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The community for your wholesome animemes and wholesome anime moments~

[Rule 1] Be Nice and Civil

  • 1.1) Users are expected to be nice and maintain a decorum of civility.
  • 1.2) Overly vulgar or creepy comments and content are not allowed. This community is not suited for such unpleasant behavior and content.
  • 1.3) Politics, religion, and other controversial topics are not allowed. There are other communities for such topics; r/wholesomeanimemes is not one of them.

[Rule 2] Wholesome Anime-related Content

  • 2.1) This community is intended for wholesome anime-related content.
  • 2.2) For this community, “wholesome” is defined as:
  • 2.2a) Positive and intended to promote the well-being of mind and spirit;
  • 2.2b) Absent of ill-intended, malicious, or depressive elements; and,
  • 2.2c) Contains a story/context to differentiate a post from a simple cute post (i.e., this community is not r/awwnime).
  • 2.3) A wholesome submission must be wholesome in its entirety or works its way towards such (i.e., silver lining). The mere inclusion of a wholesome scene may not be enough and can warrant a post’s removal.
  • 2.4) Wholesome scenes from unwholesome sources are subject to removal.
  • 2.5) “Wholesome” submissions with questionable or controversial undertones are subject to removal.
  • 2.6) Posts that use questionable or controversial elements, themes, or materials for a “wholesome” post are subject to removal.
  • 2.7) “Wholesome” can be subjective, however, moderators have complete discretion when removing posts deemed not wholesome. If you believe your post was removed in error, send us an appeal via ModMail.
  • [Rule 3] Animemes

    • 3.1) This community is intended for wholesome animemes (anime memes).
    • 3.2) Animemes determined to be too low-effort or insubstantial in their quality are subject to removal. This includes reaction posts, description posts, and posts with simple and uncreative edits.
    • 3.2a) Creativity is encouraged. Hence, the repeated use of the same formats is subject to removal (e.g., copy-and-paste of the same format with minimal edits).
  • 3.3) Sources are encouraged but not required for animemes.
  • [Rule 4] Anime and Sources

    • 4.1) This community also permits unedited, non-animeme works that originate from anime, manga, and miscellaneous anime-styled works (e.g., self-made anime comics, fanworks/parodies/doujins). Please use the proper flair for these posts – “Wholesome Anime,” “Wholesome Manga,” or “Wholesome Anime-styled Work.”
    • 4.1a) Note: “Doujins” (or doujinshis) refers to self-published manga that can be either original or parody works. They do not necessarily mean R-rated works.
  • 4.2) All submissions that are made under this rule must be clean and unedited – stick to the original release. For example, no unnecessary watermarks, no self-inserts, and no edited compilations.
  • 4.3) All posts that are made under this rule must include a proper, direct source of the original material upon submission. Sources must be provided either in the title or in the comments. If you do not know the source, then do not post.
    • 4.3a) This is not a source-finding community. Hence, any source-requesting posts will be removed, even if someone else provides a source in the comments.
  • 4.4) Submissions categorized under this rule must use the minimum materials deemed necessary. For example, use a 30-second clip rather than a 10-minute clip. Or post 1-2 pages rather than 12 pages. Otherwise, they are subject to removal.
  • 4.5) Submissions of unedited, non-animeme works are limited to one per week per user.
    • 4.5a) This limit resets every Sunday at 00:00 UTC.
    • 4.5b) Unused submissions do not accumulate for future use.

    [Rule 5] Submission Standards

    • Posts may be removed for one or more of the following reasons:
    • 5.1) Posts must not be text-only or text-heavy.
    • 5.2) Posts must not be in low resolution (e.g., post too small, “grainy” image).
    • 5.3) Posts must not contain any visual obstruction (e.g., online advertisement, notifications, large watermark, substantial filler space).
    • 5.4) Posts must not rely on the title to work.
    • 5.5) Posts must not have an inappropriate or effortless title.
    • 5.6) Posts must not redirect users to view the post.
    • 5.7) Posts must not use the wrong flair.

    [Rule 6] No NSFW and R-rated Content

    • 6.1) Hentai, nudity, and other pornographic elements are not allowed. r/wholesomeanimemes is not r/wholesomehentai or r/wholesomehentaimemes (or any other NSFW/R-rated content-sharing community). Regardless of whether or not they depict explicit material, posts that are suited for the latter communities will be removed, such as content from R-rated websites (e.g., nHentai) or memes referencing R-rated material.
    • 6.2) Sexually suggestive posts (i.e., horny posting) are not allowed.
    • 6.3) Mildly suggestive materials in posts are okay as long as their depiction is appropriate. Such posts must be tagged as “NSFW.”

    [Rule 7] Spoilers Must Be Properly Tagged and Marked

    • 7.1) All posts and comments that contain spoilers must be properly tagged, including the use of Reddit spoiler features.
    • 7.2) All posts with potential spoilers must include the source in either the post’s title or the designated spoiler flair.
    • 7.3) All comments with potential spoilers must include a proper forewarning and be properly marked.
    • 7.3a) For comments, use >!spoilers!<.

    [Rule 8] 24-hr Restriction on Airing/Releasing Works

    • 8.1) Recently released works, such as a new anime episode or manga chapter, are subject to a 24-hour restriction. Meaning, nothing recently released can be submitted for 24 hours.
    • 8.1a) If a post violates this 24-hour restriction, please let us know either in the comments or via ModMail.

    [Rule 9] No Reposting

    • 9.1) Reposting previously submitted content is not allowed.
    • 9.2) Posts with overlaps from existing submissions will be treated as a repost unless they substantially distinguish themselves from existing submissions. Minor, inconsequential differences (e.g., better resolution, a few more frames) are not enough to treat a post as a separate entity from an existing submission.

    [Rule 10] No Karma Farming

    • 10.1) Karma farming is not allowed.

    [Rule 11] Content Restrictions

    • 11.1) Overused meme formats and other common contents are subject to restriction to prevent oversaturation.
    • 11.2) Currently, the following two meme formats are banned:
    • Memes that follow the “Guys only want one thing and…” formats;
    • Skyrim Skill Tree formats.

    [Rule 12] No Advertising or Self-Promoting

    • 12.1) Advertising or self-promoting is not allowed. For any questions, send us a ModMail.

    [Rule 13] No Bots or Novelty Accounts

    • 13.1) With the exception of useful or helpful bots, accounts suspected of being bots (or otherwise suspicious) are not allowed and will be banned.

    [Rule 14] Moderator Discretion

    • 14.1) Moderators have complete discretion when conducting their duties and enforcing the rules of the community.

    Remember to contact the mods for any question you may have.

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