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Everyday you're doing something; what are you doing today?

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Every day you're doing something- what are you doing today?


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13:35 UTC


TIA happy because my bestfriend turned 18!

ITS MY BESTFRIENDS 18TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! His user is u/rubicksan27!!!
We first met 9 years ago in school as classmates but we did not talk a lot. In 7th grade we were classmates again and started talking. I was going through severe depression at the time but his presence helped me through that phase. He too started Dota at the time so we could share the depression. I hated everything in my life but after meeting him my life had gotten better!! He helped me through the dark phase and I cant believe how old we have grown up! I dont know if I couldve made it without his presence!! Happy birthday jobro!!

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10:42 UTC


TIA one year sober

The last time I walked into a bar was the weekend before Covid closed them all. I haven't had a drink in a year. I started drinking at the age of 13 but didn't start to have a problem until I was 22. It got to the point that I was going into a bar 5 to 7 nights a week. I knew I had to stop before it got any worse. In this last year, I've grown into a stronger and better person. I've rediscovered parts of who I am that I lost years ago. I'm a better and more appreciative human being now.

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01:40 UTC


Today I Am the proud sister of a published author!

So my sister has been working hard publishing an episodical modern-fantasy series on her own website for a few years now, and she's finally decided to publish the first series as a book! It's a genuinely amazing achievement as she's done everything herself, or with the help of friends - writing, editing, artwork, publishing, and marketing - and the book officially launches TODAY and I just can't tell you how proud I am of her. Anyone who's ever tried blogging or self-publishing knows just how hard and discouring it can be, so to finally hold a real, physical copy of her book in my hands was just unbelievable.

We're actually having a fb launch party today if you'd like to join us to celebrate - there'll be contests, q+a's, and a chance to win free copies of the ebook or even a cameo in the next series! You can join us here https://fb.me/e/5MUOaIRX8

As for the book...


Jack Hansard is the man who can sell you anything. Luck in a bottle, fame in a box, dreams on a leash: anything is possible when you're a trader on the occult Black Market.

Jack is used to a life of handling dangerous goods, dodging disgruntled customers, and sometimes running away very fast. But when Ang - two-and-a-half feet of furious Welsh coblyn - buys his help to find her missing kin, Jack suddenly finds the goods are riskier, the customers more treacherous, and escape is anything but guaranteed.

The Jack Hansard Series is an episodic contemporary fantasy with a wide streak of humour and just a dash of horror. Season One contains the first fifteen episodes in the series.

EDIT: forgot to add a link 😂 also available on amazon + kindle https://books2read.com/u/49Mjd0?fbclid=IwAR3hpdz65RWbd4C6lMg7j34A_JJCmzFI_tidhqPK0PTYlV7tcgTRnKI2w9M

10:30 UTC


Today I am preparing a casting/test session to become a voice actor for a small video game dubbing studio.

And it's an exercice I've tried sometimes, I know how to work with a lip-sync track and I trust myself to not drop the ball...

But still, I'm a bit nervous. I've mostly acted on stage or for amateur or semi-professional short-movies so this is a brand new professional step and for something I've been dreaming of doing for a long time.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but if anyone has tips or feels like sharing experiences, go ahead !

Wishing you all the best !

And if anyone wants to check my voice (and the video that allowed me to get that opportunity), there you go : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGo9cVv0noM

It's an adaptation into video of the sc-fi short story I'm the most proud of (writing is my first passion, even a bit above acting), and I'm really proud of what I've done with it (and apparently, the guys at the studio enjoyed it as well as they agreed to gave me this opportunity even though they were specifically looking for people with years of experience in the domain) :

Sorry for the small misteps in pronunciation here and there as English is not my first language. :)

18:11 UTC


Today I am launching my first Android game!

During the quarantine I was bored, and as I like coding I made my first Android game by myself, I am really proud of myself, no matter how silly it is! :)

09:46 UTC


Today I am exhausted beyond belief

Quarantine has been odd for me, I’m temporarily living in a small town in the middle of nowhere and I’ve discovered a love for going on long walks and hikes.

Today I went on a 3 hour hike along many hills and I did almost 12 km, but the most impressive part is that I gained 545 meters of elevation through it all!

This is a personal record for me, I got back home feeling wobbly and now every muscle in my body is warm and tired (I’ve been resting for a few hours already!) - but I’m so so happy!

Today I am amazed with my body!

EDIT: here are some pictures and a quick video!

04:54 UTC


Today I am working on cleaning my room so I can have a creative outlet!

To preface this I couldn’t see the floor of my room for YEARS. But I’m finally cleaning it. And when I say clean I mean clean. Walls are getting washed and everything. I’m tired of living like this. But anyway, on to the main story...

Ever since I was little I’ve been creative and in arts and choir and stuff until I got into college and didn’t have time to have a real creative outlet. Well, with TikTok being a thing and me being in quarantine I decided to make a TikTok Star Wars Original Content (OC) cosplay thing and I’m so excited. I have 3 friends that are also excited and it makes my heart so happy to have something to do and also have so many people supportive of me!!

Sorry for the run ons but I’m just excited. I’ve been depressed since I got sent home from my dream job working for a kinda famous mouse 👀. Anyway, I’m excited for the first time in about a month.

19:46 UTC


Today I am Waiting to Celebrate

I am going to be the principal of the k-8 school my children attended! First principal gig!

It won’t be official until after I am approved by the school board on Monday evening, so I have to keep my appointment confidential! I haven’t been able to tell my friends or my colleagues. I just couldn’t wait to tell SOMEONE!

Please help me celebrate, friends of Reddit! I am over the moon excited. I love being in education. I love supporting teachers and building their capacity. But I especially love the impact I can have on the lives of the students and their families. I can’t wait!

15:55 UTC


Today i am proud I lost weight

I have now lost 7kg (15.4 lbs) !!

Hi! In February I decided I had to lose weight, because I put on a few kilos in a short amount of time (like 4kg in a month) and my diet was pretty bad, so I decided to do something before it got worse. (According to me and how I want Myself to be and eating better for my health).

So there are two people now at work who noticed I had lost weight when they saw me (Without le le ruining anything). I’m just a little bit disappointed that my family and friends can’t see the difference on skype (I live abroad)

17:17 UTC


Today I Am 26 but don't have anyone to celebrate with

Sorry if it sounds like I'm fishing for attention. I moved to a new country last year and haven't made any close friends. Only a handful of acquaintances.

My only really close friend ghosted me this month. For her birthday I took us on a weekend trip and paid for the AirBnB. For mine she doesn't even say happy birthday.

I felt awkward telling people it was my birthday but I eventually did and asked if they wanted to hang out. One friend simply never read the message (not my friend actually I guess?) and the Coronavirus of course got serious last month so anyone else I've asked is social distancing now - and of course they should.

So far my mom and one friend from back home has wished me happy birthday. It just feels like another day.

Brutal/Funny headlines I get for my birthday are:

1994 - Rwandan Genocide: Massacres begin of Tutsis in Kigali

1995 - Russian Paramilitary begins massacring Chechnyans

2003 - US Troops take Baghdad and arrest Sadam Hussein

2020 - Japan's Prime Minister Declares State of Emergency

What are some headlines from your birthday? Any ideas of what I should do? I was going to grab my self a slice of cake somewhere but even that isn't really possible with the quarantine. Not much of a baker either. I also have to go into work for two days, should've taken vacation days I guess.

01:34 UTC


TIA Properly happy for the first time in almost a year!

I graduated high school last year and have been pretty unmotivated to do anything since then. I drifted away from most of my friends and was barely able to make myself apply for university and find a job. I recently failed 2 or 3 (I’m scared to check) of my courses in university from sheer apathy and am not getting nearly enough money from my job to be comfortable. Luckily enough I’ve never let myself stress too much and depression hasn’t been too big of an issue for me, though loneliness was starting to set in. But I met a girl at uni a couple weeks ago that I really enjoyed hanging out with and I eventually asked her out. We were going to go for a coffee soon but I found out we had some mutual friends and I invited them and her to my place for some drinks and video games last night. A couple people couldn’t make it but a couple people (including her) showed up. But then the others all had to leave for various reasons and it was soon just her and I hanging out and having a good time. Neither of us drank very much but we both had a really fun time playing games together and eventually decided to just put on a movie. Then she started snuggling up to me in the middle of Nightmare on Elm Street and things kept escalating. Soon enough we were cuddling on the couch watching the movie and clearly both liked eachother. Apparently she has also been lonely recently and she eventually asked if she could stay the night, at first innocently, because she missed sleeping in the same room as someone. But sure enough it progressed from there and by the morning we’d decided we both wanted to date seriously, and had done a few things that I hadn’t been able to for almost a year. All of today I’ve been incredibly happy to have found someone that I’m really interested in and that the feeling is mutual. I don’t date much, and I’d considered her out of my league until last night. I just wanted to share it here because I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it right now, and my thoughts are a jumbled mess (in the best way possible).

00:37 UTC


TIA Cautiously Proud

I’m trying to give myself some props today because I’ve recently opened my own business after a really rough year of taking abuse from a boss, being put down, and believing that I’m no good at my job. I took the leap and opened up shop at the advice of so many people in my personal life around me, and I’m 100% astounded that it isn’t a total failure right now. I really did expect to fall flat on my face.

In November I made a list of goals I’m going to work on in 2020, a kind of resolution list, and one of those goals was to have 10 appointments in a week in my new business. It’s looking, if my schedule holds steady, like that’s going to happen next week! I’m just really amazed that things are starting to work out.

I’m struggling to give myself credit without feeling scared that if I acknowledge my successes they will be yanked away from me. So I’m just posting a little note on reddit, so that until I’m brave enough to share my small successes with the people close to me, I can take a small step outside of my comfort zone and acknowledge that things are starting to go right for me.

03:05 UTC


TIA being offered a full-time job!

I won't disclose where I work, but I've been here for two student work terms and now on during a term with a specified start and end date (filling in for someone on maternity leave). I was told there was possibility of a position that was available in a different area than where I am now, but didn't know how certain it was to be filled.

I came into work today after a bad day yesterday. Rainy miserable day, flat tire on a 10 year old vehicle that was just out of the garage costing nearly $800, etc, and just thought it was a normal day. Then, one of the higher ups comes down to our workshop and asks me if I have a minute. Takes me to a quiet room, and proceeds to explain that they are offering me a full-time position.

It couldn't have come at a better time. I really need to get a new vehicle for myself so I don't have to use a decade old hand-me-down that requires being in the garage once a month. It's unfortunate in a way because a few months back I signed a lease for a place that I share with 3 other friends, and I would either have to drive an hour and a half to and from work each day, or move closer and move out of the current living situation.

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19:17 UTC


TIA enjoying my birthday

I’m 11 today. Say hello to a slightly older cat person!

06:54 UTC


TIA self-conscious

I think most posts in this sub involve the self-conscious emotions. So I just put the link if someone finds it interesting.

09:42 UTC


TIA feeling determined.

Like,I know what to do to ensure:

-My life goes better than it has been.

-That my fate is my own(I've finalized my suicide plan..and it feels kinda good,actually)

And I feel like...I've got a good bead on my future plans.

18:26 UTC


TIA feeling blessed!

Although there are a lot of things in my life that need work(I.e,my Korea problems,for one)

For the time being,life is good.


19:53 UTC


TIA so happy

After two weeks of lies and heartbreak, I found another girl that I truly know won't lie to me. About two weeks ago I dated a girl. She broke up with me, but she lied about the reason. The real reason was because she wanted to go back to her toxic ex. I thought my heart wouldn't recover, but it did. This new girl cares about me so much, she actually listens, and doesn't use me for my body. And a plus, she always has snacks on her (healthy ones lol)

16:50 UTC


Tia proud of myself

Today was the day of the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament that helped raise $500 for charity. If it wasnt for me this probably would not have happened because I played a large role in advertising and spreading the word and I came up with the idea for it. I ofcourse still have my teacher sponcer and friend who also helped run it.

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02:29 UTC


TIA working

Hello reddit, how are you doing today?

It's noon, I have just woken up as usual. Today will be the second day of intensive work for me.

Yesterday I got my side project working. Not ideal and not in its best shape. But enough to start playing around. So today the main event is the day-long work applying this project to my work project and my blog. See if I can speed up my job with these. Ideally I should have the rig today to start doing what I am paid for next week.

Before the work I'll be getting to speed with my kanji. Again 50 to repeat today, no big deal.

One small thing that'll make me happy today is pornographic meditation. Tried it yesterday, it involves vividly imagining the scene. Turns me on much better than ordinary porn scenes which are all about banging meat, no soul in them. If you know some subreddits that specialise on porn stories, please let me know, as I feel like writing porn fiction.

One thing I'll do today to make tomorrow a better place for myself is engaging with my city's local forum. I haven't been a part of any forum for ten years or so. I mean feeling like having bonds with it. The last time was 10 years ago when I ran a clan in gta sa:mp. As of now, my social life is quite uneventful. I want more exposure to new people while maintaining the overall quality of my relationships. So I will ask for advice on what fun events or meetups we have here to attend. I tried sporadic lectures on stuff like marketing and also some stuff from Facebook events before - did not float my boat.

Phew, coming up with my day's story is harder than expected. It worked for two days straight though, so I hope it will also work today.

Take care, reddit, and good luck with your day!

10:46 UTC


Today I am alone

The attention is nice but at the end of the day I have no one to talk with

00:25 UTC


TIA a little happy a little sad. Disabled little person. Passed driving permit.

I am a disabled little person which means I'm pretty small and my joint damage (from decades of rheumatoid arthritis) makes movement very hard if not impossible. I am 35yo but until very recently I have lived my entire life with a mentally abusive psychotic narcissistic thieving piece of shit mother in mostly isolation from society and services and without any kind of even the simplest accessibility in the home. Even a ramp or toilet or reachable food was out of the question.

Far cry from today. Several months ago I moved out into an ACCESSIBLE subsidized apt, and gotten a great visiting aide in the process. The woman is nuts, all over the place, hyper af and generally out of her head but I love her and she is honestly as corny as it is, the best part of my day. We think alike, watch things alike, hate people alike, like music alike, have similar dark jokes, like similar food, have similar cleanliness OCD (or CDO with letters in correct order as they should be).

I've been looking at adaptive vehicles for a while now, even visiting a conversion van dealer about a year ago. These things exist. Little people drive them (my friend in Cali is a little person with a car with pedal extensions).

MOSS rehab driving school where I want to go to even get the ball rolling or find out I'm not up to it, either way I've been drowning in bureaucracy for many many many many months. Doctors, DMV, MOSS, etc. Each one sending me to the other. Recently I finally got a doctors letter and today (weather was atrocious, I froze my fingers off, got stuck in snow, and froze my tits off (and I'm a guy) waiting for the bus) I finally passed the written test (first try) at the DMV. Though they didn't give me a physical permit yet, pending getting an "enrollment letter" from the driving school. Sooooooo.... Back to square 9835.

Do you see me giving up? I just got stuck in the snow in the middle of Roosevelt Blvd, in a blizzard cursing life and hoping I don't lose my fingers to frostbite. Suck it, life.

21:08 UTC


TIA singing songs to my cat

she doesn't understand but i think she likes it

10:45 UTC


TIA celebrating my first cake day

the lame-o's over at r/casualconversation won't let me talk to anyone about it, so here i am instead.

17:19 UTC


TIA Sad this subreddit is so small

i just discovered this subreddit and i'm reading all the post and this looks like such a great place and i got super excited to start posting and then i went to comment on some post on the front page and i couldnt because it was archieved and i noticed it was posted 12 months ago and there are 1,746 readers and 6 people online now and i got sad because i wish this place was more active

but its okay imma still subscribe and read all your posts and comment and enjoy this little community yall got going on

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01:51 UTC


Today I am happy as whenever sunspot numbers get raised there is more light and vitamin D hence sime stress decrease ensues

There are four kinds of sunspot phases. Zero. Upward. Maximal. Downward. Now in the last 6 days we were on Zero. Today it has jumped to 13. Hurray!

09:00 UTC


TIA Stunned After Facing My "Fear"

Today my Ex came to church with me. The man that had hurt me so many times sat next to me while the service went on. I had prayed that he would die, or be hurt as much as he physically hurt me so many times in the past year. But today, all I prayed was that he would find the peace and grace I had found in the Lord. Sitting next to him for that long was so hard. I fought the panic that was trying to take over. As the end came, the pastor made an alter call. My ex leaned over and asked me what that meant. I thought he was being sarcastic. But, I told him the pastor was giving the opportunity for people to come to the Lord and have a new life. "Ohh" was all he said. I gave up hope that he was affected at all by the service. Then I looked over and he was starting to cry, he stood up and went forward. The emotion overwhelmed me and I started crying. So many conflicting emotions. I have hated this man, I have been afraid of him, and today I was fervently praying for his life to change. I will not change my decisions to divorce him. I will not take the chance to let him hurt me so deeply again. But I pray that his life turns around for his sake and the sake of our daughter. I'm dazed... overwhelmed... but I faced my fear of letting him near me and I'm glad I did.

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02:23 UTC


Tia sleeping on the couch

I just grabbed my pillow and went for the couch. I told my bf how I felt and he seemed like he could really give a shit a nd just went back to playing his Pokémon game. I cried and just went on the couch. Now I feel like a shit bag piece of dirt that probably should go off to another place and not come back. I’ve never felt so sad and moody. I’m on my period so being moody is uncontrollable. I wish he’d take me serious when I get my period and get moody and sad and mad and just listen to how I’m feeling. I wish he’d validate these feeling right now.

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03:32 UTC

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