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d100 Underwater Dungeon Obstacles & Hazards pt 2

Part 1 was here: https://www.reddit.com/r/d100/comments/1b2cgs2/d100_underwater_dungeon_obstacles_hazards/ Didn't get enough, so I'm posting again.

I couldn't find any good undersea obstacle lists, so let's go! You're exploring an underwater dungeon on the ocean floor at the bottom of the sea (or maybe it's floating in a massive whirlpool, or in the Elemental Plane of Water). What kinds of aquatic obstacles, environmental hazards, traps, or things could block your forward progress? (Preferably non-combat entries, or things that could make combat more tricky.)

  1. The thick vegetation here hides several 5 to 20 foot long plant tendrils reaching up from the floor. They will grab and restrain anyone passing over, though they lack the strength to kill any fish larger than your hand. They also shriek loudly when cut.

  2. Same as above, but this variant is strong enough to strangle people

  3. A swift current passes through this passage at a rate of 20 feet per round

  4. A strong current passes through this passage at a rate of 50 feet per round. Being pulled by it will cause damage as you collide with the rough sides of the passage.

  5. This chamber has a strong whirlpool current around its perimeter, along with lots of pillars and sharp rocks to get smashed into

  6. A narrow passage is lined with razor-sharp molluscs, they have long proboscises that suck up blood

  7. This opening is clogged with gelatinous vegetation that secretes acid on contact

  8. This opening is clogged with gelatinous vegetation that secretes an extremely sticky glue. The plants are barely attached to the wall and come free easily. It takes 1d4 minutes to cut one off without injuring yourself.

  9. Bright blue runes glow on a pillar. Their light feels cold to your skin. Anything that moves past the pillar faster than 25 feet per round is encased in bouyant ice.

  10. The turbulent water here is choked with silt, reducing visibility to 10 feet

  11. Hundreds of blood-sucking parasitic worms lie buried under the silt. They will emerge and swarm anything that disturbs them. The wounds they inflict bleed freely and do not close without medical attention.

  12. Did you know there is an aquatic variant of shrieker mushrooms?

  13. Did you know there is an aquatic variant of gas spores? They still look like beholders, weirdly... Still explosive.

  14. A volcanic vent fills a small area with harmful boiling water

  15. A section of floor has a strange arcane sigil inscribed on it, and water and silt flow over it in a hexagonal pattern. Any object or creature moving into it is shot out at high speed in a random direction.

  16. This passage is lined with necrotic arcane runes that glow purple. The water is stagnant, devoid of oxygen, and completely unbreathable.

  17. This passage is lined with yellow arcane runes that dampen sound. Speech, echolocation, and verbal spellcasting are impossible.

  18. Seismic activity suddenly knocks loose a torrent of mud and sand that threatens to sweep you away or bury you!

  19. Seismic activity suddenly opens glowing red cracks in the floor. The water is quickly heating to boiling temperatures!

  20. Anemone ferns emit a small electric field around them. Deals lightning damage and can stun. /u/comedianmasta

  21. Hermit shrooms are large, shelf-like mushrooms that grow in heavy currents (usually on ledges and cliffs). Can be climbed to fight against the heavy currents, but too much weight will make them retract into their shells. /u/comedianmasta

  22. A typical smasher trap, but it moves slowly in an enclosed space because of water pressure. The pressure causes severe nausea for about 20 seconds before it finally closes shut and crushes the victim. /u/comedianmasta

  23. A wall of magically high-pressure water that blocks passage through. Can be deactivated by changing the pressure differential in another part of the room/dungeon. /u/comedianmasta

  24. A dense tangle of weeds blocks a door. /u/comedianmasta

  25. Dense lumps of calcified coral block a door. /u/comedianmasta

  26. Grasping weeds that sense body heat to reach out and grab prey. Ice and magical cold keep them docile. /u/comedianmasta

  27. Mage hand barnacles (a misnomer, they're not telekinetic) create water currents to strongly thrust creatures away from themselves. Often cultivated in conjunction with spike traps or other hazards. /u/comedianmasta

  28. A spear trap that shoots a heavy harpoon. If you survive it hinders movement and you must be careful when removing it. /u/comedianmasta

  29. Ghost coral are bleached white growths that reach out with ghostly hands to impale prey on necrotic growths. Holy powers and radiant magic, like undead turning, shatter the growths and banish the spirits within. /u/comedianmasta

  30. A cloud of blood and viscera has been trapped here by currents, likely something a predator got recently. Swimming through it risks exposure to disease. /u/comedianmasta

  31. A tangle of net algae is easy to pass through slowly, but likely to snare anyone in a hurry. Removing it could cost you a few crucial seconds needed to escape danger. /u/comedianmasta

  32. A school of fish is attracted to light sources, creating a severe distraction. /u/comedianmasta

  33. A school of cute colorful fish that follow predators (and adventurers) so they can feed on the things they kill. They snap up their food at an alarming rate. /u/ProfBumblefingers

  34. A giant flounder is disturbed by the noise and bursts from the silty floor. It's not hostile, it's just big, in the way, and not sure where to go. /u/ProfBumblefingers

  35. A magical relic produces a constant stream of bubbles, creating air pockets on the ceiling or in chambers above. It's splitting the seawater into its elemental components. One stream is pure oxygen. The other stream is pure hydrogen. /u/ProfBumblefingers

  36. A school of snapping shrimp is in the area--you can't hear a thing over all that racket! /u/ProfBumblefingers

  37. The carcass of a large whale or other creature has fallen to the ocean bottom. It might have scavengable food, oil, or weapons from whatever killed it. It may also attract dangerous scavengers or whatever ate it in the first place. /u/ProfBumblefingers

  38. A fishing net is being dragged across the seabed by a fishing vessel, ocean currents, or some clever aquatic raiders. /u/ProfBumblefingers

  39. Methane hydrate deposits on the seafloor. If you use fire or lightning magic, you might get a much bigger bang than you bargained for! (One cubic meter of methane hydrate expands to 160 cubic meters of gas if ignited.) /u/ProfBumblefingers

  40. Crab migration. Hundreds of thousands of large crabs swarm across the ocean floor. Run? Fight? Hunker down? Will they bite? Will you have crab legs for dinner? /u/ProfBumblefingers

  41. A large stationary sand sucker has buried itself in sand except for its mouth, which has a 5’ diameter opening. it appears to be a normal sea floor or hollow until someone draws near, at which point the victim will be sucked in and sprayed with acid. /u/oliviajoon

  42. Hypnotic mollusks are oyster-like creatures with a shiny pearlescent shell worth its weight in gold. They hypnotize anything that comes within 10 feet and then patiently wait for it to starve to death. /u/oliviajoon

  43. A sunken boat has a cursed mirror inside. Anyone looking into it is given the mental compulsion: "kill all your friends." /u/oliviajoon

  44. A species of squid sprays a cloud of smelly ink. Touching it stains clothing and leaves a potent stench that lasts for hours and can attract predators. /u/oliviajoon

  45. Giant barnacles stick to cave walls. If you come too close they will spray you with sticky glue that can suffocate if it gets on your gills or face. /u/oliviajoon

  46. Cursed seaweed appears to be full of screaming faces. Paying attention to their cries deals psychic damage. /u/oliviajoon

  47. A shipwreck creaks and groans in the ocean currents. While exploring a mast collapses, crushing and spraying splintered wood everywhere. /u/oliviajoon

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[let’s build]D100 exotic zombie types

  1. Drones

The strangest and most benign form of the zombie, although thankfully not the most rare, is the drone. Some people are defined by their jobs and metaphorically do not have a life outside of it , and in undeath this can become literal. The drone continues to perform the job it did in life to the best of its ability to the exclusion of all else. They retain their intelligence, but their minds become…limited and they lose creativity and imagination. A drone will not lift a finger to save someone getting ripped apart in front of them unless they’re a client, a customer, or in their custody or under their protection.

  1. Screaming Speedies

It’s runs fast and it screams when it spots prey, alerting other zombies. Not complicated.

  1. Vegheads

Zombies that eat plants instead of meat. Not benign. A horde can devour an entire orchard or field in a couple of hours. Famine on foot.

  1. The diffusion

Aiming for the head doesn’t work. You’ll have to hack it to pieces to kill it.

  1. Glowies

Zombies dipped in nuclear waste. They’ll kill you with radiation as well as their bites but they’re literally glowing so they’re easier to avoid.

  1. Bloated Ticks

These are not actually giant bloated undead bloodsucking ticks. This is the only thing about them that’s not disgusting. They’re hideously bloated decaying corpses that explode when they attack. Hard enough to do damage. They’re destroyed when they do this but that’s cold comfort when their spine just went through your skull.

  1. Lovechunks

The lovechunks is slightly more clever than the typical zombie and has am IQ about room temperature. They also don’t eat people. This does not render them harmless. Lovechunks want to “spread the love” and infect humans with whatever is causing the zombie outbreak. They’ll bite if they must but their preferred method is to vomit chunky bile into human mouths . They prefer to wait until people are asleep but they may wrestle a victim or beat them into unconsciousness if they can’t catch them that way.

  1. Mercies

Constantly crying zombies that have just enough selfawareness to realise what they are doing. They still need to feed but tend to kill as painlessly as they can. Suicidal survivors often seek them out.

  1. Bagpipes

Bloated with decomposition, multiple slits in their throat, these corpulant gas bags can inflate and then release a harsh air through their slit as a disonant and disorientingly loud chord.

  1. Masterminds

A rare strains who retained most of their sapience, boasting unnatural intelligence, and even being able to converse. They are picky eaters who prefer to feed on high INT creatures and are clever and sadistic enough to manipulate situations, other zombies and even survivors so they can feed their refined pallettes.

  1. Preta

usually formed from turned looters, these poor souls had their mind warped by the curse of undead gluttony and their own greed that they have a compulsion to consume currency and especially shiny gemstones. Their stomachs bloated and jingling with their haul.

  1. Franks

Their bodies act as capacitors and electricity literally courses through their veins. They still feed on humans, their tazer like attacks make feeding easier, but they are also drawn to sources of electricity to recharge. Like shelter generators.

  1. Hydras

Some bonds transcend even death. When a group of people turn, they may seek familiar arms for comfort. There they will lay, rotting and fusing not unlike the rat king, until the call of hunger gets strong enough and this shambling mound prowls through the night, moaning through multiple mouths.

  1. Virophage

Illness is a lesser brought up issue for survival but imagine being ill for all of your unlife. These pathetic, constantly sniffling wretches were turned while sick and their wracked bodies became the perfect breeding ground for a particularly strong airborne virus thats being called ZomFlu. They can disperse this virus in an area the size of a small neighborhood.

  1. Spellcarved

A necromancer has added glowing runes to this zombie's skin. When slain a spell will trigger. Stinking cloud and fireball are popular picks.

  1. The Colossus

A giant of a zombie. Built like a body builder on steroids. Their muscles have muscles.

  1. The mannequin

These zombies are ambush predators. They find mannequins and stand in among them. They wait for people to get close before they pounce on them.

  1. Memorials

The type of zombies from iZombie. They retain their whole personality and most of their appearance so long as they eat brains but are always at risk of going feral if they starve. Named them "Memorials" because of how they get the memories from the Brains they eat, so they serve as a remembrance to not just their former selves, but all the people they've eaten.

  1. Kitbashes

Not all deaths leave tidy corpses, and an infection (or whatever wild magic that may be causing zombies) can't be expected to know what a person was supposed to look like. Whether it's a single corpse or multiple fused together, the zombie phenomenon has fashioned this flesh into something that can move and infect, but could never pass as whatever species it was before undeath. Maybe what once was an arm is used as a leg, Ribs used as teeth, (dog) heads used as pincers.

  1. Sleepers.

These Zombies retain enough intelligence and appearance to pass as survivors, but have no long term memory. Usually they'll passively infect people with coughs, shared equipment, kisses; if found out, they're still capable of infecting with the more traditional bites once their Zombie Instincts kick in. They'll always forget what happens to the groups of survivors that took them in before; they don't know they're zombies, so they don't have to lie to the next group when they ask to be adopted. Zombies ignore them which is the easiest way to discover their condition apart from a cursory health exam.

  1. The Lost

These creatures are technically not zombies anymore, as they've been cured, but they've been zombies for so long that their minds are still like that. Zombies ignore them, they can’t be reinfected, and they can follow simple commands, but they’re about as bright as a particularly stupid dog and aren’t good for much more than carrying your stuff

  1. The Grind

These zombies are essentially aloof to anyone, stuck inhabiting the motions of their former lives, before they ultimately decay. You see them going about elements of their life, stuck in a cycle. Sometimes they're standing in front of a sink mimicking doing the dishes. Others walk around their yards in lawnmowing patterns. Others are seen walking the aisles of supermarkets, inspecting empty shelves. Still others are seen camped out on couches and in lounge chairs, watching static or broken tvs, while others sit at empty dining tables almost as if in conversation.

  1. Regenerators

Rare zombies gain the ability to steadily incorporate biological flesh into their own forms, instead of simply converting the life energy they contain into necrotic energy, they instinctively twist the consumed flesh into becoming part of themselves, in a parody of living, biological consumption.

  1. The Screamers (Regenerator)

Like Regenerators, these can shape their forms by consuming flesh. These gain flesh and hunt their prey by stunning them using highly focused necrotically-infused sonic screech-beams. Their rotting flesh warps to resemble that of a frog, sacs inflate on their neck before an attack.

  1. Proto-Ghouls (Regenerator)

They tend to consume fast-movers, zombies so fresh they haven't rotted away to shuffling mindlessness yet (and thus able to move fast and furiously), in addition to consuming their normal prey (the still-living). Because of the infusion of fresh necrotic energy from the fast-movers, live meat from normal prey, they develop beyond even fast-movers, their limbs often stretching into longer, sharper versions, and their necks extending and gaining great flexibility to both swallow their prey whole, and whip around to snatch it and prevent fleeing.

  1. Tongue-Lashers (Regenerator)

To facilitate prey-entrapment, these bloated parodies of toads transform much of their consumed flesh into massive, long, sticky tongues covered in nasty backward-facing, keratin-based spines. Tongues go out to about 30 feet at maximum extension. A single lick can seriously wound a living victim, infecting them, if they manage to escape, but more likely trapping them, as the tongue-spines grip strongly. They tend to not move fast, instead waiting for victims to come to them, and sit bloated upon the corpses they consume, digesting them slowly.

  1. Rust-Tongues (Regenerator, Advanced Tongue-Lasher).

Those Tongue-lashers that grow powerful and have consumed armored foes, metal weapons, or other metal objects begin to incorporate metal into their bodies, making them even more dangerous and difficult to destroy, and increasing threat range to 60 feet. It usually seems to imprint the metal on the tongue-spines, giving it a chain-saw like effect, and. The more metal, the slower they move, however.

  1. Armored Rust-Tongue (Regenerator, Boss Tongue-Lasher)

Having consumed massive quantities of metal-infused prey, their entire body has hardened and been reinforced by metal, making them slow, but giving them a massive 120 foot threat range on their tongues, as well as greatly increasing their natural armor. They even gain the abilities of rust-monsters as Legendary Actions.

  1. Flesh Maiden

Flat and mostly soft pieces of rotten flesh that move like ooze where the bones now serve as spikes, can grapple with the its former intestines and encase prey in a spiky ball. Can squeeze thought small places like grates.

  1. Dau'das

Blind but a great climber, navigates through superb sense of smell and hearing.

  1. False vampire

Decomposition has made this type look like a nosferatu, they weight very little and can sometimes soar downwards with wing-like skin under arms and legs.

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[Let's Build] Help Me Create D100 Sellers at a Magic Fair

My last few sessions my party has been in the midst of a lot of action and some dungeon crawling. They have a lot of gold stock pilled and I think deserve a bit of a break, so they'll be visiting a Magic Item Fair, where sellers from all over come to show their creations or finds to sell. Help me make a list of different types of vendors and what items they have! Some specific sellers or ones selling just one treasured item will work super well, along with any general ideas! I made a list of 10 to start things off. And for reference, it's a high magic setting with a lot of wild west themes, so stuff like fire arms do exist! And if you want to come up with a 1 off seller, with a specific magic item, my party just hit level 9 so they can handle some stronger stuff.

##Magic Vendors

  1. Magic Seamstress, sells magical clothing items
  2. Potion Maker
  3. Spell Scroll Collector
  4. Magic Weapon Smith
  5. Magic Armor Smith
  6. Mythical Pets Raiser, selling exotic and magical animals
  7. Magic Jeweler
  8. Charm Collector, selling magic knick knacks and smaller magic items
  9. Arcane Book Seller, selling tomes with magical secrets
  10. Arcane Tattoo Artist, able to imbue their work with magical affects
  11. Petty Diviner who can help find small scale items (u/mel-alt)
  12. A Fabricator, who can help make small scale items and buildings (u/mel-alt)
  13. Artificer offering weapon upgrades (u/mel-alt)
  14. Living Toy Vender (u/snakebite262)
  15. Magic Snack Salesman, offering snacks that provide small magical effects (u/snakebite262)
  16. Bookmark seller, Sells bookmarks with living pictures, or a magically updating counter for words left in the book/total books read, and minor magical effects like light that can be tapped back and forth between natural and florescent (u/azul_plains)
  17. Knife Specialist, Knives with exotic metals, custom handle wraps, and edges, most expensive piece is a knife enchanted to return to you after being thrown; also sells magical oils to add temporary elemental affinity during combat (u/azul_plains)
  18. Seasonal Tailor - Only stocks clothes relevant to the current season. Sells slim winter coats with warming enchantments in the liner, in all kinds of patterns and profiles, scarves that prevent your breath from fogging glasses, most expensive piece has extra large pockets (think bag of holding), and hats with enchantments to keep rain out of a person's eyes (u/azul_plains)
  19. Astrologist- Will create a birth chart and provide a horoscope, for a fee, and provide a neutral perspective/insight into a single event from the character's past based on the celestial alignment of the planets at that time. (u/azul_plains)
  20. Beast Artist A painter who specializes in monsters in motion, who has several small peaceful pieces of non-violent grazing/hunting creatures and a large dynmaic canvas of an unusual enemy (such as a mindflayer or gnothic); will share the story of how they got inspiration for the work and give a little information on how the creature fights. (u/azul_plains)
  21. Herbologist A component seller that specializes in twigs, leaves, spider webs, and other pieces useful for magical spells. Also sells healing salves and compotes, and a beautiful multicolored magical orchid in a sealed drop-resistant glass case that can be set in any position desired. (it functions like an immovable rod). (u/azul_plains)
  22. Wand Specialist- Has a wide assortment of wands, most of which are cheap and designed as gifts for fun (sending out colored sparks, multicolored smoke, joke wand that makes a creepy laugh when tapped three times...); most expensive pieces are single use of a cantrip or spell like light (functions as a safe/lightweight one-use torch), create water, and goodberry.(u/azul_plains)
  23. Madame Ruby - Sells rubies of different clarity and sizes, in intricate golld/silver/mythril settings, in dagger handles, in woven handkerchiefs, and as carefully packaged spell components; most expensive piece is a blood-red ruby beaded necklace with several beads (each bead is a single-use cast of Fireball) (u/azul_plains)
  24. Druid offering magical seeds and saplings (u/World_Of_Ideas)
  25. Enchanter offering temporary enchantments on armor, weapons, and gear. (u/World_Of_Ideas)
  26. Fortune teller offering a glimpse of your future
  27. lluminator offering various magical lights (gems, head bands, lanterns, torches, etc) (u/World_Of_Ideas)
  28. Magical appraiser. Will appraise and identify any magic item for a price. They can also find a buyer if your interested in selling (u/World_Of_Ideas)
  29. Magical potter selling enchanted pottery (u/World_Of_Ideas)
  30. Magic carpet salesman (u/World_Of_Ideas)
  31. Magic mirror salesman (u/World_Of_Ideas)
  32. Music shop. Sells magical musical instruments (u/World_Of_Ideas)
  33. Origami mage selling magical paper constructs (u/World_Of_Ideas)
  34. Smoke shop. Sells magical pipes and magical tobacco (u/World_Of_Ideas)
  35. Summoner selling bound elementals or spirits (u/World_Of_Ideas)
  36. Necromancer offering skeletons or zombies (u/World_Of_Ideas)
  37. Rune carver, specifically for little amulets and talismans that imbues magic into the object. (u/smiles__)
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[Lets build] unusual settlements to stumble apon in the wild chart

Unusual buildings, houses or small villages to stumble apon on a long journey, punctuating the adventure and adding small novelties for the party to stumble apon. Bonus points if a quest can be made from it.

  1. a small tavern ran by a spectator beholder, having travelled the county and talked to those it came across in the absense of a mage, the mage having met a grisly fate and expiring the spectators contract. Now the spectator owns a bar, looking for interesting individuals to discuss matters of life and learn rare lore from. Party could get a reward for telling the spectator something they hadn't heard before or recover something of importance or sentimental value from the body of the mage who the spectator made the contract with years ago.

  2. a village renown for it’s bakeries. The village chief made a pact with a rare demon, a pie fiend, in order to have the best in town and own a monopoly, using the pies as bargaining chips to convince people to sin.

  3. A temporary encampment of refugees from a distant land. They are friendly and generous with what little they have, welcoming the party to have a meal with them. Eventually they explain they are fleeing from their homeland, where there is a terrible plague. One of them coughs. (u/sonofabutch)

  4. A small log cabin in a lightly wooded area. It has no doors or windows, but if you listen to the wall you can hear the muffled sounds of a party coming from inside. If the group somehow breaches the walls, the inside is completely normal, and there are no signs of a party. (u/Hymneth)

  5. Several families from a distant country have set up a small settlement a few miles outside the walls of a larger city. They welcome travelers and are more than happy to sell some unique foods and a small supply of exotic weapons or armor made by their craftsmen. (u/Hymneth)

  6. A small encampment with a log wall surrounding a few buildings. The people inside are very welcoming and it seems a nice spot to take a rest. Little do you know the entire encampment is a very large and very smart mimic and the people are just growths of the mimic, the spiked walls turn inward and look like teeth. (u/Seversaurus)

  7. An old disused and abandoned wishing well that goes quite deep, and is said to lead to a natural limestone labyrinth. It is said treasures have been collected by whatever lives within it now. (u/smiles__)

8)a treehouse high up in a tree. it’s unoccupied but contains some travel comforts like a sleeping roll and cooking pot and flask of oil. finding a way up to it will provide a safe space to sleep this night. (u/oliviajoon)

  1. a tall and crooked treehouse built close to the ground with smoke coming from a chimney and a ladder going to the small front porch and door. Inside is a tabaxi druid who 1) can sell you useful things like goodberries 2) can be convinced to join you for a short while on your quest, if it saves any small bit of nature 3) is in dire need of help getting rid of the (troll, ettin, ogre, giant) in the nearby valley thats wreaking havok on the ecosystem (u/oliviajoon)

  2. a treehouse made from dark rotting wood only a few feet off the ground, built in a large gnarled dead tree. the inside is larger than the outside and it’s occupied by a night hag. if she encounters the party she will attempt to make a trade or a deal with them. either way, she will choose the person she deems to be the least wise or the most confident and begin preying on their nightmares that night. (u/oliviajoon)

  3. the party comes upon a formal 12 person dining table, set for an elaborate tea. there is no food and drink visible on the table, but inspection reveals moss and vines twining around the table legs which seem to grow from the ground. If someone sits at the table, a full cake will appear on the plate before them with “Get a Treat for Finishing this Treat” frosted on it in any language the PC can read that isn’t common. The character must succeed 4 constitution checks; DC10, 12, 14, 17. each success will cause a glimmer of a common or uncommon magic item (DMs choice) to flash on the center of the table, more distinguished with each success. Failure will result in the character throwing up the cake. the rest disappears. They can only try once per character. (u/oliviajoon)

12)A tavern where there are no sounds. As soon as the characters enter, they hear no sounds except from the outside. They see people talking, clinking glasses (or mugs), bards playing instruments and singing, but none of that makes a sound. As soon as the PCs speak (maybe asking for some food or drink), everyone else acts as if they (the PCs) where shouting into a massive sound system, almost exploding everyone's ear drums.(u/Haunting-bed-1826)

21:07 UTC


d100 Donkey Details

Gus the donkey.

Adventurers often obtain donkeys to carry extra gear or loot. Strong and sturdy, these beasts of burden are also remarkably efficient, able to forage almost anywhere, and needing only straw or hay and a little grass now and then when on the farm or in town. These un-sung heroes need a little love. Here's a d100 list of Donkey Details (I suppose you could use most of these for mules, too):

  1. Laughing Donkey. This donkey's hee-haw sounds remarkably similar to human laughter. Makes this particular sound only when PC's do something stupid or risky.
  2. Scared of open fire -- torches, campfire, etc; runs away. Can tolerate lanterns (but kinda iffy).
  3. Practical Joker Donkey. Takes one step to the side when anyone tries to load anything onto it and the loader is not looking.
  4. Union Donkey. If ever loaded over 3/4 normal carrying capacity, goes on strike, will only walk in circles until it gets a long rest.
  5. Back-Peddling Donkey. When spooked, always tries to back up 60 feet, no matter what's back there.
  6. Depressed. Need to talk to it and pet it for 10 minutes after each long rest (and on cloudy days) to get it moving.
  7. Battle Donkey. This one loves battle and always charges straight toward any battle noises it hears. No holding it back. Ooh-rah!
  8. Passenger Donkey. Happy to carry riders (bareback, without a saddle), but doesn't want anything tied / cinched around it (will try to scrape items off against a tree, wall, the ground, etc.).
  9. Allergies. Donkey has allergies in spring and fall. Sneezing fit 2-in-6 chance each hour. Drops stuff.
  10. Lie-Detector Donkey. This donkey can sense when a humanoid is lying. Likely via some sort of pheromone cue (?). Farts if a lie is told within 10 feet of it.
  11. Marathon Donkey. This donkey has incredible endurance and can travel twice as far between long rests.
  12. Will carry sacks, corpses, or other floppy things, but not wooden boxes or other things with sharp edges.
  13. Scared of crowds. Simply WILL NOT enter a village / town / city.
  14. Has tapeworms, must feed twice the normal rations until diagnosed and healed. Poop can give tapeworms to any humanoid. Heads up.
  15. Streetwise Donkey. Grew up in a city, pulling a delivery cart. Knows all the streets of the city, how to get anywhere. You tell it where you want to go, it will slowly, at a plodding pace, lead you there. It can't talk or understand any commands other than place names in that one city.
  16. Vagabond Donkey. This donkey will occasionally wander away from the group and stay gone a few days, but then it always returns. Where does it go? Why? No one knows.
  17. Mother-bucker. Will attempt to buck any female humanoid who attempts to ride.
  18. Nauseated, 2-in-6 chance of throwing up in a big way every 10 minutes for a day
  19. Scared of its own shadow. On sunny days, freaks out every now and then.
  20. Large Donkey. This donkey is a freak of nature and is twice the normal size. It can carry four times the normal load and requires four times the normal feed/rations. It won't fit in most stable stalls, through most doorways, etc. Commoner strangers are usually freaked out by it; they are often intimidated by it (2-in-6 chance), or try to kill it (1-in-6 chance) because they think it is a bad omen, enchanted, cursed, undead, etc.
  21. Stealthy Donkey. This donkey walks in a way that is completely silent, even on cobblestones, and shifts its weight as needed to eliminate the sounds of any clanking gear it carries. Instinctively hides itself behind/inside/under/around any available cover, at all. You turn around, there it suddenly is, looking at you in the eye. Can freak a dude out.
  22. Loves butterflies. Chases every one it sees.
  23. Counting Donkey. Point at a group of objects and say "Count." Donkey will tap its front right hoof a number of times equal to the number of objects in the group. Counts about one item per second. Can't spell worth a damn, though.
  24. Aqua-donkey. This donkey loves playing in streams/rivers/ponds/rivers. Runs to them. Likes to splash everyone else. Thinks it's funny.
  25. Catches a parasite disease and will die in 3 days unless healed
  26. Chip-On-Shoulder Donkey. If there are other donkeys / horses around, hates them, always picking a fight.
  27. Blessed Donkey. This donkey enters the scene carrying a religious messiah, or so they say.
  28. Talking Donkey. Amazing! But, a bit finicky, only talks 1-in-4 times you ask it to, and at other random times as DM deems appropriate. Also, only knows a few words/phrases: yep, nope, hungry, tired, idiot, run away.
  29. Hates the heat. Half movement and half carrying capacity on hot days > 80F. Needs double water rations.
  30. Ate some weird mushrooms along the way. Temporarily blind for 1d4 days
  31. Hates elves, they're too self-absorbed and snooty, always making you walk through trackless forests, getting you stuck in the underbrush.
  32. Prudent Donkey. Has 1-in-6 chance of perceiving a trap within 30 feet. Will look at the trigger mechanism, hee-haw loudly, and not take a step toward it. No matter what.
  33. Mystical Donkey. Has some kind of weird ancestral donkey mind-meld with a caster in the group, constantly complaining (mentally) that "this s**t is too heavy, dude," "can't you give a donkey a break?," "how about carrying some of this s**t yourself, tough guy," etc. You can't concentrate.
  34. Lucky Donkey. When within 10 feet of this donkey, you can re-roll one roll per day.
  35. Somehow, loves smelly green ogres who sing. Tries to run off with any such ogres encountered.
  36. Hates humans, they make you work too hard, usually in larger towns or cities where the cobblestones hurt your feet.
  37. Needs a bath, smells very bad. Indescribable, really. No surprising any foe while this donkey is around until it gets a bath.
  38. Shy Donkey. Always tries to move behind you when you encounter anyone new.
  39. Keen smell. Can smell most enemies within 100 feet and will hee-haw loudly to warn you. False alarm 1-in-4.
  40. Sprint Donkey. This donkey can run at twice the normal movement rate, but only for one minute between long rests.
  41. Drunk Donkey. Will only work when slightly inebriated. Must feed it a wee flask of ale, wine or whisky to get any work out of it.
  42. Has one very short leg. Walks unevenly. Kinda funny, but only 1/2 normal movement rate.
  43. Beautiful Donkey. This donkey is a very fine specimen of a donkey. Highly desired by donkey ranchers to breed other donkeys. Sells for double the normal price. Bit of a prima donna. Must be fed one apple or pear per day, or refuses to work. Resents you.
  44. Hates the cold. Half movement and half carrying capacity on hot days < 50F. Needs double saddle blankets.
  45. Sneaky. When you're not looking, has 1-in-2 chance each day of pick-pocketing something off the back of a random PC. Might drop it, might eat it, might fling it to the side of the road, might just hold it in it's mouth. Hard to say with donkeys.
  46. Scared of snakes. Snake within 30' causes total donkey freak out.
  47. Always tries to eat/gnaw whatever it is carrying (especially food) whenever you're not looking, ruins stuff.
  48. Freaked out by undead. If it sees undead, or smells them (can smell 60' away), RUNS in the opposite direction.
  49. Narcoleptic Donkey. Falls asleep, often.
  50. Critic Donkey. When others aren't looking, looks at you and rolls its eyes. You swear.
  51. Foraging Donkey. Grew up in the wild. If there is any vegetation around, at all, it can find it, find enough edible material for a meal, and feed itself, no rations required.
  52. Shoe-Throwing Donkey. One-in-four chance of losing a horse shoe each day, won't walk until found or replaced.
  53. Small Donkey. Can only carry half normal carrying capacity. But has a scrappy attitude and is NOT SCARED OF ANYTHING (immune to fear and intimidation).
  54. Repressed anger. Tries to bite (for real) anyone within 5' who is not its owner (considers only one person its owner).
  55. Back-Row Donkey. If there are multiple four-legged animals in the group, this one must be the last, in the back, or it won't go/work at all.
  56. Vertigo Donkey. Always dizzy, walks in circles unless carefully guided constantly by hand.
  57. Hates carts, wagons, etc. Will not pull a cart or other wheeled vehicle.
  58. Wallowing Donkey. Enjoys a good roll in a mudhole/puddle. Every mudhole/puddle.
  59. Deaf. You bought/raised a deaf donkey. Should have checked. Anyway, can't hear any commands. Won't respond to visual commands. Must touch the donkey to give it a command.
  60. Musical Donkey. Gets indigestion often, becomes VERY flatulent.
  61. Flying Donkey. This donkey has been magically enchanted to fly, only once in its life, for one minute. The wrangler/master must speak the command word: "Esel-burro"
  62. Addle-Headed Donkey. Once per day, has a 1-in-4 chance of running in a random direction for 1 minute.
  63. Hates the rain. Won't work in the rain. *OR* Hates the wind. Won't work in the wind.
  64. Say-My-Name Donkey. You must call it by name to get it to do anything. It answers with a loud bray each time.
  65. Hates dwarves, always making you work underground in the mines, and their beards are (somehow) scary.
  66. Often gets a leg cramp, limping for 10 minutes, 1/4 movement rate.
  67. Smoking habit. Will work only if you let it smoke lit cigarette or pipe while on duty.
  68. Smart and independent. Anticipates and does exactly what you want 5-in-6 of the time, but disagrees and argues 1-in-6 of the time.
  69. Lover Donkey. Wants to make baby donkeys, runs after opposite gender donkey (or horse) every time it gets the chance.
  70. Has a drinking problem. Will always rush toward any water source to take a drink.
  71. Is a hot head, always immediately charges and attacks any foe encountered. No holding him back.
  72. Pregnant Donkey. This donkey is about to have a baby. 2-in-6 chance each day until baby is born.
  73. Loves flowers. To eat. Will only do any work if given one bouquet to eat per day.
  74. Pious. Has 1-in-6 chance each hour of stopping for 10 minutes, kneeling on front two legs, and praying to the donkey god "No Cargo Bob"
  75. Death Wish Donkey. Is reckless, doesn't look where it's going, always running into things, chance of falling off cliffs, etc.
  76. Dead pan smile. At the most dangerous / awkward moments, turns to a party member and gives the most ridiculous, hilarious donkey smile you have every seen. PC must make DC 10 Const saving throw or bust out laughing for 30 seconds.
  77. Nervous Tick Donkey. This donkey kicks its left leg backwards randomly, every now and then. If anything/anyone is standing behind this donkey, there is a 1-in-6 chance that it kicks.
  78. Cargo Donkey. Happy to carry items/supplies tied or cinched around it, but won't carry humanoid riders (bucks them off).
  79. Homesick, always tries to run away and go back home (or to the place where you bought / found / raised him) every chance he gets
  80. Perceptive Donkey. Has 1-in-6 chance of perceiving a secret door within 30 feet. Will walk up to it and put its nose on it.
  81. Scared of water, won't cross a creek/river/pond/lake, etc. Definitely not getting on a boat.
  82. Front-Row Donkey. If there are multiple four-legged animals in the group, this one must be the leader, in front, or it won't go/work at all.
  83. Pacifist Donkey. Refuses to carry any weapons or ammo.
  84. Glowing Donkey. This donkey glows faintly in the dark. Very dim light. No one knows why.
  85. War Veteran Donkey. Missing one leg at the knee (maybe has peg leg). Opposite ear slashed off. Wears an eyepatch. Lots of scars. Can only carry half normal weight, but its kick does +2 damage.
  86. Vagabond Donkey. This donkey will occasionally wander away from the group and stay gone a few days, but then it always returns. Where does it go? Why? No one knows.
  87. Alert Donkey. This donkey has a 1-in-6 chance, on its own, independent of PC checks, of noticing an impending ambush. It will hee-haw loudly if an ambush is about to occur.
  88. Ate some bad food / weeds, now has diarrhea, big diarrhea, 1-in-4 chance every hour for a day.
  89. Expressive Donkey. Often has ideas and wants to share, "hee-haws" very loudly for 30 seconds. Sometimes indicates something important, sometimes not.
  90. Large Donkey. This donkey is a freak of nature and is twice the normal size. It can carry four times the normal load and requires four times the normal feed/rations. It won't fit in most stable stalls, through most doorways, etc. Commoner strangers are usually freaked out by it; they are often intimidated by it (2-in-6 chance), or try to kill it (1-in-6 chance) because they think it is a bad omen, enchanted, cursed, undead, etc.
  91. Hates halflings, their barn doors are too low and their generally cheery attitude is annoying.
  92. Super-donkey. Can carry three times normal carrying capacity, but for only one-third the normal time between long rests.
  93. Easily distracted by various things along the road ("Squirrel!"), constantly stopping to sniff / check out something.
  94. Really thirsty today, requires twice the normal water ration for one day. Pees a lot. (I mean a lot.)
  95. Wrong-way Donkey. Will only walk backwards. Half movement rate.
  96. Ugly Donkey. This donkey is bow-legged, has a saggy back, missing teeth, ugly hair, warts, boils, is missing large patches of hair due to mange, somehow is always dirty, has flies, ticks, lice, etc. Nose usually runny. Eyes too. BUT, this donkey can Misty Step.
  97. Shell-shocked Donkey. Scared of battle noises. Runs away from battle noises. Like, a quarter-mile away.
  98. Hates strangers. When within 15 feet of an unknown/new humanoid, hee-haws loudly for 5 minutes. So embarrassing.
  99. Picky eater, only eats store-bought straw/hay/whatever. Won't forage along the road/trail.
  100. Loyal Donkey. Will not leave its humanoid wrangler/master unprotected. Will defend wrangler/master to the end. Will take an arrow or battle ax blow to defend wrangler/master. There to the end, no matter what.


[Edit: corrected a redundancy]

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D100 Evil Boons

Comprising a list of cursed and malignant magical abilities for a character to be gifted by a questionable entity~ like ones youd get from a devils deal or practicing evil magic. Must include some sort of curse or downside for it to be considered a part of the list.

  1. Loaning Palm. The palm of your hand is inscribed with a fiendish sigil, and once per day you can create a nonmagical item in your hand summoned from the sigil. At the end of a long rest however you take necrotic damage equal to a fraction of the items gold cost.
  2. Soulwell. Your stomach can contain souls and feed you as well. You may cast the Soul Cage spell at will, containing the soul within your body. You may only capture one soul at a time, and must consume a sentient soul in this way once every 24 hours or start suffering from starvation.
  3. Grafter. Your hands can mold and shape othsrs flesh, allowing you to change a creatures appearence, grant it a natural weapon or armor, and grant it bonuses to certain ability checks as you alter its body to your whim. The changes are always agonizing however, resulting in the creature you graft having to make CON saves to rest lashing out and attacking the nearest person.
  4. Igniting Flesh. Your touch inflicts fire damage and ignites objects not being worn or carried, as well as your body shedding light. Cannot be turned off however, immediately setting items ablaze if not covered.
  5. Astraedaemons Eyes. You can see any creature within line of sight as long as it possesses a soul, extending to the ethereal planes and bypassing invisibility and divination magic. You have disadvantage on all perception checks (and treat passive perception as 5 lower) when attempting to see or percieve a creature without soul.
  6. Stitching Nails (u/Hymneth). The nails of one hand are replaced with long metal spikes similar to needles. You can cause any flesh you touch (living or dead) to knit together perfectly. This power could be used for almost perfect healing, but also to stitch together golems and undead, or as a touch attack to stick two enemies together or seal their mouths.
  7. Leeching Empathy (u/Hymneth). the act of listening has power. If you spend a few minutes listening to anyone speak passionately about any subject, you take away the emotions they feel. Joy or anger, sorrow or love, whatever they felt they can no longer feel.
  8. Hexeye (u/zopad). You strain your eyes to pick up every tiny detail. Your eyes and nearby veins bulge out and become bloodshot. You gain advantage on Perception checks for 10 minutes. In combat, you can use a bonus action each turn to learn a property about an enemy (Insight check). Price: WIS save against piercing damage in eye and worse, overuse leads to blurry sight and cataracts.
  9. Anti-light (u/zopad). You are enveloped in a shroud of absolute darkness, the total absence of light. This shroud covers a 5 ft radius area centered on you and follows you for up to 10 minutes if you keep concentrating. After rejecting light in this way, you suffer sunlight sensitivity until your next long rest.
  10. Metalbending Fingers (u/zopad). Your fingers glow white, and you can precisely bend metal as you wish - for example you may destroy a lock or bend metal grates this way. Your fingers don’t become hot, instead you’re beguiling the metal atoms to shape to your will. 10 minute ritual to activate, usage will turn your fingers metal, making them much stronger, but less dextrous. After prolonged usage your flesh solidifies and you end up with a metal hand that you can only control with this boon.
  11. Total Recall (u/Pristine-Ship-6446). You gain the ability to recall any bit of information that you have encountered over your life, and maybe even beyond that, but with great strain. You can attempt to recall information or even a specific memory in excruciating detail as an action by making a DC 20 Intelligence roll (d20+Int bonus) to recall the information. You can choose to continue using the ability in subsequent rounds if you fail this intelligence roll. However, the strain of this effort causes your face to swell far beyond your usual proportions while your eyes buldge as if they are about to leave the skulls. You take a level of exhaustion for each round you use this ability.
  12. Liar's tongue (u/reallyverydrunk). You become a gifted orator with a whopping +13 bonus for all things related to speech, but only when lying. When telling the truth a foul stench emits from you and people will instinctively mistrust you no matter how evidently true your words are. You could tell people it's raining during a torrential downpour and people will still look up to double check your words due to-20 penalty to all rolls related to speech that don't involve lies (this may extend to other players needing to roll to believe your character).
  13. Never Weary Eyes (u/smiles_). The need for sleep is drastically reduced, allowing you to keep watch or feel less fatigued. But you have difficulty forming longer term memories, and sometimes you feel you'll be driven mad from some eventual exhaustion.
  14. Radiant Eyes (u/smiles_). See farther and always have illumination. But literally no one can look you in the eyes anymore since it is like looking at the sun, and even sunglasses don't do much to help.
  15. Killers Ink (u/thomar). Each person you kill leaves a tattoo on your skin. You can transfer any tattoo to an unconcious person, whereupon it turns invisible and transfers all memories of that kill to them. Good-aligned NPCs are likely to turn themselves in and confess to the crime.
04:27 UTC


Guilds of the Crawler Chittering Shell empire

-Template- #.Name, Size (#, Place) Rank, Alignment, Type, Color [Optional], Goal, Area, Location, Leader[s] (name, gender and race plus any other info), items (what they offer), Creatures (#of Creatures of a kind in it), Dungeon (Yes or no, Size, Type), Base (yes or no, Describe)


  1. hardly worth an issue or such with like 1 spot ant only influencein a Settlement or Thorp [Settlement=20people or less, Thorp= 20-60ish people]
  2. ok maybe possible interest, with still 1 place but maybe more then influence in a Hamlet or Village[Hamlet= 60-120ish, Village= 120-500ish]
  3. Maybe a decent Group to help for medium rewards or be a rival or such so more danger/reward with Maybe 1-2 locations with inspiration in a Small/Large Town, (Small= 500-2,000ish. Large= 2,000-5,000ish)
  4. A majorly Large influence like in small city or large city and some lower areas (u get the point)
  5. Almost a hole contadent knows it and is in a metropolis
  6. Is a hole continent known to and major Base in a mega city (and you get it)


  • Tiny (lv 1-4)
  • Small (lv 5-10)
  • Medium (lv 11-16)
  • Large (lv 17-20)
  • ? (any)


  • Ant Territory
  • Beetle Terratory
  • Deeper Territory (Crabs, reefs, lobster)
  • 8 leg Territory (Spider, Scorpion such)
  • Mantine Territory (Mantus)
  • Pollener Territory (Bees, Wasps, caterpillar and moth and butterfly ext)
  • Rodent Territory (Rats, Squirrel, Raccoon, - Badgers, Skaven, ext)
  • (Any other one related to bugs, rodents,and crustaceans)


  1. The Arrogant larva Company. Size: 2 Village rank: Small. Alignment: Neutral, Type: Cooking Guild, Goal: Control their Trade, Area: Grassland/Plain, Located: in Ant Territory Leader: Arcrasal (male, Antkin), item: Grain, flower, Bread, Creatures: 3 ankegs, 6 Thri-kreens, Dungeon: No, Base: A muddy hut With crumbs making a path of grain seeds
  2. Fellowship of the narrow seekers. Size: 3 large Town Rank: Large, Alignment: Neutral, Type: Adventurers Guild, Goal: find hidden passages in the most dangerous areas, Area: Coastal/Mountains, Location: Between- Beetle and Deeper Territory, Leaders: Unknown (literally Unknown), Items: Maps of different passes, Creatures: 2 young purple worms, 5 Beetlekin, 5 crab folk 1 kraken. Dungeon: Yes, Medium, coastal ruin. Base: Yes a large mountain that looks like fallen ruins of something Unknown but Build like a fort.
  3. Order of the Junkers. Size: 4, Large City. Rank: Medium. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Type(s): Blacksmith and Adventurers Guild. Color: Black. Goal: Gain Power through battle and hords of scraps. Area: Urban/Underground. Location: Rodent Territory. Leader: a group of rodents with a Smart Oger Wererat named Skin Whip (Male). Items: junky metal and weird metal fusions and warriors. Creatures: 12 Giant Rats, 39 rat Warriors (Dand Wiki), 257 Rat Slaves (Dand Wiki), 500 Human Commoners (5e MM, Servants). Dungeon: Yes, 2, both Medium. Base: Unknown
  4. The Chittering Collective. Size: 3 Large Town. Alignment: Lawful Evil. Rank: Tiny. Color: Black, Blue, Green. Type: Informery. Goal: find info for the emperor. Area: Forest/Urban/Swamp Location: 8 Leg Territory. Leader: A Drider Noble known as the lady of webs and secrets. Items: Secrets. Creatures: 53 Chitines, 26 Driders, 14 Ettercaps. Countless Spiders and spider swarms, Dungeon: Yes, Small. Base: Unknown
  5. The Honey Hide Company. Size: 4 Small City. Alignment: Neutral. Rank: Medium. Type: Food Guild. Goal: share the love of honey with everyone. Leader: Lady Sweetheart (Female Male Mix, Beekin). Items: Honey. Creatures: (Unknown), Dungeon: Yes, Large. Base: (Unknown)
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Biome Modifiers

Does anyone know of any tables I could use to roll up some modifiers for a hexmap I’m working on?

Something that could add a bit more spice to the old plains/mountains/forests/deserts/etc…


18:00 UTC


Six Secret Societies

15:39 UTC


Need helping building a Werebear full moon "Rampage" table

I have some ideas such as

"do a good deed for the nearest npc" or "tell a secret that you wouldnt normally tell" but i need some ideas on what a Neutral Good rampage would look like

19:51 UTC


Mtg insect Monster making stats

Looking for stats for some mtg insects and info (I know there is an app but it's good but not exactly what I'm looking for)

  1. Goldenglow Moth: Size- Medium, Type-Beast (Moth), Alignment- Unaligned, Ac- 14, HP- 25, (Ext)
  2. Luminous Broodmoth
  3. Moonwing Moth
  4. Norn's Fetchling
  5. Chillerpillar
  6. Ambush Gigapede
  7. Battlefly Swarm
  8. Bilious Skulldweller
  9. Blightbeetle
  10. Blister Beetle
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Let's make a bug army

In this list u may include Dnd 5e, Dnd 3.5e, Kobold Press: creature codex, tome of Beasts 1, 2, 3 and other things like spyro, elder scrolls, spyro, warhammer ext but for the hb ones add crs as well

  1. 10d100 Thri-kreen (Fodder)
  2. 1d100 Tilncalli (Warrior)
  3. 20d100 ettercaps (Warrior)
  4. 4d100 chittines (Fodder)
  5. 5d20 Ankeg (war Beast)
  6. 3d20 Phase Spiders (War beast)(StaticUsernamesSuck)
  7. 4d20 Bulb Spiders (Spyro, CR 1)
  8. 5d20 Demon Spiders (blood omen 2, CR )
  9. A druid with the Giant insect and Insect plague spells prepared. (AidanBeeJar)
  10. 5/1d8 chariots pulled by Anhkegs with 2d3 thrikeen operating each chariot. (AidanBeeJar and tweak-me)
  11. 1d4+1 Basilisk Beetles (Breaching War Beast) CR4: Reskin a Basilisk, make it Large Size, +2 STR, +2 CON, -2 DEX, 8d10+16 HP, increase all damage dies by 1 step (1d8 becomes 1d10, etc) and give it "Tunneler. The beetle can burrow through solid rock or stone walls at half its burrowing speed and leaves a 10 foot-wide, 10-foot-high tunnel in its wake.", additionally, it gains the following trait: "Shell. While the Beetle has 50% or more of its HP, it's AC is 16 (Natural Armor), when below 50% health, it has AC 14 (Natural Armor) instead." (MaxSizeIs)
  12. 1d2 Basilisk Beetle Prime(s) (Breaching War Beast) CR5: Reskin a Gorgon, and give it "Tunneler. The beetle can burrow through solid rock or stone walls at half its burrowing speed and leaves a 10 foot-wide, 10-foot-high tunnel in its wake.", additionally, it gains the following trait: "Shell. While the Beetle has 50% or more of its HP, it's AC is 20 (Natural Armor), when below 50% health, it has AC 18 (Natural Armor) instead." (MaxSizeIs)
  13. 1d3 Umber Hulks (Special Assault, Breaching Sappers) [MaxSizeIs]
  14. 1d6+1 Platoons of 3d6 FireMute Beetles (Elemental Fodder) CR 1/2: Reskin Firenewt Warrior (Volo's Guide) to beetle form, instead of humanoid. AC is: 16 (Natural Armor), Attack is renamed: "Scythe Claw", but uses the same stats and damage. (MaxSizeIs)
  15. 1d2 Siege Crawlers (Siege Beast) CR 11: Reskin a Behir, into a chitinous huge Centipede that shoots lightning. Add the trait: "Siege Monster. The creature deals double damage to objects and structures." (MaxSizeIs)
  16. 1d6 Rust Monsters (Infiltrator / Saboteurs) [MaxSizeIs]
  17. 1d6 squads of 2d4 Copper Crawlers (Shock Infantry) CR 2: Reskin an Aurumvorax (JttRC), each led by an Silver Crawler Squad Leader (Shock Infantry) CR 4: Reskin an Aurumvorax Den Leader (JttRC). [MaxSizeIs]
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[Let's Build] The spoils of war worn on the armor of a conqueror waging war on the multiverse

I am working on the various adornments and trophies worn by the antagonist of my campaign. At the moment I do not have many, so I would love to hear your ideas!

Currently there are:

  1. The skull(s) of a two headed god thought to be unkillable, adorning his weapon

  2. A necklace worn by the empress of a conquered realm, adorning his shoulder

  3. the scales of the strongest dragon in an entire kingdom

  4. gold coins from an immensely wealthy dwarf, adorning shoulders

  5. military medals taken from highly acclaimed generals, adorning his chestplate


  1. A fur-lined key-chain fob labeled: "BORN TO FUCK, FUCK TO KILL". There's a story about it, but the Antagonist would have to stop trying to either kill you or mate with you to learn about it.

  2. The skinned fur of a clan leader (maybe tabaxi, harengon or other furred race) that he wears as a pelt

  3. An ancient gem on a ring, stolen by a small island nation he conquered, that contains the island’s nature spirit.

  4. Bracers inscribed with the true names of a lesser court of fey, mocking them and making them do his bidding

  5. the poisonous fang of a dragon lord he defeated, fashioned into a dagger.

  6. the magical holy texts of a monastery he conquered, refashioned through magic into leather boots that cast bless on him at the beginning of every combat. doing that makes the boots bleed in protest of the sacrilege.

  7. A bottle opener carved from real monster-bone. With a small amount (-1d4 hp) of your own blood, you can, once per day, as an action, create a six-pack of modern glass bottles filled with Un-Natural-Dark(tm) "Flamin' Hot" brand beer. The beer tastes terrible to most, is warm unless refrigerated, and doesn't "grow on you". The bottles remain for 24 hours, and disappear if shattered, broken, or emptied.

  8. A tiny pistol made from a single pink-quartz crystal. Once per day it can really fire a single Magic Missile Dart, as a bonus action.

  9. A metal boot-cap with what looks to be the tooth-marks of a large Vampire denting them. Then the boot-cap was gold-plated afterwards.

  10. What looks like a charm-bracelet toy in the shape of an authentic 8-bit Minecraft diamond sword, made from plastic. No more than once per month, provided you are attuned to to it, it can be used as a Tiny-sized Vorpal Longsword for a single melee attack.

  11. A set of fingerless gloves made from leather from a Mind-flayer's head and face tentacles. Any mind-flayer within a mile of you will be enraged and try to attack you when you wear them.

  12. A high school hall pass.

  13. A magic jar of Frank's red hot. When you listen closely, you can hear Frank weeping.

  14. A whale-harpoon impaled with a small bit of pungent white-whale blubber that can't ever be removed by any method. Once per day, on a hit, spend a bonus action and the weapon deals double damage against creatures larger than the wielder.

  15. A small egg-timer that, no more than once per month, lets you spend a bonus action to re-roll any failed roll that just occured.

  16. What looks like a crappy little plastic toy bubble with a toy 20 sided dice and even smaller plastic chibi toy dog-house you'd get out of collectable novelty vending machine for 100 yen. The toy contains a maximum of 1d6 charges that allow the user to cast Tiny Hut (Except the hut is even tinier, and only eight feet in diameter, and only seven medium sized or smaller creatures may fit inside), once per charge for no longer than 8 hours per charge. No more than once per day, if the dice is spun, and the result comes up "20", the dog-house regains a charge.

  17. A small, metal key dangling from a chain. Used to arm a doomsday device that would have destroyed the planet it was on and the conqueror along with it... if the conqueror hadn't cut the trigger man's hand off first.

  18. An eyeball in a small glass jar, floating in a clear fluid, which can be seen turning around and looking at things. Snatched from the eye socket of an immortal warrior who opposed the conqueror, the rest of their still-living body buried alive in a mass grave with the army they led to defeat.

  19. A small pocket knife, with a variety of useful tools. Made from the remnants of a fabled magical sword which a prophesied chosen one was supposed to use to vanquish the conqueror; the conqueror snatched it away from the hero, split them from neck to crotch with it, and then shattered the blade with their bare hands.

  20. A sash made of human hair, a single strand taken from every seductive would-be assassin who falsely believed the conqueror would be more vulnerable in the bedchamber.

  21. A cape of many colors. Looking closes reveals it to be a patchwork of many frayed capes.

  22. A busted up raygun still with a small gray hand gripping it.

  23. A shield made out of legendary swords broken by the conquerer . It randomly fires off magic every once in a while and constantly emits the sound of an angry mob screaming to decapitate “the monster who slew our wielders, shattered us, and reofrged us into a shield”

  24. Aboleth eyes set in clear plastic. They seem to still be alive, and, if you possess certain unwholesome knowledges, you recognize the expression as absolute terror.

  25. A huge, like it was made for a small giant, bloodstained boy scout’s sash with the medals of a hundr thousand slain generals, policemen, guardsmen, soldiers, and heroes along with a complete set of bloodstained merit badges

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d100 fairytale inspired wild magic table

In my feywild campaign, drinking water from a special well creates effects inspired by fairy tales. I thought I'd post my table (largely european background), in case anyone has fairytales from other cultures or backgrounds they could add. let's make some fun magic happen!


a. The effect must be inspired by an actual fairy tale, not a movie or mythology (that could be a different list?)

b. The effect should primarily affect the person consuming the water (though environmental effects can be a part of it)

So far, it's a d20 table, but I'd love to transform it into a d100 table :)

d100 fairytale inspired wild magic surges

  1. Take 3d6 psychic damage and roll again. 
  2. The Little Mermaid - You lose your ability to speak and cast spells with the verbal component for 1d4 days. 
  3. Sleeping Beauty - You fall asleep for 1 hour, only a kiss can wake you before that 
  4. Snow White - you take 2d8 poison damage and are under the effect of a Feign Death spell for 1d6 hours. 
  5. Cinderella - you cast Alter Self on yourself which lasts until the next midnight. You can choose the form you take, though you cannot gain natural weapons from it. 
  6. Red Riding Hood - You must succeed on a DC13 Constitution Saving throw or contract lycanthropy for the next 1d8 days. A Remove Curse spell can end this condition at any time. 
  7. Beauty and the Beast - your eyes are unclouded by judgment and prejudice. For the next 1d12 hours illusions can’t fool you and you see clearly through others’ disguises. 
  8. Rumplestiltskin - you gain the ability to spin straw into gold for the next 1d4 days. Alternatively, everybody forgets your name for the next 1d4 days. 
  9. The Frog Prince - you transform into a bullywug for 1d4 days. 
  10. The Princess and the Pea - you are vulnerable to bludgeoning and piercing damage for 1d4 days. 
  11. Pinocchio - for the next 1d12 hours, you make every deception check with disadvantage as lying makes your nose grow or gives you sneezing fits (depending on campaign vibe) 
  12. The Six Swans - you are polymorphed into a swan for 1d12 hours. 
  13. The Snow Queen - a swarm of snow bees appears and follows you, shielding you from harm. You are resistant to piercing and bludgeoning damage but after every short or long rest you must succeed on a DC10 Constitution save or take 3d4 cold damage. This lasts for 1d4 days. 
  14. Alice in Wonderland - Roll a d20. If the result is even, you grow a size larger and if it is odd, you grow a size smaller, as if you've cast the Enlarge/Reduce Spell. The effect lasts for 1d6 hours. 
  15. Frau Holle - roll a charisma saving throw. On an 11 or higher, you are showered in gold, on a 10 or lower, you are showered in pitch. For the next 1d4 days, you can’t get rid of this by any means short of a wish spell. In that time you roll all luck checks with advantage if covered in gold or disadvantage if covered in pitch. 
  16.  The Goose Girl - for the next 1d4 days, you can ruffle your hair to cast Gust of Wind in a random direction. You may do this once per short rest. 
  17.  Puss in Boots - a spectral cat companion grants you advantage on the next 1d4 deception checks you make. Every time this happens, the cat steals your shoes/boots or another piece of your clothing. 
  18.  Rapunzel - for 1d12 hours, your hair grows very long. If you didn’t have hair previously, use an equivalent appropriate for your species/appearance. You can use it as a whip in fights, that does 1d4 + your proficiency modifier + your consitution modifier slashing damage, or as a rope for climbing. 
  19.  The Pied Piper - for the next 1d4 days, you can speak with rats, mice and other rodents. Unless you prove yourself a foe, they treat you like a friend. 
  20.  The boy who learned fear - your sense of fear is dulled. For the next 1d12 hours, you are immune to the frightened condition but you roll wisdom based checks and saving throws with disadvantage.
  21.  Briar Rabbit - For the next 1d4 days, you ignore difficult terrain
  22.  Red Shoes - you are affected by Otto’s Irresistable dance until another character uses its action to wrestle your shoes away from your feet. Use contested Athletics checks to resolve this.
  23.  Chicken Little - for the next 1d4 days, while under open skies, you have disadvantage on rolls against the frightened condition. Sleeping under an open sky leaves you with a point of Exhaustion.
  24.  Little Match Girl - You start to shiver and shake in even the most balmiest weather but can sit in a roaring campfire without discomfort. for the next 1d4 days, you gain resistance to fire damage and weakness to cold damage.
  25.  Emperor's New Clothes - for the next 1d12 hours, All clothing and armour vanish from your perception. Your attacks can ignore armour DC.
  26.  Urashima Taro - you have aged, happy birthday. For the next 1d4 days, you appear significantly older and you gain the benefit of one class feature that would be available to you at your next level. However, you make all Dexterity checks and saving throws with disadvantage.
  27.  Golden Goose - You are struck with exterme intestinal discomfort. During your next... Ahem, toilet visit, you will find a golden egg. Ewww. [20 through 27 courtesy of u/MutatedMutton]
  28. Jack and the Beanstalk - for the next 1d4 hours, you can be easily convinced to give away an item of value and trade it for a randomly rolled feywild trinket. (Feywild trinket should offer some fun valued adventure.) So maybe not "randomly rolled." [u/derbyvoice71] alternative: lose reputation with giants. For the next 1d4 hours (or days) the attitude of friendly creatures of size large or bigger drops to indifferent, while indifferent large creatures become hostile. [u/badgerbaroudeur]
  29. Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Your taste buds warp drastically, and you become very picky when it comes to food and drink, even potions. You may only gain the benefits of every third potion you consume, as it is "just right". This lasts for 1d4 days. [u/FungiDavidov]
  30. The ugly duckling - everyone in a 10 ft radius must succeed on a wisdom saving throw or burst into laughter as if under the effects of a Tasha’s Hideous Laughter spell [u/Slightlyonpoint]
  31. The Green Children of Woolpit - your skin turns green, and you can speak only in a mysterious unknown language for 24h.
  32. Robin Hood - if you are the richest member of your party, you immediately lose 3d6 GP to the poorest member. If you are the poorest, you gain 3d6 GP from the richest member. If you are the second richest or poorest, 2d6 gp is exchanged, and so on.

alternative: until your next short rest, you have advantage on ranged attacks made with a bow. 33. Herne the Hunter - you grow a pair of stag antlers, and have advantage on all attack rolls against beasts, for 24h. 34. The Giant and the Cobbler - every time you make a successful deception check in the next 1d6 days, you gain one free use of the Mold Earth cantrip, up to a maximum of 5. 35. Lady Godiva - your current clothing (including armour) takes on the appearance of a beautiful gown. It functions as normal while in this form, which lasts for 1d6 days or until you choose to remove it. Removing the gown takes 1 action, at which point the clothes return to normal and can be donned as usual. Any creature who looks at you after the gown is removed but before you re-equip your clothing must make a constitution saving throw or be affected as if by the Blindness spell. 36. Spring-Heeled Jack - you gain the ability to jump up to 20ft from standing until your next long rest. 37. The Hedley Know - you are filled with optimism about your situation, and are able to find the silver linings in any misfortune. You may expend some of this optimism to reroll any natural 1. The effect wears off after 3 uses. [31. through 37. by u/deep-blue-seams]

The following are not associated with a specific fairy tale, so I’ll exclude them from the official list. you are welcome to still use them though.

  • ⁠Voice of a princess - For the next 1d4 days, once per short rest, your singing can draw in flocks of birds or swarms of woodland creatures to aid with tasks or attack your enemies. You summon a swarm of creatures appropriate to your surroundings (GM’s choice), that aids you for up to 10 minutes. [u/MutatedMutton]
  • The Midas touch - the next object, creature or substance you touch turns into solid gold. For creatures, they succumb to the petrified condition. After 1d4 days, the charm reverts. A Greater Restoration spell can end the condition sooner. [u/MutatedMutton]
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D100 costs of using a spell

Effort is too easy for your character to find some more within them. Real costs, even small ones that force you to change how and when you go about magic, such as:

A secret. You must reveal a secret before the spell can go off.

Blood/injury. Hurt yourself or use the liquid of blood to fuel a spell

Calories. It uses the way your muscles do. Too much spellcasting can make you die of starvation in a day.

Stealth and subtlety. Magic is loud and bright, and it costs you your stealth to use.

Sanity. Not a fan of this one.

Fetishes. You must put your spell in a feather, doll, or other object and then use or break that object to cast the spell.

A memory. The more important the memory, the more powerful the spell.

Lifespan. Shave a minute or two off the end of your life.

Bureaucracy. You need to submit the proper paperwork to cast your spell

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[Let's Continue] D100 Warlock Patrons

A warlock's power comes from a pact made with a entity of great power. Be it fiend, celestial, archfey, immortals, or far more eldritch things.

Make something original, or just make something based off of an already-established fictional character.

  1. The Chain-Breaker - A great winter wolf, some believe him to be the first, who was tricked and bound by gods. Those who serve him search for the means to undo his bindings and release the beast. In exchange they are giving the powers of Winter and darkness, the rage of a Norseman berserker, and the bloodthirst of the wolves.

  2. The Nameless Hunger - Many feel his call, a near insatiable hunger for the bizarre and the grotesque. However, only the mad and depraved dare to answer it. Those who serve him mutilate their bodies and stain their souls in search of his Name, to the point where even fiends are disgusted by them. This path leads only to ruin, but grants those who walk it great power until the end.

  3. The Four-Star Monk - Requires at least one level of monk and good alignment. A great warrior of justice who had surpassed his mortal bonds and achieved a form of godhood. He seeks out those who possess both great strength and great kindness to pass down his knowledge of the martial arts. Those who serve him are encouraged to seek greater and greater challenges to improve themselves, and to protect the innocent from those who would abuse their power. In exchange they are taught the greatest secrets of martial arts and ki manipulation.

  4. The Brass Owl - Requires at least one level of artificer. No one knows who built this mechanical owl or the clocktower nest he calls home, assuming he didn't built himself. What is known is that you'd be hard pressed to find a being more knowledgeable of the sciences of engineering and machinery than he and those who serve him. The search for knowledge is an endless one, but those who pursue it gain an intricate knowledge of engineering both magical and mundane, giving them a bonus on crafting checks.

  5. The Hellish Assassins - A most unusual patron in that it's actually just a quartet of low-ranking fiends that managed to stumble upon a strange spell that allows them to communicate and empower people in the Material Plane. Those that serve them are basically part of the same murder-for-hire business the fiends. Remember: Always get the money upfront, always provided evidence of target death, and kids die for free. Gold is granted for each successful assassination.

  6. The Lackadaisical Cat - An agent of chaos beyond compare, but one who always tries to do right for those he cares for. Be it his friends within his realm, or the warlocks who bind themselves to his service. Wherever the slightly unstable warlocks of the Cat go, chaos, bloodshed, cheap rotgut booze, gunplay (if your setting has guns), and the Sudden Circus are not too far behind.

  7. Lady Wintersong - An Archfey whose voice can produce a magical song that she shares with her warlocks. The lyrics of her songs can predestine her chosen for fates of her choosing, affecting their lives subtly over decades. She is followed by a retinue of songbirds. [u/Flinkelinks]

  8. The Bright/Pale Sovereign - Two Archfey who each hold one half of a divine spark or artifact. The Bright Sovereign leads a knightly order of merry humanoids in the Feywild who are in eternal conflict with undead pushing through shadow crossings. These undead serve the Pale Sovereign who resides in the Shadowfell. (They can both be Archfey or celestial patrons, and the Pale Sovereign could possibly work as an undying or undead.) [u/Flinkelinks]

  9. The Empty Vein - One might think those who sign the pact are driven by hunger, for blood. A misconception, a myth, because hose who follow it use their own life force to fuel their magic. Only once it is all consumed is their power fully revealed. [u/Appls]

  10. The Edge of Sanity - Step over the threshold of your mind, so you can witness this patron. If you do, they will show you how insane the world around you truly is, and how you can fix it. One mind at a time. [u/Appls]

  11. THE CHESS SET - Found on a stone pedestal high in a austere, lonely tower, the Chess Set plans, controls, and manipulates to reach its ultimate goal--checkmate! ... of the world! It's followers are mere pawns in its game of moves and countermoves to gain complete control of the world's resources and organize their exploitation for maximum efficiency and long-run sustainability of a world based on pure logic. There is no room for emotion, empathy or sentiment, the plan must be executed with unflinching and exact precision. Each playing piece of the diabolical Chess Set grants the unemotional power of strict magical logic to an aspect of the warlock's strictly obedient existence: The Pawn: Grants the power to control (Charm, etc.) minions to assist the plan. The Rook: Grants the power of defense (Mage Armor, etc.) The Knight: Grants the power of mobility (Summon Steed, Misty Step, Teleport, etc.) The Bishop: Grants the power of negotiation, deceit and manipulation (Suggestion, Hold Person, etc.) The Queen: Grants the power of offense (various attack spells) The King: Grants the warlock's spell focus, something that must be protected to maintain the warlock's power. The spell focus also grants knowledge of the "Next Move" (the next quest/adventure hook) that the Chess Set requires the warlock to make as part of the Set's plan of world domination. The Next Move must be executed immediately, without hesitation, without remorse, if the patron bond is to be maintained. [u/ProfBumblefingers]

  12. THE VARIABLE - Something's amiss with the entity that bound you... You can feel it permeate reality, slithering through the cracks in the form of numbers and letters, but none of it seems to make sense. Your spells seem to create errors in reality, ripples and cracks in a simulation... But that can't be it, right? Whatever it may be, The Variable must have an agenda, you can feel it in your bones, it just refuses to give you clarity. Perhaps it simply can't. [u/howlinghenbane]

  13. THE ROUNDTABLE - A council of heroes from ages long past, their deeds forgotten by the very world they saved. Someone must keep their antiquate ideals of heroism and justice alive, lest chivalry fades from the world: who knows, a good Warlock could join them at the Roundtable, one day... [u/howlinghenbane]

  14. THE GLASS ROSE - Once upon a time, a prince was punished for his hubris by a powerful Archfey, who turned him into a grotesque Beast and bound him to the whims of a wilting rose. Petal after petal sheds from the flower, marking the time the prince has left with his own mind. With his newfound powers, the prince must improve his morality and finally find true love. May he learn his lessons before the last petal touches the floor... [u/howlinghenbane]

  15. THE MUSE - Many people of the arts say that some sort of spirit visits and inspired them, they call them 'muses'. Some take the appearance of beautiful people and take the artist's hand to lead them towards ultimate inspiration... some others torment their chosen ones, filling their mind with horrors enough to drive them mad. The Muse might do either, they only care that beauty expresses itself in the world, thus giving them sustenance. Artists come and go, but art stays. [u/howlinghenbane]

  16. THE MOUNTAIN - For all your life, you've had visions of a tall mountain, calling you to travel there, to reach it, to climb it... With time, this call has turned itself into an urge so powerful, you just had to pack your things and start the pilgrimage: the second you answered the call, magic burst through you and gave you abilities you didn't have before. You don't know what awaits you on the top of the mountain... You only know you must get there. [u/howlinghenbane]

  17. ASTRAL VESSEL ■■□■□ - Buried deep under the sand lies the relict of a spaceship. Something or someone caused an old artifact to reactivate: this intelligent machine barely understands the plane it finds itself on, but it yearns to see the Void once more, so it sends out frequencies in hope that someone might find it and, ideally, unearth it... Its Warlocks can only interpret what they receive as "gentle vibrations" and a call to action. [u/howlinghenbane]

  18. GOLD! - A spirit of greed? The soul of a dragon trapped in a gold coin? The lingering will of dwarven miners? Something deep and powerful meant to teach you a lesson on physical property? Probably! Also, who cares! You just know that gold pieces speak to you, and the more you have the more powerful you feel. [u/howlinghenbane]

  19. The Devouring Frost - The manifestation of the spreading chill of encroaching winter, and the hungers of long, dark nights. It seeks nothing, merely existing as a dark force of nature, but those who touch its essence will find their hearts turned cold, and are drawn to sate their hunger at the expense of others. [u/Hymneth]

  20. Aurumach Rilmani - A maintainer of balance in the multiverse. The warlock is charged to correct imbalances in the world, as directed by the Rilmani. These may be small or large, and may seem good or evil, but in every case, it is to maintain the precarious balance in the multiverse. [u/RandomPrimer]

  21. A Dragon - Has an army of kobold warlocks out scouting things the dragon wants, depending on what kind of dragon. Red? Treasure. Blue? Lands to conquer. Bronze or gold? Bring justice to the world. Black? Find everyone who has ever slighted the dragon and kill them. [u/RandomPrimer]

  22. The Seelie Court - Not one patron, but a servant of the Seelie court of the Feywild. Their mission is to complete Fey contracts. You granted "a moment of your time"? I'm here to collect on that moment. Remember when you "lent your ears" to that faun? Here. They're done with them. [u/RandomPrimer]

  23. The Arachnolich - A being of unparalleled horror and ancient wisdom. Rumored to have once been a powerful mage seeking immortality beyond the bounds of moral constraints, combining necromancy with eldritch rituals tied to the essence of arachnid spirits. This fusion of powers and pacts transformed the mage into a creature that defies the natural cycle of life and death. [u/AssassinsArt]

  24. The Grand Jester - A clownish fey of remarkable nobility and size. They encourage hedonism, joy and jokes. They've banished sadness or anger, even when it should be appropriate. Their followers are known for their endless laughing, dancing, and madness. [u/snakebite262]

  25. The Cartoon - A 2D drawing of a rabbit man. He's quite tired of being the end of a joke, and wishes to break into the real world, regardless of the chaos that would create. He grants his followers the ability to utilize cartoon physics for their cooperation in his schemes. [u/snakebite262]

  26. The Reforged Guard - Before his ascension he was a stalwart and dutiful guard that was killed in the line of duty, and rebuilt into a half-machine law enforcer. Those who serve him are rewarded with great strength and armor, in exchange for their three-fold duty: Preserve the public trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the law.

  27. Mokiiligan Swagger - Requires evil alignment and at least level 3 in bard of the college of rock. His name is Mok, thanks a lot. You know you love the thing he's got. A singer and entertainer par excellence (at least if you ask him). Those who pledge themselves to him are granted skills and powers to enhance their own performances, and the ability to summon and bind fiends. Warlocks of Mok, however, tend to become as egotistical as their Patron, although most consider such ego justified. After all, they are the biggest thing since World War III.

  28. They of the Unbroken Chain - They are that which binds the material plane through time, or so they claim to be: The Progenitor. An un-ending sequence of links connected to those who came before; one's forebears, that which was once connected, remains. [u/MaxSizeIs]

  29. The Pillar of Heaven - They claim to uphold the very bowl of the Celestial Heavens above this Material Plane, and it is only through their efforts that the two realms remain separated, and it is through their efforts and those that enact their will, that the realms REMAIN separate. [u/MaxSizeIs]

  30. They Who Break that Which Binds - All oaths and bonds must end, eventually. They claim to be that which erodes and sever such, especially magical oaths, geases, forced oaths, and enslavement. Perhaps, it might be whispered, driven to one day sever even the very oaths that hold the firmament and that of Order itself together. [u/MaxSizeIs]

  31. The Seeds of Growth - Venerates the humble Fungus, the rapacious weed, even the most virulent of diseases, or the simplest seed of a flower or tree, insect, or animal -- any that which spreads all forms of life, growth, and increase. Propagation, above all else. [u/MaxSizeIs]

  32. The Vigilante - Once a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate and the cruelties of the oppressive government they opposed, now the embodiment of the vox populi they venerate. To serve the Vigilante is to forsake your old identity and become the idea that he represents, and to gain the strength and cunning to fight for freedom. Take up the mask, wage war against tyrants, and never fear death. For while men can be killed, ideas are bulletproof. Vi veri veniversum vivus vici.

  33. The Hot-Blooded Brother - A man who glows with charisma and possesses an indomitable spirit that burns with the intensity of a thousand exploding galaxies. Unlike most Patrons, he does not view those who follow him as servants. Rather, he sees them as younger siblings to protect and inspire. Warlocks of the Hot-Blooded Brother not only gain a charisma bonus, they can apply their total charisma bonus to any and all checks. And they also gain a bonus to checks against fear, even magical fear, showing that they have the courage to not only face, but go beyond the impossible, and to ask their foes "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?!?"

  34. The EmmEllEm - A sect of warlocks that promise their new recruits "unlimited power" and "flexible hours." Forming a pact with a member of the EmmEllEm siphons your power to the warlock above you. On the flip side you get more powerful by getting new people to join via pact. Their symbol is an upward pointing triangle with a sun at its tip. [u/IllegitimateFriend]

  35. Prognos the Knower - It is a burden only the strongest of us can truly bear. They themselves decreed Their own revolt, not I: if I foreknew, Foreknowledge had no influence on their fault. The weakest are granted small insights of what the immediate future may hold; the most powerful are granted the certainty of the manner of their own demise -- to bring it about at the appointed time and in the appointed manner is their most holy of commands. [u/MaxSizeIs]

  36. They of Sound and Fury - They claim to have played the very notes of Creation. They claim to be the Birthing Wail of the Cosmos, giving Sound unto the Void. They claim that Their Word shall endure and echo until the End. Those that follow allow all to Hear Their Will, and those who fail to Hear shall End. [u/MaxSizeIs]

  37. Mr. Shingle - A fiend who will not reveal its true name. The stuff of nightmares and horror movies. Scary bedtime stories to scare misbehaving children. Feeds on the sanity of its warlocks slowly over time. [u/konigfruhstuck]

  38. The Collective - A large number of spirits who refuse to move on. You must solve their unfinished business, one at a time, without making the others impatient. [u/Individual_Hunt_4710]

  39. The Silence - Before the Birth-wails of the Creation of the Cosmos, there was only Silence. It is claimed (but The Silence remains Mute on the Subject) that those who Hear its Will shall experience the Blessing of True Quiet the longest, before they too are finally Silenced. [u/MaxSizeIs]

  40. The Hand of The World -Requirements: Chaotic Evil Vampire or Dhampir with at least three levels of Way of the Astral Self Monk. A powerful spirit resembling an animated golden statue of a pharaoh, he only approaches the most evil vampiric martial artists. In exchange for servitude, his followers are taught lost secrets of their vampiric nature and of the Way of the Astral Self, enhancing both vampire and monk abilities and granting them a measure of control over time, namely freezing it around themselves, with promises of godlike power if they prove themselves. Also all warlock levels are also treated like monk levels, and vice-versa. Every time the warlock levels up, The Hand will give them a test, and will destroy the warlock if they fail. Once the warlock reaches a cumulative level of 17, The Hand of The World sends them on a quest to find the Bone of the Master, empower it with 36 souls, and chant a series of 14 magic phrases over it. Then they will realize that they've been tricked. The Hand wasn't looking for servants or champions, he was looking for a vessel strong enough for his own master to be reborn in, The World Over Heaven.

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D100 Lost Souls in a Haunted Mansion

Hi there! I'm planning on playtesting a modified version of the House of Lament adventure from VGtR (2e story within the framework of the 5e adventure in a homebrew setting) sometime in the future and am looking for ideas as to what sort of lost souls would be trapped inside of a haunted house after succumbing to the horrors within. Without further ado, let's call in the spirits, wherever they're at!

D100 Lost Souls in a Haunted Mansion

  1. Hugolina Voziv, a former maid who went insane before dying under mysterious circumstances. Often manifests as a woman in a maid's uniform with messy hair and a terrified expression, whispering about "the voices".
  2. Harvey Peacewing, Nephew of the mansion's owner who vanished during a party. Despite his current situation, all known encounters have been positive, with the spirit maintaining a friendly demeanor toward visitors.
  3. Kenshin Tao, A budding paranormal investigator who took up one of the initial investigations. They are known to be seen (or heard) pacing around a room, pondering a piece of evidence.
  4. Bilga the Mighty, A half-orc fighter who perished with her adventuring party while staying the night at the house. When she is not perpetually standing guard where her party fell, she can often be seen recreating the struggle with a dark entity that led to her demise.
  5. Eleanor, A teenage girl who passed away after being dared to spend the night in the house alone. She can often be heard weeping or begging to be taken home.
  6. The Beast, A large jungle cat that was once kept as an exotic pet by one of the previous owners. Had to be put down by the gamekeeper after it escaped and started attacking the staff. (u/World_of_Egaar)
  7. Eudora Beiki, The Blasted Mage, A former court magician who vaporized herself in a freak arcane accident. The only remnant of her existence is scorch marks and her shadow on the ruined walls. She manifests herself as a shadow, often leaving a lingering smell of sulfur and scorched handprints as a sign of her presence. (u/World_of_Egaar)
  8. Greaves, The Butler, The floating visage of a savagely mauled manservant, missing much of the lower half of his body. He was one of the first to fall victim to the escaped jungle cat and the animal was not reported as missing until many days later, giving it plenty of time to consume Greaves' legs in one of the upstairs cloakrooms. His legs were never found and so his body remains incomplete in its casket. (u/World_of_Egaar)
  9. Bartholomew, the resident mouser (cat), Mischievous, makes things go bump and move, a nuisance that sometimes is behind you, just out of the corner of your eye. Sometimes heard screeching down dark hallways, sometimes yellow glowing eyes hover on the top of shelves or door frames. (u/smiles__)
  10. Bertrand Honeydew: a literal lost soul, unable to find his way around the house. Befuddled and always asking for directions to the "stables" unaware that he died when they burned to the ground and were never replaced. (u/veldrinshade)
  11. Bobby the Bootblack, a young working boy with a thick Cockney accent, this boy of between ten and twelve seems to be a pickpocket and when he is around you will find loose items missing from your person only for them to turn up later in a different room of the house. (u/veldrinshade)
  12. Sybil the Banshee, a medium who was trapped inside a secret room following a seance gone wrong. It is rumored that she eventually went mad before eventually succumbing to starvation. To this day, guests of the manor report her screams echoing throughout the house. (u/World_of_Egaar)
  13. Vivian Kedran, a party guest who died from "accidentally" breaking her neck (even though rumors swirl that she was killed to cover up a scandal). While she is still as beautiful as she was in life, it is noted that she wears an elaborate choker to hide the broken neck. She has been described as sociable, often flirting with guests. When guests follow her, she vanishes upon reaching the room where she died. (u/veldrinshade)
  14. Lord Hugh Bartholomew Francis II, the original owner of the house who was murdered by an unknown assailant. His bloodied spirit can be seen looking for something, even though the exact details of what this thing is are not known. (u/Adventux)
  15. Lady Sadras (Drilaca) Francis, former lady of the house and widow of Lord Francis II. Shortly after her husband's funeral, she was found dead from a suspected poisoning (whether it was self-inflicted or murder has not been known). Her spirit is often seen in old-fashioned mourning wear, occasionally asking unsuspecting travelers to help solve her husband's demise. (u/Adventux)
  16. The Curious Sage, a scholar dressed in robes of a centuries-old school. While their identity is unknown, the spirit seems to be aware of their passing and seems to be curious about their predicament and the house itself. While they seem to be relatively peaceful, many guests have become annoyed by the insistence of the sage's questions. (u/AlephAndTentacles)
  17. Dara O'Sullivan, a day laborer who was part of the original construction crew decades ago. He manifests sitting on an upturned bucket wiping sweat off of his brow or carrying a friendly conversation with a party who is not present. Despite the rod impaling him (the cause of his death), it doesn't appear to bother him and is otherwise oblivious to it or the presence of the living. (u/smiles__)
  18. Bonny, an old retired hunting hound. She's docile and blind, but her nose is still as sharp as ever, and is prone to a few rough barks when something catches her attention. Often found either sitting by the fireplace, head resting on her paws, or outside a back door waiting patiently to be taken on one last hunt. (u/smiles__)
  19. Henrietta, a young girl prone to adventure. While climbing the facade on a dare from some friends, she fell through a rotted portion of the roof, resulting in her death. While she can often be heard calling out as she falls, it has recently been noted that she prefers to manifest in front of adventurers, providing whatever assistance she can if they tell her stories about their travels. (u/smiles__)
  20. Theodore "Ted" O'Sullivan - No relation to Dara. A blacksmith's apprentice and wannabe adventurer from a village in the Sword Coast. Got tricked into thinking he was the Chosen One by a bunch of singing goblins, went off to slay evil, got lost in the woods, and was eaten by an owlbear. What does he have to do with the mansion? Nothing, he just has a lousy sense of direction. He's a lost lost soul. (u/Moon_Dew)
  21. Moria Melline, an acrobatic performer invited by the former lords and ladies for a festivity. Died in a very public chandelier accident and her spirit can sometimes be spotted hanging in unnatural ways from chandeliers and other ceiling furniture, with a confusing number of hands and feet and always silently looking at you. She disappears when the room is illuminated, always accompanied by the sound of shattering glass. (u/AwkwardOwl17)
21:44 UTC


[Let's Build] d100 Common Backgrounds for the Party

For this table, I'm trying to compile 100 reasons for the party to stick toghether. But specifically, I would like them to:

  1. Be part of the same, pre-formed group;
  2. Be roughly the same kind of person;
  3. Be motivated by the same cause.

All genres are welcome. Go nuts!

  1. Knights who have sworn the same oath and have been ordained to form a Circle to undertake a holy quest. (Mythic Bastionland)
  2. Mercenaries of the same company, lead by their general to battle, conquer and kill. Driven by the promise of weath upon success.
  3. Hackers of the same collective, stealing intel on commission from high-paying clients. (Loosely inspired by CY_BORG)
  4. Scoundrels of the same criminal gang, ordered to steal, kill, and get up to all manner of crime by their boss, who promises a big share of the profit. (Brancalonia).
  5. Washed-up failures turned to treasure hunters, united under the debt they collectively have towards a single individual. (Electric Bastionland).
  6. Barbarians of the same horde, raiding villages and slaying ancient dragons and sorcerers for the fun of it.
  7. Students at a wizarding school sent out on a quest to find a rare magical item. (u/TheMan5991)
  8. Dwarven mining expedition. (u/IllegitimateFriend)
  9. A group of friends performing an epic barcrawl across the lands and planes. (u/Pristine-ship-4664)
  10. Crew members on the same ship, or pirate crew. (u/World_of_Ideas)
  11. Members of the same secret society, trying to catalog and collect all occult knowledge. (u/World_of_Ideas)
  12. Group of professional monster-hunters.
14:37 UTC


Magic items that solve problemas that your party probably don't have

For when you need to beef up the loot without actually Making the players stronger.

Edit: Just was informed of the rules changes, Will properly edit asap. I honestly only had idea for one lol

1- Day Armor: allows the user to ignore the effects of sunlight sensitivity and any other negative effect of the sun light besides the ones we are all exposed to.

2 - Compass of Direction: Put the compass over a maritime map and say your destination while poiting to it with your finger, the compass will point there.

3 - Needle of Stiching: makes the work of tailors twice as fast.

4 - Blessing of the werewolf: this item turns any silver in a 20ft radius into Copper, only during full moons.

5 - Basilisk Gaze Guard: This item protects the Basilisk from seeing reflections, protecting it from its own gaze (throw this one in a room full of mirrors, no one Will be able to avert their eyes)

18:15 UTC


D100 Evil Sidequests

I’m creating a campaign where you play as the henchmen of an evil overlord and have to do quests to further their goals/earn money. These can range to comically evil to downright Diabolical. Ex. Robbery, murder,terrorizing/controlling the local villagers, assisting fellow monsters/criminals in the area

  1. The local village is preparing for the big harvest festival and your overlord wants to see it sabotaged to remind the villagers who’s really in charge. Send Giant beetles/boars to eat the crops and disrupt the festivities

  2. The local witch is tired of the local villagers sending so many heroes after their head. They decide the best way to their hearts(and minds) is their stomach. They baked “special” pastries that might convince the villagers to think of them more positively

  3. The necromancer/mad scientist wants to create their own flesh golem but needs the parts to do. You can dig up bodies from the local cemetery or “borrow” limbs and organs from the local population

  4. The local dragon has started to become a nuisance to the overlord as of late and wants them dealt with. Either they can serve them or have them but do death (and maybe mounted of the fireplace)

  5. Kill that puppy. Yes, the cute one. Why? Stop asking pointless questions.

  6. The overlord wants you to seek out a woman in labor and convince her before the baby crowns that it be given a very specific name (probably to fulfill some prophecy later)

  7. A troublesome merchant refuses to pay the protection money. Remind them they aren’t safe by sneaking in one night and cut 6" from every 10-foot pole he has in stock.

  8. The orc tribes have been squabbling over leadership as of late. One candidate wants to make peace with the nearby settlements while one seeks to ally with us to ravage them. Make sure are violent friend wins the election by any means necessary.

  9. The low-level adventurers have been busy of late. It seems the basements of the local taverns need to be restocked with rats.

  10. A local farmer has been trusted by their neighbors for years. But seems like they managed to get on our bad side. Secretly poison all the wells neighboring their farm but do not poison the wells on their farm.(Let’s see how much their neighbors really trust them)

  11. A local hero is slated for execution. Their friends are planning a breakout. Keep the hero safe and captured....until the execution that is (Who are we to get in the way of “justice”).

  12. The local nobility has started to grow......complacent. Bought time we find (or fabricate) some blackmail on them to keep them in line.

  13. A local noble has grown too confident, yet is too powerful to simply kill. Sneak into their residence, and place a powerful curse on them. The cursed item is especially potent, so don't get it on yourself.

  14. A local princess is known for her beauty, and this has annoyed her competitors. A special potion will turn her into a ravenous beast. Poison her with it. Don't kill her, and don't get killed.

  15. A local noble has grown too cocky. A special potion will cause them to bloat up like a toy balloon. Tether them somewhere public for the townsfolk to gawk at.

  16. A Master Thief has shown interest in our organization, but needs proof of our skill. A local noble has recently procured a valuable reliquary, that they've put under lock and guard. Put two and two together.

  17. The local townsfolk are starting to get too....active. Ambitious. They need more vice in their life. Ensure the success of a new underground casino, and ensure the townsfolk are plied with alcohol, games and courtesans to keep them quite. Make sure the house always wins, the local police stay confused, and the local rivals stay in their own corners.

  18. Start an insurance company using clerics as healers and absolutely refuse to help anyone who isn't current on their premiums. Also find ways to screw people who are up to date for arbitrary reasons. (We don't cover necrotic damage. Bulette bites are only covered if they occur on your own proper.) (What do you mean this sounds familiar)

  19. They say in these woods lives a magical white stag whose antlers hold powerful druidic magic. bring me the antlers so that i may make it power my own.

  20. i need 10 pints of unicorn blood for the next ritual. (and do be careful those horns aren't for show)

  21. there’s sirens causing a ruckus that’s keeping my oversea shipments from coming in. take care of it, and make sure my next shipment gets here on time (or else).

  22. the town seems to have made a deal with the young dragon that lives on the other side of the valley to protect them from the likes of us. Go offer it a better deal, or find a way to kill it if you have to.

  23. there’s a pack of owlbears in a cave nearby. train them up to be used as mounts, so we look as cool as we are when we collect “taxes” from the town.

  24. I need a set of Hag teeth. For a thing. Go find some. No questions.

  25. can you go into the village and fill this 10 ounce jar with the tears of children? any kind of tear, except tears of laughter. those won’t work.

  26. it seems i may have an heir i never knew about from a one-night stand living in the city. 1) trick him into coming here. 2) take them out; i don’t need them to show up and complicate my plans at an inopportune moment. 3) i believe she’s part of a prophecy; we must (take her out, help her along, corrupt her). 4) do some research and make sure i don’t have any other heirs out there. 5) bring them to me, along with their mother, with force if need be, whole and alive. 6) i need a sample of their blood. but don’t kill them. they may have more use to me yet…

  27. you know how we need the (blood, feathers, bones, fur, horns) of that rare and dangerous beast for the drugs we sell to the common folk? Well, our supplier just had an…unfortunate …accident. I need you to get me some while i find a new supplier.

  28. find the town leader and convince them to get a drink with you. seduce them, get evidence, and then we can blackmail them with the affair.

  29. convince the high priest in the temple to give reoccurring donations to our “charity”

  30. collect the moldy loaves from the baker’s trash and trick people into buying it for half the price the baker sells them for to undercut his business and earn some money.

  31. i need a special weapon made. you need to find and hire three expert smiths to make each piece; i don’t want one person to know what i am crafting. bring a fourth smith back here to join the three parts, and then kill him or wipe his memory.

  32. we need a body disposal system. find and bring me a living gelatinous cube or black ooze. and dig a pit for it to live in…in that corner?

  33. i need you to systematically and slowly convince the town leader they’re going mad. a full-on gaslighting campaign against them. make them check themselves into a mental ward by the end of the month.

  34. the lair need renovations/expansions and we need rope; and not just any rope either. get me a couple hundred feet of cave fisher rope for an expansion project in the lair.

  35. (tell them to get magic items kept in any dungeon you want to run or guarded by any monster you want to play)

  36. find out which paladins have been intercepting my deliveries into the city. put an end to it so my customers can get their supply.

  37. steal the farmer’s prize (pig, horse, etc) to ransom.

  38. i need you to get the town leader to hand over a fistful of their hair…willingly.

  39. we’re running out of skeleton fodder to stave off the low level adventurers. go dig up a cemetery we haven’t already gotten into.

  40. keep the guards away from my (night club, gambling operation, pleasure house, black market, poison lab)

  41. go make an example from that guy who thought he could steal from me. make sure it’s obvious what his crime was.

  42. let’s build a dam, and then charge the people of the city for access to water. (who says its a right?)

  43. Frame a group of local do gooders for a horrible crime. what crime? any kind really (the worse the better)

  44. It's hunting season and the overlords looking for game; the most dangerous game: werecreatures!. Luckily there's a peaceful werecreature tribe nearby that would be the perfect "participants" to join us.

  45. Find, Torture, and/or kill the one brat that keeps writing mean things about the overlord on various walls.

  46. Collect the teeth from all the children. The Tooth Fairy pays good money for them and doesn't ask questions (or cares) about where they come from

  47. Waylay a caravan of medicine (including healing potions) going to a remote town. The stolen stock can be resold on the black market. (we could also sell it back to them at outrageous prices if they want it that bad)

  48. Help a sinister wizard/alchemist collect the rare (and illegal) ingredients for his latest project (a bomb? A poison? A recipe for ascendency into the astral realms?). Some of the people who have a monopoly on certain ingredients (for example, a cloister of monks on an obscure mountain top) will absolutely not let you have it legitimately.

  49. Another Dungeon has been discovered nearby. We don't need any unwanted competition so let's "convince" them to merger. Raid the dungeon hideout and convince the monsters/humanoids hiding within to join us (or just enslave them I'm not picky).

  50. The city's sewage system relies on captured oozes to dispose of waste. Some trogladyte priests of Jublex have asked for your help to sabotage the sewage system, and "rescue" the oozes.

  51. The PCs receive a message from an anonymous benefactor asking them to help cover up a the theft of a stolen artifact, but when the players arrive, they discover there are 4 suspects for the theft. The anonymous contact has 3 rivals also interested in the artifact. First the PCs must sleuth which one of the suspects is their contact, then incriminate at least one other rival, earning a bonus if they can also incriminate/dispatch the other 2 rivals.

  52. A carnival of disguised devils has come to town, but after a run in with some paladins, they're short staffed! They need help running their rigged games, and lulling mortals into tempting spectacles

  53. The duke is throwing a ball, practically the whole city will be there! Meanwhile, you've been paid to kill him. Problem is: his party is invite only. If the players want the bounty, not only will they need to sneak in, but they'll need to schmooze their way through the party, secretly luring away and killing as many guards as possible before taking down the duke himself.

  54. Despite the presence of a nearby mine being overrun with Hobgoblins, the players discover a small town that has been enjoying unprecedented months of peace. If the PCs investigate the mine, they find that the Hobgoblins lost their chief, and none of their warriors have been able to pass The Trials to become the new chief. At this point, the Hobgoblins are willing to name ANYONE that can pass The Trials as their new chief.

  55. What kind of villains would we be if we didn't kidnap someone now and again. Abduct a (apprentice, betrothed, pet, prince, princess, relative of "x") and ransom them back.

  56. This is a list of people that have "wronged" us in the past. Abduct them so that we can "Teach them a lesson".

  57. Evil Lairs don't design themselves. Abduct an architect to design a (dungeon, prison, ship, stronghold, trap).

  58. It seems that the Overlords last experiment didn't go according to plan. Abduct a healer capable of undoing whatever the boss did to (himself, herself).

  59. It's Hard to find decent servants these days. Abduct people for (experimentation, sacrifice, slave labor).

  60. Abduct a person that reads ancient "x". The boss needs something translated.

  61. No one is Untouchable. Assassinate a (city official, council member, hero, leader, merchant, priest, rival, snitch, traitor, witness, wizard).

  62. The Heroes have taken something important to us. Bring it back at all costs.

  63. Awaken a (dark fae, dark god, demon, devil, kaiju, lich, mummy lord, old one, outsider, primordial). Don't forget to bind them to the Overlords will (We don't want them getting in our way now do we?)

  64. It looks like one of our Allies/Potential Allies has gotten in trouble with the law. Break the (alchemist, artificer, informant, lieutenant, mad scientist, overseer, necromancer, spy) out of prison.

  65. Looks like there's been a containment breach in the lab. Capture the experiment that has broken free and escaped.

  66. Looks like we have an infestation for you to clear out. We would have hired the local exterminators but they all seem to be low-level adventurers. Clear out the levels of the stronghold that have become infested by (one of the boss's experiments, something one of the other minions brought back, something that came through a portal)

  67. Collect a list of items needed to (bind a demon, build a golem, build a portal, create an artifact, perform a ritual spell).

  68. It's that time of the month again. Collect protection money from local merchants.

  69. This one requires some good ol' fashion deceit. Commit a heinous crime against "x", plant evidence to make it look like "y" did it.

  70. Time to expand our turf. Construct a new (base, dungeon, lab, outpost, stronghold)

  71. Lets get rid of the local competition. Convince a rival to leave town.

  72. Discretely follow the adventures to a dungeon. Let the adventures defeat all the monsters, traps, and puzzles. Steal "x" item form the dungeon and escape.

  73. Free a (dark fae, dark god, demon, devil, kaiju, lich, mummy lord, old one, outsider, primordial) from its prison. try not to die.

  74. The Boss has got big plans but were short on hands. Gather a workforce (willing, unwilling, mind controlled) to build something the boss wants built.

  75. Go into the dungeon and collect any useful items the dead adventures might have had on them at the time of their demise. Reset any traps, Don't get eaten by the monsters. Try not to kill any of the monsters.

  76. Go meet a list of prospects for the boss's new (concubine, husband, wife). Convince them to come willingly or abduct them, whatever works.

  77. The Boss is organizing a private event. Hand out invitations to specific people for a black market. Make sure the wrong people don't find out about it.

  78. Infiltrate a local cult and take over their leadership (The Boss should reach Demi-God status soon anyway)

  79. Intercept a diplomat before they reach the peace talks. Take their place and sabotage the peace talks.

  80. Manufacture the "signs" of a prophesy. Use it to (distract the adventures from what the boss is doing, sow chaos, take control of a group).

  81. Observe how effective the "monster of the week" is against the adventurers. Don't get caught by the adventurers and don't get eaten by the monster.

  82. Plant monster eggs at specific locations. Perform a ritual that will cause the to all hatch at one time and rapidly grow to full size (They really do grow up fast don't they).

  83. Place a particular cursed item where a particular person will find it.

  84. Recruit more (bandits, henchmen, revolutionaries, soldiers). Make sure the wrong people don't get word of the recruitment effort.

  85. Resurrect a (dark god, demon, devil, kaiju, lich, old one, outsider, primordial).

  86. Sabotage the creation of a (automation, construct, golem) so the boss can take control of it.

  87. Sabotage a ritual that is about to take place. Sabotage it in a specific way, so that the results will be "x".

  88. Infiltrate a rival's lair and Sabotage their plans

  89. Several (henchmen, minions) have gone missing. Find out what happened to them(and trynot to go missing yourselves).

  90. Sneak back into a previous (hideout, lair, stronghold). Go into a secret room that was never found by the heroes and (activate the golem, open the portal, recover "x" items, set the monster loose)

  91. Steal a (egg, hatchling) from a horrible monster, so the boss can raise his own horrible monster.

  92. Steal a shipment of "x"

  93. Steal a specific wizard's spell book

  94. Steal the journal from a famous (adventurer, alchemist, artificer, explorer).

  95. The adventures are raiding the (camp, base, hideout, lab, outpost, stronghold). Escape with the most valuable (items, pets, prisoners, projects).

  96. Track down the stronghold of an ancient dark lord and loot anything that might be useful to the boss (but who knows? they might not be gone after all).

  97. Frame an infamous criminal in the region for a bunch of atrocities. This should allow our bounty hunter cut-out to gouge the authorities on the payout for capturing him. (Torturing a duke’s wife to death ought to jack up the bounty by a good 200%, at least. Cha-ching!)

  98. A private investigator is hot on the heels of the BBEG. Eliminate them, scare them away, get them to stop investigating. It should be warned however, the investigator is incredibly lucky, and known to escape death's grasp on more than one occasion.

  99. Take this love potion and dose the partner of a major noble. The more humiliating/disasterous their "lover," the better.

  100. Steal some candy from some children. Even you should be capable of that.

18:10 UTC


I've created two d100 Magic item lists (Minor and Major) for my first campaign!

I was curious if any veteran DMs could tell me any obvious issues or recommend any item replacements on these lists? They were put together fairly randomly while attempting to ensure a fair distribution of items Common to Legendary.



03:44 UTC


D100 things that you might need to do in order to get the door to open

D100 things that you might need to do in order to get the door to open

  1. Door that will only open if you have slime from pool of ooze on your skin.
  2. Touch the symbols in the correct order
  3. Knock
  4. Answer the riddle
  5. Ask it to open and succeed a persuasion check
  6. Turn the handle when the lights are all on/off
  7. Draw a handle on it
  8. Wear the correctly enchanted pendant or ring
  9. Cast any spell that targets it
  10. Sing any song
  11. Light a specific pattern of candles/torches in the room
  12. Whisper a secret into the keyhole
  13. Splash water on it
  14. Pick the lock
  15. Say something in a specific language
  16. Speak the password
  17. Break a vase/item
  18. Say open in the name of ( insert deity)
  19. Use the correct key
  20. Smash the door down by Prowler 64
  21. Get the door off it's hinges Prowler 64 Tickle it
  22. Threaten the doorick it (my kobold PC suggests this one)
  23. Bribe the door
  24. Send termites (wooden door) or a rust monster (metal door) to destroy it.
  25. Damage the wall surrounding the door - the door is now either separated from the wall, or with a smaller hole you can put your hand through and open it from the inside
  26. Confess a sin. By goldneon
  27. Sacrifice a memory.
  28. Entertain it - tell a good joke or story.
  29. Undo the bar from the other side,
  30. Activate a counterweight located somewhere in the building by world_of_ideas
  31. Brute force. The door is just jammed or stuck
  32. Cast a series of spells in the correct order
  33. Close the other door in the room (airlock style door. Only one door can be open at a time)
  34. Convince the giant creature that is resting in front of it to move
  35. Find the correct cog to put in the gearbox. Allows a crank or lever to open the door.
  36. Find the correct item to press into a matching depression in the door.
  37. Find the magical doll house (miniature replica of the building). Opening the door in the doll house causes the real door to open
  38. Find the magical map of the building. Erase the door off the map. Causes the real door to disappear
  39. Find the magic ID item. Door will open for whoever has the item on their person
  40. Find the map room with the magical diorama of the building. Move, open, or remove the corresponding door in the diorama. What happens to the miniature door happens to the real door.
  41. Heat the edges of the door to melt the ice, that is holding it shut
  42. Insert punch-card into a slot
  43. Make it laugh (animated door, door shaped like a mouth)
  44. Push paper under the door. Push a stick into the lock to knock the key out of the other side. Catch the key on the paper and pull it back under the door to your side.
  45. Present the correct sacrifice to the offering bowl near the Door
  46. Press the secret button that looks like just another section of wall
  47. Remove the little paper seal that is stuck to it
  48. Ring the bell
  49. Say the correct prayer
  50. Solve a puzzle lock
  51. Touch it with the blood from someone from the correct bloodline (blood lock)
  52. Trick a (large, giant) creature into charging at you while you stand in front of the door. Dodge at the last second.
  53. Trick someone on the other side of the door into opening the door
  54. Turn the (crank, winch). May need to find a way to lock it in place to keep the door from closing again
  55. Use a magnet or lodestone on the correct spots of the door to unlock the locking mechanism
  56. Use the controls (button, lever, pull chain, pull cord, turn crank, turn dial, etc) located somewhere in the building
  57. Activate the power source located somewhere in the building
  58. Cross over to an (alternate reality, parallel dimension), where the door is open
  59. Present the correct badge of office to the door
  60. Reflect (sunlight, moonlight), so that it shines upon a specific (gemstone, glyph, rune, symbol) on the door
  61. Step on the correct pressure plate hidden in the floor. May need a weight to keep pressure on the pressure plate to keep the door open.
  62. Touch it with a specific mummified hand
  63. Use "turn undead" or control "undead". The door is made from animated skeleton bones.
  64. Use your force of will (CHA roll) to make the spirit, that is bound to the door, open the door. (credit: Elf Quest)
  65. Slide the door up into the ceiling. By ProfBunbleFingers
  66. Slide the door down into the floor.
  67. Push the top of the door in, bottom of the door rotates out (horizontal axis across middle of door).
  68. Push the bottom of door in, top of door rotates out (horizontal axis across middle of door).
  69. Darkness door (unlocks only in complete darkness)
  70. Rhythm door (tap out the correct rhythm on the door to unlock it)
  71. Flash pattern door (open and close the hood of a hooded lantern to produce the correct pattern of light flashes to unlock door)
  72. Timed door (it only unlocks during a particular time period each day)
  73. Lao Tzu's Door -- The door is immovable. If you hold on to the door handle (for leverage) and push the wall on either side of the door, the room, including the walls, floor and ceiling, rotates 45-degrees around the door, opening a space between the door and the wall to access the room/space on the other side of the door.
  74. Summon a squadron of mischievous pixies to tickle the doorknob until it giggles the lock open. By hairyRIH3
  75. Perform an intricate dance routine involving synchronized fire-breathing dragons to intimidate the door into submission.
  76. Offer the door a riddle so perplexing that it spontaneously combusts out of frustration, granting you access.
  77. Challenge the door to a duel of wits, with the loser being banished to the depths of a labyrinthine maze for eternity.
  78. Serenade the door with a ballad so heartbreakingly beautiful that it weeps tears of joy, unlocking itself in appreciation.
  79. Cast a spell that transforms the door into a sentient chicken, then persuade it to lay an enchanted golden key.
  80. Engage in a dramatic Shakespearean soliloquy, convincing the door of the existential futility of remaining closed.
  81. Convince a colony of industrious ants to tunnel through the door, forming a makeshift passageway.
  82. Offer the door a sacrificial offering of enchanted cheese, causing it to open in a frenzy of lactose-induced euphoria.
  83. Seek the guidance of a wise old sage who instructs you to meditate deeply while chanting ancient incantations until the door yields to your transcendental presence
  84. Rotate a complex geometric figure to give an exact shadow of the sigil on the door By Fist-Cartographer
  85. Mind maks it real. walk through the door while unaware it exists
  86. lube up the hinges it's just stuck
  87. aggravate it's pollen allergy and get by between sneezes
  88. lure it out of position with the smell of food
  89. Give up on opening it entirely and move on out of the room by enshrowdofficial
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D100 Feywild drink names and effects

I would like some Feywild themed drink names to go with a city that sells them. Effects for drinks can be speaking Sylvan, being faerie sized, damage resistant, advantage on checks or temporary darkvision.

D100 list (10/100)

  1. Harregon Raiser. Advantage on initiative, hinders charisma.
  2. Hate is in the eye of the Beholder. Random eye beam effects.
  3. Fairie Dragon Breath. Strong whiskey that makes you hiccup bubbles.
  4. Regal Rush You are immune/cured of exhaustion, but you talk like a stereotypical royal british person
  5. You are the light of my life: It is a glowing drink that makes you GLOW
  6. Malört - +3 damage to unarmed strikes. +5 if you're fighting your dad.
  7. Amethyst Ring: plum juice, elderflower liquor, and lavender. Cures fear, mind control, and other negative mental effects.
  8. Paladin's Elixir: 2 parts Cognac, 1 part pure spring water, with a tiny sprinkle of gold dust. Gives resistance to dragon's breath attacks and an extra +1 to hit on any attack made against a dragon, for 3 hours.
  9. Ebonwine: made from grapes that magically grow in caverns and do not see the sun, then aged in ebony wood barrels. Extremely dark in color. Grants advantage on stealth checks made in dim light or darkness, for 3 hours.
  10. Misty Mara: fog captured and distilled, mixed with berry juice and a splash of mead. Gives advantage on insight and investigation checks for a day.
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D100 Feywild festival random encounters

So the players are enjoying the festival of light. They will encounter different stands and events. Kind of based off the Witchlight carnival, so ideas like drunk npcs, bards singing in the background, eating contests, hall of mirrors and mini battles that win prizes. If you can come up with prizes to go with them that would be great. This can be minor boons like advantage on saving throws, knowing a language for the day, expertise in a skill of their choice, darkvision or effects that cause certain creatures to avoid attacks for the first round of combat.

D100 list (0/100)

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d100 What are the guards doing?

You're a guard. What's your biggest problem? Boredom.
Standing around all day, maybe walking your rounds.
Trying to stay awake. Trying to pay attention.
Day in, and day out. (yawn)

1 Sharpening a weapon

2 Playing poker with another guard

3 Ahem, smooching a commoner

4 Guarding a prisoner (checking them into the area, checking them out of the area)

5 Singing a tavern song

6 Laughing loudly at each other's jokes

7 Yelling at / arguing with another guard about (d6): 1 whose turn it is to do guard duty, 2 who ate the last serving of rations, 3 who the server winked at in the tavern last night, 4 who was supposed to bring the weapons (they have no weapons), 5 who was supposed to bring the toilet paper, 6 why one of them always has to "start something" [a fight] at the festival/tournament/etc.

8 Trying to light a new torch (their previous torch just burned out)

9 Cringing as their boss yells at them for falling asleep on duty

10 Changing of the guard (one guard checking in, one checking out)

11 Coughing loudly with pneumonia or tuberculosis

12 Playing solitaire (cards) alone

13 Walking toward the PCs as they return from walking their rounds (10*d12 feet away)

14 Practicing a small instrument (lute, pipes, snare drum, etc.) (member of the guard band)

15 Yawning, over and over (2 in 6 chance to fall asleep each minute)

16 Blowing the seeds off a daisy and making a wish / looking for a 4-leaf clover in the weeds / picking petals off a flower and saying "she loves me, she loves me not, . . . "

17 Taking a nap and snoring loudly

18 Walking away from the PCs as they walk their rounds (return in d10 rounds)

19 Tying their shoes / Putting on their boots

20 Talking to another guard about (d6): 1 who has the best lover, 2 which type of pet is best, 3 whose weapon is best, 4 whose horse is best, 5 whether it's better to have higher Strength or Dexterity, 6 why wizards are such nerds

21 Pants down (Peeing / Pooping)

22 Shivering while wrapped in their thin guard's cape (if cold outside, or raining) / Sweltering under their thin guard's cape, rigged as a little "head-gear" umbrella to shade them from the sun (if hot outside) [either way, they're miserable, and potentially susceptible to persuasion that gets them out of the elements]

23 Throwing up (recovering from a hangover)

24 Delusional from a high fever

25 Just flipping a coin, over and over

26 Strung out on drugs

27 Drunk, slurring words and reeling

28 Playing beer pong (with a walnut) with another guard

29 Trying to look cool, wearing sunglasses, smoking tobacco / weed / etc.

30 Talking to a commoner about (d6): 1 the weather, 2 the harvest, 3 which tavern to meet at after work, 4 why the guard wasn't in church this week, 5 a creature stealing the livestock, 6 why don't the guards do something about the gangs/bandits in the area

31 Practicing with their weapon (slashing the air with a sword, target practice with a bow, etc.)

32 Rummaging through their backpack, beltpouch, etc., looking for something

33 Eating a snack (crunchy apple, hard boiled egg, cheese and crackers, jerky and a biscuit, etc.)

34 Drinking (water) from a waterskin [followed by loud belch]

35 Sneaking a nip (of alcohol) from a pocket flask

36 Shining their shoes/boots/belt buckle/medals/insignia

37 Playing dice with another guard

38 Sneezing loudly in a hanky due to having an annoying cold

39 Writing a crude joke on their cast (they have a broken arm/leg)

40 Waiting as a medic changes the bandages on their head (injured earlier)

41 Whistling a tune

42 Whittling a little wooden toy soldier with a knife

43 Throwing contest with another guard (trying to hit a tree, etc., with a pebble)

44 Chomping on chewing tobacco and having a spitting contest

45 Beating up a prisoner

46 Chasing some other person/group who are trying to run past the guard

47 Playing fetch with a little pet dog (or rat)

48 Practicing their juggling (apples, or daggers, or torches)

49 Refilling a lantern with oil

50 Yelling at / arguing with a commoner about (d6): 1 dating the commoner's teenage kid, 2 being respectful to guards, 3 why the commoner's papers don't look legit, 4 why the commoner was attempting to evade taxes on [some commodity], 5 whether the guard is coming to family dinner night, 6 why the commoner "doesn't have what it takes" to be a member of the guard

51 Playing marbles with another guard

52 Nursing a toothache (bandages around jaw, talking difficult)

53 Looking at themselves vainly in a pocket mirror and brushing their flowing hair

54 Brushing their teeth, using their messkit tin as a washbasin

55 Having a (loud) farting contest with another guard and trying not to laugh

56 Improving their guard post (hammering on wooden guard hut, stacking sandbags, digging foxhole deeper, etc.)

57 Heating up their sad little meal in their messkit tin over a small, sputtering campfire

58 Doing deep knee bends and push ups (exercises)

59 Deep into reading an exciting book about a heroic guard

60 Sewing a button back onto their uniform using a needle and thread

61 Reading fresh orders from a note sent by their boss

62 Putting on a fresh pair of socks (their shoes/boots are off)

63 Writing a boring status report on a note to send to their boss

64 Shaving with a razor, shaving cream, and a little pocket mirror, using their messkit tin as a washbasin

65 Kneeling in prayer, holding their holy symbol

66 Releasing a prisoner

67 Away from their post, checking that the other guard nearby in not away from their post

68 Enjoying a hot beverage (tea, coffee, etc.)

69 Sweeping the floor around their guard post

70 Cleaning their weapon

71 Trying to get ahead, doing their homework while on duty (math, spelling, or something)

72 Taking a bribe for allowing someone to smuggle something past the guard station

73 Twirling a cudgel at the end of a lanyard

74 Lying down, mysteriously already dead

75 Lying down, pretending to be dead

76 Sitting still, leaning against wall/tree, with hat/helmet pulled down over eyes, chest moving up and down (sleeping?. . . or pretending to be sleeping?)

77 Guard is blind or deaf, but PCs don't know

78 Polishing an alarm bell/gong

79 Running away from a monster/mob/etc., toward the PCs! (don't yet see PCs)

80 About to rebel against their bosses [dude, they've had enough of this s**t]

81 Preparing to execute/hang a prisoner

82 Writing a letter to a faraway sweetheart

83 Engaged in a fistfight amongst themselves

84 Complaining to each other that they hate working this particular guard post

85 Trying to keep something *in* a location, rather than trying to keep the PCs *out*

86 *Pretending* to be friendly towards the PCs

87 Checking someone's identity papers

88 Checking someone's backpack/cart/wagon for contraband

89 Smoking, and blowing smoke rings

90 Pacing back-and-forth nervously, frequently looking over their shoulder

91 Paying a commoner to sneak them alcohol while on duty

92 Musing on philosophy, while twirling their handlebar mustache

93 Cleaning their monocle

94 Talking excitedly among themselves (or to him/herself, if alone) (about what?)

95 Attempting to hide from something (not the PCs) (but why????)

96 Folding origami animals

97 Attempting, but failing (over and over), to cast a magic spell

98 Looking at the clouds (day) / stars (night) and contemplating the vastness of the universe.

99 Oiling/greasing the hinges of the door/gate they are guarding

100 Looking straight at the PC's location (but do they actually see the PCs???)


Items 101-118 from u/World_of_Ideas:

101 Escorting something/someone: (artifact, chest, merchant, noble, priest, prisoner, suspect, VIP, witness)

102 Practicing parade drills

103 Questioning people about (an accident, a crime, a criminal, a suspect, stolen goods, illegal goods, a monster, a missing person, a mysterious event)

104 Searching the area for (someone, something)

105 Talking with an informant

106 Comparing scars or old injuries

107 Donning their uniform (or armor)

108 Discarding their uniform. Oh, wait, that was someone *impersonating* a guard! (but, why?...)

109 Dragging a (dead, tied up, unconscious) person

110 Guard is bound and gagged (who did this, and why???)

111 Hiding something / Accessing a hidden stash

112 Practicing their speech that they are going to tell someone

113 Repeating the (combination, directions, instructions, pass phrase), that they are trying to remember

114 Shooing away (vagrants, street urchins, animals) from the area

115 Sounding an alarm (bell, gong, horn, whistle, signal fire, flare arrow, etc). (Has nothing to do with the PCs.)

116 Training a guard animal ("fetch!", "stay!", "sit!", "attack!", "release!", etc.)

117 Wearing scary "goth" makeup to look intimidating, so commoners won't bother them with annoying questions

118 Using their position to extort (favors, money) from someone

119 Arguing over what would win in a cage fight: an owlbear or a displacer beast? (u/I_Am_Lord_Grimm)

120  Reading a library book with title (d6): 1 "Gardening as a Side-Hustle," 2 "Dwarven Home Brewing Secrets," 3 "Dice Games and How to Win Them," 4 "100 Best Barmaid PIckup Lines," 5 "Guards' Lance #5 (book 5 in the 47-book pulp adventure series)," 6 "Magic Tricks for the Beginner." (inspired by: u/NewLibraryGuy)

121 Incessantly scratching (poison ivy? lice? curse?) (u/oliviajoon)

122 Making bets with each other (d6): 1. which horse will win the horse race, 2. which fighter will win the wrestling match in The Pit tonight, 3 who can get the barmaid or barman to go on a date, 4 who will be promoted to captain of the guard when the current captain retires next week, 5 who can throw a stone the farthest, 6 who can hit a target dead-center from 50 feet with their [spear/bow/crossbow/etc.] (u/oliviajoon)

123 Pulling a pill out of some odd place on their clothing/armor and tossing it quickly into their mouth, looking around guiltily. (u/oliviajoon)

124 Striking a flint over and over to light small bits of hay on the haybale they are using for a seat. (5% chance of him accidentally lighting the whole bale on fire) (u/oliviajoon)

125 Sitting on a wooden stool, building a house of cards on another wooden stool (u/ProfBumblefingers)




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