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Climate engineering (AKA geoengineering) discussion

Climate engineering, also known as geoengineering, is the act of actively and deliberately influencing the global climate in order to produce a particular outcome, such as the mitigation of anthropogenic global warming.










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The Carbon Harvester Module (CHM)

Splits a single exhaust pipe into a dual-pipe temperature/vacuum swing adsorption (TVSA) module with a zeolite 13X molecular sieve to capture Carbon-Dioxide from a gas stream. This stream is controlled by micro controller actuated butterfly valves and sensors. The filter is regenerated using a low power heat gun. For each cylinder the system cycles are modulated proportional to the volume of air and capacity of the filter to store Carbon-Dioxide.

While one cylinder is in regeneration mode, the other is in capture mode and the zeolite filter captures Carbon-Dioxide while operating under 50 degrees Celsius and releases the Carbon-Dioxide or regenerates the filter with a 150 degrees Celsius vacuum thermal injection from a low power heat gun. The Carbon-Dioxide is then vented to a condenser and secondary storage tank containing zeolite 13x for purification, and the Carbon-Dioxide density is measured. A 150 degrees Celsius vacuum thermal injection is used in the storage tank to release the purified Carbon-Dioxide to a compressor and finally stored in a storage canister. Released Carbon-Dioxide is held for Re-utilization in this storage canister.

Periodically when vehicle not in use the system will wash the zeolite using the same thermal vacuum process in a closed reservoir using a Sodium-Chloride solution. This is determined by zeolite performance and capacity; this process is expected to prolong the life of the filter.



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A message from myself: A manifesto

I'm not sure if I am having a mental breakdown or I am self-actualizing here, but I guess I'll share my thoughts here as well as my plans. Yes, plans.

When I had the flu I had this realization that I cannot escape suffering, even when I thought I could simply dissociate from it I could not, the pain was too great, my mind went down a spiral of thinking that we are all trapped in a prison of suffering where getting out of it requires immense suffering, I had an honest look of the world today and it broke me, I finally snapped and felt astronomically hopeless.

The fact that viruses evolve very quickly and there is no escape from them is a horrible thing to realize, flu jabs are better than nothing and will have as many flu jabs as I possibly can from now on. Because at least I am doing something about it, I read somewhere that someone has a flu jab every year and they've have not had the flu in 20-30 years, it just sounds too good to be true! I'll have a piece of that I hope! ... Hope.

Even though I realized that I am not immune to it, I realized that there was something I could do about it.

Sadly, global temperatures could reach 2+ Celsius within ten years, 3+ within fifteen, 4+ within twenty. 4+ will be the point where it is too late, Earth would become an inhospitable hellscape, all the birds will die, I don't want the birds to die. But maybe something could be done to stop it? ... And if so, what? Is it even possible?

Then it hit me, the only way is to trigger a mini-ice age (with radiation blocking or other unforeseen means) to buy humanity more time to research the technologies needed for a more self-sustainable and manageable future, technologies like fusion power, cold plasma pyrolysis, 3D printing and rapid-prototyping, effective vertical farming, effective biofuel, carbon capture (even methane capture), creating robots to clear up the mess to plant the forests and nurse the animals, etc.

If the plan works and the ice age is underway, the survivors retreat into the surviving civilizations, to create the infrastructure needed to survive into the 22nd century and beyond. Then re-emerge with technological means to build civilizations that can survive without the exploitation of so many resources, and without causing drastic emissions.

True, triggering a mini ice-age will cause destruction, but if we are truly going to go extinct due to global warming then doing nothing will assure us complete annihilation, so it will be better to do something about it when that gamble gives us a chance of survival, humanity has survived an ice age before anyway and we are better equipped today to deal with another one, cold temperatures create more nutrient-rich oceans too, enriched oceans could restore the phytoplankton which are the true lungs of our planet.

I do believe that this could be our only hope if things are destined to go truly pear-shaped, and I see myself as a viable candidate to be the catalyst for this course of action, in my 30s (I am 29 now) I will attempt to find my voice, then I will attempt to do some public speeches, maybe appear in TV, start a movement, and if things get really really bad then people will begin to listen to me, yes, people are going to think I am a complete nutcase and whether or not I could be remembered as a hero or a villain depends on who you ask in the future.

But this is my mission now, I refuse to not go down this path and give-in to the hopelessness and despair, I have found my calling, I have found my purpose, this is something that I have to do, and if fate would have me fill in that role as the saviour of humanity, then I'll do a damn good job doing it.

I go by the alias of Jake Jakobs, remember my name, because who knows, you might begin to hear about me in the 2030s-2040s.

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A Speculative Proposal For Atmospheric Carbon Capture

If feasible, the scientific and engineering communities should undertake an effort to create an environmentally friendly, self-sustaining, low cost means of atmospheric carbon capture. We propose the creation of a self-replicating atmospheric carbon capture device (RACC) - either an engineered bacteria or an analogue derived from available synthetic biology toolkits. The RACC should:

  • Be free floating in the atmosphere
  • Use common elements found within the atmosphere for self-replication
  • Utilize available solar and/or chemical energy
  • Capture atmospheric carbon and bond it into small flakes heavy enough to precipitate back to the Earth's surface

Deployment of the RACC can be carried out either via balloon or airplane.

Such a proposal raises substantial environmental and safety concerns that warrant careful consideration. To that end we propose the following design requirements -

  • Rigorous controls should be implemented to govern the self-replication phases of the RACC, mitigating the risk of unrestrained proliferation.
  • The RACC's operation should be confined between altitudes of 600 and 13,500 meters
  • All RACC devices should deactivate and safely break down once atmospheric carbon levels fall below 350 ppm
  • The resulting precipitate flakes should be too large for humans and animals to inhale
  • The RACC should become inert and break down safely if ingested by any plant or animal

This speculative proposal, while technically ambitious, could significantly mitigate climate change effects. This undertaking should be approached with great care, adhering to the highest standards of environmental safety and scientific responsibility. If a RACC under 10 microns can be engineered to meet these design requirements, it should be done as quickly and as safely possible.

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Research paper

I am doing a research essay on global warming and I need to interview an expert in the field. Anyone who could answer some questions for me would be great, but you must have a related degree. Feel free to pm me, thank you!

  1. Name and credentials?

  2. What do you think the current time tables for global warming look like?

  3. Do you think there is a point of no return for climate change? If so when do you think that is?

  4. In your opinion, do you think we will be able to stop global warming before there are devastating consequences?

  5. In your opinion, what is the best way to curb global warming?

  6. Do you think Geo-engineering will be a viable method to combat global warming in the future?

  7. Do you think humanity is more likely to resort to C02 reduction on a scale that will make a difference, or geo-engineering

  8. What are some of the most promising geo-engineering projects out there right now?

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