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What’s your favorite Weeping Angel story that isn’t “Blink”

I personally really loved Fallen Angels

01:23 UTC


Actors who auditioned for the role of the 15th Doctor

According to someone on Gallifrey Base, these actors were considered for 15...

I am not sure if this means they auditioned, or they were just on some casting list. But it's interesting none the less.

Paapa Essiedu

Himesh Patel

Lola Petticrew

Omari Douglas

Ambika Mod

1 Comment
22:10 UTC


Was this line from Kate in "Empire Of Death" a reference to the Brigadier?

... Or was I just over analysing it?

We all know what happens in the opening minutes of the episode: Sutekh's sandy death wave is sweeping about the place and dusting everyone Thanos style. At unit Tower, Kate and a bunch of other soldiers shoot a bunch of guns at Sutekh and that skull faced person who's name I've forgotten and someone says "the bullets turn to dust, ma'am."

Kate then responds with, "oh, one day..."

When I first saw this, my immediate thought, as an avid Whovian, was that it was a reference or a call-back to one of the Brigadier's lines from classic Doctor Who: "You know... Just once I'd like yo meet an alien that wasn't immune to bullets." However, I forget the context of that particular line.

Someone please tell me if I'm right. Or semi-right. Or possibly right. Or SOMETHING!

21:52 UTC


Looking back, Dot and Bubble's twist does not work as well for me...

The ending twist orignially took me off guard, in a good way. It was a good example of how racism isn't usually as obvious to see in a person, and a more realistic example of what actually happens compared to other episodes that try and tackle it like Rosa and Thin Ice (though Thin Ice was far more cathartic). It is impressively hidden yet obvious.

But on a tonal, and perhaps more damningly, a thematic level, it does not work, at least for me. Firstly, I'd like to make the point tat the episode is a tonal mess. It picks up tones and drops them faster than most feature films. it starts off overstimulating and satirical, with some horror elements, before those are almost all dropped to make Lindy look stupid and dependant on the bubble. The slug things pose no threat; they are borderline static. Anyone from Earth would easily outmanouver them, which really undermines any kind of fear factor they had at the beggining. The not knowing how to move stuff as well just seems far too over the top. According to the episode itself, this place is like a summer camp for rich kids (keep the 'rich kids' in mind for later), so they should have history before this place, memories from before this place. Given the implied political status of this civilsation, they would not have been dot-inebriated the whole time.

Back to tone, its also makes the episode's mid section both painful and comical to watch on repeat, as we watch this unlikeable protagonist blunder about trying to do simple activities. I even question it on a biological level, as they know how to walk, just not when and they balance when they do walk, so they have subconscious centres of balance and movement in place already. Its just incredibly frustrating, and this combined with Lindy literally no redeeming features killed the intrigue I had from the beginning of the episode. Then Ricky appears and Lindy has very little trouble walking after that. I do appreciate this for giving us something to work with for Lindy, giving us a likeable if implausible, and very convienient character and increasing the mystery elements. Its good, but another hard left in terms of tone. It goes from alternate horror, to borderline farce, to mystery and adventure/ escape. They then resolve the mystery in a way which just leaves more questions, kill off Ricky (who could have easily blocked the dot like he did before) and anything positive about Lindy we have.

So going in to the ending, we have a selfish conspiracy theorist who is also completly unbearable and vapid in terms of underlying character and no tone whatsoever. When watching, I have to wonder how they wanted us to feel. I felt relief, for sure, but the lack of growth of Lindy and the death of Ricky just made the whole thing feel a little empty. It was just a bad person getting away, so when she willfully chose death over going with the doctor I felt nothing. Imagine if, in an alternate universe, Lindy grows naturally in comptency and humility throughout the episode, then she and Ricky both escape to the doctor. Wouldn't it have been so much more of a gut punch if they then both reject the doctor anyway? The signs and clever touches put in working even more than they already do, maybe give Ricky something as well to indicate how casual yet omnipresent the racism is amongst the residents of Finetime. The tone needed to be more triumphant, feel more like a victory than it did in order for the twist to succeed for me, becuse it was shocking, sure but not as much as it should have been.

But that's not even mentioning the themes and plot. I'll start with the latter. Finetime makes very little sense as a society. Its made of 'rich kids' who are fully grown adults, whose parents have paid for them to be there, to work for 2 hours, then party (though i question how they do that if they can't walk without the bubbles). That's a hybrid of consumerism and communism, which are diametrically opposed ideologies. I suppose I should explain first my reasoning behind this assesment. The consumerism part is obvious: rich kids, paid to be there, partying all the time. the communistic elements are more subtle. They all have the same stuff, prefab apartments, they still have to work despite paying to be here, they're ecouraged to use as little stuff as possible and Ricky gives a line about getting paid in money being entirely foreign to them... despite their parents all being rich. They consume, and party, but have no personality. however, they're interests outside of gossip... fashion... and romance. Two things deemed wasteful and unncessary by many communists, and another I can't imagine existing in a communist society, at leat in the way its depicted in the episode.

I suppose I should try and solidify this pont a bit, so I'll ask a question. Why is Lindy being encouraged to not pee, when she consisently changes her wardrobe to meet fashion trends and parties all day? Don't waste stuff except all that stuff you're wasting. None of the ascpects compliment each other. What is the puropse of Finetime other than as a summer camp for rich kids? It doesn't make any sense. They paid to be here, but have to work. They engage in social media so much its their entire life, but never have to personality to sustain a social environment. Trends aren't made by people like Lindy, they're made by people who want to become famous. Everyone in Finetime seems to want to chase trends in fashion and what they watch, but who, other than Ricky Sunday, who appears to have stumbled into his fame on accident, creates these trends?

My overall point here is that, depite the twist being well foreshadowed and choreographed across the narrative, it is applied to a society that makes no sense. Rich kids who work. Social media with no media to socialise with. People call it an critism of echo chambers but there can be an echo without a sound in the first place. This isn't a society that became racist because of social media, it was just always there, as a part of it everyone belives in for some reason. Lindy, who hasnt given a damn about anyone or anything apart from her current wellbeing and how good she looks, suddenly gains grand ideas about white supremacy. The lines 'mummy's gone... to the sky' and 'you're not one of us' are only a few paragraphs apart. Personally, I don' think there's enough going on in Lindy's head for her to have these ideas.

Again with society, there's no tangible zeitgeist in order for this to feel like a natural progression. I know the characters are racist but why? Becuse their parents, who didn't even teach them to walk unassisted made sure they were racist before shipping them off to Finetime? It would make sense for me, even if everything else was kept in except the stupid walking stuff. That just makes it implausible to me. It makes the residents of Finetime drones - they're literally called office drones - so how are they able to sustain a constantly connected social network, and complex and quite frankly far-fetched (at least, to someone without any outside knowledge or help) ideas about racial superiority. If anythig, I'd expect Lindy to be shocked at the dcotor's apearance, as she had never seen anyone like them before - like a 17th Century English noblewoman. Not saying this would be any better, of course, but its the way she would react given all we know about her. She knows nothing of the outside world; she doesn't even have a full concept of death like Splice - the literal eight year old.

And this time back into messaging. The episode is meant to criticise overuse of social media, but makes it so cartoonish and OTT that it loses all meaning. I just can't see things getting like this, ever. Compare this to oxygen, a scenario I feel has a not-zero chance of being a thing, and the effectiveness of the criticism is night and day. With the racism, while I feel it is effective as showing how it can exist under the the noses of those unaffected, it fails to show how it can exist in otherwise good people. William Hartnell was unfortunaly, a deeply bigoted and xenophobic person off screen. But this episode never explores this because the only characters involved in the twist are arseholes who don't even have a reason, or even a way, of being racist in the first place. The lack of a coherent societal structure also means any criticism of how society can encourage these kinds of belief is lost.

Overall, a good and well-handled twist hampered by poor world building and baffling character decisions, that limit its effectiveness. But lmk if you think i got anything wrong.

16:44 UTC


What are your opinions on the Doctor’s Daughter

For me it's a great episode and one of season 4's highlights. People tend to misunderstand it. It is about war and what it does to people. Although the humans and the haths were at war only for two weeks, their clones, who live on, think that multiple decades passed. In my opinion "the man who never would" is also one of the best speeches in the entire series

11:18 UTC


Who are the "others"

In the audio "Master" Death tells the Doctor that he killed Torvic and he should've became the Master but others had plans for him. Who are these "others"?

12:51 UTC


/r/Gallifrey's Free Talk Fridays - Practically Only Irrelevant Notions Tackled Less Educationally, Sharply & Skilfully - Conservative, Repetitive, Abysmal Prose - 2024-07-19

Talk about whatever you want in this regular thread! Just brought some cereal? Awesome. Just ran 5 miles? Epic! Just watched Fantastic Four and recommended it to all your friends? Atta boy. Wanna bitch about Supergirl's pilot being crap? Sweet. Just walked into your Dad and his dog having some "personal time" while your sister sends snapchats of her handstands to her boyfriend leaving you in a state of perpetual confusion? Please tell us more.

Please remember that future spoilers must be tagged.

Regular Posts Schedule

1 Comment
12:01 UTC


Vague rumour from Gallifrey Base: A series 9 character possibly returning in upcoming Christmas Special / Season 2

Spoilers just in case its true. User Inflatable Dalek on Gallifrey Base recently said the following

I hope the thread title is vague enough...

But I was at LFCC yesterday, and met Claire Higgins.

Who was funny and charming and telling every person in her line who got something Who signed that the Sisterhood of Karn might be coming back, with a heavy emphasis and a wink on the might.

I didn't overhear all of it so it might not be Who, but she also told the person in front of me the production values on something she'd filmed had improved hugely and they'd taken over an entire stately home for it.

When I jokingly asked if she should be telling me she might be coming back, she said "Well, I'll just have to kill you then."

I guess once you've met Pinhead, NDA's aren't scary.

Personally I think this would be great. Claire Higgins was fantastic in her appearances, be nice to see her character give advice to 15 too in his time of possible need.

05:20 UTC


So…….. just watched Twice Upon a Time…and it left me speechless for the first time

What the title says. This is the first episode that I feel fits in the “absolutely no flaws go sink in a pit of quicksand if you disagree with me” title. Respectfully, of course. 😉

In all seriousness … well, I AM serious, I genuinely feel this way about this episode ( but I’m not actually going to put anyone down for disliking it). The guy in place for Hartnell was amazing, had me smiling the whole time, his chemistry with Capaldi might actually be better than Matt and David’s were during the 50th. The regeneration was beautiful and was just as good if not better than David’s. I actually cried a bit. If you knew me personally you’d say what a miracle. I’ll have to take a short break to marinate further on it, try to calm my squirming emotions, but god fucking damn this may be the best episode of Who I’ve ever seen. David will always be my favorite Doctor but I was not prepared for how good this was. I knew it was highly regarded but no one told me THIS is what I waited THREE seasons for.

One thing that stands out in my mind though about this episode is how it is so perfectly, tragically, a show ender episode. Not that I’d ever WANT this show to end, not really, but if it were, this would have been a perfect show finale. If the Doctor had finally chosen to find peace in a permanent death, it would be the most satisfying end. final end for him and true beginning of the Doctors long life for the First.

I have apprehension about the 13th Doctor, many unsavory storylines have been spoiled for me, but eventually I’m still going to watch it because what does my opinion really matter if I haven’t watched the seasons myself. curiosity more than anything.

(But that’s not really that important, I just came here to rant about how amazing this episode was.)

02:27 UTC


End of time part 1????

I was just watching it and it doesn't make sense at all where the fuck is the backstory at ????????

17:27 UTC


What’s your favorite version of The Doctor and Davros’s dynamic

23:46 UTC


Himesh Patel apparently auditioned for the 15th Doctor...

Not a huge piece of info, but someone on Gallifrey Base mentioned Himesh Patel auditioned for the role of 15, and even made it to a very tight shortlist.

I haven't really seen him in anything before, so I don't really know what to make of this, but its cool to know who was also up for the part against Ncuti (if its even true that is)

20:58 UTC


Is Splice meant to be younger?

In Boom the actress who plays Splice looks about 12-14. But she's written like she's 7/8. Like she dosent seem to understand death or calls her father "daddy" to strangers. Which is something most kids stop in like primary 3 (please don't tell that you still do at age 47 and its normal in your neck of the woods). Was she meant to be younger then they decided to go with an older actress? Then not ajust her characterisation? Or is Slice meant to be young for her years? Because that's not really telegraphed, and none of the adults mention it. Also maybe I missed it by why is she there? I didn't see any other kids there.

Or dose Moffat think all kids act the same? He used to write kids tv, so surely not. I know there are writers out there who do genuinely think 5 year olds are the same as 12 year olds. Moffat ain't one of them.

And why oh why is she called Splice? Splice is the name you give to the alien of the week. Is it because her father "splices" himself into the network? Was Moffat trying to sound si fiey? No one else has names like that. Like in Utopia the kid is called Creet which is obviously meant to sound gender and racially numeral. Partly cause it was a blue Peter prize. But don't make me double take.

And in case anyone is wondering yes the space Babies being voiced by kids who are clearly way older than babies did distract me too. But that's a concession and I'd rather than than some 50 year old women trying to do a baby voice.

This isn't a dig on the actress she did fine with what she was given and directed. She was better than the Clara babysitter kids by a country mile.

19:08 UTC


You're writing an alternate Doctor Who timeline - what would you come up with?

What type of story would you write in an Unbound style alternate universe/timeline? What alternate Doctor incarnations would you come up with?

00:34 UTC


I've completely turned a corner on Adric

When I first watched Classic Who, I had the same thoughts on Adric that most others seem to. He makes a bad first impression Full Circle, showing off how he's smarter than Romana, stealing food, accidentally killing an old man and putting that one girl in an armbar/hammerlock. The way I remembered it, Adric joined the bad guys every single week and the way Matthew Waterhouse delivered a lot of his lines came across as smug and arrogant. He was obnoxious from beginning to end!

I'm rewatching Classic Who right now and just got done with Earthshock. Adric's nowhere near as bad as I remember. That part about Full Circle is true and he does have some big low points, like that one weird sexist conversation with Nyssa. But I can't say he was obnoxious from beginning to end anymore. I was wrong when I remembered him joining the bad guys every week. He does it once legitimately, then he's faking it all the other times. And Waterhouse's line delivery doesn't often come across as arrogant, like I remembered. I honestly wouldn't care all that much if he was a bad actor from beginning to end but he actually does have a good performance in Earthshock. And he's quite fun in The Black Orchid. He's sympathetic in The Visitation, worrying about the Doctor's safety. So I don't know if it was an intentional course-correction but they really made him more likeable at the tail end of his run.

So he might not ever top my list of favourite companions but I like Adric just fine now. He's not my most-disliked companion anymore. In fact, among the Fifth Doctor's companions, I like him more than Nyssa.

01:12 UTC


Too many MacGuffins in the newest season?

Sorry if this has already been brought up but I'm really having a hard time moving past just how many plot points/devices ect that were just dropped, everytime we got something that might lead to something interesting, it always just led to... nothing? We watch doctor who and we focus on all the things that could be important later, watching doctor who turns you into a little bit of a detective, so when you spend all of that time, energy and emotion into speculating and theorising only for it to ultimately have meant nothing is just a massive slap in the face? I feel robbed to be honest, the potential is all there but at EVERY single opportunity to use that potential RTD just put it down, walked out the room and forgot about it... for ever? I try not to come across as too negative about the new season because I know people are sensitive about it but in my honest opinion I found myself trying too hard to like it, to the point where the trying was more exhausting than enjoyable and didn't lead to any fulfilment as the viewer whatsoever.

TLDR; anyone else kinda mad that they got edged for two months by RTD only to go home dry and kinda bummed out?

Edit: okay guys I get it, I used MacGuffin in the wrong context, please stop violating me for it tysm 🖖😭😭😭

18:08 UTC


What do you watch when you're in the mood for a good DW-related cry?

Here are the ones I come back to:

Asylum of the Daleks

Day of The Doctor

Dark Water

The Husbands of River Song

Sometimes, I'll sit and jump through the highlights of each of these. I guess Moffat really knows how to turn on my waterworks.

Which episodes work for you?

15:09 UTC


Which inconsistencies in Doctor Who Lore can you just not get over?

For all of our favourite stories there are differences in writers, changes that are made to lore in order to pave the way for coming plot lines, and down right incongruities. Which of your favourite pieces of Lore get retconned at the whim of a writer, simply for a story line that you just can’t abide by?

This can be from any era of Who!

11:53 UTC


Bille piper and David Tennant

Is it weird to have wanted Bille piper and David Tennant to have ended up together even after they both left the show.

11:15 UTC


Who would make the most bizarre Doctor Who?

Whilst watching other shows, I’ve realised there are similarities between the Doctor and other primary characters. What they tend to share in common is:

  • A strict moral or ethical code
  • Being relatively normal compared to the evils they face
  • Being the only person who can do what they do

However, a lot of them also differ significantly, for example being happy to use weapons.

So the question is: Who would you love to see as the Doctor for all the entertainment and plenty of the wrong reasons? This can be an actor or character from another show.

Edit: from responses, I’m thinking of two completely inappropriate Doctors:

  1. Butcher from The Boys (can you imagine???!)
  2. Rincewind from the Terry Pratchett books (he certainly gets his steps in!)
07:49 UTC


It should be without WEAKNESS! Agh! This is driving me crazy!

EDIT: OHMYGOD YOU GUYS. I said a witness is a reward! It is redundant to say! Go ahead and tell me ive got it ass backwards, that im not seeing how a witness is a reward, i dont think you read my post at all. A WITNESS IS A REWARD. I said it at the very top of the paragraph!

Second edit: Yknow, after much deliberation, im actually just more convinced yall dont see what im talking about. You can downvote me to hell but it doesnt change that Im still talking. Hypocritical to get up in arms saying Im missing the point when you guys wont consider my stance at all.

Without hope, without WEAKNESS, without reward! Witness doesnt make sense because its redundant! A witness is reward in and of itself! Without weakness means without allowing your soft spots to stop you from doing the right thing each time! And of course you fail because no one good ever did every good thing perfect, the point isnt perfect the point is to make BETTER. Of course you fail because emotions HAVE to inform your actions and decisions or you wouldnt be trying so fuckin hard in the first place! But you discover your weaknesses as you get closer to the right decisions and its a deep, crushing responsibility to do the right thing for everyone and not think of yourself! The doctors whole thing is saving people and being a complicated person for it. A witness wouldnt have stopped the doctor from doing the right thing anyway, and it shouldnt BE THE WORD THEY USED! AAAAGHHH!!!!!!! I love this line so, so much. I thought he said witness at one point after hearing it, looked it up, misread that it said weakness and was relieved not realizing i misread it, then went back and checked AGAIN and wouldnt chya know. Disappointing. Such an easy fix but such a glaring eyesore to me.

Added edit for some more clarity:

A person who can act without weakness isnt ever going to truly be without weakness. What is weakness? Weakness, in terms of trying to be moral, is an area you havent inspected that influences you to make decisions that arent for the most benefit or actively harm someone else. The doctor has such hatred for daleks (JUSTIFIABLY) that it swings around and he shares a sentiment of hatred with them. There are instances where he gets caught on it, tempted to act on his heated feelings against a better judgement. Capaldi had this moment and might have acted poorly had that dalek not pointed this out. You can only get so close to perfection.

So what does it look like to act without weakness? A person who tries to strengthen themselves will repeatedly encounter circumstances that challenge their ability to act against their biases when they are obstacles to doing the right thing. Fixing that means admitting youre wrong and deciding to do something about it. Taking inventory and chipping away at it little by little. Its about trying to get as close to the idea of doing something good because its the RIGHT thing to do, not because you ever expect to be done chipping away at it. A witness is a reward man. Its redundant.

Also i had another person say that it makes sense to keep witness in because it is a reward and so is hope. But i have a problem with that too, why say either of the first two? Without reward would be enough, then, yeah? If were keeping the idea of all three, i think they might be motives. hope motivates you to keep trying. But you should try anyway even if you know it will fail, if you can be certain that it is worth failing when you do. Reward is obviously motive, i dont need to explain that, and youre probably wondering why weakness is a motive. Fair, look, cowardice is weakness. Fear motivates so much. You gotta be brave to do the right things. If you arent, youll act only in self interest anyway. Rewards are positive things, hope is a positive thing. If youre trying to get away from doing something or taking the shortest path through it then the issue will never resolve. So if youre without weakness youre also THOROUGH and highly efffective at making decisions that actually serve the greater good.

07:16 UTC


Mrs flood

At the end of the first episode she says "have you never seen a tardis before". Which I think she might be a old companion of the doctor. But that's just a little theory of mine what do you think of this theory

00:30 UTC


If they're really pushing this "Whoniverse" thing with different unique characters in spinoffs and stuff, maybe they could try and bring back the Special Executive?

The group in question are the "Special Executive,", a Multiverse travelling mercenary group who are frequently contacted by the High Council of the Time Lords to do jobs for them. In Gallifrey's distant past, the group assisted the Time Lords against the Order of the Black Sun. (COMIC: 4-D War). They were also tasked at some point to retrieve a traveller called Fenris lol.

Of course, they have connections to Captain Britain and Marvel in general but they originated in Doctor Who strips and are effectively Doctor Who characters who were just licenced to Marvel at times so I think maybe they could have a shot at being in a spinoff series about what they may do after the Time Lords no longer exist and the Doctor is the main person saving the world, leading to them able to do out their missions without interruption

You may just be like "oh they're a generic superhero team people will just accuse us of copying Avengers or something" but wait, there's EU material which could give them interesting plotlines:

"Lance Parkin's short story Executive Action, originally published the charity anthology Walking in Eternity, explained that the parahumans of the Special Executive were the result of Rassilon's first experiments with Looms, and Rassilon formed the Special Executive to do the Time Lords' "dirty jobs". Later, when Rassilon ordered a purge of the Womb-born (as seen in Cold Fusion), the Special Executive fled Gallifrey and became an independent team."

The team could be realising their origins if this is used for them how they were pawns of the Time Lords at first, they could relate to the Doctor in that way (as he/she was for a similar role during the 6B/Fugitive eras) so you can use that.

The series doesn't have to just be "doctor who but it's 5 people" there's ideas you can get through these guys. Plus, with the Doctor being the so called last one (again lol), these guys are the closest thing to Time Lords he can meet.

Additionally, they are mercenaries, so they're not really gonna be saving people all that much, probably doing all these contract killings of aliens and maybe even the Doctor might have to stop them at times which would be quite a cool concept to see in the Whoniverse.

Idk I'm just finding random obscure EU material and seeing if I can make spinoffs based on it.

Edit: As another comment said, they could also bring back Rogue using them as he's a mercenary and he was already teased that he is coming back...

20:38 UTC


'Doctor Who: Disney Deal, Ncuti Gatwa & Russell T Davies In Spotlight

21:30 UTC


What Doctor Who crossovers would be good?

A lot of horror movies would be interesting, if the Doctor turned up to save the day:

  • Nightmare on Elm Street (what nightmares would Freddy give the Doctor?)

-The Thing (can a Timelord be assimilated, or would they regenerate?)

-The Exorcist

-Friday the 13th (The Doctor would easily beat Jason, but I want to see the Tardis as Camp Crystal Lake)


I don’t think any Super Hero franchises would mix well.

21:49 UTC


Which character do you think had the best style?

I was going to say which Doctor but I think this is a good question for any of the characters. Soo…which ones were your favourite?

I really liked the 12th Doctors. It was dark yet stylish. Modern but in an elegant sophisticated way. I think it really suits his personality. And we can’t argue how good him and bill looked in “Empress of Mars”.

20:53 UTC


I feel like people don’t fully understand why the show died in the 80s

I saw this the other day talking about how people had checked out of the show, and yes that’s true, but it’s always attributed to the wrong reasons, as the ratings of the show in the 80s has stabilised, at around the 7 million mark by season 22, which isn’t bad at all, and before anyone says that season 17s was in the 14 million end, that was because BBC was the only channel available at the time, due to strikes at ITV, so the data for that season is extremely unreliable, it should also be noted that season 23 began pre-production in the same 13x45 episode format as season 22 because it got decent ratings, it was only after the attempted cancelation, an 18 month hiatus, a slash in budget, runtime and episode count that the ratings had that massive drop, I don’t think any show can survive when their own network wants it dead, and the fact doctor who then proceeded to get out 3 more seasons afterwards, with 2 of those seasons being seen as some of the shows best stories, is a miracle, so with all this in mind, why is it always said that the show was a doing poorly in the 80s when it wasn’t up until the BBC went out of their way to kill it?

19:54 UTC


What's your favorite voice acting performance in the series

Just for clarity I'm not talking about Big Finish I mean the main show and the spin-off

19:47 UTC


The past few years as a longtime fan

Thinking out loud about the past few years as a fan. For me, the balance of big and small moments is crucial.

I suspect Jodie’s run will be rehabilitated to a degree over time. In particular, I think her performance will grow in stature with some distance. As for her stories….the highs were high enough, but the lows were dreadfully low.

My two lukewarm takes: I liked the Fam…Jodie had a “palette” of observers to play off, and the nuances of the relationships she had with each were a great through-line for her run. Dhawan’s Master was a good foil for her characterization. Many opportunities for big and small moments, and the balance almost worked, but for the sheer levels of ridiculousness.


I hated her Tardis console room…I’ll never get over that under-lit, salt crystal lamp turd.

Ncuti has the chops and the range to be a Doc for the ages. I’ve dug every bit of his screen time. His heartbreak and frustration at the end of Dot and Bubble was a masterclass in acting. I felt much better about everything in the episodes after Devils’s Chord. But the big/small balance has been way off.

His relationship with Ruby was unfortunately both rushed and undercooked, which seems like a lost opportunity to do big/small. Dropping us into the midst of a Doc/Companion relationship is ok with me….but you can’t have it both ways and also make it such a portentous origin story with all these “stakes.”

I’ve trained myself to look past the countless times the show stretches itself too thin, either visually or narratively….which is difficult when the show devolves into outright nonsense (as has happened in every era of the show - Classic, Nu and Now.)

For example, I have one word: Sutekh.

The mostly forgotten Classic villain’s return was a not bad idea that played out poorly, so the current series ended with a bit of a whimper rather than a bang.

If only RTD would spend less time working on histrionic teasers about how what is coming next is going to “change everything” and just channel that energy into writing tighter stories with better resolutions….

On balance, I am eager for the next series, I just hope it’s not trying to be so “big” all the time.

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Doctor who special water on FUCKING MARS

I just realized while watching this that the doctor can literally see the future changing in front of his eyes. Since when the fuck is this a thing Does this mean he knew about the stolen earth, journey, doomsday, parting of the ways, last of the time lords.😦😦😦😦😦😦😦 This changes everything EVERYTHING. I can't... I........... FUCK CONTINUITY FUCK!!!!! God my head's hurting I need a smoke maby 3 will help. buy for now

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