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"Another World, Another Time... In the Age of Wonder. A thousand years ago, this land was green and good, until the Crystal cracked. For a single piece was lost; a shard of the Crystal. Then strife began, and two new races appeared: the cruel Skeksis... the gentle Mystics."

"Another World, Another Time... In the Age of Wonder. A thousand years ago, this land was green and good, until the Crystal cracked. For a single piece was lost; a shard of the Crystal. Then strife began, and two new races appeared: the cruel Skeksis... the gentle Mystics."

The Dark Crystal is a 1982 British and American fantasy film directed by puppeteers Jim Henson and Frank Oz, creators of The Muppet Show. Although still marketed as a family film, it was notably darker than previous material created by them. Characters for which they are famous do not appear, but some of the same performers are used. The animatronics used in the film were considered groundbreaking. The primary concept artist was the fantasy illustrator Brian Froud, famous for his distinctive faerie and dwarf designs.

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This is awesome and incredible find!

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Hi I'm writing a sequel to the Dark Crystal any suggestions on what I could add?

The sequel occurs 100 trine after the Dark Crystal. Jen and Kira are still around due to the crystal and Podlings have spread throughout Thra with Jen and Kira and her family as their monarchs as well as GraGoh who did not manage to get to the crystal in time and is stuck on Thra.

What occurs is that a Fireling shows up looking for something to heal her dying world being helped by Jen and Kira's kid called Kenja who shows up when GraGoh is being returned to Thra with ZokZah and UngLm coming to get him. The Fireling cracks the crystal and so the UrSkeks split and teleport to the UrSkeks world and attack the crystal meanwhile the Skeksis who died on Thra are revived.

Any scenes I could add?

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Eating A Banquet yourself

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Join the Dark Crystal discord server today!!! We’re almost at 100 members! We have places to talk, rp, and share art. If you like anything that has to do with Dark Crystal, join us! Here’s the link!!!


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What if there were more UrSkeks sent to Thra?

A hypothetical look lets say if there were about 8 more it took forever to come up with these.

1. skekVrint/ urVong ( Traitor/ Trader)

2. skekShe / urSi ( Cartographer/ Explorer)

3. skekGee / urDama (Money Converter/ Money Receiver)

4. skekTir / urTelo (Assistant/ Medic)

5. skekEera / urUmol (lumberjack/ wood maker)

6. skekDa / urDaa (Boxer/ Wrestler)

7. skekMe / urHint (Plague Doctor/ Pharmacist)

8. skekSki/ urRa ( Artist/ Painter)

I personally believe there to be some differences. For example the Rebel could be a traitor to the Skeksis and join the Gelfling maybe they would be captured by the time of the Dark Crystal and aid Jen in those caves in his special cell. I think he would be killed by the cave in though.

The cartographer would probably only be interested in making maps and would not pay attention to anything that occurs in the series except essence and the mystics coming along maybe there could be a mini scene where the two halves argue over a map of Thra while everyone is running around and positioning themselves. Maybe SheSi could say "sad I liked talking to myself and having an excuse"

SkekDa would likely be the only honourable Skeksis letting Kira get away when she shows her animal talking abilities urDaa would also be mentioned a bit after fight scenes by Jen maybe saying stuff like "UrDaa would have probably beat those Garthim up immediately if he wasn't so peaceful and slow"

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Found an Amazing Sel cosplay at my renfest

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Looking for a SkekTek Roleplayer!

Hello there Dark Crystal fandom!

I am a roleplayer who loves worldbuilding especially within fantasy series!

This time around I am going to shoot my shot and request a roleplay! I have been working up a Skeksis oc for a while called SkeKThea (Other names include Thea and Skekling). Note: Thea uses They/Them

SkekThea was a creation between the Scientist and the Crystal, SkekTek craved someone to converse with, treat as his own. And so, young Thea became SkekTek's child of sorts. At least that is how they were referred to by the Scientist after all. Whilst Thea possesses no powers of their own from the Crystal, their eyes and veins reflect the dull purple glow, referencing their creation. They also grew to learn their other two arms, making them just as strong as the other ones.

So! The point of this roleplay post, I am looking for a SkekTek roleplayer for a father/child sort of roleplay! I love LOVE angsty roleplays and I think that would be a wonderful genre for these two

I write literate/advanced literate and also lay other characters on the side when needed and do expect the same from my partner!

You may find me on Discord under: TinyMan #0936

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Created an OC- SkekPsi the Psychologist!

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ISO: Line drawing of Aughra’s Orrery

I’m working on a project and want to make a quilted rendering of the Orrery. Is there a source for a line drawing, blueprint, or schematic that I could use for reference?

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It's a OC trio. (The purple and pink ones are a couple of my new friends OCs, while the blue one is mine)

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Essence from skeksis?

What do you think would happen if the skesis would drain one of their own for essence? Is that possible? Has it already happened? (Haven't read the comics yet)

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For those who make custom figures/sculptures, is their anyone willing to make a dark crystal figure/sculpture for me, im willing to pay?

Hey guys, as the title saids im willing to pay anyone to make a dark crystal figure, if your willing to do it just inform me so we can discuss about it. If you need any other info like if you want to discuss through discord or anything like that just send me that information or we could just discuss it here on reddit.

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Made a skeksis OC cuz I got bored, meet skekmik the designer ig (desc in body text. Also sorry if I'm posting too much for u guys, I feel bad lol)

Skekmik lives far, far away in the eastern coast, where he lives a large mountain, making pottery and paintings. Like all skeksis, he is rage full, but he uses the motivation to make sketches, and little clothes for critters. All he thinks about is the beauty of art in general, a unhealthy obsession with colors and lines. He has rarely seen gelfling, and he doesn't know much about the present problems, because he doesn't pay attention to the political problems. He'll come to the castle every 300 trine, bringing in art for the castle, because he thinks that its "so bland and dull, yet vibrant and empty". His appearance is a garnet like dress, with 2 large robes, with a purple cloak on tope. A fluffy scarf surrounds his neck, as he wears a artists beret hat, every clothing different colors. His big glasses are used normally, as he uses them for " trying to see the art better than before ". In general, skekmik one of the most gentle skeksis, living in a cave inside some snowy mountains, forever making paintings, crochets, and pottery until the skeksis find him again.

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Is this Russian Skekso or just Skekso during winter??

This was my first time drawing Skeksa. Sorry if it's bad lol

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He ain't ready for today

Also would skektek be British or Russian? Or other, like Scottish?

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Is it just me, or are our parents creeped out of TDC(The Dark Crystal) yet they watch IT or Chucky and are completely fine with it?

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Where to find the soundtrack in high quality??

So up until maybe 8 months ago I regularly listened to the soundtrack on Spotify and Tidal. When it was removed from both platforms I waited patiently for it to be released elsewhere. To my knowledge it has not, and this is causing me great distress. Can't buy on Amazon or iTunes either.

The CD version released in 2003 is what I'm after, as it has both the OST and the film score. However, the least I can find it for is $300 which... I cannot justify. The 1983 OST on vinyl is somewhat available, but they are also going for $60 - $150, which I balk at but... it is tempting. Not even for prestige or collector value. Just to listen to. I have the itch. Save me.

There is a wonderful human that uploaded both disks to YT and I thank them for that, but in typical Youtube fashion the audio quality is just not what it should be.

Can anyone point me towards ANY place to buy or stream or download these disks in a lossless or high quality format? Does anyone happen to have the disk?! Even a magnet link? I'm at my wit's end, guys.

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Well would ya look at that? It's my favorite thing in the world.

Someone made this for me lol

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WE WANT YOU! WHAT FOR?! FOR THE DARK CRYSTAL DISCORD SERVER OF COURSE! Talk with others who share the same passion! Share your art! Share your merch! Talk with others about the Dark Crystal! Not just Dark Crystal! Labyrinth and Muppets too! You won’t regret it! Link is right here!


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Skeksis fashion sketch

Found an old drawing I did thought it would be fun to show! Might try to do more of these

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So i want to make a Podling inspired race which is like a mixture between a Podling and a Dwarf?

So i want to create a Podling inspired race for my story, their language is inspired by swedish and i just wanted to ask if Podlings are potato headed creatures what can these creatures be?

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As it was the 4th anniversary of dark crystal age of Resistance I wanted to reshare my tribute cover of the main theme of the series. I recorded four DC tributes in total

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Will the Age of Resistance story ever continue?

While we can kind of assume what happens leading up to the film we don’t know what specifically happens to all the characters in Age of Resistance. It even said in the original article where it was cancelled that the story would be visited in other ways or something along those lines. Much like how the Power of the Dark Crystal script was turned into a comic I hope that all ideas for future AOR seasons will eventually be turned into a comic series as well. I also would like to hope that this isn’t the end of Dark Crystal movie and tv media. Even if it’s exploring other era’s of Thra. I would love to see more amazing puppetry combined with CGI. Hopefully we get to see what happens to the AOR characters someday. And hopefully AOR’s cancellation doesn’t mean the end of Dark Crystal movie and tv media.

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Where is urSol?

I recently went to the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. There was an original puppet of urSol beneath the stairs in the Attic exhibit, but it must have recently been revamped and urSol is nowhere to be seen! I can’t find anything about it online. I hope they simply moved him. Anybody happen to know urSol’s whereabouts?

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On my Ko-Fi, I do pencil sketches for my patrons. I recently finished my favorite ones so far and here's one of them! Check comments for more info + links.

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Could a Skeksis and a Mystic have avoided merging?

When Jen healed the Crystal, and the Skeksis and the Mystics were merged into One, could a Skeksis and Mystic have avoided this fate by avoiding the castle altogether?

I ask because I'm writing a sequel story to the Dark Crystal film, and I had an idea for a Skeksis and a Mystic who did not return to the castle at the climax, making them the last of their kinds.

Keep in mind, I've never seen the Netflix series (I'm not interested in high fantasies with heavy world-building and LOTR-style battles), so maybe I missed an obvious fact that was explained there. But all I want to know is if it's reasonable for my Skeksis and Mystic to have avoided the merge by avoiding the castle. They're both outsiders of their kinds, and although the Skeksis character is a wicked guy, he isn't interested in ruling the world and he isn't as big a threat as the Lords of the Crystal. He has much stranger ambitions, hidden in the shadows of the new world. He's probably indifferent to the fate of his brethren, or even mildly amused.

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