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If you are an employee or entrepreneur in the legal marijuana or hemp industry (or aspire to be) then you are in the right place. Dispensary employees, cannabis entrepreneurs, growers, supply chain software developers and industry consultants are a few of the groups this subreddit is intended for.

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Is there anywhere for consumers to search UID?

Basically title

Got a package

Would like to search the uid

08:08 UTC


Wanted: Tax Attorney / CPA looking to get into the industry

I am an owner of a consulting firm based in the OC/LA metro. Looking to broaden our range of services by bringing an accountant/CPA/tax attorney into the team to offer consulting services as part of a broader suite of services. Startup culture, considerations, and benefits- ideally looking for someone who is looking to break into the industry from traditional markets and can adapt to changing regulations as we advise clients.

17:46 UTC


Can anybody give me advice on starting my own 420 friendly restaurant/lounge?

Im in colorado, and ever since Amendment 64 got passed, ive had this idea of a BYOC lounge and restaurant. Ive called the MED, counties and even the state, and I have a grasp on what I need to do, but would love tips and tricks from those who have started a cannabis business.

It is mainly going to be a restaurant and hangout area that will allow customers to consume cannabis products indoors in a safe, legal environment. Think of it like a bar/grill, without the alcohol. My main problem is finding an investor or partner that is willing to work with me in getting this ball rolling. I am not a wealthy individual, nor know any wealthy individuals and have wondered how others like me got funding in this industry.

I know there are others here that operate like how I want to operate, like Studio420 etc, I have called them for answers, but to no avail. So what advice would you give to a newbie like myself? What do I have to do get open my own cannabis lounge?

16:32 UTC


What inspired you to start your marijuana business, and what challenges have you faced?

Hi everyone, Im currently trying to get my foot in the door in the cannabis industry and I have a few questions.

What inspired you to open a cannabis business, and what keeps you going?

Other than banking and legal regulations, what challenges have you faced?

If you've purchased cannabis from a dispensary that isnt your own, what did you like & dislike about the experience?

And finally, how do you get first time cannabis users to make a purchase?

Thanks in advance, Its very appreciated!

18:58 UTC


Anyone use Hippo Packaging?

Kicking off a brand packaging project. Spoken to a ton of design/production agencies. Curious if anyone has any experience and comments on Hippo Packaging out of San Diego. Thanks!

18:02 UTC


Partner in Oklahoma

I did this a few months ago, but thought I'd give it a shot here again.

Long story short...started my own grow, did well pre-covid and went to expand to 4,000 sq. ft. Covid hit, and we couldn't get electrical hooked up for 8 months. I let the lease lapse on the old building because I didn't need two grows, and the rest is history.

I left behind a 20 year career in oil and gas, and have tried to get back into the industry, but have pretty much been blacklisted because of my two years growing. I'm running out of options, but still have enough personal property to sell to get some start up going.

I'm looking for a partner/partners, and am completely open to any sort of suggestion you have. Are you broke but have 2 acres in the country? Let's talk.

Never grown before, but just like to smoke and have a little cash sitting around? I'll provide the smoke and we can have a chat.

Know nothing about weed and looking for passive income? It doesn't hurt to just talk and see if we can find an agreement.

I'm in my 40's, work my ass off, and have been growing since the 90's. I've got a large collection of hard to come by genetics, have been doing my own breeding since the early 2000's, and I already have proven strains that are market tested. I have funds but can't spin it all by myself this go round.

16:11 UTC


Finding Fresh Jane is now easier! Get notified of new and restocked products near you

A few months ago I posted about a web app I made which notifies you when products are added to dispensary menus, however it required navigating to multiple websites and copy/pasting URLs... not the most user friendly experience.

Based on feedback I received from you all I'm relaunching FreshJane with a new user interface, allowing you to create notifications for products you want to know about, all directly from FreshJane!

Check it out, especially if you may have skipped over it last time, and I'd appreciate any feedback that can further improve the experience!

Thanks all ✌️

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18:14 UTC


Packaging Design Company Recommendation?

I have a created a new product line. I have the 2D branding/design already settled as well as a clear concept I want for the 3D packaging. I only need help making the physical concept a reality and sourcing the packaging units.

Any recommendations out there for a good packaging design company? I am based in Cali. Thanks!

18:04 UTC


Looking for a Real Estate Broker

Any cannabis real estate agents, brokers, or realtors in the Denver CO area?

Looking for commercial rentals. Thank you!

14:41 UTC


New Jersey please help

I'm a new jersey resident with expirence in horiculture, and vast cannabisknowledge in general. I'm in construction by trade, but I'm looking to get into this field of work. I also have a wife and 3 children plus a mortgage, so getting an entry level position isnt an option.

my question does anybody here have any suggestions on how to enter this market space? any tips would be greatly appreciated

01:29 UTC


$60k+ in inventory I can't sell anymore. Anyone sell Cannabis Accessories that can help a guy out?

I'm looking for advice from any cannabis accessory sellers out there.

Basically, I've had 1 product I sold for 2 years successfully on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. Now Amazon.com wants to take it down as it's considered "Drug paraphernalia".

I'm not sure quite what to do. Does anyone know if selling these types of products on Amazon.uk etc is a good idea? Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Anywhere else you can recommend selling these products is greatly appreciated.

Also, I'm wondering if breaking down my "bundled", box, tray, jar and grinder and selling them individually is a good idea. Does anyone know if it will hurt my Amazon account if I keep getting ASINs taken down? My account heath otherwise is in perfect shape.

The product had 4.8 starts with over 1200 reviews. I've never had an issue with Amazon until now. Also, I didn't use words such as "weed" or anything like that in the listing. The closest thing that was in there was "Herb" and "Herbalist" etc. I also didn't mention smoking and there's no pictures referencing weed or anything like it in my photos, so I'm not sure why they targeted me.

Any input at all about anything is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

19:33 UTC


New to the industry

Where is the best place to start, coming from somewhere where it was so shamed and not talked about, I want to start as a trimmer soon. I want to start from the basics of the seeds all the way up to trimming and having the buds finished, what’s the best youtube channel for that? Are there any that have courses almost like a classroom? TIA

18:01 UTC


Merrco and cova suck

Any Canadian budtender use cova and merrco and have a awful time correcting transactions and cashing out?

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23:49 UTC


NYC and opening a Recreational shop

i know cannabis is recreationally legal in NYC now after it has passed this year. but when i go to try and apply i get nothing.. ive read by 2022 they should have the legislation in place or some kind of council to oversee the operations.. i was wondering if there is a way to get on a "waitlist" or does anybody know how to start it off early rather than wait till its congested with applications

i know the medical licensing is veryyyy expensive anywhere. but i now where it becomes recreationally legal, there happens to be a weed shop on every other corner like delis and smoke shops out here .. so i can assume the cost of getting the paperwork and what not is much cheaper for recreational vs. medical stores

so if anybody can help point me in the right direction with getting the paper work started?so i can start making a move

( been waiting patiently for this for years like everybody else like me in this state, now seems to be the time lol )

15:59 UTC


Do you have experience with conducting surveys?

Does anyone have any experience or advice regarding conducting surveys or market research in the cannabis industry? More specifically, surveying home growers?

Me and a few colleagues have developed a product prototype, and are interested in getting some initial feedback to see whether or not we are on the right track.

We're currently thinking about 20-30 mostly multiple choice questions, with the overall survey taking no more than 20 minutes.

How much would a decent survey cost? Are there more cost effective alternatives?

If you've run surveys before, was the overall hassle/cost worth it in the end?

What types of questions have given you the best feedback/results?

Anything you would do, or do differently?

03:59 UTC


Minority Equity cannabis funding

Are they any legit sources of funding for minority equity cannabis cultivation companies. We are running out of funding and need capital for buildout to get revenue generating. I know most are trying to poverty pimp equity candidates, but I was wondering if there was truly any that could help. I have talked to multiple private loan companies and they want you to have a ton of assests to put up as collateral and already be up and running.

03:20 UTC


Marijuana Social Clubs

Is anyone familiar with marijuana social clubs? I can’t find much information about them.

03:00 UTC


MJ Biz Con

Has anyone in this sub ever been to MJ Biz Con? I'm basically doing whatever it takes to get there so I can network within the industry to secure a job in the near future. Do I absolutely need the full pass to the seminars and Expo floor ($600) or can I make do with the Expo floor only ($350)? The type of job i would be networking for is mid executive level.

00:52 UTC


Landed a sales rep position with a Tier 1 producer in eastern WA - I need your advice!

I'm 27, I'd been working in public health government for a few years and honestly wasn't feeling even the least bit of fulfillment in my work. When the pandemic hit, the field turned into a graveyard for careers. Anti-mask protests outside the office. Actual death threats being sent to our leaders. The same dreaded "oh" every time I called anyone or any business and opened with my name and employer. Overbearing managers who half-joked about resigning themselves while expecting me to pick up all the work of my former colleagues who were dropping like flies around me.

I saw a job posting advertising a Cannabis Sales Representative spot, and applied on a whim. The interview went really well, and I was offered the position which I accepted today! Tier 1 grows are the smallest type in WA (up to 2000 sqft), and I'm joining a small team of about a half-dozen people that I feel I'll fit in really well with.

Being a smaller grower, my new employer takes a really artisinal, boutique approach to their products. They mix their own soil blends and use zero pesticides. They have a decent presence at local dispensaries and in some larger franchises in the Seattle area, but they have tons of room for growth. I'll be their only person dedicated to sales, so I'm eager to jump in and start really hustling to put their products on prominent shelf space and get people talking about their stuff.

What advice can you offer to help me succeed? I'm new to this industry but I want to put in the work and be great. If you've worked with sales reps for producers, can you tell me what differentiates the ones you love working with from the ones you don't, and what I should focus on?

23:47 UTC


Got an interview for becoming a trimmer! Any advice going into the interview?

Hey all! I just got an interview for a trimmer position in my town and am super excited about it. The application was really fun, got to make a video that helped them learn a bit about me while being creative. I must have done something right because I have an interview with them coming up in a couple weeks! I've worked with plants before but I'm totally new to the industry. Any advice going into the interview would be really appreciated! Like what questions they might ask, anything I should learn before the interview/possibly getting hired etc. Thank you!!

22:02 UTC


Looking for lead work on a farm in OK or somewhere warm, experienced PA medical farmer. Just set up a 4000 sqft grow.

19:25 UTC


Would anyone be able to share their tip structure & how you divide it up?

We’re working on setting up our tipping structure and would love any guidance. Thank you!

16:12 UTC


Getting into the licensed distribution business in CA? (Type 11+13)

Is it possible to enter the space or too late?

I’m very interested and would love to speak to anyone who would be open to putting me on this space.

How much capital would I require?

08:41 UTC


NACPT college

Has anybody here done either of the cannabis diploma programs at NACPT pharma college (in Canada)?

07:28 UTC

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