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A dedicated place for thoughtful discussion about the state of the world as it stands today and how we are coping.

A dedicated place for thoughtful discussion about the state of the world as it stands today and how we are coping. We would like to gear this sub towards a focus on often casual, sometimes serious, but always fundamentally supportive conversation between people who are concerned about collapse. Generally, posts with the most traction are the ones seeking support and so you will find the support in the comments not the OP.


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Many of us have or are currently coping with depression. There's evidence that depression may lift the veil on some key cultural myths, via depressive realism, and many of us have come to grasp collapse concepts while in a depressed state. We have an elevated risk of suicide. This subreddit is not capable of offering suicide intervention, but the outstanding people at /r/SuicideWatch have taken up that mission. Please be advised that there are also phone and chat suicide prevention resources available to you.

The concept of collapse is terrifying and deeply troubling. Arguably, there is still for hope for survival and adaptation. Civilizations and climates have collapsed before. While this one is likely to be extreme, it is helpful to remember that we are all the descendants of previous survivors. We evolved from lifeforms that survived previous mass extinctions. We are all descendants of humans that survived the numerous known civilization collapses. These are slow moving phenomena that often take generations to play out. Hopefully we can live well in the shadow of collapse and make the most of foresight.

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Why fewer young men are choosing to pursue college degrees

I like that PBS Newshour chose to cover this topic, but they frame it as some kind of horrible tragedy for young boys. They reference "studies" showing college grads are generally happier with how life pans out, and yeah, no shit, anyone who escapes the lower class is gonna think life's a bit better. Why does this report barely even mention the economic factor - college is expensive as hell - for everyone, not just boys.

And why is a college education so necessary to hope for any kind of happy life? Aren't they just implying th uneducated and the dropouts are gonna have a shit life until they finally go to college?

This video gets awfully close to an elaborate sales pitch saying hey fellas, feelin' blue? A degree should get you out of the dumps kiddo. I think PBS dropped the ball on this one, but if they really only had 7 minutes then they're destined to oversimplify the problem.

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If collapse happened, but you were able to come out unscathed, and not only live, but thrive. Would you care about the suffering of others?

It seems to me that depending on who you talk to these days, even those who are collapse aware are only worried about themselves or anyone they immediately know - and would breathe a sigh of relief if little to nothing happened to them or themselves. However, there are others who would use this newfound hope to help others in their time of need.

Where do you fall in this?

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Video from Charles Eisenstein that might offer a counterbalance to all the projections of misery and hopelessness. What if caring matters?

15:42 UTC


Humans always talk about the end times coming, and have talked about it for millennia. What makes this time around so different?

Is it the fact that the world is more interconnected now more than ever? I mean in the days of the Black Plague, if you lived, say in North America - the chances of you knowing, let alone catching it was very very slim. To the people in Europe who were battling it, it really seemed like the world was coming to an end - yet on the other side of the globe, things were relatively fine.

One of the things I have noticed about collapse talk in recent times is how in your face it is. Is this due to things like social media, and how algorithms push more negative content?

There are people who have gone insane over the idea of "the big collapse" coming, mostly due to content of riots, thefts, homicides, etc. happening in major cities - but this content only shows a handful of isolated events. Take Los Angeles for example: If I choose to search crime and homelessness - I will see countless videos of such destitution seemingly flooding the entire city itself, when in reality it's concentrated to pockets of the city. This isn't to say that it's not an issue that needs to be looked into and solved, but that people see content like this and immediately freak out assuming that they will be next in losing everything they have.

Was COVID responsible for this? I see mass panic happening around my area whenever there is some sort of issue. For example, yesterday I received an alert that the city water was contaminated, and a few hours later hordes of people were packing the local grocery stores gathering supplies for what they probably perceived to be the end times. The issue was fixed today.

How do you feel about people who sell everything they have because they come on to a place like Reddit and read about a new strain of flu that got 30 people sick in a corner of Massachusetts? Is it irrational?

Sometimes I wonder if people become this way because they see the world through the lens of an influencer's camera and rarely take the time to see how the world really is around them.

I guess what I am trying to ask is if collapse is relative or subjective?

Any and all answers are appreciated, thank you.

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Just need to vent: I cannot stand the heat and I feel like I’m this crazy person among completely calm people.

I am just overwhelmed these days with how hot it is and how underprepared / not aware people are about heat.

First, I am more sensitive to heat just based on my body and some medications and stuff. I pretty much spend the whole summer in air conditioning, because I will feel extremely ill if I have to sit outside in temps above 75-80 degrees. 70 degrees is my “checkpoint” of whether or not I feel comfortable spending a lot of time outside. This is compounded by the fact that I live in a very humid environment.

But with global warming, what used to be rare days of choosing not to go outside has now turned into a months long stretch of torment. My office is trying to be “green” so they set the indoor temps to be 74 degrees, no ability for me to change it or request something lower. On the way there, I have to sit in public transit that is barely cooled at all, walk through stations that have zero ventilation and feel like hell’s waiting room.

We recently had an outdoor event in 90 degree weather, and everyone was just like, oh herpy derp! Gee it’s gonna be hot! Meanwhile everyone looked MISERABLE and several people were ill, but no one wants to talk about — well maybe we should move inside, reschedule, only hold events in the evening, etc. It’s like no one cares, or they don’t know what to do.

I even recently said to myself, well hey, maybe I’ll try to lose weight to tolerate this world better. Guess what, my local gym barely has AC and my walkable neighborhood is boiling from lack of trees.

This honestly just causes me a lot of physical and emotional pain. It would be nice to know if other people are in the same boat.

21:09 UTC


Humor for the day (attempt 2)

Basically, I finally got to the core of the conservative and market fundamentalists’ arguments for inaction:

It’s, “we can’t afford to save the planet.”

So the elites, they create and control money. And they can just whimsically create as much as they want, whenever. And they want us to think we can’t “afford” to stop climate change.

There are all kinds of convoluted arguments now.

I was impressed by this guy named Art Berman, who spent 40+ years as a petroleum engineer and now is a consultant for major energy corporations. And he’s started going on podcasts and talking about the collapse that he is actively helping to create and has probably made dozens of millions of dollars off of—at least.

His “ideas” really are just “defeatism is the new denialism.” He’s just like, well, the governments aren’t going to do anything, because look at their pasts. And the corporations are trying to make money, so they’re off the hook. It’s the consumers’ fault (didn’t vote hard enough and also didn’t just all quit fossil fuels despite elite refusal to create public transit to replace cars, (which again, our fault, we didn’t work hard enough to afford public transit (which would have been cheaper for consumers but I digress))). Any solution would be very complicated. And it might be that, well, there are no solutions. Which is scary to think about—so we better not think about that. (Naughty naughty ☝🏼).

So what we really need to look at is the more immediate threats—which are energy wars and terrorism. So we’re going to need to actually pump more oil out of the ground, burn it, on bombs and military equipment and transporting soldiers around the world to die. So the elites can get settled who is going to be the top dog riding into the apocalypse.

These are his arguments. And environmental podcasts will listen to him, like he has some kind of subatomic amount of intelligence or something. I’m not really sure.

Why do people fall for this stuff? I was vaguely wondering in the back of my mind.

I realized something that can help people to understand the extinction apologist’s logic: It’s a lot like the Narcissist’s Prayer, which is this device to illustrate how the mind of a narcissist works—their denial.

And I think of the elites, the entire money power system as addictions—to power or money or oil or whatever. Similar to how a narcisssist is dependent on supply.

Here’s the prayer:

That didn't happen. And if it did, it wasn't that bad. And if it was, that's not a big deal. And if it is, that's not my fault. And if it was, I didn't mean it. And if I did, you deserved it.

With “you deserved it,” as this idea that you didn’t work hard enough for the capitalism and the money for it to want to save you. It’s your fault.

And this is why it’s so complicated for the elites, the corporate dems, the republicans, the energy apologists, to do anything. They would have to convince the money to do it. And the money… well, it’s a hard sell.

So I was thinking of these kinds of things and this phrase that was bouncing around in my head from a collapse podcast on how “we can’t afford,” certain changes to adapt to climate change.

Something about how just one water pump, to keep sea water out, was going to cost a coastal city as much as its annual tax revenue in a year, which they said was unrealistic financially.

And this really got to me, that on a collapse podcast, you still have this language of financial feasibility. This Business Ontology, if you will.

And I realized, you know, when it comes down to it—that’s their core argument. The conservatives, the capitalists, the shadowy forces behind whoever is in power, if anyone. We can’t afford to save the planet.

There’s just not enough money to save the environment.

Sorry guys!

Better luck next time.

And what really got me, was, I had been reading Revelation recently, for obvious reasons, just curiosity. and a certain verse stuck out to me in a way it never really had when I read it as a kid. I also find it interesting because of the way religion manifests in politics today:

Revelation 9:20

“The rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk.”

(Of course money is this thing that we made that everyone is slaving over just to live, and the elites are telling us there’s not enough of it to keep the planet alive (they have the printing machines), and everyone’s just waiting on permission from the money to even begin to try to save ourselves and our children from extinction).

And I was just imagining people walking around in some apocalypse, covered in boils, there’s like fire raining down, which is the only light because the sky is black smoke. And they’re like, grabbing each other by the collars to try to extract gold coins from each other’s pockets. And God’s up there trying to get their attention. Just up there like, “welp…… Maybe if we try turning the water into blood….” Maybe they will look up and see what the hell they are doing.

Blindly worshipping shit that THEY MADE while everything around them burns.

For reference, article entitled “Why the U.S. can’t afford a Green New Deal.” But I’m sure there are plenty more with the same idea even if not as direct about their thesis.

It’s gotten funnier too the more I understand the economy and “financialization.” Which means you can buy stock “futures” which is basically like betting on the price of a stock 1 year from now, and you can get like 1:10 odds and crazy stuff like that. So we can afford a casino of the world’s resources but no meager environmental reforms.

I guess money becomes absurd when you’re working your life away to save for retirement. While your retirement investments are killing your today.

The elites are saying you’re not working hard enough meanwhile gambling with the pillars of the modern economy.

Anyways, it’s absurd, it can be hard to do it justice fully in a text post.

Just makes me laugh at people who are still chasing money, like a bunch of ants all racing to the top of a house of cards. It’s good to be out of that thinking and focused on other things.

16:34 UTC


If comfortable sharing, are any of you planning (whether thinking about or putting it into place) any collective/community action(s) in response to this situation?

i'm not sure if this type of question is allowed in this subreddit, and i'm also guessing that this has been probably asked before, but nonetheless i'm still interested in hearing what people have to say about this topic as part of becoming more inspired on how i could possibly get started with other people on providing a loving response to this predicament we find ourselves in.

obviously, because we are very much aware (and some of us accepting even) about this whole process and what it really entails, we know that the typical "problem-solution" model does not apply anymore, hence why i say predicament instead, where the focus now turns onto responses which perform an action that more so is able to achieve some form of harm reduction and even resilience in the times ahead.

we also let go of the myth of the individualistic and isolated "survivalist" framework, hence why i asked about collective and community oriented actions as in a sense, we are very much going to need some interdependence rather than full independence.

i know that this is a very big and loaded question, but really; it could be anything, whether it's a local group that does something for the environment, like community gardening and building food security/sovereignty, conservation for non-human flora and fauna or maybe something like a mutual aid group, a mental health/grief/support circle etc etc.

i think that it's super important we extend our support beyond this online community and the internet as a whole, regardless if our work is centered around collapse or not, and whether folks we know are aware of it or not.

as always, this was quite a long post. thanks if you once again made it to the end. love to hear some of your ideas! 🫂

17:14 UTC


What is the link between work and collapse?

Is there any? Working as in the way we’re doing it in a capitalistic society.

14:38 UTC


If Trump gets elected are we totally fucked?

I'm very worried that if Trump is elected, project 2025 will basically eliminate all chances we have at doing anything about climate change. I know Biden hasn't done much better at all and is actively funding a genocide but it seems like somehow he is the lesser of two evils and I don't want to throw my vote away. Does anyone have any advice or consolations or anything?

08:36 UTC


I feel like life was never in the cards for me so I dove headlong into awareness and my personal collapse.

I feel like the biggest Doomer hipster when I choose to point out that I've been a collapsnik for 20+yrs and as a millenial it's basically been since middle school. The awareness it itself is a crutch that keeps me from personal growth.

Pretty soon after 9/11 my stepmom bought me a copy of Adbusters magazine (r/thirdforce) an anarchist publication. A few years later I started reading Crimethinc. In an effort to be open to new ideas I read Ancap publications Liberty and Reason. I believe I've outgrown adbusters but always get a subscription as an Xmas present. I've met the editor in chief in an effort to collaborate. I don't think they pay such a broad legion of contributors like they used to. The 2002-2011 still sticks out in my head as the peak years, some standard quality journalism.

Adbusters was the media foundation that thought up Occupy. They were espousing climate doomerism well before Al Gore. They were foreseeing social collapse as early as 2003. They were great on the Iraq War and heavily critical of Israel and neoliberalism. They warned that Facebook, Twitter et al would wreak havoc on our collective unconscious. They are the main reason I never have used a Meta product. They predicted the rise of Trump too. You name it, they saw it coming.

At the time I started reading it my dad was migrating through all the major conspiracy theories. For someone who worked in media, he's not particularly media literate. More set in his ways. He knocked up the ad lady while married to my mom and my sister was born shortly after 9/11. My dad, aunt and uncle were all inspirations for my work in journalism--work I'd hoped would be a career. Covid 19 had other ideas.

I often pin my life events to each issue of the magazine I was on. I read Hipster: The Dead End Of Western Civilizafion, right after my first stay in the psych ward. I read The Whole Brain Catalog during my second hospitalization. I read Carnivalesque Rebellion after my rehab stay and right as I was about to turn my life around and have my productive 20s getting both undergrad degrees in less than 4yrs, and inexpensively as well . The magazine prepared me for my major as did life. Social Sciences rely heavily on research as narrative, like an ethnography. It seemed like there were lots of kids from small town Carolina and I was from a big city. I took the major more seriously than most of the kids did. The gender studies kids in the major took it seriously but they had a unitary focus. They weren't trying to absorb info and argue with professors or be an unabashed class clown and teacher's pet in my favorite prof's classes.

It was a writing heavy major and I've always loved to write. I was always surprised at how bad other students' papers initial drafts were. Not only could many students fail to understand my notes but they weren't able to understand my writing. I don't think the problem was me and lexical density.* It just was the level of writing. My mom taught me how to write when she was in school and I was in middle school. I hadn't quite understood that I benefitted greatly from that, and reading a lot of 20th Century Fiction she owns, and also benefitted from the 60vr/wk paycheck. On top of all that though, Adbusters magazine taught me how to read. I also think it added a certain lyrical quality to my writing. That and Calvin And Hobbes deserve much credit. The cartoon and the magazine espouse a similar POV too.

I decided to turn in only one draft per essay and to do it immediately so I didn't have to workshop. I was always cutting these sideways deals in college, filing appeals up chains of command to get a hard science prereq, get exemptions to attendance policies. I can't directly credit Adbusters with that and it didn't serve me. I am not the best collaborator. I was doing standup comedy so when we'd have group projects I'd volunteer to be the presenter and would wing it without working with my group I was an arrogant lil bastard and an alcoholic drug addict. The friends I had in my major were smart and also partied hard.

I grew up without an illusion of a normal life. Drugs and alcohol since age 12. Benzos since starting college and a lil bit of speed on top. Whole region was awash with illicit opioids and heroin, and loose Rx pads at Urgent Care. I chose not to review and relive my biggest traumas in this post but they are there. A lil snippet that just came to mind is that bizarre couple years where my mom was in a relationship to someone with relapsing/recovering alcohol and crack cocaine addiction and me being disowned by my dad's family from ages 16-22.

Back to his conspiracy theories. I believe the sane ones. I've reported on so-called conspiracy theories that are pretty much true. I jumped into collapse awareness looking for the truth that was bigger than building 7 and that didn't come with corporate sponsorships.

I lived ages 12-27 by the seat of my pants because there wasn't a future to enjoy. I had so many wacky and wild adventures in my life. It's no coincidence I quit drinking at 27. I have almost died a few times. There was a meme about groundhogs day during the early covid pandemic. The movie was a good analogy for the massive mindfuck we were experiencing. What bugged me though was that my first and only true mental breakdown started on Groundhogs Day. It was my meme before it was societal. I've felt like I was at the end of my life my entire adult life and some time before that. There's a saying about carpe diem and living each day as if it was our last. The problem with it is that it will turn into a Groundhogs Day situation. Except we live the last day of our lives, over and over.

Edit: Okay so there's a certain degree of lexical density.*

I think my more lexically dense shitposts occur when I've had less sleep than average but still in a mood to write. Also I've been losing nights of sleep regularly since quitting booze. I lose on average maybe 3 nights a month. There was a time when wage slaving away that I'd lose 2 nights a week.

20:07 UTC


I like this meme. It reminds me of how people treat each other on the weekly voice chat. Sunday 1900 UTC. Goes a few hours. OK to arrive late, leave early, speak or type (we understand certain environments are not safe to speak out loud) or not. Just respect the space.

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I am no longer as hopeful technology or scientific advancement will make the world better

Each advancement has both pros and cons. These sometime seem to cancel each other out.

E.g. nuclear energy discovered: clean nuclear power at the cost of nuclear waste proliferation, war, and MADD.

Go backwards in time and it seems to apply to everything: atificial intelligence, internet, plastics, gunpowder, electricity, fire, human brains, etc.

We will never get to “a better world”. Just different.

18:22 UTC


We deserve the collapse heading our way.

I don’t what other way to say it but I’m okay with a collapse. Every day I see how shitty we treat each other let alone Mother Earth, I used to freak out and see how to prevent it. I’m coming to a conclusion that we’re at the point of no return and anything we do to try to prevent is just delaying it. Enjoy life and those around you

17:16 UTC


Anyone else “doom spending”?

I think I’ve basically been “doom spending” for the past year or so. Got the car I want, an acre of land I’ll never realistically use, a bunch of my favorite sneakers, and generally just eating the food I want.

I basically feel like treating myself since I’m alive now and I don’t think the future will be good or even happen potentially. Things are already clownishly unaffordable so I think I said fuck it internally.

16:15 UTC


So much going on in life and the world, don’t know which way to go with my families future.

So, we were established in another state. Had a house and we were surviving. Started raising chickens and some other things. But we decided to sell the house. Pack up and move to a new state.

The new move was for many reasons. Primary being for our children and their future. We moved to a higher COL state. But in a more northern climate with better schools, safer towns, more opportunities.

The problem is. The town we love, and where we have 1 family member who’s a HUGE help all the time. Is insanely expensive.

Me and my wife are fresh small business owners. We moved up here and both started our businesses (in professions we were already in). So right now we are STRUGGLING financially and this town is making us feel like we will never own a house again. Nevermind one with actual property to try doing some small self sufficiency stuff.

And that is really bumming us out. We feel like the potential is there, like if our businesses take off really well. We could definitely buy a house here. But it would be half the house we could buy elsewhere for the same price.

if we went like 30-40 minutes away… we could buy exactly what we wanted with more property for much much cheaper. But we then take a hit also cause the schools aren’t quite as good. The areas not quite as nice. Our kids fell in love with the town we live in. And our relative doesn’t wanna see us move far.

Really don’t know what to do.

14:51 UTC


Invitation from Prof Guy McPherson / The Peoples' Forum for Cooling the Planet

June 25, 2024, at 2 p.m. EDT / Invitation from Prof Guy McPherson / The Peoples' Forum for Cooling the Planet / Zoom Meeting

Prof Guy McPherson has just released a video. It is an invitation to act.

There are too many factors and far too much chaos ahead for anyone to know for certain what state the earth will be in following the collapse. 

I would rather fight than not fight, even if I know there are only horrors ahead in my lifetime.

Most likely, there will be habitable regions of the planet. Even if the conditions are not survivable for humans, even if only extremophiles remain, I still think every square inch of a potentially life-sustaining environment is worth fighting for.

Or maybe it is worth organizing just so we have some say in how collapse happens. I'm sick of the super wealthy fucking over every living thing on this planet while the reasonable people are silenced just so a handful of delusional psychopaths turn our only home into a toxic wasteland. Seriously, why are some of the stupidest people on this planet LARPing as space explorers with impotent rockets while our planet turns to ash? If we organized and took collective action, I think we could change at least *some* things for the better even if we are too late to save civilization.

I'm going to join this forum. I want to support anyone that is trying to do something. 

Even if you're not planning to be an activist, maybe there will be opportunities to find community via this effort. Please consider joining and volunteering.

Here is the video invitation from McPherson.

Here is the information that was posted along with the video:

Invitation to A Peoples’ Forum for Cooling the Planet  (PFCP)

Everyone is welcome to join us.

(The link is on the video.)

We will meet every Tuesday, at 2 p.m. EDT, in our Zoom room, starting June 25:

Our first discussion is a special Volunteers’ Pre-meeting for PFCP.  During the first hour of this pre-meeting, we will present an introduction to PFCP, as well as an overview of the various volunteer opportunities (e.g., hosting breakout rooms, providing Zoom support, providing specialty consulting, etc.).  Even folks who are merely curious about the possibility of volunteering are welcome to join us, with zero pressure to sign up to volunteer, ever.

After the first hour, we will collaborate on planning for the first General Meeting of the PFCP ( A People’s Forum for Cooling the Planet ), which will happen one week later.  This is but the first of many opportunities to get volunteer orientation.

General Meetings of the PFCP

We will commence weekly General Meetings of the PFCP (always on Tuesdays, starting at 2 p.m. Eastern, and always in the same Zoom room, link above).  The first General Meeting will start with introductory statements and presentations by the initiators of PFCP, notably including Professor Guy McPherson.  These presentations will be recorded and uploaded to this YouTube channel.

Goals of a People’s Forum for Cooling the Planet (PFCP)

The goal of A People’s Forum for Cooling the Planet (PFCP) is first and foremost to answer three fundamental questions:

1.  Can we cool our planet in time*?  

2.  If so, how can we accomplish this, technically?

3.  And if we can accomplish this technically, then how do we accomplish the needed full-scale technical implementations politically, culturally, socially, economically, financially, story-wise, media-wise, PR-wise, green energy-wise, and all other relevant dimensions-wise?  (In other words, are we wise enough, as a species, to collectively snap out of our collective delusions, addictions, and associated omnicidal trajectories to pull this off, if indeed it turns out to be feasible technically?  And if so, how . . . including “who does what”, “who pays for it”, “who is informed, consulted, etc.”, and “whose permission / buy-in should we seek for which parts” ?)

*In time for what?  The short answer:  In time to stop, and then reverse the runaway overheating of our planet, and in time to stop the simultaneous runaway destruction of our biosphere (driven mostly, at this point in time, by runaway overheating), including the mass extinction event we are in the midst of.

Beyond the preceding “Big Three” questions, we will delve into myriad of other topics.

Bottom line:  We are setting out to do our part, as humanity (as opposed to "as government" or "as academia", etc.) to cool the planet.  As "the people", that is.


Format of A People’s Forum for Cooling the Planet

There are two distinct phases of the format of A People’s Forum for Cooling the Planet (PFCP), as far as your experience of it, as a participant or volunteer:  Phase I and Phase II.  These two Phases are not “sequential phases”, but rather, “phases of your experience”.  You are welcome to jump back and forth between Phases I and II as often as you like, spend as much time as you would like in each Phase, etc.

Phase I:  

Phase I is all about ALL of us (initiators, volunteers, participants, etc.) getting connected, meeting each other, and getting related to each other and to the topic space:  planetary overheating, and its opposite — cooling the planet, and everything related to that undertaking.

Phase I will include:

  • Introductory statements, presentations, and Q&A
  • Q&A with Professor Guy McPherson
  • World Cafe events
  • Other networking and educational opportunities, which will be ongoing, both for newcomers and regulars alike

Phase II:

Phase II consists of an unbounded network of conversations happening in parallel.  Phase II is designed to be as close as possible to the original Forums in ancient Greece and Rome, in which anyone could either listen in on, or participate in, any conversation within the boundaries of the Forum.

There are two major differences between the Forum in ancient Athens, and this PFCP:

1.  Location:  The PFCP takes place on Zoo m, and specific conversations take place within specific breakout rooms, to which all participants have access at all times, just as was the case with the ancient Athens Forum.

2.  Topics:  The conversations in PFCP are focused on all topics (and subtopics, etc.) related to the Big Three questions posed above, as well as the myriad related topics such as these (same link as above):

03:13 UTC


Do You Still Go On The Main Sub?

More of a curiosity question. I've been trying to limit my time on there for about a year and a half and I keep spending an unhealthy amount of time on there. But how much time do y'all spend there? Do you go on there at all anymore? Or does it bring you some comfort to get on there which I know for some it does.

Personally I wish I could take a fucking break from it. But I feel like I might miss something if I don't and I've already waste enough precious time on my phone, I feel like I've run out of time to do something different sometimes though. I want to engage with life as much as I can. I've pretty much reached acceptance this is more of a frustration. Maybe I need to get off there completely (not burying my head in the sand mind you), but it's like addiction to all the news and my phone. I know it's a privilege to be able to take a break which makes me feel conflicted on what to do, but I want to engage with my life for however long I've got and staring at my phone is not doing that. I wanna meet people, do things, help out where I can. It's frustrating as hell.

(Also to add, I am not bashing anyone who finds comfort on the main sub. Everyone has a different way they choose to engage with this stuff and deal with it. Just venting a bit)

02:19 UTC


I find it funny

That so many people close to me are so paranoid that they are anal about locking doors and being “secure” because they are so scared of other people. I had to borrow some money the other day from family being in a tight spot (I had money in the bank and no way to retrieve it) and even though I live with them And could pay them back in several days, they weren’t comfortable borrowing me a small amount because “it would dip into their savings and that stressed them out.” They make 170k btw.

But can’t be bothered to even admit collapse is a problem. Trying not to lose my fucking mind my dudes.

20:27 UTC


Just found out my city made a "Retail Task Force" which is basically a SWAT team that goes and stop shop lifters.

Not only that but the local grocery store now has roving security outside and about 5 or 6 guards walking the aisles. There have been thefts of food and essential items in recent times.

If this isn't a sure sign of collapse, I don't know what is. These guards were never hired before.

People can't afford to eat so they resort to stealing so they won't starve and companies care more about their bottom lines, and governments would rather punish people for starving and poverty than helping them.

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An artist some of you may find comforting.

Hi, I don't really frequent this sub much, but I keep tabs. I spend much more time in /r/Collapse. Still, I think it's more appropriate that I share this here, so here goes.

There's an artist I really enjoy who is somewhat collapse aware, and she touches on it in a few of her songs. I'll also disclaim that she's my personal favourite when it comes to vocalists, for her voice, which is unique. So while I think these songs that touch on collapse lend relevance to share her work here, I think the potential for enjoying her work in the context of coping with collapse extends beyond her songs about this issue. OK enough with the preamble.

I'm going to link to my favourite renditions of songs. There are also studio versions available. YouTube is also a great source for her early work.

The Seed

The quote Aurora paraphrases in this song is frequently misunderstood due to the dishonest way in which it is shared. The 1972 quote originates with Alanis Obomsawin an Indigenous filmmaker from Canada of Abenaki (not Cree but close) descent. Most often we see the quote shown in memes with vague attributions like "Ancient Cree proverb" or other nonsense and it is unfortunately due to sexism.

"Canada, the most affluent of countries, operates on a depletion economy which leaves destruction in its wake. Your people are driven by a terrible sense of deficiency. When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money."

Exhale Inhale

This song touches on the stress and anxiety of collapse.

And not specifically collapse-related, but one of my favourites. I'll link to a full set as it's the very first track and my favourite rendition of the song. Even if the first two don't grab you, this one might.

Infections of a Different Kind

Another of my very favourites concerns time. It's not judgmental, it just acknowledges how excruciating it can be.

Dance on the Moon and the full set because it's great, too.

And lastly, this one might be most fitting for this sub.

The River

I'll stop now. Just hoping to spread the love, so to speak. Many of her earlier songs deal with death and dying, so they may be of particular interest to people here, too. I'd be pleased to offer more suggestions if they're wanted.

Hang in there and try to have a good weekend.

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How would you explain collapse to the doctors in the realm of grippy socks?

In psych ward. Recurrent alcohol abuse patterns with all the bells n whistles.

During my first doctor visit I done a collapse rant that came off as clumsy babbling.

I'm not great with explanations or staying on tangent (rewrote this post soo many times). Could have pulled out my phone and read that weekly collapse update thing to them.

But in the context of where I am It's pretty easy for them to dismiss claims of "the end is nigh" and dole me out a diagnosis of fuck knows what.

It's not my first rodeo explaining the usual doomerisms to doctors. But I'd at least had a smidgen of hope for a decent future in the back of my head previous times that they could coax out of me.

That hope is completely gone now though, dunno when it left. Future is dire. Suffering and extinction yada yada.

But anyway

Off to rehab next week. Been to several a few times. Mostly longer than 3 months with decent recovery lengths between relapses. Learned much and the foods nice. 5/7. Had many a new rebuilt Me. Optimistic and full of beans!

Most of the recovery stuff is individual focused though. Feels like BP gaslighting individuals as the drivers of climate change through their fucked ad campaign thing. Or not, idk. Probably just me wanting to blame society but i absolutely do fuck myself over through my actions and take full responsibility for my shit.

I just want the possibility of a future back. Fuck this sucks. Fuck. Oh well. Shit happens. Gotta accept i guess.

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I want to start studying collapse, but I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I hate the idea of living in denial or blissful ignorance. A few years ago, my existential crisis occurred as a realisation of the inevitability of collapse. I tried for a few years to sort out my mental health and to some extent i did, but this still hasn't resolved how empty and lost i feel. I feel like I won't be able to truly live in this moment if I don't come to terms with collapse. I want to begin by reading https://collapsewiki.com/ as well as the reading list on r/collapse . However, I still want to learn critical thinking and to remember these texts.

  1. How can I learn critical thinking when studying a topic? This'll be my first piece of independent research as I am 19 and haven't investigated anything else yet

  2. How do I summarise the texts and research I read to be able to remember it or to have it in a note form that can be reffered to easily without having to re read the entire text?

Those who are knowledgeable in the fields of collapse and critical thinking and social analysis, I would really appreciate your advice, as well as anyone's really. Thank you.

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What to make of different theories, approaches, and mindsets when it comes to collapse?

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well.

Time for me isn't necessarily set in stone. There is no official playbook in which humanity is guaranteed a positive outcome in this world as it is. By that same token, there is also no guaranteed negative outcome. I try to keep an open mind, especially as it relates to this.

One thing that bothers me in this phenomenon, this raw visceral torment, is...who is right? By all accounts, looking into past r/collapse posts, especially as it relates to COVID, it is clear that many believed the end of world was at hand. It did not happen, or at least, not a sudden and impactful death of it all. I also see, usually in more conservative and far right places, this idea that what we are experiencing, in regard to climate change, is "normal", and that's it's all just weather. Of course, I try to keep an open mind regardless.

There was also a new subreddit made mention to me, optimistsunite. Whether they take themselves seriously, or desire to make fun of and deride so called "doomers" makes no difference to me. In the end, they believe that the time we are in, is the best that it has ever been for humans on a grand scale. So much so, that the issues brought up by climate change, wars, famines, resources vanishing, over population and a population that is quite old in some countries, and so on, are all ultimately things which will be conquered eventually by technology, breakthroughs, science, and so much more. So who is right? Will the world collapse or no? And if it will, when?

Of course, you have various religions, philosophies, and a plurality of beliefs all consuming and being consumed by the same information. My concern is how much of it is true, how much of it should I take seriously, and how much of it ultimately matters for all. The weaponization of information and the weaponization facts means that what should be fundamental truths, turn into dangerous political games of manipulation.

It does not help that there is the replication crisis, in which many studies and even results are actually not repeatable, which is important in the scientific method, especially as it pertains to reaching the truth. I am currently planning on being a therapist, and the countless medications that have obvious and horrible effects on people, all the while having poor research behind them, astounds me. You can have one medication, an antipsychotic, "proven" to be effective in one study. Then in the next, it fails completely. Other alternative forms to trauma and mental health, like EMDR, IFS, somatic experiencing, dancing, yoga, all work, and are actually demonstrated repeatedly to work. Yet most insurances will not cover it. I'll let you decide why an addicting pill is preferable to permanent treatment. Once you get cbt, which is often used to justify a system of trauma and financial exploitation, you then have the playbook by which the mental health industry ultimately is responsible for the same pathologies that it "claims" to treat.

The reason I bring this up, is because I wonder how much of what we take as truth, especially in light of this subreddit, is actually true. And how much of it is false. And how much of it is simply driven by propaganda. Where history is to be made, propaganda will be made. Where help is to be offered, money will be offered.

I sometimes wonder, looking back at what we have done to this planet, to other animals, to the plants, to our own solar system, in which we have left trash in out orbit, to what we do to each other...do we even deserve a second chance?

I will never forget, when my anthropologist professor once stated, that one pan cultural phenomenon in human beings, is the unique propensity and creativity we have towards being horrifically and violently cruel to one another.

Human nature...cruel, vindictive, unjust. Whole governments being established to prevent individual creatures from gaining power. Yet all governments it seems fail to do this. No government has ever gone for an alternative to this, to address the flaws in human nature. To make all beings truly equal in both body, soul, and mind. If you have a complete and whole human being, who is lucid, knowledgable, and emotionally sound, the needs of government, life, and needs in general, change dramatically. Your needs are the needs of all. To share and be interconnected. Not just between ourselves, but the whole world as it were.

In the end, whenever I'm done writing this, and whenever I am done reading another book, or studying another topic, I am left more confused than I was prior to starting this adventure. I do not feel as though my streams of consciousness musings will warrant any fundamental change in my life, especially since I contemplate ending it.

I wish I could no longer think. I wish I could die. I still could too. The only reason I have not ended my life yet, is because of my puppy that I have. Sweet thing. My family, especially my mom, constantly complain about her, that she does nothing, that she isn't useful. How little do they know that she is the only reason I am alive.

To view any life, and creature by what it can produce...capitalism. evil. I will never understand how we have gotten to this point, of reducing a human being, a micro and macrocosm of the whole of creation, into nothing more than automatons, slaves to our own fictional creations of wealth, power, and prestige.

In the end, I don't find myself fitting into any system. It feels as though as if I'm Caine, wandering through the wandering. I don't know. I am 25 years old, and I feel like an old man on his death bed, barely kept alive by life support. I have my own religious beliefs, and even then I still feel alone isolated, stagnant.

Do I have hope? Probably not, no. Perhaps we can choose to lead humanity away from this darkness. That would be nice. But I do not consider myself a Moshe Rabbeinu to lead in such a task. I like being alone. I like being in nature. I do not like it when I am in the city. I feel the anger, the sadness, the stress. I see the homeless, discarded like dirt, like trash, like they're not even there. I see children abused, people like Genie the feral child. I see the mentally ill, the fosters who age out of the system at 18. These are features, not bugs. The government, the system, and society at large choose this. Why...I do not know.

It's late for me, and in the morning I don't expect to read much in replies here, especially since what I said could be perhaps be the ramblings of a madman. I don't deny being one. I thank you for taking the time to read this.

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My neighborhood lost power for like the 5th time in two months.

It was super dark, so I sat on the porch, lit a candle, and smoked some weed. It's kinda nice but I can't stop thinking about how it's gonna keep getting worse and worse forever. Happy juneteenth

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June Deep Adaptation Newsletter

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Happy Father's day.

I need to rant about my conservative dad. It's not that he's conservative, I have a lot of friends who are conservative but just don't know any better. It's the fact that he's the worst kind of conservative, the kind that blames people of color and single "welfare queen" mothers for his personal problems. The kind that's racist and selfish but still thinks he's a good person. The kind who never admits he's wrong.

I've made an effort to cut toxic people out of my life, it's just better for my mental health but I still feel obligated to give him a call every now and then. I've come to dread it and always feel drained afterwards.

It's so infuriating and I can't help but blame him for how shity my life has been and how shity the world is. I know it's not specifically him but he embodies everything that has lead us to this current predicament. More importantly it's people like him who will keep us embedded in this path and block any progress that could save us. He recognizes that things are bad and getting worse but he's always been a pessimistic bitter individual who would rather bet on the end of the world than make any effort to have a positive impact.

Talking to him completely crushes my spirit and makes me lose any hope for humanity. Mostly because I've been arguing with him my entire life and he never budges, he only gets more racist, more reactionary, more extreme.

I'd like to thank this community for just being here, it's sad but I feel closer to you guys than my own family. Thank you for showing me that there are still decent and intelligent people in this world.

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The big problem with "community"

I know people are tired of hearing me talk but I keep hearing about how we should focus on community.

Here's my problem with community. It traps you. And since it traps you, it abuses you. Every single person in my life who feels "entitled" to my presence takes advantage of that. "I can be mean to you because you're family", "You have to give us stuff because you're family", "You cannot complain about what we give YOU because you are family", "You have to do what we say because we are family", "We can be petty because we are family".

Now imagine that multiplied over an entire community. And this is the SOFT stuff. Imagine stuff like physical abuse, sexual abuse, you name it. A billion cults and prisons spread all throught the world, filled with weirdos, the different, etc all suffering in silence.

So far every job I ever had treated me better because I can simply walk away. Thats what I fear more than anything: not having the ability to walk away. Keeping my doors open is all I have. I suspect this is why my family is insisting i buy a house, so I can be trapped.

With collapse there is no transportation, no communication, nothing. Just islands of suffering. This is what community means to me. What makes you think is so good?

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Last Week Tonight covered the American presidential election this Sunday - but John Oliver said something off-topic that really got my attention

Recently LWK covered the 2024 presidential election in the US. The episode itself is worth a watch, as always, but Oliver goes on a tangent about dating apps and it made me pause (the show but also my brain)

Oliver criticized a new dating app specifically for conservatives (and let's be honest, Christian conservatives). He joked that we don't need a new app for that because "as any woman will tell you, go to any guy's profile and if it says Moderate, it means I'm secretly right wing but I wanna get laid".

Oliver is right on the money, but I have noticed the same thing as a guy, and its the main reason that even though I've looked on some apps, I've never met anyone in person.

Girls are just as sneaky. Their profile might claim they're a leftist but 90% of the time they just mean democrat - and the other 10% is just vague expressions that are supposed to imply leftist ideals.

They also end up being far from leftist, but they also wanna get laid. This is rural Kansas, this is what I'm working with.

I mean I get it. We are a lonely culture and these apps weren't designed to bring any sort of true lasting connection, otherwise you'd delete it lol.

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