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Star Trek The Wrath of Khan is a masterpiece!

I’ve only just decided to delve into Star Trek and I’ve fallen in love with this universe and the characters, and honestly after The Wrath of Khan, I was taken by surprise. The Wrath of Khan was near perfect, it had great pacing it was short and sweet not overdone in any areas. It took the characters from the previous film and shows and added more depth to them. Khan was a really well done villain, the story was straightforward but really entertaining. Honestly I’m surprised it’s not talked about enough, I truly loved The Wrath of Khan, and think it’s one of the best sequels ever made, it’s on the same level and perhaps even surpasses The Empire Strikes Back. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on it? I’m absolutely hooked on Star Trek.

06:55 UTC


Technically correct is the best form of correct?

We see time and time again Captains Kirk, Picard, Janeway et al. faced with a situation where rules are the rules but they end up doing the "right thing" instead, contrary to said rules (Prime Directive breaches being a classic)

Recently, I was removed from a role and as one of the organising committee for my hobby for reasons which are very much a technicality. In my opinion, I could have been reinstated and the status quo kept and other members of our committee (and our membership) would not have complained. The solution was obvious - just say, yeah you messed up, but we're all human so we can let it slide. Thus, I appealed to our Club President to no avail, as they took a firm "rules are rules" approach.

The experience has me wondering - has this happened in Star Trek before? As in, someone was filling a role, made a small error/ technical mistake, appealed but was summarily dismissed etc with no thought of "yeah you made a slip up but we're all human and this is easy to fix so we'll do that instead"?

(As my title implies, I'm aware that rules are there for a reason, and I have accepted my fate and I'm not interested in further attempts to get my role back)

1 Comment
05:54 UTC


I'm gonna try and find all violations of the Prime Directive

Someone asked how many violations there were in the entire star trek series. So far I've watched 12 season of Star Trek. That's all of Deep Space 9, Lower Decks, start of Voyager, and some TNG.

First I'm going to try to explain the Prime Directive. The rule is the Federation cannot interfere with non-federation races. The first part is the Federation cannot get involved in developing species that are underdeveloped and haven't created warp technology or discovered any alien races, Federation officers need to keep their very existence a secret from the aliens. Violating this can jeopardize the development of the species and culture and is known as Cultural Contamination.

The second part is more complicated and requires the Federation refraining from the uninvited manipulating of the internal affairs of a non-federation group, or partisan aid of legitimate non-federation groups.

There's probably a better explanation, but it's really a vibe over a written rule.

I'm going to start with the shortest series Lower Decks and make a mention of noteworthy events:

S1 E1) No Prime Directive violation, but an unregulated transfer of advanced farming equipment to a farm on a planet that had already experienced First Contact and had access to said technology (the transfer was unregulated because the proper supply drop was months away)

E3) No violation, but a diplomatic incident during mission.

E8) No Violation of the Prime Directive. Two violations of the Treaty of Algeron with the theft of a bird of pray and an instance of trespassing in the Neutral Zone for a covert prisoner escape from Romulans which could also be a third act of war.

E9)First 2 Violations of the series. Ensign Mariner participated in or possibly incited an uprising for a species of lizard humanoids against the rodent humanoid oppressors. Captain Freeman averted regime change and offered replicator technology to the rodents for refraining from the consumption of lizard humanoids.

S2E1) Another Violation. Ensign Mariner preformed unauthorized renovations on an alien civilization's buildings that led to Commander Ransom being exposed to Strange Energy. While under the influence Ransom erased the orbiting moon and altered reality, changing the local population and infrastructure.

E4) No violation, but Captain Freeman agrees to give away a federation shuttle to a con artist after his ship was destroyed by the USS Cerritos's tractor beam. The deal was canceled when his identity was exposed.

E10) No violation, but near destruction of a planet during a first contact mission.

S3E7) Another Violation. Rogue Ensign Peanut Hamper crashed on an alien planet that swore off warp technology. Provided help to local population, but contacted scavengers to raid the planet of dormant warp ships.

E9) No violation, but Vice Admiral Buenamigo suppressed information of Breen incursions that allowed the Breen to commit a devastating raid on Brekka.

E10) Another Violation. Vice Admiral Buenamigo used an automated ship to build on a planet that showed signs of micro lifeforms that could be sentient.

S4E10) suprisingly no Prime Directive violations. Multiple ships across over a dozen different species mutinied and formed an independent Fleet. Captain Freeman invaded the fleet's territory while ignoring the fact over a dozen alien races hadn't relinquished their judicial authority on the mutineers. The reason it wasn't a violation was that she never opened fire on another ship. She just threw an Orion battle ship she was given at the shield covering the fleet's territory.

5 violations.

02:04 UTC


Recommended episodes to view for someone who only wants to watch the movies

Basically, I don't want to sit through every single episode of every single iteration of this franchise, but I would like to watch the movies. So what are required viewing episodes to help the movies' plots make more sense. Recommendations are fine, but if there are any official viewing guides, that would be most appreciated

01:37 UTC


Kelvin Timeline Starships - The Warp Nacelles Are Also Jet Engines?

In Star Trek Into Darkness when the Enterprise is taking off from Nibiru’s ocean, we briefly see water being blown from the back of the ship’s large warp nacelles.

Like they are enormous jet engines (Also the Bussard Collectors have structures akin to huge fan blades rotating inside them…)

Also, on the same movie, as the small shuttle is flying inside the volcano, we see material being sucked into the front of its nacelles.

And finally, with Khan’s attack ship, Kirk throws something into one of the nacelles, which quickly sucks the object in and then gets destroyed.

04:09 UTC


Thine Own Self

Commander William T. Riker: Did you come here for something in particular or just general Riker-bashing?

Looks like someone's been reading this reddit sub. (Yes, I know he said this before it existed, it's a joke.)

03:50 UTC


Ds9 movies & future series?

New to the community so apologize if this is common. I wish they had made ds9 movies. I imagine they could easily do 2 or 3 . Dominon war is an easy 2. Gamma quadrant gives u as many as you would want. Thoughts? I wish they had pushed the story where the next series was in the gamma quad. I guess you get something like that with discovery but it's such a different time line. Are there any new series ideas off old time lines you could see a schism of story telling?

03:33 UTC


The Wounded

This is a quote from the episode, which took place after BoBW but before Chain of Command. Well before ST First Contact.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: When one has been angry for a very long time, one gets used to it. And it becomes comfortable, like... like old leather. And finally... becomes so familiar that one can't ever remember feeling any other way.

Maxwell's family was murdered by Cardassians. He snaps and kills more Cardassians, even those who had nothing to do with his family's deaths. Not so much "innocent" but rather not involved.

Fastforward to FC : Picard snaps and kills the Borg on the holodeck, not to mention most of them on the cube/sphere and Enterprise. Yes, he was assimilated. However he was restored and his family wasn't killed. I'm not sure if it's ironic, poetic or what, that Picard went all Ahab on the Borg. He was also captured and tortured by one Cardassian. I wonder if that changed how he felt in the Wounded about "just cause".

02:08 UTC


Phasers on stun

How exactly do you have a stun setting on a directed energy weapon that kills by burning you? It would have to overload your nervous system or something to incapacitate someone, and how could a burning energy beam do that?

00:49 UTC


I met Captain Kirk himself today

So William Shatner was set to appear in Hartville, Ohio today at the Hartville Marketplace. While it was quite expensive, it was 100% worth it to get his autograph and a picture with him. The personal value of this to me far outweighed the monetary value. The reason being, my dad was a MASSIVE star trek fan. However, he unfortunately passed away a few years ago before ever getting the chance to meet any of his childhood heroes. So I took this more-than-likely once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Captain Kirk on behalf of my dad, and it was worth every penny I spent. Truly the absolute best day of my life.


00:15 UTC


TNG “Starship Mine” s6ep18 is the hardest I’ve laughed so far in my Production order watch thru

Data refining his “small talk” with Commander “call me Hutch” Hutchinson had me laughing out loud. Appropriate episode content for 4/20 I suppose. Brent Spiner is really a gem.

00:05 UTC


First time through Trek, and I get it now

I’ve tried to watch Star Trek before and idk if it was just the space I was in at the time, but I couldn’t get into it. My only prior exposure has been the original series films and reboot films, which I enjoyed for the most part. I recently gave it another go, and I’m glad I did. I’m sure I’ll get hate for my viewing order, but as a fan of Star Wars and Marvel I’ve always wondered what it would be like to view those in chronological order for the first time, so decided to go that route with Star Trek. I watched Enterprise, The Cage, the first two seasons of Discovery, SNW, TOS, Animated Series, films I-IV, and am currently halfway through season 2 of Next Generation. I feel like I’ve heard this series is ranked as one of the best, and man am I really loving it above the rest. I’ve enjoyed most all of them so far, but this seems to be the best blend of a lot of aspects of each. How do others feel about Next Gen compared to the rest? How much do you hate me for watching not-release order? Am I right in assuming I’ve got some really good stuff ahead of me? I’ve heard good things about DS9 as well.

23:41 UTC


What happens to a person blown into space at FTL

Watching Star Trek In To Darkness with my Hubby and he asked what happens to a person blown into space in a hull breach when travelling at warp... And I honestly don't know.... Help!?

23:08 UTC


Why do Klingons tolerate captivity/imprisonment less than humans?

I've not been imprisoned, nor have I been in captivity but I was locked up for being the wrong suspect once and I can't even imagine what I'd do if it were an extended period.

22:32 UTC


Why isn't there a Star Trek series completely focused on civilian life? And how successful would Star Trek: Civilian be?

Well, I have to wonder, why isn't there a Star Trek series that is completely focused around a regular Federation citizen?

Take this for example:

Synopsis: Star Trek: Civilian is revolved around a young Federation Uber pilot named Mitiki Takabuchu (who's a Starfleet washout from Japan) in the 25th century, who gets customers body going where they gone before in her Tesla space car, even Starfleet officers. Takabuchu is friends with a Vulcan and an Andorian who she met in high school. Takabuchu lives in an apartment complex in San Francisco, which is near Starfleet HQ. Takabuchu has a young son, and a husband who is a Starfleet captain who commands a Yamato-class ship.

22:01 UTC


That ain't right! Was looking at the Avatars since I never changed mine after S1 of Picard started (which is what convinced me to sub Paramount+). I've been using Picard's Pitbull "Number One" as my avatar all this time. I scroll through. I look. They've added the TNG crew + Jack. No Captain Shaw.

Yes, strange as it might be, this legitimately bothers me. Rios has one, and he didn't even die on screen. We just get told off-handedly that he dies in a bar fight, ffs! Shaw is honestly in my top 5 Captains. This dude had the worst fucking week. These two assholes lied their way onto his ship, then immediately lied to his face and tried to bullshit him (yes, it was a dick move on Picard's and Riker's part). Then Picard hijacked his ship and shit just kept slowly getting worse from there until his worst nightmare came true and the fucking Borg brainwashed his crew and killed him.

He deserves a Star Trek: Picard avatar.

21:06 UTC


Transport pads/rooms

Is there a reason given for why they don't always transport people directly to wherever they need to be? Eg, sickbay, bridge, etc etc. They are able to depart or arrive from or to anywhere on the ship so why not always do it?

20:08 UTC


Janeway confusing me (Equinox 1+2)

Spoilered this for those who may not have seen these episodes.

Anyway, Janeway has a vendetta against Ransom for many good reasons, and she doesn't let his crew off the hook either, saying following his orders was "their choice". Obviously following criminal orders is wrong, and officers should push back against superiors issuing them.

Which led to me being confused when she almost killed the crewman locked in the cargo bay. When Chakotay told her he couldn't in good conscience follow orders like that, or let her cross the line, she had him relieved of duty.

Isn't what Chakotay is doing exactly what he SHOULD be doing? And isn't it also exactly the sort of 'push back' she'd have respected from the Equinox crew, if they'd tried to defy Ransom?

Just wondered if anyone else found her blindness to this interesting.

20:22 UTC


What episodes and plots got most kneecapped by the episodic nature of 90's TV?

While it did manage to break it a little, much of 90's Trek was still heavily into the status quo of TV stories needing to be completed and the problem "fixed" at the end of the episode- but what episodes and stories REALLY needed more time, whether because they needed the time to be better stories, or more time because they SHOULD have been longer stories?

20:16 UTC


Show about Tuvok

Okay hear me Out. I want to see a personal journey Story about tuvok going back to the delta quadrant. On his journey are his wife, a young ex noble educated klingon mercenary, an andorian engineer and pupil to tuvok, and more. Later on to be joined by Neelix, as an act of friendship on Neelix Side while he is needed by tuvok as a diplomat and navigator. You would probably need some Human characters as well, but this time them being the fish out of water characters, as a ship under a Vulcan Like tuvok will be led quite differently than a regular federation ship.

Basically it would be a Journey about the melancholy of tuvok about janeways death, and the coping with the emotion. The stages of grief are Shown through external and internal situations. While tuvok maintains his vulcanness he spreads Goodwill and Vulcan worldviews.

20:03 UTC


Theory: human languages actually increase rather than decrease with federation technology

Hear me out. The universal translator alters everything so that someone hears it in their own language, right? And isn't the universal translator a fairly ubiquitous Star Fleet technology? So in theory people should be speaking whatever version of language they grew up with, which is likely to be a regional dialect or maybe even household level variety of an originary language. There's no reason for anyone to police dialects which makes everyone a language unto themselves.

(Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk, which occurred in Carolina Piedmont American English)

19:54 UTC


When someone is freezing a program on the holodeck does the actors who play the holograms just “freeze” on set?

Or there is some green screen magic here?

18:24 UTC


Which plots couldn't happen or would be different without the transporter?

I watched a video a while ago about how the transporter is basically magic and couldn't exist in real life due to various reasons. So how would the transporter not existing affect various Star Trek plots? Which scenes would have to occur differently? Which episodes wouldn't happen at all?

By extension, the replicator and the holodeck as well.

15:40 UTC


What do you think the twist will be at the end of Strange New Worlds, regarding Pike's fate?

It's likely that there will be some kind of twist at the end of Strange New Worlds, regarding Pike's fate. Will he be able to escape it? Will there be some magic solution that gives a happy ending? Alternate reality? Body double? etc etc

Or will there be no twist and he will get injured as the show has telegraphed for years and he will get the eventual happy ending that he gets in The Menagerie of returning to Talos IV and living with Vina?

12:50 UTC


Star Trek how accurate do you think Star Trek technology predictions will be?

We have a good start on the long distance communication and portable computers. What about space travel, AI and social changes?

14:17 UTC


Geos.tv Star Trek rankings website from 1994-2016

There was a fan-based rankings site popular in the 2000s that, at the time, was considered among the best for Star Trek episode rankings. Does anyone remember?

Here are some links to some surviving pages on archive.org (tip: click the "stop button" on your browser once most of the content loads to avoid archive.org's generic site error).

For example, TNG rankings:

Season 1:

History of Geos.TV:

1 Comment
14:28 UTC


I used to love Discovery :/

I used to love discovery. However, it has turned into nothing but inspirational we can do it speeches and a LOT of out right vocally saying the story line instead of showing. They always have Burnham doing long winded explanations of things. So long winded it is clear she is running out of breath. During these explanations she is talking extremely fast, like watching a video on 1.5x or 2x speed.

It is sad to see. I really enjoyed all of discovery until season 5. Honestly, it is probably a good thing it is ending. I would go as far to saw seasons 1-3 were my all time favorite treks. I'm disappointed :(

14:25 UTC


Words you added to your vocabulary learned from Star Trek

I love to impress people by using the word “sophistry” in conversation. In fact, most of the impressive words in my vocabulary I learned from Star Trek 😜 Anyone else ?

14:08 UTC


Is the correct wording “The Enterprise NX-01” or “The NX-01 Enterprise”?

I’m having a little fight with a friend about which is the correct wording, I’ve seen them both being used but which is the more correct option?

11:39 UTC

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