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Alternative to CompassMining with management website, invoice exports for taxes, etc.

Been with CompassMining for years at this point - everyone's experience echo'ed here many times over is mine as well - with one added item that I don't see mentioned much: their website functionality is so buggy that about 30% of the time I "pay" an invoice (for a repair or hosting fee) the transaction will get stuck in an invalid state and I'll have to open a support ticket to (almost always) find out it's broken and I need to retry. This also goes for AutoPayments breaking and no one noticing until I open a support ticket because I don't see the state changing on the 23rd of the month as noted. It's all the expense of super-premium hosting with none of the service and all the anxiety... it's the hosting triple threat!

Anyway, straw that broke the camels back is they are raising their rates to $0.082kw/h in a month and it already costs me a small fortune to host my miners there.

Is there a miner with more or less the same level of operational management capability from their website that you get at Compass?

I also have miners with Mining Syndicate and CryptoCaddy - no website functionality at all with either and CC has been the smoothest to host with, but when it comes to tax time it's more manual work for me and I don't want to have all my eggs in one basket.

Looking for a reputable alternative that has been around, some management capability from the site and relatively cheap energy - I don't mind paying more for a better host, but not the premium Compass charges (for what? I am not sure...).

Based in US and looking to keep hosting in the US.

03:52 UTC


Most profitable quiet miners

Hey guys,

Looking to get miner for my room I dont use in my apartmant, I have ac in that room.

Under 50 decibels would do, any suggestions?

14:56 UTC


Bitcoin Halving Contest

Win $100 in $BTC with our #Bitcoin Halving contest!

🥇1st: $100,
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12:17 UTC


Cloud mining potential

If I use the cloud for mining bitcoin ,how much could I earn and how much will be my cost? Any ideas how to do this for where I could find info?

11:09 UTC


I own a plot of land that can host a 50 MW setup. Cost basis: 3 cents / kwh. I need to install infrastructure (irrigation / plumbing for water cooling / electricity). What are the costs, business model, and profits for hosting at this kind of site?


So the long story short is I own a plot of land. I told an "expert" this plot of land has had no irrigation installed, no plumbing, no electrical infrastructure, no transformers built to handle large loads, nothing. Just. A. Plot. Of. Land. It's close enough to the coast to pump water from the ocean to use for cooling. This expert informed me that it is big enough for 20 liquid-cooled bitmain containers.

Other details:

  1. Total landmass to be built on: 15550 square meters.
  2. a small section of this land is a "greening zone."
  3. it should require a 6300 KVA substation.
  4. 100% liquid cooled operation with 20 bitmain Antspace HK3 V6s.

Other questions:

  1. If anyone here has done something at similar scale, what are the projected costs to get started?
  2. What is the business model for hosting someone else's machines at your own site?
  3. How much time would it take to get the operation off the ground?
  4. Assuming we don't put our own miners on-site, what profits could we make from hosting?
  5. What are the estimated costs to get started, and how long would we need to earn back our initial investment if we started after the halving and bitcoin's price stagnates at 70,000 USD for a year or two?

Answers appreciated! Please note: I'm only "exploring" this idea and not commiting to anything yet. I'm also aware of things like difficulty adjustments affecting profits later down the road.

10:28 UTC


Thoughts on Solar mining setup

First of all, I would like to know if asicminervalue.com shows (relatively) accurate results? As most of my research is based on that, a little price fluctuation is expected, but roughly does it give a good estimate?

I am thinking about investing in a Solar setup purely for bitcoin mining at small scale. So far, I have looked into the S19 Pro+ hyd from bitmains website, and the corresponding solar setup (~6kw supply) would come to be around 4,000-4,500$ where I am, making the overall estimate to be around 7,000$ (rough figures, but close).

My question is, if I invest 7,000$ in this setup, asicminervalue gives an estimate of 6700$ (0 cost for electricity, solar). Is that figure anything close to real world values?

I am an engineer and have experience with solar, inverters etc, so I know I need more solar than what I consume, battery backup if I want to run it at night, etc. Those are not my concerns. The main thing is if I provide full power to the miner, how much returns will I get in a year? Is it worth the effort?

I know BTC is halving soon, and I will revisit my calculations after some time to see, and I know the profits of mining also vary with BTC market price. Basically I was thinking of getting a setup like this and having it as a source of passive income on the side, maybe I can re-invest and get more miners but thats for the future. Right now I want to see if it is viable having such a miner with the solar setup, and is it worth the effort?

I also see people saying XMR is more energy efficient in mining? I have used XMR and tried mining on my PC but it was just out of curiosity. Is it better getting a dedicated PC / RandomX miner and mining XMR in this scenario? Most people on the XMR subs say that its not profitable and they mine to support the network, so I wasn’t really keen on that, but I may be wrong.

19:36 UTC


minimum hash rate to join a pool?

Hi all, I've been getting really interested in mining BTC, been doing some reading. Not really for the profit (at least starting out) as I expect that'll be low. I'm more just wanting to contribute to the continued decentralization of the network, as it seems like certain mining companies are getting really big and that has me a little concerned for the future.

Anyway, is there a minimum hash rate required to join typical pools? I want to place an order for an ASIC, but there are several options and idk what TH/S I should be targeting in order to a) get accepted to mining pools, and b) ensure I won't get booted from the mining pools in the future as the hardware advances and greater processing power is required.

Also, I'm looking at wattum.io and I see some models with exact same name but different hash rates. What's up with that? There's a Bitmain Antminer S19J Pro+ with 117 TH/S, and another exact same model with 120 TH/S for $50 more. wtf

17:45 UTC


Looking to provide my services

I used to manage and maintain Bitcoin mining sites throughout Alberta Canada, some big some small.

If you are looking to start a new mine, and are having troubles figuring out the infrastructure, send me a message. I can provide the advice and guidance to get you a successful and secure mining venture.

My price is negotiable.

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17:35 UTC


I'm just learning about FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) processors. Can these be designed to mine?

I'm no computer chip designer but I do have some programming experience and GPT4.
I don't know the layout of an ASIC for mining a specific algorithm but I'm sure it has to be simpler than a CPU and GPU.

Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing?

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00:31 UTC


BTC mining on the boat? (No electricity bills)

Hey guys I just saw on youtube some kind of nano miner from avalon? Is that legit?

Im a sailor and I dont have to pay bills for electricity so Im thinking to install something like this in my cabin and make some extra cash but not to be to noisy?

Do you have some advice, recommendation?

23:15 UTC


Free electricity! What to do?

Just moved into a big shared housing place where everyone has fixed electric bills and it‘s not really able to be tracked down which person spends how much.

What would be the best way/device to get started making some extra money on the side? Device shouldnt be too big since space is kinda limited (max size would be like 2 Gaming PCs)

11:35 UTC


I need help with my Ant Miner S9

Here's my problem. My Wi-Fi router doesn't support ethernet connection. Therefore, making it impossible to use the ant.Minor S9 from what I can tell Is there any way for me to connect this miner to my computer directly to set it up? Or am I fucked

00:53 UTC


Looking for good dielectric liquid

17:58 UTC


Latest video: Troubleshooting my budget immersion system...finding a way to make it work!

14:36 UTC


Mining ideas

Hi I’m fairly new to mining(about 6 months now) and have run into a dilema with the halving coming up.

I currently have free electricity and about 1300w at 120v and 2700w at 240v already set up and mining on a s9 and s17+ respectively. I could possibly go up to maybe 3000w on the 240v but I am using the same circuit the dryer is on so I have to be careful about that.

So should I keep my setup or look into upgrading and what to upgrade to?

13:33 UTC


Purchasing Antminer S21 right before halving

Thoughts on this? Looking to grab an s21. I'm aware the halving will cut profit in half but is that to be said about btc if it will pump or not? Quite a gamble but let me hear your thoughts. Please don't tell me to buy coin.

12:40 UTC


Crypto Exchange for LLC

I have been mining for a couple of years and recently moved everything under an LLC. I would like to know which crypto exchange everybody uses when mining as a company.

Coinbase Prime charges $1000 for onboarding a business account. I am not a fan of the fee.

02:21 UTC


Hillfort Electrical Distribution transformer

00:44 UTC



23:24 UTC


What will you do with your Bitcoin miners, or have they already been sold?


Because the SHA256 algorithm limits the types of currencies that the miners can mine.

BCH and SPACE are using the SHA256 algorithm also. Will they be the better choice?

10:38 UTC


Whatsminer M30S++ M50,no warehouse fee

M30s+ 32w 96 / 98T 7.7U/T

M30s+ 32w 100 / 102 / 104 / 106T 8.3U/T

M30s+ 34w 92 / 94 / 96T 6.7U/T

M30s+ 34w 102T 7.7U/T

M30s+ 36w 92 / 94 / 96T 6.5U/T

M30s+ 38w 88T 6.2U/T

M30s++ 32w 98T 8.4U/T

M30s++ 32w 104T 8.5U/T

M30s++ 32w 108T 8.7U/T

M30s++ 31w 98 / 100T 8.4U/T

M30s++ 31w 102 / 104T 8.6U/T

M30s++ 31w 108T 8.8U/T


M50 28w 112T 10.9U/T

M50 28w 114T 10.9U/T

M50 28w 116T 10.9U/T

M50 28w 118T 11U/T

M50 28w 120T 11.1U/T

M50 28w 122T 11.1U/T

M50 28w 124T 11.1U/T

03:30 UTC


Bitcoin Miner Suggestions

Hey guys,

I have about $2000 and looking for a Bitcoin ASIC Miner.

The brand doesn't matter, and I have my location to run it. Planning to buy it after the halving.

Any suggestions? Already running 3 S19 and one S19j Pro, looking for higher efficiency miners.


02:41 UTC


LUXOR ASIC Price Quote

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23:33 UTC


Compass Mining Opinions

So far I have 1 M31s+ that I purchased through Compass Mining and despite what I’ve seen online (long time to setup), mine got setup in less than a week and I’ve experienced basically no down time for 3 months (maybe an hour max). I’m thinking of now purchasing an S19J and I know that the halving is coming up but what are your thoughts? Is 780 for the whole package good, seems like fair pricing. Just need advice here.

17:27 UTC


I need help

How do I file my taxes though viaBTC mining Pool? Any advice? Any guidance? I’m also trying use TurboTax.. my apologies.. newbie

17:23 UTC


Need guidance on whether to get a mining rig (s19K pro 120t)

So the halving is near and i really wanted to have a side income. My E costs are around .0845$ per unit. I will only use in winter months. Oct-March. but might run for 8 hours a day in may-sep. The rig with 1 year warranty is costing me before halving @ 2261$ and 214$ for other electrical equipment costs.

I know before havling i am getting $308.93 profit per month. ( $467.90 income and 158.98 electricity cost)


Buying bitcoin here is a pain in the butt as USDT is at 10-15% premium and by the time i convert to BTC i loose around 15-20$ of original amount.

  1. What could be the price of the s19K pro after halving if BTC goes to 150K by end of the year? I think i Need BTC to be at 140K (double of what is now) to give me $10.30 profit per day.
  2. Should i wait till sep oct and hope that bitmain launches another sub 3000 watts miner on the lines of S21 series with higher hash rate around 2000$ Price point aka S21k Pro :p?
  3. Should i rather spend 2261$ + electricity costs of mining accured ( 158.98 *6=953+2261=$3214). On buying btc?I dont have that much money to spend lump sum.
  4. Should i buy the miner few weeks after halving so the price goes down of the rig?

I live in a high temp country and only from oct month the weather goes below 77(25) degree F. By the way and govt has blocked all exchanges(binance,okx,bybit but i can use it via vpn). Buying p2p via exchanges is the only way.

08:44 UTC


7.5MW Turn-key ASIC Immersion Mining Site in South Zone ERCOT (Texas) for Sale

21:28 UTC


How much can a miner make per day?

if you're not paying any electricity and if your miner is very powerful?

18:22 UTC


🔥WTS: Whatsminer M30 90T

18:02 UTC

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