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This is a group for owners of senior cats. Post pictures, stories, or just to talk.

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This is a sub reddit for senior cats and the people who love them. Post pics of your kitty, stories, or just talk. A senior cat is described as a cat 11 yrs or older. http://www.hillspet.com/cat-care/what-is-a-senior-cat.html So this is a subreddit for cats 11 + yrs.


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My gorgeous 17 yo boy had a seizure today (!!!) after receiving IV fluids… Im holding him extra tight and keeping him extra comfy for as long as my beautiful senior boy is strong enough ❤️

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Does anybody know what this is? Almost 18 y.o.

It looks like a bone is shifted in her left leg? I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen with their cat. She's not in any pain she's walking fine, and shes not acting any differently. I pet her and feed her everyday, and I've never seen this until now. She's gonna be 18 this year, so I didn't know if maybe this is just something that happens with older cats? Please let me know because I'm worried.

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Moving my 12 yr old lady into a new home (Am I doing the right thing?)


I am planning to move my cat Fable (12yrs old) to a new apartment with me in May - June ish. I will be moving in with my partner and his two cats (4yrs old & 1yr old). I want to know if I'm making the right decision for her.

Fable's Background: Fable is one of my childhood/family cats. As silly as this sounds, I knew we were meant to be together the minute I saw her at the shelter (She was not abandoned/feral, her owner unfortunately passed away). She is my favorite and I am her favorite. I even lived at home to personally take care of my cats throughout my college years. I had to move away from home about a year to attend graduate school, and I will be graduating from that soon and moving to a different state. My parents told me it would be stressful for my childhood kitties to move out of a large house into a small, cramped apartment & they are better off being taken care by my parents.

Few months ago, I had noticed Fable had lost weight and immediately took her to the vet. My heart shattered into million pieces when the vet told me Fable has hyperthyroidism and will be going into kidney failure in a year or two. Now... I understand she may still live for few more years, but my heart still aches for her. To make sure my other childhood cat does not eat Fable's K/D food & Fable gets her medicines in time, I am deciding to move Fable with me to my new apartment. I know you are wondering why my parents are not in the equation. Again, so silly to think about it like this, but I feel an immense guilt inside me.... Fable has NEVER gotten sick before and somehow she develops hyperthyroidism and diagnosed for future kidney failure? Within 1 year I'm gone? Is this my fault? Did she get too lonely? I cry often thinking about it.

Some part of me thinks I'm making a mistake because I cannot provide her the large house she is used to living in. Furthermore, living in a new place with two new kitties will undoubtedly be stressful for her. Another part of me justifies it with (1) I brought her home from the shelter. She is my responsibility until the end. (2) I will put up a mesh cover over the door so other cats can't bother Fable (3) My parents won't be able to take care of Fable like I will.

I don't know if I'm just in denial mode and too overcome by guilt to know what's good for her. If you have experience with K/D senior kitties or moving senior kitties into a new home, please share your experience. Thank you in advance for reading my crazy, emotionally driven post.

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16.5 year old Jake ❤️

Jake was diagnosed with Small Cell Intestinal Lymphoma back in October but is doing well with treatment ❤️

18:35 UTC


16-year old Swiss Miss has a head the size of a peanut

17:52 UTC


Update on my baby bundle Jordan 15

Started her on steroids Monday. They gave me a liquid form thinking it would be easier to give to her…can’t say it’s easier lol still a struggle. She got a b12 injection yesterday and will get them weekly for the next few weeks. Seems like she is eating a bit more…but is obsessed with hand feeding at the moment. I bought Purina hydra care based on someone’s recommendation here…and she’s liking it! Warmed up a bit and fed to her through a syringe where she can lick it off the top like a churu lol😂 the cutest. (But also a pain lol) such a needy baby. Fingers crossed she will gain some weight and return to her normal self!

17:17 UTC


My perfect boy Shrimpy (13) has another UTI 💔

Woke up this morning and my innocent angel was not screaming for his breakfast with his siblings like usual. After seeing him make 5 trips to the litter box and then pee on the floor twice within a 10 minute period, I knew he had yet another UTI

16:38 UTC


My Pixie 15 years old

15:14 UTC


My Cuddle Bug 🖤🤎🤍Snickers - Age 17

11:20 UTC


spiraling in Atlanta worrying about my 19 year old son, he's declining and need a new vet because the one we've been going to for 13+ years is awful now- do not go to clairmont!

Hey, I live on the south side of Atlanta and my boy has been worrying me lately and I honestly despise our current vet, Clairmont and I have no idea where to go, what to do. He's been on solensia for exactly a year now and recently his eating habits have changed so I'm worried about hyperthyroidism and kidney problems after reading the internet.

I don't know what I need other than a vet that doesn't suck and a chill pill for myself, thanks for reading- just needed to feel heard or something I guess. My 2 cats are the only family I have in this world, no exaggeration, and I feel like I'm failing them both right now- my oldest for not having the vet situation under control and better advocating for him and the younger one for being so stressed that I'm not fun to be around- well, that for both of them.

This old cat stuff is HARD, really hard sometimes.

03:12 UTC


My 21 yr old baby

A couple of months ago I thought it was the end. He had stopped eating for a few days, but was still drinking water. I decided not to stress him out with a vet visit unless he was suffering and let him spend his last days peacefully at home. I am happy to report he recovered on his own and began eating. He just went to the vet last week and the vet said he is amazingly good shape. Even his kidneys are good. We are going to adjust his thyroid meds so hopefully that will allow him to put some weight on.

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Nomi turned 18 this month, assuming the shelter ages her correctly back in 2008

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A precious old lapcat (17)

My old boy Boots, adopted as a kitten in 2007 from the local SPCA. He’s become such a lap cat in the past four years since we adopted his little brother!

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Heartbroken, but need to re-home the family cats (16) (13)

My family has two sealcoat Siamese cats that need to be re-homed. These cats currently live with my parents who are in the process of moving, and unfortunately, won’t be able to take the cats with them. I did not anticipate this was going to happen and had assumed my parents would have them forever, which is why I did not consider that when moving into my new apartment. I won’t be able to take them either, and it devastates me, but I need to find them a new loving home.

Pictures of the babies: https://imgur.com/a/aOjEs1q

Names: Bacchus & Gypsy

Age/Gender/Spay-Neuter Status: Bacchus is 16, male, Gypsy is 13, female, both are neutered/spayed.

Location: Massachusetts

Medical status: Bacchus has a skin condition which causes him to occasionally breakout in small bumps. My family has been giving him pills the last couple of years which seems to alleviate the problem. The vet has not been able to pinpoint what exactly is causing this. The vet stated that because of this, and along with his older age, he should not receive a rabies vaccine for the remainder of his life. Gypsy is in perfect health.

Previous Experience with Other Pets: My family has not had any other pets. My brothers sometimes bring their dogs over, and Bacchus seems to be fine with them. Gypsy is extremely shy so she often hides until the dogs leave. It would be best if wherever they end up there are no other pets.

Fun Facts: My family adopted Bacchus when he was four years old, and we adopted Gypsy when she was just twelve weeks. They are extremely close. They spend practically all day cuddling and playing together. They must be adopted as a pair as they are bonded and very comfortable with one another.

23:26 UTC


How to help grieving (15) cat?

I had two senior cats who were a bonded pair, Ody (15) and Wolly (17) And had known each other their entire lives and always been with me. Wolly passed away at the end of November. The other kitty Ody went through a horrible mourning period where he wouldn’t eat, howled constantly, etc. We consulted the vet and a pet behaviorist and implemented things like cat pheromone diffusers. Ody (15) is MUCH improved now and we have since gotten two kittens who (after some strife) he is now good friends with and have him playing again. However, we still find him looking in Wolly in all Wollys old nap spots. How can we still be supporting Ody through his grief? Does anyone have any other tips or tricks? Although it’s so much better and he has bonded with the kittens, you can tell the loss is still heavy in his heart.

21:23 UTC


Son bathing mother😭 14 year old Simon bathing is 15 year old Mother Charlie

So if you don’t know, we lost Theodore back in October. Simon was so lost without him that he had licked his entire underbelly clean from hair. I found Charlie in college doing a private CNR using my financial aid towards the feral felines at an old trailer park I knew was overpopulated with them. I come along Charlie who is young and pregnant. Doctor said she was about 8 months old. I decided she would stay with me to have her babies. Well she and 2 of her boys became my world 🥹🫶🏻

20:37 UTC


Blackie (23) tolerating his monthly bath.

This old man doesn’t clean himself anymore so he gets a quick wash up every few weeks. He doesn’t love it but he also doesn’t hate. Perhaps he’s just accepted his fate. Either way, he’s a good boy. ☺️

16:47 UTC


Saying goodbye (18)

Adopted Hoodie (18) during the pandemic. Shelter said I had 30 days to return him for a full refund bc he was a bitter. 3 1/2 yrs later with a failing heart and kidney disease, it's time to let him rest. Sweet boy. ♥️

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16 and a half cat suddenly limping

Hello everyone, I need advice, my old girl suddenly developed a limp in her back leg. She took a few steps before lying down. After a bit of me trying to comfort her and see if she was hurt, she got up to hide in my closet. She didn’t have this limp an hour ago.

Medical history:

  • My old lady is diabetic and I give her insulin twice a day with meals.
  • She has mild arthritis in her lower back but she still jumps onto chairs and onto bed. (This time I picked her up to be comfortable in bed where she’s currently fallen asleep)
  • She had bloodwork and other testing a month ago, nothing out of the ordinary, just age related changes according to the vet.

I thought I read somewhere that if the limp persists then schedule a vet appointment, but I’m thinking of doing that anyways since she is old.

Please and thank you, I just want my old girl to be all right.

Update: Thank you again for your support.

Short story is that she got worse and we are at urgent care right now.

My old girl was still mobile this morning and using her litter box. I found her alternating between loafing and lying down next to her box, However, while I was on the phone with urgent care (my regular vet wouldn’t be able to see her for a week) I noticed she tried to switch positions.

She’d been laying on her side but when she tried to switch, only her front legs seemed to be working and she yowled in pain. Of course, this meant bringing her in right away.

Now I’m waiting in an exam room while the emergency vet exams her. Fingers crossed she’ll be ok.

09:13 UTC


Pewter (16) the shower cat.

I got three cute videos of her that I’ll share onto my profile. And after all these she sat with her tail on the drain drinking from the water dish.

02:19 UTC


I got my stinky boy’s ashes back. He was thought to be 16-18 when I adopted him as a rescue in 2021. I’m so grateful I got to be his retirement home. Most rewarding experience of my life was taking him in.

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