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[/r/Colorization] is a subreddit that is dedicated to sharing black and white photos that you have colorized. Colorization can be very time-consuming but the results are often amazing. We offer information and experience on how to colorize old photos.

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/r/Colorization is a subreddit that is dedicated to sharing black and white photos that you have colorized. Be they old or recent images. We offer information and experience on how to colorize these photos.

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    My Partner’s Grandma, Potawatomi Tribe, USA, Year unknown

    Hello artistic folks! I’m reaching out in hopes of getting some help with colorizing this photo. This would be a surprise for my partner, who was raised by their grandmother. Since their grandmother passed a couple years ago, this is the only photo or item my partner has that’s related to her memory in any way. It would mean so much for them to see everyone in color. Thank you for reading and considering! 🖤

    00:38 UTC


    March 1940 Woodstock, Vermont. Snowy night by Marion Wolcott

    00:05 UTC


    Actress Veronica Lake - 1942

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    21:07 UTC

    1 Comment
    23:44 UTC


    Actress Pam Grier - 1970s

    19:24 UTC

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