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This is a place where computer technicians can come together to share info on the latest tips and tricks for computer/network repair. They can also share their tools of the trade and computer repair methods.

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This is a place where computer technicians can come together to share info on the latest tips and tricks for computer/network repair. They can also share their tools of the trade and computer repair methods.


Please direct questions seeking tech support to the following subreddits:

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Starting a field tech position on Monday

I'm starting a field tech position for an India based MSP company on Monday....they pay is pretty good, $65k a year and reimbursed 75 cents a mile.

I've never done field work before so I was wondering what should I expect? I was provided a toolkit and bag. I'll be working as a Dell tech on the commercial side.

22:49 UTC


Remote PC software

We use remotepc to take over work machines remotely to do work. Most of these pcs have two monitors and if we log in eith remotepc, only one monitor can be used at a time. I would like to find software that will allow a two monitor remote machine to use both monitors at home without switching monitors.

Anyone know of such software? Or software that would allow perhaps a remote desktop situation or connection to the network as if that remote PC is just another station on the network via vpn?


20:58 UTC


Remote computer diagnostic apps?

Looking to monitor 2-20 computers via console or Ethernet connections to assess performance- temps, drive speed, system info like cpu and gpu performance, drive capacity and anything else available in the same lane. Preferably w a native gui rather than command line output. Any suggestions ?

08:33 UTC


Running scans to make it look like something is happening.

hi Everyone. I'm pretty efficient at fixing computers and sometimes i fix things really quick, and I like customers to feel as though they are getting more value so I usually run

sfc /scannow

dism /online / cleanup-image /scanhealth and then /checkhealth and then /restorehealth

has anyone got some other commands or scripts that customers can feel as though they are getting something a little bit more, even though it might not do a lot?

22:58 UTC


Mobile/at home computer service business sustainable/good idea?

I live in an area where the only at home it assistance is geek squad and they charge an arm and a leg, I live where theres a decent bit of older folk who don't know tech at all. I was wondering if starting a llc in which you go to peoples house and charge for the miles and then your service on top of it. Services like building people's custom pc, upgrading peoples pc, tune ups, troubleshooting, virus removals, and setting up peripherals and software. If something can't be done at their house, pick up their hardware and do the work at the workspace.

Edit: I've read through your comments, and I appreciate your feedback. I should've put more info in my original post. The idea behind it was seeing if others who have done similar would be able to give me their experience and opinions. I wrote the post with the idea of feedback given if things were done correctly, which is my fault for not putting prevalent information in my original posting. I already created a business plan, which included insurance providers I could use, such as techsafe (previously techsurance). I have a lawyer friend willing to help with the documents. The scope of work I gave are just examples based on a friends business model for his store in which he offers all of the above + networks and mobile devices. He's built a few peoples computers, and I've myself have built computers for my friends, so it'd just be a minor service if someone wanted it, not a selling point.. The idea originated from my friends & family having tech issues and having to get out drive 8+ minutes to the nearest shop when they're either old, disabled, or have other responsibilities that make it a great inconvenience to get to a store for their tech needs. I have $6k in funds for initial parts after paying for license and other misc fees. In regards to the "upgrading, tune up, and custom pc building" are just additional work offered the primary focus would be setting up peoples devices like tvs, monitors, computers, ect and troubleshooting issues with them. I truly apologize to those thinking I'm disrespecting the business for a "quick buck" because "it's easy to fix computers." That's not the idea as I've worked with computers and laptops and know it's never "that simple" and if my post made you feel disrespected then once again I apologize as I respect those who've been in the field longer than me hence why I seek advice and opinions from y'all which I greatly appreciate y'all giving me your truth of the field and my endeavor.

20:14 UTC


Tips on how to improve? (10+ experience)

I've been a computer technician for 10+ years now, and I'm starting to find it hard to find stuff to improve.
We are the regular tech shop that repair computers, and help costumers with whatever they need help with. I usually only with regular people, not a lot of businesses although our shop does that too. Everything from notification spam from Chrome to Troubleshooting and replacing parts in computers.

I'm just out of ideas on what i can improve or learn that i can actually use at my job. My boss is not very keen on using a lot of money on fancy equipment, so learning circuit soldering is of the table, unless there is a cheap way to do this?

Do any of you wonderful people have any idea? What service do you provide that i also can learn?

07:33 UTC


New to ECU repairs and looking for help

Hello everyone. I am new to electronic repairs. I work in the automotive industry and have always had a passion for electronics. I want to get into ECU and instrument cluster repairing for vehicles. Over the past week I’ve had a few cars come in that had confirmed ECU issues. I opened them up but don’t understand what Mosfet/capacitor controls what. I’ve watched some videos but still don’t understand. Is there a diagram for pin pointing? I am a complete novice to this and basically want to gain the knowledge of testing and repairing. How can I accurately test these capacitors/Mosfets etc. with confidence? I have basic equipment (multimeter/in circuit capacitor tester/ soldering station) and would like to keep it basic. For example, I saw some videos of some Mosfet’s being tested but don’t understand if there is a range of ohms to compare it to or what. Sorry about the novice questions just looking for some guidance.

06:11 UTC


Fuck laptopparts.ca: bait and switch

I ordered a laptop LCD from laptopparts.ca that was advertised as new. This was for a passion project for my own laptop. I planned to replace the gaudy TN panel with a lovely IPS display and I was really excited to do the customization.

First red flag: the first email I got confirming my order had a big notice that parts may be changed out for 100% compatible parts prior to shipping. Nowhere on their site do they mention this is a possibility. I hoped for the best anyways, knowing there is no alternative for this LCD.

Lo and behold, a box arrived with a part number that differed from the one I ordered. I saw the model number of the panel on the outside of the box, so I didn't open it. The panel I ordered had 100% sRGB, 1:1200 contrast ratio, and 300 nits. The "equivalent" panel they sent me was 67% sRGB, 1:800 contrast, and 250 nits. Hardly an upgrade, even if it could be called that. Unusable for graphic design, which is my main reason for the upgrade.

Their response was for me to install the panel and see if I like it, but also pointed out that on their site the SKU was for the panel I did receive. I obviously did not bother installing it, since I'm well aware of the difference in specs between the what was ordered vs. what was received. However, I do accept that the SKU listed on the product page does not match the product page, but again, I feel deceived because it's in small print and every other location on their website and email specifically mentioned I would receive the one I wanted with no warning of an "equivalent."

I've asked twice now for a refund and prepaid return label and they seem to have ghosted me. A chargeback is imminent.

laptopparts.ca is 100% bait and switch fraud.

Also, if you're curious, I inquired at laptopscreen.com. They also do the same thing, but with better options, though still not entirely satisfied with playing a lottery just to buy a fucking computer part. I was finally able to get the LCD from a reseller on eBay.

03:49 UTC


What software should I have

What software should i keep on some flash drives that i can bring with me that would help me repair pc's and diagnose netowrk issues and such im talking about things like angry ip scanner thank you for any suggestions

15:38 UTC


Best way to reinstall windows/image for a repair shop?

Hi everyone i'm still looking for the best way to image for a repair shop

i would love to have a unattended install for windows with a custom image with all my settings and programs installed but i can't seem to find the best way to do it:

Sysprepped images: i would need to find beforehand if the computer has a hwid home or pro license inside before proceeding and selecting the right image and that would take away the unattended part.

Windows configuration designer: kinda painful to make it work installing the programs, half of the time it leaves me hanging and don't know why, also can't have a default user without password as it requires it.

Also, would lose at least 1 hour to update everything after that.

macrium reflect or other imaging softwares, i don't want to have te leftover drivers from the golden image, and other stuff.

Using sysprepped Pro and just massgrave it: i would prefer to avoid pirating my customers computers.

What would you suggest?

20:14 UTC


Feeling burnt out & Error(0x80070643)

And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.. But I'm so over fixing this crap.. I know how to fix it and I can do it pretty efficiently. (Resizing the recovery partition and all that) But system after system after system coming in and is failing that update.

Even with a clean W10 install you still have to resize the WinRE partition. I know I could just ignore it all. Or use the show/hide update tool. But as a tech. We are inclined to actually fix things right? Not just stick a bandaid over a gaping wound so to speak. It's also not like many users even notice the update is failing. But it's one of those things as a tech that you do check.

It just annoys the hell out of me too that nearly 6 months later MS either can't fix it or won't.. Or just withdraw that stupid update. If it's their intention to turn W10 into a dumpster fire that noone will want to use it. Well they are doing a fine job. I'm not someone that hates W11. I like it especially on recent hardware. But with 11's system requirements as they are and I have users that wish to stay on W10 at least until the end of support. Whether it's a we don't care anymore from MS or a stupid nudge move. It's just leaving me pretty pissed off.

13:50 UTC


How often do you...

Get a phone call from a client and when you answer, before they even say anything you hear "WARNING DO NOT SHUT OFF YOUR COMPUTER, CALL US RIGHT AWAY" blasting in the background???

19:42 UTC


Looking for experience.

I'm throwing myself into reddit for another time to ask if anyone knows any good websites or actual part time online job willing to take in a young person for experience. I have a fair knowledge of computers and just need a place to start.

23:16 UTC


I was hired as a computer technician

What are some things i can get certified in online and what would you recommend I get certified in. I Work repairing pcs and troubleshooting them. I also go to customers houses to set up routers and troubleshoot them or install wifi extenders. Any recommendations could help I apologize if this is the wrong subreddit for this question.

16:52 UTC


Question about OEM warranty service

Are you measured on time per repair? if so, could you please give some details about how and if the way they do it is reasonable? do they expect rigor or unrealistic efficiency?

09:25 UTC


Joke Of The Day

When you see the song WAP by Cardi B and think Wireless Access Point, You might be a computer technician.

16:27 UTC


Being a tech for specific devices for official importers

Hi. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. I'm looking up options to switch from being a call center rep to a technician. A few things are important to me to know about so figured I'd ask online. I'm wondering if being a technician for an official importer would be the simplest way.

Ideally I'd want to:

  • fix only specific things: computers, game consoles and maybe phones.

  • as much as possible: not have to interface with customers

  • not have to worry about not getting enough gigs: have the work place provide them

How realistic is this? Would appreciate any info and tips.

06:56 UTC


Any ideas on how to stop phone chargers from being taken?

I work at a tech store and we have about 8 tables, they all have an extension chord built into it that we will normally have a few different types of chargers plugged into, but they are constantly taken and moved whether by employees or customers and then we end up with no chargers and are scrambling to find one, any ideas on how to keep them tied to those extension chords?

16:08 UTC


Any suggestions on Battery Diagnostic / Battery analysis software?

So I have software called BatteryMon that works but is a bit old and the UI is clunky. Are there any decent battery diagnostic and analysis software? Software that will allow me to run a test on the battery to test its strength and longevity?

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00:04 UTC


A Story and Apology

Hello, I am not sure if this is appropriate to post here or not, so I'm sorry if it is and please remove. I was going to post to r/talesfromtechsupport but it looks like it would violate their rules about pranks. I have a story to share of my own ignorance, and extend a thank you and apology to all the IT professionals out there.

This was about ten years ago in the military. We had a room with about 12 computers in it that was also kind of the hang out area. I had heard that the BIOS password was likely 'admin'. It was. My buddy and I were trying to think of what kind of shenanigans to pull, and decided to set the idle fan speed to 100. Then we changed the password to 'bigboobz' and proceeded to repeat this process on each computer.

Flash forward a couple of days. People are talking way louder than usual, some are complaining that they have been getting random headaches. It was just a subtle enough difference that they didn't know what was happening, but they knew something was up.

Eventually it got back to our building manager, who was supposed to handle basic computer issues. He spent a decent amount of time troubleshooting it, and after several more days of the loud room, it was over. The BIOS password was changed, and the building manager complained about something like a jumper wire(?). Again, I'm not familiar enough with the stuff and it was a decade ago.

I offer this story with an apology to whoever the real IT help desk person was who fielded this building manager's call about how the computers were all being too loud.

19:42 UTC


Questions for School Project

Hello, I am a student and working on my Senior Project. We have to research and gain knowledge in the field that we are interested in going into in the future. This project is meant to help us prepare for the future and gain valuable information about different aspects of said careers. I thought the best way to do this would be through primary sources.

If someone could take just a few minutes out of their day to answer these questions it would be great help. The answers don’t have to be super in depth, just one or two sentences will do!

  1. Firstly, What is your job/career title?
  2. Is your job constantly moving or is it more mundane/slow? 
  3. Do you enjoy your job? 
  4. What is the daily routine of your job?
  5. What do you really like about your job?
  6. What do you really dislike about your job? 
  7. Do you work more with software or with hardware? 
  8. Do you have to talk to a lot of people for your job or is it more independent?
  9. Would you choose a different career if you could? 
  10. Does your work ever come home with you, or is everything only done on the clock? 
  11. Is it easy to balance your work and personal life with a job like this?
18:47 UTC


Legal questions regarding starting my own Tech shop

I want to start my own tech repair business/store. However, I am concerned that I might be liable for any illegal documents/programs etc in client machines since I may have been “in possession” of them for a period of time. Is there a way I can protect myself?

Also, what about liability regarding potential mail ins? How can I protect myself from damage in transit?

12:20 UTC


Brick-and-mortar stores, how do you compete with big box stores?

Hey everyone,

I own a cell phone/electronics repair shop in a small-ish town. We are quite well-known in the area and things are going well. We mostly repair but also sell devices and anything related to phones, tablets, and computers.

We're looking for ways to expand and one of the things I looked at was selling brand new computers instead of only used ones.

Comparing prices between my cost from major distributors vs. big box stores such as Staples and Best Buy, it's clear we can't compete on price alone as the prices they sell to consumers for many devices are well under our cost from the distributor.

This begs the question: how can we compete with big box stores if we can't compete price-wise?

I'm open to any idea you may have as it could help expand my business.

Thank you very much!

19:41 UTC


Job could be disappearing soon

Hey all, I was hoping I could get a little advice here? I've headed up a warranty dept going on 6 years now, my prior experience being about 2 years at a break/fix shop. Problem is, the refurbisher game is getting cutthroat for many reasons. I have about 7 years of management experience between the two jobs.

Right now, the next logical career step seems to be getting some certs to try and find myself something different. I'm looking into CompTia certs as that seems to be a common starting point. Based on a friend's advice I'll be skipping A+ and going straight for Net+ and Sec+ as just some general get-me-in-the-door experience. Realistically I'd be best at desktop support or asset management, but i want to grow my skill set.

The problem: CompTia is releasing new versions of net+ and sec+. I have bills to pay and to be honest the idea of my position disappearing is lighting the fire i need to get ahead financially. The newly revised courses will be released in Mid-June. That is quite close to the timeline I'm drafting up for myself.

The question: Is it worth it to wait for new revisions to drop or should I treat that as a deadline to get certified and get the hell out of my dead-end job? while I don't know that I have time to wait, if it's worth waiting I just might roll the dice.

14:44 UTC


Client wants to allow her employee to access her computer files without it effecting her computer use

The title pretty much sums it up. I know there’s programs like TeamViewer and other Remote Desktop programs, but these all take over the main users computer and doesn’t allow them to do anything simultaneously. I’m not aware of a way to do this off the top of my head other than possible some very effective RAT lol. Does anyone have any idea of a way to do this? Also, I’m providing her explanation of what she wants below.

Client’s request: Is it possible to set up the new laptop so that she can network into the server/my computer so that when she is networked in I won’t be affected by what she is doing? Example: if she net works into my computer and I am using my computer, is it possible for her to search for a file and send it to herself or somehow use the file, but I can keep on working on whatever I’m working on?

02:36 UTC

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