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Since P2P makes each user into a distributer, do government target the users much more aggressively if illegal content is involved?


you pirate a copy of photoshop via a p2p network. Your government cracks down on you eventually because they consider you a dealer.


you pirate a copy of photoshop from some guy on reddit via typical download. The government doesn't consider you a dealer?

21:40 UTC


[HELP NEEDED] Magnet links and .Torrent generated by Webtorrent.js doesn't work properly


I am currently coding a prototype of peer to peer image/media-board running the web browser using the Webtorrent js (https://webtorrent.io/) lib. My prototype works, BUT there’s a huge problem :

The magnet links only works with the Webtorrent lib, in the browser, if I try to use them in UTorrent they're stuck forever in “downloading metadata”.

I also tried to generate the content of a .torrent file with Webtorrent.min.js, but the torrent file just reach an error trying to import it in UTorrent.

Here is the Magnet link of the torrent:


And here is the torrent file content, made with a PHP script, buffer -> UTF8, with a php lib made to handle special characters:

d8:announce23:udp://explodie.org:696913:announce-listll23:udp://explodie.org:6969el34:udp://tracker.coppersurfer.tk:6969el31:udp://tracker.empire-js.us:1337el40:udp://tracker.leechers-paradise.org:6969el33:udp://tracker.opentrackr.org:1337el26:wss://tracker.btorrent.xyzel25:wss://tracker.fastcast.nzel32:wss://tracker.openwebtorrent.comee10:created by15:WebTorrent/000213:creation datei1538403739e4:infod6:lengthi224693e4:name13:nendoroid.jpg12:piece lengthi16384e6:pieces280:$(8c©KÄ/Ÿ²æDð ê5û6r/‹&Çٗ¥#§nã.–õâ


]Cß á€̅Ío9g‘éH¼¡ÙÃ��ø£âu‡ïÃý²œ’<–qÕ*S"g‚ÊΊè¦?󛘔


Here is the original file (the name is not the exactly the same than the one in the torrent, the original name is just ‘nendoroid.jpg’ ):


I would be incredibly pleased if someone would be able to found what’s wrong with these generated torrent files. It’s a personal project and this would allow you to share large file using just the browser. I am pretty sure it’s an encoding issue but I really lack of knowledge to identify the issue.

I would probably share the prototype here in few weeks if some people are interested.



14:53 UTC

11:45 UTC


Download speed briddled when giving upload no speed limit?

I was wondering, when downloading torrents (I'm using qBittorent), I set a speed limit to the upload speed of a particular torrent, it seems that it gives "space" to download and it increases the download speed a lot... I was wondering if it's normal and why?

Also, when I download multiple torrents at the same time, the sum of download speeds is way lower than the speed of a single torrent if I pause every torrents but one. Same question, is this normal?

Can you think of the perfect setup using qBittorent? :)

14:02 UTC


Where can I find rare files?

So, my to go way whenever I need to find rare files, such as certain e-books, has been eMule. I have almost always been able to find files that I couldn't find on big torrent websites (I'm using x1337x at the moment, but a new one pops up every other month to take the place of a terminated one). I wondered, is there any other resource as precious as eMule when it comes to finding such rare files?

10:10 UTC


Developing a peer 2 peer video sharing software to multiple people. Need ideas of what topology to use.

Hey guys. Hopefully I'm not intruding here with this questions.

I'm a programmer and I'm developing a software that is going to be running from say someone's desktop or a terminal and sending data/video to someone other people. There is going to be more than 1 but only one "streamer" who will send same data t oall those people in real-time. The topology is supposed to be p2p.

One idea I had to solve the issue was to use something like i2p and udp streaming data thru i2p to other users (after exchanging i2p addresses). While this might work, the issue I am having is that this method sends the same data to many people, increasing bandwidth load by multiples (data times x). So a solution I came up with in my head was to do this in a ring topology, where user A connects to user B who connects to user C and so on....all the way to the server. All of these connections will be using i2p. And then the 'streamer' sends data down which is streamed down to all the 'recievers'. The thing is, its not going to be real time at all, and its going to be very slow, because its i2p + overhead of all these computers. And also there will be other issues like what if a user disconnects?

So my question is, is there any kind of distributed peer-to-peer real time system that can maintain anonymity of the clients and at the same time actually send data to all of them (within a smallish latency) with the server only sending out the data only once?

This feature is basically part of a much larger app.

I'm not married to the idea of i2p btw, if there is something better for this, I would love to use it. Or if i2p has a sort of "broadcast" feature where the routers "broadcast" the message for you to given addresses, that would be nice, but I'm not aware of anything. Really I'm not asking for real code, just a hint at the right direction. Thanks

07:15 UTC


Any Windows P2P client that always works with DHT?

I'm using uTorrent 3.3.2 but over the last 2-3 months have had endless issues with the dreaded "DHT: waiting to login" when I'm connected through my VPN provider. The issue is that if I start uTorrent after I've connected to my service I get the DHT message but if I start it before I connect it's fine - but clearly I don't want to have the program running unless I'm behind my VPN.

I've contacted my VPN provider multiple times about this and every time they say it's working at their end (although TBH, I doubt they they even test it) so I have no idea any more - I've read every damned post there is about DHT and and tried a zillion different configurations, firewall rules, reisntalls etc with no luck... occasionally it actually works but mostly it just refuses to if I'm connected to my VPN before starting the program,

So, as per the title, I'm wondering if there is a Windows 10 torrent client out there that always works with DHT?

Or is this definitely some issue with my VPN provider (or maybe even my ISP?) somehow blocking DHT?

07:51 UTC


Yirendai P2P

Yirendai is well positioned in the expanding Chinese P2P lending industry.  P2P lending has a potentially huge market in China that could actually be enhanced by the government's development of its Social Credit System.

Yirendai has strong revenue growth, a good return on equity, an attractive valuation, a nice cash flow, is free of debt, and plans on continuing to pay a dividend.

However, one risk that Yirendai faces is regulatory.  Chinese regulators continue to try and clean up the wild west business of P2P lending by - among other things - pushing for some to exit the industry.  

14:20 UTC


UK Peer to Peer Lending

Hi chaps, just to flag that there's a new subreddit available for discussion that's specific to UK P2P lending. You're very welcome to visit to discuss the UK marketplace and its platforms.

10:18 UTC


P2P Media Loader: P2P video directly in a browser now free and open-source

I'd like to announce P2P Media Loader - an open-source P2P video streaming engine that is very easy to use. The library doesn't require any browser plugins or addons to function as well as installing server-side software.

P2P Media Loader uses WebRTC browser thechnology for redistributing in real time live and VOD segmented streams (HLS or DASH) on a P2P network. It is integrated with hls.js and Shaka Player engines and works with many players: Clappr, Video.js, MediaElement, FlowPlayer, JWPlayer.

GitHub & Documentation: https://github.com/Novage/p2p-media-loader

Live demo: http://novage.com.ua/p2p-media-loader/demo.html

20:28 UTC


Is it possible that a decentralized P2P Web Service can be private-by-default at the same time?

Is it possible that a p2p decentralized online store can be built and used with optimal security and privacy parameters? I have come across to this https://particl.news/the-case-for-privacy-in-the-tech-industry-87f625023d4f. Anyone can share their opinions about this? Thanks in advance <3

16:19 UTC


Golang meshbird is good?

Currently working on hobby project, spending all the free-time trying to understand how it all works in a world of peer-to-peer techs. I found meshbird library on GitHub and as far as I understood it isn't working well. Fortunately my monkey brain is quite good for that problem-solving level, so I successfully replaced the not working deps with working ones and it seems to work correctly. The question I am now stuck with is next: am I able to use peer-to-peer networks over mobile phones? Am I able to somehow build communication between two phones using p2p? Why meshbird? I love repairing code.

21:40 UTC


How does the first download of a file works in peer to peer ?

I understand that a file is hosted on a client who download some part of the file and host the parts he already downloaded for other to download. But when the file is downloaded for the first time, where the client download it from since no other people can provide parts.

13:44 UTC


P2P Forum Software like phpBB/MyBB?

Are there any peer-to-peer forum softwares with functionality similar to the traditional softwares like phpBB and MyBB?

My search led me to Osiris, but that hasn't been developed for years.

00:59 UTC


Briar: p2p encrypted messaging

10:22 UTC


Noob - every user on torrent have to, necessarily, share the download with others peers?

or the person can only download and not to share?

07:27 UTC


Videos and audios: streaming, torrent or kodi?

what's your preference

13:56 UTC

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