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Quirks and Quarks Listener Questions Theme Music

Is hands down the weirdest theme music composed for mainstream radio. It's bizarre. Totally bonkers. The fact that it was composed, green lit, and persists to this day, as far as I can tell, without comment from anyone ever, completely mystifies me.

For the record, I love it. But it's nutsola.

18:11 UTC


Trying to find an interview

Hey all,

Trying to find an interview I tuned into part way through a while ago.

It was since 2020, maybe 2 years ago.

I'm not sure what program, but it might have been Quirks & Quarks, but it was an interview with a woman who I assume was a scientist of some kind and it was a show all about time.

The part I heard was really interesting and - if I remember right - she was basically talking about this theory of the circularity of time, that the moments we experience as deja vu or feel like we've already met someone or been somewhere are actually because those moments have already kind of happened, that time does not move linearly, and those feelings are some part of us remembering this event that has sort-of happened, but not yet to our present selves.

In sorry I don't have much more to go on but I'd love to hear the whole thing and someone mentioned something to me today that made me think of it.

Thanks in advance for any help!

13:31 UTC


6:40 am Cringe with Marcia and Stephen Quinn, today.

Get a room, you two!

14:44 UTC


When will they fix their terrible website navigation and the findability of content? It took me 45 minutes to find a video mentioned as being 'on the website' on Alberta at Noon the other day!

Long and infuriating story ahead! (Video link at the bottom, right below the horizontal rule, in case that's what you're here for.)

On Thursday's episode of Alberta at Noon (CBC Listen link), about the school pronoun debate coming to Alberta, host Judy Aldous had a transgender teen and her mom as guests (separately, with the former pre-recorded, presumably because she was in school at noon). I heard their names as Akira Hessline and Keiko [unintelligible]-Hessline. If you listen to the radio a lot, I'm sure you're familiar with the problem of hearing people's names on the radio and not knowing how to spell them, or just not hearing them well at all. (I'm getting a red underline on Hessline now, but that's the only spelling I'd ever seen before, so I thought that's what it was.)

During the interview of the daughter, Judy mentioned a video of the two of them talking to each other and said it was "on the CBC Calgary website". Today, when I went to look for the video, I didn't recall exactly what she said and tried to look for it on the Alberta at Noon show website, only to find there is no Alberta at Noon show website. It has a Listen page and a Program Guide page, but nothing like, say, the As It Happens show website, where they can post articles, links, videos, etc.

I did a bit of Google searching to see if anybody else had noticed the show website not existing. Nope. Then I searched for forums or subreddits about CBC Radio, to see if I could search/post about it there, and got here. I'd rather post somewhere else, because Reddit's gotten a lot more evil this year, but AFAICT there's literally nowhere else online to discuss this national institution, so I'm here.

My next step was searching for it using Google:

  • I started typing in akira hessline but it suggested akira hesslein so I went with that, but I got no useful results.
  • I tried akira (hesslein|hessline) conversation with mom keiko: 0 results. ((term 1|term 2|term 3) is the good way to do 'or' searches on Google. term1 OR term2 OR term3 and term1|term2|term3, for single words, are also supported but give lower-quality results for otherwise-identical queries.)
  • akira site:cbc.ca: lots of results on a hockey player.
  • akira site:cbc.ca -"akira schmid": nothing useful.

Then I tried the search tool on CBC.ca/radio, because I still thought what I was looking for had been posted somewhere in the Radio section of the CBC website, searching for akira: nothing useful.

Then I went back to Listen and listened to the episode again, where it took me several minutes to find the part of the episode where Judy mentions the video. It would've gone quicker if they had a playback speed control like YouTube does. (Normally, to listen to a full episode that's no longer available via a show's podcast feed, I open the inspector, spend a minute finding the audio element buried inside a bunch of other stuff, and copy and paste the URL into VLC (or download it using cURL and play it locally) just so I can increase the speed, but I didn't feel like doing that just to find one piece of info.) When I found it, I realized my mistake: Judy said it was posted "on the CBC Calgary website", not "on the Alberta at Noon website".

So I went to CBC.ca/calgary. At the top of the page, there's a section listing videos. I thought it would be in there, but it wasn't. It only had "3 pages", actually two pages plus one more video, listed there, and this one wasn't among them. Then I thought I'd just go to the main page listing videos, but you can't get there from there. The title of the videos section on the Calgary page isn't a link! You have to go into a video and then, once that page loads and the video starts playing and you pause it, you have to open the "Channels" popup menu near the top and choose "Home", which takes you to https://www.cbc.ca/player. That page doesn't have anything that's useful for finding a specific video. (Actually, I tried "Life" before "Home", but that was no more useful.) Other than the small number of videos listed there, you can only navigate the videos on the CBC website (news, anyway) by searching or by finding them in the recommendations on the page of a video you're already watching, which are divided into "More Like This", "Recommended for You", "Calgary" or your city, and "Trending Now". The first two show seven recommendations between them (variable split), the third ten, and the fourth five, and they can't be expanded to show any more. There doesn't seem to be any way to browse older videos by subject or date.

The video I was looking for didn't appear in any of them on any of the few videos I clicked on or on the "Home" or "Life" pages of videos, so I decided to go back to searching. Searches for akira, keiko, hesslein, and hessline didn't get anything useful, but I did notice that the "Media" filter setting was now set to Video. (I hadn't noticed it existed earlier.) Finally, in desperation, I tried searching for transgender, expecting to get flooded with loads of irrelevant stuff, not even sorted chronologically. Instead, it was (mostly…) in chronological order, and the video I was looking for was the first result!

Also, it showed that it was posted on October 10, explaining why it didn't show up among the recent videos anywhere. When I opened it, I realized why it didn't come up in my earlier searches: the video title and description don't contain either of their names! The mom's name, Kayko Driedger Hesslein, did appear within the video itself (and her daughter's nowhere), and I saw then that my searches for keiko wouldn't have worked anyway due to her using an uncommon spelling.

Anyway, if you've made it here searching for the video, possibly aided by the incorrect spellings included here, this is it: https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2271265347814

I had expected a home video of a longer regular conversation, maybe on YouTube and just linked to, rather than a CBC-produced and -hosted video where they're interviewing each other with a few prepared questions, but that was just my erroneous assumption. Judy didn't actually say anything about the format of the video beyond that it was a conversation. It appears to maybe be part of a CBC series called "Candid Conversations", which I'd never heard of, and I just took that phrase at face value when Judy called it "a wonderfully candid conversation".

(Actually, I still don't know that series exists, because that phrase appears as a title card at the beginning of the video and nowhere else. You'd think they'd put some kind of tag on the video pages when they belong to series, like YouTube does, and that you could assume a video without such a tag doesn't belong to any series, but I don't trust their web team's competence enough to assume that.)

It's not a bad video, but not a great one either, and I was a bit disappointed after my initial expectations followed by so much searching. Hopefully, if you're looking for it too, I've helped you find it faster, and so it'll be more worth your time. (And there's still no playback speed control! My attention tends to wander away from talk videos if I can't speed them up.)

08:42 UTC


The Shepherd

20:07 UTC


Song i heard on morning north with markus schwabe back at the start of the pandemic?

Greetings. I often listen to Morning North when i'm up at my cabin, but recently i was thinking back to a song i heard on Morning North during the first few months of the COVID pandemic. To provide some background, i was up at the cabin when things started getting bad with COVID, so since i had been up since january me and my family just simply decided not to go home when everything started to shut down. We figured that a log cabin more than 2 hours away from the nearest town was one of the best places to ride this thing out, and we basically camped out until august that year, masking up and going into town only when absolutely necessary.

There was this really folksy song that was on Morning North with Markus Schwabe during that first terrifying week of shutdowns. The preamble Markus Schwabe gave before it, i remember, elaborated on how the songwriter used their rage towards the selfishness and apathy displayed by people during the first days of the pandemic, and their anger towards being unable to help the situation due to quarantine, to produce the song. Boy, was that description on point. It had this really husky, cynical and angry undertone to it, and is the only song i can think back to which perfectly summarized my emotions during that time, while i was up north in a log cabin listening to the world to the south fall apart in real time on the radio. As a result, because i cannot recall the name of this song, i am asking you. This song may have been on Morning North during May/April of 2021 areas of uncertainty are bracketed. It also was likely on the same radio segment as a song by Paul Dunn and David Lickley.

the lyrics of the unknown song

Stay home, [or start running]

Stay home, [Start running]

[We're gonna burn this whole city down]

Stay home!

Anyhow, if anyone can do some digging and see if they can find the name of this song, it would be greatly appreciated.

07:52 UTC


CBC Music dead zone in southern Ontario

Edit Update: Thanks everyone for the advice and suggestions, a quick update from my rainy westbound drive today. I could pickup 103.9 at Hwy 37 but it was about comparable interference and static to 92.9 it got better slowly but never really was crystal clear. I feel like if somebody could just tweak the Kingston and Peterborough transmitters to 11 we would have good coverage all the way.

Are there any CBC Music AKA Radio 2 listeners in the Trenton Belleville Napanee corridor? I seem to loose the Toronto 94.1 FM signal somewhere near the Apple, and pickup Kingston 92.9 somewhere past Napanee. Any OTA options other than switching to radio one at 90.3 in Belleville?

01:01 UTC


Many Thanks CBC

15:29 UTC


CBC Radio Comedy Show about a Fish? Approx Summer of 2000?

Okay bear with me here. . .but back in 2000 we were driving through Quebec and there was one CBC station that was in English and they had a comedy series about a fish. I swear it was about a Carp (or at least included a Carp) and at least one episode had to do with escaping Detroit or going to Detroit. Does anyone remember this? I'm trying to remember the series and hoping it wasn't some fever dream I had in the back of a rented Ford Taurus during a road trip. I swear there was an entire series about this fish.

20:33 UTC


Do you prefer local or nation-wide news programming?

I'm a fan of the local morning and afternoon shows available on my local CBC radio broadcast. I don't really get my news from the nation-wide shows anymore (World @6, the current, AIH,...), except for maybe the hourly news update. Just wanted to see if people have the same opinion, especially since there's a big variety of local programming out there.

Edit: I have no idea how so many people who dislike the CBC end up commenting on a post about CBC radio. Why follow this subreddit then?

20:20 UTC


Is there a way to access playlogs from a year or 2 ago?

There's this one song that I remember hearing between shows on Radio one very late at night, it was a year or two ago and I remember the day. Is it possible to find the playlogs to confirm?

02:12 UTC


Please...Please stop the '10 Minutes to Save the Planet' snippet.

Sometimes I'm sleeping along with CBC Radio. Sometimes I'm about to eat dinner while listening to CBC Listen. Sometimes I'm enjoying a nice walk.

But, EVERY DAY, I get jolted with the "HEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" from Johanna Wagstaffe for their new series.

Please for the love of sanity, don't make it sound like the most aggressive enunciation of a three letter word. I have no issue with either hosts or the topic, but everytime I rest I can hear the echo of "HEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" ringing against the edges of my mind.

21:26 UTC


REWIND Show Audio Archive (sort of...)

Rewind was a weekly hour-long program broadcast on CBC Radio One and ran from 2009 to 2019. Hosted by Michael Enright, it highlighted content from the CBC Radio archives.

From cbc.ca:

"Whether it's Peter Gzowski with one of his trademark interviews from Morningside, Allan McFee and the madness that was Eclectic Circus or Matthew Halton reporting from World War, you'll find it all on Rewind."

You'll find a large number of links to shows available for streaming on the page below. The majority of the shows are from 2012 to 2016, so a good selection to choose from.




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23:17 UTC


housing episode

bumping this ...early this year (or was it last year ?? memory fuzzy) there was an episode where CBC radio spoke to various people about housing solutions

it was like 45 min long

mike moffat from the smart institute , someone from habitat for humanity who said the cost of materials is like 400k to build a place

various politicians (I think members of provincial parties in BC) and I'm sure some economists were involved

anybody have the link handy ?

02:21 UTC


The signal 2009-2014 era

okay, in the signal between songs, would they use film by Aphex Twin????? I swear I've heard it ALL over CBC radio 2. Thank u xoxo

23:35 UTC


Can we fire Tom Power please?

I clearly cannot stand this guy, but what is the general consensus? I think he makes Canadians sound like ass kissing, parroting clowns.

02:31 UTC


Metro Morning host announced

David Common!!! Yes!!!! Will be getting up early just to listen to him, just like I did with Andy!! So excited, and so excited for him too!!

12:27 UTC


CBC Radio One 9:43 Pacific time Contemporary indigenous music

Come Toward The Fire. Nice hear some live contemporary indigenous music. 9:43 pm Pacific time Sep 30 2023

04:45 UTC


Anyone found an article about the killings in Sweden ?

Hi just wondering if anybody found any coverage of the gang killings in Sweden by the CBC?

Thanks you.

13:10 UTC


What happened to Joe Cote?

Does anyone know what became of Joe Cote. I found precious little by "Googling" him.

I'm just curious - a friend and I were reminiscing about the "good old days" of the CBC. He was my all time favourite host of Metro Morning.

Edit: I'm looking for recent information. I've Googled "Joe Cote obituary" which gives lots of results, none of which seem to be for our Joe Cote, so I'm assuming he is still alive.

16:38 UTC


Ontario Today

What happened to Rita? Is she ever coming back?

13:54 UTC


Metro morning

It is painful listening to Jill Dempsey. I wonder if CBC assume sweetness can mask the absolute stupidity that comes out of her mouth

09:39 UTC


Which shows do younger people (20s) tend to enjoy?

Hi, I have a question. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for what CBC programming can be of interest to someone in their 20s (and based in Toronto), and why. I work in communications/ Publicity and I haven’t been in Canada for long so just curious about what shows/ hosts you’d recommend for those audiences. Any other recommendations or suggestions for shows are welcome!

16:29 UTC


Mick Jagger on Q

As much as I understand and agree with the firing of Jian Ghomeshi, the interview of Mick Jagger by Tom Power yesterday on Q really left me lacking.

Power is a horrible interviewer. More than once he asked Jagger a question and Mick replied with "what do you mean?" He also kept interrupting Mick. It was almost painful.

If nothing else Ghomeshi was an excellent interviewer. Often to the point of the subject complimenting and thanking him for a great interview. I specifically remember Sandra Bernhard doing this and she sounded truly pleased and impressed.

12:11 UTC


Problem playing certain CBC Radio one streams

Is anyone else having trouble getting Alexa to play certain CBC Radio one streams?

For years I've been able to say, Alexa, play CBC Radio One Sydney and it would play. (Sometimes I would have to change it a bit and say, Alexa, play Radio One Sydney CBC.)

But now when I say either of those, I end up with something called Radio National, which is in Australia ( I guess because of the word Sydney.) The same for Regina. I just tried Play CBC Radio one Halifax and it started playing WCBC 1270 - which seems to be a station in Cumberland, Maryland and which so far sounds like just a bunch of ads.

If I say, Play CBC Radio, it plays the Fredericton stream. So at least it can play CBC.

Hmm, I just tried Play CBC Radio one Toronto, it actually started playing correctly! And Vancouver works as well and also Corner Brook! But it still doesn't work for Sydney or Halifax.

16:38 UTC


Bert and Ernie Turn The Page Bit on CBCIII 20 years ago.

About twenty years ago, I was listening to CBCIII while delivering pizza in Metro Detroit. I heard a segment that was styled like the classic turn the page cassette’s of the 80’s and 90’s. In this segment, Bert woke up one morning to find Ernie wasn't in his bed. Bert had a bout of depression, and received a post card after weeks of Ernie being missing, and Ernie wrote to Bert that he made new friends and wouldn't be coming home.

My question is, does anyone have a link to the audio file of this? I found the transcript maybe 10-12 year's ago, but I would really like to hear again. Thank you!

15:31 UTC


Digital achieve for the Sunday Edition?

Gosh I miss Sundays with Micheal Enright, and many other iconic shows now cancelled or gone. I see people posting links to individual episodes but not the data base. Is there a central archive the public can access? I contacted CBC to ask and they said no, which is strange because technically our tax dollars paid for this content. thx

02:15 UTC


2 Questions

I have a question regarding becoming an Announcer: How many years of experience do you need to become one?

Can I become a reporter on the radio but appear on television only a few times? I'm not fond of having a camera consistently on my face.

02:39 UTC


Morningside with Peter Gzowski - Lost Arts from 1991

Here's two episodes of the show "Rewind" that were a collection of Morningside segments from 1991 that had Peter Gzowski delving into what were considered lost arts, or skills, at the time. Things like writing a letter, darning socks, ironing a shirt and taking a Sunday drive.

Are they still lost after 32 years? Have a listen!

Part 1:


Part 2:



01:33 UTC

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