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Welding Job Search

Any tips or tricks for me while I look for a job? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I am looking for an entry level welding job, preferably in structural stick welding. I have taken 2 fundamentals courses that covered oxy-fuel, MIG, TIG and stick. I have also taken an intermediate stick welding course. I have D1.1 SMAW certification and certificates of completion for the courses I listed.

Every time I lookup "entry level welding job" or "welding apprenticeship" I see job posts that say "no experience needed" but when I further look into that job it requires experience (typically it says 1-3yrs). Any specific way I should word my searches when looking for an entry level welding job?

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What next??

I’m a 19 year old who had 3 years of welding and fabrication experience at the Frisco Career Technical Institute and I decided not to go to trade school, I’m looking into apprenticeship and welding unions what are my best options.

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Need welders in Houston area

🔥 Job Opportunity in Houston, Texas! 🔥

Looking for 1-2 experienced welders for long-term work with Hunter Site Services. 💼

Key Details:

  • Pay: $27-$30 💰
  • Processes: MIG, TIG, STICK 🛠️
  • Materials: Carbon Steel (typically plate) 🏗️
  • Specialization: Building blast-resistant modular buildings 🏢
  • Travel: Required; company covers travel time and per diem when working out of town 🧳


  • TWIC card ✅
  • Clean background check (includes fingerprints) and drug screening (hair, urine, breath, swab) 🕵️‍♂️💊

Join our team and be part of something impactful! Contact mjeffery@huntersiteservices.com for more info.

#Welding #JobOpening #HoustonTexas #NowHiring #WelderNeeded

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How does welding affect health?

Hello everyone,

I have a question for the experienced professionals here. How does welding really affect health? There are a lot of opinions out there, each one different. I'm asking here because this group consists specifically of welders who know their trade better than anyone else. Opinions on the internet will vary, but here I am confident that everyone knows what they're talking about, rather than just saying "I don't know, I haven't worked in this field, but from what I've heard..."

I'm 19 years old and I'm looking for a well-paid physical job. Welding is the main profession I'd like to learn.

16:12 UTC


How to get welding apprenticeship or helper jobs

I just graduated high school with a couple of certs but I don’t really know how to do the stuff there asking for around here. I can do stick welding but I don’t know how to get a job. Any advice or places I should look for apprenticeships or helper jobs?

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new into welding

I’m about to start trade school at Lincoln tech and it’s pretty expensive and I have to do it by myself I’m 23 I don’t know any welders so I don’t really know who to ask but I just want to know if welding is worth it I love being hands on so I’m not worried about that I’m more questioning is the money good in welding as far as will it help with being able to pay off school of some people can help with some insight thank you ! #welding #weldinginsight

17:02 UTC


How do I get into welding?

Hello! I'm just weighing out some career options, and just want to know how hard it is, and even HOW to get into welding. I'm 15, so not like im going to apply for anything now, but just curious as to what like certifications are desired in the field and the ones that can help you get hired? I'm in Texas, if that helps any, and do yall think that it would benefit me to get a cheap welding little rig for me to learn welding and just mess around with it? I would like to pursue welding, but RIGHT OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL ! Curious as to how that can be done, and really just want I need to do !


Edit: Also, does welding pay good as of now? Do any of yall think it will still pay good in the next 3-6 years?

04:56 UTC


How to get a thicker, wider laser mig weld?

I’m using the IPG LightWeld XR for mig on steel 0.45” wire and need a thicker (higher), wider weld. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

12:22 UTC


Is $18 an hour too low for first welding job?

So i got hired on the spot just the other day for this company that does MIG welding, they do parts for caterpillar and roofing. I did a weld test and didn’t do my best but it was decent. They asked what i was looking for in pay and i think i may have asked too little. I was afraid to ask for too much so i went with 18 to be safe but now i feel like i fucked myself over. I’ve never worked in a shop before and the only experience i have is from a community college class i took for about 5 months. Do y’all think 18 an hour paid weekly is decent or should i look into something more?

23:02 UTC


I need help with passing the welding plans exm for icc..

I passed the codes but the welding plans are a little difficult. How can I get better at reading welding plans.

04:57 UTC


Work around Austin & surrounding areas?

Does anyone know anywhere around the Austin and surrounding areas looking to hire structural welders?

I’m currently making $31/hr on 1099 but I’ve only been getting 20-30 hrs weekly. Looking for something $28+ with OT , I also have a rig I don’t mind putting to work as well. I appreciate any leads 🤙🏽

01:19 UTC


Half ways disabled welder

Hey guys so I live in Texas and am about to go to Missouri welding institute and I have a job lined up in Kansas but it only pays 20 an hour and I am wondering if I am going to squander my first for years

06:47 UTC


Machining vs Welding

So I’m enrolled in tech school on the fall for CNC machining, but I’m also interested in welding. Is there a point to do both or no?

02:09 UTC


florida panhandle

Hello, looking to move to the panhandle, wondering if anyone works in the panhandle and makes good money? I currently work in a shop in Missouri and make $28 an hour. would be open to shop or anything as long as the money stays near what i’m making now. Thanks

15:39 UTC


Welding related jobs in Ontario, Canada

Hello, i am currently doing a 7 week Welding technician program at weldtech training in mississauga. I finish my course on June 7th and will be looking for a welding related job from the 9th of June. I'd have my S ticket (hopefully) by then as well as i'm planning on completing w47.2/w59.2 code exams in the coming month. If there are any jobs available for such positions please do let me know: Thank you.

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23:20 UTC


Looking for welding apprenticeships in San Diego. I have no experience but I wanna get into the trade.

21:13 UTC


Information on Auto Welding Needed for Comic Book

Hi there,

I am simply an artist with no experiences with cars or anything of the sort, but I am currently creating a story with my boyfriend. I'm considering to include a character who is in the auto welding business and want to make it as realistic as possible. I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but please let me know some things if applicable (and sorry if the questions seem stupid):

  • What is your job like? How is the schedule and pay?
  • How difficult is the industry? How was it getting into an entry level job?
  • How exhausted do you get during and after work?
  • What kind of clients do you handle? Any interesting stories?
  • How has your job affected your daily life and your perspective on life in general?

Thank you so much

07:55 UTC


Welding red seal

If I fail my welding red seal twice? Do I need to redo my 3 month B level course again?

21:35 UTC


Does anybody have recommendations for any apprenticeships or programs in San Diego for welding(no experience)

21:08 UTC


Wanting to switch jobs from jeweler to welder how do I start?

I have currently been a jeweler for several years. I love the craft and creativity, but the company I work for is soul sucking. So I'm considering changing fields to become a welder. I've always been interested in it but not had a chance to explore my options.

How do I start out getting into the feild? Preferably I would like a paid apprenticeship if possible; since I would have to still work if I had to do unpaid classes. I'm a good multitasker and a very quick learner. As a jeweler I worked my way up from starting as an apprentice to the highest skill set in 3 years (which is extremely rare) because I am really dedicated and pick up skills quickly. I think I'm good at applying that mentally to all my jobs realistically. What should I look out for going into the field?

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What kind of prior experience do you need in ontario canada for Welding Inspector Level 1 position?

Hello, i am currently taking a course in Mississauga, ON at Weldtech Training school. I have a High school diploma & i am pursuing to become a certified level 1 welding inspector. Anyone can guide as to what kind of industry experience i would need? Right now, i do not have any work experience in this field. Please help a brother out. Thank you so much.

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21:01 UTC


What is the job market like in Ireland for welders?

Hi. Looking for a career change and thinking about welding. I live in Ireland. Any Irish welders here that can tell me about the what jobs and pay are like? Thanks.

07:42 UTC


Considering going to school.

I went to culinary school in my early 20s, and have been in the business for over a decade and I am burnt out. The pay and benefits are non existent and I will never be able to afford a family on a chefs wage no matter how hard I try, and I’ll have to work 60+ hours a week, every holiday and weekend for the rest of my life with no benefits or chance of retirement. I’ve heard from some friends that some vocational/community colleges will pay you to get your welding degree and pay for your schooling. I am good with metal fabrication already as I make my own guitar amps and fan the chassis out of steel sheet. I know soldering and welding are two different monsters, but I’m very good at it and there is skill involved in not destroying a digital PCB with solder, very meticulous work.

If there’s anyone who could guide me in the right direction of a good school that will teach me and pay me well, I would really appreciate it. I’m willing to put in the work to get where in need to go and will do anything to better the quality of life for my family. Thanks y’all.

03:53 UTC


Structural welder

This is just a really quick question and I don’t mean anything bad by it, but does anyone know what the best way to get on a crew for the Baltimore bridge? I have a boiler marker apprenticeship lined up after my son is born, but I feel like working a structural bridge job would give me some solid points on my resume.

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