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"The Greatest Profession on Earth"

Someone help me with this please because after 3 years I'm still trying to figure out where that applies.

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16 more school days until I leave- anxiety

Good morning. I am a 5th year teacher, this year was my last attempt and I decided back in december that I was done. Its not the kids I love them, but its the parents and my admin team. They give me so much stress the weight can be unbearable.

I thought that as the weeks dwindled down I’d be less stressed because I’m leaving and it doesn’t matter, but that has not been the case.

I’m an absolute wreck today because I need to get an emergency flight home on Thursday, so I need a half day. I need to talk with admin about it when I get into school. I dont know why I care what they think at this point, but I’m terrified theyre going to be upset with me.

I cant wait to start bartending in june (yep I’m going to be making more money bartending than teaching. That pisses me off), and to just breathe Jesus Christ.

Any advice on getting through these last few weeks?

11:14 UTC


Forced to Resign

Since I was forced to resign, I only have 15 days left of my teaching career. Any suggestions on how to pass my time at work? Any little mischievous deeds you can suggest? I wanna make this memorable.

09:47 UTC


Last 5 days!

I’m so excited to be done with this terrible career. I just know the behaviors the next five days are going to be brutal and I’m not ready. Pray for me lol

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Transitioning in more ways than one

This week will be one of the most stressful weeks of my life.

This is the week I go up against my employer in an arbitration hearing.

They are dragging me to arbitration because they think, somehow, that they have the legal right to discriminate against me as a transgender person. They do not. They do not have the right to tell me I need to hide who I am while at work. And yet they are spending tens of thousands of dollars to fight me in arbitration.

I told them I would be leaving at the end of the school year several months ago. I cannot work for an employer that treats me this way. I tried so hard to get them to understand. I tried so hard. I used to love my job so much. It feels like they are throwing me away, like I’m expendable. It’s such a waste.

I’m moving out of my district and out of the whole region. I have a guarantee of a job in another district that I think will be more accepting and respectful of my human rights, but I haven’t told them yet that I’m trans and planning to change my name. I’m transmasc nonbinary and I am not planning on physically transitioning at this time. I’m just tired of pretending to be a woman every single day of my life.

This is also the week I find out what my new job will be and what school it will be at. I will likely have to come out to my new employer to request a couple of small accommodations and to change my preferred name.

I’m so terrified. I have been having panic attacks every single day. I can’t relax. This has been going on since last school year and in some ways much longer than that. I’ve been teaching for over a decade. I hid who I was for years and then when I finally came out, they told me to go back in. I just need to survive this week. Then just maybe I can get through the rest of my life.

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Panic Attacks Before School

Has anyone else suffered from panic attacks before school? After returning from winter break this school year, I started having panic attacks for the first time in my life. It was every morning of waking up, shaking, high heart rate, and vomiting to the point of puking up blood. I couldn’t eat throughout the school week at all because I couldn’t keep it down. I didn’t feel safe at all at my school, like I was on “alert” all the time.

Later in therapy I discover that this is a fight or flight response. I ended up resigning in late March and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I spent April with my partner and enjoyed our time together, spent the past 2 weeks looking for new jobs and have a few offers. Not once have I vomited or woken up at 5 am shaking out of fear.

This isn’t the life I planned, but hey at least I can eat again. I never thought teaching could tank my mental health like it did the past months.

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Terms & conditions

I'm about to finish my 11th and final year as a public school elementary music teacher. I spent most of my years at a very high needs school with extreme behaviors. I'm moving on to teach private music lessons in my home.

Today I wrote the terms and conditions for my music lessons website, and it was incredibly freeing. I added a discrimination and harassment policy, and the ability to terminate lessons for cause. Cause includes student or guardian being difficult or disrespectful to the space or teacher. I know that I'm truly lucky to get to go this route, and that it is a risk. It just feels so amazing to put up my own boundaries and have the ability to enforce them.

Good luck fellow teachers looking for something different. May we all find something that let's us live more on our own terms and conditions.

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Rant: Individual Needs Don’t Matter

So this is my 4th year teaching and I received tenure at the beginning of this year. I taught first grade my first year and as a temp teacher another teacher wanted a first grade position and I was bumped to5th grade. I’ve been doing this for three years and there was finally a position opened up again in 1st but my principal said that because it’s harder to recruit 5th grade teachers and it’s a more complex role, she doesn’t want someone completely new in that position that hadn’t previously taught 5th. I also cited that the extra events and burden of 5th grade activities as well as dealing with 5th grade behaviors made my mental health decline. Her response that if mental health was my priority then I was welcome to go into transfer rounds and possibly pick up a 1st grade position at a different school. For a profession that prides itself so much on mental health and social emotional of children it could give a shit less about the one who leads them in the classroom. I’m feeling so invalidated. I’m great at leading a higher grade level, I know I’m organized and capable. But I would be great in any grade level and I have the experience of working that. So why does my professional needs have to take a backseat for the whole campus? Isn’t it the district’s fault for not hiring or training teachers to be better supported in 5th? Why does it feel like I’m being punished for being good at that grade level?

03:12 UTC


Found a new position!

TL;DR- found a teaching position at a private school. Pay raise and better hours.

I posted a little while back about leaving not being a betrayal but still struggling with knowing what to do.

My husband and I went to NOLA for jazz fest and I had an epiphany. Either I drastically change how I operate in music current position, or I have to find another job. After a fortuitous sequence of events, I have found a new position. (God/The Universe/Whatever you want to call it is looking out for me)

I’ll be teaching at a much smaller private school. The interview was amazing. The school is religious, but not dogmatic and universalist. The position is team taught with another performing arts teacher, lunches are free, and everyone is so nice.

I observed in the team lunch that the teachers seem tired from the end of the school year, but they didn’t have that look of “my-soul-has-been-sucked-dry” in their eyes. They laughed- most of them are recovering public school teachers too.

Despite knowing I’m doing the right thing, I can’t stop crying about it. I’ve been in my district nearly two decades, and I’m grieving the loss of what I hoped to do in my career in my current position.

I’m also very relieved to not have to deal with it anymore. And excited about getting a nearly 10% pay raise :)

23:31 UTC


Thankfully it's over!

I got laid off! I'm so glad I never have to go back but I'm freaking out a bit too. I was already planning on not coming back so I've had 5 interviews. One offer so far but the insurance to income ratio was insanely bad. I'm hoping to hear back from others this week. I've been prepared to take a pay cut to get out but I'm hoping to minimize that as much as possible. I know there is room for advancement pretty much everywhere else when in education it's only administration (no way). I get pay and benefits through the end of July so I have some time and unemployment as a back up. I left the district in good standing I just never want to teach again.

How did those of you who have successfully transitioned deal with the "waiting time" anxiety? I'm trying to stay busy and am already feeling better mentally after leaving with classroom (even with the finding a new job anxiety). I'd love to hear any success stories too! It felt so AMAZING TO LEAVE MY KEYS ON THAT DESK!!!! I also had a "Dark Feeney'" moment privately as I left...iykyk....

21:54 UTC


This job put me in a hole and ruined every aspect of my life.

7 days left with students and I’m never returning. This job has taken my energy, my mental health, my positivity, everything. I am in a financial hole because of how shit the pay is. I can’t wait to leave. I want to write a letter to admin saying how horrible they are when I leave.

17:02 UTC


What do you search for (in terms of jobs) when you’ve lost passion for pretty much everything?

I’m planning on sending in my resignation tomorrow and have accepted this position is not for me. However, teaching this year has really killed my spirit for just about anything. My background is in Chinese I am certified to teach it, but in all honesty, from sheer mental and physical burn out and suffering from a number of health issues, I just can’t see myself teaching this content again next school year. I still love the content, but I think I need a break from actual teaching. I was in a high poverty public district and the apathy, bad behavior, and abuse from admin sapped me dry. I have thought about maybe going abroad to teach but idk if I’ll be better off or worse. I have thought about working in some kind of international services but nothing is interesting me. I guess maybe my head will be on straight once I’m out for some time? What do you transition to when you feel you have lost passion for everything?

15:54 UTC


Weighing option to transition into administration. Need input.

I’ve been a middle school science teacher for many years. There’s an Assistant Principal opening at my Charter school for next year. If I apply I’m confident I can land the job. Pay is similar to my current salary. Does anyone have experience making this kind of transition? If so, what words of wisdom can you share with me?

14:47 UTC


Short term transition what to do with the in between

My wife has been working for the last 9 years going back to school and has earned her doctorate. She's now entering her 3 year residency which pays almost enough for our families bills. Her schedule is going to be crazy so I'll be taking care of the kids and all the home stuff (now it's pretty evenly split). I've had a couple interviews, but we will likely be moving in three years once she finishes. Since the area is pretty rural, there's not much in terms of work, but I've been teaching for 17 years and have never taught part time. Any advice for a long term teacher who needs something, but will likely be moving again in three years?

13:48 UTC


How to say goodbye?

I am 41F and have run a successful (not very profitable, but successful in terms of student outcomes) tutoring business for over 12 years. I am capped at how much I can make, and I am ready to hang my hat and close this chapter in my life. I have made amazing connections with beautiful families. Some I have been working with for almost the entire time I have been in business. I now have an opportunity to live rent free with my in-laws (we have no kids) and go back to school to get an M.S. in Accounting. I can finally take the time away from teaching to focus on a new career. (Yes, accounting has been something I've wanted to switch to for years, so this is not a last minute decision.) I have learned so much about how to run a business, establishing positive interpersonal relationships among families and schools, organizing, budgeting, and taxes (don't even get me started how the government eats away at profits).

I was planning on summer tutoring, but I'm going to close my doors June 15th instead, so I can take time off to relax, regroup, and get ready for my new chapter in September. So, as I plan to transition next fall to a whole new world of spreadsheets, mathematics, etc, I need help coming up with a way to say thank you to all the families that have worked with me over the years.

How do I say goodbye after all these years? I want to bow out gracefully.

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First year and I already want out, but don't know where to go

I left my first district four months in because it was put in probation (charter) and my union rep suggested I move somewhere with stability. Ended up getting a job at the district one town over thanks to false promises from the principal. Now every day I go in it's an anxiety attack every morning on the way to work. I don't think I can physically and mentally handle the risk of applying to another district only for it to potentially be the same, and this is just my first year. I don't even know what kind of jobs I could get with an English degree - all of my experience is in the education world...it feels like any place I apply to looks over me. I'm just tired of the physical and mental abuse from students ending up with zero repercussions. English teachers, where did you end up going?

09:15 UTC


Non-Renewal or Resignation

I was given the option this year to either be non-renewed or to resign. Which would be better? I have been non-renewed before (never given the option before). My states application does ask if you have been asked to resign instead of being non-renewed.

08:28 UTC


i regret doing the teaching track

this is a vent post. but also wondering if i should stick it out.

i have a lot of factors going into it. i went this way mostly bc i felt that i needed to pick a career and teaching seemed like the best fit. i’ve been subbing for the past few years at the same school, done long term assignments, and with living in FL i just had to take 1 certification test and i was able to start.

i started around january supporting a testing grade, but someone quit around february and i had a few days before i got put into a classroom. i’m familiar with the curriculum, but my classroom management isn’t the best. And i realized i was great at subbing bc even on the inevitable rough days, i knew that I wouldn’t have to go into that class the next day.

The responsibility of the children’s learning is a lot, and all these things to be tracked, and how i’m supposed to stick to curriculum but also have to do this specific method of student led learning, and having to take over a class with 3 months left into the school year was a lot.

i also realized… im lazy. as in if a kid was not interested in learning, i did not want to go the extra mile into making them learn. i focused on those who were paying attention, but even then my score with them were not where they were supposed to be. and it goes back into the classroom management. so many distractions and silliness affected the class vibe and i still haven’t gotten them reined in.

im already dreading next year, and idk if ill be able to make it through, but i don’t want to leave in the middle of a school year, and i don’t want to quit after 3 months. any advice? or should i jump ship.

another thing holding me back is judgement. i’m working in my hometown’s elementary school. word spreads and im sure my management skills have already spread through the school.

05:09 UTC


Should I use HR as a reference?

I haven't taught in a classroom in more than a year, asked my old colleagues if they could be a reference for me and they are mainly saying no because they didn't visit me while I was giving instruction or know me long enough.

My evaluator was very inexperienced as a first year principal and I don't want to use her.

I have positive evaluations from previous years and have been told I can use human resources as a reference based on old files. Is this something I should do?

My other references are volunteer situations creating community projects.

22:45 UTC


Tosa jobs

Hi. I’ve been teaching elementary music for 10 years. I’ve been interviewing for a Visual and Performing Arts TOSA job at a new district. It sounds exciting but I’m also terrified by the change. Anyone have thoughts on TOSA positions?

21:42 UTC


Should I leave my full-time teaching position for a part-time gig?

I’ve been presented a new job opportunity that seems very enticing, but there is one issue: it’s part-time.

I’m a first year teacher, and this school year has been a big struggle for me. I was miserable for nearly 2 out of the 3 terms. However, now that we’re nearing the end of the year, I believe I’ve reached a point where the students and myself have a mutual understanding of one another and my days are running smoothly. I’m okay, and the job is fine enough for me to stay another year, but I’m just not in love with it. I’ve always hoped to work at a higher level of education.

I recently got an offer to work at a community college. The position is right up my alley. With it being a relatively new position, it is part-time. I have met with several faculty members that believe I would be a great fit, and they have an inkling that the position could eventually open up to full-time. All that being said, I know I can’t bank on a hypothetical.

Should I grit out another year at my current position, or is it worth switching gears? Any teachers out there who have left a full-time to begin a part-time in education? Or even outside of education?

19:17 UTC


Pay the Biggest Factor?

I know there are various reasons why many are leaving, but ultimately is pay the biggest reason people leave teaching? It’s why I left. It didn’t matter how good I was, the scores my students got, the accolades won…my pay was the same as the bum teacher just showing up and giving worksheets everyday.

Let me ask this, you offer your resignation and they say…we will double your pay. You make twice as much….would you stay?

I know many leave and take less money, but if you went from 65k to 130k…would dealing with the bullshit be easier, would you be more likely to stay?

16:58 UTC


Not sure if I should “transition,” or stay & fight.

Returned from FMLA. My classroom was cleaned out and stuff was thrown in the trash. A map was sent around showing that a new teacher would be teaching in my room next year. Principal has called me to the office twice and yelled at me.

Most notably, I am on a provisional license. I need two effective evaluations to transfer to a standard license. I just received a blank evaluation with all zeros. She said it wasn’t punitive, just blank. She claims I didn’t complete a task that she asked me to do on leave. I received notes of “really well done” on my observations and no complaints prior to this. If I walk away, my license will expire. I can’t really transfer because my license is tied to that district, plus who is going to hire a teacher with a blank evaluation with all zeros. If I stay, I feel like I will be bullied and retaliated against for an entire year.

My fellow teachers say I should stay and fight, but I feel like I will mentally break if I stay for another year.

13:56 UTC


Heartbroken and furious

I can’t say what’s going on at my school but the admin just did something to me and the kids that is truly heinous. I am heartbroken, furious, and just need the support of this group right now. I feel powerless.

03:46 UTC


New Literacy Law

Indiana teachers have been mandated to complete 80 hours of training to complete a literacy endorsement in order to renew our license.

Since this law has passed, I can't help but wonder if it would just be easier to instead use those 80 hours to begin to upskill for a new career. I have been thinking of getting out for a few years, and this almost seems like divine intervention to get the hell out of dodge so to speak.

With that in mind, has anyone had success transitioning to the following fields (or any advise for a weary burnt out teacher)?

-data analytics -project management (my husband is a PM/engineer so I might have some background networking in place there) -school psych (though remaining in education in ANY capacity makes me wary) -student affairs

23:31 UTC


Anyone work for Savvas?

I got a call from Savvas to speak with the hiring manager! I hope the person meant to message me. We spoke last week but it was a position that required me to travel across the country, as much as that sounds awesome, I don’t want to be away from my dog and husband too much. Well she messaged me today so maybe she has me in mind for another position. Anyway I am thrilled. Does anyone work for them?

20:55 UTC


Left teaching in March; Now working at Subway— much happier (for now)

Just like the caption says... I left teaching on March 21st after lack of admin support of unruly middle schoolers and heavy DESE regulations (my district is in receivership). With some things happening in my personal life (mom and grandfather are seriously/terminally ill), I resigned with no back up job. I had enough. I had been working with kids (primarily middle school) for 12 years, so its not for a lack of experience or chops. The admin had such high expectations, inconsistent discipline and PBIS techniques, and lack of student support response. Half way through the year, admin stopped caring (my vp would literally shrug whenever I asked for help) and just focused on planning for next year, leaving us teachers to have to fend for ourselves both academically and as disciplinarians.

After two months of job searching, I got a job at Subway the old fashioned way; I walked in to order a sandwhich and saw a sign that said "hiring" and got a job on the spot— I started the next day.

It's been such a nice transition, despite living penny to penny, I figured I could be stressed about work and money, or just money. During those two months of unemployment, I was able to recharge my mental health and help my family. It's been hard but WAY less stressful, and I have enjoyed slow living and engaging in the hobbies that make me feel whole and happy.

Since starting at Subway, it's been great to work a "low-mental stress" job. It's located in a multi-college town (my partner attends one of them) so there is lots of young people and vibrant city life. I've already become close with some of the regulars, including one from London (very good schools in my area, so I get to meet people from all across the world) whom I am going to meet up with in London when I go to visit my partner in October (my partner is studying abroad in Ireland next semester).

The pay ain't glorious, but I'm lucky to not have rent— just my car and student loan payments. I paid my phone for the year too. I plan to stay here for a year and coast while I study for the Firefighters Academy. Next summer I will be on a three month roadtrip to visit my partners family on the west coast (I'm on the east coast), then enter into the academy next fall (I'll probably still work at Subway part time while training). Safe to say I will NOT be returning to teaching. My end goal is wildfire firefighting and backcountry rescues (I have experience in first response).

I am on tiktok if you want to follow my journey, @rachthegreat95 (no I'm not selling anything, but love connecting to people also in transition out of teaching or are curious about "life after teaching").

20:12 UTC


Last day ever!

Despite not having anything lined up, I have decided to quit substitutes teaching (and working with children altogether) effective today. A few days ago a first grader smacked me in the eye and that was the last straw. While I will miss the $337 a day pay, my health and safety are more important than a paycheck. I don’t know if I’ll ever be hired by another employer again due to automation but I’m so happy to not be a punching bag for students and abusive principals anymore. While I refuse to work and Amazon again, even their workers are treated better than teachers. Packages can’t talk back after all.

18:50 UTC


over this

I know it’s the end of the year, but with one more year left on my emergency license, i’m tempted to resign this summer. I can’t see myself doing this much longer; between the kids and their horrible behaviors, all the expectations, the politics, the NOISE — this was once my dream job but after this first year and the reality that set in literally a week into doing this, I don’t think so anymore. I guess it’s time to do more job apps and hope someone calls me this summer so I can quit because I’m at my wits end.

17:14 UTC


Already resigned but can’t even make until the last day

I already resigned and said I would finish up the school year but I can’t even make it to the last 3 days. I’m honestly tired and drained. I’m also having to go to restroom a lot and cannot hold my pee. The school isn’t helping and it’s constant end of the year programs and activities we’re having. Im tired of everything. This is my first year and it’s been up and down. The school and students didn’t gel with me at times. Mostly the students so they won’t be disappointed in me throwing in the towel Do you think this would jeopardize my summer pay? Should I reach out to HR or my principal and let them know. Or should I use sick leave?

16:36 UTC

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