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Why did it take so long for singer songwriter music to be invented?

Don't know if this is the right sub for this, but I was listening to AM "The Story of Classical" and had a thought.

Classical music is very complex and although it varied over different periods, it did not sound as different to each other to a casual listener such as myself as modern music genres.

It seems to me, that blues, aka a guy singing lyrics over a guitar, is the foundation for modern pop music so I wonder why with all the complexities classical music had, why did it basically take centuries of western music culture to get to a point where we can have simple singer songwriter style music like blues?

Was opera music the only popular music with lyrics of those times 1500s-late 1800s or did other "singer songwriter style" music exist as we know it, but it just wasnt written down or preserved?

EDIT: opera, not orchestral

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trying to find recordings/videos of Florence Price

Google and the internet archive haven't been any help. I've been trying to find recordings of Florence Price, herself. Recordings of her talking, performing, just literally anything. She was alive during the era in which those things were fairly common, it'd stand to reason there'd be AT LEAST one recording of her performing. At least some sort of record that those things exist. Everything is coming up dry. Any idea where I might find those things?

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The Zombies Fake Band controversy of 1969

The Zombies' hit "Time of the Season" hit it big in the US (#3 on the Billboard) 2 years AFTER the band had broken up. So a promoter in Michigan put together a couple fake zombies bands to pretend they were the ones who released the album and toured as "The Zombies" in the US in 1969. One of those bands was made up of Frank Beard and Dusty Hill, who would team up with Billy Gibbons later that year to form ZZ Top. It's a crazy story. I have a podcast that delved into the story this week.

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1921:Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra - Bright Eyes

This week's #VintageVibes takes us back to 1921 with "Bright Eyes"! This classic song was written by M.K. Jerome, a prolific songwriter of the era, and Otto Motzan, with the performance made by the legendary Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra. Whiteman's band was known for its innovative sound, blending jazz with orchestral elements, and helped popularize the genre in the 1920s. This recording is Side A of Black Label Victor record 18735. "Bright Eyes" is a charming example of early 20th-century popular music. Stay tuned for the clip itself to experience this piece of musical history! What other musical eras would you love to hear about? Follow on Tik Tok to see the full recording! https:// www.tiktok.com/@jona_shop_?_t=8muKsJXbNeB&_r=1 Records like this one available in our shop: https://www.ebay.com/usr/jonashop

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Pure 1960/70s

Example: Yesterday's Papers. It's all about the 60/70s without anything after. I never liked channels of someone telling me what I already know. This channel - https://www.youtube.com/@YesterdaysPapers - also names the top 20 songs/albums according to a source of their choosing, but I like that there's nothing retrospective. A great way to discover music you never heard before, either, and to hear great musicians give their honest opinions through "Blind Date"


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Can anybody find History behind " Million Dollar Smile" Performed by Dinah Washington and Lionel Hampton?

Here's the song


I can't find anything about this song, other than it was recorded in the Jubilee session. I am looking for history on the composer

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What is the origin of the "Rocky Mountain High" song people sing in elementary school, not the John Denver Song

What is the origin of the "Rocky Mountain High" song people sing in elementary school, not the John Denver Song

Whenever I've looked into this there doesn't seem to be an answer, I would've thought it would've either been an old children/folk song from the 1800s or a relatively new one from the 1900s, but I can never find any information on it online, it's all about the John Denver song which has different lyrics recently, I think I used to be able to find a little bit more longer ago. I remember more stuff but don't have a lot of time right now. But anyway to summarize it quickly I usually don't find much or what I want about its origins and history and usually just videos of people singing it. Lyrics:

"Rocky mountain, rocky mountain, rocky mountain high.

When you’re on that rocky mountain, hang your head and cry.

Do, do, do, do, do remember me. Do, do, do, do, do remember me.

Sunny valley, sunny valley, sunny valley low.

When you’re in that sunny valley, sing it soft and slow.

Do, do, do, do, do remember me. Do, do, do, do, do remember me.

Stormy ocean, stormy ocean, stormy ocean wide.

When you’re on that stormy ocean there’s no place to hide.

Do, do, do, do, do remember me. Do, do, do, do, do remember me."

Thank you all very much! Also if you know any other good subreddits that would be good or better to ask this question, thanks a bunch.

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Need help for a music related history project about the Cold War

Need help for a music related Cold War project

Hey so for my final in history, I was assigned to select 10 songs about the Cold War that somewhat documents the history of the Cold War and that mentions key things about our unit. The things we discussed this unit where the following:

  1. Post world war 2 issues
  2. Containment in Europe
  3. Mao Zadong and the little red book
  4. The Korean War
  5. The Vietnam war
  6. The Guatemalan Coup
  7. The Cuban missile crisis
  8. Containment in the Middle East

I have a few ideas but I know people know more about the historical significance of the music in the Cold War or about the Cold War more than I do so I would like your help

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Recent music history

I love music history, reading books about it, listening to song in chronological order, exploring musicmap.info, listening to podcasts, et cetera.

One issue I hope y'all can help me with: the histories all stop about 20-30 years ago. Does anyone know good sources (books, websites?) on more recent music history?

For instance:

  • history of electronic music including 2010s EDM,

  • history of punk rock including a large chapter on the emo scene of the late 2000s and maybe even the early 2020s pop punk hype,

  • history of hip hop which features Kendrick Lamar about as much as 2Pac or Eminem.

  • history of rock that doesn't end with Nirvana and Oasis but also features Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Muse, and all the metal subscenes of the 21st century

  • a history of pop music that takes Taylor Swift as serious as Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley (though the Beatles still reign supreme) 😁

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How Music Became a Weapon in ww2

Hey everyone! I recently did a deep dive on how music was used during ww2. I researched the history of how the Nazis' tied music into their claimed proof of the Aryan race which they used to justify the holocaust. They used music as a means of torture in many ways to control everyone they occupied. The Allies also weaponized music with intelligence agencies in different ways as a form of anti propaganda that was very effective against the third reich.

I just made a video showing how it all played out. Feel free share any thoughts and feedback


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Making The Band 2 History (Diddy)

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1990’s Zine Sub Culture - punk/grunge/riot grrrl/indie history

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hw help?

help on writing a 6 page music history essay about the first viennese school??

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Why doesn’t ancient or old old music have lyrics?

Like for example I love the medieval era and learning everything about it but I noticed that it’s only instruments, how come?

When did we start putting lyrics in music?

I’m just curious

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The History of Eminem

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40s/50s Serious Music?

Enjoying the Fallout show, but have kind of burned myself out on all the more pop and bubblegum tracks of the era. I'm curious what serious music existed back then. Was it all Elvis and Danny Kaye, or were there still political songs and stuff reminiscent of what would become protest music and punk?

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YouTube Channels recommendations

Hello, I’d like to keep learning about music history. I’ve learned a lot already at college but would love to keep learning. Are there any channels that you recommend that get their information from primary sources, or that have documentary style videos, or also a more entertaining style maybe? Thanks!

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Any suggestions?

Hi all,

Forgive me if this isn't the correct community to be asking this question, but I am wondering if anyone knows of a dataset that has a regional history of the names of songs that were popular on radios during that time frame. For example, if in some specific zipcode, such and such song was the most listened to, during a specific year. Anything that ranges back from the 70s to now.

If anyone has any suggestions or pointers, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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Undone in Sorrow - Where is this song from?

Hi, all! I'm trying to find more information about a song that, as far as I can tell, was popularized by Ola Belle Reed. She recorded it both as "Undone in Sorrow" and "Over Yonder in the Graveyard," the latter being the opening line of the song.

In the version on Rising Sun Melodies, Reed refers to the tune as "a song that is as old as the hills and has the oldest flavor." I believe that Reed is not the original creator of the song (though her lyrics may have been original), but I can't find it credited to anyone else or listed as traditional, either.

I'm certain I've heard the tune in other forms, too, though the only song with different lyrics that I've recognized the tune from so far is Old Crow Medicine Show's "Bootlegger's Boy."

I'm trying to trace this tune back earlier than Reed, if that's possible. Does anyone have any info or leads that I could follow myself?

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Doubt about oriental music history

Good afternoon, in the book "Art of War", Sun tzu says that there are 5 musical notes. I am curious, what were those 5 musical notes he was referring to?

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Looking for information on these old sheet music books

Hello, I was given some of my grandpa's old sheet music awhile back when he passed, I was looking through it now and managed to find everything in it online except for a few things. I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about these 2 items? One is a sheet music book called "Songs of Long Ago" published by Bibo-Lang Inc. I have attached pictures of the cover and a few of the pages it is a big book full of songs and I cannot find it anywhere online. The other is called "Have you ever been lonelly? (Have you ever been blue)" and I cannot find the same version I have here online. Just trying to figure out what this stuff is and particularly intrigueed by this "Songs of Long Ago" Book. Any knowledge is appreciated





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Hello, does anybody know of any situations where fans forced their way onto a scene during a concert?

I love music, but i dont really know bands history and dont really watch any concerts. Ill be grateful if anybody knows about any concert that happened in 2021 or earlier where a fan forced their way onto a scene.

For anyone curious its for school.

Ill be grateful!

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