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Marthas reading.

I know this has been discussed to death (kinda), but I was making cookies last; I got to thinking, what happens when a commander of wife want a recipe from the past? Yes we’ve seen the photos of 3 chickens in cook books. How would you incorporate brown butter into that?

21:27 UTC


New season release date? When are they finishing filming?

If these questions were answered already, just excuse me. I'm just curious. Any good leaks?

19:24 UTC


Would there be interest in a "Wrong Answers Only" Re-Watch of The Handmaids Tale?

Hey everyone,

As head moderator of /r/coconutsandtreason, I'd really like for our subreddit to stay unbanned, and to do that we need activity on the subreddit. I am thinking about scheduling a weekly re-watch of The Handmaids Tale to get us through till next season, but with a twist.


We've all seen the show and we know where the story is headed, so let's try something different. The theme of our re-watch is: Wrong Answers Only

That means, if you comment any truthful predictions about the storyline, your comment will be removed. We want creative but definitely WRONG answers.

For example:

In next weeks episode, I think Aunt Lydia will give everyone hugs and birthday cake, and they'll all share their feelings

Example provided by /u/sarahflo92

Perhaps we can make a contest out of it too, best comments each season get a special flair?? Let me know your thoughts!

14:14 UTC


/r/Coconutsandtreason is BACK!

Hey everyone,

A lot of you probably noticed the subreddit was recently banned due to inactive moderation as we are between seasons right now.

I got a message notifying me the subreddit has been restored! Thank you all for bringing this to my attention.

Praised be, we're back!!

I'll update this post after I get home from work, just wanted to get this out there for anyone wondering what happened 😂


I want everyone to be aware of Reddit's current policy on subreddit moderation. You should know this information in case you are a moderator of your own subreddits as well.

Here's what happened:

  • Sometime last month (June 2024), /r/coconutsandtreason was banned due to lack of moderation, I was not notified via PM nor was I notified via modmail.
  • 1 week later, /u/Electronic_Beat3653 created this post on /r/TheHandmaidsTale asking what happened to the sub.
  • One of the moderators on our team noticed the post and contacted me through our mod chat to get me aware of the situation.
  • I checked mod log of the subreddit, and there hadn't been any messages or reports in the last 7 months.
  • I submitted a request at https://support.reddithelp.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001103212 because that seemed to be the answer to my question? It was not. I did not receive any response at any point through this process the last 3 weeks.
  • I went to /r/redditrequest to look up their process. I messaged the mods first, but only received responses from their bot.
  • I read the sidebar and submitted a post, but my post was automatically removed because I was the head moderator of the subreddit. One of the other mods of THT offered to submit the post, and they did but it too was removed because it had not yet been 30 days.
  • I didn't know what to do after that so I messaged the moderators again, and yet again received a message only from their bot, not addressing my questions.
  • Then I messaged each of their mods individually (do not recommend, please use modmail when you can), and I never heard back from them.
  • A week later, yes a WEEK LATER! I finally got a PM that the subreddit has been restored. No further information provided. But we're back!

As you can see, there were A LOT of steps involved trying to get the subreddit back.

Here's what I've learned:

  1. Moderators now have an active/inactive status. This status is determined based off moderator activity over the last 90 days. This means mods need to come in to perform mod actions more than once or twice a year, even during off-seasons for a subreddit like ours. EVEN if there are not any reports as well, we have to go in and manually approve approve posts to count as a moderator action.
  2. After a certain period of time, if no mod actions are taken for a subreddit, it will eventually be BANNED (which is what happened here).
  3. If you are the head moderator of a subreddit and it has been banned due to unmoderation, good luck getting it back in a timely manner.

What does this mean for our subreddit going forward?

  • I'll be updating the mod list, removing mods I have not heard from and adding new ones that have expressed interest in helping to moderate the subreddit
  • For the mods that are here, we are all going to work hard to get our active status back
  • We'll probably schedule a re-watch of the series before the new season comes out, maybe we can do 1 season a month?

TL;DR If you're a moderator on any subreddit, make sure you stay active or else it will be a huge pain getting your subreddit unbanned.

19:50 UTC


Summer filming

As I do my 100th rewatch I keep getting excited for season 6. I know they say filming in the summer but does anyone know what part of summer? I feel like when filming starts we get more tidbits to think where the season is going.

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13:47 UTC


Praise Be! Ever Caradine becomes Season Regular in Season 6!

The Handmaid’s Tale’ Ups Ever Carradine To Series Regular For Sixth & Final Season


I love Naomi's scenes and Ever brings such a twist the the Lawrence storyline.

18:31 UTC


ya`ll im grimmster fan

18:48 UTC


The Republican party - Handmaid's Tale

00:52 UTC


What’s something small you’d miss from regular life

Something small like a simple joy you have

Like obvi we’d all miss our freedom and not being under threat of execution or worse constantly

I think I’d miss Dr Pepper. Ik that’s stupid but ik I would be bummed about no more Dr Pepper. Obvi not as bummed as I’d be about all the death and slavery but ya know


23:32 UTC


O-T Fagbenle

If anyone wants to see O-T play a one-off role completely different from Luke, highly recommend the latest episode of Loot on Apple TV. There is a very cute scene and I was absolutely smitten for a second. I love seeing these incredible actors in all sorts of roles!

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04:46 UTC


Fred Waterford

I’m doing a rewatch and I’m very curious on how he landed a high position within Gilead. Specifically because he doesn’t seem very smart and is very susceptible to manipulation. It is strikingly odd to me. The only thing I can think of is using Serena Joy’s unseen labor he propped himself up and now that women have no further role than in the home it’s all coming to a light. Can someone remind me if he was a nepo baby or otherwise?

22:51 UTC


Anyone else REALLY hoping they get Yvonne Strahovski to play Katie Britt on the SNL skit tonight?

I know it’s a long shot, but it would be perfect, and I would be here for it.

Edit: Okay it wasn’t Yvonne Strahovski, but as someone else mentioned, Scarlett Johansson was fucking perfect!

20:50 UTC


I've started having dreams about this show

Does anyone else get so into shows that they start to have dreams about them? It finally happened with THT. It was terrifying, I can't believe that these events have happened throughout history, I would've died of terror. It's so crazy how strong and resilient humans are.

Also, obviously excited for season 6.

05:11 UTC


I'd like to be clear, subreddit.

I will not have any more recalcitrance.

(Serena Joy is the most unserious wife there is.)

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04:10 UTC


Elisabeth Moss is pregnant do you think this will mess with season 6’s release?

21:41 UTC


Kinda hope S6 brings Hannah, Luke and June together again.

Even if it isn't canon. Even if it fucks up timeline/overall Testaments plots.

I'm post-op on some pretty serious tooth surgery, re-watching S5 on a double binge (I like to catch little details) and I'm caught on 'Motherland', all the optimism at the end of the episode genuinely just feels.. touching? Nice. Welcome. Deserved?

We live in such crappy fucking times; war, disease, political uncertainty, I would not, at this stage, be fussed if they gave us a more glossy ending. Fuck it.

PS: Hello coconutsandtreason! Off season is so harsh and quiet. Hope all is well. Blessed be.

06:32 UTC


Naomi has more grace/tact than Serena

Serena appears and presents herself as the smarter, better one for lack of a better word, but on my rewatch, I’m playing closer attention to them both. Naomi looks horrified as Eden and Nick get married in that group wedding while Serena is crying happy tears at child brides and pdf-filia. Naomi is WAY nicer to Janine even tho she bit her, she allowed her to hold and see Charlotte/Angela, got her man’s arm chopped off for that gross Putnam perv stuff (mostly his cheating but i still see it as some sort of revenge AND justice for Janine.) There’s waaay more— Naomi is just generally kinder and grateful to Janine for that kid and shows it on many occasions. I still think both Serena and Naomi are horrible people but i think NP is mostly just surviving— much like Janine, and SJ is vindictive and resentful, much like June. The difference is their obvious statuses as handmaids means they SHOULD feel angry etc. so that’s not a negative thing abt June. Serena could never be as kind as Naomi and i find that these 4 characters serve as each other’s foils, respectively. Idk just some thoughts.

10:55 UTC


Confused about early-mid season 5

Finally got to watching season 5 and I'm confused about something and just wondering if I just don't remember something from Season 4. In Season 5 episode 4: Why was Serena just let go from the detention centre? Wasn't she still charged with imprisonment of June? Why did the American government just let her go?

For that matter, why the heck was she allowed back to Gilead to bury Fred? Inmates don't just get to travel to other countries to bury loved ones regardless of whether they're convicted or still waiting trial. Heck, the vast vast majority don't even get a compassionate release day pass to see a loved one buried in the same city, never mind same country.

Sorry. I know I'm very late to the party on this and this has already likely been discussed- but reddit's search function is abysmal at the best of times never mind threads almost a year old!

03:51 UTC


Writers strike

Does anyone know if they have started writing again for season six now that the strike is over?

20:09 UTC


What world building would you like to see?

So I would love if we got to see more of Gilead and here is some points of view I think would be great to see:

A Martha who was a fairly high end hair stylist. The aunts usually rotate her for cuts and styles so we see more of the different homes but she is sent to DC for a ball and mayday of course has an interest.

Econo wife trying to make a birthday party work within whatever rations she gets. Trying to be friends even when you might get hung for a joke.

Guardian training camp and first few tours. How they brainwashed all those young kids given the tech of today.

02:33 UTC


Her eyebrows are perfect. I’m much jealous.

00:13 UTC


What situation is worse?

Basically I've been thinking a lot about the world of Gilead waiting for S6. There is no way to really quantify this question I suppose but its really got me thinking...

It's a horrible situation to be in, all these poor women made to have babies for the wives... But I was thinking, what would be harder?

On one hand being a handmaid in a more traditional sense who conceives to a Commander (a rapists child).


A situation like June's (which I'm sure happens a bit!) where the baby is conceived from two people who care about each other and are involved throughout the pregnancy in secret, a love child.

Both are unimaginable, just wanted a discussion I guess. To have to go through pregnancy and birth, to have your baby taken, to have a rapists child, to have a mother AND a father grieve thier baby.... It's complex for sure.

05:54 UTC


Just curious as to why the sub name is opposite of the phrase?

Sorry if it is a dumb question

17:40 UTC



So, could women in Gilead play solitaire? I suppose the letters (and maybe the numbers, too[?]) would have to be removed.

04:11 UTC


Hannah: "why didn't you try harder to find me?" S2E10

June: baby it's okay to be mad at me

.......................Moms IRL: listen here, you little sh--

02:19 UTC


Is anyone else disappointed by the 2023 Emmy nominations?

The only THT actor nominated is Elizabeth Moss for Best Actress in a Drama Series. I love Lizzy but IMO Yvonne Strahovski was the better actress in season 5.

I assume Yvonne was submitted in the category of Best Supporting Actress which was a very crowded field.

Yvonne had so much screen time in season 5 that I wonder why she wasn't submitted in the Best Actress category.

15:43 UTC


Mrs. Osbourne.... wife?

I was thinking today about an alternative history of THT - one where Luke was either red-pilled in the waning days of America, or simply scared into compliance, and got caught up in simply surviving and existing within Gilead. Clearly he's not cut out for a leadership position, or being an Eye - but he might have become a minor functionary within the organization (my only evidence for him potentially being OK with this is June's observation in the book that he was OK with her money being his, and him taking over the managing of her life).

My real rumination is on June - I think she would ultimately have been fine being a Wife, so long as she was allowed to keep Hannah. If it had been her in the teal robes - she might have undermined structures from within (perhaps) but I don't see her being destroyed by the experience of living within Gilead the way it destroyed Mrs. Lawrence. I think she is an amoral character in a lot of ways. She's willing to do bad things to achieve what she believes are good ends - and isn't that the definition of Gilead's modus operandi? The same with Serena. If she and Fred had been relegated to a lowly position with Gilead, she would have bounced at the first opportunity.

All June really wanted was Hannah and some semblance of personal autonomy and selfhood - so long as she was allowed to keep her children she would have found a way to survive within Gilead.

16:06 UTC

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