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Laziest of days for Heinz

It’s been too hot for the little guy to go outside so he’s been bored in his indoor enclosure. At least we have lots of naps and food.

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02:03 UTC


Rehoming Redfoot Tortoise

I am looking for some advice here. My wife and I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that based on how our lives are progressing we can no longer give our red footed tortoise the level of care he needs or deserves. We live in Pennsylvania in an apartment with a child on the way and just do not have the space nor the time to properly care for him anymore. We had found a rescue in Florida and were going to drive him down in August. This rescue was perfect as he would be able to join a herd and it was obvious the owner cared deeply for her reptiles. Unfortunately we just received news that due to financial and medical reasons they will be shutting down their operations and rehoming the tortoises.

This took us months to find a rescue that was willing to take him and it is very difficult to find rescues online. We are looking for any type of help in finding a rescue that might be willing to take him without putting him up for adoption. Many of the rescues we have reached out to already have not responded and with our child being due in October we are running short on time.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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How to replace dirt without disturbing plants

I’m thinking about adding some foliage to my torts enclosure, but was wondering how cleaning would work. Would i just carefully take the plants out of the dirt trying not to mess up the roots? or would i just leave the roots in a group of dirt and take everything else out cleaning around it?

21:42 UTC


Keeping multiple leopard tortoises together?

Hi my wife and I are looking to get some more tortoises and we have decided on leopard tortoises. We would like to have multiple as it seems like online they can be cohabitated together but little information on how many you should house and stuff.

We plan on getting hatchlings/yearlings which presents a major problem due to how difficult it is to sex.

In terms of space they would be started in a 8x4 PVC cage setup to be high humidity to start them off and get them through the winter here (Florida) and then move them outside. We have almost an acre of land so space requirements for when they are older is irrelevant since I can build them as big as they need.

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What to feed a toroise?

I'm soon getting a Mediterranean Spur Thighed tortoise and have been confused as what to feed it. I know it's diet is all weeds and plants but what should I feed it. I have limited space and can't grow my own, but I've read that most supermarket stuff is bad for them. I live in the UK, so any advice would be great! Ty!

18:50 UTC


My baby got put to sleep 2hrs ago

I only had him for just over 2mths. 5 visits to the vet and this last time he was in a critical condition.

He had liver failure they think due to the previous owner as I only gave him weeds. Lambs lettuce and dandelions.

At least he's in peace now.

The vet is going to give me a reference and I'm thinking about adopting a healthy tortoise also marginated called flynn who currently lives in a very good rescue centre.

I'll keep coming on here to learn but it won't be for a while until I'm a tortoise owner again.

Don't know how I feel. Sad but part of me feels relief. He was a very poorly boy and it was a constant worry. He had mbd. Pyramiding badly as well as undiagnosed liver failure.

He was 6 yrs old and had never been to a vet before I got him and had been living in poor conditions.

16:26 UTC


check profile looking to rehome tortoise

have a red foot which was rescued. looking to rehome somewhere around ohio. i’m willing to drive. i know the information is very vague but i will provide more info if you dm me. please help thank you.

16:16 UTC


My Horsfield tortoise’s excrement smells awful.

I’ve noticed my tortoise’s excrement smell is very potent recently. Im unsure why as I feed them dandelions, clover and the occasional buttercup from my garden where ever possible. I’ll only feed packaged vegetables when I can’t. Am I feeding them something wrong?

15:07 UTC


Homegrown Tortie Buffet is coming along!

In an effort to make sure our tortie is well stocked on her [too young to know yet, but for now, her] favorites, we started growing a mass of tortoise-approved foods and plants. These guys are all about to be transplanted into a garden we built. I'm so excited! The zucchini and squash are already in the garden and are absolutely taking off.

Little one [Tortellini the Redfoot] got a bunch of trimmed/pinched hibiscus leaves for breakfast this morning and is acting like Christmas came early

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13:55 UTC


How long did it take your tortoise to get used to an enclosure?

I got a russian tortoise two days ago and all he's done is hide. I dug him out this morning to check on him and hes alive and strong. He wont eat either. Is this normal?

12:59 UTC


Is aspen shavings good for a tortoise?

I’ve been using corn cob substrate for several years now and have decided to switch to another substrate because of problems I’ve had with it. I’ve done a little research and decided that I’ll switch to aspen shavings although I’ve heard that some people think it’s bad for a tortoise others have said it’s good, what should I do? Swift, my small Russian tortoise, seems to have grow use to the corn cob substrate so I am concerned that if I switch it could cause him stress. What should I do? Is the aspen shavings good for him? Any other alternative substrates? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A friend’s grandmother has this tortoise and would like to get rid of her (??). I’ve always wanted a tortoise, but have never had one. I’m leaning toward taking her, but am looking for advice. What do I need to consider? I live in Texas. My yard is fenced in but I think I would block off a section so she’d have a space separate from my dogs.

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little drawing for the 4th! 🎊🥳🥳🎉🥂

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Can you sex my tortoise

She is supposed to be a female red foot but I’m not sure

00:52 UTC


Feeding plate options?

I have a red foot who’s about 4 years old and lately she’s been making a mess with her food. I was wondering what options there are to feed her that could prevent/be less likely to get her food covered in dirt. I’ve seen a few people talk about slate plates but wanted to know more before i made a purchase. Thanks!

00:49 UTC


Oscar's first outdoor dig. At 1yr and 2lbs the fun is just beginning! 💚🐢💚

23:29 UTC

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