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This is a community for sharing all kinds of scary stories, short or otherwise, about mirrors, or reflections.

A sub for tales of reflections, mirrors, or doppelgangers.


•Stories of any length are allowed as long as they loosely pertain to the topic of mirrors, or copies.

•Please tag stories that are NSFW.

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Historia ficticia

Un joven perdio a su madre en el parto, y su padre se volvio alcoholico pero el niño tuvo que empezar a trabajar pero tenia el talento de aprender todo solo con verlo una vez. Pero un señor quiso explotar su talento y se quedo con un 90% de las ganancias y el chico 10%. Luego de varios meses escucho al adulto mofandose del engaño a lo cual el joven lo denunció, gano el juicio y con el dinero creo una empresa tiempo después.

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The story of plain jane

Sometimes, some people just dont deserve our time and attention. Why do I say so? This is because recently, I broke up with a friend of 2 years, we used to be close but since the honours thesis and her relationship; she begun to become insecure and always trying to one up me. I do not understand why she does that, but, she places all the frustrations (failure to do well in the thesis, job applications) upon me. And it is unfair. Just because she didnt perform well to her expectations she starts to comment on other people’s luck. Stating on how undeserving other people were. But, this is so problematic, while lady luck may not be on her side, why is she not reflecting upon the reasons she was unsuccessful? What baffles me is her extreme egoism that propelled her to feel that she is the best. Clearly, she is not. While I try to show her alternative perspectives, she denies and dismisses it and claim that I am imposing my views on her.? That statement is infuriating, clearly she is unwilling to listen and it frustrates me of having to waste time on her. Talking to someone like her is like talking to the wall.

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