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/r/photography is a place to politely discuss the tools, technique, art and culture of photography and to post topics that would be of interest to other photographers.

/r/photography is a place to politely discuss the tools, technique, art and culture of photography and to post topics that would be of interest to other photographers.

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Selecting Models & Not Being Rude

Hello Guys!
I'm just seeking quick advice here, I'm a photographer & I moved recently to Toronto. I was looking to build a local portfolio so I posted on one of those community groups on Facebook!

I received like 70+ DMs and wanted to ask how should I pick the models I keep? I have a few of them in mind which fit the styles I wanna shoot but there are a lot of people, and I don't wanna be rude and tell them to f off obviously, what would be a professional way to tell them that I can't pick everyone and have I will keep them in mind for another shoot? Also what would be a good way to pick models in a fair manner? I have a lot of people who contacted me and want to be fair!

Thanks for the advice, and have a good day!

23:57 UTC


Hands on with unreleased Godox Lux Master "potato masher" Style TTL Flash

This is follow up to this post:

Last week I randomly saw that the Godox Lux Master was available on B&H and ordered one. (It has since beeen taken down from B&H and is Available for preorder at Adorama.) There has been no formal anouncement except for its appearance at CP+. There is a single video in German discussing it and a brief article on Fuji RUmors.
I received mine today and want to do a quick 1st impressions report.
For the uninitiated the Lux Master is a wireless TTL Graflex style Flash, with retro styling like the rest of the Lux line of flashes, except it has prolevel feature such as TTL and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity
What comes in the Box.
The Flash Unit
Sync Cord
USB C to A Cable
Reflector Dish
Carrying pouch.
Build Quality,
It's plastic but still feels substantial, the main handle is a decent pleather the rest is chromed plastic. Controls are simple, 3 buttons a wheel and a small OLED Touch screen. It's little more intuitive to use than the X3 Nano. The Reflector had a bayonet connection, it's little fiddly but it attaches strong. The bracket is sturdy and has a lockable hinge to be able to fold the bracket away while attached to the flash.
Like the Lux senior the Flash bulb retracts there is a button on the side that pop's it out. It comes with a little cover for the bulb when not in use though it's small and may get lost easily. The flash head tilts from forward to straight up.
It was very easy to set-up and it connects wirelessly to all the X-series Triggers I tested with the X1, Xpro, XproII, and X3 nano, they all fired the trigger with out issue and I was able to fully control the flash with each trigger.
Running through the menus on this thing It seems that good plans to release multiple modifiers to attach to the Reflector Bayonet connector. As you can set what modifier you have attached in the menu of the flash. I suppose this changes light intensity depending on the modifier.
I took a few test photos with it and I think the quality of the light is quite nice actually. I am going to give it a try at a job tomorrow, and use it along side my V1 flash.
Below are a few videos of the unboxing and a breif menu tour and a few quick photos taken with the flash in my office.




I am happy to andswer any questions about it if you have any.

23:57 UTC


Size matters!

I'm talking obviously about IMAGE SIZE. Everyone, please stop wasting your time looking at your photos on a small phone screen! Every photographer should have a nice high quality large screen monitor. Print large prints of your photos! The bigger the image, the more you'll enjoy it. Drown your senses in the details, imagine the texture as they come to life, feel the image pop out at you like as if it was just in front of you. Go big or go home.

23:46 UTC


Should I return this lens ? (Used)

So I’ve bought this lens for 850€ without delivery used. The seller insisted on the fact that it was almost brand new. It has the newer serial number that is supposed to better protect it against dust.

The lens arrived and I examined it with a flash. It has 2 micro scratches and 2 spots of dust inside. The filter that was included has many scratches.

The seller apologized and we are discussing a rebate of around 150€. That would make the lens “only” 700€ but what would you do ?

The scratches are only visible with light coming from a certain angle but one of them is almost in the center.

21:34 UTC


Accidentally put in the wrong battery due to inexperience, are there consequences?

Not sure if I chose the right flare. I am very inexperienced in the field of photography, but I’ve loved every camera I’ve had in my hands. I was at a flea market last weekend and came across a Minolta 505si super and I decided “yolo” and bought it for €22. It had no batteries so I couldn’t test it.

The guy who sold it to me tried to explain something about which batteries are supposed to go in there but he didn’t speak english very well, so I didn’t really understand what he was saying.

At home, I decided to just put in the battery that seemed to fit, so an AA battery, and try to turn it on. Well, it didn’t turn on. I thought it was broken at first, until I searched the manual online and read that it needs two CR2 batteries.

Have I messed up? Could the difference in voltage have affected or damaged anything?

I’ve ordered the right batteries and I hope it’ll turn on anyways.

20:57 UTC


Tripod ball head question

Hello folks. For almost a year I’ve been using peak design tripod with the stock ball head, and sometimes the move shoot move wedge (for astro).

With the PD ball head I can only go up to a certain angle and after that the ball head won’t tilt up. Thats just their design.

What I would like to know is..could I buy a ball head which would allow me to go almost straight up.

Last week I was doing eclipse photography and couldn’t get it directly up.

Any ideas.

19:57 UTC


Shooting hyperfocal with modern camera

I'd like to use hyperfocusing to catch the moment without bothering focusing (for reportage and street photo). The problem is, with modern camera you don't have a mechanical focusing ring. Each time you turn your camera off, or sometimes just travel in the menu, then the focus point kind of reset, and you have to look again for the hyperfocal point.

Do you know of lens with mechanical focus ring for modern camera ? I shoot sony A7IV and Fuji XT2.

19:02 UTC


What has more impact on the image quality/sharpness: the lens or the camera/sensor?

I was just curious if the lens or the camera/camera sensor has more impact on the image clarity/quality/sharpness. So I just thought to ask here.

18:40 UTC


Focusing with branches and other busy landscapes?

I was just curious if there’s a good technique for keeping animals/wildlife in focus while in areas with a lot of branches/leaves/tall grass? I was taking pictures of birds this morning with my EOS R6 and 100-500 RF-L lens and noticed it was a bit tough to stay focused on the subject while in the trees. Is continuous auto focus good for this? Any advice appreciated!

EDIT: High ISO photography isn’t something I’ve touched much of yet either, always prefer to keep it low…but I know it’s useful with longer lenses. What do you usually have your ISO at when shooting wildlife?

18:23 UTC


Problem with Lens?

Ordered a Canon 100-400mm f/4.5 II from Adorama in very good condition. It was about $1200. I had rented this last year for the airshow and it was awesome. I feel like I’m having issues with it auto-focusing. I’ll aim at a bird and it’ll continue to get the branches instead of the bird moving around. Not sure if it could be the lens or me? Just odd that I keep noticing, I’ve took it out about three times. The depth of field it creates is amazing. I’ve always done shooting with my cheap 55-250mm efs and don’t think I had issues.

Should I return it?

1 Comment
17:25 UTC


Looking for advice as a first-time movie set photographer

I'm currently tasked with an assignment for my college course, which involves researching the role of a set photographer for an upcoming student film project. I'll be working primarily as a set photographer and I already have a good understanding of photography in general so more specifically set photography advice is what I am looking for. Any advice or insights from experienced set photographers would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, I need to gather contact information for the assignment, so if any set photographers are willing to share their name and phone number via DM, I would be incredibly grateful if not I still appreciate the advice.

Apologies for reaching out here if this wasn't the right subreddit I'm desperate for someone at this point. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

1 Comment
17:27 UTC


Lena cap problems with filter

I recently bought my first filter for my Panasonic fz82, a k and f ND filter. My lens is 55mm and the filter is 55mm, so it works fine, but for some reason, my 55mm lens cap doesn't work, it's too small for the filter. Sorry if it seems like an obvious problem, and help appreciated.

17:37 UTC


Photos are becoming pixelated on Instagram ?

I have the latest version of ig and ‘highest quality’ selected in data usage. Every time I upload a clean high quality photo, it becomes very pixelated and low quality. Does anyone know how to fix this?

17:29 UTC


Overcome your fears


For years, I let my fear of failure and judgment hold me back from pursuing what I loved most: photography. I was stuck in a conventional job, dreaming of capturing fashion and beauty through my lens, but never actually doing it because I was afraid my work wouldn't be "good enough".

Everything changed last year when I was let go from my job due to company downsizing. While it was a challenging time, it also provided the push I needed. With no more excuses, I faced my fears head-on. I started taking photos every day, sharing my work online, and even attended several photography workshops focused on fashion.

The journey was fraught with challenges. There were days I wanted to give up, days when my posts went unnoticed, and harsh critiques that made me question whether I had made the right decision. However, things slowly began to turn around. I connected with a community of supportive photographers and fashion enthusiasts, which helped improve both my skills and confidence significantly.

My breakthrough came when one of my photographs caught the eye of a major fashion magazine editor. Since then, I've shot campaigns for some of the biggest names in the industry and my work has been featured in top fashion magazines.

I'm here to share this with anyone who might be holding themselves back because of fear. Whether it's in photography, painting, starting a business, or changing careers—don't wait for the "perfect" moment. Start small, but most importantly, start now. You're capable of more than you think.

Has anyone else gone through a similar transformation? How did you overcome your fears and what advice would you give to someone standing on the edge, looking to take the leap? ❤️📸

16:55 UTC


Shooting under black light

I have begun hosting black light body paint parties and want to know how to better shoot under black light. If anyone has experience int his realm I'd love to know any tips and tricks you can share! I have 395 nm lights currently but feel I should probably lean into 365 instead for a "blacker" light.

16:28 UTC


Best fast-print/delivery for 8x10 or larger - 2 business days

Hope this is allowed.

Have a short notice event on Thursday afternoon. What are the best options for super-fast printing of an 8x10 (or ideally larger), preferably on foam core / some type of hard backing?

Was looking around at things like CVS/Walgreens, but I know those aren't great image-wise. Not sure who else I might check for pickup in the long island area, or online for super-fast delivery.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

16:23 UTC


High megapixel cameras announced and rumored for 2024

What high resolution cameras are expected to hit the market in 2024? I'm curious for future product releases of 40+ Mpix cameras.

14:59 UTC


Which setup is good fro photographing my own art in my home? Im having problem with this one

Im a painter. And i wish to take semi professionell photos of my own art at home.
Im also a Builder so I tried out some really strong worklights you use on a Builder site
They are really strong but it flickers alot. On the photo you see the flickering light.
The specs are 2x4250 lm 2x50 W and 4000 kalvin
Is it worth using to get decent photos? In some angles it doesnt flicker.
Maybe trying different angles or put the lights further away?
Im shooting with a Pixel 7a which has a really good camera . Maybe I need a proper camera?

My hptos are mainly for instagram
Or is this pointless considering this is cheap led lights? Am i better off getting som led lights for photos on Amazon? Or the model with an umbrella on the back?

I know there is professional light and cameras you can get for 400-500 dollars but I would like to try out some cheaper solutions to start off with.

13:26 UTC


How to learn?

Love shooting (photography) - especially when I’m away but find learning really hard/boring?

HELpPPP, so I originally got into photography I’d say around 5 years ago (I’m talking iPhone photography at this stage).

I was traveling a lot and with that I started taking photos on my phone, spending a lot of time editing them (on my phone), getting compliments and so on. I never decided to lean more into it because I feel like I’ve been branding myself as the “non-creative” type. I mean I’ve always been into sports and the less academic stuff, but I feel like a fraud if I say I’m creative because I’m not the museum, artsy type or whatever the stereotype may be.

Anyway, in 2023 I decided to buy a proper camera (Fujifilm xt-5) and this year in particular I’ve really been trying to fight the doubts and go for it as long story short I’d love to have my own photography business or at least creating visuals for brands, people etc. I’m trying really hard to fight the doubts in my head that are telling me I shouldn’t pursue this as I’m not good enough or ‘creative’ enough for this, despite everyone telling me how good of an eye I have or that I should be a creative.

ANYWAY!! My issue is. I am now in the beginning stages of trying to actually learn the manual settings. I spend endless time online watching/learning things but I know the key is to get out and PRACTICE.

However, I can’t lie - I find going out to ‘practice’ kind of frustrating and demotivating.

I end up making so many excuses in my head. I’m based in Sydney (from London) and find myself getting frustrated by:

• the heat and the sun - makes it uncomfortable to walk around all the time/see the screen • I just find the locations… kinda boring? Idk the photo walks just feel a bit meh.

Yet when I’m overseas I’m snapping away all the time, constantly seeing things I want to take photos of. Is this because it’s a new area? Is this because I don’t have to THINK (because it’s all new and interesting). Is this just part of the learning process because I’m overthinking/trying to get a good shot?

Anyway, I am after ANY advice: • did anyone else have this issue when learning, how did they overcome it? • any advice on how to learn instead of just going on random walks and trying to shoot things? • is this normal to not find joy in taking photos of anything lol? • how do I overcome it? am I overthinking too much and that’s why I’m not enjoying it?

My self doubt kicks in when I struggle with these walks as I worry this is because I’m trying to force something (photography) that’s not for me. But I genuinely get so much joy in it in when I’m in locations/situations I love, or when editing, or watching it online.

♥️ thanks in advance for listening to me ramble

12:49 UTC


How can I take a perfect photo of moon from my iPhone 13?

I have taken pictures of crescent moon and they come out perfect but when it comes to full moon it looks like I am taking a picture of a light bulb. Can anyone tell me the settings and technique?

12:44 UTC


Personal Bag sized camera bag

Looking for a Ryanair personal bag sized camera bag/daypack bag

Sized around 40 x 20 x 25cm 15.7 x 7.8 x 9.8inch

Have found this one from Tenba which looks pretty good, but seeing if there's any others out there https://tenba.com/axis-v2-lt-18l-backpack-black/

Really appreciate having Side access for camera, with a top area for day items (jacket, sunglasses case, snacks etc) Drink bottle pocket and tripod holster on each side mesh back/good airflow Sternum straps Hip straps Load lifters (not essential)

Thanks heaps!

11:32 UTC


Studio lighting with lightbulbs in the frame

I'm doing a photoshoot with three models, dressed in black on a black background. I want to feature vintage, edison-style lightbulbs in the frame. My main light source will be flash/softbox, but I want to show the lightbulbs as being lit up. Should I purchase stronger or weaker bulbs in this scenario? I don't want them to be overly bright so they don't cast color on the models - and I won't be able to regulate their power. Also, should I go for warmer or colder color temps with the bulbs? Can you share your experiences and tips?

11:37 UTC


Definition of a good professional photographer?

I have 0 knowledge of photography but I’m looking for a freelance portrait photographer who’s has the right equipment and knowledge. But nowadays everybody can call him or herself professional photographer without delivering quality.

Some pros only use a iPhone and ask premium prices.

So I would like to know what would you advise me me to filter out the real professional photographers from the amateurs?

11:03 UTC


Official Gear Purchasing and Troubleshooting Question Thread! Ask /r/photography anything you want to know! April 15, 2024

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Info for Newbies and FAQ!

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Need buying advice?

Many people come here for recommendations on what equipment to buy. Our FAQ has several extensive sections to help you determine what best fits your needs and your budget. Please see the following sections of the FAQ to get started:

If after reviewing this information you have any specific questions, please feel free to post a comment below. (Remember, when asking for purchase advice please be specific about how much you can spend. See here for guidelines.)

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Finally a friendly reminder to share your work with our community in r/photographs!


-Photography Mods

10:01 UTC


Whale/wildlife action shot recommendations?

I’m a wildlife photographer and I’m still very amateur. I photograph mainly whales and I’m noticing that I’m struggling with it big time. Things come out fuzzy (not necessarily blurry?) more often than not or have noise to them. Details aren’t crisp at all and I’m wondering what settings I’m not using correctly.

I shoot in shutter priority. For whales, I shoot with auto ISO, 1/1600-1/2000 shutter, F5.0-7.0 aperture (depending on how far out my lens is extended). All images are shot in RAW on my Canon 90D with a contemporary sigma 150-600mm. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

08:20 UTC


Why did I need to focus my lens closer than infinity when shooting the eclipse?

I thought it’d be “easy” to maintain sharp focus during the eclipse, just setting my 70-200 2.8 to infinite focus. Surprisingly, I had to pull it back in quite a bit, despite the sun being 93 million miles away. What’s up with that?

07:07 UTC


Save the dates blurry and dark

Hi. I need some help knowing if there’s no hope for the photos I want on my save the dates. We printed them on Zazzle in 5x7 with a photo on the front and a photo on the back. We printed on matte paper (which might be part of the issue). I’m wondering if the photos we are using are just too blurry and dark either way. For reference here is the info for the photo we’re using on the front:

-Dimensions: 3456 x 5184 -Size: 4.3mb -taken on canon t6 with 1/200 exposure 800 ISO

The photo on the back: -Dimensions: 3190 x 4199 -same camera settings

They look bright and good on my phone and computer. I know colors are different and quality too from phone vs paper - but I didn’t expect it to be THAT dark and blurry. Please help. Wish I could post a picture of the photos so y’all could have better reference.

1 Comment
05:26 UTC


Beware of Behance scam

I made recently my Behance account and since then I got messaged by someone named Sophia Milton. First they said hello and then I asked if they want something, which they replied with yes. They needed me to translate some documents to my native language. Keep in mind that I had no projects or stuff to sell, they just randomly contacted me. After this they told me to message them on telegram for more info which of course I did not. I reported them and their account got deleted.

Today, 2 days after this incident, someone under the name of "Sophia Milton" contacted me again. Although the profile picture was different, they messaged me "Hello" first like the last time. Again, reported and account disabled.

The only thing that I could do is just disable direct messages until these people leave me alone. It's kind of weird for them to scam people that don't even have something associated with their account. Be safe y'all!

04:23 UTC

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