks everyone for the heads up about this on my last post!

I read DNA My Dog's Reddit AMA this morning and saw that they mentioned they are now using a new testing platform as of 8 months ago and claim it's more accurate. Still see lots of criticism of their results even with the new testing so I'm tempted to get the Embark test now to see if they give similar results...

What do you guys think of his results? I think they definitely seem possible! All of my scepticism of the results is coming from the bad reviews at this point.


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Ada Lovelace was dumped in a park. Now she's our younger cat's best friend. I sent off her Embark test yesterday. Any guesses? We think she's cattle dog mixed with some sort of wirehaired terrier. She's 35 lbs at eight months old.

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