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    Breaking in new boots?

    Would wearing the new boots around the house, walking around, sitting, and strapping into my board and ollie and jump a few times, help breaking in the boots? Maybe make it easier when i get on the snow the first time with the new boots?


    04:49 UTC


    Best CO mountain to visit?

    Going on a trip from the east coast to Denver in February. We’re intermediate riders who like freestyle and park. I’m already taking a trip to vail in December for 3 days. Is it worth returning or should I go somewhere else?

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    17:14 UTC


    Top to Bottom @ Remarkables

    00:27 UTC


    What's a good freeride setup to fill out my quiver/ replace my current board

    I've been riding for a long time, and would consider myself intermediate to advanced. I can ride pretty much any resort terrain, but am not one to boot jumps or hit large drops. I like exploring the trees, searching for powder caches, and hitting steeps and chutes when the snow is good. I will not be in the park.

    Currently riding a 2015ish flow drifter. Hybrid camber (feels like a lot of rocker compared to past boards), slightly soft, not quite wide enough for my 11.5 boots. Union force bindings from 2014. Got an ikon pass for the first time this year and had a fun spring, but realizing it's time for a more serious board. The Flow is very fun, but not great for carving, and enjoyable but not suited for powder.

    I will be riding Mammoth the most probably, but hoping for some trips to Taos, Utah, CO. Perhaps some xmas time on the east coast.

    Been looking at more directional boards and would love some input.

    Ones that have caught my eye:

    Wired Vantage

    Lib Orca

    Endeavor archetype (would this be too limiting?)

    Korua Pencil (looks weird but fun)

    Also curious, would it be worth getting new comfier straps for my old Union Forces, or should I just get new bindings? If so, what?


    19:27 UTC


    Thoughts on setup?

    Hi all,

    I have done 3 snowboarding trips of around 5 days now, and decided to buy some gear of my own for the coming trip to Austria. I am an intermediate rider who is looking to practice some switch riding, butters, and ollies whilst also learning some carving. This is the gear I got:

    Board and bindings combi: Salomon Sight 2020 + Salomon Maker bindings (260 euros)
    Boots: Burton Swath 2019 (75 euros)

    The board and bindings are brand new (https://www.snowinn.com/ski-store/salomon-sight-x-maker-l-snowboard/137694734/p). The boots are from eBay, but they were brand new and never even worn.

    Because of these prices I did not do the most extensive research because I had to act fast, so therefore I am wondering if any of you has any experience with this gear, the descriptions seemed applicable to what I was looking for, but I am curious how it actually rides (still have to wait 4 months to actually try it out). Also, this might show to people who are looking to buy their own gear that with some searching you can often find really good deals!


    12:33 UTC


    Do I need to tune the edges for this season ?

    03:25 UTC


    Best boots under 300$ CAD?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for new boots for this season as my old ones are very broken. I was looking for any recommendations for new ones? I'm a size 11.5-12 US and mainly go to parks if that helps.

    19:15 UTC


    Smith Quantum Pressure Points

    My head measures 59.5 cm. The range for the Quantum is 59-63. Unfortunately, there are two pretty shitty feeling pressure points on my weird shaped head. My head has boxy-like ‘corners’ on the back left and right. I can only wear the helmet for an hour before feeling the pressure points.

    What the fuck? Do I have to upgrade to an XL? My old helmet was a Giro in a Large that fit just fine.

    I bought the quantum because I had a head injury last year and have been assured that this is the best in the market. Smith customer service told me it offers the most protection in their lineup due to extra/fill Koroyd.

    Helmets done ‘pack out’, right? Any other high-end suggestions?

    14:37 UTC


    Burton Flight Attendant vs Hometown Hero?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a pow board and my final decision is between the Flight Attendant and Hometown Hero. First of all the price difference is negligible and it will not be a deciding factor.

    I currently have a Burton Custom 158 and my stance is +15/-5 at reference. Size 11 boots.

    With my current set up I get 3/4 inch (1.9cm) equal overhang at the front and 13/16 inch (2cm) equal overhang at the back. Custom 158 has a waist of 254mm and 267.5mm under reference stance.

    With Hometown hero I'd be looking at ONLY the 156W, 260mm waist, 271-273mm under reference stance as I measured it in store.

    My local store has no flight attendant. But I would be looking at either 159 or 159W. But I have no way of knowing the width at reference stance.

    My concern with Hometown Hero: is 156W a bit short for pow? I'm 170lb 5'10".

    Hometown Hero pros: 2mm more taper, 5mm more setback. Neutral: it's twin flex vs flight attendant's directional flex. Con (but not really?): 3mm shorter than my ideal length.

    Flight attendant pros: as it is a 159 instead of 156, it has longer running length and effective edge. A larger sidecut radius. It is at my ideal length of 159 (for pow). No cons? Maybe unknown sizing unless I buy the board.

    Tho once again I'm only planning on buying one of these boards when the pow days hit in January and before that I will just be chilling on my Custom. So not in a hurry to decide.

    Has anyone ridden both of these? How different do they feel? If at all.


    07:34 UTC


    Lib-Tech vs. DC

    Does anyone have much experience with either board? I have been a burton rider my whole life but it’s time for a new board and I want to switch it up this season. Obviously Lib’s are the more popular but it seems like the DC sticks are pretty nice nowadays too. Not looking to spend $1,000K+ rn on a 2022 setup like $400-$500 for the ones I’ve been liking. Any recommendations are much appreciated and helpful. Thanks guys !

    22:46 UTC


    Need goggle recommendations.

    What do you own/like and why?

    15:09 UTC


    Need board/boot/binding recommendations. 6'1'' ~250lbs Ride once or twice a year Budget ~$700

    Hey everyone!

    My wife and I go on an annual ski/snowboard trip with friends around February, and this year I wanted to finally bite the bullet and buy my own gear. We've been extending the days we ski as we improve and more people come, and when you're renting taking a "break day" in between costs extra so I usually just power through and do 3-4 days straight, which is rough. Also, it always takes me a bit to get used to the random rental board/bindings/boots I happened to get wherever we are (we go to different mountains every year too).

    I'm 30, 6'1'', 250lbs. I'm comfortable on blacks with and without moguls, although I wouldn't say I'm flying down those or anything, I still don't ride enough to go wide open. The last time we went I hit a few small jumps (very small), but I did enjoy it and would want to improve on the terrain park. I also want to try a double black next trip if someone will go with me, haha.

    I'm lost on where to even start, I don't want to make a mistake and reddit has always been helpful for things like this in the past. My wife got her stuff earlier this year and I think it was around $700 for everything (board, boots, bindings) if I remember correctly, so my budget would be similar.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    17:47 UTC


    Are my boards over lapping in necessity?

    I have a 154 never summer 2018 west and a 152 never summer 2020 proto type 2. I am 5’4” and 130lbs.

    My first board was the west and I found it was hard to turn on/learn with. When I got the PT2, the west took place of my “powder” board and the PT2 is great for the ice coast riding I do.

    Are these two boards basically too similar? Should I sell the west and get a dedicated powder board? I hardly do park and mostly ride in the trees where there can be deep powder and the pt2 is able to manage it but does sink at times if I’m not paying attention to the tip.


    17:13 UTC


    Did I order the correct size board?

    Hey guys I just ordered a board on curated, they had an expert helping me but I wanted to make sure he is correct.

    I just ordered a 161cm arbor foundation board.

    I am 5’ 9, 180-185 pounds with a size 11 boot.

    Is this the correct size for me? I’m just nervous that I won’t be able to control it. I’m new to snowboarding so please help.

    12:29 UTC


    Alta Blue - Remarkables POV

    04:44 UTC


    Give Me Recs for Boots & Bindings

    Snagged a Ride Machete snowboard last year for this season and now I need boots & bindings. Really not trying to break the bank here. Gonna be doing most of my boarding in Colorado, Intermediate to Advanced runs. Rarely do freestyle but might dabble so a little flex would be nice. Thanks in advance

    Budget: >$500

    21:42 UTC


    Bindings Nitro team Pro Chroma

    Hello, Anyone here has experience with Nitro team pro bindings? Would you recommend? Do they fit to Capita snowboards?

    Just got myself the new Capita Equilizer and I'm looking for biddings 😎

    14:01 UTC


    I want to get new bindings for an old 2011 Burton Bullet board. I was recommended these new plates. What can I do to get new bindings for this board?

    19:25 UTC


    Warpig vs Skate Banana?

    Little bit about my situation…

    I had one full season with a very stiff camber board and I hated it. So I’m looking for a more easier ride that doesn’t sacrifice stability but is easy to initiate turns. I went to 2 snowboard shops and both recommended me different boards.

    It’s between a 2021 lib tech skate banana and a 2021 warpig. Also one shop recommended a never summer proto synthesis. I ride majority resorts. Groomers. I will be going to the Rockies hoping for some pow days.

    Which board is the better all mountain board for me? I want fun, easy to initiate turns, and stable. Thanks in advance!

    02:17 UTC


    Which boots should I get?

    I am looking into buying a pair of snowboard boots, I’m looking at the Ride anthem boots or burton moto BOA, which do y’all recommend?

    02:12 UTC


    Tune up question

    I got my board tuned up last year, but due to lockdowns and such I wasn't able to get out and use it.

    Do I need to get the board re-waxed, or would it still be good?

    19:52 UTC


    What kind of bindings can I get? Old K2 board

    15:18 UTC

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