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E2S5 - What is the deal with the gun?

Why does June bury that gun in the snow? The ground would be too frozen to bury anything in the ground??

02:34 UTC


Help me find an image!

I can’t remember the exact episode but I’m going to try to be best at describing this as I can so I can find this scene/picture. Serena (I think) is describing when they took over America to make it Gilead. She goes on to say how they took over mail/delivery services. There’s a scene where a delivery man is hung (I think) on the back of a delivery vehicle.
It’s the vehicle I’m thinking of. I think that current Amazon trucks look like that delivery truck. I just can’t find an image on line to compare! This must have been one of the first 2 seasons. Can anyone help?? Thanks!

02:20 UTC


Is Canada is doing too well?

The sterility plague that kicked off the rise of Gilead affected the entire world. And then the largest economy in the world loses its mind and destroys its wealth in a civil war. Said economy was also Canada's largest trading partner.

Even if the other free nations of the world funnel aid into Canada to prop it up, it should still be struggling to stay alive.


22:16 UTC



okay so no one told me that season 3 was gonna be this much of a rollercoaster😂😭😭. but in all seriousness i just finished episode 7 and i am absolutely speechless. i genuinely thought that ofmatthew was going to end up a good person or an ally on june’s 😂 boy was i wrong

21:58 UTC


Where will they get new handmaids?

I'm on S3 and the current handmaids up to this point (I believe) are all former "sinners" from before Gilead. But where do they plan on getting new handmaids later on? Like when the current ones get too old or there aren't many left. Their women are killed for their crimes, or have a finger cut off and go home. I just don't see where new ones would come from, not that it's a bad thing.

S2 E12 spoiler Like with >!Eden!<, I thought they'd make her a handmaid for being an adulterer. But instead they kill her? Which, let's be honest, might be better than a handmaid's life. But she was likely fertile and is now a disgraced woman, so wouldn't it have made more sense to make her a handmaid? Maybe I missed something or haven't reached a certain point yet.

21:32 UTC


fangirling in the S5 E1 diner 🥰

located in Paris, ON, Canada. I drive past everyday and had the time to stop in and enjoy a meal today, of course i HAD to sit in the same booth as June.

1 Comment
21:13 UTC


Is it just me? Gilmore girl grow up and Gilead happened

After two seasons, whenever there is a scene of Emily, it always makes me think that Gilmore girl and the handmaid tale are in the same universe. You can really feel how brutal the handmaid tale's is by doing that.

20:56 UTC


Me waiting for someone to tell Serena that she isn't Nichole's mother.

Me: "Someone please tell Serena that she's not Nichole's mother."

Luke to Serena: "She's not your daughter."

Me again: "Thank you!"

1 Comment
20:49 UTC


If evil had a face

18:25 UTC


Serena and Lucas

Am I the only one that thinks that Serena could have literally just…not gone back to Gilead? Like I understand that she says that it’s her one true home, but cmon. Why would she want to go back to that horrible place that makes her lose her mind (and her fingers)? 😂 Nichole is in Canada and she is starting not to care much about Mr. Waterford, so what’s keeping her drawn into Gilead? IDK

18:12 UTC


Beginning of season 3???

ok so i’m watching ep 4 of season three, and besides the fact that i’m kinda falling for the serena joy redemption arc (possibly), it just popped into my mind that serena is smoking a cigarette with offred. i was wondering how one in gilead would be able to obtain somthing like that. through the black market? but from whom? i suppose im asked questions that may be answered in the future lol.

06:59 UTC


Odd moment in “DC”, S3E6, with Fred and Commander Winslow

This is my first rewatch and I’m surprised I had never noticed this almost off-putting scene before.

Fred is playing pool with Winslow on their big visit to DC, where they are to work with the Canadians and the Swiss to get Nicole back, and very randomly, Winslow places his derrière on Fred’s face as he’s bending down to play. Fred is visibly uncomfortable but this is apparently not enough for Winslow to stop.

A few minutes later he places his hand very suggestively on Fred’s shoulder, making it clear this is a full come on.

I already finished the series up to its last season, and I definitely can’t recall anything coming out of this awkward moment.

With I noticed the derrière near Fred’s face moment I naively thought it was some sort of accident on the part of the producers, maybe even the camera crew, but then that rubdown made it clear that this was super intentional.

Can someone provide some context on this? As I said, it’s my first rewatch so it’s ok if you spoil something.

The only thing I can think of for the series to throw this strange, out of place scene in there was to somehow demonstrate that gay people very much exist in Gilead, of course, and to make us delight in seeing Fred feel sexually harassed. But I think if they wanted to really do this, they would have gone further with the story and explored the character of Winslow and how he interacts with the Waterfords more.

For example, they might have created a scenario where Winslow demands sexual favors from Fred in exchange for getting Nicole and then somehow Fred outs him to the powers that be and that becomes a major subplot.

But alas, this scene seems to have been just thrown in there to make us watch Fred feel a little bit like the objectified women of Gilead. It all seemed so out of place.

I appreciate your feedback .

23:16 UTC


Felt so bad for her

It was enough knowing little girls get sent to “wife schools” but jeez. Seeing the story of Esther really brings home the perverse society that exists in Gilead. Oh sure Commander Keyes, just a regular servant of God passing around his infant wife to friends and family to be abused. It is disgusting the things that people in that world will use to justify their horrible actions. I am sad with what resulted from her meeting Commander Putnam. At the same time im glad that that piece of garbage met some kind of justice.

1 Comment
13:34 UTC


when june found out about serena

when she found out serena was pregnant asked if it was Freds...do you also feel like she panicked that maybe her daughter wasn't Nick's and maybe it was Fred's?

13:24 UTC


My initial thought was “More Gilead shit”. But upon further review, this one kinda surprises me. Isn’t IVF for people TRYING to have a baby? Why are Republicans against that? Is it because they’re Anti-Science?

I guess that’s what I get for bringing normal logic to conservative politics 🤷‍♂️

09:37 UTC


I am on season 3, I don't get Lawrence's stance in Gilead.

I know he is of important and high rank in Gilead society, but it looks like he does not agree with the morals of the society. Why?

03:18 UTC


About lawrence’s economic outlook (kind of spoilers)

I finished the show and understand that Jospeh lawrence was the founder/ helped create the economic backbone of gilead. But i am kind of confused as to its specific. How are his economic principles different from modern America? What are the key points of his principles?

19:08 UTC


The Book, or the TV series…

Which one is better?

18:39 UTC


Why Didn’t They Leave?

I decided to start the series all over again bcuz it’s been years since Season 1. Now I can’t help to think why didn’t June and her husband just leave as soon as they took her bank account and her job? I know it wouldn’t be a show if she had but do they ever explain this and I missed it? Then when the soldiers literally gun down protesters in the streets… I’m just so confused now. I can’t look at the show the same way.

16:47 UTC


I love this show to the core

I am only on season 3, binge watching since last week. I love how complex these characters are. I love how our hero, June, is not the perfect victim, she has a past full of mistakes that eventually gave her a beautiful family, free of regrets. I love how you can get to like a war criminal as the commander, with his little gestures and then he goes and gets commandery again. And Serena... Jeez, she is the perfect villain/victim/hero, because she believed she is doing right but questions herself often, and then gets violent. I like Aunt Lydia. She is my favorite character and I love that in this season we can see her "before" life. The plot can get a bit... I dont know, they try to make the show longer, but the success of this show, in my opinion, is the characters. Honestly all of them make us feel so much.

I hadn't been caught like this since Game of Thrones.

12:55 UTC


Finishing The Testaments

I am enjoying The Testaments and, like any good book, am going to miss it. Is there any future books in the series being planned by Margaret Atwood?

16:56 UTC


Not a fan of Nick and June

I can’t bring myself to like them. I just can’t do it yall. I’m on my first rewatch and I still feel the same way as I did when I first watched it. I have no clue what she sees in Nick. He is so lackluster, emotionless. What are people so drawn to him for? I understand he has done things for June once they “fell in love” (I don’t see it as love) but them falling doesn’t track for me except the fact that they were in the same household and that’s literally it. Yes it makes sense but seems like if that was the case she would’ve let go after a while, especially after getting out.

I’m just watching the scene where she meets up with him after getting out and he says they should’ve run away together. Ok 1) even how he says makes me feel he’s just saying it to say it. There’s no emotion and I hate it. 2) when she says “maybe we should’ve just gone to that beach in Hawaii” I’m like ??? Like girl. Realistically, if you had done that, you would’ve just said fuck Luke, my actual husband. Also so you would’ve left Hannah behind for that? I realize she probably would not have done it but just her saying it really irks me.

I am just team Luke all the way lol. This dude just gives me the ick. There is not one single moment where I’ve been like “wow, he really loves her.”

04:31 UTC


Book vs show

Just finished the audio book and I'm a bit disappointed. I thought the book was going to be much longer and I'm surprised at how much the show added to the story.

To me it really felt like the author ran out of time and had to publish an unfinished book.

I still liked it, but the show is just so much better.

02:35 UTC


What does the color of the rope on commanders’ uniforms mean?

In season 3 episode 4 “God Bless the Child”, commander Waterford wore a black rope on his shoulder whereas the other commander wore a white one instead. Does the color of the rope signify anything? My guess is that the other wore white because it’s supposed to be a joyful celebration while Fred wore black due to baby Nichole being “kidnapped”, but I’m not sure if that’s the reason.

02:01 UTC


(spoiler season 3) I think I missed something...

Ok I'm ONLY on season 3 episode 2. I'm confused. How was June fine to go back to the Waterfords after giving Nicole to Emily and them escaping ? I know June was punished by her feet getting fucked and having to scrub the floor. But uh. Why was she let back into the Waterford house? (And then the house was set on fire by Serena). Just curious as I think I missed something thnx

23:22 UTC


The Testaments completedly changed my mind about Aunt Lydia in the season 1 finale

So, just a refresher for anyone who doesn't remember. The finale is the episode where the girls refuse to stone Janine, and say "I'm sorry Aunt Lydia."

And Aunt Lydia's response reads completely differently to me, having spent so much time sitting in her point of view. She says, "Go home. (screaming) Go home all of you! And think about what you have done! (Pulling herself together, but tearfully) There will be concequences, believe me."

Here's what I think is going on in Lydia's head.

She is:

  • Furious about the Handmaid's disobeying her. She is shocked and hurt by the defiance. It bruises her ego.
  • She's also... so proud of these girls. She knows that they're doing the right thing. Her girls, standing up for one of their own. And for Janine.
  • But she's also terrified. Because she knows what this could mean. And she knows that now, in order to save them, she has to be the one to design their punishement. And to protect them from themselves, it has to be a good one. Because her job is to keep them safe, and to Aunt Lydia, that means staying in line. And in a way, she's right — she has no naïvité about the cruelty of this world.
  • This scene is so good with the context of The Testaments!!! And it's so compelling on its own!
  • Damn, this is good TV!

Anyway, Aunt Lydia has become one of my favorite literary characters of all time. There's so much to her, and it is fascinating to look at every scene, and try and figure out what could possibly be going through her head.

Margaret Atwood dreamed her up. Ann Dowd brought her to life. They are geniuses, and the world is better for them)

(oh and I also like Victoria Tennant as Aunt Lydia but that's not really relevant to the thesis of this post)

23:34 UTC



What is Eden’s technical title? Is she an econowife, a Wife wife? Or some kind of junior wife that other husband is promoted may one day be a green dress Wife? I don’t see any other characters wearing similar outfits as her. Is her assigned class ever explained?

23:03 UTC


... Huh?

Confused at which part of this series is "European"? It takes place in the US, is filmed (as far as I'm aware)in the US. Is this just Amazon Prime being Bad At It™️? Or am I missing something?

19:41 UTC


Omg this woman

I am aware that Serena is being given a taste of her own medicine but somehow Mrs Wheeler makes the situation look and feel even worse. At least Serena exhibited little glimpses of compassion here and there. Mrs Wheeler has me feeling sorry for Serena lol and even though I have flipped flopped on my feelings towards her throughout the show, this is when im most sorry. After seeing June helping her throughout that birth, and everything that was said its just hard to see another person being torn apart from their kid. I get it, this is what she gets… But wow

17:21 UTC

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