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Really enjoyed "Broomgate" on the Current

The CBC Listen app is great because I can pick up shows I enjoy in different time zones, like the Current. Broomgate was really interesting, and it was about curling! Who knew!

(I think Broomgate is also a standalone podcast)

16:44 UTC


This week's Metro Morning (Toronto) horrible guest host

"So, like, you know, what, like, you know, do you think about..." This makes David Common seem like a decent host, which he is not.

11:30 UTC


Ontario Morning - painful at times?

Does anyone else find that the hosts of Ontario Morning say some incredibly silly things? They do fine with political interviews but when they do stories on local events etc (or their Freeform chit chat) some of the conversation is just so... stupid? Their talk on fishing today had me cringing hard.

I've been listening to CBC in the morning my whole life (mainly in Northern Ontario and Ottawa) and I I've never spent so much time shaking my head. Can't find much info on the hosts or where the show is actually based, but they give the impression that they live in a large city and have only been to non-urban Ontario on vacation. 😆

11:29 UTC


Final Spark Episode. Ever.

The final Spark episode was broadcast over the weekend, marking the end of the show. The show's cancellation was announced back in May of this year. This is another long-running CBC Radio programme that has ended recently. Add this to the list of Writers & Company, The Next Chapter (with Shelagh Rogers), Tapestry...

Here's the link to the final episode.

Here's the link to BONUS content of Nora Young and Michelle Parise chatting about 17 years of Spark and some messages from very special guests.

For posterity's sake, listen to an episode from Spark's 2010 season, "2010 Best of Spark".

19:40 UTC


Canadian piano composer here - how exactly do we get our music played on CBC radio?

I heard CBC likes to feature Canadian artists and composers through their different programs, but how exactly do we get in?

I know obviously there's a quality requirement, not just anyone can get in. Most people seem to like my music though so I'm not too worried about that.

But how exactly do we even apply?

18:17 UTC


Music on Radio 1

How does Radio 1 so consistently find the worst song ever recorded, and then play it every single morning?

12:30 UTC


Interview/Story about changing perception of time passing

Can anyone help me find a broadcast from CBC? It was an interview of sorts of a woman who decided to introduce as much novelty as possible into her week to see if it would change her perception of time passing - she wanted to see if it helped slow it down. It certainly did as she did a whole series of novel tasks and places to visit and activities. It was I think in May of this yr (2024) - in the evening on CBC Radio One Toronto. I can't seem to track it down no matter how hard I search or using various search terms etc. The interviewer/host was a woman, as was the person undertaking all of these novel activities. Would love to relisten and share with a friend. Dont think it was Ideas, possibly podcast playlist? Felt more like the style of interview/piece done by Now or Never, but dont think it was that either. Can't understand why I can't track it down. Any help greatly appreciated!

02:52 UTC


Frequency finder app?

The ABC Listen app has a feature where it will list the frequencies of nearby ABC radio stations, based on the user's location as reported by GPS. I'm pretty sure the BBC has a similar app for people visiting the UK, and there's a third-party app for NPR stations, for when I visit the US, which works well enough.

I'm about to start driving the Trans-Canada Highway, and I'd like a similar app for here. The CBC app has a buried feature that lists frequencies by state and town, but I'm not familiar enough with Canadian geography to always know what big towns are within cooee of me. Oddly, the app asks for GPS permission, but I haven't found a way to get it to show local radio stations based on that information.

Does anyone know of an app or website that makes it easy to find frequencies by location? Thanks!

20:20 UTC


Interview with Mike de Jong on June 10

I heard this on Victoria CBC around 3 PM. The topic was the proposal to increase the capital gains inclusion rate, and de Jong was brought in the comment on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada.
I'm writing a response to this. Can anybody here tell me the name of the program I was listening to, and who the interviewer was. Extra credit if you can direct me to an archived version of the program.

19:35 UTC


Where can I watch this show? Or buy it?

03:10 UTC


Day 6

I've listened to Brent a few times on Sat. mornings and I can't figure out if I like the show or not. What opinions are out there about it?

14:26 UTC


Enough with AI

If I hear another news story similar to "x company/person is using AI to compose music to make their chickens lay eggs 3% faster" I'm going to scream.

11:05 UTC


"Just Asking" is a new CBC Radio show and I don't like it ; do you like it?

This show is like Quirks and Quarks where the host dumbs-down the interview and repeats the guest's answer to the point of Kindergarten teacher.

"Just Asking" is in the same vein but now we are talking about Extremely Mundane topics like how shoelaces work. Let's spend an hour talking about how a shoelace loops into this shoe eyelet, and then into the next shoelace eyelet; Oh isn't that interesting!!!

This approach inspires me to phone/text/email a question about the topic!! /s

Sorry to make a long comment but What. The. Fuck. Front Page Chellenge, CBC. Let's stay smart. Canadians are better than this.

06:49 UTC

21:40 UTC


Spark has been canceled!!!?

I can't believe it. When we need that kind of critical thinking long form interview reporting on how technology shapes us, the 'mother corp' is cancelling Spark!

20:02 UTC


Stephen's Political Panel

Please tell me if I'm off my rocker, but Stephen's Political Panel on Monday has me turning off the radio on the drive in to work. Moe, Dianne, and Adam discussing blah, blah, blah, and since they were all politicians they know how to do that very well.

On the other hand, on Friday Stephen has Meera Bains and Justine Hunter wrapping up the week. For me this is such a breath of fresh air, their delivery spot on, and just the right amount of flair. I could listen to them every day (hint, hint).

Just had to throw that out there...

18:19 UTC


My Vintage CBC Listening

Missing the “old” CBC programming from about 10 years ago, I have taken to listening to vintage podcasts. While that may not be unusual, what I do is listen to them on the same day and around the time of their original broadcast. For example, on Sunday mornings, I play “The Sunday Edition” with Michael Enright from the early ‘tens, when the show was a generous three hours in length. That is enough time to enjoy lots of coffee and get through the Sunday Times. Sunday afternoons have similarly been supplemented with Mary Hyne’s “Tapestry” and Eleanor Wachtel’s “Writers & Company”.

This coming Sunday will be May 5. Here are podcasts of those three forementioned shows that were first broadcast eleven years ago on Sunday, May 5, 2013. Have a listen to them this Sunday.

The Sunday Edition:

Michael's essay on inflated fears of nuclear disaster; a documentary on euthanasia in Belgium; listener mail; our forum on "precarious" jobs and youth unemployment; an onstage interview with novelist Alistair MacLeod; Gabor Maté on toxic culture


Jeanette Winterson is an acclaimed British writer. She was adopted by very religious Pentecostal parents, who hoped she would become a missionary. Instead, Jeanette fell in love with a woman. Her memoir is called "Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?"

Writers & Company:

Kate Atkinson in conversation with Eleanor Wachtel. The British writer spoke with Eleanor Wachtel onstage at Harbourfront in Toronto.


17:27 UTC



Does anyone know why the CBC basically purged Rewind from broadcast and its podcasts? Always found it interesting as a history buff and some who enjoys older broadcasts

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14:22 UTC


Tianna!! Nailed it girl! You had them both stumped on Alberta @ noon

Let me paraphrase. She suggested the US government might want tiktok banned because of how easily and quickly it lets youth grassroots movements organize into resistance in real time which makes it more difficult for the government to pass bills and form policies that affect their future. Great take on it imo.

19:16 UTC


All Episodes of Writers & Company to be Posted Online

On last sunday's show, Eleanor Wachtel announced that all episodes from 33 years of Writers & Company will become available online.

You can read the whole story here.

Hmmm, 33 years x about 50 episodes per week x 1 hour per episode. I can hit "play" and listen to W&C continuously for almost 10 weeks! Or If I just listen to one episode each day, I can stretch it out to 4.5 years!

Kudos to the CBC for creating this partnership with Simon Fraser University.

Now we need the CBC to do the same thing for other shows like Tapestry, Morningside, Gabereau...

03:03 UTC


Wiretap ring tone

Years ago I had a Wiretap ringtone that I'd like to find again. It was "Buzzy, get pick up the phone!" Can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find it? TIA.

17:15 UTC


Reclaimed - Get the Hook

Painfully bad music finishes.. Gord Martineau then tells us we have just heard a stunningly wonderful melody that stopped him in his tracks. Next painfully bad song finishes. Gord Martineau tells us that was the most amazing piece of music he has ever heard. New painfully bad piece of music begins - I can’t take it anymore and turn the radio off. The insincerity of the man is like a painful parody. Won’t somebody end this embarrassing program.

01:43 UTC


Help finding CBC night time music program, cancelled a few years back

Looking to find old episodes of a music program that was on late at night but can't remember the name, it was mostly ambient music with a female host who would talk about the music in a sort of poetic dreamlike way, the music was quiet relaxing and just a very chill program, anyway maybe someone remembers

11:39 UTC


CBC News at it again

Lead story on the nightly news: Pierre Poilievre uses “strong language” about the prime minister while speaking with anti-carbon tax protestors, and refuses to disavow Alex Jones despite Trudeau’s demands.

Is this a joke?

01:04 UTC


“Lister Sinclair and the Masterpieces of Disco”

“On the Go” in Toronto is playing Kool & The Gang’s “Get Down On It” and I can’t help but be reminded of one of CBC Radio’s greatest moments (seriously!): Masterpieces of Disco with Lister Sinclair.

21:48 UTC


Looking for a specific episode of DNTO

I am looking for a specific episode of DNTO, hosted by Sook-Yin. I tried Google but nothing came up. Unfortunately, I can’t recall other stories in the episode or the specific topic of the episode either.

The story I am looking for is how a NATO pilot who participated in the bombing of Serbia back in 1999, ended up meeting the Serbian officer who shot down his bomber plane and they ended up becoming friends.

Any DNTO fanatics (or savvy internet peeps) who may recall the name of this episode?

Forever grateful 🫶🏼

18:32 UTC


Outdated promos

CBC. I really love you, but why am I hearing promos from the Junos on March 24th in mid-April. Does anyone curate this stuff?

22:32 UTC


Because News

Can they PLEASE stop with the musical parodies? Aside from not usually being particularly clever, they are musically painful. Find someone who can write parody lyrics and sing, or just stop.

15:10 UTC


Reception issues

CBC Radio One keeps cutting out for me today, and I can't get through a single anything because on the FM radio just it keeps cutting out and goes blank. I'm wondering what's causing this I don't think it's on my end because other stations work fine.

14:06 UTC

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