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A subreddit for building your own lab at home and doing chemistry in it.

Please try and keep things professional!

I would like to see this site grow into helping one another explore chemistry, since nothing teaches us better than hands on experimentation, but given this is a new subreddit it has the potential to go very bad.

First and foremost, illicit drugs and illegal substances will not be synthesized here. Common reagents that may be controlled I don't mind as much.
Other than that, have fun and help us all out!

Chemicals that may put you on a DEA watch list, pay cash if you can, or synthesize your own.

List of commonly available chemicals thanks to /u/zyks

Search consumer products by chemicals they contain (thx to /u/gfrnk86)

http://www.sciencemadness.org/ Courtesy of /u/MrBurd

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Got a small second-hand Aldrich schlenkline for 95 bucks

07:53 UTC


Whats so fun and fascinating about home chemistry kits and amateur experimentation?

One of my classmates at the university isn't just majoring into science, he's not only chosen chemistry as his career, he actually spends a lot of his free time at the lab mixing different chemicals for experiments and personal research because he thinks its fun (albeit he's doing it under the guidance of the chemist professors and other qualified science professionals). He tells me he used to do low key chemistry stuff at him with personal home kits meant for kids at home since he was 9 years old.

So I got intrigued enough I'm gonna buy a civilian home kit to try this stuff out. That said I'm curious of what you people think, why do you think amateur DIY at-home chemistry is so fun? Whats the lure to you about this that you continue doing safe and legal chemistry projects in your private residence as much as your personal equipment and budget allows you to?

01:31 UTC


Extracting an organic HCL salt from a suspension of gums and tree sap polysaccharides

There a way to extract a polar 2-benzene ring hcl without A/B ? The base form is highly insoluble in acetone . But was hoping to find a solution since salt and sugar can be. Separated with 99.9’isoprppyl

10:21 UTC


D-limonene Salting

I am looking for something that i can salt alkaloids out of d-limonene extraction. Ive seen it done with vinegar but my alks are ph sensitive and it could damage them. what else xan i use??

05:06 UTC


Rate my set-up

Used to prepare Pyrosulfuric acid (H2S2O7)

22:53 UTC


Lab is nearly ready, not much of it missing anymore

08:09 UTC


Nature materials

How do I find more information about the chemical compounds and how to isolate them in nature materials? What are some good books

02:49 UTC


Centrifuge use in solvent extraction?

Can anyone explain possible uses a centrifuge can have in solvent extraction if any? I found one for sale for a good price but don’t know if it would even be helpful in things I work on. Can it be used to separate solvent from precipitate? Any help is appreciated as i have no experience with centrifuges.

22:36 UTC


That’s so cool, my rotovap just arrived!

It’s still a bit dirty right now, shouldn’t be too hard to clean tho since most of the stains are just chalk

20:33 UTC


Help With Shaker Flask Clamp Resale

Hey yall, weird post I know, I promise this is not self-promotion

We ended up with a bunch of these shaker flask clamps, they are new and in the packaging, I know they are worth a lot from Eppendorf, but I have literally no idea how best to go about selling them, or if they are even worth anything if they aren't coming directly from Eppendorf.

I currently have an eBay auction up, but it's not seeing any traffic really. Does anyone have any experience with anything kinda similar? Do home chem or bio lab people have any interest in this kind of thing, or is it largely for full-fat corporate/government labs?

I have these models specifically:

  • ACE-1000S (Clamp 1000ML ERL., S/S)
  • ACE-2000S (Clamp 2000ML ERL., S/S)
  • M1190-9002 (Clamp Erlenmeyer 250 ML)
  • M1190-9003 (Clamp Erlenmeyer 500ML)

Thanks for any help!

21:32 UTC


A Chemist Made Estrogen. This Is What Happened To His Brain.

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10:53 UTC


Extraction Solvent?

Whats the best solvent to use in extraction at home? I know methanol and ethanol are both good but where can I source these? I find ethanol but it is denatured and not safe to consume. Any help is appreciated.

19:15 UTC


q: I need to measure out 2 and 3 ml liquid into thousands of bottles

This is not really a chemistry question, but I can't really find a better place to ask.

I need to measure out 2, and 3 ml liquid into thousands of bottles. Is there any tools that would make this easier then using a pipette? Maybe something where you can adjust the volume of liquid delivered?

Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.

15:12 UTC


Kratom Soxhlet Extraction!?

Has anyone successfully or at least heard of someone successfully using a soxhlet extraction set up to produce a kratom extract?

I know it can be done with different plant materials but my concern is that kratom degrades at around 40°C and during soxhlet the solvent is boiling and ethanol has a boiling point of around 80°C. It could be possible though that during the condensation portion of the process the temperature of the solvent is dropped but I am unsure.

Any help is appreciated!

21:52 UTC


His-tag purification

I need 3 separate His-tag purifications to get the proteins from them pure and then dry down. Is this possible?


21:34 UTC


Can you make colorfull "stones" at home?

Mixing powdered aluminium and sulphur and starting the reaction with magnesium can result in very high temperature. I'm wondering if I can make large quantities of this mixture, puting it into something like a stone funnel , covering a small box filled with other mixture(eg. KCl and CuCl2), and lighting it. This should melt the salts inside the box, resulting in solid K2Cu2Cl6. Is that possible? Someone made it before?

20:49 UTC


Can someone just clarify the Epsom salt in the oven for a desiccant rxn?

Hi there, I’m aware I need some desiccants and iv heard if you heat magnesium sulphate above a certain temperature it starts losing the water and becomes a dessicant. If my memory serves me right it has 7 water molecules it needs to get rid of and needs to be above a certain temperature but I’m not sure what that temperature is - also does it need special storage? Will it pull the water out of the air and turn back into its original form?

I guess it’s one of them things that’s best done when you need it?

12:33 UTC


I been learning in my spare time

Hi guys, so I’m doing a degree at the moment, I’m a thirty four year old undergrad - in Painting! haha a Ba (hons) not Bsc.

In my spare time iv been focused on chemistry - I have a home lab and today, finally, I’m having a decent reflux condenser delivered.

I’m really looking forward to carrying out my first RXN. Iv been learning about the reaction of imines in combination with aldehydes make amines - as long as there is no water. It’s a reversible reaction from what I understand and so the more water the more it’ll push it to the imine formation and the less water will drive the reaction forward to an amine.

I intend on using molecular seives to quench the 37% formaldehyde solution I will be using.

If I even get that far! In order to do all that I have to decarboxylate l-tryptophan to tryptamine. If I can’t do that - I’ll have to try and find someone that wants to sell me less than a kilo! This is all just for me and ill be using TLC to have a small idea of what I have created. Comparing it to others reactions….

Iv learnt so much info in such a short amount of time that it’s like whoa!

If the tryptophan to tryptamine rxn is too hard for my first experiment, has anyone got any suggestions on anything easier to get me going?

Iv been distilling alcohol but I smashed my take off adapter and so I can only get up to a certain ABV. I need a very small quantity of 100% alcohol using mol seives - purely because my RXN uses chloroform and I don’t want it to degrade to phosphene and kill me!

I have a respirator for gasses as well as an in-line fan and ducting to the window (I keep the fan by the window sucking it out rather than having the fan anywhere near me. Just in case there is a spark or something but I don’t think they work like that.

I’m looking into building a flow hood don’t worry! I have a laminar flow hood for mycology but that’s not much use here! Ha

I suppose at least iv learned there is more than one type of flow hood now! Haha

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12:28 UTC


If I flow non-ionic solution into cationexchange resin, will it just pass through?

If I flow non-ionic solution into cationexchange resin, will it just pass through?

22:55 UTC


In a/b extraction, solute A is soluble in water but not ether. Can ether be used in A/B extraction?

In a/b extraction, solute A is soluble in water but not ether. Can ether be used in A/B extraction?

I'm a beginner at A/B

Solute A is a painkiller type pill.

07:34 UTC


Fledgling amateur looking for some starter chemistry experiments

Hello, I am currently a sophomore college student who is majoring in biology, but I have a big soft spot for chemistry. I have completed Gen Chem 1 and halfway through Gen Chem 2. I enjoy my time in lab at college, but the experiments we conduct for the sake of applying theories and laws we have learned into the real world tend to be on the less interesting side. I was hoping to give my interest some food to grow and was wondering what some experiments were interesting or fun with chemicals and equipment that would be easy for me to acquire. I am moderately adept at the math involved, so experiments that involve some math are okay.

19:51 UTC


From what source do you get KNO3?

I live in europe and i hate myseld

19:10 UTC


Making Hydrazine Iodide (and Something Else)

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11:47 UTC

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