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A subreddit dedicated to the TV show Robot Chicken.

A subreddit dedicated to the TV show Robot Chicken.

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About to buy box set on apple tv but noticed some errors

Noticed that if you look at episode details on apple tv store you can see how it says “2023” even though i swore i watched episodes from the early seasons (like season 1) when i was a kid and don’t get how the episodes are from 2022 + in the first couple seasons but in season 9 they have some from 2009, anyone know why that happened? Thank you for your time

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My robot chicken

The new president of Lucas film Kathleen Kennedy replaced all writers and directors with chimpanzees with learning difficulties and brainless monkeys.

As we know Lucas films are failing with Disney losing money everywhere. Katherine Kennedy has an idea of replacing everyone with brainless chimps, all of Pixar, marvel and others. The chimp created movies that are so weird that people exit the theater out of anger and confusion. Onlya very few people with mental disabilities are in the theater because of the fun colors.

One of the chimps drew a terrible drawing of the hulk being Gray and gave it to him. Hulk remembering the day that he was reduced to being Gray goes angry and destroys marvel studios.

Disney goes near bankrupt because they keep having flops. The only thing that gives them any box office revenue is the mentally disabled himself. Mickey Mouse, the Disney CEO, has an idea. The idea is to contaminate the world's water supply with lead so everyone's iq decreases so they will go and watch the movies, because all mentally disabled people are the only ones watching their movies. His fellow executive and friends, Donald Duck say this is dumb, while Guffey says this is evil. Mikey says this idea is better than using zombie Nazis to force audiences to watch movies. Guffey and Donald are confused at the Nazi plan. They do it by spelling lead. The plan fails because superman spots them but they manage to escape without being recognised.

Mickey then tries the zombie Nazi solution. They go to German cemetery with the help of Chucky who knows vodo(from child's play) they manage to reanimate the nazsi from the dead. Donald and Goofy are terrified of what they are doing. Mickey is wearing a Hitler mask to control them. The Nazis ignore Mikey's order and start invading Israel, after Mikey called them maggots and mocking Hitler himself. The zombie attack and everyone in Israel.

Mikey says that the Jews are finally gone as Walt Disney wished for but they're still losing money. Chucky sarcastically says why don't hire a jigsaw who knows how to create plots well. Mickey takes a jigsaw as a writer but his script is so graphic and violent that the actors die by reading the first lines.

Mickey's next idea is to use the aliens(from the invasion of the body snatchers ) to switch bodies with dreamworks writers to gain back good writers. Unfortunately the alien ended up in the bodies of gender studies graduates who are in protest for saying ugly is wrong. Donald facepalm so hard that he leaves a hand made on his face.

Goofy goes to church to pray for Disney becoming profitable. Mikey gets the idea of summoning Jesus so he could fix Disney because of goofy’s prayer. Chucky who now becomes their somewhat friend, laughing saying, Jesus is myth. Mikey is serious so they go to Syria which is still in a civil war. They put Jew bait like money,gold,bills etc to summon Jesus . Donald says why they're putting Jew bait to summon jesus. Mikey says that the bible said that Jesus is a Jew so he'll be attracted to the bait. They wait. A poster about free hugs lands on Chucky's face which throws at the Jew bait, the poster summons jesus. Chucky is shocked that Jesus is real and Mickey, Donald and Goofy are excited and immediately start praying to Jesus who is confused at what they are saying. Jesus starts speaking in Aramaic, but understands what Mikey is saying. Mikey is shocked and thinks his wish is never gonna be answered because he doesn't understand him, but things go worse as Jesus is shot by all sides of the Syrian civil war. Jesus' severed head lands on Mikey's arms as they run away. All sides realized they killed Jesus, out of contempt they attempted to take their own lives but the zombie Nazi showed up. The place is nuked and Mikey wins a Nobel peace prize because he's the one who finally ended the Syrian civil war.

Mikey says, we won a prize but they have the living severed head of Jesus, a lot of debt and a ticket to hell. They keep thinking of new ideas. Chucky is in the bathroom with the severed head of Jesus repenting his sins like killing many people in gruesome ways, torturing people, leaving his kid Glenn, being a toxic lover to Tiffany. Jesus not having his vocal cords doesn't respond so Chucky starts beating Jesus.

Mikey, Donald and goofy the news that the hulk is attacking the hall of justice and warner brother studio think they put the chimps at marvel. Mikey phone calls hulk's mom who's also his therapist. When Hulk meets his mom he runs away and jumps to mercury. Goofy laughs that Hulk's weakness is so funny.

Donald has an idea they can sponsor Kellogg and give an exclusive discount if people bring their cereal in Disney world meaning more people will flock with their money. Goofy say this idea makes sense but Mikey says this is boring and that they instead walk to heaven because the stair came down one the area where they summoned jesus.

Donald sends Chucky to check if Kellogg's is a good sponsor with him seeing Kellogg's using slave labor, by him seeing ugly children and child glen being enslaved. They are punished with rap music that criticizes their looks. Chucky ignores his son's Glenn plea for help showing that repents are Shallow and self-serving. He sign with Kellogg's as their sponsor

They do Donald's idea. Many kids get into Disney while eating cereal at the same time. But things go wrong because Kellogg drowns start shooting people, removing the masculinity of men but removing their ball, making fat people skinny, making girls ugly, and emptying everyone's wallets. The most notable victims are the justice league members like cyborg who is malfunctioning, green lantern loses his ring, and aquaman loses his legs because of legs.

Meanwhile Mikey goes to Syria and climbs the ladder to heaven. Where meets God in the form of the south park writers mat stone and trey parker, with Mikey being shocked. Mat and Trey explain to Mikey that they created South Park to hide humanity right after humanity started being corrupted by multiple situations. They explain to Mikey that the right thing is mentally hard but the wrong thing is physically hard, and Mikey is doing the wrong thing by doing illogical things. Mikey realizes his flaws and learns to trust Donald.

Toucan sam and Tony the tiger say that to remove the 7 deadly sins we have to remove some parts of the customers. Donald is shocked. Will Disney get sued by the Justice League for causing the conditions of their members. Chucky comes to court to reveal the good that Disney has done like stopping wars and the zombie Nazis.

Disney wins a million dollars by winning the case because the Judge favors them. Donald reveals that this entire Kellogg's and court thing was planned by him and that the evidence that defended them was entirely photoshopped.

Mikey uses the money to buy a body swapper to switch the bodies between the DreamWorks writers and directors with the chimps.

Mikey and Minnie are having a lavish date in Hawaii. The hulk has come down and he and the avengers take down Kellogg's for slave labor and save glenn.

In church Chucky screams at Jesus' rotten severed head of being phony. Jesus realizes how evil Chucky is. Creates a portal and demons send Chucky to hell where his torture by satan. Chucky calls goofy to save him but Guffey hags thinking it's a prank call by him.

Yeah this maybe cringe but you can make it into an episode and win million of dollars

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How come they never used slinky dog again in robot chicken?

I mean he’s a pretty popular character I mean I do want to see him again since they did him dirty in his only appearance. Dude gets sent out the window.

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What are all the episodes that show the story to the intros

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Robot Chicken is not cancelled and is far from over says Robot Chicken co-creator Matthew Senreich

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Need help

What music was used in the save the turtles skit?

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Wow I wasn't expecting this either!

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I am Batman

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Selling a rare boxset of robot chicken, $215, can ship worldwide:) only one on the internet

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Characters from DIC golf jam

Just watched the episode with the golf jam with all the DIC characters and tiger woods. I can’t figure out who these two characters are supposed to be. They call them “the dork punks” I think but I can’t find any record of DIC cartoon characters by that name. Shit is driving me nuts lol.

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What is the episode?

I remember an episode where lovers are sepereated, and the lady forced to watch her lover getting decapitated.

The dialogue goes somthing like this.

“Dont cry my dear, its said that human head remains alive for a brief moment after a decapitation. Once my head falls into the basket, allow your beauty to be that last thing I see, and I will bestow one final wink at you.”

Can someone tell me the episode?

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What's a piece of Media you're suprised didn't get parodied in Robot Chicken?


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Robot Chicken should NOT come back.

The makers say the show is still continuing even though we haven't seen any episodes since 2021, but I don't want any more episodes. Sure, there was a time where I found RC entertaining, but it has MORE than outstayed its welcome. 20 years is way too goddamn long, especially for a show like this.

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Horse glue

When I was little I woke up to an episode of a girl beating a horse and turning it into glue, was that robot chicken? I’ve been looking for it for years but nothing.

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BEHOLD The gaseous stench of Skelator's breakfast burrito!

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Question: What are the creatures in the DigDug sketch saying?

I hear “We Are Captives Underground”, but that makes no fucking sense. It’s been in the back of my mind for a year and I need some motherfucking closure.

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Robot chicken dolls

I reckon it’s a question that’s often asked; but where can you buy the dolls used in the show? I’ve just seen the Joker one at a comic book shop and it cracked me up just looking at it


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more recent rc fanart

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Robot chicken intro reanimated- By Secretivethedab B-N

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Is there an uncensored version of Season 11?

Like the title says above is there an uncensored version of Season 11? I want to troll people with the uncensored version of the skit with Velma getting it on with the classic Scooby Doo monsters.

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Just Finished All Seasons Available On HBO Max (S1 to S11)

Was there a massive staff change between seasons 7 and 8? Up to S8, and especially S6 and S7, the show is, "comedy gold", but, then, S8 heralds a drastic plunge in writing quality, and, well, I never again found it funny. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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Why is there so much zoophilia/beastiality in Robot Chicken?

It seems an alarming number of episodes contain at least one sketch involving human-animal sexual relations. I get it's a comedy and I guess zoophilia is being made fun of for comedic effect, but it just seems so overused that I wonder if one if the writers is a closeted zoophile?

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Who else thinks Robot Chicken should have it's own Youtube Channel instead of the sketches being uploaded on the Adult Swim youtube channel?

It'd be so much easier to subscribe to than the Adult Swim youtube channel, since there is bound to be at least one show that you don't like on there. For me, Robot Chicken is the only Adult Swim show that I watch.

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To robot chicken my sketch

A robot chicken sketch.A ompalumpa named Jeff got mail from OSHA because Willy Wonka's chocolate factory had a lot of OSHA violation. But Jeff mistakes OSHA for ocean thinking that the ocean is gonna destroy the factory. The ompalumpas panicked because the oceans is gunna kill they all. Jeff worns the US government about the ocean trying to destroy the factory, the US government agrees cause if the ocean destroys the entire east coast many will die cause the factory was in Tennessee, and willy wonka chocolate also gave the united States unquestioned power.The military shoots machine gun at the ocean killing random unlucky sea life, and nukes bomb the sea terrifying fish parents that got mutant choir cause of the radiation. This ends up as the government draining the ocean and throwing the water at mars. Jeff thinks saved the factory and many lives but everyone is now wearing an oxygen mask because the oceans gave 70 percent of all the oxygen, a massive food crisis and the plants died out, with ⅕ of the world starving to death. Willy wonka read the mail that he found in the mail box.Then Willy wonka fires Jeff before screaming at him for ruining the world by misreading OSHA as ocean, and running his business by killing the chocolate tree. Jeff dies because after couldn't afford to buy a oxygen gas tank. The end. Post credits: the centipede like aliens on mars celebrate for the extra water they got form earth.This sketch of Charlie in the chocolate factory where the ompalumpas were little men from Africa so my idea is that they can sometimes mistaken some English words cause its their language. Matpat from film theory speculated that Willy wonka had a lot of OSHA violation cause of his dangerous work environment so it would make sense that would be getting a lot of mail from OSHA. So I made this sketch

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Star Wars

Anyone have the clip where a prisoner in the death star gets left behind while Han Leia and Luke are escaping?

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Uncensored skylanders clip

My friend told me they made an uncensored version of the skylanders' skit, is that true?

If yes anybody got a link?

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Uncensored Star Wars Specials?

I figured maybe someone in here would know but was there ever an unbleeped version of the Star Wars specials released? When I ripped the DVDs to my digital collection the only audio options were different commentaries & the bleeped episode… thanks in advance!

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