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Outdated promos

CBC. I really love you, but why am I hearing promos from the Junos on March 24th in mid-April. Does anyone curate this stuff?

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22:32 UTC


Because News

Can they PLEASE stop with the musical parodies? Aside from not usually being particularly clever, they are musically painful. Find someone who can write parody lyrics and sing, or just stop.

15:10 UTC


Reception issues

CBC Radio One keeps cutting out for me today, and I can't get through a single anything because on the FM radio just it keeps cutting out and goes blank. I'm wondering what's causing this I don't think it's on my end because other stations work fine.

14:06 UTC


CBC Radio's "The House": High policies and low sloganeering

09:59 UTC


Are Tom Powers and Lucas Powers brothers?

If so, who hired them? Any family relations or nepostim going on?

19:44 UTC


CBC doing its best to promote the carbon tax

On Power and Politics on Mar. 21, PBO Yves Giroux was asked if it was "a fair representation of his findings" that "Canadians are worse off as a result of carbon pricing," as alleged by the CPC. Giroux replied:

YG: Well, it's a representation of our findings once you also include the economic impacts of introducing a carbon tax*. So there's the fiscal impact on households--paying the tax versus the amount of the rebate that households are receiving--but* once you also include the economic impacts due to the introduction of the carbon tax, for example, the reduction in activity or the slower growth in economic activity in some sectors, then that' s the, that's the impact*.*

BB: Ok, let's just go through that bit by bit, let's start with the fiscal analysis, the financial analysis, this is what the government points to, they say most families will still get more rebates than they pay--straight cash out, straight cash in--is that a fair representation?

YG: That's a fair representation of our report, that's the conclusion we arrived at, if you take into consideration the carbon tax that households pay on the fossil fuels that they are buying ... as well as the embedded energy component of whatever goods and services they buy, and they subtract from that the rebate, then about 80 percent of households are better off*.*

Giroux also shilled for the carbon tax as the best policy measure based on other factors which he admitted cannot be quantified. This is inherently political, categorically not his job, and is quite inappropriate for the PBO***.*** And note the title given by CBC to the segment: Parliamentary budget officer says carbon tax 'least disruptive' way to reduce emissions | Power and Politics | CBC Podcasts | CBC Listen

So according to the PBO, 80 percent of families are better off only if the economic impacts are excluded. Great. This is indeed what the PBO found in A Distributional Analysis of the Federal Fuel Charge under the 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan (compare tables 1 and 2; note also that the overall negative impacts increase over time as the tax increases).

On March 28 on As It Happens, Nil Köksal conducted a fairly hostile interview of NB Premier Blaine Higgs, which included the following exchange:

NK: We heard the prime minister refer to the parliamentary budget officer. The parliamentary budget officer told CBC news directly last week that when you compare the increased prices, resulting both directly and indirectly from the price on carbon to the rebates Canadians are getting back, quote, 80 per cent of households are better off, end quote. Are you disputing the numbers from, from the PBO?

BH: Well, I think the Fraser Institute already did that. And in the, the idea --

NK: So you have more faith in the Fraser Institute than the parliamentary budget officer?

BH: Probably.

Higgs is right not to trust Giroux because 80 percent of Canadians are not "better off", as Giroux himself had admitted on the CBC the week prior, before doing his spin in favour of the policy. And isn't it strange that Köksal made no mention of the PBO's admission that most Canadians will in fact be worse off once the economic impacts are included? It was from the very same interview.

The Current took up the cause on April 2, inviting the director of the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University (who previously headed up the Eco Fiscal Commission) to stress the deceptive "fiscal impact only" analysis and to make the false claim that " the rebates are designed so that 80 per cent of households maintain their purchasing power as, you know, in terms of the combination of the carbon price and the rebate." Obviously, incorporating the economic impact is essential in any analysis of purchasing power.

Every time that the CBC claims that "80 percent of Canadians are better off under the carbon tax" they are engaged in partisan misrepresentation.

17:41 UTC


CBC Listen App

God damn this app is bad. Like GC Strategies bad.

16:37 UTC


Saturday Night Jazz is not very good. At all.

We are now four songs in. Is there some rule that all music on this show must be mediocre?

If I can literally find better jazz at random on Spotify, what is the point of this show? No insight, no hidden gems. I miss the old days.

00:31 UTC


Unable to stream live on app

UPDATE: Received an email from their support team, it's a known bug and they're working on it.

My CBC listen app (android) just updated yesterday , and I'm no longer able to live stream any radio channel. The option isn't there under the "live" tab, just featured stories/segments. Anyone else encounter this issue?

12:13 UTC


Tossing Salad?

Just listening to As it Happens and Chris just said "It's a lot more than tossing salad" when referring to relief for Gaza. I think someone needs to fill him in on what "tossing salad" means.

21:33 UTC


At CBC Radio's "The House" : On Canada's Two Billion Tree Programme

14:16 UTC


Amateur hour on Front Burner

The March 21 edition of Front Burner was another example of amateur hour.

Host Jayme Poisson and Senior Parliamentary Bureau Chief Aaron Wherry discussed the NDP motion about Palestinian statehood. She asked him an excellent opening question: "So before we get to the NDP motion, I actually just want to get some clarity on what Canada's position has been in recent years vis-a-vis the recognition of a Palestinian state, because I think it's important context here. So what has our position been?"

Wherry replied: "I'm going to read from it [the motion] because words matter, and the language here is highly specific. So Canada's position is that it 'recognizes the Palestinian right to self-determination and supports the creation of a sovereign, independent, viable, democratic and territorial contigeous [sic] Palestinian state.' That has been the long-standing position, not just of this government, but of previous governments. And it, you know, broadly aligns with all of our G7 partners."

First of all, the question was crystal clear: "what Canada's position has been," and Wherry responds by reading from the NDP motion(?!), suggesting that the motion does no more than restate what Canada's position already is. Wherry obviously believes this, because he goes on to say so. And if that were true, there would be no reason to vote against the motion, right?

Second, it is ironic that Wherry pointed out that words matter immediately before butchering not only "contiguous" but "territorially," clearly suggesting that he does not know what contiguous means. This should be embarrassing for a Senior Parliamentary Bureau Chief. If you are planning to discuss something, let alone read it on the air, at least look up words that are unfamiliar to you.

Third, if Wherry does understand what a territorially contiguous Palestinian state means, how can he possibly assert that it "has been the long standing position, not just of this government, but of previous governments" and that it, "you know, broadly aligns with all of our G7 partners???" This level of geographic and political ignorance should be even more embarrassing for a Senior Parliamentary Bureau Chief. How does Wherry think that Gaza is going to be made territiorially contiguous with Palestinian territory in Judea and Samaria? And he thinks that all members of the G7 are in favour of this?

Poisson and Wherry are correct: context is important and words matter. You just cannot rely on the CBC for either of them.

13:39 UTC


Brave New Waves sessions are available for free, for a limited time

Brave New Waves sessions are managed by Artoffact Records, who have set most release before 2024 to "name your price" on bandcamp.

17 releases available here: https://cbcbravenewwaves.bandcamp.com

Bands featured include:

19:23 UTC


Story last night about a controversial priest.

Hello! I’m looking for a story/episode that aired on CBC radio last night - march 17.

The story talked about how the priests interpretation of the Bible was considered false doctrine. His realization was that Jesus died for everyone’s sins, and that everyone would get into heaven - of any religious background.

Any help would be great in finding this episode.

18:58 UTC


SOLD! CBC Podcast with Stephen Quinn

I was listening to SOLD! the other night, and it occurred to me that a new season would likely be really popular. SOLD! came out in 2018 and looks at the housing crisis in Vancouver at that time, with a focus on foreign investment. (Available here: https://www.cbc.ca/listen/cbc-podcasts/191-sold)

It would be great to have an update to SOLD! that looks at what happened to the Vancouver housing market during COVID and coming out of the pandemic, both as a result of continued foreign investment and as a result of other factors.

(Also, the people want more SQ!)

16:06 UTC


‘Your World Tonight’ promo trailer

Has anyone heard the promo trailer for ‘Your World Tonight’? It sounds like a spoof ad, made for ‘This is That’! It’s awful.

15:02 UTC


Ads for the National Gallery on CBC podcasts

I've been a CBC listener/lover since I was young enough to understand the words coming through the radio in my parent's cars. I've been a big fan of As it Happens for as long as I can remember (I miss Carol Off and Jeff Douglas), I really love everything about the show, the new hosts are both great and I'll never ever tire of the theme song. I now listen to the podcast of As it Happens pretty regularly but a major problem that I've noticed is the ads that I've been hearing for the last 6 months or so advertising the National Gallery. As a resident of Ottawa, I really enjoy the gallery and I totally support bringing in more people to experience it, but the ads are driving me insane. I don't know why they chose the person who speaks during these ads or why they mix the audio to be so loud relative to that of the podcast. The person in the ads yells out whatever the latest deal is on tickets or about the newest exhibit which is great for people to know about but it's always in this extremely loud and off putting tone that spikes my blood pressure when I hear it. I'm not sure if I only get these ads being a resident of Ottawa (I'm sure ads must be generated based on location) but I can't stand them and I wonder if there's anyone else who hears these ads and feels the same way? I feel like a cranky old man complaining about such an unimportant issue but it's such an unfortunate way to kick off some of my favourite Canadian radio shows.

tldr: The National Gallery has these audibly grating ads on CBC podcasts, I can't stand them.

02:02 UTC


Shirt history stories on the radio in the 90s?

Hi there,

Does anyone recall the name of the fellow who used to come on CBC radio 1 (Ontario) on the weekday mornings before 7 am for about 5-10 mins with interesting snippets of history?


03:47 UTC


Searching for an 80’s or 90’s comedy story

I remember hearing this comedian talk about growing up in the prairies how they couldn’t build tree forts so they dug caves. He talked about having this one friend who one day said he could get dynamite so they could make the digging easier. He then said “this friend was the kind of kid, who if he said could get dynamite, not only could really get dynamite, but you couldn’t stop him from getting dynamite.”

I used to think it was Stuart McLean but I don’t think he ever told stories about the prairies. Then I thought it was Lorne Elliott but he grew up in Quebec. Does anybody remember this?

02:43 UTC


Long shot - song search

I worked the grave yard shift some years ago and almost daily I would hear what I assume was a transition piece between night and morning schedules. From past posts on similar topics it feels like CBC would not be able to help here and I may be out of luck, but it was a beautiful wind instrument piece and I was very fond of it. If this rings a bell please let me know!!

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13:15 UTC


CBC Bias Report of the Day

As It Happens had three items relating to Trump today, in whole or in part.

  1. A piece about how many are unhappy with Biden and Trump being the likely options. Naturally, the clips included the de rigueur religious nut supporting Trump, ha ha! No equivalent Biden supporter was included.

  2. A lengthy interview with a congressman who is pushing a measure to keep Trump off the ballot. Lots of talk about TRump being an insurrectionist. No pushback, no context, no guest with a different viewpoint.

Highlight: Nil Köksal asking if he was concerned that his legislation might be used to bar "legitimate candidates" from running.

  1. An interview with a supporter of Nikki Haley, who supports "anyone but Trump".

Highlight: Nil Köksal mentioning that she has spoken to "many Republicans in recent weeks who oppose Trump", and asks yet another Republican who opposes Trump why so many Republicans still support him.

Uh, since there are so many of them, why not ask some??? NOTE: AIH should use the EXACT same criteria as when selecting interviewees in support of Biden, i.e. someone who makes the best case for the candidate. The CBC naturally tends to select Republicans designed to discredit Trump because the CBC opposes him and panders to an anti-Trump audience.

01:11 UTC


Help remembering name of CBC radio show

There was a show I used to listen to but I can’t recall the name. Google isn’t helping me either…

The format was a featured musical artist would create a playlist of their favourite songs or songs that had an impact on them in some way. I believe it was on Radio 1 at night in 2012 and 2013.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: Found it. It was the ‘My playlist’ feature on Inside the Music…. Just needed 30 mins to dig through the CBC Wikipedia pages.

03:31 UTC


Friends of the CBC:

17:55 UTC


iOS CBC app now includes CarPlay

17:25 UTC


Gill Deacon

I've listened to here and now for years. I' like some of the guest hosts they have had, but I miss Gill. Anyone know if she's coming back?

17:25 UTC


Stephen Quinn is back tomorrow (Feb 28th 2024)

Gloria just dropped the info

16:28 UTC


Where can I listen to past episodes of Metro Morning?

Apple Podcasts and TuneIn only update semi-monthly (which is weird - they should fix that) and the Metro Morning page only has select segments. I want to listen to the full episode.

15:15 UTC


Katie O'Malley's voice and delivery (CBC Van) drive me crazy

It's as if I tuned in to an episode of The Friendly Giant and Casey is having a moment.

14:24 UTC


Seeking full list of Vinyl Cafe episodes

Does anyone here have a full episode list of The Vinyl Cafe through the years? I haven't been able to find one searching online. I've found a few snippets for various years, lists of specials, lists of CD releases, but nothing showing the full list of episodes, air dates, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help!

21:15 UTC


WtF happened to SQ is trending on google rn.

Is there an official announcement?

22:06 UTC

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