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Revolution "is described as a high-octane action drama following a group of characters struggling to survive and reunite with loved ones in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist".

Revolution "is described as a high-octane action drama following a group of characters struggling to survive and reunite with loved ones in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist".

This reddit is dedicated to the show Revolution

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A series on the rise of the Militia would be great

I wasn't a fan of the sci-fi stuff but the life during those first years would be awesome to see properly fleshed out.

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Revolution Endgame comic download

I grabbed the images from the Revolution Facebook group and made a PDF out of it.


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Charlie is basically Octavia Blake

I’m just now watching this show so my apologies if it’s already been noted.

But, if you’ve seen The 100, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Charming young girl somehow morphs into Xena: Warrior Princess in a short amount of time. Expert in combat, tinkering, and tracking without much explanation. Bad Ass attitude and a chip on her shoulder.

Not a bad thing necessarily but just a little weird. The parallels are uncanny.

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Subreddit is back open!

It got closed down a while back for having no moderators. Now it's back if anyone wants to discuss the show or see the old discussion posts!

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Is it just me or did the last few episodes of Season 2...

Feel SOOOO much more refined than the rest? I mean, there was so much character development and this insanely good acting and even the writing seemed so much better. It's almost like they knew it would be the end of the show for sure. (maybe they did, I don't know, I barely finished watching this show for the first time in 2022 lol) Either that or they had more writers, or better writers come in. I don't know but it seemed like the last 5 or so Episodes were absolute stunners compared to the rest of the show.

12:59 UTC


Lol. Stay-Puft

Dunno, but this always got me laughing my ass off. F**KING MONROE! It kind of sucks that the Actor playing Aaron noticeably lost weight in Season 2 but no-one commented on it and though they toned down the fat jokes over him, they never got rid of them completely lol. I loved the light-heartedness though so whatever. The other good joke that comes to mind from S2 was when Miles said "If Aaron can Kool-Laid Man his way out of this, ok!" or something to that extent when trying to get Aaron out of Wiloughby TX.

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I’ve been thinking about this show so much lately, & how much I loved it. And just realized its free to watch on the Tubi app, so that’s what I’m doing this weekend :D

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How did they avoid pregnancies in that universe?

I recall reading somewhere long ago that maybe they had sex with their underpants/panties on (in other words, dry humping). Is this a plausible explanation?

22:34 UTC


Plot holes

First off, I can't believe this page still exists and people are still posting 8 years after Revolution ended 😂. It's such an amazing underrated show that ended too soon and not nearly enough people know about it.

There's a pretty big plot hole in season 1 that's always bugged me. Early on we learn that Rachel left her family to go to Miles because she was called upon because he wanted to find out how to turn the power back on. But then in episode 17 we learn that Miles actually asked for Ben. So why didnt he just send soldiers to get Ben or get him himself as he's his brother, like Monroe does years later sending Tom Neville to get Ben? And why did Rachel leave to go there instead of Ben? It's never really explained but it's one of catalysts for the whole story and the relationship between Charlie and her mother.

Secondly, Rachel says that she is interested in turning the power back on because she feels guilty about ending the world, but then she refuses to tell Miles how to do it, and he proceeds to interrogate and torture her for... years? And she still never tells him?! Some time after this something happens and Rachel is presumed dead, and after that Miles attempts to assassinate Monroe but can't go through with it and leaves. Monroe then keeps Rachel hostage too and interrogates her for even more years, with no results. Rachel left her family 7 years into the blackout, which means she was held prisoner for 8 YEARS but two of the most brutal and vicious men in the world and still NEVER revealed anything about the power?! I'd be just as impatient as Monroe was 🤣.

And thirdly, surely Monroe knew that Miles was keeping Rachel prisoner and questionning her about the blackout and how to end it, so he knew that Miles didn't know anything about it. So why does he then send Tom to find Miles because he thinks he might know how to turn the power on? Or is that just an excuse because he wants his best friend back?

I know a lot of shows run into this problem when explaining the backstory, many years have passed before the story takes place and there are things where we have to fill in the gaps. If you can just accept what we're told in the flashbacks then it's fine and it all makes sense, but after rewatching the show more times that I can to admit 😂 it's such a huge gaping plot hole that's never really explained, why Rachel left in the first place, how she was held prisoner for SO long, why they thought she was dead, and how she managed to not say anything after all that time. Anyone got any answers? 😂

10:21 UTC


Randall Flynn --> Randall Flagg --> The Tower --> The Dark Tower

Just one, final appreciation post of the brilliant Season 1 homage to Stephen King's iconic character and series. IFYKYK.

04:35 UTC


Are fans of this show willing to try one more time for a 3rd season? Lucifer, The Expanse, and Manifest were saved, and now just might be the right time for Revolution

I elaborate on this more in the post at this link, but Revolution proved it had a large fanbase and perhaps Warner Bros. would consider a mini-series revival to drive subscriptions to HBO Max (or Peacock could be a possibility as well). Are fans willing to give it one more try?

14:17 UTC


New Revolution

NBC's La Brea looks very promising, it reminded me a lot of Revolution, will anyone see? I'm really looking forward to seeing this show that seems to be very epic

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Why does Charlie forgive her mother?

I watched this ages ago (and was quite sad when it didn't get a third season), but I never understood (maybe I am just too much of a bitter, vengeful asshole) why Charlie would even talk to her mother.

Seriously, if I found out that my parents basically ended the world as I knew it and one of them pulled a disappearing act as well? You bet I wouldn't ever talk to them again, much less listen to anything they say - Hell, I'd tell then to their face that they are dead to me, they don't exist and they should never speak with me again or darken my doorstep!

Hm...I just realized: If the nanites caused the blackout because of a malfunction, why didn't they turn them off ASAP (that tower-thing they use to briefly shut them off is unaffected, so not going there ASAP and disabling the nanites is even more damning than developing such a weapon and then watching while millions of people die because there's no power! Seriously, Charlie's parents are some of the worst human beings in fiction!)

Still: What do you think? Would you talk to your parents if they did that and you learn that they are responsible?

ps: My own mother is not the best role-model and she stole from me, which made me cut of any contact with her (havend talked to her in 8 years and don't plan on doing so!)...and she didn't turn the world into a post-apocalyptic one! So yeah, I have cut off contact to one parent for less severe reasons!

03:49 UTC


Man, I miss this show

I just binged watch both season on Amazon Prime. The couple of episodes in Season 2 where Aaron dreams the blackout hasn't happened is AWESOME.

19:22 UTC


Where can I read the endings?

I would love to read the 4 chapters of the comic book ending... but I cant find it anywhere. I know Im SUPER late but i forgot about the comic and i just finished my second watch through of the series id love to read it.

23:22 UTC


I'm watching on Amazom Prime and all of a sudden, there is no sound. Episode 7, Season 2, it's all completely silent. All other shows work just fine. Anyone else have this problem?

02:54 UTC


Scene I think about all the time for some reason

Despite this show being dead for so long I constantly think about that scene in Mexico when Monroe finally meets his kid who brags about running a gang a Monroe goes “wow, there must be a couple dozen guys here... how do you manage to keep it all together?” Or something along those lines

Such a weird thing to be stuck in my head for years but I love it. Probably my favorite Monroe moment and moment in general from the show

17:21 UTC


Miles Monroe Cemetery Scene

Anyone remember what episode the flashback is that has Bass and Miles in the cemetery? Monroe is distraught over his family being hit by a drunk driver. I can’t find the episode number online. Thanks a ton.

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I miss this show so much...

Such a shame the show really never caught on, I enjoyed the vast majority of it. The setting was amazing and I loved how season 2 moved the setting to show off some of the other countries that formed (my favorite part tbh), I really wish they were able to get to California though the whole texas cali war thing was cool.

I think season 3 wouldn't have been good if it was made though. Them focusing more on the nano robots was cool but the whole taking over a person thing was a but much.

Either way, probably one of my favorite shows ever and it sucks it's not coming back.

01:16 UTC


Show coming back

Is this show gone for good? I feel like the ending was pretty bad the comic did not do it justcie. Has anyone heard anything

01:18 UTC


"Did you ever consider that maybe society was sick, not me?" ~ Sgt. Strausser

07:29 UTC


Had the show gotten more seasons what would have happened in the show?

16:17 UTC


Why exactly did the show never really succeed to being with?

01:53 UTC


Happy 6th Anniversary!!

Today (In the UK at least), is the 6th Anniversary of the Revolution Premiere!

I remember being pretty excited for this show, and being pretty impressed with it, 6 long years ago! Over here we got the pilot and the second episode back-to-back, which got me pretty invested in the show!

Shame that the show never got a third series! But at least we got the story finished, somewhat, with the comic!

I also recommend buying the series on Blu-ray, because it looks sexy as fuck. I have kept my DVD copy as well, which means I now I have two copies of both series like some sort of mad man.

Anyways, hope everyone has a great day!

18:49 UTC


I miss this show

I know not many of you are still around this sub (probably) but damn, im rewatching the series and it is just so before its time. If it would have premiered in 2014 I bet it wouldn't have been cancelled. Just Everything from the premise and the cast holy hell the cast is amazing. I would have loved for another network to pick it up and finish it with a real ending, definitely probably way too late now. But hey I can dream lol

19:11 UTC


Atlanta Capital of the Georgia Federation

I've been trying to find out what the hell the rest of this sign says for a really really long time. I'd say I got a fair bit of it done, but what is left is next to impossible. I figured that asking for assistance from those who might also be interested, or who might have a better copy of the sign, couldn't hurt. The sign can be seen in season 1 episode 14 "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia." https://imgur.com/a/puO8ByZ

09:48 UTC


Interesting thought

Note this will contain spoilers. Lets pretend we were all lived in the Revolution universe. If someone tried to reinvent electricity do think it could have happened?

21:08 UTC

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