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Youtube links in gmail

  • Until recently, when I have included one or more YouTube video URLs in a gmail message, a clickable player/link has magically appeared at the bottom of the email showing the usual thumbnail and 'play' arrow. This no longer happens, and I don't think I've changed any settings in gmail or my browser. Does anyone know how to recover this feature?

22:28 UTC


Reposting an older video but edited down.

Hey guys, I'm thinking of re-editing an older video I have uploaded and reuploading it as a new video. It has been up for about a year, doesn't have many views and can probably benefit from being edited down to being shorter. Has anyone done this and do you know if this would be ok to do with YouTube?

22:29 UTC


Browse is outperforming Suggested by double. How do I get suggested to target my avatar more accurately?

In the book, the Youtube Formula Derral suggests organizing videos by traffic source and compare the data for AVP, CTR, AVD and Views(I think I added views on my own). You have to do it manually one video at a time and transfer the data to a spreadsheet. That's how I had to do it any way.

The two sources I used were Suggested and Browse(I plan on adding search but it's not part of any strategy I currently use to target search). Once I had all the data plugged in( I omitted two outlier videos, one from each source. Both were anomalies that outperformed) I noticed that browse is outperforming suggested by almost double in every area: AVD, AVP, CTR and Views.

On an individual video basis, when I check the inbound videos that are sending traffic, it's the right niche but not the right person within that niche. Hence lower AVP and AVD and I can assume a lower CTR because that person avatar isn't interested. But on the homepage, AVD, AVP and CTR are dominating.

For clarity, it's as if I had a basketball dribbling technique youtube channel targeting coaches but the algo was suggest my vids to people who want to watch And1 highlights. It's close, but off the mark.

My channel is still small. I have 600 subs and about 40 videos. ~60 videos and ~200+ shorts have been made private. I had one content pivot early on when I had about 200 subs and then about 60 days ago I privated everything that wasn't exactly this new content. (FYI The algos suggestions don't align with the privated content either)

Therefore the numbers aren't anything phenomenal. Suggested would be like 30 views, 1min AVD and 20% AVP and Browse would be like 400 views, 2:30 AVD and 40% AVP.

The only solution I've come with is time. Just keep creating and it'll work itself out. However, I wanted additional opinions since I rarely talk to anyone about this. Is there anything else I can do help the suggested algo target better -like browse seems to be doing?


05:28 UTC


IMPORTANT: Don't forget to 'Send feedback' if you don't like the new UI - the current fix won't work forever

Hey folks,

Whilst there is a great and easy fix for this new UI right now, which is one I personally find disgusting, but understand others may have less issue with, I think it's really important to remember that the fix is just a JS injection that toggles a 'preview' variable.

The reason for bringing this up, is that if this UI change is pushed out globally, there won't be a toggle any more, the fix will stop working.

As creators, you will likely find this even more frustrating if you engage your viewers comments, or if you create detailed video descriptions with links etc.

At the top-right of YouTube (on Desktop) if you hit your profile icon, at the bottom is 'Send feedback'. The more people that complain about this new UI, the more likely it is that they will actually fix it.

Without doing this, one day our fix will stop working, and we'll be forced to deal with a 'Description' box less than 400px wide and comments that can be near-impossible to read and reply to!

Cheers ya'll


23:04 UTC


No content ID until AFTER I made video public.

I had the video private for a long time, no copyright issues, than after going public I got the content ID. However, I did forget to put epidemicsound.com in my description at first. Does this mean the song creator manually content ID'd me once they saw I didn't put credits in the description?

Also, I muted that portion of the video, so it's too late now, but is there any way to dispute the claim and also temporarily mute the song so that I don't miss out on revenue while waiting for the dispute next time?

20:15 UTC


What’s a good camera to use???

I’m buying some new stuff to use for my set up, I’m planning on buying another monitor, a ring light and a new camera but I don’t know what a good camera to use could be, does anyone here know what could be a good and cheap-ish camera I can use? I already got a pretty decent camera but a new one could work good, or should I stick to my current camera? Also is a ring light good or should I get something else?

02:52 UTC


Working on 1st YouTube Video on Gaming. Research is addicting. I love it….just want to get some feedback on what I am doing and the way I am doing things.

I don’t really know how to explain it all in words….but I went from never doing research for a video to actually being obsessed with it and I love it. Today was the first day I actually started to look up info. The topic is regarding the Xbox Series S and kinda what the plans were initially, etc.

Anyways, it would be a really long post I was wondering if maybe someone or maybe even a couple people wouldn’t mind jumping into a chat on discord or anything really. Even if it’s just text. Or even if it’s me talking and you guys respond with text. Just wondering if maybe I can explain what I am doing and maybe someone can tell me if I have the right idea. I think I do, but not quite sure. I don’t care who helps me out or whatever, but I would like someone who is familiar with doing research for video. It doesn’t have to be gaming related but just anyone who understands this whole process. I am realizing that even if I stick to the facts it’s gonna be a long video…I was trying to do something really short for my first video but there is a lot of info and I like it…it’s just a crazy process. Anyways, let me know if maybe you wouldn’t mind helping out a newbie please.

03:21 UTC


How to avoid reverb on footage?

Hey there, I have a small channel. And I'm trying to improve audio quality, which is always the biggest challenge when making videos.

My phone camera is great, it can give me really really good video quality but while audio is ok. I always get a lot of reverb on my voice.

I can't afford to build a perfect accoustics studio, so I'm trying to find solutions other than buying a microphone that'll cost me two months worth of my salary, or just covering everything with foam pannels.

My recording studio is basically my workshop. It has a rug on the floor, tons of stuff on two walls and on the background, from tools, to electronics, lights, books.

The other two walls are kind of barren, with the flat surface of a wardrobe, and a flat wall.

I don't want to just cover them in bullshit, like hanging a rug on the wall, because I'd have to buy a rug, and I'd be wasting space that I might want to use later. just to stop reverb, so I'm feeling kind of out of options.

I could just plug a lavelier mic on the phone, since it would probably not catch as much sound, but I reeeeally can't find one that just works and is affordable. it's either something for television, or ali express waste of plastic.

03:51 UTC


Question about disclosing altered content

I just read YouTube's policy regarding the disclosure of altered content. I didn't think much of it because I don't use AI to manipulate my videos in any way, but after reading it, I'm not so sure anymore.

Sometimes I use a green screen to place myself somewhere. I placed myself on stage during a big event and pretended to have a speech. We shot a whole video where we were on stage and practically filmed a game show. In the first example I did get several questions if I was really on that event. I showed the original clip, where I didn't key out the screen at the very end of the video which looked pretty funny.

Do videos like these need a disclosure for altered content? I don't want people to click off thinking that they're watching AI while this is not the case. Where's the line where "movie magic" ends and AI/altered content begins? Are sketches with a backdrop seen as altered content, like Ryan George is doing for instance? I've done similar things to prove a point or just have some fun.

Maybe the first example, where I put myself in that event, it can be seen as altered content. If you watch it without paying too much attention, it's pretty believable. While a sketch with backdrop is obviously not real.

I'm wondering if someone has some insight on this. The YouTube support puts me in a circle. This is the link to YouTube's policy: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/14328491

tl;dr: Is green screen footage altered content and do you need to disclose it?

13:05 UTC


“Streaming Question” Sony ZV-1/Streamyard Specific

Hey everyone. I have a Sony ZV-1 that I’m trying to run as a webcam through streamyard. I know this is a very specific situation and so I’m trying to see if ANYONE out there is doing the same thing. When I plug it in via USB, the picture looks fine but the there is a slight delay. Which, then is making my video and audio out of sync. On OBS I know you can delay the audio but I’m having to use Streamyard. I’m holding off my first live stream until I can figure out how to run things smoothly.

Troubleshooting - my internet connection is great. Running an Ethernet straight in with AT&T fiber and it’s not an internet speed issue

I’ve tried Google chrome and Firefox private browser windows, as that’s what someone else suggested.

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong here and idk if this is a normal occurrence that people generally know how to deal with but I’ve been unable to find anything on YouTube or Google regarding this problem. I’m awaiting an HDMI capture card in the mail to plug things in that way and see if it helps at all.

Any thoughts or information would be MUCH APPRECIATED - Send help haha

17:22 UTC


Combining or Splitting up your channel

I have seen a few of these post and most recommend to split the channels…..what would you if the topic is the same? Like I have random streams on my YouTube channel….manly from Restream (most effort put towards Twitch) but I want to make videos on gaming topics.

Maybe split them up in playlists? I guess the only issues if someone comes to the channel and doesn’t sort by playlist, then it’s gonna be a mix of streams and regular YouTube videos. Think I just answered my own question. What do you guys think.

17:14 UTC


Widescreen Suggestions?

Now I record on a 3440x1440 widescreen monitor.

I’ve had this thing well before I started content creation, the problem I am having is when I upload to YouTube as you will see in my video and the link below there are these annoying black bars on the edges.

Now I know what you’re thinking why don’t you upload in your native resolution? Well then I can’t put end screens on my videos, and with my channel seeing some success.

Having my videos lead to each other can lead to more watch time and YouTube pushing my content more.

I’ve tried everything and I’m stuck on what resolution I should be uploading until I get a regular monitor.

09:17 UTC


Help!! Specs of your editing PC

What PC/Laptop are you guys using to edit videos? What are the specs? Are you guys using windows or MAC OS computers? I currently have a MacBook Pro with i9 and 64 RB Ram. I think it’s more than enough to edit videos but I also know the MB Pro is 5 years old and just wondering if upgrading would be a smart move. I am just curious as to what you guys are using. I am gonna be using ScreenFlow with the hope that I eventually get comfortable and use Final Cut or Premier.

I am on vacation from work for a couple weeks and would love to get some insight. Thanks again.

00:22 UTC


Where Can i Go to Meet Other Creators thats Not in the West Coast

Ive been rlly tryna find ways to make connect w/ others in this industry beyond just forums, so ive decided to look into going to creator conventions i.e vidcon,twitchcon ect....the only problem ive had is they r all west coast it would littarly take me the cost of one ticket just to make it there its actually suprising to me that theres none rlly held in the east coast espectially w newyork what should i do to meet other creators?

16:15 UTC


Quality vs quantity (how to get seen if you're a slow uploader)?

I recently created a BeamNG.drive channel and informed my followers of it when I released the first video on it. I already have a gaming channel with 20 subs and the main channel with a non-English audience and 300 subs.

The crazy thing is that despite having viewers who've given likes to my earlier BeamNG videos, the new channel has got no subs or likes in its first week. All this despite providing links and everything in my Discord server and the gaming channel with 20 subs. I even made a video that explains it all with an AI voice (‘cause my own English sucks), yet there's nothing going on.

So there's only one thing left to do, I think: building a whole new audience from scratch. Which includes the catch-22 phase when you have to promote your thing like no tomorrow despite having little to no places that allow self-promotion. Then you have to be involved in the community as if you had the time after making the content and paying your bills.

So it's never enough that you know what you're doing. Apparently, YouTube can just hide your new channel from your viewers so that you have to jump through hoops to get the validation that you deserve. Oh sure, there're channels that definitely deserve more of it, but also a lot of massively liked crash compilations and clips that anyone can do.

So does it ultimately boil down to quantity over quality? If I'm correct, YouTube actually encourages a high upload rate. So instead of doing videos with a bit of thought (like having a race up to the Pikes Peak on gravel), I have to pump out mediocre crash shorts in order to have any hopes of an audience? And when this new audience finds out that I'm more into multiple camera angles, good audio mixing, editing and things beyond just crashes, those people just unsub? Ugh.

If there's any way to “win” in this ridiculous situation, I'd like to know. Maybe it's the “community” thing that I always find so awkward? I don't have the energy if I want to create, but I also won't have an audience if I don't hang around in forums? Aargh!

10:39 UTC


Reading stories as videos

Hi all. I am a writer and I tried reading a story as a video. I have an idea about footage but I am not sure how to go about it. When it comes to stories is it better to keep visualizations clean? I know places like /rslash sort of do that. But these prices are a little more emotive so I am a little unsure of how to visually approach it and thought about brainstorming off some like minded people.

The theme I am approaching is the idea of parasocial relationships between a member of an illegal hacktivist group and a normal cafe worker that is part of his everyday life via an online conversation. The reason I am approaching it this way is because I genuinely want to approach the risks of these parasocial relationships online. As I am not here to advertise this novel I am writing I am not going to dwelve further. But I thought I would give you some context as to what I am thinking.

I wrote my own music and make my own stories. I can also paint. I feel like I could do something really cool. I just wanted advice on how to approach this.

I was just wondering if you guys feel it's worth including footage? Should I use royalty free imagery? Should I leave it clean? Should I have the writing on the screen? What are your thoughts?

23:03 UTC


Redditors, what are your go-to software tools for content creation?

As content creators, we're always on the hunt for the best tools and apps to streamline our workflow. Whether it's writing, graphic design, video editing, or something else, what software have you found most helpful for your content creation process?
Some examples could include text editors, design platforms, video/audio editing suites, scheduling/publishing tools, SEO/analytics software, and more.
What specific tools do you use and recommend to fellow content creators on Reddit? How have they improved your productivity and the quality of your content?
Are there software tools you wish existed that would make your job easier?

22:28 UTC


Question about making interactive content


I am working on a project. Basically it's an arg styled thing. I am trying to make 3 channels be intertwined and wanted to seek some advice on potentially collabing with some voice actors. I am poor so I am not expecting too much. But I was thinking something like 1 sentence or even statements.

Are there any places where people can find free voice actors?


22:27 UTC


System Wide Glitch?

I have multiple channels. For now, my main is fine, but when I try to upload to a secondary channel I get a glitch. It says 'something went wrong' and then at the bottom of the upload screen says my channel status doesn't support uploads. I don't have a channel strike. On mobile the system is fine but on desktop its glitch-city. Anyone else dealing with this?

Hopefully its a coincidence, but Meta is having a huge system wide crash at the moment too.

16:03 UTC


Should I make a previously public video public again or do a new one?

Short story, I posted a video, but noticed some unusual stuff happening - despite approving ads youtube wasn't placing them, it kept saying the video was fully processed (4K) and then a minute later would go back to processing. Also views absolutely weren't there.. the stats showed very little uptake from susbcribers even compared to my worst videos.

After 30 min of this I decided to unlist. I was a bit rushed and made it public right after processing initially showed complete - usually I upload the night before release to let YouTube do its thing with processing but not this time as I was behing schedule.

My question is.. am I better to just re-upload the video again and release it after giving more time? Or would I be better to just make the unlisted video public again? My experience with YouTube stats is if the video doesn't do well with subscribers in the first 30 min the algorithm just drops it. It'd certainly possible it just sucked, but I'd hate to see it perform badly because YT's processing was glitching on it.

03:33 UTC


One Channel (mixed content) vs Separated Channels - What's the RIGHT choice?

I've been pondering this question for some time, delving into research, scouring articles and forums, watching videos, and more, yet I can't seem to find a definitive answer.

While I understand that's likely because there isn't one (it heavily depends on factors such as the niche(s) you're targeting, the diversity of your content, even the behavior of YouTube's algorithm and how it evolves over time, among many others), I'd appreciate some "up-to-date" insights.

The big question is: If I produce different types of content, should I consolidate them into a single channel or split them into different ones?

Single Channel:
+ Concentrates all efforts in one place, channel growth is centralized.
- Viewers interested in Content Type A may not be interested in Content Types B and C, potentially affecting your CTR and signaling the algorithm negatively.

Separated Channels:
+ Niche specialization ensures that viewers who enjoy one video are likely to be interested in others, sending positive signals to the algorithm and aiding CTR.
- Efforts, time, subscribers, views, and revenue are divided across channels.
So... what are your opinions or experiences on this matter? Do you manage a single channel or multiple ones? Are there any factors I'm overlooking?

(For the record, in my specific case:
I have an engineering/music production channel that recently hit 5k subs. Now I want to start releasing my own songs and would like to leverage the following I already have on my channel to get my songs some exposure.
But at the same time, I'm afraid I'll be hurting my current channel by releasing them there, and also think it's gonna be a mess to have those 2 kinds of content mixed together. I was almost sold on the idea of separated channels when... I came across the "Virtual Riot" channel, and he uploads everything there, from his album releases to music production stream/tutorials and such.... but he's Virtual Riot and I'm not 😅)

07:27 UTC


Question relating to clips of episodes

So my channel is mostly comprised of a series, several reviews of games within one episode (based on the month the games came out, so basically like games of January 1991 kind of thing), these episodes take a while to make, but I am able to complete each segment individually before the whole is completed.

My question is if I release the individual segments, will this hurt my channel when the whole episode is finished?

I have additional material within the whole episode between the reviews, and other segments that don't lend themselves to individual videos, but the reviews themselves can stand alone as individual videos.

Should I release the reviews individually as shorter videos so I always have content? I fear people will click off my longer videos if they already saw the segments.

21:43 UTC


Moral dilemma: setting up channel's community guidelines for edgy videos

We have a moral dilemma.

Context: we have released a few controversial videos which have flooded our comments section with all sorts of edgy conversations. We want to encourage people to be more respectful and civil in comments, but these are the types of comments that are also making the algorithm push the video more (since people feel strongly about the topic and engage a lot more).

Has anybody ever set up "Channel Guidelines" for their own channel? (in Settings -> Community) Curious about how it's been working for you and what impact it has had on your overall comment section.

Our moral dilemma is:

introduce guidelines to make the comments section more civil and respectful -> potentially reduce comments and reduce virality,

keep comments as is and just periodically clean it up

QUESTION: Has anybody turned on comments guidelines on? How did it affect your comments section?

18:35 UTC


Post and Comment thresholds have been updated

The new AutoModerator rules for participation in the subreddit have proven very successful. We have been making spot checks of the posts and comments that are being removed automatically and as expected, >90% of them are rule-breaking, low-effort, spam or scam posts that would not have contributed to the high quality content that we strive to maintain in the subreddit.

As of today, 26 February, we have dramatically adjusted the thresholds for posting and commenting in the subreddit. This will allow more posts and comments from younger accounts with lower karma. The TL;DR of how the requirements work:

To comment on the subreddit:

  • You must meet a minimum account age - new accounts will not be permitted to comment
  • You must meet a minimum comment karma elsewhere on Reddit - This rule is intended to weed out people who are "New to Reddit" and do not understand that this is not Facebook, Twitter ^(It Will Never Be X), Instagram, or TikTok.
  • You must maintain positive comment karma in r/YouTubers - if your comments are being downvoted, your commenting privileges disappear and will not be reinstated.

To post on the subreddit:

  • You must meet the above requirements plus:
  • The minimum account age is higher
  • You must have a minimum comment karma in r/YouTubers - This means that you must participate in the subreddit before you can make a post. This rule is intended to get users familiar with the type of content we expect here, the specific rules on particular types of posts, how the subreddit works, and will hopefully prevent low-quality posts.
  • You must meet a minimum post karma elsewhere on Reddit - Your first post should not (can not) be in r/YouTubers. Like the comment rule above, this rule is intended to ensure that people are familiar with how Reddit works.

If you have multiple posts or comments that are highly downvoted or are removed for breaking r/YouTubers rules, your post or comment privileges will be automatically revoked and you may be banned from r/YouTubers entirely. Use of "Free Karma" subreddits or obvious attempts to gain empty karma for the purpose of participating here will result in an immediate ban, and your account will be reported to Reddit for breaking Reddit's sitewide "karma manipulation" rule.

As always, the specific karma and age thresholds will not be published and may be changed at any time to shape the quality of posts and comments that are being made in the subreddit. We appreciate your patience as we navigate the stupid changes Reddit is making to the website while they chase their IPO instead of making the site better.

1 Comment
15:32 UTC


How can I completely demonetize my channel so that no ads are shown on it?

My channel is approaching 240k subs, and while I never monetized it nor ever shown any sponsor messages, YT still shows ads on it (I checked on a browser with no adblock). I want to make my channel completely non-profit, and that includes YT as well. Idea is that users who don't yet use adblocker for whatever reason can enjoy the content without waiting or interruptions.

I heard that if a video has any sensitive/adult/highly controversial/political content, it is automatically demonetized and no ads are shown, something about advertisers not wanting to be associated with such material. But I can't find any definitive info on it.

As a last resort, I would be willing to add a short token fragment at the end of every video with some profanity or something (with a verbal warning to my viewers to skip it) to have it demonetized automatically, but I'm hoping there is a better way. Ideally I want a solution that doesn't ruin the experience for my viewers in any way, yet still prevents YT from showing ads and making any profit from my videos.

What is the best way to achieve this?

20:03 UTC


Best video editor for Text to Speech

So I have a finance and budgeting blog with hundreds of articles, dating back to Nov 2010.

I would like to start posting some of them to Youtube. Basically, want to copy and paste the full article and have it converted to audio, and then add some stock video and images to the timeline.

In your opinion, what is the best editor to do this? So far, I find that Microsoft Clipchamp is good enough, but didn't want to buy their paid version yet in case there are better ones out there.

Appreciate any advise

03:58 UTC


Able To Drink/Smoke On Live Stream?

I often see larger streamers doing "Drunk Streams" i.e JSlattt doing drunk driving streams as well as Ludwig and others. I know this is allowed on Twitch and Kick but I'm wondering if you would be able to do the same on a YouTube live stream or if they are stricter on these things? Anyone have any info on this?

EDIT: I am of age and weed is legal where im from not sure if that would matter to youtube tho

18:53 UTC


Demonetized due to reused content... and then I successfully appealed.

Hi, if you find my English awkward, you're right.

Let me first explain my situation. I have multiple channels with subscriber counts ranging from 10,000 to 300,000. I've been receiving "Demonetized due to reused content" on these channels, and my appeals have been consistently unsuccessful. They scrutinize the content of the appealed videos for various reasons.

The channel I successfully appealed has 150,000 subscribers and primarily produces gaming videos. The content involves collaboration with creators from the Chinese Bilibili platform. We create videos that they upload to Bilibili, and I then upload them to YouTube. I checked with YouTube support, and they assured me that this isn't considered duplication, so I proceeded confidently.

The issue arises because I don't treat YouTube as a profession. When my partners upload videos to Bilibili, they quickly get plagiarized and reposted on YouTube by others. Since I don't upload videos to YouTube simultaneously, I end up being accused of misusing someone else's content when I upload mine, leading to "Demonetized due to reused content."

The crucial point is, having faced such penalties on many channels, I've become cautious. Before each upload in the past month, I thoroughly check for any unauthorized use of our videos. If found, I issue copyright strikes; if not, I proceed with the upload.

However, my 150,000-subscriber channel received the "Demonetized due to reused content" for the second time yesterday. I started creating an appeal video, but with no expectations, given my previous six or seven failed attempts.

This time, I simply showcased the software I use for video production like Audacity, PR, AE, arctime, Photoshop, etc. I didn't record my face, only my voice. In the first three minutes, I demonstrated my skills, and in the remaining two minutes, I narrated my initial situation, emphasizing that others consistently beat me to uploading the videos on YouTube. I also attached authorization letters from my Bilibili collaborators, allowing me to reproduce and repost the videos globally.

After 24 hours, my appeal was successful.

Based on this story, I strongly suspect that YouTube's claim of using an automated system to detect reused content may not be entirely accurate. To me, "reused content" seems like an excuse. I believe they might use such reasons to filter out some small to medium-sized YouTube channels.

Because advertisers prefer the "premium content" brought by large channels, reaching a broader audience, the ones truly managing YouTube are not YouTube itself or Google, but these advertisers.

This is likely something most creators will encounter. If your appeal video doesn't meet their satisfaction, you lose monetization privileges. Even if you give up the appeal and reapply for YouTube partnership after 90 days, you may still face "Demonetized due to reused content" or other reasons after some time. It becomes an endless cycle. So, when you're banned from monetization, you might not actually be in the wrong.

Update: On March 13, 2024, one of my channels produced a video in the same manner. After submitting it to them, profitability was successfully restored.

04:04 UTC


Recording Date & Location - Location & Date when recorded, or relevant to the subject matter?

I post missing person and true crime videos based on recent articles of recent crimes / missing persons.

On the Recording Date & Location section, i've been selecting todays date - but the crime would not necessarily have occured on todays date, could have happened recently or perhaps years ago.

I've also not been selecting my address but the address (city) of where the crime occurred or where the missing person is missing from etc.

This means that when I post multiple videos (shorts / longs) on the same day, as is frequently the case, they'll have widely varied locations mentioned.

Is this the right approach? Is there the potential that this causes issues, that youtube feels i'm not using that section correctly and might punish me for it?

Where possible I try to have a hashtag of the location in the video title, and in keyword tags

04:38 UTC


Sub for Sub?

hi im looking to make my youtube subscriber count better and i want to help you too put your channel in the comments and i'll subscribe to you if you subscribe to me i'll dm you my channel link when you comment please thank you !!!

04:47 UTC

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