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Trains, free trade, and open borders;

trans rights and taco trucks on every corner.

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With collectivism on the rise, a group of liberal philosophers, economists, and journalists met in Paris at the Walter Lippmann Colloquium in 1938 to discuss the future prospects of liberalism. While the participants could not agree on a comprehensive program, there was universal agreement that a new liberal (neoliberal) project, able to resist the tendency towards ever more state control without falling back into the dogma of complete laissez-faire, was necessary. This sub serves as a forum to continue that project against new threats posed by the populist left and right.

We do not all subscribe to a single comprehensive philosophy but instead find common ground in shared sentiments and approaches to public policy.

  1. Individual choice and markets are of paramount importance both as an expression of individual liberty and driving force of economic prosperity.
  2. The state serves an important role in establishing conditions favorable to competition through correcting market failures, providing a stable monetary framework, and relieving acute misery and distress, among other things.
  3. Free exchange and movement between countries makes us richer and has led to an unparalleled decline in global poverty.
  4. Public policy has global ramifications and should take into account the effect it has on people around the world regardless of nationality.

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    Open New York YIMBY endorsements for PRIMARY ELECTION TODAY

    Open New York is definitely a left-Yimby org and some of the choices here (Shreshtha) are not good and most of these are unopposed. HOWEVER, IF YOU LIVE IN THE UPPER WEST SIDE/MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS AREA OR THE FLUSHING AREA THOSE TWO RACES ARE BATTLEGROUNDS AND LASHER AND CHEN’S RESPECTIVE OPPONENTS ARE NIMBY FREAKS. NY legislative primaries have minuscule turnout so if you live there you have way more influence than in a regular election

    19:20 UTC


    Was Margaret thatcher wrong to implement right to buy?

    Right to buy was the housing policy where people that lived in a council house (state owned house) could buy it at a discount. As of 2024 approximately 40% of these houses have been further sold on to private landlords and are being rented out to poor people at a higher rent than what they would had been if they was still council houses. This has decreased the standard of living for millions of people. The legacy of right to buy has in part contributed to the current housing crisis and wealth inequality.

    What do you think?

    19:16 UTC


    Blue Origin files comment to FAA arguing that SpaceX's launches should be limited

    19:13 UTC


    What do you think of anarcho primitivism

    Basically people who want to go back to hunter gathers or something

    There's a subreddit on it called r/anarchoprimitivism

    18:15 UTC


    Why are Landlords necessary?

    Hello, to make this abundantly clear off jump I am not a socialist. I'm just trying to clarify what economists think about this.

    I've been preparing for taking Econ in college this Fall by becoming familiar with a lot of the classics in the genre, and following study guides online. I've gotten through quite a few, and have been reading papers from institutes like Brookings or Cato. I've got at least an idea of what tends to be supported by economists, but the question of landlords is proving fairly difficult. I've not seen much arguing in favor of them, and as I understand it Adam Smith, Keynes, and John Stuart Mill were at least tacitly against landlords.

    Intuitively I think that land should be privately owned, but the typical rules of competition and demand seem to not work very well with land. The only viable improvements to the negative aspects of land ownership I've seen don't involve abolishing landlords, they tend to be things like the Land Value Tax, which seems to have some support. To sum up my confusion, there's basically nothing I've seen talking about why landlords are needed. Are there alternatives to the landlord system that are even remotely viable? What are some good sources I can read arguing in favor of landlords?

    15:39 UTC

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